hi I’m Bob Vila welcome home again to our project here in Medford mass our little farmhouse renovation which is almost finished today we’ll get together with the landscape designer and the nursery minute to look at all the plant installations inside the house boilers hot water heaters I’ve got Kerr’s hardwood floors pre finished and also some wonderful paints from Sherwin Williams stick around it’s good to have you home again we have lots of landscape to talk about today starting with I guess a little rock garden here in the corner but we want to meet Tom Strang fell from Weston nurseries and Christian Fenderson our Landscape Architect so that we can get the real lowdown hi guys how are you great this is a little rock garden feature that you’ve planned here at the almost at the edge of the street what’s the idea here oh it’s to serve as part of a this is actually the de facto front entrance of the property yeah it’s to give the homeowner something really interesting to look at as they enter and it also serves to make a great transition because you’ve kind of mounted it up and created about a two foot grade transition from the street and the whole garden on this side of the house has to deal with a relatively busy street right mm-hmm what’s what’s some of the plant material that’s been chosen here Tom he’s got some simulation rhododendron he’s really given the homeowner a lot of seasonal interest and as well these plants are all gonna grow up and form pretty intimate garden in here once they start to put some flowers on I would think that you wanted to have plants that are gonna give you a real buffer against seeing the blacktop and seeing cars going by these will do that well within a fairly reasonable period of time okay what is this called oh this is the Hinoki this is the Hinoki Cypress it’s the standard form of finocchio Cypress rather than the dwarf form which is more commonly used okay but it’s been planted under a mature Norway maple that has been here for many years what wanted interfere with it no with a little bit of judicious pruning this will tolerate these conditions and OPL tolerate some of the shade that the Norway maple casts as long as you water it yeah during the summer you got to keep the water now this is the bane of any builders existence because homeowners are always saying well I’m glad that I’m gonna have nice heating and ventilating and air conditioning in my house but those sure don’t look attractive how do you deal with that well we’re going to use latticework so it’ll be more or latus like what we see here in front of it and then what are the plants that you’ve chosen to go in front of the latter again a variety of seasonal of interest some spectacular early blooming rhododendrons Clara very fragrant pink flowers late in the summer what’s this this is a fantastic plant this is the the dwarf blue Arizona fir oh it’s a dwarf conifer probably eight to ten feet tall at maturity and then the tree that you put here oh that is a real prize-winning tree for this part of the country it has a beautiful bark like a sycamore what’s it called oh it’s to war here it’s to art here it’s an Asiatic tree it doesn’t get too big has a nice habit of growth nice fall color mhm single white camellia like flowers in July in August which is the time when a lot of plants aren’t blooming right and it’s a real four season tree beautiful now there’s a number of trees here and we’re very close to the corner and there doesn’t seem to be any real plant buffer from the street the Juniper is a variety called blue star a little tiny blue ones there how big will they get they will probably get to be two or three feet across but no more than six or eight inches high very very durable and not at all susceptible to a lot of the pests and diseases that trouble many Jennifer’s good and then the the rest of the trees this is is this a birch no this is the Asiatic paperbark maple as it matures it gets a really beautiful coppery exfoliating bark in the winter so I’m starting to see it I mean you do have a path along the side of the house that’s kind of a path through a large shrub and tree border yes and this one is beautiful even though the leaves are off of it now this is a interesting because it blooms in February very fragrant pink flowers blooming in February oh it’s a by Burnham it’s by Burnham Boden intensely and it

has the same fragrance as the Korean spice bush which most homeowners plant but it’s not susceptible to the pests and diseases that the Korean spice bush has no Tommy these are all new england plants though right he’s actually all came from from Hopkinton massive I’ve very very well here and one of the things mentioned about pests and diseases you choose the right plants you can really minimize the amount of mains you have to do sure in terms of spraying and yeah control something like these grasses that you’re walking in front of you don’t do anything to them you just let no especially not now now is when they’re just coming into their real splendor when they start to put their flower heads on and they’ve got the color so you leave these here all winter time they’re just beautiful alright now in this corner you’ve chosen to put in a hemlock isn’t that a bad idea from the pest perspective aren’t they susceptible to illness right now well there is a problem but it can be controlled so it’s not really a serious problem I think there’s a hemlock B in this corner it’s gonna have to be maintained pruned a little bit occasionally just to keep it in shape here but it should be just fine this buck and is this a good time of year to be putting them in oh yeah oh yeah you can plant anything right up until Oh mid-november yeah well Christian we started out with a hemlock hedge here that it was later decided was too intrusive and I do notice that you chose some lawn for this back side of the house what’s the thinking here I wanted to give them some uncluttered open area to either dine in or entertain on just a little relief to the eye so if they have a lawn party where they’ve got some lawn now you’ve put in three or four large trees along the the barrier back here what kind of trees are they this is an interesting and good I think an appropriate choice for a small property this is the fastidious the Norway maple I didn’t want anything that would intrude on the lawn I wanted to give them as much light and Sun as possible but yet I wanted privacy from the adjacent house and this is an interesting plant now what is this hydrangea clarissa folia the oak leaf type Ranger it’s a Native American plant many seasons of interest huge colorful leaves once it becomes mature it puts out these enormous leaves and these big wonderful white blossoms yes indeed also it gets exfoliating bark again in the winter a very interesting multi season plant very trouble-free gentlemen great job I’m going to a minute to talk with Charlie our contractor about the regula that he’s building over here well Charlie this is one detail that I don’t think we’d really thought too much about but it’s easy to build the pergola isn’t it it is Bob this was a sent to us by Brad aware its pre-cut yeah red cedar yeah and we’re just taking you know basically the posts light I’m right up over those posts that we had into the deck that you saw a few weeks ago and how are you attaching them we’re just taking some three and a half inch stainless screws and drilling them right in right through that pre-drilled or anything no they’re not pre-drilled but it’s a soft wood that’s it ready for the next one yes sir well I think it’ll be a very nice touch with a little vine growing on it go get some shade on the house right here very nice when we come back the electrician connects a surge protector for all the household appliances here we are in the basement of the house where all of the ductwork has been completed all of this state-of-the-art foil wrapped ductwork and we have a total of five of these space pack units throughout the place now what they’re doing is essentially delivering the conditioned air at high speed delivery through the rest of the house and the big pipe that comes in from the right there is the fresh air intake now in the boiler over here we’ve installed a brand new RBI gas-fired boiler that is providing the BTUs of you will the hot water to the five different zones throughout the house to heat the heat the rooms and then over here we have a new John wood water heater so mechanically speaking things are pretty much under control even though the basement down here still looks a little bit old now the electrical work is almost 100% completed my friend Barry Driscoll was here a few days ago to put in the latest state-of-the-art surge protector all right so Barry the the the big things that homeowners with as much electronics as we have here have to worry about our surge protection right that’s right Bob and what are you doing there what are you hooking up I’m hooking up a main surge suppressor for the whole house it’s gonna take care of all our appliances our TVs our stereo equipment and anything else that we’d be

worried about damaging it’s also gonna protect our telephones and our cable TV which run throughout the house Wow so this means anything plugged in anywhere in the house you don’t have to have an individual surge protector at that point of use is it work that’s correct this will do the whole entire house and is this something you can only put in new construction or can you retrofit it you could retrofit and you could put this in any application there it is green light now who makes that one these are made by square D okay now what about arc detect that’s one thing we’re gonna be hooking up right now this wire goes up to a bedroom and these which are gonna be required in the new code or an arc fault detector that’s gonna protect anything in our bedrooms your child plugging in anything into an outlet that he’s not supposed to fall detector make sure that if a kid sticks a key into a receptacle they can’t get shocked correct or if you were hanging a picture and you hit a wire anything that would cause a problem with your wiring it’ll shut that right down and make sure it’s safe does this add a lot of expense to the installation not much it’s going to be required in the new code though great thanks next we’re installing an oak floor in the master suite without using any glue or nails Timm Colgan is here from carers group flooring and Tim you’re putting the final touch on this floor how are you yes now this is just a special product that you use in a special mop or what yes we use we have a cleaner especially made for our product mm-hmm that’s made for our hardwood floor but this is a real oak floor yes right yes white oak floor we called oak copenhagen is the grading okay it’s beautiful now I know that earlier this week the Carpenters were putting down the underlayment over the old boards that go back over 100 years and basically they just put down oriented strand board with construction adhesive right over the old boards before you guys started the installation but then the first thing that you work with is this padding right yes this padding is made especially for us it’s aerelon foam beads in between two layers of plastic this gives you sound resistance and moisture resistance okay so is the idea also to pad the floor so that it’s a more comfortable kind of feel a little more comfort and also for a sound deflection okay now tell us a little bit about the installation because I think that there are no nails and there are is no glue involved right absolutely not how do they get started they started in the left hand corner work left to right mmm the starting wall the end seams are put together first there’s a wedge put into the previously installed board the next board the butt seam is put in first the board is laid into the previously installed row and then it’s tapped with a heavy plastic block no it’s no hammer needed no hammers needed now it seems like the secret to the tightness of the installation has to do with this interlocking joint right yes it’s it’s completely mechanical it’s a tight joint there is some build in play mm-hm because it is a wood product and it gives you a installation that is not susceptible to environmental changes and who can fail Moo announced until now if you look at the backside of the flooring product it’s just an unfinished is it fir spruce spruce and then in between what’s that layer this is a pine finger jointed inner core with quarter sawn vertical graining so that all the expansion all the moisture allows for the expansion to be vertical so it doesn’t affect the where lay or the floor the floor virtually cannot separate okay now what about durability before like this can you refinish it actually we guaranteed to full sands of the product professionally to full Sandi’s of the product I see and what about scratching I mean this looks like it’s a totally natural finish right yeah it’s an acrylic urethane finish it’s non-yellowing it’s actually harder than polyurethane most of our product is natural colours 80% of our line is natural colors which means that no stain is applied and one of the problems with wear is that if you’ve got a light wood with a dark stain on it you can scratch through the dark stain and see the scratches very easily you can’t the color will not scratch off on the natural product what sort of price point are we looking at installed the starting price point would be about eight dollars a square foot about eight bucks a square foot and how do you deal with issues like you know your your edges of the room your thresholds over here is this the piece that goes here yeah the floor is a floating floor so you have to leave expansion everywhere and this is a tea molding that’ll join to like pipe hype nostalgia he’s in place it would go right in here with a little adhesive holding it in place and give you that nice finished look thanks a lot to him it’s beautiful thank you Bob Chris now we also had the plasters working in here and they’ve had the task

of kind of blending in with joint compound and in some cases even metal bead to bring new surfaces and old surfaces together so that they look right and right here you can see what a good job they’ve done now this is a flannel gray sherwin-williams paint that’s been put in the room and it’s a very good choice for a master bedroom because it’s a very calming color trim hasn’t been done yet but it’s gonna be beautiful let’s look at some of the other rooms towards the front to look at some of the other finishes when we come back we’ll be using a lead encapsulating paint the original window trim in the front of the house we have two more bedrooms and this one is painted in a color called harvest moon from sherwin-williams which again has this kind of very restful tone to it I think any color that you choose for a bedroom should not be too too bright this room has always almond which reads a little bit grayish but Cole Stanton is here and you are here from our friends at fiber life to talk about a lead encapsulating paint right exactly this is Chow garde we’re applying child guard and encapsulating coding for lead-based paint to the window trim and I gather the lead encapsulation is an alternative to having to strip away all the coats of early paint that had led in it that can harm a child exactly make your lead-based paint safe in your home by applying a coating like child guard it’s a much safer option to removal you’re not generating anywhere near as much dust and far less expensive removals about 8 to 15 dollars a square foot and most people can’t afford that and nobody wants to throw away these beautiful old moldings no the moldings look terrific and there’s a nice gloss now can you get this gloss or satin or there’s an eggshell and there’s a flat okay now this one hasn’t been done yet right this one is waiting to be done this one was just prepared we took a few of these lead-safe wipes and just took a lot of the dust from the other construction going on in the house off of the trim sew them and then wiped it down the wipes what are they it’s tspn it’s pre soaked in TSP so it’s very convenient easy to pull out go ahead and take one if you like right sodium phosphate a heavy duty cleaner a great detergent good at soluble izing lifting lead dust so it’s great for cleanup anywhere there’s been dust generating activity in an old house now is the paint thick enough that it’s gonna hide Nicks and bruises like this absolutely the coating should be applied at 7 thousandths of an inch dry so you’re going to see a terrific amount of high you mind if I try please I’m not sure I’ve ever measured the thickness of a coating when putting a little paint on my sash well generally you don’t but there is a really easy way to do it while it’s wet using a wet film thickness game a little bit more on there and we’ll use your gauge now this thickness gauge what’s the point of that well the encapsulants are all tested and certified and approved that’s why if you use this product it meets the requirements for making lead paint safe in all 50 states but it meets it at a certain thickness so you have to make sure you put it up at the thickness at which it passed all of the testing these products have to pass 22 different tests they’re sophisticated products this is a thermoplastic turbo plastic elastomeric copolymer can you say that again famous thermoplastic elastomer copolymer water-based cleans up with soap and water does cover right over the little Nick’s that we had on the cover here now now tell me about the gauge how’s that gonna work well all we’re gonna do is while the coating is wet we’re gonna put it into the coating and then we’d take it off and we check to make sure that we’ve got a little dab of coating on the proper tooth in this case we want 7 mils dry did I get enough on there quite but we’re almost there just a little bit more would do it okay I’ll you put on a second coat to get it to the Sun when it gets the second coat you get to the final mmm now the big problem with lead paint is that it tastes sweet and little children go up to a windowsill and they might kind of put their teeth on it and that can do a lot of damage how does it work here that’s one of the big sources of lead poisoning LED dust as the other one here to prevent children from mouthing surfaces that they could get their mouth around it as an anti ingesting called bit ryx which is bad that’s right it just tastes horrible thanks for coming on sounds great we’re running out of time come home again next time when we’re gonna be installing our beautiful merrill at kitchen cabinets also putting some making some choices for stone countertops and in the master bedroom putting in a california closet system so then i’m bob deal i it’s good to have you home for lots of information and resources for your home improvement project check out my website at Bob Vila calm