you today we’re going to talk about how to use a sander polisher to refinish a heavily chalked and oxidized fiberglass boat finish here I’m using a Makita 9227 see this is my favorite tool for this job although I also use a short hold model you want to make sure that the pad is centered by using a piece of pipe or a supply tool like this on the backing pad then you apply a little compound I like this for regular product english-made you can find it put a little compound on your wool pad for compounding now you don’t start the machine yet spread it around three or four foot section of the boat you start the machine right away you’ll just splatter the compound all over the place where it’ll stain you’ll also notice that I’m working in the shade you don’t want to apply compound in direct sunlight once you give it an even coat all around let the Machine get up to speed and keep the pad moving over lapping the area he finished just before now this machine is moving at 1500 rpm you’ll read the directions on the can of your compound for the appropriate rpm to use for that product that’s a lot of speed you want to be careful when you’re getting your D rings on the transom or an engine fuel tank vent or any other hard obstruction the machine bangs against it it can fly out of your hands so do hold it securely and make sure the handle is screwed on tight now once all the oxidation scratches gone away you want to get yourself a clean rag and wipe it off buffing to a beautiful shot once I’ve got this compound off I apply a coat of wax keep the finish looking good that’s it compounding ABCs my boating magazine you