I so want to find you To lightly touch your face I will open both of my hands To gently caress your back Please let me have your Lost time Before you cry I will be the one to keep your tears Even if the world stands in front of me And wildly say That I should stop being extravagant and wasteful If I Can Love You So Episode 18 Master, hurry up and eat something. It’s not good for your stomach I don’t have an appetite That’s not right. Only if you eat will you have the energy to fight Fight what? I’ve been demoted to wait for an assignment What’s there to be afraid of waiting for a new assignment? Didn’t you tell me that we must retreat in order to advance? Xia Man didn’t do well, either. She was sent back to the logistics department What does that signify? This means she’s been sent to the cold palace (put on the back burner) and won’t be able to make a come back The station manager is so ruthless I heard early on that Cui Tai is ruthless Even though you’re waiting for a new assignment, at least, you still have the chance to begin again in a new position Maybe the station manager has plans for you Don’t comfort me anymore Rong Can, I’ve let your down. After this, I won’t be able to bring you with me Don’t be this way, Master. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have lasted a day at the station You can rely on yourself from now on Let’s not talk about that anymore Master, look at this What is this? These are two old newspapers with rumors about you and Geng Mochi Take a look and see if you can remember anything Really? Geng Mochi ignores old love and is secretly living with new love How is that possible? Geng Mochi has a wife? Yes, his wife is Ye Sha. She is a composer The Love Series came from Ye Sha’s hands I looked into it. This couple is legendary in the Chinese musical world Her wife died because of me? Master, this gossip may not be true So this is the truth they were hiding I got involved in Geng Mochi’s marriage, Ye Sha committed suicide, and Geng Mochi retreated from the musical world I caused all of that Master, are you okay? Why… why did he run away with another woman? If the stuff on here is true, he should’ve ran away with me, right? Do you know where he is? I don’t know. He’s disappeared from the scene these last few years But I checked some things online – They say he’s been hiding out in Switzerland for a while – Switzerland? But online news isn’t necessarily reliable What is known is that the last two years, there’s a music collection that is very popular It came from Switzerland. And it’s won prizes in foreign countries The sales are astonishing. It’s rumored that the person behind this collection is Geng Mochi What collection? I think I forgot I’ll search it again and tell you the verified details Thank you, Rong Can. I finally have a glimmer of hope The people around me are doing everything to cover up the truth They want to cover up all traces of Geng Mochi So it’s because the relationship between us involved so many people They’re doing it for my benefit. I know that But Master, afterwards, I found some old posts They said that Ye Sha committed suicide by riding a car into a lake A man died along with her. The situation is very complicated – So her cause of death might not be because of you – Really? What’s wrong Kaoer? I’m at the bus station. I just saw my mother off The same as always. I treated her with all my salary and still suffered a lot of complaints from her It’s not easy for me Tonight? All right. Let’s meet at the old place. After I get off work, I’ll go there. Okay?

Bye-bye [Xing Station] It’s so cold Thank you I’ll ask Frank about the matter of the pictures There shouldn’t be any problem Great. You’re still the best I asked Yingzhi and in one breath, she flatly refused Thanks! Why are you looking at me like that? Drink your beer Milan, I want to ask you a question What question? How can you face me so calmly? You are my most trustworthy friend Whenever I run into a situation, I immediately think to tell you But you immediately told Qi Shuli about it Exactly how much benefit did he give you that you’re perfectly happy to be his informant? – I don’t understand what you mean – You don’t understand? I only told you about the situation with Geng Mochi’s apartment. I didn’t even tell Yingzhi I was about to sign the deal with the broker Qi Shuli then beat me in signing it, and the money he offered was larger than mine Milan, can you explain it to me? All of you lied to me All of you fooled me Even you are standing on Qi Shuli’s side How am I supposed to feel? You are my best friend. Is this how you treat me? I didn’t purposefully stand on Qi Shuli’s side I didn’t want you to know these things and get agitated by it We didn’t have the intention to harm you Do you know what a mental disorder means? If even one’s own past becomes messed up and blurry, what’s the point in living? I take medicine everyday I see the doctor regularly. I follow the treatment prescribed by the doctor. Do you know why? It’s so that someday I can recover and become more clear-headed in my thinking; become a normal person again! Right now, sitting across from you is a sick person. Do you know that? Kaoer, don’t be like this Milan, you disappointed me so much In this world, is there still trust? I worked really hard to live like a normal person, yet you guys are doing everything to push me into insanity There were so many of you! I won’t be able to win! And then, my whole life, I would have confused memories Until I die, I wouldn’t know why I became crazy Is this what you guys call as for my sake? Right now, there are a lot of mysteries in my mind One after another, I don’t know where the knots are Do you know how painful it is? Today, I read some old newspapers Geng Mochi’s wife died because of me Because of the pressures of public opinion, Geng Mochi retreated from the music world The chief culprit in all of it is me But I don’t understand. Why did he leave with another woman and made the target of public criticism? He can’t be this kind of person You shouldn’t treat articles in the newspapers as true Then tell me what’s real! Isn’t it just a person’s name? Is it really that hard for you to say it? I think I’ve asked you this question many times before – Wan Zhengzheng – Wan Zhengzheng? She is a famous star Before Geng Mochi was married, they were together I don’t know why they later broke up After Ye Sha died, she hooked up with Geng Mochi again The two rekindled their romance, then left together Are you saying the truth? Isn’t it all in the newspaper? Geng Mochi really loves Wan Zhengzheng He gave her a company as a guarantee Wan Zhengzheng spent all of Geng Mochi’s money and incurred debts left and right Geng Mochi is her company’s legal person So because of fraud, he almost went to court He really loves Wan Zhengzheng? That’s not possible. That’s not possible Accept reality We didn’t tell you because we were afraid you’d be upset You’re not the person Geng Mochi loves the most That kind of man doesn’t lack a woman. You should know this It’s not like that! He loves me! I know he loves me! In my dream, I heard him say my name numerous times Vestiges of our mutual love are all over the apartment

As soon as I enter that house, I can feel his presence That’s an illusion Everyone knows about what happened between Geng Mochi and Wan Zhengzheng You and him were indeed together for a while, but it was just a time-filler for him Also Ye Sha didn’t die because of you. It’s Wan Zhengzheng Everything that I’m saying is true! Geng Mochi and Ye Sha were married for seven years; lived separately for four years During those four years, he was always involved with Wan Zhengzheng That was why Ye Sha suffered from depression and then killed herself I don’t know clearly how you two started being together, but Wan Zhengzheng is Geng Mochi’s most loved for sure! Because of her, Geng Mochi lost all his assets, lost his wife, and even caused you to enter a sanatorium. How can you love a man like that? How could he love Wan Zhengzheng? Master, I’ve already checked it out for you Geng Mochi did have a relationship with Wan Zhengzheng At that time, there were lots of articles about them in the media However, whether this is true or false, I am not able to verify I feel that you have to trust your own instinct on this matter Unless you can actually recall, otherwise, you have to regard what is said by other people or printed in the media as false That’s right. I have to believe in myself I won’t believe what others say Geng Mochi isn’t that sort of a person. The person he loves is me Miss Bai. Why are you here? Oh, it’s you Didn’t you sell your property? It’s now under renovation. You’re here because Renovation? That’s right. Early this morning, the whole group of renovators went upstairs They just went to the property management to complete the paperwork Come on. come on. Careful. Be careful Don’t scratch it. Don’t scratch it. Take that down slowly, okay? – Mind the sofa. Be careful. Slow down – What are you doing? – Stop! Stop! – Don’t knock it Don’t damage the sofa Stop. Tell them to stop – Lady, you are – Stop! Are you listening? Stop! I’m here under Mr Qi’s instructions to renovate this house Shut up! No matter who gave you the instructions, you are not to touch anything in this house. Tell them to leave Come. Come. Let’s stop a while! Leave! This is his house! His house! No one is to touch anything! Did you hear me?! All right. All right. That’s okay Come on. Let’s go. Let’s go Leave Hurry up! Let’s go – Kaoer? You – Is he here? He’s here Okay. Hey You came to see me urgently? I came to discuss two matters today First, you don’t need to fight with me over the house. I have already bought it Bought it? That’s right. You didn’t hear me wrongly How did you get so much money to buy the house? I paid 1,800,000 yuan for the down payment The remaining amount I borrowed from the bank and will repay it slowly Why do you have to be so formal with me? Now that I am the owner of the house, may you and your people stay away from my house Do not touch anything in the house I have the right to keep the house in its original state This leads me to the second matter If you ever touch anything in the house, then you can come to that house to pick up my dead body In this current state of mine, living or dying is not much different I have decided to die in that place When you speak like this, have you considered your parents? Don’t use my parents to pressure me I am only living for myself That’s how selfish a person I am! I detest living like a walking dead I want to live with a clear mind Lastly, please stay away from me and my life I will be very grateful Mochi. I don’t believe anyone

Only my heart can be trusted now I will not lie to myself I believe you love me, unless you tell me in person that you love Wan Zhengzheng Otherwise, I will never believe that you dumped me Mochi, at least write me a letter Let me know how you are faring You don’t need me to miss you It has been three years There are no news about you Where did you go? Star Music Company Let’s enthusiastically celebrate our Dream Music’s Sam and Tony winning the Asian-Pacific Golden Album Award! Let’s applaud to encourage them! How come Boss isn’t here? That’s right. Hasn’t he returned to China? I have not even once seen our big boss – He didn’t show up at the award ceremony, too – Hey! Hey! Am I not your boss? I mean the big boss The boss is here. Can you not even see him? You need to flatter me first, then you might see the big boss Is that right? No. Can you not show off so much? We finally won an award. Can’t I show off some? It’s already been two years I’ve been exhausted like a dog. Even lost a few layers of skin He’s here! He’s here! He’s here! Our big boss has come! Our big boss has arrived! – Boss is so good looking! – So handsome! – Boos is so good looking! – So handsome! Boss is so good looking! Look Darwin. Once Mochi appears, you don’t exist I am that little satellite that circles around him, who is shining bright. I’m happy to be one Everyone has been mentioning Big Boss. Now, he’s arrived Mochi, can you say a few words? Our Dream Music won a prize this time, which is a culmination of your two years of hard work It’s also a new start for your enterprise Come on and say a few words. Everyone, let’s give him a clap to encourage him First of all, I’d like to congratulate Sam and Tony’s excellent performance this time Thank you Actually, I need to apologize to all the employees These two years, due to my health issues, I have not been able to meet everyone But I believed that with everyone’s hard work, we will create a new and wonderful future for Star Music Company I also need to thank Darwin, who has given his best to the company for these past two years And also to our legal advisor, Lawyer Huang I need to especially thank Jinyi Thank you Jinyi for being by my side these two years. Caring for me and supporting me. Thanks, Jinyi Mochi, if there’s nothing else, I’ll be leaving

I need to attend to a lot of matters tomorrow Mochi Are you okay? Just this afternoon, I thought I heard Kaoer calling my name She was crying while calling my name Mochi. It’s been three years It’s not been easy to settle this matter Look at how well your career is doing You have a new company, and Dream won a big award Why do you still want to think about that? Don’t disturb her life anymore. Okay? We have so much ahead of us to do. In life, not everything will go as you wish There is no such thing as perfection Even so, I hope that I can realize two dreams in my remaining life The first is to find the real composer of Love Series Even if that person is no longer around, I would still like to pay respect at his grave So you still remember this matter Haven’t you always taken it to heart as well? I know you have been searching without my knowledge So you knew everything. What’s your second wish? Three years. This pair of little tigers have been inseparable The owner who bought them has flown the coop (gone away) I really hope she is happy This is my life’s biggest wish Hi Hey, Kaoer. When are you coming to work? Hurry up and come here The station chief wants you in his office I thought I’m between assignments now You are awaiting assignment, not terminated Station Manager wants to see you. How can you hide from him? Hurry! Quickly! How is it? What kind of thoughts have you had over these past few days? I didn’t really have any You didn’t ask anyone to plead for you? No need Your disciple, Xia Man, asked a lot of people to plead for her What do you think I should do? Do whatever you want. Her business has nothing to do with me You are so stubborn, but I just like your personality Very independent. You don’t drag on anything Just for that, I don’t want to neglect you All right, let’s talk business Since you are furloughed to be in between assignments, we will follow what I said during the meeting You need to be retrained There is a three-month training course in Beijing You should go Beijing? What’s wrong with Beijing? Nothing. I can I have nothing to do anyway. I might as well go What are you saying? We’re paying you to go there and learn. Are we wronging you? Other people want this opportunity but I’m not giving it How about… you send Xia Man? Why? She is after all an intern I trained If you drop her like this Bai Kaoer. What should I say about you? Your disciple has not said any good words about you here Now, you’re helping her in return? Are you trying to prove that your character is better than her? My principle is to never do anything against my conscience Using the right people for the right job is my principle I’m giving you this opportunity because I can see that you have talent As for that Xia Man, I do not have room for anyone who is deficient in character and ethics It’s set. Go on now Thank you, Station Manager, for your compliment. I will cherish this opportunity Now, that sounds more like it Hurry and go work Okay. We can eat now Is it enough? Yingzhi, thank you. You are improving my meals again You’re thanking me for making some food for you Then how should I thank you for finding a job for me? Shall I kneel on the floor and bow three times?

Or, will I marry you? That works! Chairman is very worried about you, but he doesn’t dare to call you, so he asked me to visit you Can you not bring him up? So you’re coming to see me because he wanted you to? No! He really does care about you I think it’s so weird There is not one person who is not afraid of him in the company But look at you. You give him moods and treat him so meanly, but look at him He spoils you and doesn’t get angry at all What do you call this? I guess you are his natural nemesis Stop! Change the subject Okay I made lotus soup for you. You can have it for a night snack Also I brought over some yogurt for you Drink a bottle before you sleep. It’s good for your body Yingzhi. I’m being serious Why won’t you move in with me? We’re both single anyway Of course, I want to live with a beautiful lady like you, but I’m afraid someone will be jealous What if he bursts into anger? It’ll be like working everyday with a knife pointed at me Think of my feelings Can you not bring him up? I’m wrong. I won’t bring him up anymore. I won’t Eat. Let’s eat well You just said you’re going away to train For how long? Three months – That long? – Yes Where are you going? – Beijing – Beijing? It’s probably good to go out for some fresh air. There are so many things that angered me lately Oh, right, Yingzhi I’m going to hand over my house to the new buyer by the end of the month If you have time, clean it for me If there is anything still useful, move it to Bitan Garden for me. Throw away the useless things You’re really moving there? I’m tired of living in this house. I want to be farther away from all this Do you still remember Qi Shujie? I remember only a vague image Someone that seemed gentle and nice If it weren’t for those photos, I really wouldn’t have remembered what he looked like Yingzhi, am I really heartless? Why can’t you forget Geng Mochi then? I know, right? Why can’t I forget him then? At the meeting today, they said Milan is being assigned to the advertising department No way. Is that a place for a person to stay? Wasn’t she going to the financial department? I think this is the end I’m going to Beijing This is the photo I got from Frank I almost forgot to give it to you. I hope it’s useful Kaoer I’m not going to the banquet at Shan Shui Wen Garden tonight Let Han Zhi represent me there Okay How is Bai Kaoer these days? She went to Beijing Beijing? Yes When did she go? She left this morning Why didn’t you tell me? The station assigned her to attend training. She didn’t ask for it What’s the difference? That man is in Beijing Now that she’s over there, what do we do if they bump into each other? Beijing is so big. Such a chance is too slim What if? Turned around and left Before you had woken up If I can love you so after many years Even if I must be honest with myself Whether my heart is here all these years We’ve agreed to separate like this All the good that I owed you All the fights that we had

Even if they can’t come back All the love still remains No matter whose hand I’m holding tomorrow Or who I’ll leave with next Even if there’s no going back All the love still remains If I realized the present back then Would I still be leaving today? Even if they can’t come back All the love still remains No matter whose hand I’m holding tomorrow Or who I’ll leave with next Even if there’s no going back All the love still remains If I realized the present back then Would I still be leaving today? The weather is pretty good today. How about we go to a gallery? Okay! Kaoer, come with us No, I want to walk on the streets I’ve been in Beijing for over ten days but didn’t get a chance to shop around yet – All right, be careful on the streets. Take care of your safety – Yes I’ll call a private car – Bye-bye! – Bye Hello, Shen Zhou Private Car at your service Thank you Heart’s Bow? You played so well Thank you I heard this song before. It really sounds good You heard it before? It’s impossible. This music has never been released in public I’ve heard it. It’s called Heart’s Bow How do you know? I don’t remember. A friend played it for me Anyway, I’ve booked the plane tickets. Do what you want I still want to go see Grandma You’re just looking for a reason Mochi, someone has heard of Heart’s Bow before I so want to find you To lightly touch your face I will open both of my hands To gently caress your back Please let me have your Lost time Geng Mochi Kaoer? You really are Geng Mochi It’s me, Kaoer Mochi, she’s Kaoer? That’s right. Kaoer, this is Jinyi It’s a cruel fate

Kaoer! Kaoer! Kaoer You’re clearly in Beijing but you ignored me How far is Beijing from Xingcheng that you’re ignoring me?! I just came back to the country Why? Why have you neglected me? Will it kill you to make a phone call?! Didn’t you not call me, either? I don’t have your phone number! They blocked all the information from me I can’t even find a post-it! Blocked all the information about me? Then are you with How are you? What do you think? Do you think I’m living well? Look at me. Look at me Do I look like a normal person? Very normal, huh? Not like a patient, right? Kaoer, what’s wrong? But I am indeed a crazy person. I’m a patient I’ve been crazy for you for three years But you can calmly play the piano for another girl, as if nothing had happened You’re living so well. Have you even thought of me? Have you? Kaoer, what are you saying? I don’t understand Of course, you don’t understand! How could you understand a patient’s words? Mochi, someone has heard Heart’s Bow before Kaoer, this is Jinyi I’m so dumb Bai Kaoer, why are you so dumb? Why did you run away? Beijing is so big. Where are you going to find him? You should’ve gotten his number! Why did you run? So dumb! So dumb! So dumb! Sorry, Miss Ms. Bai! It’s you So sorry for barging on you like this Is something the matter? It’s this. Can you go with me to see my brother? H-He’s not doing good Your brother? Then you are Don’t misunderstand. I’m his younger sister I grew up in New Zealand. My name is Jinyi After you left yesterday, his mood got very unstable He searched through all the hotels’ numbers to find where you’re staying, but he just couldn’t find it I had no choice but to give him sleeping pills to make him sleep And then I called the station to inquire Then, they told me you’re staying here How is he now? He’s still sleeping. If he can’t see you when he wakes up, I don’t know what stupid thing he’ll do next So… can you go with me? The car is right outside Okay, let’s go! Darwin! Jinyi! Bai Kaoer? – Darwin – Bai Kaoer! You are finally here, my savior Thank you, Miss Bai Kaoer, to come over in person Hello, you are his— I am his manager No, you forgot me? I thought you looked familiar yesterday, but I couldn’t remember what your name was

You can just call me Darwin Did my brother wake up? No, he has just slept He tormented me all night. I’m about to collapse Then you go rest now. I’ll handle things here Ms. Bai, I’ll bring you in I’m going then! You can go! They cast me away just like that He’s in there. Go on in Do you want to drink anything? I’ll get it for you No, it’s okay. Thank you Okay Why are you… sleeping while cuddling these two? So cute Outside love’s door Whoever betrayed whom is the one waiting Laughter and tears are constantly repeating Is being loved good or bad Wantonly uncover the mystery And let fate be unable to make arrangements You said that loving you has nothing to do with the future We are waiting for the clock to slow down Sparks fell in love with the great sea Sinking into its embrace after blossoming If we can accept this unexpected situation Let the pain be more straightforward Gambling on all victories and defeats If I can love you so I understand all those reasons Even if I turn into dust for you With us being so in love with each other I can laugh to my heart’s content even while crying That bitterness is also used to irrigate the wound You said that loving you has nothing to do with the future We are waiting for the clock to slow down Sparks fell in love with the great sea Sinking into its embrace after blossoming If we can accept this unexpected situation Let the pain be more straightforward Gambling on all victories and defeats If I can love you so I understand all those reasons Even if I turn into dust for you Sparks fell in love with the great sea Sinking into its embrace after blossoming If we can accept this unexpected situation Let the pain be more straightforward Gambling on all victories and defeats If I can love you so I understand all those reasons I am willing to accompany you In turning into dust