30 victims Rs. 21 lakhs stolen Six ATMs were looted Three suspects Greetings Welcome to today’s episode of ‘Crime Patrol, City Crimes’ The busy lives of people in metropolitan cities looks more like struggle than life Such lives filled with distress and discord seems to have become a journey from one month’s salary to the next There was a time when we defined our expenses but today our expenses define us The result of which is an emergency expense that comes up suddenly Money that gets stolen or lost which shakes our life completely Modern life has given us numerous facilities but if we do not take precaution such facilities can become the reason behind our stress Doctor – What happened? Things are under control for now But she needs to be operated at the earliest Ma’am, sure Please do what’s necessary Fine, just pay the deposit We will start the operation immediately How much money do we deposit? Pay an advance of Rs. 50, 000 for now Rs. 50, 000? How will we get so much money? – Well Don’t worry I will do something about it Give me a call if you need anything, all right? Don’t worry, I’ll do something Just relax I’ll be back – Take care What is this? – Don’t hit me You hide money from me! You hide money from me! – No Tell me – No, please don’t hit me! How dare you? Where did you get this courage from? – No Please don’t hit me Are you acting smart? – No Are you? – Not at all N-No – Tell me Don’t beat me – Tell me Stop hitting me – Dad, please Leave her Go to your room What happened? So you were planning to save money and have fun all alone? Leave it They do this every day Come on, let’s leave No – Come on Remember this Don’t you ever do this to me again, okay? You were trying to act smart If you ever do this again Mom! It hurts, right? Stop crying Hurry up Help me Help me gather the rest of the money But where will you hide this money? It is my mistake I had opened a bank account but I was late in depositing the money Your dad would’ve never imagined that an illiterate woman like me could ever visit a bank I’ll go to the bank right away and deposit all the money in it and this I will get this debit card activated too Mom, I’ll get well soon, right? – Dear, yes You.. You will get well soon The doctors in this hospitals are the best heart surgeons Mom, I will be able to play in the park, right? Dear, of course You can play in a park or a garden or any place all right? Aarti, the money has been deposited

Mom – Yes? Did you withdraw money from your account? No You’ve got a message stating that Rs. 40, 000 has been deducted from your account What? Rs. 40, 000? What are you talking about? C-Check it one more time W-What.. How Check it again Mom, I’ve already checked Money has been deducted All my money has been withdrawn? Good Lord! Sir, your card is out of balance What? No It must be a network issue as there is money in the account Rs. 60, 000 Hey! Money got deducted from my account When we get information that money has been withdrawn from our bank account without our knowledge or permission we really get a huge shock We get frightened and feel cheated And this happens to everyone It doesn’t matter if that person is poor or rich Unfortunately, this information was received by two such people who were surrounded by their problems They were struggling hard for their family but now their problems were about to increase They had no idea about this nefarious cheating Sir, my account has zero money left I can see that in my computer But this is no fault of the bank Did you share your password with someone? You must’ve given the PIN envelope to someone or may be your debit card Listen, the bank can take no action in such scenarios Why do you keep saying the same thing? I told you that I didn’t give my card or the envelope to anyone and didn’t share any bank information with anyone I have an account in your bank so it is your responsibility Sir, you don’t understand my problem My daughter is admitted in the hospital and that money is really very important to me How can money be withdrawn from my account like that? Mr. Rane, listen Money can’t be withdrawn so easily I checked the system and it is not the fault of the system Whose fault is it then? Someone has withdrawn money from your account What? This is a police matter now Listen, if you wish to lodge a complaint then please approach the cops Sir, money was withdrawn from my account without my knowledge Sir, I got a message too Please lodge my complaint – Please come Right, I was at work the entire time and the debit card was with me so how can money be deducted from my account? Ma’am, I went through the same situation Money has been deducted from my account too Did you give your ATM card to anyone? – No I haven’t given it to anyone Sir, the ATM is with me but money was withdrawn from my account What should I do? Sir, I am the sole bread earner in my family Rs. 60, 000 were withdrawn – Even mine.. – Me too.. – Yes Sir, I am the only son in my family – Sir.. – Sir Sir, listen – Please.. – Listen.. – Sir Hold on for a minute – Sir, my.. – Help.. Sir Let one person speak at a time – Sir, I’ll speak.. – Come on Sir, I had kept the money in my account to send it to my family The entire amount was withdrawn When and where did you use the debit card last? I used it in an ITI Bank ATM in Borivali I had used it in an ITI Bank ATM in Borivali I had withdrawn money from an ITI Bank ATM in Borivali I had withdrawn money from an ITI Bank ATM in Borivali In an ITI Bank ATM Did you share your PIN or password with anyone? No Sir, please – How much money was withdrawn? Rs. 60, 000 Rs. 35, 000 Rs. 15, 000 – Rs. 20, 000 Rs. 10, 000 – Rs. 75, 000 were withdrawn Just look at this ‘Mumbai: ATM fraud victims’ ‘had recently withdrawn money from an ATM.’ Sir – Right.. – Sir, I.. – Well Sir, I had to send Rs. 25, 000 home I was – Sir.. – Well It was for my family, my parents.. Sir Sir, money was deducted from my account What was the amount? Rs. 60, 000 was deducted Sir, Rs. 20, 000 from my account. – Hold on Sir, even I want to lodge a complaint Let me lodge their complaints first Sir, my daughter is in the hospital Please get my money back What has happened, Mom? Didn’t you get the money back? The bank people want me to seek the police’s help And if If I go to the police

your dad will kill me I had thought that if I keep the money in the bank it will be safe But, this happened Don’t cry, Mom Sir, I asked all my friends to lend me some money but in vain And then a friend helped, sir But I have lost that money as well When did you last use your ATM card and where? Sir, I had used it to withdraw some money from the ITI Bank, Borivali, yesterday morning My daughter is a heart-patient and she will die if the surgery is not done Please, get me my money back, sir Please calm down Please drink some water We will do what we can We will treat this case as a priority case You all will get your money back Don’t worry Come, sir Please Looks like, a hacker has done all this Deshmukh, this could well be connected to a bank A person who has been leaking all sensitive information Once we learn of their modus operandi it will be easy to nab the culprit Do this Make a list of all the amount stolen the ones who have lost their money and the affected ATMs Yes, sir ‘Rs. 21 lakhs usurped from ATMs 30 people fall victim.’ ‘More than 20 complaints have been lodged so far.’ ‘Sources say that a total amount of Rs. 21 lakhs’ ‘has been usurped.’ ‘The police are investigating this minutely.’ ‘You just saw that the police are requesting’ ‘all the victims to file a report.’ How can you be so clumsy? These are the statements of all the witnesses Sir, the common thing is that all of them had used the ITI Bank ATM at Borivali that day ITI Bank, Borivali! – Yes Do this. Ask Deshmukh to check that ATM at once Make it fast Sir, I am on duty here from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m My shift ends at 8 p.m – And then? What happens after that? – There’s no second guard I am the only one here CCTV cameras? – Sir, they are connected to the main branch Sir, looks like this machine was tampered with Get the footage extracted – Yes, sir And what happens after 8 p.m.? You have no security guard after that! We cannot help it, sir It is all controlled by the head office They have appointed just one guard for the sake of cost cutting Sir Yes, Deshmukh – Look at this, sir Show him this footage At 6 a.m. and then, at 1 a.m Take a look at this This is the latest model and this is the best phone In fact, I am about to buy this one This has a dual-camera and they are both amazing! And it also has the portrait mode It’s an amazing phone I’m sure you’ll like it Sir, it is clear that this is the doing of a gang but the modus operandi cannot be discerned from the CCTV footage Deshmukh, I feel that either these guys have a machine or they have a device which they attach to the ATM machine in the morning and it reads all the details of the credit and debit cards used And they take the device away in the night And they use the information to withdraw cash from different banks 30 victims, and Rs. 21 lakhs! But I don’t understand why these guys are so sure that no one would spot them

when installing or taking the machine away And that, no one can see them doing that Or that, no one is monitoring all this from the bank, through the CCTV cameras Deshmukh, it could be that a bank employee is leaking all the information to them Or they just took a risk and got lucky Do this Scan all the employees of this branch as well as of the main branch Extract all their addresses and call details Find out if there’s one whose expenses have increased unusually in the last few days The spending patterns Or someone who keeps in touch with history-sheeters or criminals And especially the ones convicted in financial scams in the last few days Everything! – Yes, sir And yes, we have to make this fast We cannot afford more people to fall prey to this Yes, sir Find out – Yes, sir Please do something, sir I had toiled a lot to gather Rs. 40,000 I will be doomed if I don’t get the money back And sir I have a 12-year-old daughter What is this mark on your hand? N-Nothing, sir I got hurt while working Please help me get the money back, sir I had collected that money with much difficulty One victim more Please get these medicines as well What about the ones I had got earlier? None is left Did you deposit the money for the operation? Make it fast. Her condition is very serious It will be a problem if the operation is not conducted No, I am trying We’ve a financial aid facility, like all other hospitals Even we provide that Please have a word with them – Sure, thanks You will need to deposit 30 percent of the money needed for the operation The hospital will provide you a loan for the rest We wouldn’t be here if we had that money. – You need to I cannot help it if you don’t do that Please give it a try Please submit your ID proof, bank statements and the IT return documents as well They will all be needed One wrong step and it can lead to the devastation of a number of lives and families And unfortunately, the wrongdoer never thinks what his deed will result in He never thinks what would happen to him if he was subjected to the same Who were these thieves who could go to any extent for the fulfillment of their interests? No matter if that meant they had to ruin someone’s dreams or their lives! Sir, I have done a background check of all the bank employees and have scrutinised their call details and their bank statements I haven’t found anything wrong We have also checked the CCTV footage of all the ATMs cash was withdrawn from We can see the same three suspects in all of them But we could not discern anything related to their identity from any Deshmukh, find out how many mobile towers are there near those ATMs Extract details of all the phones active near them at that point in time This is the only way to get to them But sir, there would be many phones active at that time, at those locations No matter how many, Shinde We have no option now Right Many people and their families are looking up to us No matter what, we have to nab these criminals at any cost – Yes, sir.. – Yes, sir Mom.. – Get away! How dare you? – Let her go. She’s just a kid How dare she talk back? – Go away from here! Go away! – I’ll not spare you. – Come here. – No! Come here.. Wait – Run! Come back! She has gone too far only because of you Hey, what is it? Can’t you see? Sameer, she is just a kid. Relax Aasma! What happened? Okay then. I’m getting late I’ll make a move Tanvi, you go home I drop her off. – Okay Stop crying Tell me, what happened? I want to go home

Mom is all alone She needs me – Calm down, Aasma Sit down, relax Drink some water Tell me what happened Did anyone scold or beat you? Your father Did he beat your mom? Aasma, why don’t you and your mom go to the police? We had But when dad got bailed out and came back home he beat mom up badly Now – I’ll help you guys, Aasma Tell me We will not go to the police now We will flee from here But the money mom had hidden has been.. – What? Tanvi, arrange for dinner It is late Yes, Dad – Fast I will make a move now What did just fall down? – N-Nothing, Dad Listen, she is not able to breathe Ask the doctor to come Where is he? The doctor will be here soon but he won’t do the surgery without the money being deposited. – No It is all my fault I am not able to gather money for my daughter’s surgery Hey! What are you up to? – What do I do What do I do? – Listen O-One minute Take this bangle and sell it off But this is your mom’s – I know that but it is not more valuable than Manu’s life Sell this off and we will take the rest as loan The condition of Sharat and Aarti and of many like them was really heart-rending Their daughter, Mansi’s operation was done but their worries were there to stay The loan they had taken for the treatment had spelled doom for them And on the other hand, escaping from a miserable life and from her brutal husband Zoya’s plan to flee to somewhere far with her daughter, Aasma seemed to be impossible with every passing day And the police were still toiling hard They had to filter out the phone number of just three criminals from a total of approximately 5 lakh phone numbers And unfortunately, time was passing by, the condition of the victims was worsening and the criminals were becoming even more daring Sir, I work here This is my office I had come here early to attend to some work that day I work in that area Hello! – Hello – Good morning Good morning I hope I am not late – No, not at all I need to check Two Hey! A gold ring! Wow! Was it your birthday? – No! That’s amazing, Tanvi! Did you win a lottery prize? New clothes.. A new gold ring! – Oh, come on! Hey, the police! Why are they here? How come your phone was detected in the area close to the ATM? S-Sir, it could be because it is on the way from my house to the shop Sir, that ATM is on my way home And I withdraw money from there quite often Shinde, keep an eye on the girl, Tanvi Qureshi Yes, sir. – She looks suspicious. – Yes, sir Where else do we interrogate people? – Sir, in the area close to Ramesh Nagar Let’s go Tanvi Qureshi – Sir, I have extracted all the information regarding her She lives with her dad and brother She works at a mobile phone shop at Malad West And she earns around Rs. 18,000 But she spends extravagantly And that made me grow suspicious of her She has been using new clothes and a new mobile since the robbery took place We don’t have solid evidence as of now Deshmukh Please show me that CCTV footage again. – Sure Take a look, sir She seems to be

of the same height This could be her Wait Pause here Rewind a bit Zoom here The phone this girl is using is quite an old model, right? Such models are rare nowadays Find out where such phones are still sold Track them down Especially in this area – Sure Okay, tell me – Let me speak Please get us our money back That’s all we want We want nothing more – Wait, listen.. – Look Oh, come on! – We want our money back You will all get your money back. – But you guys had assured us Then how can you guys Hold on.. Calm down. Please We’re following your case Let the police do its work Give us some time We will do all things possible And please cooperate with us But for how long, sir? When will we get our money back, sir? We are in trouble after borrowing so much Please, sir, I request you, sir, please Please get us the money back – Sir, the bank people say that we will get money from the insurance company But nothing has happened yet And things don’t seem positive We have had it enough We just want our money back Calm down now We understand what you guys are going through But we are not sitting on our hands ‘ATM frauds on the rise Awareness crucial.’ Every phone has an IMEI number unique to it which can be used to track it This task was like searching for a needle in a haystack One number was identified from amongst 5 lakh numbers active in that area at that time Through their dedication and hard work, the police were able to make this impossible task possible ‘The police examined 5 lakh numbers’ ‘to crack this ATM fraud case.’ Sir I have interrogated some locals using the internet That particular model of mobile phones is out of circulation now but there’s one place in Kandivali East where some sellers sell such old models But none of them has sold this Sir, we have obtained the IMEI number of the phone the lady in burqa was seen using Good job, Shinde – Thank you, sir We matched the time and location of its use to find out about it Very good. Sir, we can now, use the IMEI number to get to the shop where it was sold from Great Get is as soon as possible Sure, sir Yes, sir, I had sold not one but three such models A man had come here, looking for old models Do you remember his face? Not clearly, sir But he was of average height and was around 30 years of age Under 35 You don’t remember his face but you remember selling him three phones! Sir, actually, the company had stopped making that model And I even told him to take the model which is available in the market Or else, you won’t find the parts. I also had profit in it My old stock was getting cleared Do you have details of the buyer? Yes, sir. I keep details of the past 6 months. Hold on Sir There’s no CCTV Shinde, we can’t be so lucky that we will get CCTV footage also You are lucky, sir Here are the details Here it is. Name of the buyer. He bought the SIM card with these details Thank you Sir Two SIM cards were taken using fake documents on fake names Darn! – The information about the third person is right I’ll show you Take a look, sir. The third SIM has been taken in the name of a Israeli woman Adina David Israeli lady! – Yes, sir Sir, is this the job of some international racket? That means, this Israeli lady might have connections with the thieves Did you contact her? Sir, we have sent her a message through social media When she replies – If she responds, then? Sir, we don’t have any choice Because the shopkeeper had given us general information He had forgotten their looks, appearance, height Deshmukh, that means, the Israeli lady is our last hope That’s what it seems like, sir Deshmukh Contact Israel embassy We might get some information about this lady. – Sir

What about the girl who works in the mobile store? We are keeping an eye Every moment is being captured There’s no other way, Aasma It will hurt But not as much as it hurts when your dad beats me up I had somehow managed the money I hid it from your dad I can’t do it all over again, Aasma I can’t Anyway, some or the other day your dad will kill me I don’t want that something happens to me and you are left alone I don’t know, what that person will do with you after my death You don’t understand, Aasma I’m saying this for your sake, Aasma For your sake What! – What else? I was at the crossroad I saw it What happened, Dad? What happened, Brother? An ambulance has come Karim’s wife and daughter tried to commit suicide What! – Yes Let’s go, Dad – Yes It’s under control Both of them will get all right Luckily, he had reached home at the right time Or else anything could have happened, sir There are many new and old wounds on her body Zoya, what you did is wrong Committing suicide and inciting someone to commit suicide is wrong But you don’t need to feel scared this time Both your daughter and you are safe What say? Will they stay safe? We will keep an eye Nothing should happen to them Okay, sir They will stay safe Fortunately, a danger was averted and the mother and daughter were safe But Zoya and the rest of the victims were still suffering due to the stolen money On one hand, the police was failing to get a lead On the other hand, the thieves were becoming brave with each passing day It was sure that many innocent people would lose their lives if this continued Sir, that Israeli woman has replied Very good She has sent her number, sir. – Contact her Yes, sir Hello Ms. Adina David? – Yes This is Police Sub Inspector Amit Deshmukh from Mumbai Police, India. – Okay Adina, we need to ask you a few questions, okay? – Okay Adina, why were you in India that time? What was the purpose? I came to India to attend a wedding. – Okay Now, did you buy any mobile handset during your stay in India? No, I had my own handset Oh, I bought a SIM card there That’s okay. Fine We know about it Do you remember giving your details to someone? I gave all my details at the shop And it was legal – Adina, was it a young lady? No, it was a young boy I cannot remember his name Okay. Where exactly was this shop located? Where did you buy the SIM card from? It was from a place called Bori Is that Borivali? Right? – Right. Borivali Okay, Adina. Thank you – Thanks, Adina Sir, it’s Rohil

Both of them work in the same shop Where are Tanvi Qureshi and Rohil Sheikh? Sir, Tanvi is on leave today And Rohil has not come to work today He told me that he is not well Give me their addresses. – Okay Shinde, who is keeping an eye on Tanvi? Constable Kamble, sir – Call him up Hello, Kamble Talk to sir Hello, sir. – Has Tanvi stepped out of the house? No, sir I am here since morning She is at home Only her brother has gone out Very good Keep an eye every second Follow her and update me if she leaves the house Okay, sir. Jai Hind. – Okay Sir, the address Thank you Rohil is not at home Sir, what is the matter? But Rohil has informed in the shop that he is not well He left for the shop in the morning Mr. Qureshi – Yes, sir Sir, what brings you here? What is the matter? Ask your daughter, Tanvi, about this Where is Rohil? Rohil? How would I know about Rohil’s whereabouts? Don’t lie, Tanvi We have spotted all three of you stealing money from the ATM in the CCTV footage Rohil and you Who was the third person? ATM? It must be a misunderstanding We do not have any misunderstanding, sir We were keeping an eye on you You have a very low salary But you still buy new clothes and new phones on a regular basis. Where do you get so much money from? Do you steal? – Tanvi, what is he saying? These new clothes and phones What is all this? Dad, I I had taken all this But I hid it from you because you get angry, Dad But trust me, Dad Brother had given me money to purchase all this Brother had asked me to hide it from you Otherwise, you would stop brother from working That is the reason Sorry, Dad I wanted all these things That is why, I did all this But trust me. I am not a thief. I swear I have not done anything I don’t know anything How did you meet Rohil then? At the mobile shop? – No, sir I know Rohil from my school days and he works in the shop too But brother and he are good friends They are always together What is your brother’s name? – Sameer Tanvi, even if we believe that you are innocent we have seen three people stealing money from the ATM Sameer and Rohil are the two people Who could the third girl be if it was not you? I don’t know, sir It might be brother’s girlfriend, Sana Where can we find Sameer? Let’s target this ATM What do you think? We cannot do anything about the CCTV We’ll have to take a risk like last time But remember one thing The more the risk the more the profit Sir, I think we missed both of them No, Deshmukh It’s not late yet Circulate their photos near banks and ATMs But be careful They will run away if they get a clue about it It will be difficult to catch them Sir Sir, we belong to decent families We have jobs Theft and all Sir, we went there for the first time Rohil had to withdraw money We found that the small machine came off

Then we were coming to the police station, sir Enough Only the truth Speak up Do you know what the condition inside a women’s jail is like? It’s another thing that it’s a punishment But the prisoners inside the jail won’t spare you They will treat you in a manner you won’t be able to bear And neither will anyone come to your rescue there Are you getting my point? Sameer and Rohil are being interrogated in the lock-up next to this If either one of them speaks up the rest will go to jail for a long time Think and decide Will you cooperate with us or Rs. 21 lacs We had withdrawn Rs. 21 lacs, sir We had planned to withdraw more this time, sir Sir, I told you the truth Please Please leave me Please Okay Don’t say Shinde. Ask Juhi to beat Sana up so that she Yes, sir – No, sir Sir, please Leave Sana, sir We committed the theft You crazy fellow – Keep quiet Keep quiet Sir, we have committed the theft But it was not our plan It was Farhan’s plan [Boy1]Y-Yes, sir He is the mastermind Farhan Ahmad Sir, we used to study together He was good in studies He did engineering But he didn’t get a job He was frustrated, sir But after some time, everything changed Vehicle, house He got money all of a sudden Where’s that short guy? I met him yesterday Seriously? – He is getting married What are you saying? – Seriously How much is the bill? – Here’s the bill Guys This treat is from my side Hey Have you hit the jackpot? You can say that Don’t crack jokes Speak the truth You guys can also make money But you need courage You have to take risks You will benefit if you take risks Or else, stay like this Yes Keep the change Sir, we committed the theft We used to install the skimmer and a small camera in the ITI bank ATM before the guard would come The skimmer would steal the data of all the cards used in the ATM And the camera used to record the password typed by the people Then we used to take away our skimmer and camera after the guard left We would make duplicate cards using the recorded data And then we used to go to different ATMs and withdraw money using those cards But it wasn’t our plan, sir It was Farhan’s plan Good job We need to download the stolen data and get new cards made And then we will make money You will buy houses and vehicles by ruining the lives of others? Have you ever thought about the ones whose money you looted? How much problems they might have faced Someone’s child is in the hospital someone’s parents are poverty stricken Someone lost all his savings Have you ever thought about them Sir Give me all the details about Farhan Speak up Sir, there’s no information about Farhan Ahmed Where did he go? It’s not easy to arrange skimmers and make so many plans He must be an experienced criminal Rohil, Sameer, Sana are his pawns The original racket is very big Come. – Sir Police was right The mastermind of the racket, Farhan, is still absconding He is roaming around freely As per reports, he is hiding somewhere abroad And the case is still in the court The victims of the case got their money back gradually due to the insurance on balance amount of their account And finally, Zoya mustered courage to get separated along with her daughter from her husband I’ll come to pick you up after finishing my work Okay? Go carefully Zoya and Aasma are living a safe life because of the police – Bye They didn’t have to feel helpless and leave the city Sharad and Aarti are spending a happy life with their daughter, leaving the past behind The criminals made a complicated plan very smartly And they executed it But they ignored a truth which is immortal and recognized That justice wins in the war between justice and injustice Crime ruins the criminal and not the law

It’s our responsibility to be careful And it’s our responsibility as well and not just law’s to fight against crimes It’s our responsibility as well to foil the plans of such criminals While using your debit or credit cards it’s important to be a little careful Look around the ATM If there’s no light near it if there’s no one to guard it or the ATM is at some isolated place then it’s better if you don’t use it Often, a small camera is hidden near the keypad or on top of it Which records the pin number or password you type So hide your fingers and the keypad while using your password or pin Don’t forget the points shown in this episode And use that in your day-to-day life So that nobody gets hit by such crimes again With this thought, I, Anup Soni, take your leave We’ll meet again in the next episode with another shocking story Till then do take care of yourself and your family And keep watching Crime Patrol City Crimes Punishment to one is a lesson for all Jai Hind