♪ ♪ (cheering) TODD SHARP: All right, Ladybirds We’ve got one minute to make people feel some kind of way One minute to take these people that are going through a divorce, that just lost their job, whose son is on drugs We give them one minute to get lost in you TODD: The University of Louisville Ladybirds are known all throughout the world KAYLA: We are 15-time national champions We double-titled for the first time in history last year Yeah! I mean, this year, anything less than that is a letdown I do not tolerate mistakes In the dance team world, I’m like this famous god If anyone tells you they do not know who Todd Sharp is, they’re probably a jealous hater and lying GABRIELLE: If you’re a dancer, you grow up watching the Ladybirds and wanting to be a Ladybird We’re the (bleep) Like, we are the (bleep) And, honestly, it’s because of Todd Come on, here we go Let’s see it! Let’s see it! Oh, yeah! Todd is, like, your best friend and your worst nightmare all in one That is a lie I’m not coaching liars You know, I always equate it to the parents “Tiffany, honey, do you think you could clean your room?” The next day, it looks even worse By day three, “Tiffany, clean your (bleep) room or you’re not leaving the house!” Then Tiffany cleans the room So I just start at that point Come on, bring the performance! Not everyone gets to be a Ladybird She can’t dance Like, this is a gift It can be taken away from you as easily as it was granted to you If you don’t like it, there’s a exit here, here, and then there’s the lit-up exits here and here ♪ ♪ TODD: We are not gonna go out there and do some melancholy dance about love lost We’re gonna go out there and say “pop this booty.” ♪ ♪ Yee-haw! ♪ ♪ Push! You have to be tough to make it as a Ladybird But the facts are the facts I am the most-winning coach in the history of the sport of dancing ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Three, two, one… ♪ ♪ Just ♪ ♪ Work, work, work… ♪ J.Lo is my personal spirit animal because clearly, I do not look like J.Lo But here, here, here, I am the greatest performer of all time I don’t see how someone can be on a dance team looking blah Because, quite honestly, I’m dynamic standing in line at the grocery store Like, it’s not just my name I’m sharp as hell BRITTANY: Oh, my God That was just wonderful I’m excited to see them do this pom routine because we both know they’re not in shape Out of shape. Yeah There is no way in hell they’re going to be able to get through this routine There’s no way The pom routine this week is beyond pivotal I know the girls do not have the stamina and I know they’ve been camped out at a buffet the entire break You know, they can look me in the face and lie about it Their bodies won’t lie when they’re trying to do this routine full-out I can’t wait to see the tears Oh, it’s gonna be funny. Yeah (laughs) Pom is going to separate the women from the girls Want to walk through it? Walk through it? I mean, I can’t breathe and I’m wearing a plastic garbage bag I’ve got under(bleep) sweat Let’s go. Hit play I’m done ♪ Boom, boom, shake it ♪ ♪ Thought you could make it ♪ ♪ Thought you could make it ♪ ♪ Boom, boom, take it ♪ ♪ Thought you could make it. ♪ GABRIELLE: Good frickin’ morning I don’t know what’s gonna come out of this week It’s the same girls that get chosen for everything and I’ve had enough of it Yeah I just want to look at one of them and be like, “You have no idea what it’s like to struggle.” This year, I am a junior I’m officially an upperclassman But I feel Todd always forgets me It’s like, when is it finally gonna be Gabrielle? When is it gonna be my time? I don’t, I don’t know It’s upsetting So how was your birthday? MARISSA: Literally so much fun I was really happy Todd was there to get us… into VIP Of course, he had me in there on my birthday (laughter)

I’m definitely the bitch of the team Everyone is jealous of me and they think I get special treatment I’ve known Todd since I was in kindergarten so he really is like a second dad to me I’ll go to this house at, like, 3:00 a.m., talk to him about boy problems, talk to him about family problems; I mean, he is like my best friend and I know that Todd going with me to my 21st is not the norm for other people They probably wish Todd could’ve gone with them Um, but they don’t have the relationship me and Todd have ♪ ♪ Hi Hey Hi Hey, guys Just another day in paradise (chuckles) TODD: All right, ladies, it’s time to get ourself in a position to repeat as national champions And I will do it with or without you This week, we’re scheduling our first workout to evaluate where all of you are And you know what? We might as well go ahead and get in a team weigh-in that day as well I’m not coddling you anymore Anybody want to call their mommy? The Ladybirds are not just beautiful, trained dancers My girls are athletes To me, if they’re not an athlete first and don’t have the mind of a champion, then they will never be able to hang in the program Each week, for these remaining weeks leading up to nationals, we’re gonna do a different style routine This week we’re going to learn a pom routine 20 of you will be in this formation Which means half the team will not All right? Spread out, start warming things up ♪ ♪ Every week we have a video posted, showing the routine, all of the skills, exactly what’s required So when the girls come in, they know right away I expect them to know the routine so I can start assessing the dance and picking them apart This’ll be easy to cut to 20 I’m already seeing people that are prepping strange, landing with their feet apart and toe touches that look like jumping jacks And our lines look like jagged crocodile teeth MICHELLE: It’s gonna be a long night TODD: Next group, go DANCERS: One, two, three, four Five, six, seven, eight One, two Four, six, eight TODD: Way to kill that, Kayla. Please notice her leg development, and her feet, and her arms, and her shoulders, and basically everything (applause) And, Kobie, beautiful development, beautiful spot, beautiful center. You’re, like, not moving an inch KOBIE: I’m a fourth-year on the team I’m the captain And my parents always say, even since I was three, I’ve been a performer Like, everything’s always been about me, and it still is because I’m Todd’s favorite I love her KOBIE: It’s not my fault that other girls can’t perform and other girls can’t make audiences want to get engaged with them That’s their problem WOMAN: Get back! TODD: Pull! Pull! And Marissa’s on fire She looks great MARISSA: In the dance world, everyone knows that your best person is on center And Kobie’s always on center At this point, it’s really annoying because she does make mistakes It’s time for someone else to take that spot TODD: All right Let’s take a five-minute water break ♪ ♪ KAYLA: tell her what you told me I’m a junior on the team And my little sister is a freshman We’re from California Uh, my dance background is very technical I started off as a prima So I think people are looking at me as, like, a “cocky bitch” because I have abilities that are far past what some of these girls have Kayla, Chloe, let me see you in the lobby I’m super pissed at Kayla because she missed a lot of pivotal practices over the break. And I think she has a tendency to think that she’s smarter than me, which is a huge mistake Last work week made me crazy It’s been a lot of exceptions in the period of time you’ve been here I mean, a lot of exceptions Okay But if there’s more of this, I won’t be able to keep you here Other girls have told me that they think it’s bad for the morale of the team And they’re questioning, am I gonna automatically start making exceptions for you like I’ve made for you? I can see you’re getting upset I’m gonna cry No, I’m a crier, too Why are you crying, though? Is it…? (crying): I’ve just always been compared to her At competition studios, every teacher has always looked over me I’m sorry I love her to death, but, God, it’s hard to be her sister People do kind of loop you in as the Miller Sisters Yeah, I understand that Okay? But I want you to know, as your coach, you will stand on your own two feet for me People think that I’m a pit bull And I have a tendency to be a pit bull, and I can be a pit bull, but I can also be a poodle puppy You will stand on your own two feet with me, I promise Thank you All right, babe? All right? Okay. Next group go DANCERS: One, two, three, four GABRIELLE: Being a Ladybird is my entire life I’ve changed my hair, I’ve changed my look, I’ve lost some weight to make Ladybirds And now that I’m on it, all that I want

is to get on that nationals floor I just hope that was enough to impress Todd TODD: Okay Um, we’re ready to do the formation for this routine for this week So, I’ll call you out as I want you to move forward MARISSA: The only person standing in the way of me and center right now is Kobie She might be a great performer, but pom is definitely my forte TODD: Overall, blowing me away tonight and impressing the hell out of me, in the number one spot TODD: Okay, ladies, this is the top 20 that’ll go in for this game based on athleticism, stamina, overall technique, who we think can kill this routine with just a couple of days to go, okay? KOBIE: I’ve perfected my performance level so well Like, I don’t really know very many people that could beat me in that area I’d be real damn confused if someone took my center spot Center’s definitely, like, my domain Blowing me away tonight, in the number one spot, Kayla KAYLA: Being on center kind of has given me the boost of confidence and the reassurance that I really am a great dancer. All I have to say now is, Kobie and Marissa, better watch out ’cause your spots aren’t safe anymore Pow! Way to murder everything Technique is gorgeous Motions, athleticism, jumps Everything’s perfect MARISSA: I’m shocked that Kayla’s getting center And I’m just annoyed because I mean, I’m probably the strongest pom dancer on this team TODD: In the front, Marissa (applause) Kobie, take the second row You’re probably shocked I didn’t put you on that center spot You’re not the type to mention it to me, but your face kind of says it KOBIE: It’s definitely taking everything in me now in this moment not to cry I am the captain and I do hold the glue to this team So I feel like, not only did I let myself down, I let my team down Up next, Taylor GABRIELLE: As Todd is calling out names, I’m just staying hopeful that he calls my name to be in this formation McKenna I know I have the heart to be in this routine And the last position for this week’s pom routine, Madison Okay, ladies, this is the formation that we’re gonna start with This is not guaranteed Any of you can lose your spot to someone else or we can adjust the formation Those of you that are not in the formation right now, you might think we’re not giving you opportunity The truth is, if you think I’m wrong about you, prove me wrong Talk is cheap Action speaks volumes Okay? Thank you (crying): I’m just so pissed (sniffles) I’m so mad at myself I’m just so pissed People are gonna look at this and be like, “Oh, my God, “she’s just the captain ’cause she’s pretty Like, she can’t even dance.” TODD: I take one look at Kobie I’m thinking, “Oh, (bleep) Here we go.” She’s giving the Weepy Weeperson The girls are like, “Are you okay?” (shuddering): “I’m fine.” Really? You’re “fine”? Kobie, you’re better than that Leaders have to lead all the time, not just when they feel like it Okay All right I’ll see ya Okay We’re having, like, this Oprah Winfrey, like, sit on the coach, like, Dr. Phil (bleep) going on when we’ve got work to do GABRIELLE: Chloe is Kayla’s sister, and she thinks that she should get everything that Kayla has gotten But you got to come down to Earth a little bit and realize you’re a freshman You got to work for things and you got to put your time in I should’ve been in it to be in that routine But I’m not the coach I can’t decide anything I think he’s just trying to, like, intimidate people into, like, thinking that though You’re-you’re gonna be at nationals If you’re not at nationals, I’m quitting, too And then he can lose out on… that Whoa I mean, she’s a first-year You’re not gonna get what you want. Mm-mm Chloe’s been here for five minutes Like, you’ve been here for three years And if she’s gonna go home at the drop of a hat, then maybe we don’t need her here ♪ ♪ TODD: I still cannot get over the amount of girls that approached me after the formation acting shocked and in disbelief I’ve got an idea: do what you’re supposed to do Get in shape, work on your technique I really think that some of these girls’ mothers have just spent their entire existence up to this point telling them that they are Miss America It would… it would be like me stripping down into a Speedo and walking up to you on the beach and saying, “Do-do I do I need to lose weight?” Delusional ♪ ♪ How have practices been going?

Honestly, it’s a hit and a miss We’ve got veterans that look like they’re been standing at the end of a buffet And, you know, I have no tolerance for it Nice Patrick is the trainer for the Ladybirds Perfectly fit, chiseled That’s right But he’s also my trainer Please, do not think he’s doing a bad job He is not force-feeding me the pizza It’s me. I have a problem All right, well, look We have ten weeks until nationals, and they’re not ready I mean, their physical stamina, being in shape Truly, I’m fed up with all of their excuses I’m tired of trying to hide people in a formation I’m tired of seeing some of the most talented girls that I don’t feel like, based on their physical appearance, I can put out there– I’m worried about injury It’s time to crack down and it’s time for a wake-up call Yeah The girls don’t always choose to do what Patrick tells them, like me You know, I tell them, though, “Do as I say, not as I do,” ’cause last time I checked, I don’t wear a crop top on national television They’re looking at me, going, “Well, he’s fat.” I’m like, “Why are you so confused, though?” I don’t wear a bra on TV Are there things y’all can do to not make me look this fat? Of course Gotta get this booty right But I do have these incredible arms from Patrick Look at my arms just eating that T-shirt up ’cause I’m like this, Looks good I’m like this, I’m like this, (grunts): I’m like this The entire world knows we’re best friends, and no one understands I think you have the perfect canvas for some tats Mm, I don’t know Yeah You’re so vanilla Can’t think of You’re so safe You’re so missionary Yeah, I am If you were a bagel, you’re the plain bagel and I’m the everything bagel (laughs): You are He’s Mr. Universe, I’m Dom DeLuise He’s politically correct, I’m like, “Bitch, please.” PATRICK: Last one here (grunts) Nice Ooh Thank you Yeah Appreciate it So, uh, there’s no point in the day that I crave pizza more than when I leave here (chuckles) ♪ ♪ MICHELLE: Patrick’s not gonna be happy No, for sure MICHELLE: I’m so hungry, and I can’t have anything now Every year, Patrick normally does the weigh-ins So when Todd’s standing there, it’s a lot more pressure because he’s in charge All right, Ladybirds, this will be the house of torture for you I want you in a bra top and booty shorts No socks, no shoes Sound good? Is it clear to me that most of them have been eating bratwurst and drinking beer? Yes, it’s pretty clear to me And that’s a problem My mentality as a coach, and the way I am with them, in terms of their physical expectation, is more like a football coach They are athletes that happen to be national-champion dancers I expect and demand the best TODD: Ladybirds, go ahead and form a single file line KAYLA: We’re all gonna die Girls are really getting so pissed off that he wants us to look a certain way TODD: Come on down You’re the next contestant on “We Are Judging You.” But we’re collegiate athletes Todd is right We have to look the best that we can I’m incredibly controlling about the way the girls look I can take a beautiful girl and teach her to perform well I can’t help you if you’re ugly Is your weave heavy? It is You know, it is a lot more weave than usual Right? It is I noticed how luxurious it felt yesterday, though It’s very… it’s very soft PATRICK: All right. Got you Go ahead and step off Where is Kobie? KOBIE: Yeah! 130! TODD: To me, you look athletic And I’d like to tell you what it means to me, because when you have leaders that don’t walk the talk, nothing pisses me off more I’m happy I made my target weight So, hopefully, I get to get my spot back on center and show Todd that I deserve to be there, and that I can lead my team I’m real proud that I made that 130, girl TODD: Next PATRICK: Marissa, what’s up? All right, go ahead and step on TODD: You’re up nine from tryouts (Marissa crying) Please do not cry You are my poster girl for this program But I don’t think you look nearly as fit this year Okay? Good MARISSA: (bleep), I’m panicking And I’m embarrassed that I gained weight And I just hate disappointing Todd And I know that if I’m on his bad side, then I may never get center TODD: Diva princesses Not happy at all with Marissa right now For her to storm out of our weigh-in, it’s just ridiculous to me When people are acting dramatic, it speaks volumes that they know they’re not in shape I do not have the ability to hold back something when I’m really upset, so I assumed we were doing weigh-ins,

and then we would come down here and get started right away, but I’m hearing a lot of rumblings When I’m mad at one girl, I will absolutely take it out on everyone, and I will tell you why I like to keep them guessing “Oh, my God. Who’s he mad at?” All of you Makes them lay awake crying And when they immediately come to me and go, “Todd, were you talking about me?” Evidently, yes, because if what I said applied to you, then I was talking to you I heard that some of you are saying to other people that I am never there when Patrick weighs you in Some of you are saying that we do not weigh-in in bra tops and booty shorts And some of you are saying that we’ve never done this at all in the past This is (bleep) It really is My hands are shaking I’m so angry No one has anything to say? Either you want to be part of this or you don’t All right PATRICK: Ladies, we tell you this all the time These weigh-ins are to make sure that you’re able to perform optimally, that you’re not getting hurt by being overweight when you’re doing the skills and all the things that you have to be doing This is nothing different than we do every single year That’s what kills me, that’s what kills me On the life of my grandson, that is a lie That is a lie that I have not been at your alls weigh-ins, and we don’t normally weigh-in, and we don’t normally make you do it in a bra top and booty shorts– that is a lie! That is a lie I’m not coaching liars You want to be treated like the other varsity sports, and get the respect of them, but you want me to coddle you You need to thicken your skin up a little bit, because I am not going to lay down for you My way or highway Make sure they fill this training session, please All right, ladies Let’s go There you go, drive those knees up TODD: This would not be a day to half-do anything he’s asking you to do PATRICK: Make sure you’re getting low on those push-ups TODD: Who am I to know what shape they’re in? Who am I? The person that made them PATRICK: All right, ladies, come on over TODD: I think we’ve had an emotional day I think a lot of you are stressed out I think you’ve had a good hard workout that you needed I don’t think there’s anything I did today that I would do differently I want you to be strong I hope you know that We’re a family I don’t expect you to agree with everything, but I definitely hope and pray that you know that I love you and have the best interests of this program at heart This is an iconic program Let’s take it to the next level All right, thanks, guys Hey, uh, Riss Come here for a minute Uh, I mean, I know you’re upset, so just tell me It’s like, my problem’s not with how it was done My problem is the fact that I’m fat and I gained weight Like, that’s the problem I’m horrified Well, you shouldn’t be horrified You have been the face of this program with me hand-choosing you If I didn’t think that you were the epitome of what I wanted, I wouldn’t choose you for anything All right ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ TODD: Up, up SHERYL: One, two, three, up, five Again. Five, six, seven, eight One, two, three, four, five I want to point something out A few of you are floaty on that team toe touch in the beginning You got to whip it, smack it back down I’d like to run through with music with people that are not in a spot right now Okay. We’re gonna do it full-out ♪ Three, two, one ♪ ♪ Work, work, work, work, work ♪ ♪ Work, work, work, work ♪ TODD: Chloe looks good ♪ Work, work, just ♪ ♪ Work, work, work, just… ♪ TODD: Gabrielle, do something with your face ♪ We never gonna stop now, we never gonna stop ♪ ♪ Just. ♪ Honestly, you look constipated When opportunity knocks, I’m not gonna open the door to find you standing behind it if you’re not staying ready, okay? Chloe, by the way, we need to see Louisville Ladybird pom arms from you It is the only thing, though I think you look phenomenal otherwise Thank you GABRIELLE: Chloe’s ego is so big, and every single time Todd compliments her, I mean, I think her head is going to explode Chloe’s, like, front and center, trying to get noticed, and it’s just kind of– it’s really annoying Like, does she not see that not one other freshman is in the routine? I really hope that Todd’s not considering putting her in the formation over more deserving girls like me SHERYL: Five, six, seven, eight Three, two, one One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine Push. Hup Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight And one KAYLA: I’m freaking out right now My leg is definitely hurting And I just keep telling myself to push, to push, to push, because I can’t risk losing the center spot You okay? I’m fine

I mean, it was real– the impact, I just feel like you’re really, really, really hitting it hard It’s, like, this part right here, but it’s fine KOBIE: Kayla’s lucky that she’s on center, because she had a good day that day But if Kayla can’t do it better than me, then I’m taking my spot back Just saying TODD: I don’t want you to be afraid to tell us you’re hurt if you are It’s fine, I’m fine TODD: Okay You know your body All right, let’s keep running the dance ♪ Three, two, one… ♪ SHERYL: One, two, three and four Five and six, seven and eight One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight… one TODD: Get up, push! (grunts) (exhales sharply) TODD: Kayla’s landing some of those jumps pretty heavy If you sound like a 50-pound bag of potatoes falling off the back of a truck, that’s a problem She keeps telling me she’s fine, but the minute I perceive Kayla is injured and can’t do this, she will lose that spot We’re gonna stop for the night for a couple reasons One, we’ve had a tough, long practice, and we know that Number two, I can see Kayla right now, you are absolutely hurt And I know you’re wanting to tell me you’re not hurt, but I can see that you’re hurt And the last thing we want is you out for nationals I’m fine I’m just saying, don’t take it so far that you’re severely hurt Okay Good job tonight CHLOE: What’d you do to your leg? I don’t know I feel like I have this weird, like, shin splint, like, going on all the way in the back, and every time I jump and, like, land on it, like, backwards, it literally just starts, like, giving out. I don’t know I’m, like, freaking out I don’t know I just, like, don’t want to, like, leave a bad impression when it’s, like, my first time being up there Well, I think you should take it easy on this, rather then killing your body, ’cause then you won’t be, like, good for nationals I know, but, like, I’m supposed to be, like, center I can’t, like, mark soft Like, I don’t want to blow that just because I’m, like, hurt GABRIELLE: Kayla shows up in heels Girl, if you’re gonna fake an injury, you got to think about it Like, come on If you’re “injured,” don’t wear heels to the party where everyone’s gonna notice I wasn’t born yesterday I’m smart, okay? GABRIELLE: Hey, Kayla Like, I think I’m fine; it’s not that bad Well I mean, it doesn’t hurt to walk on heels It hurts, like, when I’m having to, like, dance and jump on it Really? How’s Chloe doing? Chloe? Yeah Like, what do you mean? She’s been, like, running her mouth, like she should be in the routine It’s been ticking a lot of people off, because she’s been talking, but she’s, like, a freshman ‘Cause, like, our freshman year, like, the seniors kind of laid it out for us They were like, you can’t have expectations MICHELLE: I just heard a bunch of just, like, going around saying that she’s entitled and this They wonder why you talk about not being in a routine, when there’s juniors not in the routine What’s happening? Can someone fill me in on this? For you to get hurt about something that I’ve been saying is, like, kind of ridiculous, ’cause I didn’t go around saying, Gabby’s not– like, not deserving to be in that dance I’m sorry that your feelings got hurt I’m pretty sure they get hurt every single time you don’t get put in a routine, too Realize that you’re a junior who’s never hit nationals floor, and that’s an issue It kind of hurts my feelings a little bit, because I work really hard Well, I mean, when people watch a great dance team, they don’t go, “Wow They worked really hard.” They go, “Wow, they’re good.” Okay. So you’re saying, like, I just, I don’t look very good doing the dance? I mean, if you did, you would have been put in But, like, that’s not something that you can get pissed at about her for Well, you can get pissed at it if you go running around acting entitled KAYLA: Screw you She’s not entitled I think Gabby was butthurt that, you know, someone else is a bigger threat to her now You don’t attack my family ever I will literally pull out your janky weave Nope. Bye Yeah, if she’s not in nationals, then I’m going home, too Then you can have my spot (chuckling): Okay Gab can have Kayla’s spot KAYLA: We know our level, so we don’t have, like, an unrealistic vision of ourselves We’re not getting anywhere with this conversation She’s getting up, she’s getting up I am frustrated with this situation I’m mad at myself for not being good enough All right, I’m getting a drink I just don’t know why she’s in some la-la land that one day Todd will see her as an amazing dancer It’s not gonna happen Done with people who think they are, um Oh, honey Don’t touch my hair like that Oh, sorry. Wait. I’ll hug you down here

(whoops) Let’s go! KOBIE: Tonight’s game is huge Todd always says the formations are never permanent It can change the way up until five minutes before the routine starts GABRIELLE: I practiced up until the very last minute, because I want to do everything I can to try and get in the formation We’re still missing Kayla it looks like? Yeah Has anybody seen Kayla? Uh-uh. Nope She was out last night Was she limping when she was out last night? She was in heels last night, so Was she limping in heels last night? No, sir, she was not Okay KAYLA: Are we supposed to wear all black? Well, look who decided to show up I know. I’m sorry How’s your leg feeling, Kayla? Better For sure? Mm-hmm Okay, Ladybirds, we’re gonna do it full-out Kayla, your white T-shirt’s distracting the hell out of me CHLOE: Do you want mine? Yup Unless you just want to dance in a bra top But I’m gonna guess you haven’t hit the tanning bed lately It might be even whiter if you take off the white shirt MICHELLE: I absolutely want Todd to take Kayla off center ’cause she was late to practice She was parading around the party last night in heels And she was telling everyone that her and her sister were gonna go back to California if her sister wasn’t in the nationals routine So in my opinion, she should not be on center Somebody else should be, because she doesn’t get to say whatever she wants and get away with it Couple things real fast Do not rush the choreography There’s a little bit of rushing going on right now Kayla, opening triple, leaning tower, you’re moving out Are you sure that you’re physically okay? I’m fine Okay. I’m not trying to penalize you because you’re hurt, but I need you to be on Big opportunity for you to be in the front center of pom Go in there and kill it MARISSA: This whole time I thought Kobie was my major competition, but clearly Todd sees something in Kayla that I don’t Okay, go ahead, head to the locker room MARISSA: If I’m ever going to kick this bitch off center, I am going to have to work hard and lose weight and get back on Todd’s good graces Todd. Wait, wait, wait Chloe’s been running around, telling everybody like, if she’s not in this dance, if she’s not in the nationals dance, then she’s going back to California And it’s been ticking everybody off So then, last night, I asked Kayla I was like, “So, Kayla, like, how’s Chloe? “Like, ’cause I heard she’s been running around, “telling everybody that she needs to be in this dance or she’s going back to California.” And then it was like World War III Like, Kayla started freaking out, Chloe On you? Yeah, and she was like Well, then she started freaking out on Gab, too, because Gab was with me, and she was like, “Well, I don’t know why you all are talking about Chloe, and we know our level.” And she was like, “And if Chloe’s not in the nationals dance, she’s not just going back. We’re both going back to California.” Okay, so I Really? Like, she said this to your face? No doubt? Yes. Yes TODD: I think the girls love each other Fundamentally, it’s a sisterhood But what do biological sisters do? They snitch and tattletale on each other I mean, I stand before them and say to them, “When you talk (bleep), “when you are acting negative, bad attitude, “questioning my coaching decisions, “your teammate is going to break her neck to run to me with that.” You know, the hills have eyes So do Todd It’s ridiculous So a junior on this team is gonna dictate and demand and verbally tell another Ladybird that her and her sister are both out of here if the baby sister don’t get what she wants? Mm-hmm I’ll find ’em both flights now (applause and cheering) TODD: So, Kayla is gonna dictate and demand that her and her sister are both out of here if the baby sister don’t get what she wants? Mm-hmm I’ll find ’em both flights now Matter of fact, that’d be the best money I ever spent I’ll buy ’em the flights and send ’em back to California now That’s why… that’s why I thought you need to know Ridiculous No. It was It was stupid And I definitely feel like you need to know TODD: Look, Kayla Miller will not dictate (bleep) to Todd Sharp I am furious right now, like, livid Kayla is very lucky At the end of the day, I have to do what’s best for the team now There’s not enough time for me to pull her from the routine and replace her I would do it right now if it wouldn’t punish her teammates Ladybirds, tonight on that floor, at this sold-out game is the actual test You are being evaluated, you are being judged Do not get out there in the middle of the big floor and lose yourself You’ve got to guide in your lines, and you cannot rush When I say you’re not in shape, and you’re not mentally ready and physically ready, prove me wrong GABRIELLE: I just feel like I didn’t get noticed by Todd again, so I won’t be dancing at the game, which sucks

But next week’s a new week, and I have to show Todd I want it really bad, and I’ll do whatever it takes All right, let’s head in ANNOUNCER: Please welcome the Ladybirds! KAYLA: I’m a little freaked out Every routine we do is an audition for nationals TODD: Kill it, Birds! Kill it! (cheering) (applause and cheering) ♪ Three, two, one! ♪ ♪ Work, work, work, work, work, work, work, work ♪ ♪ Work, work, work, work ♪ ♪ Work, work, work, work, just ♪ TODD: Push! Push! ♪ Work, work, work ♪ Nice ♪ Just work, work… ♪ (whoops) ♪ We never gonna stop now ♪ ♪ We never gonna stop ♪ ♪ We never gonna drop down, we never gonna drop… ♪ Push! ♪ ♪ (cheering) ♪ ♪ Come on now! ♪ ♪ (song ends, applause and cheering) ANNOUNCER: Let’s hear it for the Ladybirds (applause and cheering) TODD: I’m really happy that the routine came together and we had a good performance, but I’m still not feeling great about things There’s a negativity circulating in the team right now as a direct result of just a few negative people I’m this close to taking this team to the dermatologist to have the cancerous moles cut out All right And I’m just gonna say to you: we’ve not been in the shape we need to be in Technically and athletically We need to step it up big-time for nationals Problem areas: right away, I saw some rushing, okay? There were a couple flexed feet We have a lot to do, a lot of pushing to do Kayla, you were on fire But– you know what? Like, you know how– my ears are turning red right now You know I’m not capable of holding something in when I’m mad But I am pissed off It was brought to my attention that last night, there were some conversations about the decisions that I make, pertaining to nationals coming up, and supposedly the threat was put out there that if a certain first-year freshman did not dance nationals, that not only would she be quitting and heading back home, but someone else would quit and go with her That is disrespectful There are girls that have came through this program that have not danced their freshman year, that have not danced their sophomore year, that have not danced their junior year I will decide who dances Oh, wait a minute I’m not done. Hold up There is a reason we are 15-time and double title-defending national champions, and it’s not by letting you tell me what to do So I’m gonna lay it out for you: if any of you really feel that way, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out TODD: This season on So Sharp It’s Hell Week (screaming, laughter) And the Devil is here Where’s your goats? ‘Cause I want to sacrifice one ♪ Oh, oh, I’m burning ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, I’m burning, light this fire… ♪ TODD: Dance is truly an escape for me Which is so attractive, with my man boobs flopping in the wind ♪ I’m burning up. ♪ (laughter, cheering) We have to be on point at all times I mess up one damn time I’m so frustrated It can be taken away from you as easily as it was granted I’d like you two to switch You should look better each day, not worse That was just, like, embarrassing Good Lord, you’re gonna hear so much drama Maybe that’s you not being woman enough and owning up to your (bleep), but I’m way different from you, and I need you to know that today I don’t give a (bleep) about what people’s personal feelings are You need to take this mic off, I’m not doing this (bleep) Are you (bleep) kidding me? We’re gonna fight and (bleep) is gonna go down KOBIE: Ow! He broke my ankle! TODD: What in the hell?! He hurt her! He’s going to jail You don’t touch my girls (hyperventilating) Can’t finish it Is she feeling lightheaded? I just can’t catch my breath One of my Ladybirds is in the I.C.U., saying things are not good TODD: Winning national championships should be really hard Think you’re gonna feel pressure backstage at nationals, and you’re trying to defend two titles? ANNOUNCER: Please welcome the Ladybirds! TODD: We must be the best we can be

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