hey everybody welcome to another live YouTube broadcast this is max dying art and that we’re going to continue today with our series on how to find unlimited prospects and make sales daily on facebook now I just finished up a coaching session with Mark and Mark was gracious enough to allow me to stay logged in his account and what I want you to look at is this is one version of the new facebook page you see I don’t have this yet but I’m logged in his mark and so because mark has it everything that he sees is through this new format now notice we have our online friends over on the right we can see who’s online look at all the people that are hooked up with their cell phone and what was interesting is we went in and we did a search for people for Mark to reach out to and while we were in the coaching session we reach out to Judy and we sent our message and within 0 minutes Judy accepted the friend request now um but I want you to see that they move things around now the thing that you should be paying attention to when you’re doing a search is obviously we look at the picture we look at that now they’ve moved the profession right up here so we can see what they do the timeline the newsfeed is over here on the right but what we looked for it was look 34 minutes ago Judy did something and so you can immediately gauge the activity of the other person this is huge we can go over here and we could look at the message that we sent to Judy Hey Judy your page just came up on my Facebook someone I should like to know after looking at i dapped agree I love your post with a baby or keys now what’s that all about what we did was we kind of scroll down a page and we noticed that she’s got this great little pulse with baby or keys so we added that I have a lot of friends in real estate would be delighted to have you as one to back side containing some referrals now what we did was we sent her I am having a problem sending you a friend request please send me one and i’ll accept it more and so she sent back immediately I’ve accepted your request and so now we went as she’s using an external instant messaging system and i’m going to show you what that looks like yet another slide but the bottom line what i thought was fascinating was when i went and looked at my page and i go to bring it up but when i’m looking at it to mark sighs i got the same thing that mark just got this new format on monday just got it on monday and we don’t know where this is all going I could log out a marks account and I go up here and deborah k is up in Toronto deprecates one of my coaching clients and she’s literally building her business around the world and look at her look at ours it’s entirely different the instant messaging system is over on the right on the left not the right now we click on we click on uh we can still search for people hurt her friend requests and mail and notifications over here on the right pig did moving stuff around yet if we looked at her actual timeline page kind of looks the same well Debra’s in Singapore and and she is using social media she’s signed people up on a dive boat in Fiji she signed she communicated and connected with people while she was in India but she’s got a

totally different a totally different layout a totally different page what is what what’s the end result going to be we don’t know we don’t know the one thing I can promise all of you as I demonstrated to mark the whole process of connecting with people communicating and closing identifying people that you know in advance would love to talk to you as truly as easy as sticking your hand in a bowl of candy and pulling out a green M&M so what does that mean to all of you it means now here we’re going back to my page I go over to my timeline page whoa holy smokes it just changed right in front of my eyes by putting my arms to change it wasn’t like this it wasn’t like this for the nine o’clock webinar that we did this morning and this is one of the things that you can anticipate you can expect is one of the things you can expect constant change I was talking to my friend my friend sandy Cohen about it a little while ago you know she’s hey if it if it wasn’t for the changes I wouldn’t be so busy and and she’s right the overall process for connecting communicating and closing will change but it’s still the same Facebook 1 billion users right in the middle of going through a major major change Twitter 512 million users now there’s a tremendous amount of competition going on between Facebook and Twitter Facebook is adding a lot more Twitter applications or copying Twitter and LinkedIn with now has 200 million professional users again these are all phenomenal social networks 1.7 billion people at your fingertips and you could be talking to people on a daily basis let me look at the question box no questions so far all right let’s talk a little bit more now again I had snapped the picture and then of marks page because he said well this is different than mine and yet when we looked at mine through mark sighs hey it was the same it was the same but it wasn’t like it when i was logged in and now lo and behold maybe because we connected this way maybe they moved me over to i really can’t tell you so they’re going to move things around they’re going to make it a little unorthodox eight people in sacramento yeah hi Judy a pages came up on Facebook someone I should like to know if they’re looking at it I’d have to agree I love your post with the baby or keys I have a lot of friends in real estate would be delighted to have you as one to perhaps I can send you some referrals now when someone sends you a friend request and they accept you facebook is still coming back and they’re asking you do you know this person and so we’re kind of playing around with this answer PS if Facebook is if we know each other please say yes or they will slap me for reaching out to someone I don’t know LOL now we didn’t use it we didn’t use it in the note that we sent to Judy but it may very well be necessary to use this in the future because you see here’s a deal when somebody sends you a friend request on facebook and you want to add somebody as a friend whether you know them or not what happens is facebook is going to ask you do you know Charlene outside of facebook now ok I’ve accepted it but if I say no but I like making new friends

that facebook under registers that you want them to say yes you want them to say yes I think over to my mailbox and Diane has sent me something interesting since I received this on my case I’m not suggesting that you should address it in any s-max session I’m just sharing it and let’s take a look for reasons to rethink Facebook engagement so it’s an article and everybody is shown here he’s got his own opinion and some interesting figures an insta mated sixty-seven percent of american adults use facebook today that’s huge some users are getting tired of this sidewalk when you know how to use it you will never get tired oh the side the social network is completing a new redesign intended to reignite the spark however it could be too little too late he’s got his own opinion let’s just take a look at something to climb Facebook remains the largest social network with users in the US how our data indicates that they may not always that may not always be the case twenty percent of online adults have quit the site so why alright a separate survey shows pinners may soon overtake Twitter you know their toys their toys lack of engagement I’m just telling you that all of this up noise and overload I you know I have to tell you something sean is a blog or a journalist and a social media network with more than a deck word of experience and he’s got some great information but the man’s I got to tell you something I don’t care what the trend is the bottom line is you now have easy access to people and with a new Facebook page with the new redesign you’re going to be able to tell how active people are and those are the people that you want to reach out to so mark I appreciate the you know letting me do that all right so you’re going to see lots of changes taking place and i’m there to help you every step of the way this was another person that we reached out to and again we’re seeing the the new structure now when we were in the process of sending a message we actually wrote back to judy and with the judy that was fast thanks how long have you been in realistic we got this message she’s using an app to chat to message judy you need to change your settings to let friends who use apps see if you’re online would you like to allow friends using other apps to see you your online state and you always yeah sure lots of changes taking place on facebook but you can tell how open somebody is initially by the picture initially by the amount of information they give you about themselves now it’s a three-step process okay and I’ve got a snapshot of a coaching session that I did um earlier in the week now let me just step back for a second I’m going to refer you back to my endless release program all you need to remember all you need is a Facebook page and then you connect with people people you know people you want to know connect and then communicate with them through chat and instant message and internal mailing systems and then as you communicate and you follow some scripts and ask some questions you’re going to discover whether the person on the other end has a need for what you’re doing your product or service the end result is talk to five or ten people a day and make sales so I was logged in to Craig’s account and Craig was you know kind of we’re kind of going over Craig you know what’s going on you know you just started this process we know you’ve got a great page and he says you know I’m talking a lot of people but nobody’s buying nobody’s fine and we pinpoint on his problem in 10 minutes see what you have to remember when you talk to people it’s not about you it’s not about your agenda it’s not about what you have to sell because really you can walk around and talk to

everybody and just blurt out hey I found your page on Facebook I would you be interested in learning how you could make an extra thousand dollars a week part time from home and just sent that out to everybody and that’s that would be interpreted as spam and you get your account closed now in the real world you could probably go out there and talk to a hundred people hey if I can show you a way to make an extra thousand dollars a week part time from home would you be interested and you know some people are going to roll the rise back in their head and say what’s the catch more people are going to say no than yes and the people that do say yes you relearn the only thing about them anyway so you end up talking to a lot of people about your business who might not be qualified or maybe if you came to know them you wouldn’t be talking to them in the first place so first and foremost on a social network on Facebook you know everything about the other person that you want to know or need to know in advance by looking at their beds they give you so much information after that it’s all about how they answer your question so Craig here we determine and Craig’s a sharp guy I mean he got it he could because you could see it right here the first thing you should ask anybody what do you do you’re meeting somebody for the first time what do you do and he picked some stuff off of his sight her sight he says I see your invite involved with bit except sorry to see that they’re shutting down I’m sitting on top of a great opportunity network marketing would love to share it with you so she writes back yes thank you Greg but I’ve not really been in bit excel for a while I’m doing ila so right now I’m focus on this but thank you I know it’s a great opportunity as everyone says the exact thing about it it is difficult to decide on all these companies all right now the easy way to control the direction of a conversation yes they asked questions and I pointed out to kragens is correct even though you’re having a live chat you’re typing she’s typing you could have asked a question but instead of asking her a question okay but if you ever want to find that advice about Isagenix let me know now what should he have done what he should have done if you if he originally says what do you do she might have come back and said well I’m I’m selling I la well are you doing it full time he doing a part time if you’re doing a part time what’s your full-time job if she’s doing it part time you know how long have you been doing ila what other experience you have in network marketing what was your first company why do you think you weren’t successful in any of those other companies tell me more about your full-time job how long have you been doing that there’s all kinds of questions that you could be asking d instead he talks about his business so she writes back hmm if you ever have you ever used attraction marketing to attract people to your business ops and he goes back no what’s that nice is Greg you know I’m teaching you attraction marketing attraction marketing revolves around one thing your picture your cover page what you post that is pure attraction marketing you don’t need a website you don’t need a blog it’s like you’re going to a party you’re putting on a nice suit you’re putting on your best dress I mean you look sharp you look hot and you put yourself out there every day in that state on your on your page and now you can connect with all kinds of people so there’s no never any reason to jam your business down somebody’s throat you have an unlimited supply of people to talk to so you want to be a little bit more selective about who you’re talking to and when you do it right when you follow it is called the maxima that connect with people communicate with them and close them that is pure raw attraction marketing so uh you know but he’s new he’s new what you see ya i use attraction marketing all the time just know what’s that and so she writes back it’s a method of building rapport with people and attract them to your business without selling them your business it takes longer but the people seem to follow you longer what do you what do you do to get leads this is the hard part of the business so you know she’s kind of setting them up all right now it’s a business of building rapport with people and attract them to your business without selling them your business it

takes longer nonsense it takes longer if you got to set up a blog if you got to drive people to a website with traffic it get takes longer if you’re relying on email broadcast to develop some kind of a relationship of credibility with these people what does he do to get leads he’s got a billion leads on facebook and what she’s doing is she’s offering him some helpful information in her own way she’s building rapport with Greg and so Greg is still he’s talking about him when he should be talking about her he says I do a lot of talking to people when the products work so well it is easy I have a group of 50 but I only signed up ten myself in three months and again where’s the question like how long have you been doing ila are you doing it full time you’re doing it part time d what’s your full-time job this this this attraction marketing thing that you’ve been doing how long have you been doing that so notice it’s not happening instantaneously in 344 hero that and you know 40 for 20 minutes later she might as well that’s good I’m learning how to make all this automated so my business will run itself and and so we had what we have here is we have two people that are promoting to each other neither one of them is listening you know I you know hey ask me about my business that is automated I am learning how to make all this automated really when did you start learning how long have you been at it how effective has it been so far how much more do you have to learn before you expect to start making any money okay so the end result is um they’re talking over each other when we sign up we got a website that does that for us but I love talking to people now I can’t tell whether she just got tired of the banter or so sorry but I have to go I’ll check with you soon or maybe he says well he’s already got a website for that so he’s not possibly going to buy what what I have to sell but the bottom line is people will talk to you if you indicate an interest in them anybody in sales can recognize just like you’re going to recognize when somebody’s trying to jam your bid their business down your throat it’s amazing how effective this can be when you stick to a few scripts and you’re making sales now facebook is adding all kinds of new features and one of them is going to be that you can now see a list of the friend request you send to other people it’s a whole new feature that they’ve added who can see so that you can go on and you can keep track of your friend request so how do you do that while you’re on Facebook slip off zip over to the little lock over here and now matter who can see my stuff hit the little arrow here scroll down to where it says review all my posts and things I’m tagged in activity log click on that now when you get over to your activity log open it up a little bit more and click on friends it’s not like they make it easy and that’s why you want me in your corner so here we now click on friends and now we can see that Max and Sarah a friend request Max & and the Pam are friends maxent am a friend request so you’ve got to list by day of the people that you send friend requests you’ve also got a list by day of the people that are now your new friends and what does that mean it means you can go over here and you can say hey you know Joni we’re friends now so I’m going to go send Joni a message but before i send Joni a message I’m going to check the message history just to make sure that we haven’t talked before and then I’m going to send her a little message hey Joanie hey it’s nice to have

you as a friend what do you do so everything is changing on here okay let’s change it and I got you covered everything says you myspace is still trying to figure out what they’re going to do I tried logging in today they said hey you got a choice you look at the classic myspace or you can look at the new myspace myspace is never going to get it back and yet the new facebook is looking more like the old myspace now let me check the question box before we talk about income generating okay could you please go through that again okay Arlene all right we go let’s let’s start it ground zero first what you do is you go over here to the little block and click on it open it up and then you click over here at the little arrow going down who can see my stuff click on that scroll down a little bit further use the activity log when you get to the video the to the log go over here on the left this is your activity log and over here on the left you’ve got posed photos likes comments and more and now we go over here we click on friends so now you can see who your friends are by day and you can see maxent Sarah a friend request maxent a me a friend request let’s take a look comments okay so here you see the comments that you made let’s look at likes you can see all the things that you like you all hear posts and comments and so you could see what you post it alright and so all of this is changing and you can count on me to help you keep it straight I mean some of you can figure all of this out through trial and error now why do that when working with literally hundreds of people a week thousands of people a month we can put all the information in your lab now there are many ways to generate income online you’re going to run into affiliate marketers who you know are out there and they’ve got their own set of beliefs and then there are people in direct sales and then there are people there in network marketing consumer direct marketing relationship marketing hybrid marketing all with the idea of generating making sales and generating residual income now you’re going to run into affiliate marketers at that promo stuff and they believe that what we have to do is we just have to promote lots of stuff and most of the time there’s nothing residual about what they do ah other thing that that will do is people will go out there and they’ll create their own products and then they’ll look for other people to promote their products and they’ll pay them a commission off of what is soul and then you got people out there who have taken the affiliate marketing model and in order to generate some residual income from it are selling things that require monthly payments and and so there are some affiliate marketers who profess that well some of our stuff doesn’t indeed generate residual income well I want you to

remember this it’s only residual as long as people keep buying it and people keep using it it’s only residual and long-term if the company stays in business or if they continue to pay you so while there are many ways to generate income when you understand the difference between these three groups when you really understand it manuia anybody anybody with common sense would pick the bottom group but some people don’t know any better now you’re talking one time sales versus residual income and in the weeks ahead we hope to educate you you know there’s a clothing store a clothing chain down here that the commercial on TV that comes to mind is one of the owners of the chain gets up there and she says an educated consumer is our best customer and so as you learn what’s happening in your business as you learn what’s happening in the industry you learn what’s happening online and you run into people who are not having success and that’s the gate there they’re trying these things and they’re not having any success the question that is why aren’t they haven’t success and would they be open to looking at working with you in something that could generate income for them tomorrow that’s right tomorrow now we don’t need a blog no we don’t need a an elaborate web site no we don’t have to invest in learning about all of this stuff now we don’t need that great education we just need to reach out to the people that we know and tell them about what we’re doing top income earners will tell you that if you want to be successful you got you must talk to five people about your business every day you can do that on facebook in an hour in a towel you want to be wildly successful you must talk to 10 people about your business every day you can do that on facebook in two hours and I would suggest a role as opposed to a towel and yes you can do it naked because you have easy access to people now it’s easy to identify who you want to talk to you because everyone has a recognizable agenda so you know in advance by looking at a person’s picture by looking at the contents of the page you know when advance whether they’re online looking for a date looking for love you know in advance whether they’re just looking to hook up with your friends or they’re open to making new friends that brings me to something that Arlene you’re going to get a kick out of this because it’s it’s um I doing a coaching session with Arlene uh I guess it was maybe a week or so ago and are lean on her husband and I were on online I was locked in her account and we looked into her other box on facebook and we see a note from laris larsen Roy back in March of 2012 by the way Arlene I heard from a few other folks that apparently Larson has been a busy boy and he I’m sure you probably have not heard from him because he’s still out there sending the same little note to women but is what he writes this was on March seventeenth 2012 oh my god this is so nice you have such a lovely picture there and you look so simple and adorable it makes me smile oh my dear you’ve made my day you look at track that I would want to know and learn more about you Larson Roy doesn’t even spell his name right and so we you know we kind of had fun with this because it’s all over Arlene’s paid that she’s married she’s got a picture of her husband so she says well you know I just ignored this kind of stuff and I pointed out that anyone with an agenda with any kind of agenda they also got financial needs the question is can they shift gears so we wrote back hi Larsen I just found my other mailbox on facebook and appreciate the compliment this course is a year later I hope by now you’ve met someone nice and I need to point out that i’m still was happily married today as I was when you wrote last year I’m up for being friends but not that way so Tommy Larson what do you do and the Arlene did he did he ever

write back to you let’s see stasha rights you mentioned how so many people what you mentioned that so many people change companies all the time now won’t they just you never heard from him again all right well that kind of confirms what the Diane wrote family she heard from nothing ventured nothing gained so let’s let’s take stashes question many people change companies all the time both it now ah you have to look at this on an individual basis the reason that many people change companies all the time in many cases that they’re picking the wrong company first and foremost you should be passionate about the product or service second second they need that you’re very my management so you get you buy into something or you know or what happens is you follow leader you know people develop relationships with people and companies and then for one reason they leave they go to another company they try to bring everybody with them set now doesn’t that history usually predict predict future behavior while they jump off of my team well first ah sure you’re in a relationship business number one number two I want you to think about this if people like the product if the product is helping them if they find it beneficial if you’re using it on a regular basis it doesn’t matter where other people go there going to stay and they’re going to continue to use the product or service people building a business if they’re happy with the company well step now you do get jumpers you get people who seem to and this becomes a pattern of behavior they sign up in a company they’ve been in the industry for a long time they got a following they they promote to all kinds of people look what I’m doing now and and when they go to a new company they meet all kinds of new people so they look when they go from company hey to Company B to bring people that they knew from the past plus people that they met in that existing company and they jump from deal to deal to you and while they might make spurts of big income the top income earners in the company know it’s all about longevity it’s all about retention that is going to ensure somebody has that long-term residual income that you’re looking for the kind of income where you can go take off for six months and you still have checks coming so you know you know that’s why sometimes when you run into people who are unhappy you need to find out what happened why did they go from deal to deal to deal now if in the in the course of repeating their history and sharing with you that their their timeline of just bad choices well you’ve been in five but you picked five losers in the past seven years what makes you think this one’s any better but you don’t want to take that position with people if people have just got started with something hey you know you don’t try to damper their enthusiasm wishing the best hope it works out bass beat be supportive and and catch them the next time around and there will be a next time around so Martha wants to know what is that other mailbox well marthy on facebook you have two mailboxes and you know Facebook Ads things but they don’t tell you so if we go over here top left to our mailbox we open up the mailbox you’re going to see that you have to you have your inbox and you have your other box now the other box is the mail that you get from people you don’t know for example Linda here send me mail I’m on your web and I can’t see the page I only hear the audio well we’re not friends we’re not friends okay we can go over here we could read

about her okay but we’re not friends and because we’re not friends Linda’s mail went to my other box now she looks like she’s a student so I can go over here to actions and I could say you know what move it to my regular inbox put it over there but most of this stuff that comes into this box is going to be garbage Vivian’s mailed to me was educated those designated spam so it was not only deleted but so is Vivian bone adventure Esau was was deleted okay Nicole here send me a message you went to my Inbox well who is Nicole uh we really don’t know very much about her him or her okay she’s a woman and we could look here and we could see what what her businesses are but the bottom line is she sent me a message it went to my inbox and this would this one last year in June so she wrote to me here’s Nadia sent me a message now this is what we’re talking about this is spam I know you don’t know me but I kind of heard of you and was wonder if you know about this already if no maybe you would like to join if yes nevermind so what is this what what is Nadia here selling now notice here that this got scrambled and if i’m not mistaken if i’m not mistaken this was the empower network so what you’re dealing with what what we’re looking at here is she didn’t get her account canceled but the link has been canceled by Facebook and and so this is your other box and so it sometimes pays to check your other box from time to time because you may hear from people that you really want to know now while I’m here I Carl a row max I got this is how fast it goes okay max I got a private message from an old friend from high school we haven’t talked in years she writes hi caller it’s been a long time I’ve been following your post on Facebook and I see you have invested in a healthy lifestyle are you in a business I see your father is something to do with it I’m just curious this is my interest I don’t know i’m a nurse and received my masters in holistic nutrition 10 years ago i had my own part time business for a short time and organic salad company I did nutritional counseling too I moved to Nashville I tried network marketing thing but it wasn’t for me at the time well let me know I’m interested to see what you’re doing for health reasons how should I reply well Carly you’re right back and you say hey um I’d write back and say hey but you know hey Jane man it’s nice to hear from you God you gotta love facebook I’d be happy to tell you all about what I’m doing I’d be happy to tell you all about but I’m curious I’m curious how long ago did you try a network marketing and what we trying to sell and what was your experience now remember she said I tried that work margin but it wasn’t for me at the time so all you need to do is find out what her experience was before what happened and now you’re in a position to show her how she can do it on the internet how she can build an international business all around the world and all she needs is a Facebook page all she needs is a linkedin page

she doesn’t need a website she doesn’t need a blog she doesn’t need any of that stuff let me go back to my mailbox okay let’s see we got it for boot camp okay Michael let’s take a look at Michaels Facebook page this is the way you do it for those of you that are in boot camp okay this is Michael’s page and again notice notice over here um I’m looking at this and we’ll wait a minute I got the old page I got the I wonder what’d happen if I accepted him as a friend if it would switch over to the news page but now for some reason I’m not seeing it in the new format I’m not seeing it like this so there that blows the theory I’m looking at it through his eyes so let’s start this this is Michael’s picture great picture let’s read about Michael it’s got a great story veteran and the only thing Michael that you need to it in addition to your work up here is the fact that you are a internet entrepreneur or an entrepreneur or a global internet entrepreneur you want to add that to your page to its chance we have to scroll all the way down here to see now what Michaels are now Michael here’s a thing don’t post I’m ready doubt five more people retire early don’t do it up here do it down here with the comment section don’t it more people will share it if you do it as a comment as opposed to posting it above the picture all right now remember what we said it’s easy to identify who to talk to because everyone has a recognizable agenda envision this you walk into a room I mean you walk into a stadium with 50,000 people saving and out of those 50,000 people you know that everybody wearing a green shirt would love to get into business with you what kind of fun with Jam imagine being able to identify in advance simply by the shirts people were wearing whether they were candidates for your business or not hey you can do that on facebook in a heartbeat we refer to these people is green Eminem’s the whole social networking world is a big candy bowl reflected in that bowl of candy and nuts you see over there on the left the contents the picture on their page tells you are they there for dating are they there to sell what is it the answers to a few questions will help you identify yes or no whether their prospects for your business and these people don’t even realize you’re asking them questions to do that how many times a day you just tip your hand in that bowl and pull out a green M&M well that’s how many times a day you could talk to somebody on facebook or lengthen it would love to be in your business how about network marketers people who are blatantly trying to sell stuff easy to spot easy to find through the blue Eminem’s in the ball customers people who would traditionally buy your product or service unhappy network marketers their company just went out of business your company just stopped paying people and then frustrated and unhappy affiliate or internet markers people who are not making any money easy access these three social networks give you the ability to easily identify perfect prospects as easy to stick in your hand in that bowl of candy they provide you with a simple means to connect with as many people as you could possibly talk to in the space of a day they permit you to talk to five or ten or more people every day that you know want need what you’re selling it it only takes an hour to and all you need is a free public profile page to make sales on a daily basis starting right now it is easy to

identify who to contact and who to avoid you’re going to find three types of people on any social network the first group the group that you really want to connect with are what I call the Igor socialize they want to stay connected with your friends and and they broadcast on your page that they’re open to meeting new people just like you Igor socialize the second type is what I call the emarketing socializer they’re all business there’s nothing personal on their page they are open to hearing from anyone because they you could be a customer and they’ve got their routine and they’ve got their system set up and and you know you ask him a personal question and they refer you to a website or they would refer you to a video and these people can be gotten to ah you got to get through history are they doing this full time are they doing it part time if they’re doing a part time what’s your full-time job most of them are doing it part time most of them aren’t making any money what is their experience with network marketing what are they selling exactly the third group well there what I call The Reluctant socialize now they only want to be connected to the people they know maybe just their family members maybe their family members and existing friends or select coworkers and yet that’s why they’re there as portion of reluctant socializers could be connected with if you have things in common if you share the same values and interests making the right connections is what it’s all about it’s easy to tell the difference I’m going to refer you to social networking law number one what you see is what you get what they see on your page is what they expect you want to talk about you know based on their pictures words websites links and friends why they’re online you know I saw this cartoon and I was thinking about all of the people that promote search engine optimization and all this technical stuff I think I finally figured out how Google is indexing algorithms work so that I can be on the top five a Google well you know what give it six months and Facebook Google is going to change those algorithms making the right connection is a three-step simple process all you need is a Facebook page it is not as complicated as people will have you believe but having direct access to over two billion people means nothing if you don’t know what to say to them after you make a connection and that’s why I’m going to give you a scripts book then we’ll have you making sales every day Howard started working with me in February of 2009 I heard him four years later now he’s got a net worth of two milk two and a half million dollars he was brand new to network marketing that when he started as only in one network marketing company was not working lots of deals he focused on one and you’re all heading down the same room okay and let’s see Martha rights what I’m doing through all my facebook message is there any way I can mark them that I have already seen them I want to coerce them out like it to do list but I don’t think I can’t actually Martha it’s really simple Facebook does it for you Facebook does it for you let me show you what I’m talking about I go to my mailbox Pamela set me and you see how it’s great here if you we look down and we look at we look at our mail anything that’s in gray hasn’t been opened Darlene sent something ok so the whole idea is ok once I open it it’s the Lord grey

so that’s one way that you can do that can I am except my mailbox from okay now this is an example Michael just said this max I just gotta like from the retired early post that i did and i got this response so you’re our take that i’m glad you like my post what are you doing these days right now I’m job on it I lost my job last man with all the court proceedings it has been difficult to find new work now that everything is over I’m hoping to get something soon how are you lost my job last May he gotta love this well you know how you know what kind of job did they have how have you been surviving financially since last mag what kind of job are you looking for you know a lot of people are turning to the internet to make extra in full time income what experience if you had with network marketing all he did was make a post and he got a great reaction and he got a great response you all heading down the same road all of you AJ sent me this I guess it was a week ago since we started working together I’ve added 5 business builders to customers the best part is that one of my business builders thanks to you has reached his first pin level in the company this is called duplication he’s also able to use your strategies in his regular business too now my training is the only thing that he’s found in all the years he’s been working on the internet that actually tells you what to say no matter who does it works and for those of you that are students look at this I forgot to mention it all six promoters who sign up on my company were formerly with the empower network so um Michael is using the unemployment script perfect okay now folks I am passionate about the industry that you’re in okay if you’re in network marketing direct sales hybrid marketing consumer direct marketing multi-level marketing there when you understand three simple things there is absolutely no reason why you can’t be successful in your business the only thing that you need to be successful in your business is people to talk to about the business but not just anybody qualified able people who has large spheres of influence so feel free to join me during my daily webinars at max longer come forward there’s webinars feel free to watch these live on youtube at youtube com free leads we’re going to be calling it the free leads channel or maxthon Bart’s free leads channel we’re here to help there are three steps to achieving success faster at anything you do it’s just a matter of how fast you want to go it’s just like learning how to ski or learning how to play golf or learning how to play tennis number one get mentor get a teacher someone who has already achieved the results you want find out the exact steps you need to take and take action now I can help anyone Master Facebook and for that matter every other social network in the fastest amount of time you don’t need a blog you don’t need a website your Facebook page is your blog you make a post people react people respond it’s easy to build a list of friends on Facebook untechnical there are many reasons why I’m so well respected in the industry and I’ve been endorsed by so many companies leaders and successful entrepreneurs over the past 18 years lots of reasons the one thing one reason is that what I teach is easy to implement and duplicates immediately if you’re not having the results you want the reasons are obvious at least they’re obvious to me and they will soon be obvious to you they’re easy to identify and they are simple to fix it’s either the contents of your page

the people that you’re reaching out to contact the people you’re actually talking to or it could be the way you talk to people and once we point out how to correct your deficiencies you’re off and running so there are four ways to social media success by Enis release program the video course boot camp will you work with me live personal coaching and we also are scheduling another retreat just a matter of how fast you want to go so you’ve got max on your calm forward slash free leads this is my basic training program it includes the social networking scripts book which will give you specific scripts on what to say to specific types of people you can register for my upcoming boot camp but a max longer come forward to his boot camp it begins April the second eight sessions over three weeks plus 36 hours of live daily support register today we’ll get started right away during boot camp I’ll answer your questions critique your pages help you personalize your searches so that you’re talking to the right people and will help you make five sales finally the retreat a two-day live training followed by six months of support our goal is to help everybody understand the top income earner secrets we call it six months to six figures if you do the work the results will come now in the past people have paid five thousand dollars to participate it was usually a thousand dollars down four thousand dollars due on the honor system after you earned a hundred thousand dollars we’ve just opened this one up registered today take the to payment option and I’ll cancel the second payment you’ll hear from top income earners million-dollar producers who collectively have helped over 300 people become million dollar of income earners in their business personal coaching for those of you that want to move through the process even quicker I always tell people that are now with me in personal coaching is like going through a whole boot camp and finally for those of you that are existing students we are coming out with at the end of the month my new endless real eat six point 0 program make sure you get it get it early go to max languor calm forward 6 upgrade get it at the early pre-launch price okay now stasha says will you be posting this specific training on your YouTube freely channel I would love to watch it through again and the great info today as always I learned something each and every time but I can be on your wrist max trains and stasha yes we will definitely be posting this one I mean this one we had great questions and thanks to mark we were able to show what the new facebook page is going to look like so yeah we will be posting this one so folks these are your options maxluger.com forward slash free leads get it it’s the home study video course you want to work with me live and in person go to maxluger.com forces boot camp now we just send out an email for those of you that are on my mailing list we send out a special combination package with a significant discount so check your mail their retreat work with me over the next six months and i’ll help you make six figures in your business if you do the work coaching and upgrade the new seven point 0 anybody else have any questions all right i will be back for another session until then remember the only thing standing between you and being successful in your business is having a live prospect who is seriously qualified to get into your business and finding those people on a social network is as easy as sticking your hand in a candy bowl and pulling out the green M&Ms and you can do it as many times a day as you want join the tens of thousands of successful Network who are following my program make sales prosper grow your business until next time best of luck and building your business and God bless