go effect did y’all hear me at home in the back free shipping Saturday Chris prime was doing the echo that’s a good friend right there that’s fantastic Theresa did it too upstairs but we have so much happening it is six weeks until Christmas I know Thanksgiving is right around the corner if you see any items in the show today in the kitchen with Mary that you want to make sure you have in time for the Thanksgiving holiday I don’t know maybe like this first one I would order them today you’ve got them on free shipping and we’re gonna talk to about some great pieces nope we do the holiday but first we’ve got to clean that up before company arrives it’s the clean spin 360 it’s in the show today gonna be part of our clean that up segment it’s a microfiber spin mop and bucket system with wheels now these little microfiber fingers we know cleans up beautifully but the bucket now has wheels it’s a 2 gallon size got a little bit bigger and the handle locks in place city you can spin out all the dirty water so that you don’t ever have to bend and do it yourself but that is still to come it’s on free shipping and four easy payments of $6.45 free shipping day but I was saying say it one more time but we also have a great item from cooks essentials I finally if you watch this program you’ve heard me talking about I really need a buffet server I wish I had a buffet server Oh for crying out loud Mary just order it and I did got up early this morning and I ordered the cooks essentials 3 tray buffet server and warming tray take a look isn’t it beautiful you get all three of the little containers on the top so those are two and a half quart and nesting serving trays but then take a look you can use the warming plate on its own if you want to or you can take out the little nesters and use that beautiful stainless steel large vessel underneath on its own it is a clearance price of 58 97 it’s on free shipping and handling and it’s on 6 payments of 1983 that is 8 pounds of stainless steel on free free shipping and handling so that’s pretty awesome stick around we have lots more to come including the DeLonghi this is the multi fry air fryer and multi cooker so if you haven’t tried air frying yet this is a great way to get it started but it’s also a multi cooker it’s also a roaster it’s also a convection oven it also looks like something straight out of George Lucas’s imagination but you can also make bread in there it’s on free shipping and handling at 62 payments $25 our price is $78 less than what you’re going to find it for out at retail so the beautiful cart that you see me reliving my flight attendant days this beautiful part right here let me tell you something it’s on a clearance price today clearance price is $69 less guess what else a couple days ago the shipping and handling on here was about $26 it is now free so you are saving a huge amount it’s on six easy payments of 1166 it is storage it’s a beautiful way to display and you can do your own flight attendant service at home if you want to I highly recommend it you get rid of a lot of snacks that way so if you need room in your freezer roll this around but you could chat with us on Facebook so head on over to Facebook welcome back in original famous arm it’s good to see you again but if you want to chat with us go right to facebook.com look for married Angeles TV C you can chat with other viewers and you can leave questions because I keep the chat right in the pocket and I check in with you throughout the show but good to see your arm again sir but another way you can join the party you can call us did you know that so here’s how it works we have a segment on the show called in your kitchen with Mary and we join you at home via Skype the only thing we need to know is if you’re interested so send us an email to IT kwm at QVC comm and then we will include you in on our list of folks that are waiting to talk to us on skype but you can be a part of that in future shows I also want to remind you the cue card you want to shop with us use your cute garden if you don’t have a cue card yet sign up and you could get a $40 statement credit if you sign up today and make a purchase so Wow huge opportunity if you’ve never shopped with us before come on over here with me and I’ll tell you something you can also if you’re shopping with us for the first time make your first purchase with us use the promo code ten for you and you get $10 off of your first order like lock and lock should you choose because Chris prime is a

lovely person should we love our time with Chris um so keep in mind we have a couple of lock and lock items in the show yeah if you use that ten for you you get $10 off your very first order with us here at QVC this is a customer top-rated lock and lock pie carrier with a handle yeah it is a featured price of $16 free shipping and well over 45,000 of this carrier have been sold why do you think that is Chris prime this is the time of year right we’re going over the river and through the woods because we got to take things as we go and it’s so much easier to take something with a handle yes we are calling this a pie carrier but guess what it’s about 24 cups so you can put anything you want here if you are taking twenty four cups of something your dinner rolls or if you have to take the crew today or if you’re taking the shrimp right right you can take anything you want in here we call it that but this is a really versatile piece you can take whatever you want in here that you know it’s gonna be easier to carry with a handle that’s how big it is it’s huge look at this I mean okay your heads in that huge Mary but no laughing I’ll see you I know that’s how I was gonna take it there I joke all the time about the size of my head I’m sorry if you’re trying to have a little sip of beverage that is a nod hopefully it didn’t spew out but look how big this is it’s just saying we have seven color choices I know I had two more on the table but I had to take him away because they already sold out oh wow I know cuz I thought we went over the colors before we started but I guess they called them before we started cuz they’re shopping the show early well free shipping and lock and locks sign me up so I know this is the beautiful copper and the handle matches the lid okay yeah there’s that gorgeous copper if you love the copper chef and you want to match it up this is the way to do it and then who else do we have so now we have cinnamon and you can see the colors on the body and then the handle so cinnamon I put the cinnamon in the red right next to each other so you can see the difference so cinnamon cinamon we have fewer than 100 remaining okay all right goodness Wow then the red then the black and you can see how pretty the red is then the black and then I’ll just put the handle down and I’ll show you on top then the crystal blue then the clear and then the plum plum is very popular already now sixteen dollars free shipping and handling is gone at the end of the day for the price that you might spend for a bottle of wine for the host or hostess where you’re going give them this lock and lock container because then they can use it year-round but I have to remind everybody this is the final quantity of the year yes it is still easy to open and close one-handed it still has that food grade silicone seal all the way around oh I know I’m getting the glare there all the way around it to make it airtight and watertight but what makes this pie carrier so great and I’ll show you with the pie too because it’ll hold it up for up to a 10 inch pie what we did with this you don’t have to use it you can use it without it but we gave you this little insert so when you are going somewhere with your pie you take your pie right out the little insert folds flat you can serve and then put it back in but if you do not want to use the insert like I said it’s a big huge lock and lock container so this is an 8 inch pie you can see how high that is lemon meringue so you what this has got like a six inch domed lid with it so you can do your high lemon range you can do your chocolate creams your banana creams your coconut creams pumpkin if you’re making a pumpkin with a whole bunch of cream on top you can do that no worries at all about it being squished when you get there so this is an 8 inch pie it will hold up to a 10 inch pie you can get a little bit bigger like I do I have some odd size pie plates with a little lips looking good you know around so I don’t use this insert I just stick it inside I’m sure yeah yeah so view up to a 10 inch on this and then a little bit bigger if you don’t use the little inserts if I may to and check this out when you lift the pie out if you want it to be a little elevated yes yes this is like a little little pretty cake pedestal you can yes you can that’s gorgeous yes that’s why I love our lock and lock the free shipping and handling here is gone at the end of the day so this is the day to pick up more than one I know we love I know I have my list for free shipping and you should have seen when we were meeting before the show chatting with all our friends were in the kitchen with Mary we were all saying it’s shopping day yes oh look that my grandma’s fits in there too and this and well this is a regular bundt cake case is a 10 inch one and I just wanted to show you that because so many of you have been calling in and asking will this fit a bundt cake so yes it will fit a bundt cake and let me put the lid on if you could shoot it from the side you can see with the domed lid it doesn’t matter even if you put the frostings or something on your bundt cake do you see how much more room you have in there it’s pretty awesome

yes it will fit a bundt cake it will fit the pies it will fit cupcakes like I said if you want to do like a crudite in there with your round rye bread in there put all the vegetables around there you can do that so you can customize this however you want if you know you’re going somewhere like a friend of mine they always have to bring the turkey and the ham for Thanksgiving or but they don’t bring on the bone right they cut it all off so they use these put it in there put a little juice on the bottom and then they just heat it up in the microwave for a couple minutes before they go so that they don’t have to transport the carpet right yes Marco they use one for the turkey and one for the ham all caught up so it’s about 5 inches in depth so you’re getting a great height there but then the dome is right to give you even more I’d say you could get a good 7 inches of depth there yeah yes so you can do a mile mile mile high and then across it it measures 12 and three-quarter inches in diameter right so just to give you the dimensions kind of helps decide if you do want to pick up more than one but then the colors also helps us decide so pick up a color for you and then pick up a couple colors maybe as a gift if you’re able of course I’m holding the copper mm-hmm and then right next door is that beautiful cinnamon yeah there are three dozen remaining in that cinnamon they’re going fast good okay the next order is March or April final call for 2018 yeah so if you wanted for your holidays this year so cinnamon plum then we’re going to red clear and then over here we have black crystal blue you know that song two tickets to paradise yes I keep singing free shipping and handling in my head to the tune of that song that’s free shipping it I won’t do it because we didn’t pay for the licensing on that song and you shouldn’t your ears shouldn’t be beating up like that but just sing it along with me free shipping and handling on this one goes away at the end of the day now see it catches on yeah did you see it yeah but it does go it away at the end of the day today final quantity for 2018 500 have now been picked up in the today you’re busy today free shipping on a customer top-rated item sign me up Chris prime will you come back with us my friend and I’ve been oh my gosh six flavors of buttercream all right no if only they were a little slightly frozen then I would know my glory because that’s how I know that’s her Jim Lynn is on our Facebook page saying she loves her son lock and lock and I am with you my friend I just ordered the next set that’s coming up from lock and lock in the show I ordered a set this morning because I love the twist I love the twist that will talk more about that still the comedy kitchen hacks this month we’re talking about different shortcuts and we are talking all month long about something called friendsgiving some people really love it some people say I don’t get it but here on in the kitchen with Mary we are all a family together so join on facebook after the show i’m going to be sharing some tips on not only what it means but maybe some shortcuts to help make the holiday a little bit easier so on Facebook immediately following the show we will have our after-show it’s just a few minutes on where we get to spend some time talking but stick around more in the kitchen with Mary to come remember ten for you if this is your first time shopping with DBC you can use the promotional code ten for you on your very first order and take $10 off like that on your first order so still more to come free shipping day and Ralph Mallory no weeks to Christmas Ralph whoa crazy um Ralph is a former restaurant owner he is a an amazing personal chef but he also is here to talk to us about Kansas City steaks and this offer is extraordinary I love your quote on this this is the economic mini filet I’m using hashtag Ralph’s course by the way but this is the Kansas City State company’s twenty eight count two ounce beef tenderloin medallions you can see them all in front of me right here but this size this two ounce size means that you’re getting versatility it also means that you’re getting three and a half pounds of Kansas City State greatness on free shipping and handling and five busy payments of 1638 but Ralph please if somebody hasn’t checked in with Kansas City steaks in a while what is it about Kansas City steaks that makes us just know that its quality of daily so what makes a good steak is flavor and taste has to taste good right so what makes kids a city so special is that number one premier stockyards in Kansas City that’s where it all starts then we take it a step further corn-fed versus grass-fed what does that mean it promotes fat content fat equals flavor right then we take it another

step and we age these per 28 days and that’s gonna give you more tenderness and more robust flavor right so today we’re talking about filet and why is filet so special that’s the question why is place so special is because it’s the most tender cut of meat out there that’s it okay so that’s what you need to know about filet and what you need to better know Kansas City tastehh it’s restaurant quality it tastes better than any meat you’ll ever have okay you’ve got my mouth water okay practically falling on the floor but take a look you know what else I see in that shot that we just showed what’s up no waste there are no waste every single bit of what you’re getting is plate worthy so wait let me say yeah it just melts yeah it just melts this is so good and a two-out sighs talk to us about this is filet what where is this cut from sure so when we take a filet and again why is filet so expensive is because there’s not a lot of it to go around in the cattle so the Tenderloin is this big that’s it right here those big center cut fillets that you pay a million dollars for right next door the next-door neighbor is the filet medallions still filet still Flay still flecked okay it’s just 2 ounces you can grab one you could grab two can grab as many as you want that’s what’s so great about this product is it really a kind of company shrimp or it could be a main course by itself got it got it got it so let me ask you this I saw when I was doing my homework it’s 3 and 1/2 pounds but I know that it’s packed for per vacuum sealed package so that’s really great for serving and easy for storing but you have some ideas on the table of menu what to do that’s our 2 ounce fillets I love all these so I you know I talked about restaurant quality so if you went to a restaurant you had a steak salad right what do you think they use on top of that steaks out they use a really nice smaller cut a fillet for that fillet salad and I’m just finishing it with some blue cheese okay over here we’re gonna do like an appetizer we’re gonna put it over some spinach and a little bit of reduced balsamic look at that come on so for the holidays people come over grab a filet before you know you’re waiting for that big turkey or prime rib Hey once you scrub a 2 ounce filet chill out and have a little balsamic that’s beautiful or kabobs that with the mushrooms and the peppers what is that a little wild right a little while right let’s just go crazy put a little politics look at that but right here is where my heart lives yeah so mashed potatoes green beans that’s your main course and again you know if you’re by yourself this is what comes you get a packet of this they come for two a pack okay so let’s say you’re by yourself is this for this is for believe it or not so if you’re by yourself people are thinking what do I do with all that meat well you defrost these it takes no longer than 40 minutes in just normal water okay maybe take a couple out today right and then maybe tomorrow for lunch have a steak salad oh I’d cook them all up I mean we have air fryers we can cook them up in the air for if you don’t have one we have a DeLonghi still to come but come on down here to the end of the table so I can show you exactly what you’re getting you are getting twenty eight two ounce beef tenderloin medallions now guess what we have auto-delivery available you can keep a great thing coming every 90 days for one year you get to lock in that great price but you also lock in the easy pay you can cancel it at any time very simple to manage on qvc.com but we always recommend auto delivery when we have it but we don’t always have it and today we do so it’s that’s m58 7:04 to pick it up on auto delivery but what you’re also getting is free shipping and handling which is awesome and you’re getting five easy payments of $16 and 38 cents so each one of these filets I did math goes for you two dollars and ninety two seconds that’s ridiculous that’s absolutely absurd it’s filet I’m from Kansas City right this is restaurant quad this is what you give someone for a gift I want this as a gift this is what I want okay well I’ll write that down so can we can we show something here so this is one of our two ounce fillets it’s a little bit plumper and I have here next to it a little bit thinner so I want to make a point that even at medium this is medium medium-well look how juicy that is why because that corn-fed Kansas City stately that it still got a lot of pop in it that’s crazy so good so even it isn’t eating though yeah I’ll serve you no you don’t have to I’m not getting any working and then you go over here to take a look at that a big one that’s a perfect medium-rare how I like it cooked right there you want to slice to this I do a little bit maybe a little that’s how good a friend’s Ralph and I are at this point is he can pick up all the subtle and the not subtle hints American eat when you eat this can you just tell me the first thing that come to your mind I feel like if I was being served this at a friend’s house mmm

I would think that they spent too much that they went to too much trouble that they drove to a butcher way out of town because every single bit of what I’m eating is amazing there’s no waste you don’t have to trim it it shows up ready to cook and serve this also to me because I now have been in the kitchen and food world for a number of years this tastes like heritage to me you can’t just come around the corner and figure this out in an afternoon how long is Kansas City steaks been around 1932 exactly we kind of know what we’re doing mm-hmm and it shows in every single bite mmm that is so so good we get the seasoning packet with it yeah yeah which by the way is fantastic not only for the steak but for fish for chicken it’s a blend of salt pepper garlic and it’s just it’s really nice and it makes the meat pop okay easy pay here’s gone at the end of the day eighty one dollars ninety two cents is the featured price free shipping and auto delivery is available every 90 days for one year Ralph’s calorie well thank you my friend I want to take all of that and shove it into Locker number 32 dirty – thank you my friend it’s free shipping Saturday and we’re showing your photos from temptations because we welcome all temptation East is here and this oh my gosh this is from Melissa I love this pan this pan is absolutely beautiful I love it in harvest – and then next we have a picture from Michelle oh oh that was a large gasp beautiful Santa tray yeah that was last year’s oh my yes there are three years now and then here is our last one from Marissa or Marissa Oh mom this is the Baker with the handles she looks like she made some beautiful oh and I like that she just has the fork standing by yeah some that’s my kind of kitchen butter must be a little out of the picture slightly off camera right oh thank you all for sharing use the hashtag i TK WM also have to say feel free to share photos of the veterans in your family because tomorrow’s Veterans Day every year I take your photos that you share with me on my page or that you use the hashtag ID to kwm and I make a video that I then post to my Facebook page so share your veteran photos and let me honor them on my Facebook page please yeah Lisa looks like there it is so good we were just talking about of course Lisa is from the temptations team um she is the vice president of merchandising and broadcasting for The Temptations family but you and I were just talking about how this is such a limited edition piece now you all have been doing this for three years rare sand this is never coming back again never and you know what you wait all year long and it’s here it’s only seven days old it’s like a little baby if you will not even crying truly a collectible again not only do you wait for it all year long but we will never never be making this ice in the shape again which is so amazing that’s what makes it so collectible so it is our beautiful Christmas pattern we have three different choices for you Janice starts with that 18 inch oversized platter what I love about it is look how gorgeous all the detail is you see behind it is the old-world pattern of festive Fetty that beautiful red and green look at the gorgeous rope trim all along that 18 inch oversized platter well design all you need to do is to pick your favorite whimsy scene if you will so sweet I’m in love with this one oh this is honestly my favorite so let’s talk about this the gorgeous stove right there you see all of the old-world accents the backsplash the oven doors then I want to point out the four wimzie characters so at the very top is the gingerbread man eating the cookies of course because what else would he be doing but stealing cookies right down here look at the adorable little penguin right he is stirring the pot I love this like these ones should stir the pot you want to talk about a there’s an immediate ill life this one does this snowman trying to open up the oven door when we only know he’s going to melt when he does that is ceci hysterically he’s a gutsy snowman over there by the way inside of there in a floral lace dish is a pie and then when we come over here we have Santa who’s running the whole scenario so cute I just found out that we started with 15,000 of these yeah and in the oven choice this one is oven yes 200 remaining that’s it that’s it this is stoneware on free shipping and handling but I digress because we have two more to see yeah remember you’re getting the platter the box and the stand so you can display it at home I’m Laurie I said I would die Gress and then I did and I love is over here we have the fireplace scene so we’ll start at the top with a beautiful clock it’s almost midnight Santa’s getting ready to rock and roll because if you got to start working right beautiful little Christmas tree and then come down to the

old world and the floral a stockings right here we see the beautiful lit fireplace and then all those characters again the gingerbread the penguin the Snowman and of course Santa eating cookies of course it’s just spectacular and another gutsy snowman another gutsy snowman a very close eye and then our third choice over here is one of our most favorite choices and this is our sleigh and tree look how beautiful it is with the beautiful Christmas tree that matches the cookie jar that we have this year so if you have the cookie jar that’s just perfect by the way there’s the penguin on the filled mailbox you have I love at the sleigh filled with the old world and the floral lace gifts and are you noticing this stand not only I just look like oh that really quick yeah you get the stand a so you get this gorgeous wood stand so they this is meant to be displayed Mary and you get the gift box the gift box is perfect if your gift-giving but because this is a collectible and we will never do this again this keeps it safe keeping when you need to put it away it’s all $33 when the comparable retail price is 49 so you’re actually saving $16 to but it’s also on free shipping and handling no reorder is possible that free shipping is gone at the end of the day and if you are brand-new to the cue card family if you apply for one and you are approved and you make a purchase on your cue card during the show and today and I think another day you have but anyway you have to make a purchase with the card immediately in the future you get a $40 statement credit to use on a future QVC purchase so now that $33 if you’re gonna budget over a period of months you just made $7 by shopping it come say hello amazing so just wanted to call that out again my dear um yes please yes please so if you’re thinking yes she needs platter I’m not exactly sure well it will hold up to a 25 pound turkey but this is a gigantic by the way gluten free apple tart we want to make sure that you can taste it because not only this platter platter collectible but it is functional as well therefore you know what there is I was gonna say I’m I’m not fussy I was just and this one but this is the platter that you could find at retail this is the one that we found for $49 I mean functional but it’s it just doesn’t make a statement it just doesn’t you know give you that same feeling that our others do and so that’s the one that we’re putting away and that we are married look at this are you kidding so a platter this beautiful that can sit on display throughout your holiday season yet it’s functional because you can now bake in the oven up to 500 degrees you can put this in the dishwasher to wash it so it makes a beautiful presentation whether you leave it out or whether it’s filled with your favorite dessert and that is a gluten-free crust just so you know it went right in there – it looks so I’m having so much don’t human oles for me can somebody can somebody come host for a second well okay I’ll take it with me Teresa’s got it all the different ideas from the turkey right over here up to 25 pounds this is actually a 17 pound turkey right here where there are a Kuchar Montand veggies all around it if you picked up our cook you’re Mary look how gorgeous this would be just literally put some sugar on the bottom some little peppermints and then the cookie jar right on top I mean there is just so much fun about all of these things that we have my temptations oh my gosh you need to get into this tart immediately I do i yes you do I’m taking it with me we have an update in all of our choices we started the month with 15,000 at the oven we have fewer than 100 remaining we really do oh my really do this is very limited edition and we are not doing it again ever now moving on over to fireplace yes we have 1800 remaining okay we’re in 58 million homes yes just calling that out and free shipping and handling and just a few more so Kimberly says I have all three of these and they are so beautiful in our Facebook live stream right now Jeannette says this is a beautiful platter 18 inches long it’s about an inch high so you do have a little bit of depth there to catch if you’re using this as your turkey platter to easy payments of 1650 free shipping and handling this is new and we’re never able to do it again and take a look at that presentation gorgeous Mary Lisa yeah this is really a showstopper it’s a conversation piece on your tip ladder the wooden stand and the gift box just making that very clear as we wrap up $33 enjoy will you please come back yes yes once I ate the gluten tart I’ll be back oh my gosh a phenomenal can we throw this plate in my studio bag that’d be

great I’m gonna hold this for you you use this tonight I see you soon I see some stick around we have more in the kitchen with Mary to come but you know what company is coming the holidays are some of them are four weeks away some of them are six weeks away no matter what you celebrate we’ve got to clean that up and we’re gonna go show you a great tool tool to do just that right now what makes holiday shopping even easier free shipping shop on air online or on the QVC apps for your chance to get free standard shipping on everything don’t miss out it’s free shipping Saturday all day today until 11:59 p.m Eastern on QVC there’s even more to love with the cue card open a new cue card and make a purchase by November 11th and we’ll treat you to a $40 QVC account credit for more details go to qvc.com slash cue card what’s a better way to shop this holiday than with easy pay get ready to turn your house into a winter wonderland with holiday decorating with antonella Christmas shop with jane brown and the joy of christmas with pat shop christmas decor for you and yours during holiday headquarters starting tuesday at noon on QVC to well it’s time for clean that up with Mary and if we have been friends for many years or whether we’re just meeting you know I am a little bit clumsy in the kitchen and so company’s coming we’ve got to clean that up and Diana Irvine is here to help us do something explosive happened but you know what we’ve all had those messes whether it’s a little one whether it’s a large unicorn made a mess on the floor um this is how you can clean it up easily efficiently and you can wash the mop head because it’s microfiber this is the clean spin 360 microfiber spin mop and bucket system with wheels on free shipping and handling and four easy payments of 643 but there are some updates here are if there was ever a day to get a mop this would be it it’s a mess going on here but the neat thing is that with the clean spring spin 360 not only are you getting a extra-large bucket the largest bucket that we’ve ever offered it’s a washer and a dryer in one its spins 360 I’ll show you that it’s a thirsty microfiber mop head that you can take off and reuse over and over you can put it in the washing machine if you wish you don’t need to use chemicals and you might have seen me pushing this in but not lifting the bucket right because it’s on wheels and awesome colors with a little Florentine vine design just address that I know okay so I love this rainbow of colors behind us we’ve got the red we have the orange then we’ve got the green right next to it then we have blue and then we have purple so super super fun five colors and four easy payments of dollars buy shopping with us today but this is the three five nine six zero I’m sorry that I made such a colossal mess in here you know that’s what friends are for I mean some people will tell you that you have a hair on your chin and others will come over and mop up your floor yes right Retta Bowl level of it works so easily the bucket is awesome so I’m spinning it out here I just dip it into the water and then instantly you’re gonna lock it in place hey you’re going to tip it at an angle it’s on a hinge and then you’re gonna go to town absorbing the mess and what you’re gonna find is these hundreds of thousands of thirsty thirsty fingers are absorbing this unicorn mess that we made and then down here where Mary was going crazy with the marker I’m cleaning up the mess if you’ve got pets if you’ve got kids if company is coming and you realize it’s been a while since your kitchen floor on your four-year and your bathrooms were clean you can just continuously clean with this week we could just do bucket of water and Mary is having a heyday with messes now the neat thing is that this is vinyl so you can use it on tile

and hard floor and when you want to wash it out you put it into the bucket so this is the washer side lift it up would you like to give it a spin I do and then go ahead and pump down and spin it out oh that’s fun okay so faster you go the more it rings out do you have any tips for us when we get at home is there something that needs to be unlocked and locked because I think that’s important so what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna just snap on your microfiber head that works like this you’re going to it will it will be off them up maybe it’ll come off them up it’ll be off them up when it comes home okay like this and then what you’re gonna do is gonna take this and you’re gonna snap it on and it just snaps on really easily it’s a little ring okay okay so now you’ll notice there’s a hinge on the mop you want to be in this position when you’re mopping but you want to be straight up and down as you’re going into the bucket that’s important then there’s a lock here just unlock it because that’s how you pump it when you’re in the bucket when you use it lock it up and that’s it there’s nothing else to do besides that okay so I have spun okay let’s show I want to show everybody in the back too we have red we have orange orange is most limited at this point we have the green green is most popular I love green it is a pretty green too and then typically of the blue and we also have the purple so free shipping and handling but that free shipping and handling you my card will not be coming if you order the blue just but that free shipping and handling does go away at the end of the day today so it’s $25 72 cents you’re saving nearly $11 so once I take it out of the bucket I have to lock it in place so lock it in place then you’re gonna tip it in an angle and look at this she dropped her chocolate cookie and there is chocolate frosting all over this floor so you’re gonna scrub it and the nice thing is that those fingers get right into the grooves of your flooring so if you’ve got tile Decker out it will absorb it keep going there’s paint and marker and doodle and so there’s spend over here there’s those long fingers that absorb and then there’s the small fingers that scrub hundreds of thousands of thirsty fingers you’re doing an awesome job it’s makes it so easy and then don’t forget that if you let’s say you’re gonna clean up a mess that was there let’s see if we can get this up if you can get this sticky stuff that is inappropriate even at the truth and but you know we all have those things the other neat thing is that microfiber so it has electric static so you can also dry dust if you’ve got you know I have my friend as a golden retriever that’s forever shedding so look at how clean it is now she didn’t use any chemicals she absorbed all of that mess and I’ve gotten all of that mess and I’m gonna use it straight first oh thank you yes can I use my foot yes please do okay make sure it’s straight right down into the water okay and on the little knob there now go up and down perfect okay that’s way too much fun okay now go and do your interior okay it doesn’t take a lot of pushing or pull it at all you know its balance so yep you can give this the business and it’s not gonna tip the bucket over you got it and then two gallon bucket uses a two gallon bucket it’s the biggest bucket that we’ve ever offered you can see how the water stays nice and contained in the bucket and then if you want to you can take the mop head off and you can put it in the washer and then let it air dry now you saw us do thin liquids you saw actually she was cleaning up some it really was cake frosting but it could be anything yeah but here we have all kinds of other things that happen at home so whether it be a spill maybe the dishwasher leaked maybe god forbid the washing machine leaked and you need to have a mop that’s highly absorbent and going to pick up the mess this is going to be your go-to if you’ve got kids like I do things just happen here we have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich they got dropped face-first I bet you Scott you never had this heaven before right where the kid dropped the peanut butter and jelly sandwich face first on the floor it always lands up the big pieces and scrub the others or these pouches you know the pouch is how do you clean that up you get out your mom and mary is is dumping her ice cream sundae I be your toddler for the day she’s being my toddler but what’s nice is that it’s not really any kind of tragedy here you’re just gonna use your spin mop you’re going to clean it up and then if you wanted to go over with a chemical or some kind of a floor cleaner after look this this is thick liquid and this mop is so thirsty it’s going to pick look at this sundae she’s dropping feels it’s hard feels so wrong but so fun all at the same time so effective too isn’t it I mean there’s a reason why everybody loves a spin mop you don’t touch a disgusting mop it’s easy to clean and then now I clean up that really nasty mess and I’m gonna put it in my bucket and I’m gonna wash it and dry it in my bucket and then keep going until I want to throw that mop head into the washer

for a really really good cleaning now let it air dry the well over 400 of now in order we have five colors it’s real easy red orange green blue or purple but that free shipping and handling is gone at the end of the day I made more of a mess over here because Dianna has had to do too much cleaning and not enough painting so I just wanted to show you I rinsed it out I spun it dry and now my technique really is let the microfiber absorb the big puddles yes so I’m gonna do a little absorption and then rub away just keep going looks the little microfiber fingers get right into the grout that’s a lot of milk hey don’t cry over spilled milk your spin mop will save the day and what’s nice is look she’s absorbing it now the fingers are gonna go into the to the grout area a little bit right here so awesome and now let’s see what the map looks like underneath she’s my mopping project manager take a look mopping 101 here heard of that everything is in that mop head now you can spell clean in your dinner all right wait let me stand then when it’s time to give it a nice cleaning throw it in your washer let it air dry and you’re good see Oh Mary you can make my cleaning team any day 32-hundred have now been ordered 500 Justin in the kitchen with Mary so take a look we’ve got red we’ve got orange we’ve got green so there’s red orange you pretty or just most limited then we have the green then we have blue I’m standing I’m standing directly in front of the purple blue is most popular but for easy payments at 6:43 free shipping and handling that free shipping handling does go away at the end of the day but also if you want to pick up more microfiber heads you absolutely can they’re available v three five six five zero to set it to mop heads for $13 they are also on free shipping and handling but it’s a two gallon bucket with little drain spouts at the bottom so you don’t have to worry about picking it up and dumping all that out in your sink or tub there are only 400 remaining of that set of two mop heads – just to put a little bug in your ear about not waiting to pick those up Diana thank you Mary that was so much fun okay could be a call fairy so we are talking about the holidays on the show today and we have a buffet server coming up next where you could it’s three different cooking vessels or warming vessels I should say and we also have a tray so much to show you just come with me we’ll show you we come back from the break we’re getting all ready for Thanksgiving coming up next my good friend don’t miss the good times go shoe shopping with Pats Sunday at 11:00 a.m Eastern on QVC too it’s all about having simple seasonal solutions for your bustling holidays your home with Jill holiday edition Monday at 10:00 p.m. Eastern on QVC too what’s a better way to shop this holiday than with easy pay get ready to turn your house into a winter wonderland with holiday decorating with antonella Christmas shop with Jane Braun and the joy of Christmas with Pat shop Christmas decor for you and yours during holiday headquarters starting Tuesday at noon on QVC to welcome back in to in the kitchen with Mary it is free shipping day I think it’s freezing I was like that too chilly today it’s freeze shipping outside breathe inside it’s free shipping here QV c QV c – and beauty IQ I Blu GTI Mary good to see you love seeing you on Saturday and this is from cooks essentials blue-jean chef she has educated so many of us and I’ve had questions for her and actually showed up at her house whole story about food some of them yeah not all but this is a three tray buffet server and warming tray I cannot tell you enough about the value of this piece it was $79 on a QVC price now it’s a clearance price of 58 97 it’s on six easy payments of less than $10 and it’s on free shipping and handling this is 8 pounds of stainless steel on free shipping and here it doesn’t get better than that there’s no 7 K and there’s no free shipping and handling we can’t no I can’t this is the best sale possible and you know it were coming up to a very important holiday in my opinion the most important holiday of the year agreed the food holiday and this is the time and we have people come over and that kind of kicks off this whole season when people

are coming over and over and over so it’s great to be able to if getting the number one concern people have when they reach out to me is a hot timing and how to keep all the food hot yeah right well here’s a way to do it because this warming tray comes with several different components so you’re able to configure it the way you want to configure it and now you can have people come and get the stuffing the vegetables the potatoes as they want to so you see the turkeys down there they can go ahead and carve a turkey they can serve up a little bit you just goes wherever you want like to do a little juggling this portion of the show you take the lids away from the your guests and don’t let them touch them and here you go so then they can have some stuffing some potatoes you can have some vegetables and those lids have of course a little spoon slots so they can go ahead I know you love the Brussels sprouts I know yeah big ole one for you right yeah that’s a large what I called a cruciferous cruciferous smallest member of the cruciferous family but there you go now you see you’ve got the little holes there for the spoon handles people can keep all their food warm and that’s just one way you can configure it right it comes with a large tray on the bottom here you can see I’m picking that up and then three smaller trays that go inside or you can use it just like this and this is something that not everybody survived there offers to you and that is a food safe that’s a bit more food safe surface that you can put food directly on a lot of food rumors say you must use the pan or you must use a tray on top of this this one you can actually put the food right onto the tray so and you can even hear it sizzling a little bit handle a bit so that’s great so we’re keeping our food and nice and warm you can see the little bit of a sizzle down there but people can come along it’s not going to cook your food no it’s just going to keep it warm but that’s a really nice way to I mean these kind of soar d’oeuvres they get cold in a second part right so here when you can put something like that out and keep it nice and warm for people that’s perfect you know the cord on it is about 25 inches long so just a little more than two feet but each one of the little vessels the little cooking nope little warming vessels up top those are two and a half quarts in size correct right so take a look right down here in front if you look in the front this is everything you’re getting so you get the three individual pieces here with their lids and those fit into the larger piece that’s sitting over at the other end with the buffet server now that piece what you end up doing is putting hot water in there when you put hot water in the large piece and I’ll lift this up to show you take a look right here that look how that’s huge I mean that’s a huge amount so you’re getting the warming tray that’s underneath here that platter foods that surface you’re get this is another stainless schemes APIs so that goes on the if you want to put all three of those little buffets servers out you put that on you fill it with hot water and I said fill but I shouldn’t have you if you feel it you’re gonna overflow when you put the food in but you put hot water in there and then you put the three smaller Bowl Court can take two quart containers in there and that’s perfect it’s a clearance price of fifty eight ninety seven it’s eight pounds of stainless steel on free shipping and handling and it’s on six easy payments of nine dollars and eighty three cents so our holiday return policy is absolutely still in place you have through the end of January for anything that you’re picking up as a gift but if you order this during in the kitchen with Mary today you will get it in time for Thanksgiving so Kay four six six zero seven this is a warmer and by the way the complete dimensions if you have a very specific space in mind twenty five and a quarter inches wide thirteen and a half inches long and then it’s about seventeen and nope seven and a half inches high not seventeen rether tall vessel but here’s what I’m showing you is it’s not just for the holiday so don’t think you’re getting this best for those holidays if you’re having any kind of get-together and you want people to come over you know why not build a sandwich station so they can choose to have the meatball sub they can have the the you know that bratwurst with the sauerkraut if they want to do more my favorites roast beef oh yes you go for the beef you know with the beautiful gravy and the onions you could do a beef dip in here this is the kind of thing and people can come along and if you think about how many sandwiches you can get out of here me I just pulled three out of here it doesn’t even look like I’ve started that’s a lot of food that you can offer to company and they can come along and keep it all warm so if you’re having people over to watch the game ya know this is a great way to keep them fed and the fact that each little lid has a divot taken out of it so you can leave the spoon inside that way and I know I’ve used this word before you don’t get any food Iggy’s on the couch oh geez we have not a big fan of the moogies because then they turn into cement I don’t know how but it’s really hard to clean those up later so I love that there’s a little spoon or serving slot right in the lid this is

from cooks essentials and cooks essentials is our own brand here at QVC that we’re very proud to offer because we have built some incredible relationships over our 30-plus years and so we can go out we can hear you we listen to what you have to say and if you say you know what I really want a buffet server and warming tray but I want it at a great price we can do that for you now I do have to say this clearance price is representative of the fact that we are not going to be able to reorder this exact item number so today’s the day to get it on a clearance price of 58 dollars and 97 cents you may place your order on the phone or qvc.com or your mobile apps and you can still take advantage of that free shipping and handling everything QVC is on free shipping and handling today that’s why we’re calling it FSS free shipping Saturday and it’s holiday serving time that’s why I ordered it this morning yeah but please know that free shipping is gone at the end of the day today right those hands but you see here’s the thing too when when you have company over the next couple months yeah how often do they sleep over and then you’ve got the breakfast now breakfast coils really really fast and it’s much easier to make a whole big batch of scrambled eggs put it in here get all that bacon and everything cooked put it in here make the waffles put them in here and then you get to sit down as well you have breakfast instead of sitting at the stove making everybody batch upon batch upon batch so you’ve seen now 2 different ways to use this I’m going to show you one more way to use this right who’s gonna make some room for myself and put that down there for a second grab the mitts and I’m going to the oven mmm because that large large pan is oven safe so you could actually bake something right in here and let me tell you if you’re ready to serve a crowd this is the way how many that lid for you who thank you I got you I got all right take a look at this this is some this is a lot of hit a.m. meatballs because it’s actually really heavy but you could do something like this and make that yeah that’s a lot of food and you can bake it in this large pan and then going army go ahead and put this on the server and look how much food you have now if you start to run low you can cover it with the lid so you can have two lids on and keep us area but this one’s pretty high I was gonna say just once it once you eat it down a little bit got it so but that’s so that’s the third way to use this so you can use it without any of the pans at all okay you can use it with this huge massive pan or you can use it with the pan down and then the three smaller pans resting in there in a little water baths okay remember to put hot water in this is not a burner it’s not going to heat cold water to a simmering stage but you put you boil the kettle you pour I actually put two of those come those compartments in with this last one open that’s when I pour the water and so I can see how much water add and then it’s just a simple dial to control that heat I was gonna say the dials right here in the front 300 have now been ordered this is where you control the heat Oh Teresa thank you wait let me move the eggs so power green light means it’s on then warming tray to off and then low medium and high remember low medium and high in terms of a warming tray back it is not our oven it’s not a hot plate where you’re going to be cooking things this is about serving and keeping your food that’s already cooked warm and ready to go and tasting it’s best free shipping and handling six easy payments of nine dollars and eighty three cents but that free shipping goes week end of today you are coming back with another item and I was pretty excited to see on free shipping today oh yes really big savings they’re almost $27 saved thank you always good to see you um so many people are just waiting to eat it’s incredible I’m just looking around and there’s I mean we all show up hungry we don’t mess around here on in the kitchen with Mary it’s time for the gadget drawer item and I have to say somebody who caused a little bit of an internet sensation when I posted his butchery was Mark Charles you know what somebody said on on I can’t remember if it was Instagram or Facebook we are all over all of them you were just in the UK I was two days ago or one day ago two days ago I can’t [Laughter] so it’s always a pleasure to spend time with you and let’s talk about kuhn rikon this is a five in one metallic can opener we’ll talk about the fun colors in a minute but why is UNCHR imping so much more important than just using our old when you use an old can opener you’ve got an exposed blade the exposed blade is actually cutting into the metal and the problem with that is that this is going to touch the food if it touches the food it’s gonna cross contaminate if it touches the food it’s gonna breed bacteria because you need to probably clean this off with a toothbrush and bleach every time you use it and I know all of us are doing it at home with our

can opener right not so the idea is the fact that you know if you have pets you have to have a pet can opener or a people can opener so the [ __ ] recon about 18 years ago when I started here came up with this mechanism this is a patent technology that has not changed for 18 years the the colors have changed the handles changed the for extra features but this patent technology is what makes it unique what is it it’s a nun crimping system there’s no blade here so you’re not cutting in to the actual metal you’re UNCHR imping the metal what do I mean by that so when a can is created people don’t realize it but the middle this hole cylinders may first then the top and the bottom is actually glued and crimped on to the center part of the can see so when I bring this down going to put this down on the one thing you are instead of doing the traditional from the side that everybody expects to do you’re doing it from top and I’ll tell you to show the profile the little catches just make that wheel go on the outside and let it auto attach twist till it catches you can actually lift the can you could be righty or lefty notice my force is coming from up top instead of from the side so you have better dexterity if you notice right here just really finally there’s that line that’s happening I’m UNCHR imping the can when it gets a little easier you just reverse this and you open this up and believe it or not this can is open you don’t see a speck of food on here you don’t see this doesn’t look open at all we’re gonna use the little bird beak that’s a little button you tweet tweet tweet we’re gonna open up the edge watch this now this can is not a little opened there’s not a single sharp edge here there’s none a single sharp edge there which means less accidents you realize that a can cut and stitches in the ER are one of the most common household accidents of people dropping the lid into a garbage can and it rips the garbage bag open and then they grab it or dropping into a sink and grubbing it plus pet accidents because pets are licking the inside of cans when they find the garbage and the edge of the can is all all sharp so this is already a smarter way to help you and your pets you know live but the fact that we give you five and one it’s what makes it even better and that’s the thing so free shipping and handling keep that in mind less than $20 great stocking stuffer but there’s more there’s more so what we’re finding out now well we’re calling the pull-tab these ring poles whatever the you guys call them it’s up to 60% of the cans are turning into this okay so we have to give you what’s known as the Parra peak that point right there now watch this well we can’t do Mary’s really important to know is I can’t stop the sharp edge from happening here so the way that opens up very differently than a turtle can opener the sharp edge is still there but what’s interesting is notice where my hands are completely free of that sharp edge so that’s what makes this para peak really unique and wonderful to use as the Paz the pull tab and that copper is the most popular right now oh yeah oh we have a cause I don’t if you want to show them oh sure sure we’ll take a sweep of the first bin so we have the graphite we have the copper it’s most popular so if the copper is the most popular that means it’s copular then we have the black it’s all real then we have the blue but all five colors still represented here at 1998 and free shipping but we still have three more functions also to note this is the first time in all the years I’ve been selling scamp on her that it’s metallic it took a long time to figure how to do a car metallic on a can opener and just so you know that so it makes this really super special you’ve seen the shape before we never done metallic before love okay cool so number three we’re up to number three one two three yeah three so we give you what’s called a stainless steel church key skeleton key like that so it’s able to open up alcoholic or non your choice no judgement and you can actually open up whenever you want it’s attached to the whole thing so you’re not looking for a small ring to open up that number four if you keeping count with the rest of us is that people don’t realize that personal water bottles one two three up to three liters have the same size cat so we’re gonna put that over the cap I’m just gonna twist the top with my fingertips and what you’re gonna notice is that ring is gonna break free so you don’t have to worry about any dexterity issues you have because you can easily open up any cap from personal water bottles up to three liters with this little function right there there’s number four but wait there’s more I will slide number 5 is right here you have this little hook here okay and people realize that metal little jars are vacuum sealed so when you put it underneath it’s got a fit underneath you’re gonna pull forward you’re gonna do what’s called break the vacuum seal now what I’m doing by the way is the plastic Solanas with the plastic on I’m able to remove that because I removed the vacuum the thing that everybody has about jar is why you bang it against the counter you put under hot water you ask your very strong friend or husband to open up your jar is because it’s a vacuum seal in there if you break it with this I’m sorry I was raising my hand cuz I’m the strong friend oh yeah I could get married I’m good at the eyes so one more time one more look at the colors we have the blue we have the black we have the red we have the copper still most popular in the copper and then most limited as well and we also have the graphite at the very end 1998 free shipping and handling gonna come back of course you can a lot of times a lot of times at least for

more time please love you too oh yay you know what it is time to talk about in your kitchen with Mary so we have a segment on the show when we started this program you said Mary I just want to be a part of the program and we said we would love for you to be so in your kitchen with Mary has that in mind and we have gotten emails from some of you that said I want to join you live on the program and Kevin is one of our friends who is joining us live right now hello Kevin how are you today hello Mary I’m delighted to be with you today how are you it’s so good to see you my friend I’m doing so so well thank you and so I have a question for you what is it that you love about kitchen shows on QVC I think it’s the fact that you get to understand the product for such a good amount of time it’s not like when you go to a store and it’s hard to find somebody to help you it’s just great that you hear everything you want to know about the product before you make your purchase that’s what I love about it thank you my friend and you know what I happen to know a little bit about your cooking what do you enjoy cooking Kevin well Mary I have to say I enjoy grilled cheeses my wife is a wonderful cook and I leave that to her and she does a terrific job my wife Lisa oh well I can tell you that you know we get submissions from people that say they’d love to be on the show but I know you and I have talked before about Kevin and I have met at a live audience show before and we talked a lot on the show about in the kitchen with Mary is one big family and we are very proud to be one big family all together and little note for the folks at home you are related to our very own associate producer are you not I am she is my middle daughter Carly I’m very proud of along with her two sisters very proud of our three daughters so wonderful and I know I was looking around to grab Carly to have her come out with me Carla get over here does this face look familiar to you Kevin because we could not do this show without our sweet Carly hi so he did a wonderful job today and let me tell you Kevin Carly is a special special lady and being able to be on her team and watch how she’s grown here at QVC has just been a personal pleasure but she is amazing thank you for raising such a lovely person well thank you she loves working at QVC with all the all the people and she speaks so highly of you Mary and your personality that comes through over the television is exactly as Carly describes you to us just a loving kind person Thank You Kevin thank you okay we got to wait bye to dad thank you enjoying the rest of your Saturday I’m hugging you thank you so much hope we get to see you again real soon oh I love I love it love our whole family here on in the kitchen with Mary and if you would like to join our family you absolutely can please no just because we can’t see you doesn’t mean that you are not part of our family but boy it would be great to have you live on the show with so send us an email to I teach a WM at qvc.com we want to hear your kitchen story we want to know what you love about programming here at QVC and we take all suggestions so if you want to see something on the show send us an email let us know you’re interested and we will put you wait a minute we’ll put you right here you’ll be next to me on the set with us live on national television which is awesome so then giving you a little bit of a sneak peek at some of the items that are coming up in the show and one of them was this DeLonghi yeah and Jennifer Kovich is here to talk to you all about it hi it’s so good to be here I was so excited to meet this machine because if you haven’t tried air frying this is a great place to start it is because it does so much more than that right this is not just an air fryer so what we have essentially done is we’ve taken the best components to an air fryer what you love about it well we’ve also partnered that with the capability and the versatility that you can also produce items that have liquid in them stews this could be so so much and the best part is it fits beautifully on your countertop it smells so good in here it’s really hard to focus so I know that some of you have gotten this home already you can feel free to give us a call eight hundred six hundred one five five six this is the DeLonghi multi fry air fryer and multi cooker so you can fry in it you might airfryer which will explain why that’s big you can use this as your multi cooker you’re a roaster your convection oven your bread maker and more but this is the gift of all

gifts for the kitchen person almost yes it’s on free shipping and handling because it’s free shipping Saturday and it’s on six easy payments of $25 just so you know as you take a look and see everything it can do the comparable retail is 228 you’re saving $78 by shopping here at QVC to today right but can we go ahead and start where we know we’re going to want to go yeah absolutely so let’s start right here with wings of course we can’t show you an air fryer without showing you wings because look at how beautiful golden-brown perfectly evenly cooked on the outside they are but as you noticed why are they moving because there is a paddle inside this DeLonghi multi fry that gives you the option to use or not but rotate your food for you so no more do you have to open your airfryer halfway through give it a little shake and then put it back in and check on it you have that cook and look lid right there making it easy for you to just simply walk v and see what’s cooking and also the paddle to make it really simple for you to just literally set it and forget it you can walk away if you want and look at how gorgeous these are we have these marinated buffalo wings right here just gorgeous brown around way all the way down but look juicy on the inside right where it needs to be I mean look at that oh my gosh I don’t even care if a Mon I know right you know what that is the kind of result we’re looking for and I mentioned countertop yeah I want to tell everybody 10 and a half inches tall so from bottom to top ten and a half inches tall 12 and three-quarter inches wide so from side to side 12 and three-quarter inches wide and it’s about 15 and a half inches long so from the front all the way to the back 15 and a half inches the cord is three feet long so we get a lot of flexibility right depending on where your outlets are in your kitchen or calling all our beers yes and college dorms could you imagine if I had one of these in my college dorm oh my goodness I would have been set oh I know I didn’t eat fast food all the time my son up next to me right now because he is going to be having a lot of covets for this oh yeah yeah so take a look Oh fries of course look at this gorgeous golden brown delicious on the outside but notice as they’re just throwing right out of there up to four pounds capacity this is a large vessel you were mentioning it’s very low for the profile but it’s gorgeous oh look at that gorgeous results every time but it has a large capacity as well nonstick ceramic coating vessel right there but as you’re noticing again we’ve we’ve utilized that paddle to rotate all those french fries so that’s how they’re evenly golden brown but also look at this right here thank you so much guys now take a look at your screen because I want you to really understand we keep saying this is different yes this is an air fryer what does that mean you still have that cyclonic air that’s being pushed around from the heating element on the top and that fan but look at the bottom this is what also separates DeLonghi from any other air fryer it has that bottom heating element that allows you to do things like sear saute if you want your meats if you want to do you know Brown your beef before you add all the liquids and your beans and everything to make that chili it allows you to do that as well in this same vessel no longer do you have to do something on your cooktop then transfer it into another vessel and then transfer it into something else just to prepare one dish now notice the paddle just starts immediately rotating I’m going to add our frozen crinkle cuts right there once more and then of course let’s add a little a little evo and that love this this is a lifesaver right here Rick Roma’s gonna have that oh right he is it isn’t such a good and look at this and what I also like to do is add a little bit of salt because that way when they’re coated they’re good to go you just close that up and again go down here on the front and you can see it’s OneTouch operation you can see it has one power button that’s it let me move that for OneTouch operation there’s your power button now this one right here is that bottom heating element you simply want to turn that on go for it just push the button if you don’t just turn it off it’s that simple there’s nothing else left today we had a fry on the plane we did you know what keep in mind I just want to call out a couple things the retail value is two hundred and twenty eight dollars and six cents our sale price is $149.90 mmm so that represents seventy eight dollars saved right out of the gate but it’s free shipping Saturday

so you’re saving an additional fifteen dollars and ninety seven cents and we have six easy payments of $25 so we showed a great air fryer we showed a great fryer a multi cooker what about stain what about steak I mean look at the results that you can expect a juicy tender beautiful cut of meat you bet you’re on produced in a multi cooker you didn’t have to take us to the grill I mean look at the gorgeous outside this is how a steak is supposed to be cooked have a little bit on the outside a nice little later on yes home in that gorgeous color and juice on the inside key with us is what every steak hopes to be shot because would you like to imagine your guests cut into that right and they look at you and go you did not make this look at that I’m literally cutting each little piece and more juice keeps flowing out it evenly unbelievable let me ask you about cleanup yeah what’s that like on this machine really really simple thanks to that non coated ceramic coating on the vessel you could pop this in the dishwasher what I also love here so the nonstick ceramic nonstick ceramic you can also remove the lid just by pushing these two buttons right here remove the lid this is dishwasher safe the paddle is dishwasher safe anything that is going to touch the food is dishwasher safe replaces so many machines on your countertop I think of that as a monetary savings as well right you’re starting to notice that maybe your bread makers starting to go on the fritz or maybe your pizza stone is starting to get a little chart in some places wow you can retire Saudi pieces and just use your noodle on even though they can’t I mean look at this nice puffy crust right there cooked beautifully and notice we’ve utilized that bottom and top heating element in order to assure that you are getting wonderful results every single time I just want to show you right here look at the inside of this Mary the cheese oh my word this is heaven for me I am obsessed with cheese look at this this is why we’re frying this is one of them anything yes so you’re also getting 25 recipes in this book to get you started so recover it is it absolute and I actually love this on the inside it has a foolproof guide so if you’re thinking oh what should I put this on which is the setting be how long should I prepare it for just look inside wouldn’t you know this fresh made from fresh pizza this is not frozen this is fresh that we were able to make in this multicooker eight minutes eight minutes oh my gosh okay only took 12 minutes listen to some of the recipes that are in here chicken nuggets of course fried shrimp I’ve buttered scallops rice balls love a rice ball yeah caramelized pineapple with ice cream fried bananas ricotta cake devil’s food cake I mean this book is really gonna get you started and I believe my line producer Scott said we only have 600 remaining the sale price and the free shipping are gone at the end of the day oh hi hi mac and cheese we actually cooked the pasta from a dry right from the box from dry yep look at that cheese what we’ve done is we put a little bit of chicken stock in there with a little bit of garlic we let everything absorb all the pastas going to absorb all that wonderful flavor again cook from dry we did not pre boil here whatsoever helps so much Mary then we’ve added a little bit of cheese and then jalapeno pepper slices look at that unbelievable I made this when we had some friends over about 2 or 3 months ago I made this I kid you not every time that they come over they say can we make some more mac and cheese because it doesn’t take any time at all 15 minutes 15 minutes from start to finish in this one vessel I dabbed a little behind you coz you know what if you can’t eat it you can enjoy it another way okay you know what this is and if I’m not mistaken DeLonghi is an Italian company along is an Italian company they have that Italian craftsmanship and you know this has been something that’s been tried and true they’ve been bringing this kitchen products for nearly 40 years so you’re really getting the backup of a wonderful brand they know what they’re doing and you said this little pot on the inside that we’re cooking in yes the paddle we have the option to using the brown absolutely so notice here as they pull these out we have not used it with the sandwiches and what you can essentially do is create a broiling effect as well so if you want to do maybe an open-faced Reuben you certainly can do that just turn off that bottom heating element and it goes right through thank you so much look at that look at how thick and

wonderful do you know love it the only food my mother craved when she was pregnant with me Reuben and when I was born the deli where she went every day sent over a little Reuben on melba toast well I was such a large baby that they thought she might be ready for sandwiches that’s true so this takes the place of your airfryer your fryer your multicooker your roaster so whether you’re trying to indulge a little bit or you’re trying to make some smarter choices right air frying is one that is just taken the kitchen world by storm it absolutely is and let’s think about why really quick while I’m showing you this because air frying is essentially a convection oven that you can put on your counter just it’s cooking in less time but it’s also giving you the option to give you one beautiful results in not only oh sorry excuse me not only a fraction of the time we’re just gonna let this go not only a fraction of the time but also you know with less fat and less calories thanks to not having to add all those additional oils if you’re using minimal to no oil whatsoever and even something as flaky as a fish this is not something and I’ll be honest that I would traditionally think that you can prepare an an airfryer and get decent results this is juicy this is not dry it is flaky it’s gorgeous and look at how it glistens that we haven’t added anything to this this is just the natural oils from that salmon it still stays that way it doesn’t get dried out in this vessel and again it’s thanks to having that cyclonic air look at that that’s okay I just ignore me for a second I know I gotta get in there because I gotta see a lot more on the floors okay you know what you can mess up salmon real easy yeah you can make it to dry hmm that is still tender delicious full of flavor okay so you’re getting the multi fry cooker and the transparent lid right it’s a sale price of 149 the comparable retail is 228 the sale price is a $78 savings we have free shipping and handling so that’s an additional 15 dollars and 97 cents saved off of our standard shipping and handling for this item but we have six easy payments of $25 to help you budget out the holiday season right this is a 1.8 quart capacity machine with a ceramic nonstick interior and the sale price and the free shipping and handling goes away at the end of the day now if you’re thinking gift remember our holiday return policy is in place right so if you need to return it for any reason through the end of January you absolutely can but I have to tell you if you have been looking for an easier way to get four squares on the table right this is how you do it it’s that Hartland friend this is Heartland fresh and exactly again think about this you know this is an item that you get frozen right it comes right to your door absolutely fantastic very flavorful look at the juices literally falling off of that all you’re doing is reheating you could even reheat in this that’s why I say this is wonderful for newlyweds wonderful gift for you know if you have a son or a daughter or granddaughter grandson in a college dorm it’s great for that first apartments wonderful because there’s so much versatility you can make soups you can make your stews you can do air frying you know my kids their favorite is crinkle-cut fries and chicken nuggets almost daily because they’re really picky eaters almost daily we use this just for that alone but I love the fact that it’s literally set it and forget it and speaking of that it even has a built-in timer so right down here I’m just going to move this over right down here you see it has a timer right there push that over and look at this go you can take it with you on the go stop it so what I do is around 5:00 5:30 I pop everything in for the kids I close it up I set the timer I put this in my back pocket and we go outside to play soccer oh you’re the cool mom so how do I adjust the temperature before we do have to wrap up now I just have questions easy easy how do we do it on the top all you have to do is this dial one two three and four it’s really that simple and what I like to do is I look at it as if it’s delicate like fish you’re gonna be a 1 to a 2 if you want to go all the way up to frozen I would do a 3 to a 4 it’s really really simple rockin our worlds we have fewer than 500 now so everybody knows we need to place your orders the sale price and the free shipping and handling are gone at the end of the day so huge savings on a great machine that replaces so much I love see you too you know what continue to place your orders for K 4 or 5 nine zero two and

enjoy this great offer from DeLonghi it is so cool to see it here you know what also keep in mind that that top that clear plastic top is dishwasher safe so you don’t have to worry about that cleaning too now it’s time here on in the kitchen with Mary for one of our games that we like to play throughout the show this one is called try it and Chris prime is a wonderful sport and she has agreed to come play try it I thought I was gonna be able to keep it together but I can’t she Rose cookies coming up later on the show okay can I use two hands of course you can how do you feel about Cheryl’s cookies especially as a pro Packer can you see I’m gonna eat with both hands that’s my girl so these are my two favorite ones right okay ginger bread frosted love that one and we’re gonna eat with my mouth full cover my mouth because these are like the most awesomest cookies this is my favorite now put it to this side now me in this one oh you know my gosh Cheryl’s cookies if I can’t bake my own cookies because they are made with butter they taste just like homemade there’s something cakey there’s something so buttery about the bun real vanilla no my god all the ingredients are you guys keep talking and eating cookies because I love that the famous arm is like the Statue of Liberty down there with the tray of cookies now look so glad he was holding them so I could eat so we have a choice of 24 or 48 from Cheryl’s cookies coming up in the show six flavors of buttercream represented in this holiday good this is my favorite bar gonna try these you gotta try that one not this one you doing okay you need to oh you need a little little cookie payment for holding it so long oh yeah oh I’ve already cried twice just from laughing on the show today um thank you my friend Thank You famous arm no workout for you today all done this is in the kitchen with Mary and this is free shipping Saturday and this is Ric Roman that Mary Aiken Road totally earlier during the DeLonghi presentation correct Jennifer Kovich said the Evo has been such a life-saving tool in her kitchen there are so many reasons why but to me the first thing that comes to mind is ease of use ease of use you know it’s gonna evoke change is how you’re gonna use oil in the kitchen I owned a restaurant it changed how I use oil my kitchen if you have an air fryer anything like french fries onion rings you name it you can actually get in there and with just a quarter teaspoon with each pull I use only a teaspoon of oil and I cover all these fries so that could be barbecue wings that could be onion rings that can be steaks fish use minimal amounts of oil but you get exceptional coverage with Evo and you get better flavor with less calories true so this is the 18 ounce choice so you’re getting the Evo 18 ounce non-aerosol oil sprayer with the funnel take a look at our color choices we have the yellow up top we also have the red we also have that beautiful green I love that green and then we have the blue now each one comes with its own funnel and four bands that are reversible for the four most popular liquids that you’re gonna be putting inside your Evo already printed out for you to help stay organized but but so I let’s talk about 1/4 teaspoon at a time because this is the first non-arable aerosol spray that’s patented that it allows you to spray oil so I want to let you try to season these vegetables with this is a quarter teaspoon okay so when you’re at home you pour your oil on your food you don’t get very forced so what do you do then Mary you take your oil now I’ve measured this here because I really want to show you how much less use this is 6 teaspoons of oil so you’ll take out your bottle of oil and you’ll start to pour it now when you pour out of a bottle at home it’s a heavy stream right so what does that mean I get a lot of oil in little spots so I still would need to pour more oil get my hands in there and stir it with our patented sprayer with one pull of the trigger I can get a quarter see some watch right next to it here watch what happens I go one two three four so that’s a teaspoon of oil spread evenly over this cauliflower this is six and a quarter teaspoons I still haven’t covered it you use less you get better coverage you get better flavor whether it’s vegetables meats fishes air frying it really changes you have better flavor and I’m gonna tell you I use about 1/4 of the amount of oil that I used to use before Evo awesome I mean I love it that’s a smarter choice for short now this is the original now of this item number okay four six eight nine three more than

65,000 have been sold but of this size I know for a fact that hundreds of thousands have been sold because when it comes to using this in your kitchen you want one for yourself but then my mom came over and she said she loves it so now I want to get one for her I love it it’s a featured price of $17.22 it’s on free shipping and handling first day presented on free shipping but that easy paid nope the free shipping goes away at the end of the day today but how about four foods that maybe need a little bit more of a delicate touch yeah and this is what I love about it you control how much you’re using this is for big pieces of salmon I put a quarter teaspoon of oil and vinegar on each of them so if I’m gonna go grill saute sear we’re use that wonderful DeLonghi air fryer that Jennifer just saw with using now you just use just the right amount but you get perfect even coverage notice how each piece has just the right amount I love it because again it’s not just about saving the oil it’s about getting the better flavor and you know with the holidays coming up you’re gonna do so many different things over here I have a caprese salad and again here’s the important thing with Eva you’re gonna control the width of the fan by how close you get to the plate so we’re gonna actually get a little bit closer here so you know what I can actually control how wide that fan is and I can get right in onto my food now I can actually go in with some oil and again each trigger pull is only a quarter teaspoon so notice how this entire platter with a teaspoon each of oil and vinegar I’ve covered it but I’ve gotten that great even spread that’s why I love this I did something so fancy that I want to tell you about okay I want to hear it french vanilla ice cream all right coupe dark cherry balsamic okay in my evo one spray over the french vanilla ice cream oh that’s so good that sounds oh but that’s what you just said is awesome because you can spray it directly on the food instead of pouring it out of a bottle if you’re sauteing vegetables are searing again instead of using those aerosols with chemicals check this out that’s 1/4 teaspoon okay I’ll do it again 1/4 teaspoon covers the entire on the pan so you choose the oil whether it’s coconut oil vegetable oil canola oils you put what you want in and you know what you’re using when you’re cooking and you’re using less and going further and a lot of times for the nonstick surface they tell you not to use aerosol aerosols from the store because there’s a lot of other products in there other than food and they tell you not to spray those directly on the surface of your nonstick in order to preserve the life of your nonstick when you know what’s in your food you don’t have to have worries like that oh my holiday potatoes now this is another great tip I roast my vegetables whether it’s potatoes and vegetables I give them a little spritz before and then after so when I sprinkle my seasonings they actually stick to the food so you get that great flavor here’s another great thing listen popcorns all year wrong long right if you’re trying to save some calories and you want to eat some flavor without all that butter take your favorite oil check this out because it is able to add my and spray the oil I can take oil and go right onto my pop where you literally aisle there and it’s just that delicate light coating that’s it’s awesome little seasoning parmesan so we have the yellow we have the red we have the green and we have the blue each one comes with a funnel and the four reversible bands with the most popular liquids that you’re going to be using inside your Evo but 300 have now been ordered we have a featured price of 17 23 free shipping and handling and I love what Dineen said in our live stream if you don’t own an Evo yet don’t wait thanks it is really good so thank you to me and thank you Rick Rolled you chilli popcorn yes you know what folks are sharing pictures with us using the hashtag I TK WM and it looks like tiger’s eye has posted blue tortilla crusted fish with potatoes well that sounds good using the hashtag I TK WM remember continue to share your food photos using the hashtag Friday night in snow in the forecast but we are cozy delusional I love that I love that name delusional J posted this beautiful food photo I know Stacy Stouffer posting pictures at snowing at her house it’s crazy she drew lasagna using cheese ravioli instead of noodles and ricotta along with steamed asparagus from Mary our Mary using the hashtag I TK WM remember share your veteran photos using the hashtag I TK WM and I will pull them and create a video that I will post to my Facebook page tomorrow because I cannot honor honor our veterans enough from Mary on social media to Mary Aiken Road hello pretty lady this is the fun Baker and if you’ve never spent time with Mary Aiken Road on social media you need to give her a follow immediately because she is here representing Sheryl’s and this is m60 744 this is the Cheryl’s 24 or 48 piece holiday frosted

cookies we have single shipment and auto delivery available we have immediate shipment and the week of December 3rd available and you can choose your piece count of 24 or 48 but these are all frosted frosted as you’re showing us and can I have this one I know it’s so yummy and buttery and creamy and every single one of your cookies he has a yummy butter cream you’re getting six different flavors Mary of this butter cream good six different flavors and these are our premium holiday cut out cookies frosted cookies so you’re going to get the holiday Gingerbread that is prime devour and then oh wait a minute this one too the cranberry orange she devoured oh and the German chocolate she devours we love her and then this is the andyman candy with that mint buttercream and then that vanilla buttercream with those dark chips and that fudgy cookie the triple fudge buttercream then you’re going to get your cut out cookies these are the tender cakey cookie but that vanilla buttercream you’re going to get for the holiday red rounds and then for at the vanilla buttercream then the devil’s food holy macro this is just amazing so soft and moist and yummy again your cutout cookies you’re going to get the green brown butter pecan and then the new hazelnut so you want to just should we just break into some I was gonna say yes please but I want to remind everybody six different flavors of butter cream represented here all individually wrapped and so when it comes to giving the gift this is what folks look for what is it about Cheryl’s I mean we all just look for them every year well this is the premium butter cream holiday butter cream and I think the reason people love our cookies so much is we use those yummy recipes that we used when we first started in 1981 we use real ingredients we use real butter pure vanilla crispy because cinnamon honey brown sugar so it’s ingredients that if you had time to bake all these different kinds of cookies these are the ingredients that you would want you know so make with the 48 piece the December ship week is very very popular but if you want the 48 piece the ships out now there’s only a hundred and fifty remaining I have to say auto delivery is available so auto delivery is five total shipments you get your first week of choice then you get another in around Valentine’s Day another around Easter another in the summertime and then another in the fall of 2019 but we have folks that are waiting to come eat cookies so we have you to join us I’d love for them to come in so I do believe we have Marie Louise is standing by and we have John de Renzo who’s coming up later on in the show yes when it comes to cookie time and help yourself everybody know I don’t know if they can outdo with Chris trying to achieve or maybe she made a show but okay so this is our new hazelnut and it’s a very cookie hazelnut buttercream and then I know I know and you know what it’s it’s got the consistency and when cooking yes but you get that nick muttered ream across the top that just finishes it so beautifully it’s for me it’s all about the frost look and they’re a good frozen yeah and did you notice how much frosting is I mean their each hand frosting myself are you heart our bakers they just really layer it on it looks like they didn’t hand frosted with a spurt –all I just smeared across the top there’s a good look at that because soft they are so soft I love it this is our German chocolate Oh moist yummy sleeps no you know I understand your McGarity okay so oh try this butter pecan okay Cheryl’s good holiday get-together favorite HB oh yeah tell I am where am I buttercream thank you guys so much for coming this is for all of our friends that are watching and encouraged me to do this thank you everybody that doesn’t get to have a cookie right now please know that there are six flavors of buttercream represented here thank you John and

Marie Louise thank you guys cookie is frosted every single I mean we’re buttercream okay oh yeah I know you I know I’m sorry I put my finger in it yes tell the kitchen that I’ve had my finger in here at all times that is so good Amy and yeah just buttery but not it’s not overwhelming no it’s just the consistency and look I’m hugging it is are you taking that to go I might be to go this might be tucked into Walker number 32 yeah okay okay let’s show everybody that they are individually wrapped but let’s also show everybody what they’re getting again okay so you’re going to get a total of 10 different flavors of cookies you’re going get the gingerbread with the vanilla buttercream this man berry orange then the German chocolate that the andyman candy the vanilla buttercream with the dark chocolate chips the triple fudge yeah then you’re going to get those cutouts that we’re famous for then you’re going to get the devil’s food pecan butter pecan and the new hazelnut all individual you back eat him in the next three to four days and put him in your freezer up to six months Cris crime loves them frozen she does she does you know I love him pranks I know if I’m gonna set this down I don’t know if Chris Brian got a chance to have one of the hazelnut ones I might grab I might have to bring her one what you want to walk over there with us in mind okay a lot and here’s cranberry orange okay thanks Mary you vibrant and you know what oh I didn’t get to say hi to Judy judy is Mary’s sister and it’s trying to say day you D why it’s good to see you and we love you so just want to say hi to Judy so rocky lockdowns time oh it’s so hard to put the cookies down right there though after I get done I can eat the rest of it I promised there was another lock and lock presentation coming up in the show and this set of twelve twists I ordered this morning because this is going to be my master bathroom pantry set because the little bobby pins the little hair tools but each one is a twist yeah so that same seal that same love that we have for lock and lock just a different way to take the lid on and on right because it still has that full grade silicone seal in there like Mary showed you and what is so great about the twist it’s not like I’m like a jar you get at the grocery store because if you just took a I see there’s a bouquet silicone seal but even on this little 3/4 cup on him you just tip that to the side Mary so please I can see yeah so with our twist we have like little indentations here and you can see it’s actually pretty wide so even if you have problems with your fingers you can grip onto it and it’s wide enough so you can hold it while you’re twisting really really cool right right yeah I love these and you know what sometimes my husband will put the lid on something a little aggressive and then I can always open up the yes so please know you’re getting a set of twelve what are the sizes that we’re getting okay so you want me showing the red sure what you’re gonna get you’re gonna get one two three four of them that are about 3/4 of a cup okay then you’re gonna get one two three four of them that are about a cup and a half cup and a half and then another four of them that are about two and a half cups so this these are about two and a half cups by the way when you see this on the screen right here like you’re 66 a piece that’s that’s cheaper dollar bowls bowls that you get in a grocery seriously okay so I know we have color choice we have 13 colors all right and then before we go to college I just want to show you that so see this stack right here the 1 2 3 yes when you go to store them the 3/4 one and a half 2 and 1/2 see that they all nest down see that with the lid so instead of storing three pieces you just store one smart really really smart so this is the hot pink this is the coral orange is this your favorite color yes it is I think that’s why I put it up there go squirrel okay this plumbery really pretty so let me look at this wine wine wine yeah I had a look ok plum berry wine yellow ok I’m role whoo that’s pretty green that’s the set I ordered Pacific blue okay read it cinnamon okay black copper ok get all 13 colors represented here k 4 6 1 4 3 $19.98 for all of this 12 and it’s on free shipping and handling now the first day presented on free shipping but that free shipping is gone at the end of the day today if you like the little dippy cups that come along with your pizza yeah and you don’t

want to throw them away but you know the lid doesn’t go back on its gonna fit in there beautifully and you can just screw the lid on and take it into the refrigerator yeah I think it of so many things yeah like the blue cheese with your chicken wings garlic butter sauce the garlic butter butter dippy I hope you have more ideas for us – yeah because like you said you’re gonna go in the bathroom with them yes so you know if he I take tea I like decaf tea when I always keep this in my pocketbook a couple tea bags because I like my flavor right yeah you don’t always get that right the cupcake papers they come in that plastic thing from the grocery store but then they smash then your cupcakes get all stretched out and then it’s hard to get in your little cupcake pans when you go to bake them you know if you have just a little bit of extra coffee you can put it in there coffee beans because now 2 and 1/2 cups it’s a lot that’s like the size that you get in that little 10 ounce package total at the grocery store total so these are very deceiving when you get them home what you can actually fit in there little snacks as you’re going along the way doggie bags if you take your doggie when you’re traveling you can do that some little crafts for the kids you can do that how about if you have a lot of people over this time of year and they’re always looking for a toothpick they come in their little cardboard box from the store and then yeah right so put them in it here you know where they’re little kids games little kids pieces the cotton balls the cotton swabs cereal snacks cheese pepperoni hard-boiled eggs eggs you want a snack the little samples that you get from your if you buy something for beauty samples into your twist and then you keep them stored there then if you have to go on a trip or if you’re going camping you can just take that with you as opposed to your whole big bottle and your suitcase and these are nice because even if a 2 and 1/2 cup ones they’re not too high so if you have drawers they fit in the drawer there’s a little measuring yeah there are there is a little measuring on some nice yeah so keep in mind we have colors we have 13 different colors as a matter of fact I keep playing with this sunset orange yeah it’s coral orange coral orange coral orange it’s orange so we do have the orange we and then the happy Bank underneath yep so hot pink then plumberry okay wine yellow emerald green when I ordered Pacific blue tang red cinnamon black copper awesome $19.98 free shipping and handling they are $1 and 66 cents apiece this nests down to this yeah so so you only have to store for you don’t have to store all 12 because they all nuts down to the biggest mark off what it was Chris prime thank you my friend thank you and I oh I love tasting the show love Cheryl I know Mary eken wrote so much and we love you too Chris prime thank you friend so this is in the kitchen with Mary and let me reset a little bit for you here if you are shopping at QVC today please know it is free shipping Saturday so everything is on free shipping a lot of it goes away at the end of the day it’s time to talk a little bit more about temptations on the show today because I have never seen you and the temptations team do something like this before I know this is so perfect it’s the perfect time of the year it’s the perfect shape the perfect size and what I love about it is we’re calling it a cheese board but it does so much more because honestly who wants to just go on by a cheese board right it doesn’t make sense so we’re gonna start with that great round stoneware Baker it’s beautifully shallow and that’s what we love about it Mary just about a 1 to 2 quart capacity right there all the detail in the old world of that gorgeous rope Porter hand-painting on the outside but look when I flip it to the inside it’s a gorgeous round Baker it’s going to sit on top of this amazing would paddle if you will so beautiful so on-trend check this out this is now your trivet that you’re going to use if you bring us right out of a hot oven or a cold refrigerator and look at the thickness I mean that’s a true cheese board absolutely I don’t know if you saw Jen Kovac she was actually cutting from this so what I suggest that you do is you can cut on one side leave the other side pristine if you will so it stays nice and then look at this you can now bring it right to your table I have a good handle right here in that paddle and Mary look at the three thing you only have two hands so I wanted to come B hand I feel guy five but I only have two right so I love this because these are those matching accessory pieces that can cost so much to go out and purchase it’s the cheese shaver right here so when you have like a block of parmesan okay the cheese knife and then it has the fork these are beautifully made I needed to get my hands on them too and think about being able to have like a charcuterie board a cheese board but you have a baker as well so here’s the old-world black okay then next or two that we have

that great red which oh my gosh Christmas cookies on here perfect beautiful how about the cranberry that’s the warm red tone here’s the brown that’s a great neutral here’s Mary’s color that beautiful spice I love it great for Thanksgiving and then of course the eggplant that purple color so remember we have old-world and florals here or lace now here’s that beautiful green floral lace enough you don’t mind I’m just gonna tip it so you can see there’s the profile that you’re going to see with the gorgeous beading and the fluting so there’s green here’s the red here’s the light blue here’s the black this is what I collect Mary it’s like that 12 I just I’m obsessed with Laura look then we have the brown then we have the spice next door to that and at the very end we have the eggplants okay so this is a 12 inch diameter plate yes but it’s a five piece so you’re getting the three tools the board the cheese board and the 12 inch diameter plate I have to say too I could still make a beautiful tart on that plate I could still reheat my 12 inch pizza exact on that plate I mean it’s two easy payments of $20 and 70 cents it’s also on free shipping and handling so when you take a look at the weight when you take a look at the size everything you’re getting free shipping and handling is a huge savings however our comparable retail is $62 hello $62 so you’re saving $20 and 60 cents here with free shipping and handling that’s additional savings and we have two easy payments of 2070 to make it a little more budget-friendly hello a lot and this is what I love about here’s what I personally love about a shallow Baker so number one uses great east-to-west capacity so I can do tatertot nachos right here please help yourself talk and I get tacos I can make it nice and big and yummy everything you love about stomer so naturally nonstick notice how Mary is literally just pulling that right away come on the side of the dish in the oven up to 500 degrees microwave refrigerator freezer safe and I’m saying all that about a cheese board great it’s amazing look at that I wanted to show I mean nonstick is just an understatement sure so absolutely beautiful love it it’s so versatile that’s what I love about it so I’m an empty nester now it’s just my husband and myself so the fact that I could do a nice beautiful deep dish cookie in here or a deep dish pizza look how amazing that is so pretty yet if I just want to cook like two chicken breasts in here and roast broccoli I do this all the time I cook in the same dish mm-hmm it’s perfect for the two of us that’s what I love about this piece I grabbed a big ol jalapeno on that one oh you did oh sorry I do oh no I did it on purpose I love it first day presented on free shipping and handling and that free shipping and handling is gone at the end of the day this would be a beautiful showcase for your Cheryl’s cookies it would be beautiful to showcase oh my gosh look at that butternut squash that’s gorgeous isn’t this gorgeous and here’s what I love about the versatility of Temptations the fact that I can take that shallow bigger right there this is the the guts of the charcuterie board absolutely fill it up with cheese it’s going to keep your cold cold and your hot hot so as we’re getting ready for the holidays you’re getting kind of stressed out like how am I going to get everything’s ready prepare this in advance you can just put some covering on it put it in the refrigerator but down here I have the perfect paddle this is still the same set to have all of my breads and my dips and things like that okay this our only order of the year yes this is our only order of the year and we have some updates and colors you got it so in the old world we have that gorgeous black right here okay then we have the red there are 12 remaining in that black seriously Wow okay then we have that beautiful red hmm I’m gonna tilt that a little bit oh good you can see it that’s remaining in the red got it cranberry mm-hmm love that four dozen okay and then in the brown Wow four dozen then in the spice last call oh then it wash out there you entertain oh we have eggplant two dozen now I’m gonna take it down to the front of the table floral lace green floral lace red floral lace light blue floral lace black black there are a dozen remaining right here then floral lace brown or chocolate chocolate floral lace in the spice four dozen in the floral lace spice and then floral lace in the eggplant oh my goodness okay remember twenty dollars and change saved from the comparable retail price here it’s our only order of the year and that free shipping and handling goes away at the end of the day tacos were so good I’m going to have some of those by the way I left the apple tart out for

the crew yes god I’m so happy oh yeah hey nice to see don’t we got more to discuss but I sell to shop with free shipping oh yeah yeah yeah it’s free shipping Saturday and we’re taking it on the flip side right now because the flip side is where we talk to you about a great food item that happens to cover maybe somebody who has a dietary restriction or a dietary preference these not only are delicious not only have an amazing heritage they just so happen to also be gluten free and kosher you know this is Liberty orchards and if you have met them before start dialing because you know here on an image with Mary they have a tendency to fly these are new this week these are the dessert delight yes we introduced these last year then we have the back for Christmas in July everybody loved the ones we did with fruit and nuts these are a our fruit dessert they’re a fruit dessert so now you have lemon bars and you have a cranberry orange crunch and an apple pecan pie a cranberry orange sorbet so this is a salute to the classic fruit dessert isn’t that lovely okay I think Scott you said how many over two thousand have already been ordered than they’re new this week so we get these three boxes yes we have really cute gift boxes now so you’re getting a total of sixty pieces of individually wrapped fruit candies 20 will come in each box and five each of those four different flavors that I mentioned so sweet and I just wanted to show you to look on the back it’ll go over the dessert delights that are on the inside keep in mind too these are $36.90 because I’m getting if I’m not mistaken a total of 40 where am i getting 20 I’m getting 60 together yeah okay so good mind $12.32 a gift right no weight great and it’s a great chance for all of us to take a quick trip to the Pacific Northwest which is Washington State where over 100 years ago two young men came from the Near East looking for a better way of life and they landed in this beautiful apple orchard they named Liberty orchards in honor of how they were feeling about their new life in the States and they had so many apples they didn’t know what to do with them so they went back to a traditional recipe from where they grew up which is much like Turkish Delight and they took apples and they took walnuts they cooked him down in small batches and they created the first candy which was applets apples and walnuts together and now they’re making all different varieties of candy still in small batches still committed to using fresh fruit concentrates fruit juices fruit purees and fresh nut meats come together with a little dusting of powdered sugar to not only round it out but to keep them from sticking to the wrapper when we get to the warmer temperatures there look at that it is pillowy it is jelly like it’s just completely melts in your mouth it gives you that burst of fruit flavor I I can’t remember or I just am using that as an excuse to try the lemon again yeah I love these and I love lemon bars so what do you think it’s it’s all of that burst of the bright citrus mm-hmm but it’s it’s just so much less guilt this is so I love the consistency of it yeah it’s a little bit of jelly but you still have that bounce back yeah so you’re not having to chase it around maybe dripping it down the front of your shirt that little bit of confectioner’s sugar on the outside to just rounds it out reminds you of a lemon square my mom used to make it for me in college they get dusted with powdered sugar at the end what makes these desert varieties extra-special now that one is just solid lemon all the way through there’s no nuts in it but if we look at the other flavors if we might go down here across the front of the table right here this is my favorite I’ve always been a cherry girl this is almond crunch so there are going to be little pieces of cherry dry cherries in there as well so dry cherries mixed with the cherry juices fruit concentrates and purees together with those fresh crunchy almond nut meats gives you that burst of cherry and then the crunch of the almond together it’s like it’s like a cherry pie when you’re humble I jumped ahead I went to the Apple you do oh my gosh I have to tell you it’s so fresh it’s just so so fresh take a look at the inside that is right where I bit in I mean all of those chunks of Apple the chunks of pecan so so good just stretches that is

just really really fresh fruit it taste like down here on the end this since you just did that one for us that’s gonna be the keynote story apples with the pecans jump ahead Mary down totally this you’re gonna have to think about Thanksgiving dinner you’re sitting at the table and you’ve got that big bowl of fresh homemade tart and tangy cranberry relish with a little bit of orange in that and that’s what you have in here you have pieces of cranberry you have the cranberry juice in the orange juice and here all together and that is what that taste is like a burst okay Lisa is standing by Lisa’s ready try one remember first of all yes hi hi late bar ladies first right is where it’s like somebody’s okay it’s like somebody took a pecan pie and they just put it across the bottom and then they took an apple pie and they just put it right across the top so good this has almonds in it cherry almond crying huh individually wrapped to some lemon square love lemon squares oh you I saw this in the hallway walk excuse me walking in this morning what caught my eye was this box yeah after the bus it’s nostalgic it brought me back to like a little kid growing up the boxes are gorgeous gosh great gift that’s a great gift oh wow love girls I’m sorry twelve dollars and 32 cents per gift we started the week with how many four thousand we have 1800 remaining oh my goodness no auto delivery is available you need to stock up again Marie Louise four different flavors represented there classic dessert flavor flav’s you’re getting 60 all together 15 of each flavor we’re gonna split them up and put 20 in each box so starting right down here in the end we’re giving you let’s go away from lemon bars for a second let’s go to classic lemon meringue pie that’s it you’re gonna taste a new yes the lemon is citrusy and bright and then that little bit of powdered sugar rounded off the top it’s just a little bit of sweetness to that next to that is cherry almond crunch so imagine you’ve got a really beautiful Washington cherry pie with maybe an almond crumble on the top of it next to that everybody’s favorite for the day and that’s fine because more cherry left for me this is going to be the apple pecan pie and then finally on the and a trip to the cranberry Bowl on Thanksgiving cranberry and orange come together you know it’s funny I’ve tried it’s most of the flavors before I don’t think that I tried the apple pecan pie before and so that’s where I gravitated yeah I know for a fact that cherry almond crunch it’s just that little satisfying bite at an incredible value today thirty six ninety six and you’re getting a three-piece village box set which means it’s $12 and change perk gift Marie Louise free shipping and handling thank you Mike you for having me my gosh yes I want to bring one you’re gonna take us over and one of those and maybe hey Jack I’m gonna toss one over to Jack you ever tried the Liberty orchard here we go my friend here we go limit Andrey Andrey have you ever tried him before chucking it over oh oh that was lame that was lame I apologized Bret Hamilton you ever tried you ever tried Liberty orchard before here we go Oh Bret Hamilton’s coming up with a big deal huh Oh brighten the guts hey he’s coming up with Antoinetta shocker wait a minute try it again you ready lemon bars Hey there he goes he tossed back my favorite one which is perfect this went off the rails real early that’s good it is good but you know what it’s free shipping Saturday so we all get a little bit giddy this is The Temptations 17-piece entertaining bakeware set in old world in floral lace here’s the thing too these have ruffled edges this is also about 10 pounds of stoneware yes on free shipping and handling I’m just saying that early I know amazing day a shot for this set Oh 100% it’s almost a 16 quart capacity and this is you absolutely need this for this time of the year let me show you why these are the entertaining pieces that you need not just for holiday but for everyday and it’s going to start with that 18 inch platter this is the floral lace festive other fess imagine it is Christmas and you are hosting and this is on your table gorgeous ruffling all along the edge there that great well designed you have never see these shapes and sizes before so

even if you’ve been collecting for the 16 years that would be here you don’t have these pieces so there’s that great platter then we’re going to have the largest oval we have ever done not just any oval ruffled low-profile four and a half quart Oh Aaron this is great because this is actually a second roasting dish for you that’s going to sit right on top of there then we have this second largest oval we’ve ever done three and a half quart capacity look how gorgeous that shape is nest as you go so if you’re worried about storage do not worry then you’re going to get a 3 quart oval so just think about it you have 3 oval baking dishes a platter right there everything you need but we even have more so we’re going to give you we know how much you love those minis covered with stoneware love that right there 16 ounce capacity look how gorgeous that is you’re getting not one but you’re getting two of these right here then you’re going to get 4 8 ounce ramekins right there even though they’re small all the detail that you know and love from temptations and I want you to notice how I’m nesting as I go and then we have never done these before they’re like little tidbit bowls I do like olives you know things like that lemons limes on the bar oh my gosh absolutely and you can literally just put those right on top there take your legs and tuck them in but I am still not finished we are giving you 10 recipe cards so if you’re thinking about gifting how fantastic that this gets you jump-started all the recipes 50 sizes two of your favorite nom oh that great terry cloth on the outside but look silico dots on the flipside I mean Mary this is everything you need for your holiday but yet your everyday table we’re replacing this yay it served its time yes it did its job but it’s not exactly what I’m going to be looking for when I go to put dishes on the holiday team yes and beyond this is the comparable retail price one hundred and sixty seven dollars yeah this 17 piece bakeware set from Temptations is less than a hundred that is stealing and it’s about 10 pounds of stoneware yeah on free shipping and handling on and it’s on six easy payments of $16.65 now that free shipping is gone at the end of the day but if you’re thinking about okay well I have enough temptations for myself what about gifts yes thinks about this is break apart gifts because it’s 588 apiece so this can break apart into 10 gifts of stoneware but that means this is five dollars and eighty-eight cents amazing right I’m so passionate about this set because we’ve never done anything like this before the zerk yeah absolutely berserk okay I was floored when I saw it but okay choices you have choices I know I don’t know how we do but we still have them so in floral lace were that beautiful engraving on the outside and then check this out the hand painting on the inside there’s the floral lace blue here’s the chocolate that’s a beautiful deep brown color here’s the black that’s that beautiful Twilight color right there here’s the eggplant love the deep grape purple right there in the eggplant it’s like that regal rich purple the light blue I gotta tell you there every time I see the light blue so pretty gorgeous here’s the green here’s the spice here’s the red the cranberry next to that is right here see the difference this is your warmer red tone and at the very end the only seasonal colors that we have are the floral lace oh my god goldenrod color and the one I showed you from the beginning and the little finial on the fall wait a minute I want you to see it gorgeous it’s all it’s in that gorgeous it’s a little leaf only available this time of the year and Mara I’m pretty sure you could get this a time for Thanksgiving oh yes you can okay I got it by the way that was that was a good click I’ve had a few Liberty orchids today but you know what you if you order the fall today number one it’s in stock number new you’ll get it in time for Thanksgiving which is awesome we still have old world tell the world absolutely so old-world green notice all those beautiful highs and lows of the green color here’s the eggplant that beautiful purpley grape color here’s the blue one of the most favorite colors we have here’s the black I love that black great wedding gift right oh here’s the red here’s the cranberry here’s the spice I’m so in love with it I know here’s the brown and then let’s move a big shout out to confetti because I don’t think we’ve seen confetti as a color choice you know all the temptations colors combined so what a great way to start if you’ve never tried temptations it’s 67 dollars and two cents less than our comparable retail value folks are just chattering about it on Facebook and I get it I would be right there with you if I wasn’t hosting but it’s a gorgeous

set says PJ and then Julie says this is a huge set and then Dineen says this is a in quotes but wait there’s more and quotes presentation I couldn’t agree more because think about it maybe you give the two livid side dishes to your sister maybe you give the platter to your mom maybe you give the deep dish to another friend this one’s for Katie this one’s for Elise this one’s for my mom like their side love everybody or something you can keep what you want I love that and gift the rest personally I would keep everything yeah Mary this is what we’re talking about though think about what’s giving right that’s what is it just – is it even two weeks or less than two weeks away which one Thanksgiving Oh two weeks two weeks okay so imagine serving this on your Thanksgiving table but you know when you get cheesy this is just a cheesy corn casserole you know how things can stick on the side when you cook in metal or glass never going to happen yes gluten-free girl come on no my friend I know we already friends I am always at that hey what I love about temptations Mary is we eat with our eyes first and every time you come over to look at something I bring out of the oven before you taste it the look on your face is wow yeah this is gonna be something it’s going to be something special I think and you know what I’ve said it many times before but I don’t think I’ve said it in a while there’s something about a temptations kitchen that is so inviting and so you not only get that incredible savings when you shop for temptations but you get the versatility you get the durability but it’s inviting you know when all of your pieces match which oh my gosh it took more than 20 years to get them to all match yes I understand it takes time but with temptations no matter whether you go old world or floral lace everyone is just inherently welcome at the table when you have temptations hey Mary and you know we want to give you back time time with your family and friends time to gather back around the table so get this as a gift for your scene you know that you actually will have more memories more time more photographs around the table that just means so much to all of us and sorry that corn casserole was so my I want to show you some high as and delicious both appropriate so keep in mind this is a 17 piece entertaining bakeware set in old world in floral lace you see those beautiful ruffled edges on the set how about this the price tag is $99.98 free shipping and handling for almost 10 pounds of stoneware so think about individual gifts if you were to break this down everybody gets one piece divide that price by 17 now you’re looking at five dollars and eighty-eight cents per piece amazing and you know we have such an amazing collection you just saw the cheese board now what you can do is you can take those ramekins the 8 ounce on the 4 ounce put it on your cheese board bring it to the table but watch what I’m going to do now I’m going to set this aside Mary I can now take out my bread right here I can put it on that board and I can slice right on here thank you so much this is how you start to see build and grow and enjoy your temptations collection what a beautiful love bread right good and we baked that bread not in a bread maker but in that 3 quart oval it’s amazing so cool okay so we have one that’s in last call we need to make sure that we show the size of this one sure so it’s the largest is the four and a half quart oval three and a half quart over three Cordova 18-inch platter two 16-ounce covered ramekins two four ounce tidbit bowls four eight ounce ramekins oven mitts ten recipes and snap-on storage cover for the two largest oval Baker’s and here’s the colors that we have leftt the one that’s on the table is floral best okay and then in floral lace over here we have the blue okay here’s the brown here’s the black eggplant light blue green spiced red cranberry that beautiful golden rod in the fall fall is last call o always last fall last call of course it is I think it is we’re seeing snow in our weather it is last call it’s right then down front and old-world old-world we have green eggplant blue black red warm cranberry spice most limited in spice Brown confetti okay so this is that ultimate temptations gift set corn but it’s also a great break apart set so keep that in mind that how wide is this platter 89 Ches 18 inches you can see my friend she’s so good you know what a lot of folks have also been using the hashtag I TK WM and sharing on the temptations page if you are not following temptations you should find them on Facebook you should find them on Instagram so much fun to follow along and they always showcase your temptations creations that was Mary’s

table now we’re taking a look at Debbie’s quiche look at that hello and then Patty has also shared a photo with us using I TK WM oh my goodness those cookies I love my temptation look at those yeah I love sprinkles me to put sprinkles or jimmies I say sprinkles okay now mark Charles vote for spring I’m with Jimmy Jimmy are you mm-hmm well also my a lot of my childhood was in Germany so when I throw German words out for things everybody goes what so yeah I’m really outfield I said it once on years and years ago with like a 3 a.m show I said Jimmy’s and I remember the host looked at me and said who’s Jimmy yeah and I said oh maybe it’s a maybe it’s a West Chester Pennsylvania we’re talking about ice cream flavors one time and I said spaghetti ice and everybody was like we don’t eat that here I’m sorry more to come but now it’s time to talk about another timely offer yeah temptations harvest carving set with the gift box oh my goodness place your orders for H – 1 2 3 4 – and you will get this be beautiful carving set in time for Thanksgiving look how gorgeous this is and this is like that specialty piece that you bring out this time of the year and it just means so much to you so it’s going to great start with that great 1810 stainless steel the beautiful embossed harvest pattern what I love about it is it doesn’t scream harvest it’s a beautiful soft leaf like design and you’re going to get that great cold meat fork right here that we all know you remember your dad pulling out things like this growing up we all need it and then you’re going to get on we’re gonna hold up the knife so you can see that beautiful serrated knife right there what would you rather have on the table yeah so true Mary isn’t it it is look at the gorgeous this has a wonderful heft in your hand so you know that you’re getting a quality piece yet very ergonomically designed so it’s very easy to hold into use it’s $19.60 it’s on free shipping and handling and you get this beautiful gift box which I love I do too if you want a gift and you’re going somewhere for Thanksgiving how great would it be to leave this but if this is for yourself this is now the storage container this is a fine piece from one of the best silversmiths in the country that we partnered with therefore you want to take good care of this when you’re not using it which would you rather have in your hands for those holiday memories would you rather have this one or would you rather have this elegance here in my right hand that curvature really is going to help you also this is just a giant Fork its it’ll be functional but I don’t know that it’s going to be able to do what you want this has that beautiful curvature to it and the fact that there are two tines that means that you are holding on to the protein but you’re not losing the de juices that’s that’s correct because when you have multiple prongs in a fork that’s part of the issue is releasing the juices this is so well made but everything from cakes when we talk about a serrated knife it has so many uses which is why it’s so popular but now you can go into your cakes and look instead of smashing or smashing the cake I forgive my terminology no that’s okay I told things on tables oh geez oh don’t worry instead of being in the cake I love the fact that I can literally slice the cake and I don’t I’m not going on not chiseling I’m not sawing I’m literally just going right through the cake and I get that beautiful cut which is what we’re looking for and you know I was gonna ask if we could see the leaf detail here because not only is it going to cut beautifully look at how gorgeous that three-dimensional work is I mean all the way up the handle mm-hmm very that’s the other thing we could have just done one side we actually embossed both sides and you notice at the top and the bottom how there’s that beautiful see right up here yes that beautiful border right there but you see those figural leaves actually are functional because when you hold it you have a good grip and I’ll show you over here what I mean well if you would like to cut the pork or I will you will yeah thanks Mara I was left passing that job oh absolutely so do you see how Mary like you you feel it in your hand right really sturdy and good slipping now the other thing that’s so great about it is the fact that this is high quality stainless steel amazing right okay well back it up because we we need to go back in time because I need about 10 more minutes because this handle has such great balance to it it’s the balance of it and then that blade is beautiful yes but oh my gosh it is just cutting through the protein no problem getting all the way down to that bladder which I know is also okay because its temptations and I love the fact again it comes with this great gift box I know it’s the piece that you’re literally going to use all year round although

you’re thinking of it for the holidays simply pulling it out all the time you’ll get it in time for Thanksgiving six easy payments of 327 which helps know if you want to pick up more than one there is no reorder or rat set that’s around H – one two three four – how many gone Scott did you say I’m so sorry 200 have now got it raesha stocking stuffer cuz luck and the green-eyed walk in the door you know what I was trying to do there right this is why we get along so many reasons so nice to spend time with you today always looking right time with you remember fine temptations on Facebook and I love giving a follow on Instagram there’s a lot of positive messaging shared on your page and I like that I like that a lot Oh huh whoa hey Mark Charles Masoli no problem it’s so good to see you back and you know what this is an item that was new for us the week of October 21st and I say that because already close to 10,000 have been back to home this is a single serve amount of fun or a buffet of fun your choice of fun it’s from yes chef and it’s a set of three griddle mini makers with gift boxes my son oh thank you my son uses a previous iteration of visit in his dorm room very cool every year we bring out a set of three that’s right change it up this is this year set mark Charles Mesilla is with us the original kitchen innovator I’m gonna take you down in the front and show you that we do have a set of three that we call bright one in pink one in green one in turquoise and you’re seeing you get a color coordinating gift box with each and every color how cool is that then in the middle we have the basic one in black one in red one in blue all in a color coordinating gift box but then at the end more we have metallic you get one in silver one in copper and one in gold of course with our color coordinating gift box love it so they’re all about a pound I mean you can move him anywhere you want well what you know what is this all about this is really about those individual there’s no temperature control and you plug it in yes yeah cook on it and you unplug it it’s got two plates on it it just cooks it makes a little perfect hamburger if you doing a giant brownie or cookie you can do like the little wampum biscuits in there it fits the the breakfast sausage if you’re looking to grill that up instead of putting it on you know on a frypan it fits one egg perfectly what you’re going to do is just wipe this out so I just did the the sausage on this one right so look how easy this is so we’ve got a little bit of grease on here and I’m able to wipe it right out okay oh wow I almost lost that egg and just drop the egg right in fits of one egg perfectly dropping you’ll see how quickly that cooks I’ve never had an egg do me a favor before you can do a little PB and J’s you can do a little crust double the way they take off the cross open this up here if you’re looking for snacks you’re making your own fruit pockets and stuff like there’s a little PB&J fine this is just again it could be biscuits that you buy in the frozen in the refrigerated section she could be two pieces of bread that you cut the crust off of what about the cookie dough that comes in the little bricks works so you could just add in there and make a make all cookie to go Oh remember it cooks up and down so you don’t to flip this or anything I’m gonna bring this over here and show you what I have here is one of those pizza pockets okay so that quickly were able to fill this up with sauce and some some what’s the word I’m looking for honey thank you some cheese and do it that easily what am i loading in here I’m holding a pancake and that would be in here I’ve gotta keep on top over the enzyme no that is not it was there I don’t know where the pancake mixes I might have eat so imagine that I’m putting pancake mix in here we’re gonna move on if you want to get if you want to use any of the pitas and tortillas that you buy the grocery store look even that it’s not perfectly even it doesn’t matter because inside I was able to make my own home quesadillas with chicken leftover chicken and cheese that melts beautifully and easily make a little individual pancakes that are a little bit larger than a silver dollar but smaller than a regular pancake I think that’s the icing for the thank you I really wanted to cook it so you break apart whomping biscuits it fits right in there just put it in there and drop and you’ll see what the reveals are you’re so good it’s not really me it’s just like the simplicity and the fun of it so I’m gonna take this out and show you that inside of here I actually have no idea making your own fruit pockets look at this right away there are about five inches in diameter six and a quarter inches long three inches high the cord is nearly three feet long just a few inches shy but these are nonstick cooking play nonstick so just put it right in there take your favorite brownie mix your cookie dough mix it doesn’t matter and you’re able to do

that so I put one in here but this one’s done and I’m gonna show you what happens when you’re done with brownie mix you could make brownie discs if you will look at this we made a whole pile em over here oh my is this not beautiful sensational unas like this sugar AHA boom top yes this is what Mike this is my culinary skills really come to play I gotta tell you there no fighter taught me this no that’s my free shipping and handling and the Easy Pay is gone at the end of the day at retail one goes for $12.98 so here with the $29 98 cent price tag there $9.99 a piece so 1298 at other retailers $9.99 a piece here but we have free shipping and handling in two easy payments to help make it a little more budget-friendly but we’re saving 9 bucks right out of the gate by shopping here at QVC 2 and these have been a very popular gift choice my son uses these for his dorm he is the squad he’s the squad commander this year boy um so he does a lot of breakfasts for folks that are in a squadron but a lot of the folks have been enjoying this I’ve been hearing about some creative license being taken with these little mini griddles but think about it too if you’re an RVer this is a what in the world that’s a blueberry pancake and sausage staffed with blueberry syrup that’s Merida taught me that too that looks like a really sideways pancake Stonehenge or something I don’t even understand watch this week and this how to make a pancake okay I got the pancake mix now you just put the pancake mix in there feel like this is gonna notice my exact measuring that I did not you don’t have to be don’t just drop it and that’s it done yeah a little squishes out the side how do we clean it up no we just wipes off because it’s not stuck on the outside so just wipe it on at the inside obviously that’s all you’re gonna do remember you plug it in the blue light means that it’s ready to temperature you see once the blue light goes on that means it’s enough and then I’m plugged in and ready to go it’s simple it’s a great little snack it’s that great if you have nephews nieces grandchildren that come over all the time you’re trying to do little fun cooking things with them in the kitchen maybe after school they come to your house this is a great gift if you’re looking for three separate gifts but I also think if you’re doing for yourself think about the fact that I can do the sausage the egg and actually toast up maybe the muffin and actually make my own exact really cool I have to call it out again to for folks with dietary restrictions or severe food allergies wouldn’t it be lovely to have your own griddle so that you know your color is designated to you and you don’t have to worry about cross-contamination because it’s always yours we have been really excited to use the frosting today yes mom murder taught me this too of no I watch all her videos that’s exactly how she does the frosting on those two knurled I know French professional chef I did not even know what she was feeling out of the corner I thought oh so if you want great tips to cook like me watch blue-jean chef’s not endorsed by Meredith Lawrence rock my eggs sorry Chloe stole from that egg said I can’t help y’all anymore y’all have done enough you know what these are the bright we have way too much fun here one in turquoise one in green and one in pink and folks then we have the basic black red and blue then at the end we have no basic is most limited in the metallic we have a gold copper and silver wait a minute we have to see it I just I’m actually impressed by some and they didn’t measure that see Mara taught me this stuff that looks too easy periods of $14.99 yes you can I can’t wait to see what happens next remember that free shipping goes away at the end of day and the Easy Pay does – um thank you more pancakes please okay wonderful to see you wow you have taught him so much I don’t know you know what oh that was very nice thank you pancake delivery it’s very hot is it yeah I’m not sure it was a gift not sure okay okay earlier in the show I said Blue Gene chef would be coming back with an item that I was very excited to see on free shipping that brings all those memories back storage display and a service vehicle hmm all arriving fully assembled which by the way before used to be on almost $27 of shipping today is free shipping Saturday and so you are

getting this gorgeous three-tier collapsible storage cart from Cooks essentials on free shipping so this is a great one to pick up to the how much was shipping it was almost $27 that’s so that’s a savings in itself I remember when this cart was $99 it is now $69 so saving saving savings and we have six easy payments of $11 and 66 cents what kind of assembly again 9 na yeah isn’t that amazing so this is actually how it arrives to you it will be flat in a box this size which is why that shipping was so expensive right not anymore right but it comes like this all attached there are some zip ties that you need to snip just to open it up and then you’re gonna open it up like this you’re gonna put that shelf down they work together oops me just make sure that that little thing is over that little latch there a little hook hook and loop and then you put that top on and you’ve got this great cart that can handle 60 pounds of weight on the top shelf okay 40 pounds on each of the lower shelves it’s 140 pounds awesome that’s pretty great storage in a very respectable and and efficient what am i calling that size top nope keep going when you put something a foot we should not play Pictionary together mmm you know what this is from cooks essentials so we know that it’s beautifully made but that clearance price is $69 and 90 8 cents free shipping and handling it is 35% off of our standard QVC price and last time I saw this card it was $99 I couldn’t believe it so we have color choices just as we do I’ll back it up oh you want to start down here sure curvy white is always a popular choice isn’t that gorgeous it is you know goes everywhere really and if you’re thinking about bathrooms or laundry rooms White’s a nice nice option it’s about 36 inches high 30 inches wide and about 15 inches deep so keep that in mind here we have I know you love this blue well you know come on blue jeans chef makes sense this has that just old British racing car blue it’s because if you get in there real close and look at it you can see it has a little bit of a metallic look to it yeah like that a lot okay then we have the black mm-hmm which is beautiful also goes everywhere love that one then we have the red which is like a candy apple red it’s beautiful then right here in round yes no the brown let me put it near the black because you’ll see they’re quite close it’s a really dark dark brown but it is a brown but so if you have a lot of wood tones in your in your decor or maybe brick walls exposed that Brown would be really really nice like a copper chef that beautiful color along with it the brown is our most limited color choice however there is no assembly required right um this is a steel frame construction and wood on the top wood on the top and powder coated color on that side there so this is really quite fantastic so you’re getting if you look for shelving online and you eat there are a lot of commercial looking all the options for you yeah this is actually holding 140 pounds but it’s attractive so you’re not you can keep this out I mean it’s folds away to nothing if you’re gonna put it in a cupboard or a closet but this actually is attractive enough to leave out anywhere and yet durable enough to do the job okay no wait I’m just gonna come up here I’m gonna get your living room for a second I just wanted to talk to you guys I’ve worked here at QVC for almost twelve years and I started out in customer service and I always promised that when I saw something spectacular I would call it out to you didn’t matter what time of day it was this is a nineteen pound beautiful steel and wood storage rack on free shipping and handling I’ve set it okay just wanted you to know that when I saw this when I was due my homework I was like I am going to shout this from the rooftops because we always need storage Oh many different rooms in the house yeah I mean here we have it in a bathroom I’m showing you note if you want to put your towels your extra towels there maybe make a little basket for some people maybe you know even have your little make up station on the top you can do that here bathrooms notorious for not enough shelf and storage space or if you’re in the kitchen and you want a workspace I think that color would be cute new kid’s playroom Oh totally just thrown that out that’s a fun color it is and or if you’re in the kitchen you know when I was a kitchen is the thing that I find they don’t have enough of its counter space yeah so now you can actually have a counter space to do something on let me show you the wheels down here okay the wheels all lock so you can come down here and you can just lock that wheel down if you want to like this and then you have it and that happens on all four wheels so you can really make this a sturdy vessel if you want to and something that you can do counter space out so for instance you wanted to cook out of it oh look at this look at cook out of a cookbook oh is that one two eight six two no its f13 3/8 oh I was so close you could do your prep here you

know and then you could go ahead and you have all your ingredients down below to pull from just kind of nice though I could make my Moroccan lamb and the tagine I could make you could make the first of all that’s one of my favorite pictures in one pot Comfort that’s a great capture knowit very few things I like doing more than throwing pizza dough really I love it stick in the light tree up above well you never saw it again it was fun and then this red I have to say if you have a room in the house you know some of us have kind of finished off the basement and made it into the man room or the sports room I think that red is such a great call to put into that storage space so let’s say you make this your snacking area and then you can just fold it up and tuck it away because it folds down I mean once it’s all folded down I think it’s no more than four inches well yes you’re absolutely right which is pretty incredible so if you do need to fold it away you simply move that top over lift up the shelves fold in the sides and then that’s all it is you can take that and put it anywhere you want but speaking of the you know having it out downstairs in like the party room yeah how about making it into your bar you know if you’re having a party this is the best way to get people out of your kitchen yep it’s to put the bar over there right with the bars over there then everybody goes over there as opposed to sticking around because there are a few things you guys get them in the kitchen I have to tell you too when I was a flight attendant that beverage cart when it’s fully loaded is it’s 250 pounds 250 and that is not like the nice carpet it’s not easy to know that and I don’t know what they do nowadays but old-school when you had to apply for the job and you did the interview you had to be able to lift and push that amount of weight so yeah good thing I’m a bruiser because got the job no problem they said well like look at her shoulders yeah she’s Foote when that hits my elbow that’s 250 pounds it sure is yeah and that’s that’s why I used to shout your weight I’ll recreate just to make sure that I didn’t get any arms and legs yeah well you want to be all her today always I think folks in California just heard me but this is from cooks essentials and that is our own in-house name we’re very proud to present cooks essentials exclusively here at QVC and QVC – so you know it’s sturdy you know it’s well made folks have left beautiful reviews saying how much they love a but it’s a clearance price of $69.90 it was a QVC price of a hundred and ten dollars so not only are you saving on that great clearance price you’re saving about 40 bucks mm-hmm oh no 50 bucks you’re saving on that free shipping and handling 26 more dollars fantastic and that’s because it’s a bulky shape because there is no assembly required once you get that home so that this is how wide it is is how wide that package is so that is why you’re getting such a great great savings on that shipping and handling this is the brown behind us is the white this is that gorgeous blue love this blue and then this is the black color at the very end is the red but carol is on the phone Ohio would love to say hi to her hi Carol hi Kara names Mary please meet the blue-jean chef how are you I am just fine today how are you – very well thank you and so do you have this card are you picking it up today I’m picking it up in the white today wonderful what was it that caught your eye Carol well I I had the temptations white here from my corner I live in a small condo in the corner and I thought this would be a real nice accent next to that really yeah it is and especially if you are living in a condo a small space and you don’t want to put shelves up against the wall and you know put holes in the wall it’s a great way to get some shelving space some storage space without doing that oh yeah oh I’m so glad and so I know your corner rack has some beautiful scrollwork because that rack was designed to match your floral lace and your old-world take a look here this design is going to go beautifully with the rack that you already have that’s perfect Carol picked up the grill a little – it might have been pretty fast and furious and every really good time today we always do our Carol thank you I hope you are too I hope you enjoyed the rest of our program today we’ve got some more things to show you if you’ll stick around with us okay you both have wonderful holidays thank you you do too but by now right how one day bye-bye and you know that’s the thing is it’s going to match beautifully to your decor because it’s

not overly ornate that’s exactly we’re like that too and I love the fact that it you know it’s it’s pretty but it’s very functional the locking wheels on the bottom the fact that there’s no assembly imagine if you’re having company over in the next couple months and you want to have dessert and coffee ready you could do that alright here you could set up your Keurig coffee maker your mugs you have your desserts maybe down here below and then you you know pretend that you’re in the restaurant and you’re bringing the dessert cart around and you could say what would you like what do you do I was looking for my giant wine bottle I was gonna put that through that always the case aren’t you always looking for your giant wine boy I can’t believe that stop quite frankly I’m 500 have now been picked up and in the kitchen with meri it’s K four five six five three this is a cart that is made of steel and wood we had it for a hundred and ten dollars it is now on a clearance price of $69 those are good that was it’s almost like a reverse do I’ve only got 230 pounds more to go before I can become remember – it’s on free shipping and handling because today is free shipping Saturday and so this is a workhorse but in the past cost us almost twenty seven dollars to ship but now because of free shipping Saturday it’s on that free shipping and it’s also on six easy payments of 1166 and to add some more numbers to the mix it can hold 60 pounds here forty pounds there forty five hundred forty pounds worth that’s a lot of numbers it’s a lot of numbers just know of all the numbers that we have shared with you you are saving a huge amount today by picking this up so a lot of them you don’t have to think about it all because they’re not there I don’t think much so twenty-seven don’t even think about that number because you don’t have to pay it’s gone yeah it’s always the wine um what is it like two twenty you made it the 220 before you look for the big bottle on white we have that beautiful brown right here at the end it’s kind of like a UH its Grande yeah because it has a little speckle of a metallic and it’s beautiful couldn’t think of the word bronze to save my hair then we have the blue then we have the beautiful black then we have the beautiful red again free shipping and handling six easy payments of xi y front of the shot to say thank you to the good chain chef thank you my friend of course thanks for being here you know what we’ll find the wine don’t panic and we have Marc Charles back in the show oh that was a little Domeier wasn’t it I worked a gourmet holiday last week or the week before that with Rick tomar I had so much a fine oh my gosh he is so good I’m gonna just love them love them love them love them um let’s jump back into the world of yes yes sure and talk about the two-liter rapid boiled digital multi pot now this can boil water quickly yes but it can also do a whole lot more mark charcoal seeing its steaming its boiling you got everything you love about the fourth burner pot that business came from that I created all those years ago and we electrified it so you’ve got this great vessel that really is beautiful stainless steel body inside we put measurements on there it’s hard to see what they’re in there I promise you right there okay see them there we go right there see that so if measurements you can do reduction sauces or you just have to boil you know two cups of water before you do your rice pilaf box you can do that don’t be fooled with with what’s going on here because it’s a lot of capacity you’ve got two liters you can plug it it anywhere it’s got a great great plug on it that works wonderful and it’s got a temperature control the front so you can actually keep something warm you can actually cook something boil right over there there’s the power lights going on it’s heating up to capacity it’s ready to go you can turn it off that quickly done and everything’s done ready to go stainless steel body we love starting down there at the very end we have that beautiful stainless steel on the side that you can see on each one but then we have the color represented the bottom so there’s the black the one next door there is the blue then we have the red which is always a popular choice and then at the very end we have the purple now here’s where you see everything that you’re getting this cord is a breakaway cord yep so if you need to tuck it up you need to put it inside and tuck it underneath when it’s not in use you can but also you get I just ate some of my hair you get and then the rack so you can actually steam things on top of them or it’s to raise the steamer basket up in the air and then you get a little booklet for some recipes yeah there are four recipes in there and then about six different things that you can think to cook don’t forget the top is the cooking look and it’s trainers so two sides of strainers on it too I couldn’t be standing in a worse spot first day presented on free shipping and handling.that free shipping and handling is gone at the end of the day and we have two easy payments of $19.98 so the comp retail here is $62 that’s what you could expect to pay elsewhere

you save $22 and change here it’s just a great great little extra piece it’s everything you love about the fourth burner that I’m telling you about stove top we electrified it whether it’s making up your sauce and your possibly use two of them if you are gonna make gravy this Thanksgiving this is a great way to plug it into your buffet and it becomes a warming gravy you can make the gravy in you and then keep it warm during the whole dinner which I love so that’s what I thought about when I did the sauce what I love is remember that strainer that’s a cut bit no the steamer steamer thing I can actually do beautiful things like the fish in there there’s all the steaming coming out of there we put some aromatics that’s what this in here to show you what I did with some vegetables we can get a shot underneath guys I can show you real quick we use the wrap oh cool okay that went underneath this this steamer there’s the rack and then if you look inside we put some herbs we did some white wine we did some water and then we did some lemons in here so this rack kept that above seeing it so it’s above when you put that the color in there if you’re going to steam something that’s how it works and with the lid on it remember that cooking look lid with the strainer is built in large and small it covers it perfectly and that’s how you get that steaming effect to cook with this okay so good you know what I’m saying hi to Tiger who says you’re making her hungry Hedy says not everything not everything is gluten-free that’s true so if anybody’s in the live stream right now and they’re like why does it Mary it everything is because I do have some dietary restrictions so I get a little bit limited but I know I got a haircut and then when I bend over sometimes my hair goes in my mouth I apologize but just ordered I mean head ease here Mary Ellen’s here Babette is here PJ is here this is an awesome crowd chatting away on our live stream and just saying hello to everybody in bed that is saying so much nicer to get this out then to get out the great big pots yeah and don’t be fooled I’ve made the macaroni in here right I’m making him sorry you should then loaded it with a lot I’m adding the cream I’m adding the cheese I’m adding the butter and I’m actually melting because of course when you have the residual heat from what you cook the pasta in oh my god we haven’t super dippers today I’m very messy in case anybody’s wondering what kind of cook I am at home that was aim that would be a messy one and I don’t care why we have a cleaning segment show and then cream oh can I may I put a little salt and pepper yes you can please help so in a matter of minutes you can actually make fresh mac and cheese with shredded cheese and macaroni I mean why buy the box stuff when you can do this this easily inside your own grate the cheese that’s so rightful Marsha making and we give you recipe for mac and cheese in here by the way for you ok if you want a steamed shrimp if you want to boil eggs you can do that look at this we did again there’s there aromatics underneath we did some lemon and some white wine in there and water and we put them in there look at that took that we did bath smells you can do eggs in this we love that so we’re gonna cook some eggs next in there okay and my other favorite thing to do is if you want a mashed potato maker this is it i boiled the mashed potatoes just in there say this quarter them my thing is about keeping the skins on them you strain it right I remember I’m not pulling a colander out I actually cooked them in there with the water strain it out okay right come on there we go and by the way if you didn’t notice I don’t have any pot holders I really wanna make sure it’s all cuz I want that’s a great point right no pot holders and I’m gonna move over here now we’re gonna add ready we’re gonna oh I’m gonna mash up cuz I want to see the consistency of my potatoes but look with it masher it so I’ll stay is steel I’m able to match these right in here and then I’m gonna add some cream okay about half of that I’m gonna cheese and we give you we give you an idea I need you to salt and pepper too and some butter and you can actually make mashed potatoes gravy is ready to go I mean how cool is that that I just made this in the multi pie with no worries I got to tell you something pretty cool mashed potatoes you put orange cheese in here I love you so much right now that wasn’t part of the recipe the cheddar was not supposed to be in there nope i salted there we go those are gorgeous I just made mashed potaters how about that gorgeous well now the crew gets beautiful potatoes by with cheese on them and guess what we’re doing now we’ll go back we have four color choices continue to place your orders to easy payments of 1998 and free shipping there it’s free shipping Saturday but you know what now it’s time for a little bit of a gadget drawer because this is one that is a set of two from Kuhn Rikon that for years on in the kitchen with David when we did not have these in stock folks would jump on the in the kitchen with David chat and ask me when are you getting back the plastic wrap and foil dispensers remember Mark Charles totally got it for years why how do you make it easy so you never have to fuss and worry about it every single time you use your foil your clear wrap your parchment paper or your wax

paper you get a perfect cut with no waste and nothing what Mary’s got their hands this is I mean we all have this problem in our hands this elastic wrap is somebody definitely said a bad word here yeah and then this aluminum foil I mean I don’t even know what happened somebody came to this at about 65 miles an hour but we’ve all been there or would make the mess in the kitchen wait for cuts and then you waste what you’ve just spent money on in the store you don’t have to do that anymore we have the set of two in this beautiful red we have the set of two in the black set of two in the emerald emerald correct set of two in the wine want and there’s windows the units point that she’s putting out right here this way you can tell what’s inside so what you have to you’re gonna put one with four one will clear up or one with parchment you know what it is by looking no one not really pretty and then down in front we have the set of two in the blue and then we have the set of two in the white now the wine is most limited it’s free shipping Saturday we’re in our final quantities of the year on this one and we have two easy payments of $14.98 but a little roly’s ya matter that’s what the secret is you’re gonna get four rollies that’s by the way technical term we just made up just now the section of the term you get four of these per unit so you’re gonna get eight of these why it is important you see that two are larger and two are smaller well because you’re gonna buy smaller roles or larger roles so depending on the length of the role you buy you keep it I’ve got the spring they’re to actually spring them right in there do not get rid of the other set when you only use one because you may change the brand you’re using so it becomes Universal the other thing I want to show show you if you worry about anything on how to work this guess what we put the instructions right inside there and it’s permanently in the bottom of that so you never have to worry on how to use them there’s suction cup feet which means it’s not gonna rock and roll on you when you’re using them but think about the precision I can’t emphasize this enough look this foil is what makes me remarkably excited why have you ever been able to do this with foil before single-handedly striped all the way not a tear in the whole thing when you have that kind of control I can then go like this look my hands are complete notice that the size of the suction cup kept it great I get to roll this up to the desire that I want close this up and I’m ready for baked potatoes inside the oven or on the girl when it’s summertime when you are covering something you take the item like the bowl or whatever you have fit it to what you need close it up and I just wrapped it that easily with no waste and no worries no more fighting with those rolls look how gorgeous this beautiful cake I don’t know this cake is beautiful beautiful I know it’s not the point but take a look look we can’t we have to preserve that mark John yes we should wrap it it cannot let that go to wait I want to look good I want to show you to the whole idea of the spring so I was talking about okay there’s those wheels I was talking about so you get the roll and you fit the wheel that fit best in it and then you’ve got the springs in there okay so what I love is now I just did something really bad but I let go over the plastic wrap we’ve all done it I did the silliest thing I just let go all done okay so we’re gonna put this back in there like this okay and you’re ready to go you can lock it up like this remember that window shows you what you have so when you’re going to wrap something up put it over wrap it up now remember I don’t want to crush this so watch right I can keep this in a tent formation and I didn’t wrestle with it the cake is not destroyed and I didn’t have to like smoosh it down or anything because I’m not fighting with the wrap is that great that’s expert level cake preservation oh yes well you know anybody know if anybody knows that it would be me you know we have color choices for you remember you’re getting a set of two for that $29 96 cent price tag it’s free shipping Saturday Mary Ellen says oh I love these I won’t use anything else Cheryl says I have this and would not be without so convenient that wine color is our most limited color choice so please don’t hesitate on picking up the wine but then we also have it available in the Emerald in the set of 2 so here’s the wine here’s the Emerald here’s the set of 2 in the black here’s the set of 2 in the red down in front here’s your set of 2 in the white and then here is your set up 2 in the blue and we’re getting how many of the little bouncy froggit for oh that’s a new term for for each one so you’re gonna get eight total excellent so remember this is one that we don’t have in stock all the time but it is now and it’s on free shipping we are in our final quantities of the year to here no no it’s because I like too much of MCM know you know what what whole crew we love it when you’re here and we love you you know what you you need to find Marc Charles and social media to so much fun and find that picture of us on my Facebook page moving lucky I love you too I’ll see you there what makes holiday shopping even easier

free shipping shop on air online or on the QVC apps for your chance to get free standard shipping on everything don’t miss out it’s free shipping Saturday all day today until 11:59 p.m Eastern on QVC get those holiday party favors ready in a snap with mrs printables handmade confections tune in throughout the day Sunday on QVC then we’re kicking off a full day of pretty presents with radley London handbags tune in throughout the day Monday to snag your perfect bag on QVC and drive and style your hair with a power only dicing with the dyson supersonic hairdryer tune in throughout the day Tuesday QVC a Black Friday so spectacular it starts on Thursday shop low fat Friday sale prices now on QVC comm and dill teas great deals starting on Thursday November 22nd on QVC I have been here at QVC for almost 12 years and still during a live show I will stop and talk to people in the hall but it’s a lesson I’m never sure she knows a lot of people around you know my goodness John we have been waiting and waiting to talk about copper chef and John is here to talk to us about just that this is a very special offering from copper chef however because it’s the copper chef’s microwave grill with a grill press lid and accessories coming along with it well over 65 thousand have been sold why do you think that is I think there’s copper chefs a phenomenon because it works so well it’s true it does it solves a lot of problems in your kitchen guys it’s so all of our equipment and cookware so versatile and this is no exception by utilizing the most underused underutilized piece of equipment in your kitchen that you normally just use for boiling water and maybe reheating your coffee make a heat reheat a little pizza possibly it’s not even great for that but with the right with that where’s the cop chef there it is with the correct tool it turns your microwave into an effective cooking source exactly right so we do have color choices for you I’ll give you a look at those for just a moment we have the beautiful Burgundy isn’t that nice and then we also have next door to it the beautiful black then in front and last but not least we have that gorgeous marine blue now you’re getting all kinds of things along with it you’re getting the lid which is also a grill press lid we’ll explain to you why this little insert ring makes a huge difference in how you use the lid on this cooker and we’re gonna show you exactly what that means you get the insert for steaming if you would like to do that you absolutely can and then over here you’re getting the insert yes you can bake your microwave grill from copper chef right here you’re gonna get some recipes to get you started 23 recipes in that little booklet that comes along with copper chef so don’t throw it away because it helps you really get to know your machine it’s $24.90 it’s on free shipping and handling and it’s on six easy payments of four dollars and sixteen cents but wait a minute that’s from the microwave yeah you hear are crispy this I do right it’s from your microwave guys a effective panini grill and this is hot as it match but I’m gonna get it out I got it got it so the unit is in there it gets up to 600 degrees when you heat it up in the microwave and we’re going to show you how to use it in a second but I want to show you how effectively and easily it cleans up look at that I just wait to clean I can essentially bake some muffins in there if I like we give you a silicon baking dish here’s a little baking a little animation to show you how this actually works so through a unique process utilizing silicon and iron ferrite the unit draws in the microwaves so it turns your microwave oven into an effective radiant heat cooking by drawing the microwaves in and turning them into radiant heat so you’re cooking with microwave heat inside and out and then you’re also cooking with radiant heat top and bottom and all the way around just like your regular oven look at that I know that’s from the microwave so basically you’re converting your microwave into a grill and oven a steamer and so much more but you’re searing in the flavor and moisture all with that ceramic tech yes sorry I had to show I’m glad you did I love ya but if you can feel how hot this one is man look at that right whoa reaches searing temperatures over 600 degrees we give you a little kickstand here coz you don’t want to put the lid down and I want to do a little demonstration here you want to use mr. Rick Romans evo sprayer here and it’s your favorite friend not only for the airfryer but it’s great for the microwave grill and we’re just gonna pop these right in here so you heat it up first if you want to get a sear is that what you did you do it up so we put the whole unit in the microwave for three minutes okay it reaches temperatures over 600 degrees you can hear that sizzling now I’m going to use it with out the support ring I’m going to put it

back in the microwave with the food in there and we’re gonna cook again using microwave heat so we have radiant heat and now we’re cooking what might believe me this is that support ring so he took it out so now the lid can press down into the center of the vessel and now that lid turns into a grill lid isn’t that cool so now you can also cook from frozen and you can utilize those six easy payments of 4.16 cents to give this as a gift at the holiday season – do you like sauerkraut yeah I love sauerkraut especially around the first of the year it’s great time to grill guys it’s getting cold you don’t want to go outside but this is a great way to make effective use of your microwave by doing some indoor grilling maybe it’s late night maybe you’re by yourself maybe you’re out a propane or it’s raining or you just don’t feel like going outside this is a great way to get grilled results utilizing your microwave I love the fact that this is so versatile I love the fact that I can grill I can use it as my oven I can use it as my steamer and more because guess what microwaves have very erratic behavior yeah they don’t give you consistent results your food can stay a little cool in the middle but it can get super hot or even burnt along the edges now you have the control of copper chef right in your what what are they beautiful their little frittatas oh those are beautiful look how well they pop out at a silicon baking dish it works so well I want to break one of these open so you can see look how beautifully inside that’s cooked you know if they can get over there and see yeah let me show you here I’ll bring it up with me take a look now the interior is a one and a half quart capacity so you get a really nice size on the inside and Jon let me ask you this how do we clean it up this is a hand wash guys you don’t want to submerge it in water but I showed you how quickly and evenly they look delicious quickly and easily it cleans up it’s our ceramic technology in there guys so you don’t have to worry about anything sticking to the pan or anything like that you are making a I’m just trying to leave it been all over fantastic grilled chicken remember we’re able to get those again because the unit is designed to cook so well in your microwave oven yah that’s good piece of that out there it’s a sear right and look at all the juice in there oh great and it makes them great delicious all the way now you know what happens when you put chicken in the microwave you guys into rubber right that is not rubbery it was juicy we can’t recapture it all that you should get grill marks on the top it’s nice and crispy very very similar to if you cooked right outside on your grill this is 50% off and remember it’s free shipping Saturday so it is on free shipping and handling it’s a clearance price so that means we will not be reordering K for 6 2 2 1 that means you get to take advantage of that incredible price now and today we have those six easy payments of 4 dollars and it and show you everything that you’re gonna get here at the end of the table because it’s a very specific offer and really with everybody in mind so take a look we have the burgundy we have the black and we also have this marine blue so all three colors are still being represented this is your steamer insert it goes right down there in the bottom but has that little bit of lift on it so you can put in your favorite infusion if you want to at the bottom this could be really really pretty now this is your lid that is also the searing lid so this ring is what you’re gonna put in when you want to use it as a lid but then when you want to use it as a grill press you take the ring out and you can press it all the way to the bottom to get that beautiful sear on the top and on the bottom so that is that ceramic there on the interior of the vessel and the lid just so you know and then here is your silicone baking insert so that you can make those beautiful frittatas that we just showed you and I love that this is a heart because it just makes me happy and then you also get the booklet that has 23 recipes on the inside to help you get started you’re converting your microwave into a grill and oven a steamer and more you’re doing it all with the power of copper chef and the nonstick of ceramic that has just absolutely taken our kitchens over but it’s free shipping Saturday so check out the full assortment of copper chef and lock and lock and everything that we’ve had in the show because today is the day to shop and copper chef is ensuring that we can sear in the flavor in our microwave look at this guys we pop this in oh when you came out I just want to break a piece so you can see how well it’s coming look at that that beautiful yes cooked so well inside and we cooked that in four minutes guys we’re gonna flake him right apart it’s delicious just like I like it John de Renzo that looks wonderful thank

you so much it’s no good in here