Star Media presents Aleksandra Sizonenko Anna Adamovich Vladislav Mamchur Konstantin Samoukov Oksana Voronina Pyotr Mironov Screenplay by Vyacheslav Shmidt Marina Mednikova Directed by Roman Brovko Director of Photography Aleksei Kalin Art Direction by Diana Todoratyeva Score by Oles Korovnichenko Executive producer Dmitry Minzyanov Producers Vlad Ryashin, Yuri Minzyanov Hey, lady, watch out for the car! Lady, move over! Careful! There’s a car! I told you there was a car Some people, huh – Here you go – Thank you Never Let Me Go Tolya! Tolya, what are you doing? This is my apartment, or have you forgotten? Nothing here is yours! Get out I’ll call the police! Screw you No, these are Natasha’s things! You don’t have the right And who’s Natasha, then? She’s my daughter, which means here things are mine, too I’ll come here whenever I want and stay however long I want No, no! Shut up The neighbors will hear you, you’ll be ashamed Give me some money Give me some money and I’ll leave Where would we have money from? Go get some in that beer joint you like so much! I’ll find some No, no! Screw you Look at that! And you said you didn’t have any money Did they teach you to lie at the library? I warned you, didn’t I? Nursing station Head Nurse Korneeva, please Yuri Nikolaevich, everything’s perfectly okay I mean, there’s some turnover, but we’re managing I ordered the medication yesterday Well, I have different information, Inna Grigoryevna The patients complain about the inattentiveness and rudeness of the nurses Who set up the IV drips in room 5 yesterday? I did Well, I saw the aftermath, Inna Grigoryevna All three patients have edemas and hematomas And it’s your fault, Korneeva, and no one else’s You should learn from Konoplyova I had bad quality needles! I’ve told you many times, they supply us with trash! Really? But Konoplyova uses the same systems Well, what I have to say is that I had an entire delegation of patients come to me yesterday, and, Inna Grigoryevna, they asked very passionately that you be off duty And that your hospital rooms go to Konoplyova Just don’t smirk now, please I’m just giving you a verbal warning now, but please remember it The briefing is over, everyone back to work Nikolai Nikolaevich, come to my office later Been brownnosing, bitch? Inna Grigoryevna, you know that the patients are right! I can help you with the drips if you want

Help your own self See you in the office later, girls Yes Natasha, come soon, Mom is unconscious! Don’t worry, I’m with her Okay, I’ll be right there Inna Grigoryevna, I’m sorry, I have to run, something’s happened to my mother I’ll swap the shift with someone, with Lena! The cheek on you! Let’s go to my office Olga Alekseevna, what happened? Well, I was coming home and saw your door was open So I come in and there she is, unconscious So I called an ambulance I haven’t lifted her up, they say you can’t do that until the ambulance arrives Pillow! Yeah, a pillow. Okay, okay Give it to me There you go, honey Help be. Be careful Okay, okay. I’m doing it – Careful, careful – Yes, honey – Hold this – Yeah, okay All right, I’m holding it Your daughter’s here, it’s all okay Oleg Nikolaevich, hello. This is Natasha Natasha Konoplyova. Something’s happened to my mother, can I bring her to you? Thank you so much I’ll bring her to the hospital I don’t know if I should tell you, Natasha I know who was here – Who? – Your father It’s okay, it’s okay He was so dirty! So scary He was probably hungover He wasn’t here long, and then he went out, and she was waiting for him – His new wife? – Yeah, her Looked just like he did, probably found her in some dumpster The ambulance! Jesus, Valya Tell me, honey, what do men need, huh? Well? You’re a medic, so I’ll tell it how it is Your mother probably underwent a stress attack No stroke, this much I can guarantee When she comes to, her speech should be okay Thank you very much Wait, don’t thank me yet You see, what gives me a bad feeling is that she doesn’t have sensitivity in her legs I know of cases where serious stress led to partial paralysis Of course, we’ll do another evaluation, but I don’t have any good news for now How? She’s completely healthy, she never had any problems – She works – Natasha, calm down, please! The thing is, the nervous system loves to give you surprises, and not the pleasant kind Do you have anyone at home to watch over her? She only has me I see. Well, let’s keep her here, then, with us And then we’ll see Oops, Natasha, I’m gone Natasha! When you’re on duty, I’m always in a good mood Don’t exaggerate. Why are you up? You’re supposed to be lying down I’m so sick of lying down, Natasha Why are you so down today, not smiling? Huh? And what’s this? Stop eating that junk I’d stop if there was a stop sign What happened? Did someone hurt you? Just tell me who You have your own share of problems No, I don’t have enough I’ll tell you later, I have three drips to do Nurse What is it, Kornev? Give me a shot, I can’t take this You just had one an hour ago I don’t know what that hag is injecting me with, maybe it’s water The head of the department prescribed it for me I can’t take this pain anymore I’ll go find out, be right back Tough it out, she’ll be back Hold on, I’ll call you back Inna Grigoryevna, what medicine did you give Kornev? What do you mean, what medicine? The medicine he needs. What are you… a detective agency? Are you positive it was the right one? They prescribed him a very potent painkiller, and it didn’t work for some reason You think I don’t know what they prescribed him? You think I got nothing better to do? Go away Is that Kornev’s medicine in your purse?

You’re seeing things So you take medicine out? Let’s say I do. Don’t you? No Of course, why would you? The higher-ups love you Maybe he pays you out of his pocket? For other services? Huh? Do you realize you just stole medicine from a sick man? He’s back there gritting his teeth from pain! And you’re Mother Theresa, yeah? You worry about all of us Go on, run, report on it to the higher-ups! I’m not telling anything to anyone But you will return the medicine to the uptake room and promise me to never do it again Do you promise? Of course I do. I promise Yeah, Dad Yeah, I’m still asleep I’m not asking you where YOU were last night I’m not being insolent! I’ve just about had it with your lectures I’m an adult, I don’t have to tell you where I am If you don’t like it, disown your daughter and send her off to live in a dumpster Hey, whatever your name is, get up Come on, get up So that’s how it is, huh? Okay, you, get out of here. Don’t ever come back! – What are you, crazy? – Yeah Who needs you, anyway Screw all of you How did I get here? Mommy, don’t worry! Everything’s okay! Yuri Nikolaevich said everything was okay Tomorrow the best neurologist will look you over No, there’s no need, it’ll go away on its own We don’t have any money I got a bonus, and you remember I was saving up for a vacation It’ll cover the medicine. And you don’t have to pay for the room Yuri Nikolaevich said there was a quota for the employees Natasha, we don’t have any money at all We’ve been robbed Did he take it? Natasha, don’t It’s okay, Mom, I’ll take care of it Natasha, don’t, don’t go there! Mommy, come on, you can’t worry, lie down Yeah, I get it You know, it’s an unexpected proposition, but I can’t I can’t not agree to it! Yeah! Yes, Vasily Fyodorovich. Okay What did you think it was going to be? Come on, really now, I’m very glad I’m really glad it happened that way It’s true. Yeah Yeah, okay Yeah, that’s right It’s agreed, then You can reach me anytime, Vasily Fyodorovich Best of luck. Goodbye I have to be away for some time

I was added to a medical team for a trip to India, we have an agreement about medical help And what about… Don’t worry, I’ll make the orders I think the higher-ups of this hospital will meet our best nurse halfway Speaking of nurses Look, I’ve been watching you for a long time, Natasha You’re good, you love your profession, you’re good with people You’d make a good doctor Why are you still a nurse? How am I going to study when things like this happen to my mom? We need money We’ll probably have to take out a pension And what kind of pension does a librarian get? Well, you have to be brave, Natasha And about your mom, I’ve talked to the neurologist, he’s a friend of mine He’ll do everything as best he can Thank you Why did you come, did something happen? Yuri Nikolaevich, I wanted to ask for a raise Right You know, I’m holding a meeting today, before I leave We’ll definitely look into your request and figure something out Okay? Right, go back to work Come on, pick up! I got breaking news for you Our boss is going to India Make all of your connections busy, we have to make you acting head of department Anything else, Valeria Aleksandrovna? A bottle Of course, right this moment Typical delirium tremens, Dad So that’s how it is, got no other words for me? It’s not words, Dad, it’s a diagnosis You have a problem, you need help. Dad, please, hear me out I’m not alcoholic. I can quit any minute I drink because my soul is hurting Everyone’s abandoned me, I don’t have anyone Dad, it’s hard for me to say this, but I changed all the locks at home Why? Don’t come anymore How did you… Why? My daugher, what about Mom? How is she? In the hospital, critical condition Thanks to your visit, by the way Can you put the kettle on in the kitchen? There, in the kitchen Have you found it? And the glasses? I’m leaving Why? Won’t even have a cup of tea with your father? Dad, think about it, I’m always ready to help you… I’ve thought about it already! I’ve thought about it, I realize everything I’ll quit. Well, not today. On Monday You have my word! – Hello – Hello Can I have two croissants? Apricots, chocolate? You know, scratch that. Sorry I’m a daredevil from Moscow, They know me at the Tver cop station, Every alley dog knows my light walk Every dirty horse nods at me when I walk by, I’m a good friend to my people… Dad, can I have a moment? Excuse me, friends, this is my daughter

What are you doing here? Weren’t you going home? Give me my money back What money? That you took out of my wallet I didn’t! Come on, me taking your money? Did someone pick your pocket? Dad, it was my bonus! Is the wallet still there? Dad, I have nothing to treat my mother with, do you realize that? They must have taken it from you on the bus The people doing that, true masters! They’ll take your wallet out, take the money, put the wallet back it, no one notices a thing! This is over the line! That’s right, it’s over the line, how do the police allow it? Come on, daughter, get going. Right? If it gets hard, come to Daddy, he’ll help you out Blood is thicker than water, after all Who’ll do it if not your daddy? Here, bus fare, all the money Daddy has I’m gone Guys! Great Bet you a hundred rubles she jumps No she won’t I’m telling you she will What are you standing around for? What are we supposed to do? She’ll jump anyway, the idiot – Which staircase is it? – That one there Who are you? I’m… I’m just someone Do you want me to recite some poetry? What poetry? Good poetry! Pushkin, Lermontov, Brodsky, Yesenin! “A learned cat… walking slowly round and round.” “A tree, there prowls a sprite!” Yes! Just like me right now I got straight A’s in school And you? I didn’t, I had C’s in Physics The Physics professor was in love with me Nice! Tried to rape me He thought that was how he was going to make me marry him What an idiot. Stay where you are, cow!

Okay, okay, tell me! Tell me about the affair with the Physics professor Affair? What goddamn affair? He tried to rape me He thought my dad was going to defend my honor And Dad didn’t give a damn about my honor He only cares about himself Who? Who are they? Daddy, with his blow-up doll star Her entire body is blown up, blow at her and she’ll fly away And my dad is a drunk. A real one Never gets sober Beats my mom, steals all of our money Cool, right? Peachy Who are you, anyway? Natasha. I’m a nurse Hey, nurse, how about we jump together, huh? It’ll be hilarious Do you think our parents will miss us? Dad won’t even shed a tear, he doesn’t care Look, take me off of here, okay? I’m afraid of heights Then why did you climb up here? I don’t know Please, help me I can’t get off by myself All right, good Natasha! Is everything okay? I was worried Traffic, Mom Vanya, this is Natasha Konoplyova, the daughter of our patient, and also, Vanya, the best nurse in our hospital Ivan Pavlovich Yakimets, neurologist Pleased to meet you Me too I have some good news: there’s no risk of a stroke See, exactly what I told you Valentina Pavlovna, you have a great daughter Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to cure the partial paresis I’ve written some prescriptions, and tomorrow, after the evaluation, I’ll be able to say something definitive Tell me, my mother… Will she be able to walk? Can’t tell you right now Nobody can, unfortunately It’s all because of the stress But there have been cases where a repeat stress attack returned the patient the ability to move I can only say one thing: our patient needs as many positive emotions as she can get. And positive impressions Bunin! Bunin. Hey, Vanya, “Light Breath”, you remember it? Incredible For now, this is the best treatment for her Thank you Vanya, I need you to sign a couple of papers – Yeah, okay – Come to my office Thank you so much And don’t forget what I told you Yes, thank you Well? Oh come on, stop it Nothing terrible’s happened to me, I just won’t be able to walk for some time, that’s it I’ll ask Yuri Nikolaevich for a wheelchair I was so pleased when he called you the best nurse of the hospital He supports me a lot, like a real father Have you seen him? Your father? Yes. He’s quitting drinking Oh, I heard that for ten years and three months Did you see her? No, he was alone If it weren’t for that woman, he wouldn’t have started drinking and wouldn’t have left us Mom, don’t lie to yourself If it weren’t for the vodka, there wouldn’t have been that woman And what are we, a candy wrapper to be dropped? No, we’re two strong independent women And we’ll win Hey, I’ve been looking for you

First on the dance floor, then the bar, then the go-go bar Did you look for me in the women’s restroom? What are you talking about? Have you seen me in the women’s restroom, where they snort coke? Or at the kitchen, where they boil and fry the corpses of our enemies and serve them as steaks It’s gone bad Why are you talking about corpses? Too much to drink, too much to snort? Have you ever even been a corpse? Not yet, but someday I will be In about seventy years, that’s for sure And I have Really? How was it, funny? Hysterical! Try it sometime, you’ll get your panties wet Want some tequila? No Why, too boring now? What about gin? I don’t want vodka either Listen, Artur, what do you live for? I mean, beyond things like drinking, pissing, eating, screwing… You know, Lera, you’re asking the wrong guy I’ve gotten a good place in life recently, and I like it here so far I recommend you do, too, as an old friend Sex, sex, and more sex It really distracts you from your head I could lend a hand, by the way Out of purely selfless reasons Hey, hey! What are you doing, you retard? You want to die? Yeah, I do! Moron If you don’t like it, leave Piss off Now this bone Do you feel anything? No, Natasha, I don’t, you’re trying in vain Mom, you never try in vain in medicine Being stubborn and patient give you good results, but later You’ll see Yes? I’m listening Who’s that? Father? No, some unknown number He could have called you from a different phone Natasha, I’m begging you, don’t talk to him anymore, don’t meet with him, nothing Just don’t, okay? – Do you love him or something? – Me? Sorry, it just got out Natasha! Congratulations Starting tomorrow, you’ll work as head nurse, with an appropriate pay raise Wow, holy cow! Yuri Nikolaevich, is there something you want to explain? What is there to explain, Inna Grigoryevna? Natasha has earned it through hard work, and you have been warned many times about the complaints about your work, both from your coworkers and the patients Anyway, during yesterday’s meeting It was decided to transfer you to being a regular nurse, and promote Natalya Anatolyevna to your position So I don’t work hard, is it? Let’s forget that I’ve worked longer than her, that I work my butt off… Well, work with your hands instead, Inna Grigoryevna! We work with human beings, they need special treatment Unfortunately, you can’t provide it You know what, I’ll file a complaint I’ll go to the Minister of Health with this Inna Grigoryevna, I don’t doubt that for a moment Power plays and intrigue are your forte But this is the decision of the board, and I don’t think there will be a different one So, here’s your IV drip

Natasha, come on, I’ll show you around your new responsibilities Bitch How time flies, I’m already getting discharged There we go, last shot Why are you so down about it? That’s a good thing Maybe it is. What am I going to do without you, Natasha? You’ll manage, Sorokin I don’t know about that Look, can I visit you from time to time? For shots I’ll be after you, then Huh, Natasha? How are you doing? A bit better And after Inna Grigoryevna’s shots? Well, I’ve noticed that whenever your shifts coincide, the shots help. And when they don’t, it’s useless I’ll take care of it Thanks, nurse Excuse me, where is the reception desk? You’ve passed it, it’s on your left Thank you Dad, is that you? Dad? Get your ears cleaned Who is it? Lera Lera who? Lera nobody! Why are you calling me? You were the one who called me Oh, I was sober, I was in a bad mood then And now I’m already… Wait, are you drunk? What do you care? Yeah, I had half a bottle of champagne, that’s not even my usual Stay home and don’t go anywhere, I’ll come by after work Got it? Look at that, she’s telling me what to do Natalya Anatolyevna, could you show me your purse? Why? There was a tip What tip? That you abuse your position to steal medicine Me? Come on! Can I have a look at your purse? Of course, here you go I don’t understand What’s there to understand? End of the shift, the main employees leave, why not take advantage of that, right? But I didn’t take anything, it’s not mine Is the purse yours? It is Then what are we talking about? I understand, your mother is disabled, the medicine is expensive, but why steal? I never stole anything! This is some kind of mistake A mistake? A drug containing controlled substances was found in your bag There can’t be any mistake I didn’t take it, I’d never ever take anything, under any circumstances But you did! There they are. There And Yuri Nikolaevich had such a high opinion of you He held you up as an example Do you know the hospital can report you to the police? That’s right But don’t be afraid, I’m not a savage You’ll write a letter of resignation today So as not to taint your employment history Well, that wasn’t me. But I have an idea about who it was Okay, Konoplyova, I tried to level with you, but I can see it’s not working Okay, then today you’re taking your mother out of the hospital, you’’ll get the bill for the treatment at the reception desk, and you’ll get your work record book when you’ve paid the hospital Got it? Go on, get Thank you so much, honey The drinks are on me. You know I know how to be grateful Natasha, what’s the hurry? Why can’t we wait until morning, Natasha? Everyone’s getting discharged They brought in, uh, the flood victims

I don’t remember where from Oh, I see then But Natasha, how are we… I don’t know, Mom. But I’ll think of something Natasha, I won’t even fit into a taxi with this thing Natasha! Is that you? Good evening Sorokin, why aren’t you in your room? It’s late That’s it, I’ve been discharged, I’m a free spirit now Good evening, I’m Vitaly Good evening. Valentina Mikhailovna Glad to meet you And you, Valentina Mikhailovna, are… Well, actually, we don’t know how to get home Mom, I’ll take care of it Okay, one moment Sasha, hello! Where are you? I’ve been waiting for you for half an hour All right, if you aren’t here in one minute, I’m going back to the hospital and that’s it, no party for you. Yeah We’ll sort it all out Sorokin… Vitaly Leonidovich, or just Vitaly Vitaly Leonidovich, there’s no need, we’ll make it by ourselves Natasha, for a person who has golden hands and a golden heart, we’ll sort it all out Can I have your phone? This is my number, call if you need anything Or just if you want to talk There’s the car Where have you been, buddy? In traffic Valentina Mikhailovna! I’ll help you, wait a bit It’s okay What you looking at? Has it been that long? Yeah, you’re one crazy gal I think you’ve gone off the deep end completely now What? I said that’s enough! Enough! That’s your third cocktail! Oh, I get it Artur Eduardovich, one minute, please Can’t you see I’m busy? I’m sorry, you just need to sign some papers There, and you said we wouldn’t make it home See, there’s still good people in the world Who was that man, Sorokin? Just a patient from one of my rooms And that’s it? He wanted to help you so much He liked my shots He’s a handsome man, independent Do you have his number? Give it to me later, I want to call him and say thanks Mom, don’t be coy, he’s too old for me No he isn’t I feel people well, he’s a good man Why didn’t you feel that father was a bad one, then? What are you standing around for? Get me the administrator, now Yes? Who is it? Father again? That’s it, give me the phone, I’ll talk to him Hello Hello, this is Artur – Artur? Artur who? – Do you know Lera? Oh! Lera, yeah. I know her Well, she’s not doing too good. Could you come now? How am I going to get there? It’s late I’ll call a cab for you. Send me the address Okay, I’ll text you the address Please, don’t let this come out! Shut up, you. I’ll deal with you later Was it you who sold her the drugs? No, it wasn’t me. I don’t even have coke on me She brought it herself We’ll talk about coke later What’s this place come to?

– Do what she says – She has to go to a hospital Let’s handle it on the down low, huh? No hospital, we’ll take her home, here’s some money I don’t need your money Who’s going to stay with her at home? I will, and you. I’ll bring you everything you need I can’t, I have to go home I’m begging you! I’ll pay for the cab Okay. Where can I wash my hands? Down the corridor, on your left. Who’s this? I don’t know, some friend of Lera’s Doesn’t seem like it Lera will keep quiet, she doesn’t want her parents to give her crap I’ll deal with the nurse myself If you need help, you’ll get it, you know that Help! I’ve always dealt with chicks myself Clean up here, a lot of people have seen us And stop selling the crap for now Got it How are you? Why are you awake? It’s all right, baby You don’t look so good Can you tell me what happened? I will, but not today I’ll tell you something, Natasha Someone in this life is never completely happy or completely unhappy And the worse today gets, the brighter tomorrow will be Trust me Are you consoling me or yourself? Okay, it’s late I don’t need anything, you have to get up early You have a lot of responsibility at work now Good night, mom Where am I? In Hell, after an overdose It is Hell Recognize the place, by the way? You’ve been a corpse already, right? There you go. You won’t get so lucky the third time Do the cops know? Do they have to? Where did all this come from? Who do you think? A pretty girl. Natasha Was she the one who saved me? No, it was me And I’ll have you pay me for it, by the way Come on, spill it, where did you find the little nurse? There is a place What, did you fall for her? You’re jealous! Means you’ll live She’s cool, that Natasha. Look, I’ll hang around her, okay? Sure, no problem. But you won’t get anything Let’s bet on it. If I win, you give me your convertible And if you lose? I’ll win