Good afternoon I’m Gretchen Crosby Symms I’m the executive director here at the Institute of Politics We are pleased today to welcome Illinois state representative and Republican candidate for governor Jeannie ice This is our last public event of the winter quarter but we will be soon announcing our programming for spring quarter You can learn more about those events upcoming on our website at politics Chicago dot edu Last week we had the privilege of partnering with WBC and Politico to host a forum with all six Democratic gubernatorial candidates We extended equal invitations to both Republican candidates for a similar format but Governor Rounder’s office did not respond as a reminder the University of Chicago is a tax exempt 501 c3 organization which means we do not support or oppose any political candidate for office Few notes before we get started We will open up the floor to take questions from the audience Please raise your hand and our moderator Parish Shutz will call on you and one of our stude ambassadors will bring along a microphone As usual we give priority for the first three questions to students We’d like to remind everybody that a question ends with a question mark Please make sure that your phones are on silent and here to formally introduce our speaker is Terry Culpepper Terry is a first year from Manila Philippines studying math and economics He is a member of the College Republicans here on campus Please join me in welcoming Terry to the podium Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen I hope you’re all having a tremendous day It is my distinct honor to introduce representative G Jeannie Ives Republican candidate in the 2018 Illinois gubernatorial race a staunch social and economic conservative All her life Representative Ives graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1987 with a degree in economics going on to serve in the U.S Army She then became a member of the City Council where she demonstrated her unwavering commitment to conservative economic principles In 2012 representative Ive’s entered the public spotlight as she was elected to the Illinois General Assembly serving the 40 second district I’ve since used her position to advocate conservative economic ideals Voting cance bills such as SB 9 which sought to increase taxes to fund the state budget and SB 81 which would have raised the state minimum wage to fifteen dollars per hour by 2022 Ive’s further applied her expertise by serving on boards such as the Labor and Commerce Committee The unemployment insurance subcommittee the workforce reconciliation subcommittee the task force on veterans suicide and the discharged service member task force on the social front however where Representative eyes would receive the most attention especially as it pertains to the impending gubernatorial election Representative Ives has become a vocal critic of current Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner after his decision in late 2017 to sign HB 40 into law which expands taxpayer funding of abortion and keeps it legal in Illinois even if the United States Supreme Court to overturn Roe vs Wade In addition to a strong stand against abortion Ive’s is a staunch conservative on other social issues passionately defending religious liberty and demonstrating support for traditional marriages and families As of today Ive’s has been endorsed by numerous Illinois legislators and officials and organizations such as the Illinois FAMM such as Illinois Family Action and Taxpayers United of America and it’s gaining increasing momentum in her gubernatorial bid Today’s discussion will be led by Pear’s Shutz a correspondent and segment host on WTT Now on behalf of the University of Chicago please join me in welcoming representative IFES those a terrific production that I was going to ask you about your political philosophy But I think Terry could have kind of read it all down So I want to start And there’s a lot we want to get to we’re going to get to your questions too But we should dispense of what’s kind of over the airwaves So so I’ll give you a chance to answer this question Are you indeed Mike Madigan’s favorite Republican or somehow in the tank with him or are colluding with him as that Bruce Rauner ad is suggesting Yeah it’s ridiculous on its face and you know this because you’ve been watching my work down there you’ve been following what goes down in Springfield and nothing can be further from the truth This is Bruce Rauner making up lies about me

The truth is is that I have opposed Mike Madigan at every turn I’ve been fighting Mike Madigan longer than first rounders than in politics and I’m proud of that because Mike Madigan obviously has been in power for so long that people don’t remember a time when he wasn’t And for decades and decades he’s responsible for the problems that we have You know he’s he’s made out to be the bogeyman And Tom you know I think that Illinois is a little more in tune with what’s going on And the truth is is that Bruce Rauner could have ran his agencies that effectively He could have taken on public corruption he could have done something on the economic front if he was even willing to stop the name calling with Mike Madigan So if you were Governor how would you differ in your approach to dealing with the speaker So I will work with Mike Madigan or were we will work around Mike Madigan to get our policies across Because you see there’s a fracturing in his caucus They now are starting to feel the heat from their same voters who want something done on the economic front And so the truth is is that when you build the coalitions for the support and you make the arguments that need to be made about policy you actually can affect change which is why we’ve been able to work from my Democratic colleagues some passing bills like the network adequacy bill last year and then further Bill on protecting condo owners as well. So it’s when you make these arguments to folks they cannot back away from the policy choices in front of them So we’ll work with them I mean look Rauner is saying in his ads are they out now lies are It’s just distorted Is there a recourse that you have is there is there a response Well it’s interesting because it’s really we call it around a Republican Party because he’s basically bought and paid for so many politicians down there on our side because he’s funding their campaigns just like Mike Madigan funding Democrat campaigns And there’s no difference It’s so egregious that the House Republican Organization is sending out mailers against a 22 year old University of Illinois student who’s already in school are still in school and he is running for state wrap up in the northern part of the state and he is getting mailers saying that he’s tied to Mike Madigan and the is 22 years old never been in office So this is the type of things that round her and the round are bought and paid for Republican Party are putting out because they know that Mike Madigan is kind of the boogieman to people or we heard a very thorough introduction of you. You’re a staunch social conservative fiscal conservative wonder if you could expand on your political philosophy and sort of what shaped your views Well I went down to Springfield because it became very obvious after the first union negotiations that we and city council member at the game against taxpayers has played in Springfield So I went down there to defend tax payers So we have a lot of problems with arbitration rules that basically prevent managers and taxpayers from having the upper hand in a negotiation with the unions We have property tax rules that are you know allow Cook County to assess property completely different than the other hundred and one counties And that has been a game against the education formula for example so there’s not a fair playing field on that So I went down there to protect taxpayers honoris property taxes onerous carve outs for corporations on special deals for income tax credits. I voted against those surprisingly probably some of you But just the overall tax and spend policies in Springfield that they then direct to the local government where means you cannot move your state forward So the pension crisis is one of the biggest things that I’ve been tackling is the pension crisis because the pension rules are written in Springfield and then pushed down to the local levels to fund And it’s literally the reason for your property tax hike spikes in the recent years to fund somebody else’s pension Well it may. But there’s also used the state funds a lot of. Yes The local school district said And I think you’ve talked about this the moral hazard there I mean can you explain that to people You know the state faces a horrible pension crisis and a lot of it is because it is picking up the tab for local districts colleges and universities How would you propose to change this So here’s one thing that I actually agree with Mike Madigan on because four years ago he actually said that we should probably push pensions back down to the local level. Now believe it or not Bruce Rauner just recommended the same thing in his budget proposal There’s a difference here though the way that you do that is you need to give the locals freedom to decide their own retirement plans So I have actually have a plan in place that says all new hires move to a 401k style program We’ve actually had this in place for 20 years at the state university level and 20000 employees self select the self managed plan that we have in place it delivers a really generous

retirement at the end of their career And it’s where we need to go So the problem in the state of Illinois you have 250 billion dollars in pension debt most of that is Teacher Retirement System debt as well as employee health care debt that has never been paid for or no money has been set aside for that And you’ve got to align interests here. You cannot have school boards pushing out high compensation packages and high salaries and then pushing the pension cost onto state taxpayers So my brother in Galesburg shouldn’t have to pay the higher amount for the teachers in Wheaton that are getting compensated better better a level you’re never going to get this solved unless you align interests One of your allies one of your supporters David McSweeney’s is opposed to this idea of of shifting those costs and you want to break down property taxes But if you shift the pension costs to local districts wouldn’t that increase the burden of property taxes and make them have to raise property taxes to fund that If you don’t do it the right way certainly that’s the rule The reason that property taxes are so high is 70 percent of your property taxes go into the schools in the state of Tennessee Fifty five percent of local and state taxes collected go to schools instead. We have to reorient to our our spending at the state level so that we can actually take more burden off of the property taxes So while I agree that property taxes are too high I think we need to move kept them not freeze them at the highest level in order to do that you’ve got to realign all your spending but you must push these pensions on the back to back down to the university level to the to the public school to the school district level so that they are not putting out enormous pension costs or enormous salary benefits on the backs of taxpayers For example here’s the biggest game going on Two thirds of the school districts in the state of Illinois The employee does not pay all or part of their pension share pension pickup They don’t pay anything So the taxpayers are paying both the employee share and the employer share their pain for all of it happens in Chicago But what happens in Chicago where they’re only paying 2 percent. Right It happens in the western suburbs Look my school district superintendent in Wheaton he doesn’t pay anything towards his own pension nothing and he’s sitting on a two to four million dollar pension benefit At one he retires he pays nothing The taxpayers pick up So you’re saying this is a way to shift That’s right. So local district without them having to raise property taxes to fund to fund this added burden there are a couple of things here First the normal costs for pensions is about nine point six percent In our plan with the 401k style it’s at 7 percent on the employer’s side You’re already saving two point six percent there The true cost of pension burden though when you include the unfunded liability against the salary costs is over 50 percent of the salary cost no pot Private employers paying that they’re not paying you 100000 hours salary and then putting another fifty thousand dollars towards your pension. And yet that is what we are doing with public employees You have a pension reform plan But you know it can’t be lost that the Illinois Supreme Court ruled against any reform to pensions that cut benefits so raises have to stay the same 3 percent cost of living every year. You’re kind of in a box aren’t you. How do you how do you actually do the kind of pitch reform you want when the Supreme Court has said you can’t do it OK so our pension We’ve got like a number of points The first point is to move new hires into a 401k and I’m glad we’re having this deep pension asset discussion because it is the biggest burden that we face as Illinoisans The first thing is new hires to a 401k style program that is completely constitutional and it signals to the bond market and to businesses and to individuals that we’re finally going to stop digging the hole deeper It’s the one thing that I am certain we can actually get done in Springfield I’ve had conversations with firefighters and policemen and teachers and you name it and Democrats down there that understand that we need to arrest this in the state of Illinois When you look at the cost of our pensions it’s 23 percent of our income the average in other states is 3 percent So when I talk about us being an outlier in terms of pension obligation I mean we are an outlier We are the worst of the worst in terms is that in the same category we have to take care of it the same time You talk about future benefits going for but right now the unfunded liability is the big problem I mean there is billions of the awful pensioners because yeah I know that’s what everyone has to glaze over But this is money the state owes a hundred something billion dollars that it has to pay OK you can’t you can’t not pay that All right OK. That’s a good question Look I also favor a bankruptcy bill because there are cities

that are literally bankrupt the city of Springfield literally every single dollar that they collect in property taxes goes only to pensions not roads not services not salary for policemen but only to pensions 100 percent of the property tax so they collect That’s how bad it is and they are not an outlier There are other cities in that same situation Now the unfunded liability You cannot do anything about that until you’ve frozen off the systems which is why the first step is everybody in a four or three B style style 401k style program That’s the first step then a constitutional change So you can change the benefits on a go forward basis I know when you guys walk into your private sector job you don’t you know that your retirement can be changed in time everybody else is subject to that instead of a 3 percent match you are only going to get the 2 percent match what you can do I’m going to sue over that good luck making change on a dime Now I know what our Constitution says but the truth is it’s been a game played against taxpayers for a long time Illinois government has become an end to one big Ponzi scheme played against taxpayers That’s what we that’s what we’ve come sort of clear for you would support the state being able to declare bankruptcy or local go can’t you can’t have the state declare bankruptcy Local governments need this relief They need that relief to discharge the debts under a reorganization similar to bankruptcy OK they absolutely do it Now police and fire and city Chicago unfortunately are about 20 percent funded They are headed to insolvency One downturn in the market means are caput in the next five years The bloom payment because they kick the can down the road which is a bill I voted against They didn’t want to make their pension payment because Chicago couldn’t do it. They’re spending about one point one billion dollars on pensions right now for their four major funds in in four years they’re going to have to budget for two point two billion dollars which will be 25 percent of their general revenues Think about that in terms of a massive property tax increase They can’t do it What’s going to happen And oh by the way they just sold off the next 40 years of your sales tax receipts too they put it in a special fund that allows them to borrow at a supper at a lower rate And if that in if for whatever happens if they have to they had to default The people protecting that deal are the bondholders not the pensioners not the taxpayers It’s like clearing their credit card taking out a lower interest credit card but still piling on debt with not making any spending reforms And that’s what Chicago put through All right let’s move on to the budget you’ve proposed phasing out the 32 percent income tax rates that went into place How do you do that and balance the state budget It’s an enormous task So one of the first things we need to do is we need to have a forensic audit audit of all of our agencies But if 85 percent of Illinois say the state of Illinois is on the wrong track 50 percent of Illinois and want to leave the state of Illinois which has the highest percentage of any state in the number one reason is over taxes so that 32 percent tax increase that we just had last year is going to accelerate the out migration we’ve had out migration We’ve been the top in the last two years and we’re on track to lose not just one congressional seat but possibly two in the 2020 census You cannot build your tax base when your tax base is leaving So taxes are a really important thing I say this as a preface to the budget question the way you do the budget though is you’ve got to you’ve got to actually go to somewhat of an austerity budget So there’s a lot of grants that we funded that need to be just deleted until our budget is healthy We can do that We need massive Medicaid reform We need a waiver from the federal government to design and implement Medicaid services that are better that will better serve our constituents instead of the high cost thing We need a Obamacare expansion of Medicaid puts 650000 single able bodied adults onto the Medicaid system We can’t afford it That system needs to be pared down in the state of Illinois When we started to do eligibility checks on Medicaid in the first round of about 300000 checks 50 percent of them were ineligible But to be clear most of that expansion is funded by the federal government Right now it is right now that you watch in the near future that’s going to flip regardless It’s still a few hundred million dollars worth of money that we could have savings on But you know I mean we saw this during the budget impasse there was no agreed upon budget but there are so many mandates that a lot of the spending the state is locked into. So it’s to say we should cut a billion here a billion there But legally constitutionally the state can’t at this point Well that’s where you have to win the argument with the voters because the voters are going to have to decide the way to reform this And so that’s why we’re going to go straight to the voters and build the pressure to get rid of some of those mandates to do so So pension reform is something that we have to do school consolidation both at higher education and K through 12 would definitely give us savings plus it would align

accountability because even that for the money that we’re spending we have lots of organizations are unaccountable for the results they have So we spend you know 35 billion dollars on public education And yet at the end of it at the end of 13 years only 50 percent of them are considered college ready and when they go on to college actually 40 percent of them need remediation at the higher education level so we’re not doing a good job educating kids here in the city of Chicago only 25 percent of the kids are at grade level And you’re spending a lot of money and getting no results It’s got to end Talking about education I’m sure people here that would be interested in this public educate the public the colleges and universities are losing students in Illinois and their tuition is going up How do you keep students in the state. And how do you make college more affordable for them Well just to be clear here people blame this on the budget impasse The truth is we’ve been losing college or our high school graduates way before 2014 even. We’ve been losing high school graduates And in that year we actually lost 16000 high school graduates that chose a different path chose to go to a school out of state We’re still seeing 10000 plus students leave every single year to choose a different avenue for education The number one reason they’re leaving though is because it’s unaffordable We are 20 to 50 percent higher than our conference peer when you look at our state universities 20 to 50 percent higher than our conference peers People just can’t afford to be here The same timeframe Since education administration has grown 26 percent At the same time in Rome and it’s decreased 3 percent So there’s got to tackle with admitted there’s a demoralized there’s administrative costs Everything that we pay for in the state of Illinois higher costs from wanting to build or expand a building you’ve got enormous union prevailing wage rates and project labor agreements that interfere with getting the best price possible in those things You’ve got tenure rules now I mean a lot of people want to blame it on well you’re just not funding education from the state level Well I think most people don’t understand this but actually we’re number three in the nation in terms of state support per full time equivalent student number three number three we’re not number 47 were not third from the bottom were number three It’s just that half that state support goes to pensions one half of our state support goes to somebody else’s pension and higher age So you’re including the amount of money put into the as yours state yours retirement system. So when you factor that in were that that’s. I’m not factoring that in people who do this analysis are factoring factoring that in this is their numbers I didn’t make these up to benefit my argument These are their numbers Even when you take away that half of it goes to it because you have to That’s that’s the cost that is state support I mean that’s the other thing people want to pretend that oh well that’s just a pension payment That’s not true state support hollow That is all going in to education support at the higher education level or at the local level you have to factor it in because other states don’t have these enormous pension benefits like we have in the last 30 year pension benefits in the state of Illinois have grown over a thousand per cent at the same time Personal income has grown just over 100 percent So ten times also in Illinois there’s a monetary assistance program Yes this is a taxpayer funded program to provide assistance for college for low income residents to support keeping that as it is expanding it reducing it Great question Oh my gosh. You’re hitting on some good stuff here I like that question for a couple of reasons One monetary assistance program really needs to have a clawback provision so if you don’t can complete that the taxpayer should able to claw back that money That’s just the way it should be Number two though there was this real push like we need to expand map grants and so I did a little I did a little bit analysis with some staff When the teacher retirement system decided to lower its investment rate of return from 7 1/2 percent to 7 percent which means that taxpayers had to kick more money in to the next year’s pension payment And you know so that cost was going to be an additional 400 million dollars OK So I said to myself What is the economic what’s the opportunity cost of four hundred million dollars That’s an economic term worse Terry I like that. I mean isn’t that chapter 1 of any economic book What’s the opportunity cost of one thing versus another. All right So the opportunity cost of 400 million dollars meant that we could have we could have increased our map grants two times We could double the amount of manpower you giving

instead it’s going to a broken pension system because they changed changed one actuarial assumption which was their investment rate of return so it has huge crosses that 400 million dollars could be bought Sixty five hundred new teachers at the average cost or 10000 new teachers at the average starting costs that 400 million dollars was enough to take half of the people that are on a waiting list for disability services This is the developmentally disabled are on a waiting list for services It could open half of that list and put half of them in Homebase services And the other half in the community and a great living arrangement So the pension costs when you’re spending 25 to 28 percent of your general revenues on somebody else’s pension There’s a huge crowd out effect We are number one in supporting pensioners We’re number 48 in supporting developmentally disabled in this state in this state. So to clarify on the map So you know if you could increase funding for grants if you if you if you’ve got money out of the pension system look we could increase money we could easily increase funding for a variety of stuff I’m not sure it would go to map grants maybe there maybe there’s a more worthy program out there for higher education I mean I would say we need more accountability in map grants We need a clawback provision that kids don’t compete pleat We’ve we’ve done a lot of pocketbook issues but we’ve got to talk about HB 40 Would you add abortion bill which is that it’s a blanket book. It is a part it law enforcement law it has launched your campaign What would you do on the issue of abortion if you were governor and how would you get a likely Democratic majority in the house to go along with you Paris that’s a great question Thank you for asking that because you see when a governor signs legislation into law there’s nearly nothing you can do with most of that except put together a repeal bill and then hope you can pass that Given the makeup of the Senate Given the makeup of the House what Governor around or did is nearly permanent until you flip the house and flip the Senate politically So that’s that’s what’s so awful about a Republican governor putting in taxpayer funding of abortion because Republicans infuriate our party platform It invokes in its preamble Ronald Reagan Abraham Lincoln Everett Dirksen and Henry Hyde hot Henry II this most prominently known for the Hyde Amendment which said fine you guys won Roe v. Wade at the federal level but taxpayers shouldn’t have to fund it. So Governor Rauner via his signature put in something so permanent you have to change the entire political spectrum down there now on abortion Obviously whether it’s abortion or sanctuary state status or any illegal immigration or immigration laws or any of that we’re going to follow federal law we’re going to follow federal law That’s that’s it But taxpayers should not have to fund something like this And by the way the state is bankrupt bankrupt and he put a brand new open entitlement program When we can’t afford to fund education or map grants or the developmentally disabled and you mentioned sanctuary state law for undocumented immigrants he’s saying this is does not make Illinois a sanctuary state. This bill that he put in the place that would basically you know prohibit local law enforcement from acting as immigration agents essentially Howard how do you differ on this issue from him Well listen I called my state’s attorney about this he basically said it ruins the spirit of cooperation between federal local and state law enforcement And then additionally you had Carol Marine at the Democrat gubernatorial debate Ask all the governor candidates are you willing to give up millions of dollars in public safety grants and from the federal government to remain a sanctuary state Every single Democrat raised their hand So every single Democrat gubernatorial candidate thinks we’re a sanctuary state as does Carol Marine And you know here’s the deal if you’re the governor just signing legislation willy nilly Now he knows what that bill did and what it means and so he signed it We’re going to get to your questions real quick but I do have to bring up the ad that that that was in support of view that a lot of people took offense to you and you initially said I don’t see what’s so offensive about it Do you still feel that way Did you see where some people might have taken offense to a transgender person being sort of portrayed as just basically a dude with a wig on Is that is that anything that maybe you’ve thought about since then Listen that ad actually shows the policies that govern around are put in place And what’s unfortunate is that folks don’t understand the policy Governor Brown are put in place that

we need to show up right and upfront what exactly would happen So he did with the education bill bayog Chicago public schools that have 17 billion dollars in debt and he socialized that cost against all taxpayers statewide by allowing that funding formula to go forward they can continue to hide their wealth and push their payments into into the formula where we’re going to pick up that cost. So that’s accurate depiction We truly are paying for taxpayer funded abortion which that ad depicted we truly did bailout Exelon and there are two nuclear plants that they considered unprofitable yet the company overall made two point two billion dollars Net income the year before they signed that bill and that bill is a two point three five billion dollar subsidy When we export 25 percent of our energy so now you guys are absolutely subsidizing energy that goes across state lines True true depiction sanctuary state again we covered that are already true depiction of what who he stood with And as far as the transgender birth certificate Bill that’s he already had a process where you could change the sex on that official document It’s just that you had to have a medical doctor signed off on that with medical intervention Now this is the problem People don’t understand you literally can put on a dress And as long as a a mental licensed mental health professional signs off that you feel that you’re the opposite sex that you can go and have your birth certificate changed and so and this also includes license metal mental health professionals outside of our state So it doesn’t take a licensed mental health professional with our state standards It could be outside of our state So true depiction of that ad true depiction I know it’s kind of shocking when you look into that The policy details which I’ve been trying to do my entire time down there in Springfield explain people the games being played against him the details of the bill because these have real outcomes And so that’s where all that at it’s about policy and we have to get to the audience Q But I’m going to ask you one last question Yes or no answer If Bruce Rauner is the nominee of your party will you support him I will vote for him You’ll vote for him. OK let’s let’s get to some students We’re going to go to students first Are you a student here. OK Right here in the front whatever you want Hi my name is Mussomeli pronouns are he him his I’d like to ask a little bit about some mental consistencies in your platform so far just looking back in 2014 You opposed a bill that would ban conversion therapy for LGBTQ youth and saying this isn’t an exact quote because I don’t have a paper in front of me but you said that you didn’t think that the Government should legislate on what people felt about themselves one way or another What you just said about transgender people as well as like stances you’ve taken on traditional marriage as well as trans people being able to Like I got for myself my birth certificate change indicate that that might not always be the case So when you were talking about your budget and the grants that we might have to delete. How do we know as voters that you won’t just delete support for the marginalized and vulnerable people who don’t live and act the way that you do Well you have the same rights as anybody else You have your constitutional rights That’s and that’s what we’re going to live by There you go But the ban on transgender therapy literally was a ban on parental rights It’s said that a parent could not take their child to a psychologist to even determine how they feel about themselves if they had gender dysphoria it banned the practice of a parent taking a minor child in for a mental health evaluation and counseling That’s what that bill did That’s a very extreme measure to take To say that you must buy into this as a parent and you have no parental rights with your child That’s the extreme behavior there But look everybody has the same rights But I’ll tell you what I My husband and I are not on board with fully developed males and being in the same locker room with our daughter we’re just not we’re not on board with that so there you go Well you have a follow up or was that Yeah I guess I’ll just how can you say that you can legislate 100 percent And I’m not asking about your specific views like right answers that consist of what the conversion there is ignoring

the fact that abusive parents exist my home here. And after that we say to them you said can cause them to kill myself However what I’m asking about is how you know as voters that you won’t take away programs for people who are vulnerable people How do you know that they’re not going to do those programs You’d have to tell me what programs you’re talking about because you have the right to get a map grant you have a right to get a certain tax breaks you have a right to fill out your your 10 40 the same way as anybody else you have a right to get a driver’s license you have a right to. What rights are inherent in two to one particular person versus another one that you’re talking about And you know parents have a right to to handle their child and their needs in the way that they see appropriate. Now one year after you are 18 Have at it You have the right to go in the military have the right to vote you have the right tact until you have a right to do whatever you want I’m not interested in legislate anything like that. But that bill was a ban on parental rights All right let’s let’s let’s move on to another student question over there Hi Senator My name is Max Representative Abrams I’m not really one of the parents you’ve been critical of going around on the campaign was how he’s handled Speaker Madigan So we don’t know that we’ll still be there. Prison scandal in But assume for a second that he or someone like him was the speaker and your governor How would you differently deal with Madam Speaker Listen the guy does rule with an iron fist. There’s no doubt about it He’s got he sets the rules he sets the legislative agenda He allows bills to go in and out So what do you have to do is you have to do the really really hard work by building building coalitions support and building voter support for your initiatives That’s what you have to do and you have to work hand in hand with your Democrat colleagues to win them over But look you can only defy economics so long in this state before it comes up to bite you. And we’re at that point we are a fiscal basket case We are the worst run state in the union. And the reason Mike Madigan should resign is over two reasons one This hash tag me movement that he has completely ignored and being complicit in failing to put a Legislative Inspector General in for three years knowing that there’s 27 complaints about it He should he should be resign over that he should also resign over his handling of everything when it comes to the finances the state of Illinois But if he’s still there Guess what You don’t you know you don’t win friends and influence enemies by calling names especially with somebody like speak your mind Madigan So we’ll work with Mike Madigan We’ll work around Mike Madigan to get things across And if he doesn’t want to work with us at all and the voters don’t want to wake up to the realities that are face in the state of Illinois They want to stay in this media bubble that doesn’t take a deep look at the policy so be it we’ll run our agencies a fact effectively we’ll make sure that the quinsy veterans home doesn’t continue to operate after 13 people have died 11 lawsuits against the taxpayers And after Rounder’s PR stunt of stay in there for six days you have four more Legionella disease cases and still nobody’s been moved out So we’ll run these agencies effectively We’ll make sure that when it comes to Medicaid spending there’s not this big question mark about where seven billion dollars was spent We’ll do the hard work to make sure that our agencies fished and effective as possible that every single grant that goes out to not for profit for job training or medical services or child her chair care is actually effective in its reach That’s what we’re going to do It’s hard gut wrenching work but a venture capitalist likes to make a deal wash their hands move onto the next deal and that’s who Rauner is We just didn’t know it back in 2014 Thank you for your crush. There’s a couple of things I have to Valter you mentioned sexual harassment which is obviously a huge topic in Springfield right now Do you. Would you do you call on should the leader of the Republican House Republican Senate should they all release the list of complaints then and how they’ve dealt with them like Speaker Madigan put out an impartial list of complaints in his office should Should all leaders do the same So I called for that a long time ago I called for them to make available to the voters because you have an election coming up to make a vote And they’ve hidden it for three years I called for them to with the accuser’s name redacted at least identify what the complaints are in who they’re against And I think that’s fair given the fact that they’ve sat on these complaints for three years and nothing was done So I think that’s by way of transparency that would be very effective Has it going to be transparent on this issue I mean I don’t know I don’t think that he has either I think and I think there’s going to be some more information coming out about that

You’ve already I’ve already had media inquiries about Mr Morocco and the speculation counsel in the governor’s office Denis Faraj again where there’s been speculation and an investigation of harassment. So we still don’t know the details on that as well And I’ve called out both sides of my party both parties on this problem You know you had the legislative inspector general is appointed by the speakers are the leaders with agreement But you have a bipartisan committee there and none of those committee members said anything about it about it being vacant for that long three years yet three years vacant And you also brought up legionella in the quinsy veterans home is for those who haven’t followed the story Several veterans that live in this home have died from Legionnaires disease and it’s a disease born out of the bacteria in the water And it also has been revealed that the governor’s sort of really tried to manage this crisis and not be transparent about the extent of it. There have been more people recently in that veterans home that have fallen ill with legionnaires disease Is this is Did the governor let this become a bigger issue is he responsible for the deaths and the sickness there Of course he’s responsible for some of the later sicknesses and by not moving on this issue soon enough and moving these people out of this place And then on top of it he’s he’s responsible for the entire political cover on this because WB easy for a bunch of e-mails and if you’ve seen those e-mails it’s very obvious that they are doing They’re doing their best to hide what’s going on there and to come up with the best message and in terms of how it would look politically rather than solving the problem So when you can close your children’s home. Absolutely I would close that right now and I’ll tell you what my colleague who runs these types of nursing homes he said all of his people would have been moved out He would have moved every single resident out until we fix that problem Why. Because he’s not he’s not capped at 100 thousand dollars for a lawsuit It would have been millions and millions of dollars worth of lawsuits if this had happened in a private facility But we’re allowing it to happen here in the government and that’s unfortunate That’s unfortunate because it’s a horrible death to die of lynching legionella legionella as well And it’s a preventable it’s preventable It’s just that it’s in that piping you cannot get it out. And I have visited the facility and have talked to the staff that you’re subjecting both the staff and the residents to additional problems Any any more student questions We didn’t get back there and we’ll get to it we’ll get the general questions as well You criticize the legislature for assuming a lower rate of return on pensions And those paying more into the fund are for for decades not paying very much into the fund which is how we’ve got this massive unfunded liability At what point do you foresee looking somewhere other than payments pension for general fund revenues to fund other programs Good question I actually don’t criticize them for a lower investment rate of return The truth is they weren’t making that return to begin with over time And they really should have more of a risk free rate of return which is you know four or five percent The problem is is that when you lower that investment rate and then the amount that you have to pay in every year to cover that liability just balloon’s you literally can’t afford it in your budget So for decades the politicians have not been honest with their actuarial analysis about what they could afford and what should have been put away for the benefit increases So like I said before in the last three years you’ve had you’ve had 1000 percent increase in benefits over that actually All right And if you had actually had a risk free rate if you had understood how these pensions were ballooning you would have had a decrease in the salary acceleration that goes along with it OK. And at some point and this is really why the pension protection clause was put in place They put that pension because I’ve read the I’ve read the dialogue going back and forth about why they put in the pension protection Are saying at the constitutional of the Constitutional Convention in 1971 they did this. They did that because they felt like if they made sure that you always had to pay in exactly what was going to be owed and that this was a set in stone that you had to pay this They felt it would have tamped down the amount of compensation So would never get out of control They never counted on the politics and the voters not understanding the media being complicit in not explaining as these benefits group grew and grew and grew as the salaries grew

I mean if we still had the same tenants in our pension plan that we had in 1970 we would not even have a crisis but they went from a one point five multiplier to a two point two multiplier They went from a you have to be 62 or over 62 You could retire you know with two years of sick and cruel and retire before you’re 55 and then they went from a a 1 percent COLA to 3 percent 3 percent compounded cola OK over time So this is what’s ramped up this pension obligation that is enormous and literally the biggest scam out there for taxpayers we can’t afford these these will be discharged one way or another And I think pensioners need to figure that out Nobody is sticking around to pay these pensions We had it we had another question right here Thank you Last year Bruce Rauner signed with the so-called like Trust Act which prevents state and local law enforcement agents from cooperating with groups like ice and other federal law enforcement agents for immigration So if you’re elected governor what actions would you take in order to allow state law enforcement agents to cooperate with the Federal Government to ensure that illegal aliens are arrested and deported Which what Which is why the law says currently Well sure you know it though that the governor runs semi safe place in all my supplies will be in full compliance under Governor Ive’s administration with federal immigration law period I think we have a state representative here had his hand up here. Can you give some examples where you’ve worked with others on the other side of the aisle without compromising principle Sure there’s two prominent examples Last year alone I worked with Greg Harris on the network adequacy Bill this is a bill that basically said that you had to have sufficient operational places and protections for people that use health insurance to make sure they have access to health insurance So it’s called your network had to be adequate enough to actually make insurance workable especially in southern Illinois and other parts of the state And I got this bill actually I started this legislation I started it two years ago and I started when a constituent in Naperville an insurance salesman said look these big guys these insurance companies and hospitals when they can’t get along they will break an insurance contract in the middle of the contract period They’ll just break off And so the person who bought the policy and bought the premium because they knew they wanted to go down to the University of Chicago Hospitals or they wanted to go to Loyola Set of hospitals when these insurance companies and the hospitals would break break their relationship the policyholder was left out No network that was adequate for them even though they had already paid in the premium So I presented this bill to fix this to give these guys protections because they signed the contract too and they should have these people Shaf to fulfill it I say if I filed that Bill Gregg Harris was very favorable to it But he had a lot more experience in this area than I did So I handed the bill off to him And 18 months later it became this really huge massive bill called network adequacy that deals with making sure that folks who buy into a premium and expects health services actually have an adequate network to service them and then allows protections when the hospitals and insurance company for whatever reason do break parties they have a three month reprieve Things like that. So that was one of them Another bill dealt with condo owners that were getting taken advantage of by our really Section 15 of our condo Act which was very lightly used provision before. It has become more important as renters or as agencies come in buy up condo properties and return it to rental Well if you had already owned a condo you had literally no protections For even though you had your property rights taken from you So I worked with the Thaddeus Jones on that bill and my amendment was immediately accepted with almost no questions asked They knew it was a good bill So we work on those types of issues all the time. We have time for about two more questions and this gentleman has set up I’m a GDL supporter so full disclosure almost is not a student So I think you profile views are nonstudents so but I’m very interested Four years ago there were four candidates and there were I think six debates This year there’s been zero debates other than the Tribune thing So I wonder if you could address And I think Piers would be an excellent debate moderator if we could get warm in the next 15 days Thank you for your endorsement I think yeah he would be you’d be fabulous Now look I think it’s important that voters know where we stand on the issues and you cannot rely on the other campaigns

mailers and TV commercials to tell everybody about everything So if you go to the only time that Bruce Rauner would agree to meet with me in public and have a substantial substantial discussion on the issues was in front of the Chicago Tribune editorial board endorsement session Fortunately they did livestream it and record it so people can go there and watch that how he and I interacted and what our policy differences were But it’s shameful you’ve had a number of Democrat debates and we’ve not been able to speak In fact we’ve not really had a debate and then I don’t know why Why are you such a coward on it But you know voters have a right to know what where we stand and they’re the ones that are really at a loss here We will have representative lives as a public service announcement on Chicago Tonight in the coming week OK Yeah we are Yeah. And the invitation obviously is open to Governor Rauner who has declined our invitation Obviously he’s declined everything because we have been open Springfield Journal Register declined League of Women Voters declined everybody He’s declined everybody Mr. Berkowitz sat down 51 to 31 poll taken about a week ago down I know he’s got if he wants to 20 million dollars he could spend the next two weeks How do you overcome that 20 point disadvantage in the next two weeks and you get away with that Why. Because he can just bury it But Burian you spending so much that lie doesn’t rise to the top Those two questions thank you note There’s no doubt You know people want to are universally disgusted that money and politics that apparently money buys your message And for Bruce Rauner to spend 4 million dollars in the last two weeks lying about my record when we have any money collected a million dollars this entire campaign is what you now are seeing on the commercials and seen in your mailboxes and that’s shameful shameful. I mean if you want your elections to go to the highest bidder and the one with the most money then why don’t we just have an auction and sell it off that way So it takes a lot of work for voters to become informed and the decisions the policy choices are the policy is so difficult to understand that you can’t put it down into an eight second soundbite Paris would love if I could do a second sound bites I can’t do them Which is why we need a full debate about what’s going on But as far as the gap in the polling we’re not worried What that also that same Paul Simon pulling proved is that Grupp governor around and will lose to a Democrat in November And so we think Republican voters deserve a stark contrast somebody who can make the arguments and stand up for conservative values and win on the policy front because I’ve been a leader on property tax reform a leader on this assessment system things that you’re hearing now about happened in Cook county property tax assessment system I yelled on the House floor about three years ago and I gave Gov Bruce Rauner an entire agenda on how to how to win that argument and he failed to deliver So you know it’s an upward It’s an uphill ChanSoo Battle here to connect with voters in the next two weeks but we have a ground game and we have people working for us every single day and all he has is this checkbook That’s all he has So we’re going to keep working until the last voter is turned out for our side If I could follow up on the assessment part of that. Yeah You know on the Democratic side Chris Kennedy has called for an end to lawmakers serving as property tax appeal attorneys in there and the other with a direct shot at Mike Madigan who has gotten rich off of the system where he he he represents clients to go before Joe barrios or go for the border view and get their assessments Would you support something like that where a lawmaker couldn’t act as a tax attorney in that capacity Well there’s certainly conflicts of interests when it comes to that So I’m not opposed to that at all and quite frankly it’s just that the Democrats have they’re just now finding this as a problem Are you kidding me. This has been a problem for decades and they’ve not said a word not a word about this property tax assessment thing And I made this argument a long time ago and I made this with the education bill If you don’t fix the assessment system you literally fix nothing in education funding formula It’s all based off of property wealth as an idea that Chicago is considered in our new Formula One of the poorest property poorest districts even poorer than Ford Heights is outrageous It’s outrageous and yet that’s what that does Well listen we’re talking about the education bill

that that change the formula for school districts get more money So are you saying Chicago should should be getting less money than it’s getting from the state Absolutely. It’s getting the favored gamp and grant of at least 250 million dollars to begin with Now we’re picking up their pensions Now now now they’re allowed to still under assessed their property they have six point six billion dollars hidden in their TIFF’s They are. They have You’re in Chicago you’ve only got about a one point three percent tax rate. The rest of the state the average is two point six percent So you’re half the cost on property tax rates. You’re hiding your wealth everywhere And when you looked at the top 12 sales in 2015 on commercial property they were only assessed up 42 percent of their market value It’s a game being played again and again it’s a game play it against all taxpayers statewide And I told him what was going on three years ago waived all that information on the House floor gave him a program that would have generated the data and the information that he needed to take the fight on for taxpayers And he refused to do it He refused to do it But there’s nobody who’s buddy who’s playing this game bigger than Mike Madigan That’s a very specific issue to end on do we have Do we have any other any other audience questions any anything else that we haven’t addressed. We kind of addressed the whole breadth of stuff Well OK in that case I want to thank you all for being here. Thank you Thank you Representative