hello sir so let’s open this Synology DS718+ two bay NAS two bay NAS. i will explain first what is NAS also called Network Attach Storage also know Network Attach Storage I also use NAS but i used Software base (FreeNas) But this one is a hardware base NAS is like a PC but dont have Monitor Just add network connection, then power on then you can share it to the network and then when I. this is lot of features, later i will discuss some features But this two bay Synology NAS lets see the specs HDD supported 3.5 and 2.5 , USB 3, 2xLan port Meaning they have link aggregation or NIC teaming Link aggregation can speed up the transfer rate and fail over Weight is almost 2kg this one some of the usage, file sharing cloud sync okay , lets open this one first power cord cat5e UTP cable power adapter, always check the power input but usually all devices now is auto volts and another network cat 5e of course the manual and the key for HDD bay two Lan port, DC in, USB 3.0 and the eSata, exhaust fan This is the front, this is for the key copy button think up kappa bertin status LED, Lan 1, status, power ON push to open hdd bay then full push if you want to lock it

letter i will install the 2x10tb then power ON, lets press the power button, lets see install the 2 hdd before we ON remove the two bay (hard disk mount) this is the one 10tb, lets open Push the lock lets push the lock then Then install the hard disk like that young coolness on hand plane strong editorial it a monkey said been luckier gonna do sir don’t pull unis on a hand push down happen that I’m a glove looking at I’ve been doing it’s uh sanest nothing even sooner I love me next time my name Bolivar open event are tangled in a tequila no but I be a dial my mobile a burnable depending on me tonight screws every screw yeah you know a little kid inugami tonight screw screws nandito banana man okay then naginata don’t hurt this since it ain’t gonna Han so Jung port top but notice because so usually not my name my email have been ready to human port yeah episode the port Italian copper sauce sake suffice yeah double check along the

path persecuted a chill it up a the negative news but in India say yeah taro ha the canal and regress Korean Romanian okay not nothing get in Allegheny at all then push then they did I get them on the cake lecture turbulence I’d film then you miss a little pool tennis a log and you’re certain other than it you don’t insert know what this Delano pizza every time you’re shooting a semi agenda to salope better show in our railings yeah did I pass – take it back – amp it up Adam clearly at the end Anita and oxidized so I ended up a so kappa kappa melee Oh bollocks dead so long they don’t have the power glove now the power button a 10-0 on a napkin stay at the top yeah but um I thought I’d love some more PC so you see all right all right cable no PC at all but nothing deep oh yeah Ilana sure then gonna let people if blood could eat as a liquid now Synology sister are not important yeah yeah over nothing power Anita first boot okay yeah then with nothing to start this weekend so what I should eat alone don’t be Jacob again but I knew Amanda so woman tonight is a PC yeah access nothing in initial settings Jen put is a browser in your typing you’re fine that synergy that come so automatic Nike market a little bit you don’t see the region at all DRA put there’s a PC access nothing Madonna was a PC it’s easy to run on front panel yeah blue LEDs on the share the starters narrator blinking number then what is not an idea though sure with a knee-length of linking so you know one panel yeah to put on the shaft so they could move on in then yeah you think okay there’s a PC houses nothing so I am using your computer in your access another so make sure that your PC Nagar gamete in your head oh what a good share so using your browser you that they want to meet though guess again since may have ended with nothing on

that another disc that begins in an IP to pay the condo market no network play said I don’t know it’s hamesha pork way data impiety knology that come yes yes yes download nothing then the same yeah show me the original web assistant paedon young adult top I think I download test abilities windows XA da la da da da say then run at the Windows version and now Synology discovery it’s low click Madeline hello access okay I have click OK then get that you know and Catania now little searching potential rocket engine Anita this year 160 use another DNS neither no opinion and at 160 you know he is seven one eight no problem here so we’re going with a Natalie setup click setup install that in DSM Carina he didn’t a lot nothing a tape in an operating system yeah so bros nothing and you know the nina ricci a meta open install now click they understand okay and I’m studying this station man I did in the dsm-iii impaired open the control panel yeah and re-install mismo sadness you know nothing in yeah a single if I met apart I’m I smell a bit sundry melodica ha

in the back yeah Robles I don’t know look at her so I opinion architects with us 191 succeed though that went at 160 yeah – yeah partner Gilligan Ranger back thousand there’s a Latin 67% 98% again missus on my uses cinnamon ass either software based or hardware base billion backup Nadine oh you know this recovery plan Miguel ahead knows about happen and on if ever the maguro and disaster the Makai awesome bit between bone server so you nest an alarm on repeating either the signal genus very portable and paddling with within or your PC basements or a business and CPU long can say depending upon set up more flattened behalf more lahat among governments nation company Latin datum oh man Laconia like Emerson s so in case the disaster is an under the little the starting Nisha so you so my user is known as backup again I’m set that Nagas going good it’ll read 120 be sure the Lewontin PBM OAD redundant you heard this Monsieur I agree sir and upon its own heart this way don’t forget the guideposts Konoha servername you know pardon wasn’t as small so I’m going quick downbeat on pardon yeah that’s too many your surname that their admin so our setup plug-in add a new password it makes oppa okay an unfortunate skipping with another video and even the time I didn’t want the absolutely nothing yes yeah it’s moving so in status and celerity I wish that with me Pina Pina CPU like for sure 1% maybe the minification city I think able to assess it out that today under 30

just like that yeah so I get another one get here happily might be a shame about it Annelise comparison today available futures program application of anything anything similar edginess oh gosh no I didn’t get it though so using your IP oh I know you know what I sent you some more access silly so enter my opinion when I entered that I succeed that 260 in the important Albania : 5,000 in taro Union access mana good doing you better like a Pigasus person I did though you want to get loud they’re gonna dig it out then network volatile check not a network well gateway okay what do you get away the love ausangate ago he did wasn’t a polymer cutter on network interface I did sheepish Emily in between my nose I owe someone a 168th and gateway between good and oh then you can get Vic oh you don’t do this well don’t go again okay sittest and so buddy paint I didn’t sir tides thou in anticipation so Angela available application program epidemic am it actually back up so after ticking corrected it though Ojeda office365 not happy by those audio station thunk sound small cloud server at the Impala Google type and not lucky and DNS server download the station iTunes server hyper backup job LDAP server mail server and you wanna pay them all the meat internet photo station collection my bottom of proxy server radius publication services yeah damn bein the papa we just station for multimedia virtual machine manager VPN then I was a third party upon web data Marion DB parish angling database PHP well server base we may admin Venetia plex media server you player no multimedia by a web app I’m Tom deja programming Tim viewer WordPress a nap around behind me my application epidemic install a beta palettes 30 tech major server ok installed 9 solder depots yeah okay so somebody on in the muna endanger next video you know box 18 veto

Olympic replicate they don’t except a Synology either clients Burke Alito the transfer program is a pipe Debian so they’re gonna be the nothing mattered party super young ok thanks for watching drama