How does one explain to those who were not present how quiet it was here? Or how the sky thundered out on us, the sky that the war threw us into? I remember everybody who is not with us anymore, all those who were walking by my side against all odds Once they left for the sky, and the sky decided to keep them We haven’t sung or talked enough We appreciate every minute We raise squadrons into the sky and fly to the West to fight the enemy Let’s toast the victory. It will come, just wait a bit Our home is below us And this is our sky We won’t give it to anyone! Dedicated to the pilot of the Leningrad Front L. Litovchenko Attack! Attack! What has happened?

Who is the senior? I am. Junior Lieutenant Petrov Do you need any help? A German pilot landed on the other side of the forest I see In about 300 to 400 m. You shall search the forest He is somewhere nearby Next time please address me in accordance with the military statute, Comrade Junior Lieutenant Aye-aye, Comrade Captain – Gorokhova? – Yes? How many capable soldiers do we have? Four drivers with weapons The rest are wounded Get all of them out of the truck Guys, get out Capable soldiers that may walk and help to search for the paratrooper — line up! Aye-aye! Except for you and you Come on, guys, be quick! Drivers, arm the wounded with what you can – All right – Aye-aye. Go! Comrades soldiers, you should walk one by one The distance between you shall be about 3-4 m Shall you find the paratrooper, try to capture him alive Aye-aye Is everything clear? Yes, sir Turn to the right! Forward march! Comrade Captain, you can’t do that! Stop it, Comrade Captain! Comrade Junior Lieutenant, place people on duty to guard the plane and bring the prisoner to the aviation regiment Aye-aye, Comrade Captain! Hi! Comrade Captain, receive the arrested and take him to the head of the special department OK. We have been looking forward to seeing you, Lyda. Open! Aye-aye! Go! Why aren’t you dressed in accordance with the military statute? Change today and report to me! Is the prisoner being interrogated? Yes. They have been interrogating him since morning. But no results so far – Is he keeping silence? – No. But there is no interpreter Vasylyevitch is trying to work with a dictionary but… What is this? This is a map of the railroads The station is marked – Is that all? – It is all This is not much Comrade Commander of the Regiment, I’m sure that their armored train departs from this station Look here. This spot is camouflaged with bushes

It must be an ammunition store What else could they hide in the forest? You seem to be camouflaging the lack of information… And taking into account the price I paid for it… Pasha, stop it! The task is fulfilled. Send the results to the headquarters Let them sort it out – A shadow! – What? There is a shadow here The armored train is here Right! It was where the enemy planes attacked us They were covering this monster! You have sharp eyes! Very good! Comrade Lieutenant Colonel, may I address you? – You may – You shall sign here Have you written a letter to the relatives? Not yet Report to me when it’s ready Lyda, Pasha, sign here Everybody may be free Aye-aye! Take it to the headquarters, urgently – You’ll take this later – Aye-aye What a ruin! Will we really have to fly these coffins? Of course! They’ll say that we’re novices Nobody will trust us new machines to fly A good pilot will make even a tractor fly Am I right? – Guys! – Hello At ease Comrade Captain, when will practical lessons start? Now. Follow me, everybody Remember, for I won’t repeat it There is nobody to teach you, plus there is no time So we’ll fly these coffins after all Your main task is to keep the machine intact Fighters are our main treasure — neither you nor me We’ll fly… We’ll fly a YAK What appliance is the most important in a fighter? What do you think? I repeat my question. What appliance is the most important in a fighter plane? The operating handle Any other variants? The planes Your eyes. Turn your head around all the time during the flight – from take-off to touchdown Don’t be afraid to strain your neck You’ll save your life and your machine in this way Shall you distract for just one minute, and you may become a target for the enemy. Here are your machines for today The task is the following – go to the take-off strip with a speed with which you would normally take off Brake there. Turn around on that side of the field and return in the same order I doubt that you’ll have a chance to take off from a concrete strip Therefore learn to maneuver on hummocks Any questions? – No, none – No, no Number first, get in The rest shall follow me Good day, sir What has happened? How are you? Are you alive? Get off me! Did you decide to dry up the wheels? Maslov! Maslov!

Borya! Let him go! He’ll get over his frustration and come back After the flight Good day, sir Let me repeat… you shall report of any technical problems that arose in the course of the flight Thank you Mechanics, take the plane to the parking position! Go, go, go! Sergeant Bestuzhev came to serve! Why a sergeant? Didn’t you have time to graduate? I’m lucky to get only youth! Can you fly at all? I flew here somehow So you’re clever, aren’t you? Yes, sir! Comrade Major, where can I find Commander of the Regiment? – There – Thank you I’m done with you. The next! Aye-aye! Look here! – May I? – Come in Comrade Lieutenant Colonel, Sergeant Bestuzhev came to serve! I’m glad. I’m Lieutenant Colonel Onishev, Viktor Stepanovitch This is the deputy Commander of the Regiment on Political Issues Captain Terentyev Ilya I’m glad that the Commander of the Division has finally heard my prayers! We don’t have any experienced fighters. We only get youth Sit down. They should study and not fight I haven’t flied much on these new planes It’s all right. Those who flew old planes are able to fly anything. Am I right? You are I’m glad. Make yourself at home Aye-aye! I had no problems, and now what? They sent a covert enemy to us! Pasha, let’s agree on the following He is just an experienced pilot for me. He is a great fighter I don’t care about the rest. Is that OK? OK. But I’d watch over him anyway You’ll watch over him You’ll be his second wingman to watch over him better Thank you, Viktor Stepanovitch! What a great present you’re giving to me! What if he flies to the enemy side? Will they send me to the tribunal? I don’t worry about that He’ll never escape you But… That’s enough, Pasha! Go back to work! See the detail to the gates and come back! Are you writing to your mum? I am Ilya Boris Can you tell me what bed is free? That one Since when? He burnt alive two days ago What is this? A book On what language? On Chinese You’re reading German authors, aren’t you? This is the “Faust” by Goethe Comrade, be so kind and bring the book back This is a Fascist book! It should be burnt! Let me remind you that the Fascists were the first to start burning books! – Let me go! Let me go, I tell you! – Calm down, calm down! – Let me down! – Calm down! Misha, he is beating our guys! Calm down… What’s the matter? Stop, stop! That’s enough! – Good afternoon, comrades – Hello

– Hello – Ilya Mikhail Tell her… the Captain that I won’t come back to the lesson How great it is here! Do you fly in the same way? – Go there fast! – Aye-aye! So? You have just come to the regiment, but you’ve fought already! I’m sorry, Comrade Head of the Special Department! Stop being so formal. We need your help We’re interrogating a German here The interpreter is no good He is only frowning over the dictionary, Will you help us? Of course I will Thank you for that. And one more thing… I don’t wish you anything bad But be careful with the rest There are different people here Don’t talk much even with me… someone might hear The German is being interrogated in the shed I warned them about you. You may go there Aye-aye! He doesn’t understand me May I? Come in What are you talking about? He is asking where I learnt such good German I’ll be back in a moment Tell him to show the location of his regiment on the map Sit down He is trying to recruit me First he wants to talk to the pilot he brought down Call Captain If the Messerschmitt is on your tail there may only be one strategy – duck down fast. Don’t move up, or you’ll expose the entire body of the plane to a hit You shall go down and then act in accordance with the situation — either fight or retreat Don’t try playing chase with them. You’ll only use up fuel What about the Maslov? Comrade Captain, may I address you? – You may – Senior Lieutenant Filipov Commander of the Regiment is waiting for you Wait for me Lyda, listen… Give me your gun… just in case May I come in? You may He is glad to meet you He has never met a woman in the skies before You’re his first Tell him he won’t have any more He is interested in your tactics. He wants to know how you understood that he’d turn

I don’t care if he turns or not My tactics is simple Hit any German you see He says that you’re a very brave girl May I go? You may Aye-aye Ask your questions Stop! Do you think this is a sanatorium? Were you writing a letter? You’ll write when you have what to write. And now follow me – I won’t go – Turn around! I’ve only flown for six hours There was no fuel in the institute We only studied theory I lied at the headquarters I asked them to send me to the front I thought I’d manage somehow I’m sorry but I failed Are you going to hide now? This is my report. I’ll fight the Germans as an infantryman I’ll only let you out of here through a tribunal You must fly so you will fly. To the right! Aye-aye! Forward march! – Good day, sir! – Go on working Pilot! Don’t forget to turn an electric pump on before taking off Don’t confuse the toggle switches Mechanic! Before testing the engine place the stocks under the chassis Did you read it? I did. I wrote it too Put it back where it was Aye-aye What a kindergarten! Kosmatiy! Kosmatiy! Make a steep turn and land! Comrade Lieutenant Colonel, may I address you? You may, Comrade Captain Kosmatiy, go for landing! I’m Kosmatiy. I’m going for landing! Faster! What has happened again? What a day! On an even strip…

It seems to me everything is fine It seems to you? Look at this! What did they teach you in the aviation institute? To ruin planes? Why are you keeping silence? Keep silence! Don’t you dare utter a word! How great! I’m sorry, Comrade Lieutenant Colonel I turned the engine off too fast We should tear his hands off! Don’t shout, Pasha Attention! Technicians, change the plane Aye-aye! Start doing circles above the airfield Take off, make a circle and land. Is that clear? I don’t need suicides If anybody is not sure in himself tell me now I have a lot of work in the headquarters. At ease! Execute! The Sixth, are you ready for take-off? I am You may take off Comrades Lieutenants… He evened the plane too high It’s a typical mistake of all the novices Who are you? An ace? Only during the second date. Tell me… do you meet Messerschmitts here often? We do meet them I dedicate the first enemy plane I take down to you! I hope it doesn’t take you down Why are you so serious, girls? Seriousness doesn’t become girls… especially pilotesses There is no such term in the military statute I’m Comrade Captain for you, Lieutenant I understand, Comrade Captain – You may be free – Aye-aye Comrade Guard’s Lieutenant Colonel, Junior Lieutenant Harrasbayev has finished the training flying mission You flew well. Your landing was not brilliant – You may be free – Aye-aye! Who is next? May I fly one more time, Comrade Lieutenant Colonel? We’ll talk to you later You’ve already demonstrated your skills Comrade Lieutenant Colonel, may I be next? – You may – Aye-aye! At ease! – Dementyeva? – Yes? Fly along Lyda’s itinerary and make some circles above Titov’s plane. Just in case… anything is possible – Aye-aye – Execute Let’s go Hello “Good day, sir” and not “hello” Aye-aye! To the skies! Damn it!

Guard’s Lieutenant Colonel, Junior Lieutenant Shugayev has finished the training flying mission! You got out of a spin well, you landed well too You’ll spend two days in a guardhouse to make your brains clear, and you’ll be perfectly all right March forward to the guardhouse! Aye-aye! At ease! I’m sorry, dear! We’ll have to postpone our date for a few days – Shugayev? – Yes She lost her supporting aircraft today, and you’re getting on her nerves I didn’t know You know it now. You may be free Aye-aye! What eagles! I looked around. Everything is like Litovchenko said It’s all burnt down. One can’t survive such a crush I see. Let’s go, you’ll confirm the loss of the plane in the headquarters All right Green grass, green grass… Lyda, you shouldn’t have behaved with a novice like that He is not to blame for anything plus… he is handsome You may flirt with him if you want No need to. I have Dima You had Dima You’re so intolerable sometimes! It’s all because post is being delayed All the letters will come at once later Sure Lyda, they are taking your prisoner out

Girls, let’s go and look Did he bring Volodya down? Stand still! It doesn’t calm me down! You teach me silly things! Don’t get nervous! Stay calm. Count the loops First five, to the right! Second five, to the left! Start doing exercises! What a girl you’ve found! She brought six planes down She has a Red Star and the medal of the Great Patriotic War of the second rank She hates romanticism! It’s fine with me Are people nice here in general? They are fine. The deputy of the commander on political issues is the only son of a bitch He registers some brought down planes on himself I’ll take this into account He seems to be friends with the head of the special department Stop it! Rogoza is a great man He covered for many of our guys He saved them from tribunal What about the commander? Is he a good man? Hello? Nobody has complained about him so far. At ease I have a question to you, Shugayev Where did you learn to fly so well? I’m not too modest but… I am very capable It’s like riding a bicycle for me Right. But it’s not so dangerous to fall from the bike Go out. You may be free Aye-aye! Close the door