-♫ I love your eyes, ♫- -♫ your eyelashes, your arrogance and pride. ♫- -♫ I love your dimples, ♫- -♫ your lips and your smile. ♫- -♫ I love you, everyone knows and mocks me but don’t be annoyed. ♫- -♫ I’ll keep going, just get ready for it! ♫- -♫ I love your shirt, ♫- -♫ your fingers and your smell. ♫- -♫ I wanna be your coat, ♫- -♫ your gloves or your heart. ♫- -♫ I love you, everyone knows. ♫- -♫ It’s a little awkward but don’t be angry, please. ♫- -♫ I’m patient enough, just see it! ♫- -♫ Love you for each minute, each second. ♫- -♫ Love you, everywhere, every corner. ♫- -♫ Loving you is my unchangeable habit. ♫- -♫How much I love you? Just don’t know. ♫- -♫ My love for you stops the rain and makes the sun rise. ♫- -♫ My love for you warms the snow. ♫- -♫ My love for you is my belief, just can’t give up. ♫- -♫How much I love you? Some day you would know. ♫- There is nothing better than knitting a glove to show the softness and sentiment of a girl Chen Xiaoxi chose the same color with you I have something for you I knitted this glove myself. Try it on I think Li Shu might have a girlfriend Lin Jingxiao! Watch movie with me tonight Something wrong with you? Go away right now! Lin Jingxiao! Such a fierce woman! Who would like you? I like Lin Jingxiao Wow! So big! The snowflakes are so big! I don’t want to wear this scarf Li Wei gave it to you. I refuse to wear My mom gave it to me! -Episode12 Fireworks for four.- Thank you, Jiang Chen Wow! He must be the senior of Senior 2 So handsome! The girl must be his girlfriend. They do match Nonsense! I mean You’re talking nonsense He is not in Senior Two, but Senior Three Who is she? I don’t know. Maybe Jiang Chen’s fan The There-be structure is the half-inversion in inverted sentences Take an easy example There is a book on the desk Here the “there” of the “there is” is a adverb Lin Jingxiao, Lu Yang, stand up! Why are you whispering back and forth? You don’t have much time left You’re in Senior Three! Don’t you know? Lu Yang, in particular, you do bad in study, and you wanna influence Lin Jingxiao who is doing well? You’re asking for death while dragging another one with you Laughing for what? Chen Xiaoxi, why? – Mrs. Liu – Looking at you Please go on with teaching Scolding for 1 minute, there will be 40 minutes wasted for us Sit down Sit down, you all! Let’s move on So, this sentence should have been: “A book is there on the desk.” I have something to tell you Do you know last night a girl killed herself because of pressure?

Seriously? Yes! It’s true! My dad works in the education bureau And he said it was a big event last evening Many police wagons were there, and also an ambulance and an fire engine Quite serious! Today I went to the education bureau for an important meeting And let me tell you the key point What are you all doing on earth? Listen to me, please It’s quite important! The meeting was mainly about the girl of No.1 Middle School who jumped off a building They repeated that every school must prevent this from happening again They put emphasis on this Show me your ideas, please! I suggest, since the day is perfect recently Mrs. Liu, shall we arrange a picnic for our students? No! They are in Senior Three They can’t go out Everyone has to take the exams If so The physical examination is in several days The boys and girls will go to the hospital, so half a day will be wasted They may not focus on the textbook afterward So, I suggest that we teachers in charge of the classes go out and find a place for relaxation Then we arrange them there and have fun for a half day In this way, we’d help the children to relax and, as for the education bureau, we can respond to it It’s a good idea Director Zhang Is that okay? How are you going with Li Shu? Nothing special I don’t know whether he has a girlfriend Ask him directly Why don’t you ask your Jiang Chen to be your boyfriend? Things are different Jiang Chen knows I like him But your Li Shu doesn’t You’re right Then, should I find a chance to give him a hint? I think it may work Handsome hero Lu Yang turns into little carrier pigeon and brings you good news! Could you roast yourself, little carrier pigeon? I wanna eat the roast pigeon I’ll treat you I don’t like it Then I’ll take it. I love it Why do you give me all this? You have good news to tell us, don’t you? Yeah! You know what? We’ll have an outing! We are in Senior Three, how can we? It’s true! Really Our school shows mercy this time and will arrange a picnic How did you know this? I came by the office and heard it from Lin Xinxia It was due to the event in No.1 Middle School., I’m not sure Anyway, after the examination tomorrow, we can go out! Where? Where will we go? I didn’t hear clearly about this Nothing but hot air I don’t believe But no matter where to go, it’s wonderful to leave school, even to the end of the earth I will go with you there I have no money! Cut the crap and focus on your meal Above are the main items of the physical examination Tomorrow morning, you go there together by bus Remember not to have breakfast before it When in the hospital, you must follow the doctors’ guidance The most important is not missing any item Cheer up, please It’s agreed that after the examination, we are going to the nearby Bin He Park and hold a bonfire party in the evening Wang Dazhuang, look at your wide mouth! Class’s over! News from Reuters Lu, always leads the world If so, I’ll have chances to be with Jiang Chen, face to face by the flames How romantic it will be! It could be more romantic with fireworks You two look into the sky,

and enjoy the fireworks That’s right! I was just joking Search in your pocket I bet you don’t even have ten yuan I’ll catch up with ideas Okay! I gotta go. Bye! Bye What’s the matter, my boss? Any trouble? Tell me, I can help you Then… could you lend me some money? I’ll return it to you next week when I have pocket money Don’t say that. Here you are Take it! That will be enough Why do you want money? I want to buy something for the bonfire party next week Then, let me go with you I know many places And we can get discount with my face Don’t you have training then? Leave it! My boss is more important Okay! Bye! Hello! One ticket for “Hannibal Rising” Okay. Choose your seat This one Hello! Well What ticket did the tall gentleman buy just now? “Hannibal Rising” I want to sit beside him – Beside him? – Yes This one 25 yuan Which film do you watch? Why are you here? I came to watch a film Which one do you watch? No. I’m not going to watch Buy one beside her We came together No. No! I don’t plan to watch Don’t buy it. I don’t want to – Two tickets -Two tickets for “Hannibal Rising”, 50 yuan Thank you lady! No! Come here Lin Jingxiao. Lu Yang Mr. Li, you’re here watching film? Which one? “Hannibal Rising” The same with us – Sure? – Yeah! No. No. Sir I’m just passing by. I won’t watch I’ve bought the tickets. So expensive. Let’s watch Come on Just watch it with me. Okay? Let’s go Go. Go Li We sit beside you I know. Sit down – Don’t stand in the way – Sit down Jingxiao, this is the first film we’ve watched together I think it must be great Don’t talk to me Not comfortable with this? Calm down. Calm down Why did you hit me? Sir Sir Sir Are fireworks sold here? Yes. Which one do you want? The biggest, most beautiful and expensive one No. No The one of about 50 yuan is okay 50 yuan? You can go inside and look Tell me the one you like. I’ll tell you the price Sir, no matter what she chooses later, tell her it’s under 50 I’ll pay you the rest Okay. But don’t make a fool of me You can rest assured I know your school Sir, how much of this? It’s one

10 yuan? 10 yuan Chenxi School How about this one? This one? That’s 20 How about this? That’s 30 Then I’ll take these two OK. I’ll fetch them for you I help you The two you picked – Sir – What? You don’t make much money of this business, right? We don’t make much of this Well, then. Thanks, sir – Thanks, sir – I know your school Eh… How about getting you some more sparkles? Ah? How much are them? 210 I’ll take a box of sparklers. How much? Give you one as a complimentary – Here – Okay Thanks, sir Look! He gave me the sparklers for free My face helped, right? Certainly! You’re national champion! Hello, what’s the matter? Where are you? Coach Xie of the national team came What? It’s so fast Couch Xie will only stay here only for two days Many children are waiting to meet him Where are you? I’ll pick you up right now I’m in the firework shop in the Yangkou Town Xiaoxi I have to do something now I gotta go and can’t walk you home Nothing serious. You may go But, can you manage such a heavy box? Don’t worry. I have some changes with me I can take a taxi home Then, will you come to play with us tomorrow? Of course, I will I’ll help you set off the fireworks Okay Bye Can we finish it today? We have physical exams tomorrow It’s hard to say. It’s up to them As for the test, I’ll manage it with your teacher It can be put off Bosong, are you nervous to meet the national general coach? No That’s great Just swim as usual They know how you swim and are satisfied with it – Don’t worry. I believe in myself – Good! What are you doing? What’s this? Nothing! What are you doing on earth? Counting the wires Will it be okay? It’s okay I thought your bulbs didn’t work and you were fixing I’m insane To be a sunny day, please Don’t rain, please Luckily. It doesn’t rain So early today

Jiang Chen, I’m Li Wei Li Wei? Chen Xiaoxi, I’ll get on before you – Okay – Hurry up Jiang Chen, can I sit beside you? Oh I can help you pour some sulphuric acid on her Forget about it After all, I have something more romantic All in the box you carried are fireworks? I took much effort carrying it But where did you get the money? I lent from Wu Bosong Stand up. Hurry Don’t sit with my Lin Jingxiao Ready Such a talent Just a little slow in the beginning But, he swims so fast later Wu Bosong – Wu Bosong, right? – Yes. He’s Wu Bosong Good He has won so many medals in such a young age, though he’s a little weak in steadiness and lost several little games He still studies in school, so, he may not manage that much All you five come in Put off all your clothes Come for the circumference Circumference: 92 I’m afraid of putting off pants on public Circumference: 82 – Name? – Lin Jingxiao Circumference: 89 1’59”46 Well done, young man You do better than the older Do you want to be in the national team? Yes! Okay. you’ll be in the list But the question is whether you have confidence in yourself Of course, I have What an ambitious boy! I’ve talked with coach Wu about the national tournament in next year Once you win the champion, you’ll be one of the member of the national team Okay. No problem Coach Xie, he is a good boy Yeah. I think so -To Chen Xiaoxi: I think I might be able to enter the national team!- Dad, I gotta go to school now – Okay – Thank you, Mr. Xie See you Something is wrong in my home I want to leave after this Could you help me with my work? What is it? Another blind date? Happy about making jokes on me? Come in, please Heart rate, 134. Did you run over here?

Where? He Bin Park It’s very far from here Well, do you have enough money? – Don’t worry, sir. Let’s go – Okay Park! Wow! Not that good – Then, you go back – I won’t Who are you shouting at? Speak it out Speak or not I dare not – Do you feel sorry? Sorry or not? – I’m sorry. Sorry Carry it! Why so boring? No better than going back and doing exercises I don’t want to I’m happy to be a piece of rock in the park The rock waiting for her man, right? Let’s play games I act (Hua) and you guess. Ever played it? I can paint (Hua), I agree It’s acting, not painting Then you agree Anyone else? Put your hands up if you agree – I agree – I’m in! Agree Okay! Wang Dazhuang, exercises! Come on. Write here Everybody stands here A snake How come? But How do you know that? I’m too tall I saw it by accident You cheated! Cheat! Come on, fellow students Everybody meets here. Come to me Leave the thing at hand. Listen to me The teacher has noticed me Now we should do like this The fist group prepare the fire and other things here The rest three groups pick some branches Remember to pick the dry ones Okay. Take action Go You said you would meet Li Shu How was the thing? Don’t mention it Lu Yang appeared all of a sudden and ruined my plan But look at you You prepared so much. What’s your plan? No plan I just want to leave some good memory with Jiang Chen You know what? You go over and act weak, then, you can slip and fall on to him – It’s improper – Nothing improper I’m sorry, Jiang Chen Be careful Thank you Stop being so noisy Thanks Here you are

Wang Dazhuang Are you epileptic? You can’t even hold a bottle Say that again? Wang Dazhuang Are you epileptic? Epileptic, epileptic! Epileptic! Epileptic! Five times! I’m glad about that! Fight with me? Throw it on the ground Throw them all on the ground! Wang Dazhuang, the teacher asks you to light the fire Light it Yes, sir Good job! Lu Yang I have Jingxiao backing me up Let me help you open it Then, help me with it Jiang Chen Well, I can’t open it Could you help me? Thank you, Jiang Chen Jiang Chen, come over and help us Return back soon Chen Xiaoxi, cheers! Sir, not there yet? Little boy, you see? I’ve told you when you got on the car It’s too far from here This car can’t be compared to the rocket Sir, I’ll give you more 300 yuan Good! My car would turn into spaceship now Mind you seat. Let’s go! What? I’ll ask Jiang Chen here after a while Could you help me set off the fireworks? I hid them there All right. No problem Then, when Jiang Chen and I come here, set off the fireworks at once What? Jiang Chen, I have something to show you Come to the ground before the grove later Wait a minute Listen, when Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen come here, help me set off the fireworks Why? Why make use of us when they date? Help me or not? I dare not I dare not, either. So I asked you for help Then I dare to do it Leave it to you, then Bye Jiang Chen

Set them off. Run away! Do your family know this? Jiang Chen Jiang Chen -♫ Maybe it’s fairy’s magic, I think. ♫- -♫ She makes you talk to me. ♫- -♫ This prosperous world is so noisy and crowded, ♫- -♫ where is my stop? ♫ – -♫ Don’t care about it, the doubt or sufferings. ♫- -♫ Calm down and follow the answer in your heart. ♫- -♫ What you lost and makes you feel sorrow, ♫- -♫ you must know. ♫- -♫ Tell me I’m in dream, ♫ – -♫ I’m in somniloquy ♫- -♫ drawing my future home, ♫ – -♫ the home full of what I love. ♫- -♫ In my dream, all the struggling has gone. ♫ – -♫ You stand there with smile, ♫ – -♫ talk to me gently, ♫- -♫ “come here, be easy.” ♫- -♫ The dream ♫- -♫ makes me sleepless. ♫- -♫ Full of bitterness and sobs. ♫- -♫ That’s my original intention, that’s my youth.♫- -♫ Tell me ♫- -♫ it will come true. ♫- -♫ Tell me I’m in somniloquy, ♫-

-♫ drawing my future home, ♫- -♫ the home I live with all I love. ♫- -♫ In my dream, ♫- -♫ all the obstacles have been overcome. ♫- -♫ You stand there with smile, ♫- -♫ talk to me gently, “come here, be easy.”♫- -♫ You talk to me gently, ♫- -♫ “come here, be easy.”♫-