so we are on this project a small project here what we’re going to refinish a kitchen see this is an old kitchen sink and so sometimes also the time buying a new sink if you can do it and it’s a drop-in sink it’s just best to go ahead and buy a new one and just install it that’s new and it’s you know not a big deal to change it sometimes however you can’t let me show you see this it has a tile around they want to preserve the tiles but the only way to do that is by refinishing the sink otherwise if they pull it out then they have to pull everything else around it but if you can see all these rust is very very heavy and so it’s so it has to be cured it has to be repaired and then it has to be resurfaced to make it last many many many years this is cast iron is very gorgeous it’s an antique it’s just it’s just beautiful but it’s just something needs to be done to it because the rust keeps coming up every single day every time there’s water obviously that’s rust so we’ll show you one more thing