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But, this\ \ is a company that is based in Utah in\ \ the United States. Which is you know,\ \ which is great ,because this way I can go\ \ visit it and I will visit this company,\ \ eventually. It should have a real product\ \ you know not just a lotions and potions\ \ not to not to dismiss lotions and\ \ potions they are good and I’ve been in\ \ them before, so I’m not I’m not\ \ dismissing them. But, something else that is a\ \ little more technological and\ \ something that people can use all the\ \ time. Now, we know the power of the of the\ \ phone, so something you can use on your\ \ phone will be incredible. Now, also have a\ \ leadership that is experienced\ \ leadership because I’ve seen a lot of\ \ rookies come out online and try\ \ stuff and it just doesn’t work. We have\ \ tremendous leaders, I’ll tell you all\ \ about this in a moment. Also, something\ \ that is affordable, you know a affordable\ \ worldwide which is very difficult\ \ because there are a lot of people who\ \ are having problems all over the world.\ \ But, this also has a free component, I’ll\ \ tell you about that too, you know so this\ \ has the ability for someone\ \ who has nothing to build and that’s,\ \ it’s just so awesome that you\ \ just don’t know. Something that’s gonna\ \ train people on how to really do this\ \ online business, our leaders are experts\ \ and they are open hearted and want to\ \ train people to do this. Also, something\ \ that almost\ \ everybody can benefit from and that’s\ \ something that’s very important. Again, so\ \ that’s financial, that’s also training\ \ that’s you know, also depends on\ \ people because you know a lot of times\ \ you can give them everything they need\ \ and they still don’t do anything . But\ \ that’s another story and\ \ I want to present to you the rNetwork\ \ which is “our” Network, Revv Card. This is an\ \ incredible opportunity and that I love,\ \ that I love so much, I want to really\ \ tell you all about it. So, here it is,\ \ rNetwork is the latest network,\ \ hopefully this would be the last and\ \ only business you will have to build\ \ online. It has a mission in a vision for\ \ the memberships this is about a\ \ membership drive so that we share in\ \ everything that’s going on online,\ \ everything is going on with the company.\ \ That’s very important, these guys are\ \ very, very generous in everything that\ \ they do.\ Here are our guiding principles and this\ \ is the first: “Find out where the world is\ \ going and get there first.” That’s\ \ what we’re doing, we have a product here\ \ that the world really needs and can\ \ use and we’re bringing it out to the to\ \ the world first. “Make more money than you\ \ spend.” You know, that’s basically a\ \ personal thing, try to\ \ really have the opportunity to make\ \ money That’s what we’re\ \ trying to do online, everybody is\ \ learning and it’s important because\ \ everyone in the world is looking to make\ \ money and everyone is looking for making\ \ money online so here’s a way of making\ \ money and hopefully it’ll be more than\ \ you spend that’s up to you lose yourself\ \ in betterment of others.\ \ As a teacher, I understand that\ \ concept and I agree with it\ \ wholeheartedly. Because, that’s what I’ve\ \ always done, when your teacher you\ \ want to help people you want them to\ \ become better and that’s what that’s\ \ what teaching is all about. Now, this\ \ company is in over 80 countries in the\ \ world. That’s great you want an\ \ international company definitely, that’s\ \ part of the criteria. Now, here are our\ \ our creators you know the one that I’ve\ \ seen the most is Richard Smith who is the CEO,\ \ he’s got a heart the size of an elephant.\ \ He’s got a vision and a\ \ mission to help people, which I am so\ \ impressed and I’m so happy to be part of.\ \ The other guys\ \ have experiences in all kinds of\ \ technologies and getting\ \ involved in all kinds of big companies\ \ that you know of, Google, PayPal\ \ and all these other things. They’re all\ \ involved in various things and have\ helped build those companies and those\ \ types of companies so I’m not going to\ \ go to all that because then that would\ \ take a long time. I want to make this\ \ brief and to the point.\ \ Now, the red card, this hopefully will be\ \ the last card you will ever need because\ \ in this card you could do so many\ \ different things. It is so technological,\ \

I want to show you a quick little video,\ \ bear with me to watch this video for a\ \ couple of minutes because it’s gonna\ \ really show you what the Revv Card is all\ \ about which is really, really nice.\ \ Welcome to our network’s new Revv Card,\ \ the last card you will ever need. Check\ \ out the power pack technology of Revv\ \ Card, Revv card is the first card to offer\ \ a no LED touchscreen. It also includes a\ \ biometric fingerprint reader and dynamic\ \ EMV chip for unmatched security.\ \ Authorize purchases with your\ \ fingerprint or through the connected\ \ phone app. We’ve even packed in a mic,\ \ speaker, Bluetooth antenna and GPS chip\ \ built right into a card and it’s still\ \ the same thickness as a standard credit\ \ card. Use it as a standalone card or\ \ connect your phone app to give the\ \ Bluetooth antenna. With all this\ \ technology you’ll enjoy a level of\ \ convenience and security that no other\ \ card can offer. Load multiple cards on\ \ to the Rev card and consolidate\ \ everything into one, gift cards, store\ \ loyalty cards, bank cards, and more. Simply\ \ choose which card to use and complete\ \ your purchase. With Revv Card you get\ \ access to discounts and rewards from\ \ over 300,000 partner businesses\ \ worldwide. From hotels, to restaurants, to\ \ retail stores, names like Hilton,\ \ Marriott, Cols Stone, Domino’s, Famous\ \ Footwear, Subway and more. Receive\ \ discounts with a single swipe with the\ \ built-in GPS chip, Revv card recognizes\ \ where you’re at and shares relevant\ \ offers. No need to search for coupon\ \ codes or shopper deals, earn points and\ \ rewards on qualifying transactions and\ \ then redeem at participating merchants.\ \ Need to split dinner or send cash to a\ \ friend? Easy enough, instantly\ \ transfer money to any Revv Card holder,\ \ deposit or withdraw cash at over 1\ \ million ATM locations. Pay bills, direct\ \ deposit, shop online, all through the\ \ power of Revv Card. Now, for the best part\ \ as a charter member of rNetwork not\ \ only will you earn rewards and discounts\ \ on your own Revv Card purchases but\ \ you’ll also earn every time someone in\ \ your network swipes. The more they swipe,\ \ the more you earn. So don’t wait,\ \ become a charter member, start building\ \ your network and start earning! So as you\ \ can see that red card is going to be\ \ powerful, now the Revv Card is not coming\ \ out until – January 2020. But, another thing\ \ that wasn’t explained and what\ \ impressed me about the Revv Card was that\ \ this will also incorporate\ \ Cryptocurrencies. If you don’t know about\ \ cryptocurrencies, that is the currency of\ \ the future! This is going to also\ \ include that in the card, so that was\ \ what really impressed me! This is\ \ going to be HUGE when all that comes\ \ together. Now, let me tell you more about\ \ the network. So, we’re building a network\ \ of people, the power is in the network. We\ \ know, if we have hundreds of thousands of\ \ members. We can easily go to any\ \ company and say, “Hey we got hundreds of\ \ thousands of members we want you to give\ \ us a discount or join our our company\ \ through our membership.” We know\ \ the power is in having the numbers of\ \ people, of constituents, that is very\ \ powerful. That’s what we’re trying to\ \ build. Now, rNetwork has certain things,\ \ it’s easy to enroll, it’s easy to share.\ \ I’ll tell you what that “Me and 3” is all\ \ about. This is the global\ \ revenue share, come on. this company is\ \ sharing their revenues? Incredible, I’ll tell\ \ you about that too! Easy to duplicate\ \ what we call “10 in the Pen” will put\ \ you in a position that you will earn\ \ from everybody who comes in anywhere\ \ along your downline. Then you’re\ \ gonna get paid on debit swipes. I’m going\ \ to tell you what that means in a moment also.\ \ Now, I’m looking for visionaries. I’m\ \ looking for people who are ready\ \ to move on this to become a charter\ \ member. Let me tell you it’s very\ \ easy to become a charter member. The\ \ enrollment is $30 for the first month, so\ \ It’s a one-time enrollment fee. Then, you’ll be\ \ paying $38 a month from there that will\ \ make you eligible for\ \ the rBank, for the discount portal, for\ \ the travel, for what we call a\ \ concierge service. Where basically you’re\ \ gonna go to somebody, if you want to buy\ \ a car you go to them and they will\ \ search out the best deal. If you want\ \ mobile service, you go to them, they\ \ will show you what rMobile services\ \ and whether it’s better than one the one\ \ you have or save you money. It’s going to\ \ have a mortgage service, so you just put\ \ in the information and you can now see\ \ and compare your mortgage against their\ \ best mortgage, saves you money there.\ \ We’re gonna have medical and\ \ prescriptions so that you can also save\ \ money there. I mean this is, this is\ \ just the beginning, this is the\ \ beginning of what we’re building\ \ because this is going to continue adding.\ \ Again, the bigger the network the more we\ \ can go to different companies and say,\

\ “Hey we got a million people, we want you\ \ to give us a tremendous discount\ \ on these services!” Now, if you find it\ \ difficult and\ \ you cannot become a charter member? We\ \ will have, soon coming what it is to\ \ become a FANN. A FANN is basically a\ \ Financial Affluent Network Nominee,\ \ that’s what a FANN is, that’s an acronym\ \ for FANN. Where you can join for free,\ \ this is what I was saying, this is very\ \ important. Because, if you know, a\ \ lot of times, I run into people who have\ \ this problem too, “Oh, I have no money,\ \ I have no money.” Okay, you can join for\ \ free and you can also participate in the\ \ discount portal and some travel limited\ \ and you will have the concierge services\ \ as well. That’s incredible and you can\ \ earn from those services, if you refer\ \ other people. You know, even as a free\ \ member. Usually, that doesn’t happen\ \ but as a free member you can earn from\ \ those that You refer.\ \ That’s an incredible opportunity for the\ \ world because there are people, again, who\ \ have a good network but don’t have the\ \ finances. That’s\ \ what’s coming right now we don’t have\ \ the FANN service yet but that will be\ \ available soon. So, this is the first step,\ \ the second step is to share\ \ this with others. How easy is it\ \ to share free? Again, you rather have a\ \ person who is a charter member but if\ \ they cannot become a charter member they\ \ can always become a free member and use\ \ the services and you will earn from the\ \ free members or the FANNS, that’s\ \ great!\ \ So, here is what the “Me and 3” is\ \ all about. Basically, of course It’s you\ \ getting three people, getting 3\ \ Charters to be Charter Members. That’s\ \ what we’re looking for, you’re looking for\ \ Charter Members. Those 3 Charter\ \ Members you will now wanna help those\ \ 3 get 3. If you know the\ \ Exponential Growth of 3 who get\ \ 9 is 9 who get 3 is 27 and you\ \ keep building that down. Remember, you\ \ will earn from all of these members and\ \ I must tell you how much in a minute.\ \ So, that’s what you want to do. You want\ \ to build it down 3 get 3, get\ \ 3, get 3, get 3, get 3, and\ \ keep going all the way down. Now, here is\ \ something that is exceptional, most\ \ companies do not do this! If\ \ you are a Charter Member, you have 3\ \ and you have 3 people under you and\ \ that’s called Tier 3 Qualified,\ \ that’s 3 people under you. You will\ \ be eligible to join the Global Bonus\ \ Pool and share in all the\ \ members in the world! It’s incredible,\ \ this is great! So here it is, we all\ \ know that to build a wall, you put in one\ \ brick at a time.\ \ So, you’re gonna build, it’s you, you get\ \ 3 people, help those 3 people to\ \ get 3 people and have those or\ \ show them, so they\ \ repeat and duplicate. That’s the hardest\ \ thing about working and networking it’s\ \ duplication and replication getting out,\ \ getting your information out there and\ \ helping people get other people. So\ \ here’s what we call the Team Building\ \ Structure it is a 3 by 10\ \ team-building. So, 3 people go under\ \ 3 go under 3 go under 3 \ \ each person. Every time you\ \ get a Charter Member you will unlock one\ \ level. So, if you have 3 Charter\ \ Members, you lock the first, you unlock\ \ the first three levels. Which means that\ \ you can earn from those three levels and\ \ you want to keep adding more Charter\ \ Members so you open up more levels. \ \ You’ll be earning $2 for every person\ \ whether you bring them or the people\ \ that you helped brought them.\ \ So, this is gonna be great,\ \ you’re gonna get two bucks for each\ \ person monthly. Let’s say for example,\ \ this is only you know, this is just\ \ examples sake to illustrate.\ \ If you get to if there are 250 people,\ \ not that you’ve got 250 and there are\ \ 250 people in your team building\ \ structure and your TBS you will earn\ \ $500 a month. If you have a thousand\ \ people and you have opened up all those\ \ levels you will earn $2,000 a month!\ \ You can keep going from there, if you have\ \ five thousand active Charter Members you\ \ can earn up to ten thousand dollars a\ \ month! Now, we have a great thing called\ \ the, “Ten In The Pen” which means that\ \ you’ve got ten members or ten Charter\ \ Members to open all 10 levels, all the\

\ way down! So, no matter where this person,\ \ a person comes in and from somebody that\ \ you referred down on level 10 you get paid\ \ for them and you get a bonus! If you got\ \ “10 In The Pen” you’re gonna get an\ \ additional 50 cents per person. So, now\ \ you’ll be earning $2.50 per person in\ \ your whole Team Building Structure! That\ \ is an incredible earning potential and\ \ we still have\ \ more go! Now, you can earn on the debit\ \ swipes, so we’re gonna have our own bank\ \ and this bank which is gonna have this\ \ Revv card. The Revv Card every time they\ \ swipe and they use their debit card we\ \ will all earn a certain percentage in\ \ our, from our downline!\ \ You know, this is gonna be an\ \ incredible thing, every time they use it\ \ for whatever they buy with this, groceries\ \ travel, shopping whatever. You know, people\ \ use their cards all the time. So, this is\ \ going to be an incredible opportunity!\ \ You saw the potential of what a Revv Card\ \ does and how safe it is to use and how\ \ many other cards they could put in there\ \ as well. So you’ll be earning from not\ \ only the Revv Card but from all the other\ \ credit cards and debit cards that\ \ they put into the, into the Revv\ \ Card, this is great! So, here is rbank\ \ we’re gonna have our bank and it is FDIC\ \ insured Bank, just like any other bank.\ \ It’s gonna have all the same services of\ \ any of the bank checking, debit, pay, pay\ \ your bills, pay your loans, mortgages all\ \ banking services will be included. This\ \ will be again, rNetwork is going to\ \ have our own Bank.\ \ It’s an incredible concept! Now, I was\ \ telling you about the concierge service,\ \ a concierge you go to this person and he\ \ will go or she will go out and if you if\ \ you want to buy a car you go to them and\ \ say, Hey I want to buy a car this make,\ \ model, year, and spend about this\ \ much. They will go out and search the\ \ internet and search around and find that\ \ car for you and then deliver it to your\ \ house! How great is that and deliver it \ \ So it takes away that the stress of\ \ buying a car, which is great! Now, we’re\ \ gonna have our own mobile service, \ \ and you can compare your\ \ mobile service to our mobile service.\ \ The concierge will tell you hey if you\ \ join our mobile service and, we’re\ \ talking about a major, you know\ \ a major telecom company. This is not just\ \ a fly-by-night company you will see We’ll\ \ tell you more about that later.\ \ You can now compare them and see\ \ what is on, you know, which is better. Now,\ \ we are also going to have a\ \ concierge for mortgages. Mortgages is a\ \ multi-trillion dollar a year industry,\ \ where you can compare and you can\ \ refinance or you could just get a new\ \ mortgage. Hey, this is great, we’re\ \ gonna have all these services! We’re also\ \ gonna have travel, we’re gonna\ \ have discounts on all kinds of services\ \ that you have. Everything that you buy\ \ online, restaurants, foods, everything\ \ will have discounts on those, this is\ \ great! So, now, if you save more than you\ \ pay will you continue to pay? If you save\ \ more than the $38 that you\ \ you pay every month? I know, you’re gonna\ \ continue to pay this! It’s just, this is\ \ what’s gonna help in retaining people\ \ because they’re not losing money. They’re\ \ making money with it, no matter what’s\ \ going on. no matter how many people they\ \ have they’re still making money! If you,\ \ if you have three people the\ \ three people in the first 30 days, if you\ \ get three people the first 30 days those\ \ will pay for your $38 a month, you know?\ \ It’s great, so this way you’re not losing\ \ money, so you will stay and that’s\ \ what’s gonna help us in\ \ retention. Now, we all know about\ \ you know, a company and their\ \ momentum. If you notice where we are here,\ \ in the formula, we’re at the\ \ bottom. We’re just slowly scaling up, we\ \ haven’t gotten to critical mass. We\ \ haven’t gotten to that point where\ \ more and more people learn about\ \ this company. Then, this is gonna\ \ shoot like a rocket up and you’re going\ \ to be positioned in a place where all\ \ \ these new people coming in are going to\ \ be coming in under you! So, imagine where\ \ we’re going to be once is this this\ \ company gets to about five million\ \ dollars a month!\ \ You know, it’s gonna be nuts! You’re gonna\ \

have an app, that’s gonna tell you\ \ how many you have in your personal\ \ enrollment. The app will tell\ \ you about exactly where your\ \ organization is at a glance and you’re\ \ gonna see where your TBS is your Team\ \ Building Structure! Now, here’s another\ \ thing that’s very important, It’s support,\ \ We have leaders who have been\ \ online training for twenty, twenty-five,\ \ thirty years and they’re all so psyched\ \ to be in this companyA They are ready and\ \ willing to help everyone in the company\ \ not just their downline. They’re helping\ \ everyone build and continue to build\ \ this! This is a excellent opportunity and\ \ a time to get in and to learn. I’ve\ \ already learned so much stuff, I mean\ \ come on the training that I’ve seen from\ \ from our people most of the time you\ \ would have to pay hundreds and hundreds\ \ of dollars for! This\ \ training is available and we have\ \ several Facebook groups that are there\ \ to help you. All of our people and\ \ leaders are open to help! I love this\ \ company I think this is going to grow\ \ into something HUGE and if you’re\ \ looking, if you’re just starting and\ \ you’re ready and open to become a\ \ Charter Member, Click On The Link Below!\ \ So, you can get more information as to\ \ how this will work for you and for your\ \ family and for your loved ones! So, this\ \ is Edwin Cabrera signing off here\ \ Manassas Virginia!\ \ }