The 2015 KBS Drama Awards starts now Hello, I’m the man of award shows Jeon Hyunmoo Welcome, to the 2015 KBS Drama Awards I’m with the two hottest stars of the year It’s Park Bogum and Kim Sohyun – Hello. / – Hello How do you feel? This is amazing for me I feel like I’m seeing stars – No… / – Yes I get to be with two very popular guys now – The honor is mine. / – Yes It’s really nerve-racking hosting in front of all my senior actors – It’s nerve-racking. / – Yes I’m also very nervous I was here last year as a nominee for Best New Actor but I’m up here hosting this year This feels so new. Like a dream And I’m so happy to be hosting with you two I’m happy to be with you two as well but it looks like I’m the father of you two up here – It’s not like that? / – Of course not Thank you I’ve been looking around So many shining stars I have no idea who will get which award in what category – Right. / – They’ll all be close matches Look forward to it You all should be tense This award show is for us to look back on the year’s KBS dramas and praise the outcomes This is a meaningful show This isn’t a show just for Koreans but for the entire world So what actors are here? We have some footage from the red carpet Let’s watch (December 31, 2015 Yeouido, Seoul) This is the 2015 KBS Drama Awards I’m Kim Taejin and I’m at the red carpet Let’s find out the dramas that made KBS shine as well as the stars that made those dramas shine right now! A nominee for Best New Actor It’s Yook Sungjae It’s his first time on the red carpet Sungjae enters as he waves at his cheering fans Here comes Cho Dalhwan Give him a round of applause Happy New Year and be healthy The ladies are really cheering for him Lee Wonkeun is a nominee for Best New Actor and he has a joint rookie performance (Yu Oseong) You did several KBS dramas this year. Was it two? Yes I’m practically a government employee here (Ahn Jaehyeon) (Ku Hyesun) She won an award last year She’s here to present an award for this year’s show It’s Shin Soyul (Han Chaea) (Kim Soohyun) I hope you enjoy the rest of the year I hope only good things for you all in the upcoming year of 2016 Thank you (Park Bogum) (Kim Sohyun) (Jeon Hyunmoo) You saw some stars but things really get started now That was the red carpet of the 2015 KBS Drama Awards We’ll go back to the studio Thank you for that So many amazing people have come A lot of people came including the people you didn’t see on screen – Right. / – So Let’s take a look back at the KBS dramas that made us laugh and cry as we present the first award They’re like vitamins that energize dramas It’s the cradle of stars It’s the Best Young Actor Award Presenting will be 2014 winners of the award It’s Kwak Dongyeon and Hong Hwari Give them a big hand! (Best Young Actor) Hello, I’m Kwak Dongyeon Hello, I’m Hong Hwari Hwari, look so pretty today I enjoyed your drama “Blood.” Your acting seems to get better and better You must study acting a lot Of course. I still have much to learn Dongyeon, you’ll be 20 soon Is there a role you really want to play? For now I’d like to wear something else besides a school uniform I’ll do my best whatever the directors cast me in Many people in the industry are watching this, so keep this in mind Please be good to Kwak Dongyeon What a good kid Thank you Hwari, what kind of actress do you want to be? Like all the actors sitting here today

I want to become an actress that’s loved for my great acting I know you’ll become like that Now let’s meet the nominees for the 2015 KBS Drama Awards Best Young Actor Let’s meet the male nominees The 2015 KBS Drama Awards The nominees for Best Young Actor Mom, dad “All About My Mom.” Gil Jeongu 1, 2, 3 Let my mom go You can take me instead I feel bad for my dad “Snowy Road.” Seo Youngju You can read Korean, right? “The Merchant: Gaekju 2015.” Jo Hyeondo Be quiet! I hope you break your legs! “Unkind Ladies.” Chae Sangu When I come to meet you I don’t feel like dying anymore I said not to curse! “Drama Special: The Brothers’ Summer.” Choi Gwonsu I won’t say anything So Save his life Hwari will announce the winner The 2015 KBS Drama Awards Best Young Actor goes to Choi Gwonsu of “The Brothers’ Summer.” Congratulations Congratulations Choi Gwonsu Choi Gwonsu played the immature Donggil in “The Brothers’ Summer.” He showed a rebellious side and portrayed his emotions well, improving the drama and making his presence known Please say a few words, Gwonsu Congratulations Hello, I’m Choi Gwonsu I still have a long way to go so thank you for this big award It was very hot when we were shooting “The Brothers’ Summer.” I want to thank Director Lee Jeongmi that worked so hard during the shoots as well as the many staff members and actors I also want to thank Director Kim Jinheon Lastly, I want to thank Principal Kim Taewon at my school and my homeroom teacher Park Yongu for always rooting for me I’ll work even harder to become a better actor and live up to this award Happy New Year and be healthy Mom and dad, I love you Yes His speech was I thought it was Yu Oseong speaking If he didn’t mention his principal, I wouldn’t have known he was a kid What a mature fellow Please move on to the next winner Here are the nominees for Best Young Actress The 2015 KBS Drama Awards The nominees for Best Young Actress – Always be subservient! / – “Snowy Road.” Kim Saeron My dad saved the country How funny Don’t cry because of me, mom “The Stars are Shining.” Kim Yubin I’ll be back Mom! You’re going to hang out “Assembly.” Kim Jimin Take this! I want to keep being your daughter so let’s let mom go Okay? “Snowy Road.” Kim Hyanggi – Let’s go back. / – Let go! Mom said to wait You seem like a bum “The Stars are Shining.”

Jang Seohee I’m so embarrassed because of you, mom! You can’t make clothes and all you do is fight! Yes The 2015 KBS Drama Awards Best Young Actress goes to Kim Hyanggi of “Snowy Road.” Congratulations It’s Kim Hyanggi. Congratulations Kim Hyanggi played Choi Jongbun in “Snowy Road.” She showed that she’s a great child actress by showing the pain and struggle of a comfort girl She won best child actress award but she doesn’t seem like a child anymore Kim Hyanggi has really matured Congratulations Let’s hear her speech Yes Gosh Thank you “Snowy Road” was a short drama but I think that it’s meaningful to not just me but to any Korean person I think it’s even more meaningful that I won an award for such a drama I really want to thank Writer Yu Bora for writing this work as well as Director Lee Najeong, the staff members and the actors that helped to complete this work as well as Huiyeon I’ll become a more sincere actress Happy New Year Congratulations, Hyanggi She’s working hard on movies and dramas We look forward to her future They’ve had a long history with KBS Time to present the award for short dramas Right KBS discovers many new writers through the short drama competition There have many works of high quality for many different genres That’s right Some were experimental It was like seeing the future of dramas Many meaningful works were released I wonder which ones got selected Right Short but sweet short dramas Presenting will be last year’s winner He just had a son recently – It’s Cho Dalhwan… / – Yes And host Kim Sohyun, who we’re looking forward to in 2016 (Short Drama) Why are you coming this way? Hello, I’m Cho Dalhwan Hello, I’m Kim Sohyun Hello – Sohyun. / – Yes I won my first award last year I didn’t know you’d be here I heard from my manager on the way here today that I’d be with you Really? Thank you for being here with me I won with you so of course we should be together Thank you… Oh, right. Sohyun – Congratulations. / – For what? I hear you’re doing a short drama – Yes. / – Tell us about it It’s coming out in February. It’s called “Page Turner” and it’s a 3-episode drama It’s about youths that have their lives totally change after an accident Please watch it I heard you had a son. Congratulations – Yes. / – Congratulations Give him a hand I’ll work hard Please give me your support – For your kid? / – Yes As someone who has produced a short drama in harsh conditions and loves KBS dramas I’m very thankful There will be more KBS short dramas in 2016 so please watch them too Let’s meet the nominees for Best Actor in a Short Drama 2015 KBS Drama Awards The nominees for Best Actor in a Short Drama Who are you? “Drama Special: Crimson Moon.” Kim Daemyeong You made it like this so they couldn’t die properly? I’ll kill you too for giving birth to misfortune! “Drama Special: The Wind Blows Where Your Heart Is.” Kim Yeongcheol I was just about to end it “Drama Special: Trains Don’t Stop at Noryangjin Station.” Bong Taegyu Hey “Drama Special: The Brothers’ Summer.”

Yu Oseong I haven’t been a man in a long time Please be happy with the man that is the father of that baby in you “Drama Special: What is the Ghost Up To?” Lee Joon What is the ghost up to? Why isn’t it taking Cha Murim? The 2015 KBS Drama Awards Best Actor in a Short Drama goes to Bong Taegyu of “Trains Don’t Stop at Noryangjin Station.” – Congratulations. / – Congratulations Taegyu played Mo Huijun, who is a man that’s been studying for the civil service examination for 4 years in “Drama Special: Trains Don’t Stop at Noryangjin Station.” He was praised for his great acting in depicting the struggling youth of this generation and really drawing the audience in Thank you so much First, I want to thank the director, writer and all the hard-working staff members that worked on this great drama I also want to thank Jegwang I also thank Junhyeong and Yunyeong I really want to thank my loving wife that always moved me and rooted for me the most It’s been one month since my son was born I think my son being born is the biggest award that I’m most thankful for I’ll do my best. Thank you Congratulations, Taegyu He won an award with his great acting Shall we move on? Let’s see the nominees for Best Actress in a Short Drama The 2015 KBS Drama Awards The nominees for Best Actress in a Short Drama – When I look at the snow… / – “Snowy Road.” Kim Yeongok Do you still hate your father? I’d better go for real I’ll go soon too Tell her to wait When I make people laugh “Drama Special: Funny Woman.” Moon Jiin “Drama Special: Fake Family.” Lee Hana What does it matter? Mom I want to wear pretty clothes like other women too! Is there a bug? “Drama Special: What is the Ghost Up To?” and “Snowy Road.” Jo Suhyang Because I’m poor – Bring your grandmother. / – Forget it I have my pride Were you really watching me? What you can do “Drama Special: Contract Man.” Choi Myounggil Make me look prettier next time The 2015 KBS Drama Awards Best Actress in a Short Drama goes to We have two winners Kim Yeongok of “Snowy Road” and Lee Hana of “Fake Family.” – Congratulations. / – Congratulations Kim Yeongok is a true veteran Please accept the award Accept the award and say a few words Her juniors are giving her a standing ovation Congratulations Hana, take a trophy We’ll hear from Yeongok first How embarrassing In the middle of working on many other things I got the offer for this role I was afraid of whether or not I could do it But after I saw the role, I wanted it and got it But Hyanggi also won the Best Young Actress Award The young actors were so realistic and good Now that we’re talking about the drama

The director We made this drama in such a short schedule I worried whether or not he’d get injured or sick working like that For me The cameramen They kept making me paths to walk through the snow Since it was cold They worried about me wondering if this old lady could wake up fine the next day after shooting until late at night Rather than compliment them on getting through that, I’d rather say that I’m here today because of the hard-working staff members that never made a face despite tough conditions Those that haven’t seen “Snowy Road,” I’d really like you to watch it Many decades ago, our older sisters went through such a terrible experience It’ll make you feel stunned and you’ll start to rethink things Please watch it And I hope all your wishes that didn’t come true this year, come true next year I hope only good things for everyone in Korea – Thank you. / – Yes Kind words for the New Year too Lee Hana Thank you I owe this honor to being in the short drama “Fake Family.” I want to thank Son Serin for writing the script Thank you so much And I want to thank Director An Junyong for teaching me so many things quietly behind the staffs’ backs every chance he got And I think many people Taught me a lot about emotions this year so I’m very thankful for them I want to share this honor with my loving parents and my family Thank you Thank you, Hana I bet she feels very emotional Congratulations to the both of you Sohyun is back Alright As Yeongok says, I hope those that missed out on “Snowy Road” can get a chance to watch it It’s a very timely work This was featured on the news often They said that “Snowy Road” is a very meaningful work that focuses on the Japanese comfort women It’s a great drama that won the Best TV Drama Award at the Prix Italia last September There were many great rookie actors in KBS dramas this year That’s why I heard even coming up with the nominees was intense – KBS is intense from the start. / – Right But the people that will be up against each other have also prepared a special performance for us all – Really? / – Yes This will probably have the most actors featured in a drama award performance The congratulatory performance by the rookie actor nominees starts now! (Rookie actors “One Candle”) I want to thank all the viewers that laughed and cried along with KBS dramas during 2015 I hope KBS dramas can console you a bit in 2016 as we sing this song Great!

That was great Gosh They were Pretty Rapstars The actresses are so good at rapping What a great performance The guys looked like church boys – Yes. / – Be careful of church boys like that They’re so handsome What are you saying? I’m saying… You’re itching to say something after watching the performance, Bogum – I’m not. / – You’re good at singing too – I bet you can rap too. / – No – Rap too. / – No He kept saying, “That’s no big deal.” Will you sing or rap for us? – I’ll sing. / – Alright – I can… / – See? I like this song “One Candle” but I’d like to sing this together – Sing it alone. / – By myself? Alright – That’s very good. / – You’re good Thank you When you can’t hit the high note your right eye closes – You have a habit. / – Yes Alright. You’re a good singer – I’ll ask you from time to time. / – Okay – You’re very talented. / – Very nice Now it’s time for the Best Supporting Actor Awards – Yes. / – Yes Who will be presenting? Presenting will be a man that’s hot in the musical world these days He won the award last year. It’s Sin Seongrok (Best Supporting Actor) Okay Hello, I’m Sin Seongrok To all the viewers and all the actors here, have a happy New Year I’m back here after winning best supporting actor last year It feels so new Normally, I should be presenting with an actress but why am I up here alone? Right But since this is a special award, I’ll try to present it well They’re saying this is an era for supporting actors as people love them as much as the lead actors for their great acting They improve dramas with their great acting and move the story along as hidden the hidden cards of the dramas This is to award such actors Let’s see the actors that moved and entertained us in 2015 KBS dramas first The 2015 KBS Drama Awards The nominees for Best Supporting Actor “The Jingbirok” and “The Merchant.” Kim Gyucheol It started Rise but don’t raise your head

A human or pig couldn’t eat that! “You Are the Only One.” Kim Minkyo I felt bad coming out Namsun is so sad and feels so bad Thank you Mom “Cheer Up!” and “Unkind Ladies.” Kim Jiseok I want things to go well with you even now What’s your problem? I met her before you and started liking her first You can’t even recognize me “Hello Monster.” Park Bogum Run There’s nobody that remembers you I’ll Remember you “All About My Mom.” Oh Minsuk Should you bully him? Are you okay? What is it that happened? Let’s go! I can’t take it! It’s so boring and life is no fun without you, Hyeju! “Assembly.” Jang Hyunsung I’ll leave Don’t make me any angrier I will not be leaving on my own No matter how hard “Save the Family.” Choi Ilhwa Once more Mom! Hey Father I’m sorry, father! It’s okay, it’s okay The 2015 KBS Drama Awards Best Supporting Actor goes to Kim Cheolgyu of “The Jingbirok: A Memoir of Imjin War” and “The Merchant: Gaekju 2015.” Park Bogum of “Hello Monster.” Congratulations Two people. Bogum, you too Gyucheol played the greedy corrupt official Kim Bohyeon in “The Merchant: Gaekju 2015.” He made his presence known by playing a villain the viewers hated He’s a true veteran of historical dramas Bogum played the two-faced lawyer Jeong Seonho in “Hello Monster.” He played a character struggling with good and evil which earned praise People said it was a rediscovery of Park Bogum Kim Taeu, you’re accepting the award on Gyucheol’s behalf. Please say a few words Gyucheol couldn’t be here due to personal matters so I’m here on his behalf I truly congratulate him But as an ancestor of Jingbirok, I’m against him Gyucheol, congratulations I’ll get this award to you – Thank you. / – Thank you, Taeu Okay… Bogum First I return this honor to God who is always with me It was such an honor just to be nominated I’m very embarrassed for me to win such a big award despite my skills I’m a bit ashamed I want to thank Director Noh Sanghun, for casting me in “Hello Monster…” Writer Gwon Giyeong, Director Kim Jinwon, Inguk and all the staff members I want to thank them all I’ll continue to work hard to be modest and just and become a good and influential actor Lastly, I want to thank my loving family, CEO Ju Bangho, Manager Seung Byeongok, Cha Taehyun and everyone else at Blossom Entertainment I share this happiness with you all I bless you and thank you! Alright! Kim Gyucheol and Park Bogum Welcome back Gosh Hold your mic again Bogum – Sure. / – Yes He asked if he could leave his trophy here That’s fine You can hold it and show it off too “Look what I got.” Show it off Go ahead Thank you Yes Moving on Yes Let’s see the nominees for Best Supporting Actress The 2015 KBS Drama Awards The nominees for Best Supporting Actress “Assembly.” Kim Seohyeong What? Pity? If you did your job properly this wouldn’t have happened!

When the Blue House was pressuring you, who was the one who protected you first when you showed up here? Did you already forget? How much work did you get done? “Unkind Ladies” and “The Jingbirok: A Memoir of Imjin War.” Kim Hyeeun Your Highness, if that’s your concern wouldn’t you feel better to be prepared Even if it’s a burden? How dare you do that to my son? “Unkind Ladies.” Seo Leesook Live like that forever That’s how my son will inherit this fortune “All About My Mom.” Son Yeoeun If I don’t clean it, it’ll get infected Endure the pain – San… / – Hyeju I have to find San They said I couldn’t do that Or else I’d never see San again! The person that drove me yesterday “House of Bluebird” and “All is Well.” Uhm Hyeongyeong You’re the biggest fool in the world You don’t know what’s in front of you “Cheer Up!” and “Unkind Ladies.” Lee Mido Stop right there! I never said I’d go If I was the culprit “The Stars are Shining” and “Love on a Rooftop.” Jo Eunsuk Are you insane? It’s a shame I’m the only one seeing this! The 2015 KBS Drama Awards Best Supporting Actress goes to Kim Seohyeong of “Assembly” and Uhm Hyeongyeong of “House of Bluebird” and “All is Well.” Congratulations Uhm Hyeongyeong and Kim Seohyeong We have two winners Seohyeong played the congresswoman and spokesperson Hong Chanmi in “Assembly.” She was praised for being charismatic and playing a strong character that you wanted to root for Hyeongyeong played a charismatic career woman in “House of Bluebird” and in “All is Well” she played a cold-hearted and evil woman She was praised as being a reliable actress Congratulations, to the both of you First Yes Seongrok was worried he’d step on someone’s dress He’s giving them the trophies and flowers Hyeongyeong will go first Please say a few words This is my first award show Thank you for such a big award I think I’m getting this award because “House of Bluebird” Director Ji Byeonghyeon and Writer Park Pilju gave me a great character to play “All is Well” Director Kim Wonyong, Director Kim Huisu, Director Kim Jeongmin, Writer Lee Seonhui and the entire staff I wish to share this honor with them GNG CEO Oh Seongmin, Hwang Wontaek, Lee Gyuseong and Sanghyeok Thank you for looking after me and getting me to where I am now I want to thank Eunju, Mihyang, Jiyeon, Hyeyeong, Hana, Sinhye and Suhui for always making me look pretty I’ll try harder to become an actress with more depth Thank you Thank you I’m nervous I started as a KBS class actor when I was 22 years old I started my path to pursue my dreams at KBS But after more than 10 years I couldn’t get on a KBS drama Then I got to do “Assembly” so I wanted to do my very best Actually, since my juniors are nominees I wanted to win this But the “Assembly” team isn’t here That’s a shame My ties with KBS ends up like this After 20 years This feels very new I’m very thankful for images that I get as an actress

“Assembly…” Or whatever work I’m in There are many genres but I’m becoming more defined as a an actress and as a person The ratings for “Assembly” weren’t that high But Writer Jeong Hyeonmin is the best writer when it comes to writing about politics I think it was about getting to know a person and getting to find that person When I act, I try my best to make it seem human I think “Assembly…” Was that kind of drama The subject of politics could be difficult Someone could’ve ignored it But to Writer Jeong Hyeonmin that wrote that difficult work and I want to thank Director Hwang Inhyeok for letting me portray as much as myself as I could and I’m sorry. This is going on too long That’s okay I just have things I want to say Right. It’s been a while since you won at KBS And I really want to thank Director Choi Yunseok for always getting me the scripts despite always being busy I really want to thank the staff for working with no air conditioning this summer To all the staff members that worked hard regardless of how good the drama is or the ratings To all the writers, directors You’re all champions. Thank you Seohyeong – Congratulations. / – I truly congratulate you She was known for dramas on other channels But she started at KBS so I’m sure it’s very meaningful for her – To win an award here. / – Yes I felt her emotions in her speech There were many nominees for supporting actor This really is the era for supporting actors – Earlier… / – Yes – “Hello Monster. / – Yes – You played a psychopath. / – Yes But what we see of you these days is looking bright – And smiling. / – Right – Like a boy. / – Yes How did you play such a psycho in that drama? That’s scary Thank you For what? – I showed another side of myself. / – Yes You’re always so good at acting – No… / – If it’s okay You’re known for your killer smile Yes Can you show us that and then make a psychopath’s face like in “Hello Monster?” Can you show us that kind of acting? I’ll try Are there lines? He does everything you ask him to – No lines. / – Okay – Just with your face. / – Yes Flash the killer smile and then – Do the psycho. / – Alright Then back to the killer smile – That’s like a real psycho. / – Alright Ready Viewers, you’re watching the 2015 KBS Drama Awards Stay tuned until the end Thank you Wow – That was cute. / – Thank you How was his acting, Sohyun? It’s really rude to ask him to improv Yes, it’s a big burden Right. How was it? As expected from a scene stealer – Thank you. / – Congratulations You also steal the hearts of women – They love you. / – Thank you Alright Sohyun You’ve been in many romantic comedies and played first loves Have you ever played a character with a twist? No. I played a villain – You played villain? / – Sure I started off playing a villain In what? On “Who Are You: School 2015” she played Ko Eunbi and Ko Eunbyeol – Two roles at once. / – That’s right Is there a difference in the acting? Yes. Eunbi is very innocent and kind Eunbyeol was a tough older sister that would do anything for her younger sister Can you show us Eunbi and Eunbyeol through your expressions? I know this is a difficult request – They’re such hot actors. / – With my face? The staff told me to get good footage from you two You want to go from Eunbi to Eunbyeol or from Eunbyeol to Eunbi? – Are you doing it now? / – Eunbi to Eunbyeol – Eunbi to Eunbyeol. / – Yes Then do Eunbi, Eunbyeol and back to Eunbi Start with Eunbi Like that – Yes. / – Ready Action! What should I say?

– Expressions, right? / – You’re Eunbi – Eunbi always looks bright. / – Okay – Eunbyeol. / – Eunbyeol Scary Gosh… That’s all I haven’t done it in a while. It’s hard – Eunbyeol is hard. / – I’m sorry I was a huge fan of that drama – Thank you. / – “Who Are You: School 2015.” Can we have “Hello Monster” meet Eunbyeol? The psychopath meeting Eunbyeol? I think that would be great Both of you smile and suddenly do “Hello Monster” and Eunbyeol Look at each other – Yes. / – This is good – Just like that. / – Yes Ready… Action – Hello, Bogum. / – Hello, Sohyun I can make these requests because you two are great actors Thank you for doing that KBS dramas got a lot of love this year – As well as your dramas. / – Yes So many dramas were loved But there are bigger KBS dramas – Planned for 2016. / – Right This is a special segment that you can only see in the 2015 KBS Drama Awards It’s a 2016 KBS drama preview It starts now Look forward to it! (2016 KBS drama preview) Hello, I’m Joongki and I play Yu Sijin in “Descendants of the Sun.” Hello, I’m Song Hyegyo and I play Kang Moyeon in “Descendants of the Sun.” “Descendants of the Sun” will air on KBS 2TV starting in February 2016 We worked hard for a long time with many staff members and actors, so please watch the show Viewers, have a happy New Year As a New Year’s gift the “Descendants of the Sun” preview will be shown for the first time at the 2015 KBS Drama Awards 2016 KBS drama preview “Descendants of the Sun.” Let’s watch it together I hereby solemnly pledge to devote my life to serving humanity For I will keep my commitment to my patients regardless of nationality, race, religion, or social status What name is this? I’m Yu Sijin And you? I’m Kang Moyeon (Song Joongki and Song Hyegyo) You’re a doctor. Bet you don’t have a boyfriend Since you’re busy You’re a soldier. Bet you don’t have a girlfriend Since it’s too tough There’s more chance of getting hurt being around a guy with a gun The medical team is being dispatched to Morocco Kang Moyeon Yu Sijin is so cool but dangerous I don’t like him because he’s dangerous but he’s so charming when I look into his eyes What should I say? Should I apologize or confess my love? How many times have I told you? You’re more likely to get shot being around a guy with a gun And then one day Sir Respond Sir You will never come back (“Descendants of the Sun”) Is it starting? Go ahead (“Uncontrollably Fond”) Hey! If you save Eul, I’ll give up the remainder of my life Hello, we’re in “Uncontrollably Fond.” – I’m Kim Woobin… / – And I’m Suzy I play the top star Junhyeok And I play documentary Director Noh Eul I bet you want to see our chemistry together You can see this summer on KBS Please support KBS dramas in 2016 – See you in summer. / – See you in summer

– Bye. / – Bye We saw a slight preview of two KBS dramas we’ll get to see in 2016 We’ll be able to see Song Joongki and Kim Woobin on KBS in 2016 – Right. / – I’m so excited “Descendants of the Sun” looked like a movie Yes. Such a grand scale Right. KBS has made another big one They’re as hot as you two Please look forward to 2016 KBS dramas with Song Joongki, Kim Woobin, Suzy and Song Hyegyo Thank you I hope 2016 is another great year KBS dramas And I hope Sohyun and I will be also involved in that great year I truly hope so – Yes. / – We’ll try our best You want to win another award It’s not like that – We’ll try harder. / – I see Moving on, let’s go to the Popularity Award This award is for the actor that got the most support from a group of judges made up of drama directors, writers and reporters in broadcasting Presenting will be the two men that are fighting over one woman in the daily drama “Sweet Home Sweet Honey.” Lee Jaejoon and Kim Minsoo Come on out (Popularity Award) Hello, I’m Kim Minsoo and I play An Taeho in “Sweet Home Sweet Honey.” Hello, I’m Lee Jaejoon and I play Kang Maru Jaejoon, we play rivals that fight over Song Jieun in our drama Now we’re at an award show together It feels strange and good too How do you feel, Jaejoon? This is my first award show so I’m very nervous, excited and happy I feel odd Thank you for inviting me Minsoo, this year has been very meaningful for me because of “Sweet Home Sweet Honey.” How was the year for you? I had a great year because I was able to work with such great senior actors in this drama And I’m so happy that I was able to do “In Still Green Days” and “Sweet Home Sweet Honey” with KBS I consider it such an honor that we can with our esteemed senior actors now I consider it a huge honor to spend the last night of 2015 here at KBS Please continue to support “Sweet Home Sweet Honey” on KBS So shall we present the Popularity Award? Yes The Popularity Award goes to the actor that many people loved in 2015 You announce the winner Alright The 2015 KBS Drama Awards The Popularity Award goes to Park Bogum and Nam Joohyuk – Congratulations. / – Congratulations Yes Bogum Bogum played a bad guy in “Hello Monster” which is different from his usual gentle roles He won the Popularity Award for letting the viewers know his acting Joohyuk played sports star Han Ian in “Who Are You: School 2015.” He became a popular actor with his great portrayal of the character and his looks that are out of a romance comic Bogum seems to be at a loss for words Yes Thank you. Thank you so much I think I’ve received a lot of love this year I want to thank my unchanging fans My family and the viewers for their constant support I won this award thanks to “Hello Monster” and Thanks to CEO Ju Bangho who discovered me and made my dreams come true as well as Seung Byeongok I won’t forget this honor and try to be an actor that tries his best, Thank you so much Okay Bogum just won his second award Next is Nam Joohyuk Thank you I’ve learned a lot this year through the drama I’ve learned a lot from Director Kim Seongyun and Director Baek Sanghun doing “Who Are You: School 2015.” I was able to try harder and think more because of them Thanks to the directors Sohyun, Sungjae and Suhyang all worked hard Thank you so much for this great award

I’ll try my best next year too Thank you Congratulations to the both of you Park Bogum and Nam Joohyuk They’ve won the Popularity Award He has no room for his trophies He already has two Yes. Bogum – Yes. / – You expected this, right? No, I did not Either of those awards? Yes – Liar… / – Really – Really? / – Yes – For real? / – Yes Congratulations on the Popularity Award We’ll talk more after you present the next award Popularity Award for an Actress Congratulations, Seolhyun and Cho Boah Seolhyun has captivated the hearts of Korean men with her lovely and bubbly role in “Orange Marmalade.” Boah played the role of the immature newlywed Jang Cheri very charmingly in “All About My Mom.” She wins the Popularity Award for being loved by viewers of all ages Seolhyun and Cho Boah They’re the winners of the Popularity Award It’s an award from the production staff too so it’s very meaningful Boah, accept your award Congratulations First Seolhyun, please say a few words I want to say thank you to all the people that have shown me love I worked very hard in 2015 but I’ll work hard in 2016 too so please continue to show me support To the people in my agency, my members and my family that are always rooting for me I love you all and thank you I’ll continue to work hard. Thank you Yes. Seolhyun You have your famous pose Can you show us a victory ceremony for winning the award? Your outfit is so beautiful today You’re a goddess. Please step forward You know the pose, right? – Yes. / – Here we go Ready… Action It looks the same That was it Yes, that was it Congratulations Thank you. Boah Cho Boah Yes Which one do you want? Thank you so much I didn’t expect this so it’s such an honor to win this I want to share this honor with my director, writer and many others that helped me to win this award – Thank you. / – Congratulations Congratulations That was Cho Boah and Seolhyun of AOA I asked Seolhyun to pose Yu Oseong was like, “What is this?” My friend told him that it’s a pose from a telecom company advertisement Oseong, you understand now, right? Yes… He’s an old man I’ll try to explain things to you from time to time Yes This award is from experts in the industry that work at the sets so this is a very meaningful award, Bogum – Right. / – Thank you so much again – Congratulations. / – Yes, Bogum. Congratulations You don’t have room for more awards now When it comes to bringing out and delivering an actor’s emotions in a drama We can’t leave out the music Yes. So the next segment The drama was a hot topic but the soundtrack was very popular too “THE Producers.” It’s one of the songs on the soundtrack The great singer ALi will sing for us Both of you have hosted a music show – Yes. / – Sure How would you introduce a song? Want to try for old time’s sake? “Let’s…” Bogum loves being asked to do things Then ALi’s… What’s the song called? – “The Two of Us.” / – Yes Let’s watch ALi’s “The Two of Us” together. Go Let’s watch ALi’s “The Two of Us” together! Yes (“The Two of Us” by ALi) That was ALi’s performance

A song from “THE Producers” soundtrack Thank you What awards are next? They’ll become the future of KBS dramas We have the Best New Actor Awards The Best New Actor Award is very special – Yes. / – Right Have either of you won the award? – Not yet. / – Not yet? I haven’t either Are you looking to win this award too? – No. / – Do you want to win it? How many are you trying to win? Do you get a good feeling? Think you’ll win the award? – Not at all. / – No? – I see. / – Yes Bogum is fun to tease Yes – Alright. / – Thank you Who wouldn’t want this award? You can only win it once in your life so it’s that much more special Who will be presenting, Sohyun? After the best supporting actors, this was also a heated battle. Presenting will be two award winners from last year. Seo Inguk and Kim Seulgi Come on in! (Best New Actor) Hello, I’m Seo Inguk Hello, I’m Kim Seulgi Seulgi, did you hear? They say if you win Best New Actor at KBS, things start to go well Of course I’ve heard that Inguk and I won the award last year Lee Minho, Joo Won, Suzy and IU also did So did Ku Hyesun and Kim Soohyun who are here right now That’s right After hearing the names of the winners I think the rumor behind winning this award is believable Seulgi, you’ve been working very well in dramas, movies and variety shows these days Inguk, I enjoyed seeing you in “The King’s Face” and “Hello Monster.” Thank you It was very competitive this year

for Best New Actor Let’s see who was nominated Yes, let’s see who will become the lucky person to get all the good vibes Let’s meet the nominees for Best New Actor The 2015 KBS Drama Awards The nominees for Best New Actor Ko Eunbyeol “Who Are You: School 2015.” Nam Joohyuk Approaching you is up to me So Can you not go So we can start again? Today “Unkind Ladies.” Song Jaelim – Don’t look. / – Alright! Why can’t you answer? Mari, until your heart And your head Is filled with me “Orange Marmalade.” Yeo Jingoo I can’t ask anything I stopped in my tracks to look at you That’s why I’m standing here! “Who Are You: School 2015.” Yook Sungjae Let’s cut class Just follow me There should be at least one person One person to call you by your real name “Cheer Up!” Lee Wonkeun You want to die? Then go ahead and die, fool! “All About My Mom.” Choi Taejoon Honey? Stay focused! You have to stay focused! It’s such a blessing that we have a baby It’s time for us to think about things more, right? What a talented group The 2015 KBS Drama Awards Best New Actor goes to Yeo Jingoo of “Orange Marmalade.” Congratulations – Congratulations, Jingoo. / – Congratulations He’s really grown Jingoo played modern and period roles in “Orange Marmalade.” We were able to see his melodramatic acting that we didn’t see before He captured the hearts of women He’s no longer a child actor He’s so handsome He really grew Congratulations Please say a few words Thank you It’s such an honor to win this award First, I want to thank CP Kim Jeonghan of “Orange Marmalade,” Director Lee Hyeongmin, Director Choi Seongbeom and Writer Mun Sosan for making all of this possible And I truly want to thank the entire staff of “Orange Marmalade.” To all my fans, family members and people in my agency that always rooted for me and gave me strength Thank you so much and I love you 2015 was a year filled with many regrets for me In 2016 That’s why I think it’s such an honor to get this award I won’t forget the weight of what this award means I’ll have more confidence in 2016 and a sense of responsibility to do well Thank you all so much again Have a happy New Year I hope 2016 is always happy Thank you Yes Yeo Jingoo of “Orange Marmalade.” He won Best New Actor – Congratulations. / – Congratulations Now let’s see the nominees for Best New Actress The 2015 KBS Drama Awards The nominees for Best New Actress I can’t go to you “Who Are You: School 2015.” Kim Sohyun Can’t you come? My younger sister almost died because of you What do you think comes to mind When I look at you? “Orange Marmalade.” Seolhyun You’re not a monster I think it’s because I wanted to shine just once “Love on a Rooftop.” Yun Seo

No way! That means it can never be me I don’t deserve to know because I’m an immature klutz? Let’s get it together, honey “All About My Mom.” Cho Boah Look at that, honey! Look at that! Isn’t it cute, honey? Honey, how could you? We haven’t dated that long Stop making faces “Who Are You: School 2015.” – What are you doing? / – Jo Suhyang I think I forgot How to stop it I warned you “Cheer Up!” and “House of Bluebird.” Chae Soobin Why are you so mean to me? The 2015 KBS Drama Awards Best New Actress goes to Chae Soobin of “Cheer Up!” and “House of Bluebird.” Kim Sohyun of “Who Are You: School 2015.” Congratulations Sohyun! Sohyun, they’re going nuts Sohyun showed her acting range by playing two different roles in “Who Are You: School 2015.” She expressed the emotions of the two characters well that it really drew you into the drama Soobin received attention for her emotional longing acting and portrayal of a despicable villain in “Spy,” “House of Bluebird” and “Cheer Up!” She showed great range despite being a rookie Soobin got the best rookie actress too Let’s hear from Soobin first Hello, I’m Chae Soobin Yes I I’m so happy just to be working my dream job which is acting So it’s such an honor to win such a meaningful award I want to thank Director Ji Byeonghyeon for giving me this great opportunity as well as Director Lee Eunjin and Director Park Hyeonseok I truly want to thank my senior and colleague actors that really helped me and lead me To my fans and family that are always rooting for me Thank you so much and I love you Thank you Congratulations We’ll look forward to your career Sohyun was shocked when she won Hello, I’m Kim Sohyun I’m so happy and honored to just be hosting this show with two great guys I think this is such a big award despite my skills I keep thinking about how I’m lacking But I have a lot more time left to act so I’ll try to improve and try harder each year I want to become a great actor and person that won’t let down the people that believe in me I have so many people to thank but I’ll contact you all privately Thank you so much. I love you Alright Yes Sohyun, come back here Goodness Both the hosts are lucky with awards today – Congratulations. / – I truly congratulate you Yes Now we’ll see who won the Netizen Award which was picked by viewers that love KBS dramas – Yes. / – This year, we took votes From all over the world Right. We said in the beginning – 200 million are watching this. / – Right This was broadcast live on KBS World TV and YouTube How many countries do you think voted? Anywhere on Earth there is internet – Really? / – Yes You’re saying they logged in Every place is open – You can vote from everywhere. / – Yes Alright Let’s find out which actor captivated the hearts of netizens all around the world by being in a 2015 KBS drama Who will present the awards? These two represent the global netizens They’re working hard on the new 2016 KBS drama “Moorim School.” It’s Sam Okyere and Kan Miyoun Sam Okyere and Kan Miyoun (Netizen Award) I feel like I’m at the Academy Awards

Gosh – Hello, Sam. / – Hello – Hyunmoo. / – Yes You’re on every show I could say the same about you Yes – Please present. / – Alright Hello, I’m Sam Okyere and I’m from Ghana Hello, I’m Kan Miyoun. Nice to meet you Sam and I will be representing the netizens of the world as we present the Netizen Award Right. I represent the overseas netizens and Miyoun represents the Korean netizens Right The Netizen Award was decided only through internet votes from viewers Right. The voting went on from December 17 to December 28 on the official KBS Drama Awards homepage Of course in Korea but also Ghana, Germany Around 40,000 netizens from around the world voted That’s amazing – That’s a lot. / – Right He normally talks like that, everyone Please be understanding We’re working hard shooting the KBS drama “Moorim School.” Maybe we’ll get to be nominees for the Netizen Award next year – Sure. / – For that to happen Please watch “Moorim School” on January 11 – Thank you. / – We’ll support you two If I become a nominee, I’ll tell all my friends and family in Ghana to vote for me All the netizens in Ghana – Would vote for you, Sam. / – Of course He’s so happy about that – You keep asking me things. / – Then Aren’t you going to present? – We will. Let’s present the award. / – Yes The actor that was most loved by the viewers this year Sam, you present the award Who could it be? Netizens all over the world voted – 40,000 people voted. / – Alright The 2015 KBS Drama Awards The Netizen Award goes to Kim Soohyun of “THE Producers…” – It’s Kim Soohyun! / – As well as Kim Sohyun Congratulations Soohyun showed off his silly side that you’ve never seen before for his role in “THE Producers.” The netizens love him as an actor you can trust What’s going on? Sohyun portrayed the expressions and emotions of a teenager lovingly and youthfully in “Who Are You: School 2015.” Alright Kim Soohyun and Kim Sohyun have won the award Sam – He thought they were the same person. / – Yes Did he say Sohyun’s name or not? I didn’t hear. The two of them won Soohyun will say a few words first Hello, I’m Kim Soohyun I’m so happy to receive this award I want to thank my fans that are close and far away Thank you all so much I’ll continue to repay you all with good… Acting I’ll do my best Thank you. Please continue to support me Soohyun Netizens all over the world 40,000 of them voted How about a few words in English? – I’m sure they’d love that. / – Yes Thank you 30,000 people just went nuts Sohyun Hello, I’m Kim Sohyun I don’t know if I deserve this I never imagined winning this I’m so thankful and proud that so many people enjoyed “Who Are You: School 2015.” I want to thank Suhyang and Joohyuk who are sitting there and Sungjae who isn’t here I want to thank everyone I worked with in “Who Are You: School 2015.” I’ll thankfully accept this award on behalf of them – Thank you so much. / – Yes Sohyun Please say a few words in a foreign language you can speak I love you. Thank you Yes. I love you You can come back. Congratulations I truly congratulate you You two The next award is the PD Award chosen by drama directors from the 3 major networks Around 160 directors from

KBS, MBC and SBS voted Yes This is an award selected by production staff members on set It’s a big award. Almost as big as the Grand Prize Yes It’s not just KBS All 3 networks have this award All actors that were in a KBS drama during the year are nominees Right. All awards are fair but this is an award from the 3 major networks I think it’s a bit more meaningful Presenting will be someone unfamiliar It’s an SBS director SBS Director Hong Changuk and the man who doesn’t have a sexy brain It’s Kim Jiseok (PD Award chosen by the directors) Hello I’m the president of the network drama group and SBS drama director Hong Changuk Hello, I’m Kim Jiseok I’m here at KBS presenting with Director Hong Changuk from SBS I think this will become a very special and precious memory for me They’re having the Drama Awards at SBS too Yes, it’s going on right now – I have to hurry over. / – Why are you here? – You have to hurry there? / – Yes – We won’t let you. / – I see Now that you’re here, it’s too bad that you have to present with me instead of one of these beautiful actresses I bet you feel some regret No, I think my wife at home would prefer this Jiseok, I really enjoyed “Unkind Ladies.” You played a documentary director Yes, that’s right You got to play a director How was it? I liked playing the role of a director It was special to me I see how you guys are always working hard on set and try your best to make good dramas I had a blast with my role Jiseok, if someone like you were a director, I think that would be hard for the actors Thank you. Alright Which actor was loved by the directors of all 3 networks? Please tell us Yes The drama directors of all 3 networks voted for the actor that showed the best acting in a KBS drama this year This is the PD Award voted by directors from all three major networks I’ll open up this award now So Who could it be? The 2015 KBS Drama Awards The PD Award voted by directors goes to Kim Hyeja of “Unkind Ladies.” Congratulations Hyeja, congratulations Chosen by the directors of the 3 major networks Hyeja played Kang Sunok in “Unkind Ladies.” Unlike her elegant looks she had quite the mouth on her With her 50 years of acting experience she was voted as the best actor of the year by the directors of the 3 major networks Congratulations Please step up and get your trophy and flowers Take the trophy first Yes There Jiseok, gave it to you Right. They were in the same drama Let’s hear a few words I can talk? – Yes. / – Yes Or you can do something else Can you say a few words first? What can I do first? You can sing if you want Or you can dance – Do an impression… / – Thank you I was lacking but I want to thank the Lord for being here with me This is my first time winning this kind of award It’s an award from the directors of the 3 major networks I’m so thankful. This isn’t an achievement award I’m old and at the age to win an achievement award I’m so thankful that this for my good acting Thank you Thank you so much – We truly congratulate you. / – Yes You can talk more That’s okay – That’s okay? / – Yes You can’t just stand there and say that – Would you like to say more? / – No. Thank you Alright – Congratulations. / – Yes

She’s like a young girl Hyeja, congratulations She must be so happy to win that award Voted by the directors from the 3 networks Right – It has to be meaningful. / – Very much so Yes The 2015 KBS Drama Awards It’s time to end part 1 Can you tell how close it is in every category? It’ll get more intense in part 2 So don’t forget about that There were 41 KBS dramas this year Yes Please look forward to see which among these many dramas win an award in the 2015 KBS Drama Awards In part 2, we’ll be awarding the best actors and actresses in each genre And today’s highlight, the Grand Prize So please stay tuned and stay with us Alright The 2015 KBS Drama Awards See you in part 2 – Thank you. / – Thank you