Enough I don’t want anymore Oh but you’ve just started eating And if you don’t eat then how do give you expect me to give you your medicines? I’m full Have just a little more and then I’ll help you change your clothes as well No… leave the clothes, they’re fine How are they fine, you’ve been wearing them since yesterday? I’ll go iron and bring them and then I’ll help you change Here Eat quickly and make sure you drink all of your tea Walekumassalam Bisma How are you my dear? I’m fine. Are you well? I’m fine Where’s mummy? Mummy… She… she’s inside Please have a seat and I’ll just go call her Why are you doing all this? I’m doing it because its my duty Duty? My Apa ji, my grandmother, always taught me this She used to say that it’s a person’s duty to help anyone who’s sick, worried and or needy What else did she tell you? She told me that anyone who acted out of selfishness will never be able to create a place in someone’s heart I see So you want to create a place for yourself in my heart is it? No tayi-ammi , I’m only following my grandmother, Apa ji’s, advice One should always serve and love completely and without a selfish or ulterior motive Please call out to me if you need anything else Thank you Apa ji’s taught her such wonderful things Thing’s I never chose to listen to because I disliked doing so Assalamwalekum … and you are? Walekumassalam I’m Bisma’s brother Oh I see… the one who’s in Dubai? Yes, exactly Okay So how are you? I’m fine Assalamwalekum When did you get back from America? You never told us… we had no news of it? I got in last night and came across immediately to you today! Go on my dear, make arrangements for tea Oh hey no my dear, please leave all that I want you to now invite us once altogether for dessert think we’ve waited long enough. and dinner as I think we’ve waited long enough Yes, yes, I can understand I’ll just… Arman dear, we were waiting for you Uh… I’m sorry but I don’t understand Actually, I’m Bisma’s mother-in-law to be and I’ve come over today to set a wedding date But Mr. Obaid had said that he would only finalize things once his son was here So now I’m here before you son and you can go ahead and confirm whatever you like from me Or you can even come over to our house and or we can do it any whichever way you want to do this But please this marriage must now take place as we’ve waited quite some time She’s right Uh… I’ll let you know after I’ve had a final word with Obaid, right? Yes, yes, absolutely Alright fine, so I’ll be going then Allah Hafiz Allah Hafiz Come, I’ll see you out Thank you Allah Hafiz my dear Allah Hafiz Arman, they’re really very nice and wealthy as well I’ve checked them out thoroughly to my satisfaction All I need to do now is speak to Obaid and then I’ll set a wedding date Have you asked Bisma, mummy? Yes of course I’ve asked her and she’s very happy about it Everyone’s happy about it But mummy, Bisma didn’t look too happy to me Okay, stop this immediately! Dont you go starting something now!

And listen to me, you will not tell Arisha a thing about this, is that understood! So what was it that you couldn’t discuss with me on the phone? Brother Hashir, this was important so I thought it best to speak to you face to face Okay, so what did you want to discuss? The matter for which you called me while I was in Dubai, I’ve come to discuss that What’s wrong, all well? Bisma’s marriage is about to be arranged What? How is that possible? That lady came by again today… apparently to talk about arranging the wedding If you want to do something about things, then I suggest that you do it quickly or else it’ll be too late I’m in a quandary… because now the situation is such that I’m not sure whether aunty and uncle will even consider speaking to me I’ll handle dad… and besides such things happen in families You need to step forward and things will automatically fall into place You’re right… I… I’ll do something Do whatever you need to do quickly brother Hashir I’ll, in fact, speak to dad about it this very night Whatever relationship we had once, is now over Hashir! Put your hand on your heart Bisma and tell me, can this relationship ever end that easily Bisma we’ve loved each other for a long time now Our hearts are as one For years, every day, every night, we’ve shared our feeling, our thoughts and our emotions with each other You think that such a deep and strong connection can end with just this one incident? Whatever you’ve done Hashir, the relationship has ended because of it Alright, look stop it, there’s no point in raking over the past Then why have you called me up? I called to tell you that you’re mine and mine alone and you will always be mine, is that understood? This is no longer possible Hashir Why? Have you changed that quickly? I haven’t changed and nor can I ever change However, your attitude has changed everything in but one go… and maybe its forever and ever Okay look I am apologizing am I not yaar? Just forgive me I’m asking you for your forgiveness with all my heart and soul Please, I made a mistake, forgive me! No Hashir! This is not how these things work! You cannot go around doing as you please only to later come to me for forgiveness and I forgive you! You want forgiveness right? Fine Then ask for forgiveness from those that you’ve actually insulted What do you mean? I mean do you even realize the how far you went to humiliate my parents? They can never face anyone in the family now because of you! You want to ask for forgiveness, do you? Then come and ask them for it and not me! Okay, okay, okay, fine I’ll ask them for their forgiveness… I’ll do even this for your sake Alright? But just keep one thing in mind, I will not allow you to marry anyone else How do you know that I’m about to marry someone else? When two hearts are connected, the heart knows everything Now you tell me truthfully, is this so or not? Taya-abbu , brother Hashir has said that he isn’t hungry Is he unwell? He’s fine health wise but he does, however, look somewhat upset Upset? Yes… that’s what it looked like to me I’ll go check on him myself Why don’t you do one thing, bring his dinner to his room, okay Go on then Hashir? Oh hey dad… please come in

Why didn’t you come for dinner son? I didn’t feel like it dad And what’s the reason for you not feeling like it? Its just that I’m quite upset with everything that’s happened Tell me something, was I really that unfair with Burhan? Yes son, you became too emotional Anyways, just forget what happened What’s your issue now? The issue is that Bisma wants me to go to her place and ask her family for their forgiveness She’s saying that she will only marry me if I apologize I could do this but… Now see here son, a relationship based on love maybe delicate but it is also just as strong It begins with the heart and it ends at the heart What do you mean dad? What I mean son is that if one gets the person one love’s, then this very same delicate bond becomes strong But if one loses one’s beloved, then ones heart is filled with regret, sorrow and heartache for the rest of ones life… One is never able to achieve peace after that The heart becomes a barren, desolate wasteland If the heart is alive and kicking because of the memory of one person and that person leaves… then what’s left in ones life? Dad… have you also ever… Yes son And when I didn’t get her, I spent my whole life in compromise with your mother And you kept such a huge secret to yourself your whole life dad? Where was the point of telling anyone son? You should marry the one that you love, the one that gives you happiness, the one that your heart needs So what you’re trying to say in essence is that I should go and ask for Bisma’s forgiveness? Son, pride and stubbornness are meaningless in front of love When one love’s someone one is willing to sacrifice all of ones happiness for the sake of that person’s happiness Alright dad, I’ll go and apologize to them tomorrow You’re not going alone son, I will also go with you to Obaid’s house Thank you What’s happened? You look very happy? It is something worth being excited over I’m not going to share this news with anyone but you Not even mummy should know, okay? Dad and I are going to uncle Obaid’s tomorrow with a proposal for Bisma What?! Why are you so surprised? No, I was only thinking that after all that’s happened even then you’re going there? Yes, that is there… but dad is saying that he’ll make uncle Obaid come around Arman is agreeable, Bisma is agreeable… just pray that aunty Shama also agrees somehow or the other You will pray will you not? I? Do you now realize the kind of benevolence God is showing you? Besides, those that pray for others, don’t have to pray for themselves May God fulfill all your wishes and give you happiness Just pray that we are successful Thank you so much And please bring my tea to my room when its ready Is the pilaf ready? I’ve just put it on steam Oh god, what have you done?!

All the rice has become stuck together! Seems like Fasiha hasn’t taught you anything! Clumsy, inept fool! We’ve not eaten rice like this our whole lives! The thing is… Alright enough! Hmm… ugh! So much salt! Dont you know that I have a problem of high blood pressure?! All this rice will now be eaten by you and Arman! We will have to order in now! Total disaster! May God see to aunty Shama! She used to show off…now all her secrets will be revealed Finally you are awake! Why did you have to wake up even now! You should have kept on sleeping Its because of these habits of yours that your father disgraces me! Well I’m up now Ma And then you know how dad is now in the habit of humiliating me over everything And you enjoy being humiliated No one would say anything if you didn’t give them the opportunity Okay fine, but I’m now up so don’t spoil my mood unnecessarily So gracious of you to have woken up although it really would not have made a difference to us had you not woken up Go on, go back to sleep So what if the rice got a little sticky Even an expert cook sometimes ends up spoiling things But this mother and daughter have to make a big deal out of everything! If they don’t want to eat it, then fine… let them not eat it, I don’t care! I’m really hungry What habits are you referring to?! And what have I done that was so wrong? You all have unnecessarily discredited my name! Oh ho! So this filthy behavior of yours that the whole family knows of now and because of which we’re all so upset, it means nothing to you? Oh really and how have I behaved filthily? Mashal is my wife to be So where’s the big deal in my having touched her? Unnecessarily made a mountain out of a molehill What did you say you shameless boy! You shameless, disgraceful boy! Have you not even an ounce of shame in you??? Not even an ounce of shame??? You should go drown yourself! Yes of course! I’m everything! I’m immoral, shameless, disgraceful – I’m all of these things! Why don’t you all do one thing, throttle me once and for all! End of story! Then at least, I will not have to listen to this nonsense every day! Have some shame Burhan! Is this any way to speak to dad??? If there was anyone that was left, it was you! So why don’t you also say what you want! And by the way, I didn’t do anything so bad for everyone to think of it as the end of the world! It is the end of the world for respectable people if someone looks at their daughter in a filthy manner! You didn’t even feel shame enough to give some consideration to your fiance’s honor and respect But then you would need to know the meaning of honor and respect for that Yes, you’re right, I don’t know the meaning of honor and respect!!! And tell me one thing, how people here are examples of purity and innocence! Be quiet! Do you see that Shama? He’s not even a bit ashamed of his words or his behavior! He’s become totally shameless! One can expect just about anything from him! Let it go Just end this discussion Apa ji was right is what she used to day… She was right to question my upbringing of him Even the honor of the girls of this family isn’t safe with him around! That old woman spread trouble everywhere before she died! Had she been alive today, I would have done to her that which she would have remembered till the end! I will kill you, if you say anything about my mother I’ll kill you! Have you become so spoilt Burhan that you have no respect, regard or consideration for your elders and or for anyone else??? Yes, I don’t have any respect or regard for anyone! And you can go ahead and do what you like about that! Get out of my way! Oh Allah, either take him or take me! Its best that I die then to be humiliated by a son like this! Stop talking of killing and dying! I’ll make him understand and he will understand! You’re responsible for this Shama You’ve fulfilled all his lawful and unlawful wishes! You’ve always covered for him and hidden his wrong doing! I just told you I’ll make him understand! What will you make him understand??? Yeah right, ‘I’ll make him understand!’ Oh god!!! Leave it Mummy, Burhan has become so spoilt and ill-mannered! Did you never keep an eye on him! Now that you’re here, you can keep an eye on him yourself, okay! Oh but no, you have no time because you’re too busy running around doing your wife’s errands and spoiling her! How am I spoiling her??? I don’t know why we’re always a source of annoyance for you! Please don’t worry dad We will try to make him understand Yes… and you shouldn’t allow this to upset you so much either Try to fix the problem There’s nothing left to fix Its all over Lets do one thing, lets go across to brother Abbas’s tomorrow We’ll apologize to them And lets also get Mashal and Burhan married at the same time as well…

considering that this marriage has already been arranged After all that’s happened, you actually expect that brother Abbas will get Mashal married to that scoundrel? Look, I will not go there and nor will I speak to them about this Look its okay Children do make mistakes you know… and the elders are meant to find solutions to their problems And do tell us what penance one pays for ones sins? Well… he hasn’t really committed such a sin you know She’s his fiance So what if he happened to hold her hand for a bit Enough! Dont utter another word beyond this Look at that! Its a problem to even say anything now because no ones willing to listen! You are also too much mummy How can you expect daddy to go there after what happened? What is he supposed to say to them, that his son made a mistake! And please don’t call what he was trying to do, a mistake You’re some kind of good brother Instead of standing up for your brother you’re talking against him?! Now you listen to me, you are Fasiha’s son-in-law Its time you show them what a son-in-law is, understood?! What do you mean? I don’t understand? Look you are the son-in-law, so go and tell them that you’ll send Arisha back if they don’t get Burhan and Mashal married Tell them that you will leave her back at her parents house if they don’t do as you say I don’t want such a inept, good for nothing daughter-in-law! You really have a strange way of talking mummy Why? What’s strange about this? Cant you apply even a little pressure on them to help your brother? But mummy, the brother should also be worthy of it And then knowing his behavior, I’m definitely not going to do any such thing Besides, you should also give Mashal some consideration in all of this, mummy That poor girl’s an orphan without a home and family Alright enough! Are you also now in agonizingly in love with her or what? God alone knows what spell she weaves around all of you! Everyone seems to be madly in love with her! Fine, don’t do it! I’ll figure something out myself! What’s the matter Abbas? You seem to be working a little too much these days… maybe that’s the reason why you get so exhausted Yes and you’re the one who will then say that I’ve started getting tired is because this is the first time I’m working in my life Alright then, since you yourself have become so smart therefore I don’t need to say it now Come in my dear Taya-abbu, tea for you Thank you very much my dear And I’ve brought you some hot milk tayi-ammi Dont touch it, its hot Taya-abbu, if you all need anything else, please let me know No my dear, we don’t need anything else Go to bed and get your rest now Fasiha, I want you to place your hand in your heart today and tell me something truthfully Has Arisha ever done so much for us like the way this child does for us? Whatever the case, she isn’t our child And no other child ever feel the same pain for us like the way our own children would do That isn’t true Fasiha No matter what the relationship, until and unless there is no feeling and emotion in it, it becomes meaningless What do you mean! Are you trying to say that Arisha doesn’t care about us??? Alright so then why don’t you tell me, how many times has she bothered to ask after your well-being? Do you expect her to call me, after the way she was thrown out of this house?! But you also fell didn’t you? Its all a matter of how one feels for someone She could have put everything aside and come to meet you If nothing else, she should have at least called you couldn’t she? You should now also end this feeling of irritation, complaints and enmity against Mashal Be generous of heart Yes, yes, fine, I’ll be generous of heart! As if people were that generous of heart out here! Arisha? Why didn’t you join us for dinner? I’m not hungry Why? My hunger and thirst is dead Shama aunty and sister Bisma, are never willing to forgive even a little mistake made by me I feel as if I’m always being judged What’s happened now?

I’d cooked food and they criticized it a thousand times over So you should also pay a little more attention when cooking I was embarrassed in front of dad as well today No one had the pilaf The curry from last night was heated up and rotis were brought from the bazaar to eat with it You mean to say that aunty Shama and sister Bisma, talked ill of me in front uncle Obaid as well?! So just don’t give them the opportunity to do so Now you listen to me, I don’t want to live in this house anymore So madam, where would you like to live? First you brought me back from Dubai Then you brought me from taya-abbu Abbas’s house And now you don’t want to live here either Kindly also remember one thing, I don’t have any money and you have no other choice but to live here now! So what you’re saying is that you will not take me to live anywhere else? Yaar Arisha, the whole situation is right there before you I now have no job and or any savings Oh Lord, how did I get stuck here! I’d thought that once I got back to Pakistan I would live a life of peace and comfort But there’s neither peace nor comfort here What do I do Lord? Please save me from these cruel people Where have you been all day? I waited for you, counting each and every minute Is this any way to treat someone? I know yaar, but its just that when dad came home he had a splitting headache and I didn’t have the courage to speak to him at that point But we will come over tomorrow and that’s promise! The only reason why I’m bearing all this after everything that’s happened is because I really love you very much Hashir I hope that you also understand what my coming over to apologize to you all means after the way Burhan’s been misbehaving with me I understand it well You don’t know how difficult it is for a person like me to do this Bisma Meaning what? I swear to you but had I not loved you so much Bisma… I would have beaten the hell out of Burhan until he was unable to show his face to anyone ever again and going to his house would have been, under any other circumstances, out of the question There’s no need to act like you’re doing me a favor Hashir I’ve borne a lot more because of my love for you I’m not saying that you’re doing me a favor All I’m saying is, is that I’m tolerating all this only because of you And who do you think I’m doing all this for? Alright now forget all this and just pray that aunty Shama agrees And now I should also be the one to pray for this? Why? Are you forbidden to do so? Why cant you do it??? Okay fine, I’ll pray for us; I’ll pray for us Happy now? Okay then, see you tomorrow Khuda Hafiz Okay Is God not enough for His creation? When a person inculcates blind faith in God, then one becomes a part of God and God becomes a part of Him And then one needs no other Here you go, I’ve brought your breakfast to the room I’m glad you did that As it is I’m late for the office today Okay fine, sit down and have your breakfast first I need to discuss something important with you Now what’s so important that needs discussing? Mrs. Saman is back from America She was saying that she wants to now arrange Faraz and Bisma’s marriage She’s, in fact, insisting that we set a wedding date Just last night you were talking of Burhan and Mashal’s marriage And first thing this morning you start talking about Faraz and Bisma’s marriage? Do you have nothing better to do than this? I’m a mother, Obaid I’m worried about my children I’m getting Burhan married because he’s becoming too wayward Maybe this is will make him wiser And Bisma, you’re not worried about her at all

Arisha is younger than her and she’s about to become a mother And here you haven’t even finalized anything with regards to Bisma It’ll get done Everything will be fine Okay so should I invite them over tomorrow or the day after? I’m at this time quite worried because of Burhan I’ll discuss this with you later tonight when I get back Alright But I’m not going to hear a refusal from you this time! Just go ahead and finalize this match now Alright I’ll think about it I’m at present getting late At least have your breakfast! No issue, I’ll have it at the office Bisma? Have the apples finished? Hmm… yes, they’re finished Oh… Actually Arisha wanted to have fresh apple juice Oh… Madam wants to have fresh apple juice does she? Your lady’s demands never seen to end Fine If she wants to have fresh juice then I suggest you go to the market and get the apples for her And when you get back kindly make sure you make it with your own lovely hands Yeah right she wants to have fresh juice Mashal, get the packet of fresh meat out of the fridge I’m really in the mood to have some spinach and meat curry The vegetable seller is here so I’ll just get the spinach Oh hey, hey tayi-ammi… where do you think you’re going? You only need to tell me and I’ll get it Alright then buy one bundle of spinach It should be fresh and with absolutely clean leaves I’ll make a really delicious spinach and meat curry for you to eat today Yes, okay Bisma? Bring the tea out now or are you busy growing it in there! I’m just getting it Have patience Ma, you haven’t employed a cook you know These things take time Ma? This girl Arisha, you need to make her understand I will not kowtow to her airs and pretentiousness What’s happened now? What do you think happened?! She gets up late but her demands start well before! Hmm… mian ? Who have you brought these apples for so bright and early in the morning? Uh… They’re for Arisha, mummy Now you listen to me, there is no need for you to kowtow to your wife’s whims and fancies! Tell her to come to the kitchen and eat whatever we’re eating! What’s wrong with you mummy? You know she isn’t well Uh… Bisma, please, could you juice the apples And why would I juice them??? Your wife doesn’t move off her bed all day and doesn’t do an ounce of work for anyone! If you’re that fond of supplying her with juice then do it yourself because I’m not doing it Bisma, please try to understand, she really is unwell Why? How is she unwell??? What is her ailment? Mummy, you already know everything! Its henpecked husbands like you who spoil their wives by raising them above their stations! And its cunning wives like Arisha who treat their husbands like doormats! And its families like you who make a big deal out of nothing! Oh my… He will never listen to a word against his wife This elder son of yours, he’s broken all records of a henpecked husband! Its really the limit Okay, I’m coming Burhan! Come here What is your problem! I don’t have the time to come and listen to you all spew nonsense! I don’t know what’s with you all! I’m just coming over in a bit yaar I have three children! And all three are ill-mannered! What have I done? Why are you including me among them??? So are you less than any one of them? And then there was Apa ji, whose sons never dared to even raise an eye to her But out here, not even one of the three listens to me! Forget her sons, even her grandsons have also always afforded her respect God knows what kind of spell that old woman wove around them… They really heeded her By the way she was real sweet of speech… maybe that was the reason Humph! She was a trouble-maker! It’s good! You still don’t know how to make tea! The fall out for you, after what you’ve done, is going to be very bad for you

And what about what’s going to happen to you? The way I’m going to avenge myself of you is something you wont forget your whole life Look to yourself first Was the humiliation you got that day not enough for you? Have you forgotten it? This arrogance of yours… is it because of Hashir? Fine You wait and see what I do to him now He will remember it his entire life! I don’t trust anyone anymore Burhan And nor do I need anyone’s support I have my Allah with me and He is more than enough for me Wow! That was quick, you taking over grandma seat The whole world will be a witness to what I do to you! Fine, you do what yo have to do Lets see what you can do Yeah right she’s a real Allah wali