all right oh crap i gotta go to my channel on my phone and this phone is crapped crapped it’s crap plain among us is with members is it public yeah public okay so we’re all good there hey dave one how’s it going man let me know if the audio is okay right i was first you have been first oh hey kenoriki welcome back how are you though how’s your day been all right alex lupo oh yeah hey uh oh i can’t pronounce that dylan gonna go with that uh blade slayer what’s up man septic eater audi’s good awesome man bonjour uh i wanna play with you yeah if if the members don’t fill up all the spots then we’ll we can probably play a play if you get lucky enough and you type in the code real fast hey man are what’s up man so yeah and i have to have the chat on my phone uh i forgot to eat lunch so yeah go ahead just go and eat something okay you don’t have to play right now oh i can play with other people um i thought it was a second hey yeah mr fion what’s up oh no you’ve been here muhammad so yeah welcome back to friday you know the time i play with the day of the week that i play with members and maybe subs if they don’t fill all the spots but yeah uh so i guess i’m gonna go and make the game right now give me just let me lower the thing once again this is what i don’t like about playing this game with you guys okay uh so create game okay members remember you have to be in the north american server okay create game uh yeah i don’t know if we should change the the map though you know what let’s change it because i’ve never played and oh no i have played in the red one let’s go with the paulus ones we can try it imposters 2 players 10. can we set it to private okay private and okay uh members the code will be in the community post in the community tab of my channel crap okay i’m not ready for this um okay i haven’t typed it yet give me a sec give me just a sec okay it’ll be in the comments section of my last community post here we go okay so complicated all right uh and i commented remember to be in the north american server okay uh so i’m gonna wait for you guys to show up a little bit if i am late again it’s all good charlie don’t worry about it we got alex slipper septic guitar my man how you doing i mean where are you i thought you’d be playing ragnarok already as soon as it comes out i will be playing it oh god it’s in public okay private i forgot to set it up do you need a discord for this yeah i guess i do yeah ps5 or ps4 okay so we got septic oh dude nice costume man did you get a baby or something come here come here let me see you will come here septic move here you gotta come here uh do kill countdown oh my god he’s got a baby looking septic he’s got a baby ah he’s rocking it alex why are you naked man anyway so i guess it’s just us members-wise so okay are you guys ready i’m gonna make it public you guys are gonna look at the code and you’ll be able to come in okay and that’s the code sorry h-e-g-n-l-q so you guys can join if you want to oh eric’s called yeah the code is right there okay you might be able you might have to play in the next game because i already made it public yeah they’re coming in yeah uh eric the code will be in the community in the comments section of my latest community post for my members but maybe you can still come in teen eater oh my god we got yeeter and teen heater okay eight out of ten hey good boy what’s up man we got nine i’m not sure if eric made it

in oh rx going oh wow just in time he was the last one okay so start the game let’s begin i haven’t played in this map yet so it’s going to be a surprise i’m not sure okay so if you’re playing with me please don’t be in the live stream because that’s that’s cheating just go jack nessfield yeah dude i do remember your name dude how you been wait why is there someone left perry please okay okay we’re starting now let’s do this do i play call of duty uh no not as much anymore you joined mr fionn okay all right eric’s cold man let’s wait what is this oh okay you’re gonna have to forgive me i’m completely new at this map i don’t know what i’m doing and i’m gonna be called out on being the imposter oh god what is this thing okay those were the vents security yeah i think septic is already on to me septic thinks it’s me he’s very obsessed with me already okay hey eric man how’s the killing going okay o2 i don’t even know where the tasks are i know i’m the i’m the imposter playing on the first map yeah it’s gonna be so obvious i don’t know what i’m doing okay i gotta kill somebody come on let’s go can i go in there it seems like i’m gonna get injured i guess not oh i don’t like this map yeah i think i’m gonna go to the usual one in the next game okay i okay i don’t even know where i am what happened black how long will this stream last uh until seven i’m gonna try my sun is clear i’m gonna skip i’m gonna skip i know it’s black but i can’t kick him out eric my man cuba vented in o2 i have not vented yet sabotage it’ll hide your dumbness wow okay that’s harsh thank you honey keep us us i am sus big time okay so green voted for uh eric’s called but they didn’t get him out okay i am so confused i don’t know what i what i have to do i’m gonna i’m thinking of throwing the game and just killing somebody can i go please okay i can fake a task here team eater i’m gonna my goal here is to get both eaters man because if i kill that eater then he’s then his son is gonna come after me kind of like kratos ensues where the hell am i what is this septic come on man you know what i hope nobody saw that got a vent got a vent got a vent now i gotta kill young eater okay eric’s call is good yo my man what’s up this is too funny okay can i jump in the fire father i’m going to have to kill 10 years now okay father no so black my son will get you i’m sorry septic you had to go man i think you were suss with me honey i can’t yeah i know i know honey it’s okay thank you okay let’s see i hope they don’t vote eric’s gold here’s cole my man he’s my partner in crime quite oh he’s out of here he’s so out of here you know how my subs this is he just got thrown in the lava ah he’s doing the terminator thing okay

that’s pretty cool all right sorry eric sabotage him now okay i’m gonna have to kill that guy because he’s on to me go and get it okay my cooldown is off i can kill people now get teeny eater oh i got his son now okay this is so master serial killing vent out okay why can’t i walk i can’t get there i’m locked in here eric why’d you why’d you lock me in man why am i locked we’re gonna i’m gonna we’re gonna win oh wow okay okay can i win because where’s the o2 i gotta i gotta get rid of the o2 i was in the office click use the door oh god i didn’t know that wait wait okay mr fiona whatever your name is dude if you’re playing the game don’t be in the chat okay that’s cheating you can’t do that hey cfac man what’s up do you want to join wait what are they saying okay i’m gonna skip okay i can do this i can win he died cuba don’t worry okay never mind okay never mind oh okay yeah if you’re dead you can come in i’m sorry i’m sorry mr fion dory you’re playing among us nice how’s it going that’s going good i’m killing the whole team i’m killing all of my members cuba sus because he says i’m sus how the hell crap okay of course there’s space yeah i’m gonna restart oh they kicked me out i didn’t even notice okay all right you guys got me okay good job good job wait no i gotta quit the game all right so for my members once again the the code would will will be in my last community community tab my last community post oh my god why can’t i speak it’ll be in the comments section of my last community post so be there and i’m gonna i’m gonna get the code in just a sec and remember cfac be on the north american server okay so going back okay give me a sec great game okay we’re gonna change the map to the main one now because uh i was a little bit too complicated okay so private okay that’s the i i g i made the kind of the the comment so you can guys can go look for the code now but anyway one 1v me 1v1 me and basketball cuba i suck at basketball i’m pretty good at dribbling but that’s as much as i can do i knew cuba was us all right so yeah just go for my members go to my go to my community tab and then you’ll be able to come in you’ll see the code in the comments section remember to be in the north american server hey nick how you doing man am i playing on steam i mean i downloaded the game through steam so maybe by the way i downloaded hades finally such a good game i’m gonna be playing that you can’t see it are you sure refresh the page yeah i wrote it 55 seconds it’s not posted for you either i can’t argue what the hell refreshed i don’t know what’s going on how do you join the membership thing oh you gotta click on the blue join button and then don’t choose the second one choose the first one if you are going to yeah it’s not there okay i guess i’ll make another one

let me know if you can see this comment now i already i commented on it again okay i’m gonna have to make another game then yeah we’re gonna have canary and i are gonna have to make a a discord thing okay i’m going to give the new code again all right so uh members the code is live once again try refreshing the page oh yeah okay you guys can see this okay yeah i refreshed the page and the other comment wasn’t there so did i even post it okay check for the code now yeah members have to join first and then i open it up to uh the subs he’s hiding the code okay so we got alex lupo so the code is right that’s good no i’m not gonna play got a four today i’m only gonna play with the members in some of the subs am i a pogba champ i don’t know what that is they’ve won you and your questions man okay so we’re just waiting so we’re just waiting for a septic maybe kind of rookie if she wants to join and steve hack and eric’s called yeah guys i know you can’t see this the the screen that’s by design i have to let my members join first we get septic rocking his costume okay okay where is defac alex will put on a suit it’s supposed to be hidden yeah it’s in the comments yeah cfac yeah it’s in the comments it starts with c f that’s all i can say this there should be a timer for idle servers because i don’t know when it’s gonna be when we’re gonna be kicked out okay is eric’s cold you can’t see it why not okay everybody else saw it this is weird man okay works eric’s called can he see it i don’t know if i can okay um it’s defect okay the code is c f q n q and then i’m gonna say the last letter are you ready and cute so i’m gonna make it invisible again who made it in walter don’t know why some members can’t see it okay so we got 10 out of i’m not sure if he made it in this i feel really bad i don’t know why some members can’t see it wait you haven’t removed it no no no i haven’t and it’s not no one it’s uh hold on let me wait crap wait did i make the community post for only no it’s members only it’s not the second tier it’s all members so i don’t know why can’t you see it okay so maybe you can try next time i’m sorry about that when i really am oh god okay so i’m not the imposer all right you guys if you’re uh playing the game please leave the chat because that will be cheating he says you couldn’t find the game you’re looking for oh that happens sometimes you have to be in the north american server as well but there is that glitch okay i’m getting the old is it is it a do2 okay somebody

wait wait hey okay who the hell is name cue boy what i didn’t type that who the hell is that okay i got a hacker who the hell is doing that [ __ ] people man yeah i’m skipping i don’t know i who’s doing that so i’m not gonna kick myself out who the hell yeah people just get a kick out of ruining other people’s games hacker dave in the building dave is it actually you man why are you doing that that’s not funny there is a cheater in the game i think it’s dave was actually him dude you’re starting to piss me off simple as that oh crap i kicked away okay i’m in navigations crap okay hey monar what’s up man [ __ ] guy who is that okay i don’t know if it’s actually dave i don’t even have among us okay god damn it somebody’s just always gonna come in and ruin the game how is this how’s the light off ready ah you know i’m starting to relate to hannah montana a little bit i just wanna be a normal boy and it’s only gonna get worse you know as soon as i get more more and more subs like i’m gonna attract more and more hackers and jackasses that’s just gonna happen i don’t know who’s hacking oh god okay let’s see i’m not even suss of anybody i’m not really paying attention i’m having to deal with the stupid jackass who’s hacking the game oh there’s another one we got your back man yeah thanks it’s apparently c b is it really okay so yale is the the imposter great it’s teen year he’s getting revenge on me oh my god somebody killed cuboy it’s uh cfb is it really cuba dead i can’t kick anybody here i can’t do it now this guy here the dead guy when am i gonna go when am i gonna finish got four one i don’t know uh maybe two more playthroughs uh parts of the playthrough sorry yeah how do you guys know it’s uh c if if whatever his name is you can only do it if you’re alive or in the lobby to kick yeah exactly so i’m dead and i’m

not in the lobby yet so great oh wow they got white out finally caught you what you learned today smartest man alive i haven’t done any kind of research in a few days i’m kind of taking a break all right ghost cuba let’s do this stupid chair all right we can still win we can still win if people do their tasks not anymore hopefully in version all right so dean eater and apple walter okay so quit the game okay members once again you can go to my community tab and look for the last comment in my last community post and you will find the code okay hopefully that [ __ ] hacker doesn’t show up of course he will of course he will okay gonna hide the screen once again okay general create game okay okay uh and the comment is post okay post the comments let me know if you guys can join did you see me in there cuba i don’t know um i don’t know who i’m playing with i only recognize the members can you see my comment in the community post your comment let me see no i can’t see it why can’t i see your comments it’s as if you’re not part of the members it’s weird because it’s set to members only it’s not it’s not spartan shoulders or higher it’s it’s all channel members uh alex lupo’s back uh stefak remember you have to set it to uh the north american server oh damn double team kona yeah see you later guys okay bro what the heck i’m not seeing the previous code now i’m seeing now you’re seeing the previous code you can’t see it also what the hell click uh fiba he post stuff like this on tech talk oh he’s a tech talk user oh what a productive member of society us are among us among us it’s more fun okay so we only got alex lupo yeah just keep refreshing the page community post you saw it good okay good good good did you see the ps5 concept arts no i haven’t who do we get there who do we get is that let me go it’s the fact steve made it in uh it’s septic joining us it’s giving else oh it’s giving you an error oh that happens man you have to quit the game and sort it again it happens a lot this game is a little bit buggy i sent them to you on twitter when so i think i saw something from you but i don’t remember if it was that yeah keep trying the north american server okay we got septic okay is anyone else joining uh eric’s call is he is he here oh i can’t see i cannot see it really okay so you’re having the same issue with steve hack i don’t know i guess it’s because you guys are in europe and it’s taking longer to get there okay i’m gonna wait a few i’m gonna wait two more minutes i guess i think we can be here too for two more minutes hey guys what’s up it could be i don’t know okay so as soon as i make it public i’m gonna have to kick out uh bob whatever his name is idiot will have to uh going through when the channel gets bigger i know it’s gonna be tough man yeah i think it’s that it’s getting uh a little slower hey anthony sanchez what’s up man next time i think i’m just gonna kick everyone who’s not a not a member and then you guys can join

but then i feel like they would okay so i’m gonna make it public soon okay maybe we can try that okay i can make it public are you guys ready subscribers and go that’s the code right there yeah i’m gonna ban him if he shows up i’m gonna ban him oh yeah it’s private okay okay is he in hey adeline made it in if it’s him let’s see so he’s not here yet i don’t think he’s here all right we can start you know he can join in as another name he could he can’t but honey i know i know i’m not stupid i just that’s the only thing i can do okay like i can only kick the one i know i’m not gonna kick everybody it’s expecting him like that would be stupid the game was full so quick yeah all right who’s the imposter steve has got a banana on so i’m kind of suspended all right so i’m doing asteroids if anyone’s to see it i ain’t suss okay task completed adalyn you saw it right i she okay she was he was doing that as well okay what does this get what is hitachi doing there kinda suspended can you give me a tip yeah sure go for it man and i know the imposter is going to want to take me out first that always happens who’s going he’s coming in here okay i was at admin okay it’s clear yes thank you dark green was with me in the electric i don’t think it was dark green keep an eye on shield’s generator task you can see if people fake it or not by seeing the two strips light up okay man okay coming out of shields yeah i’m skipping i hadn’t seen anybody who died at bay and alex lupo you will remember gonna be tick-tock famous because uh the guy posts his hacks on uh tick tock so he inadvertently gonna give our keyboard views and subs i don’t care i mean i don’t care to no maybe does he actually have a big following okay go slowly yeah remember that time that i just kept spamming it okay what is stiff what is he doing why is he standing there i think he’s faking it can he do the task from there i don’t think he can kind of suss up steve of uh septic oh my god it was him where is he at wait where’s the thing okay okay i’m really suspecting okay i’m gonna call a meeting nah you know what no i won’t i’m really subseptic i don’t know let me go into my task it’s yellow adeline i was in navigations

is that how you spell it i don’t even know yeah saptic is saucy yeah he is boat yellow you can push me to thresh he got mad because i think he defended me in the previous game it’s only a little bit sus and he’s gonna kill me in trash but yellow did asteroids i don’t know i i’m not such anybody ah crap okay hey curtis larry what’s up he only has 500 followers in tech talk i mean that’s a pretty good following good for him okay where’s septic septic come on let’s see if he doesn’t all right so he’s clean he’s good okay i don’t know what he was doing is good this game is fun okay cfac oh my god it’s steve okay all right do this quickly do it do it it’s god damn steve man i don’t believe this all right who called it god damn stephen okay it’s yellow what color is he i i think it’s purple no pink i’m like see fact what are you doing and now i can clear septic oh my god they might kick him out yeah steve just murked me man did he report it as well no no it’s him it was uh itachi it’s the one who reported it okay i’ll skip this one i can’t even vote anymore what do you stream at night it’s not night in my uh time zone i’m in the i’m in the eastern time zone skip where they accept except where they septic off where they saw us off let’s see god damn stiff oh my god they’re gonna get adeline poor adeline no one was ejected all right okay let’s see if i can do my tasks okay so this one hey i’d be tagged what’s up man okay i’m gonna do my tasks and then i’ll follow steve back around because i know he’s one of the imposters i don’t know who the other one is one more yeah mason i’m not doing uh traveler videos anymore i’m kind of done with that topic there’s not much i can say about them uh anything else is gonna be speculation hitachi god who was it okay it was steve heck and green okay play again so okay you guys ready to uh punch in the code i’m gonna start kicking people out and then you guys can just join wait okay i’m gonna kick everyone who’s not a member maybe this will work better okay how many is that what do we got six out of ten i think some new people came in alex lupo bowser jr did you guys this round will stay out how come is it full okay so steve x here let’s see we got steve hack alex lupo

do you guys okay do you guys want me to start wait why is uh adeline saying out cuba you left oh okay okay so yeah next time i’m just gonna just have the code ready this is gonna be the code for now you can’t really do it like that because because people already know the code so they’ll be constantly coming in yeah i guess i won’t okay i’m gonna leave the game it’s gonna we’re gonna have to do something you’re getting hacked check the game chat oh i i didn’t check it okay so yeah we’re gonna do it the same way again so members go to the community tab and look for the last comment in my last community post hold on okay uh let’s see let’s see okay and i commented so you guys can refresh okay let me i’m gonna wait for my members now you literally joined when i left yeah i just i want to give the members of you know a big window to join first he’s a hentai folder i don’t know what that is he doesn’t want to talk about it can you wait a bit yeah i’ll wait two or three minutes is that good enough with the blade of olympus that would be amazing yeah i i hope blade of olympus returns we got septic yeah even though this is an uncomfortable way i think it’s the best one so far my hentai folder don’t act like it doesn’t exist what are you guys talking about hentai where i haven’t clicked anything where is my hentai folder what is this where these are my games stores picks that’s not it i don’t have a hentai folder don’t you be spreading that rumor now uh okay so what else we got here alex lupo septic steve hack okay who else it’s behind him he’s hiding all that those are my taxes what are you talking about that folder and okay alex lupo is adeline coming in gao folder yeah that’s where i keep all of my god for games okay i’m waiting for let’s kiss before all of them come in and bam we have a baby we made out and we had a little green baby why is it green though were you sleeping with a green what do you call these guys anyway anyway so is adam coming in not sure i need to go it was fun but i need to rest oh she’s not oh he’s not i keep i’m sorry for calling you she i’m sorry it’s just that adeline here is a girl’s name i’m really sorry dude i don’t mean to okay so i’m gonna make it public in just a little bit are you guys ready my subs let’s do this and the code is right there you guys should have seen it by now graphics full screen apply told you sawyer sawyer ragnarok okay so let us begin i repeat again my pal canyon covered oh that’s awesome mason i’m glad man i don’t know the guy but that’s anyone who recovers from coronas is good man anticlimactic yeah all right so i’m not i’m not him okay why is he standing around he’s gonna kill me he’s gonna freaking kill me oh i like slippers coming in he’s gonna kill me god damn alex i just saw him and boom boom they’re always gonna go for the streamer that’s just how it is

can you say the code next time please okay i’ll say it sure you were in the cafeteria you were lying son of a female dog did i get uh your message about the ps5 pre-order in canada yeah a friend of mine uh told me about it alex um but i think the stores are way they’re far from where we live so i don’t think they deliver here i’m gonna try it regardless vote alex damn right last no two yes add bait tag go get him get him get him get alex out of here okay he doesn’t he didn’t see the caller why does a stream sniper wait i told him but he doesn’t care about me i guess what are you talking about no no yeah daniel kenny told me about it and then he no no daniel king had told uh counter ricky and then she told me but i’m just bypassing all that and telling you guys that a friend of mine by the name of alex look at that one leaf uh his name is alexander chung why am i saying his name anyway uh so he uh he told me about it before you guys did i’m sorry but that’s just the truth and the stores are far from us so we can’t get it okay where is alex lupo there’s been a murderer okay i think yeah someone died there but i didn’t get a ps5 so you’re just having the game in reserve okay poor cap again that’s right okay i’m guessing you’re in the in toronto i am yeah with the room tour i did it in my at my 40k uh subs special okay what’s going on i haven’t been looking at the at the games chat okay septic sun left the game why is he an imposter no no no he’s not no he was calling out uh alex we won that was fast okay because wait why did we win why do we when did we get rid of the imposters all right members i’m gonna do the same thing again uh and get rid of the full screen this is so uncomfortable create game okay i’m gonna comment the thing in just a second okay the comment is live you guys can check it out let’s do this chord yeah but i i don’t have you guys in one group that’s the thing anyone can see it as well it was all fun games till i saw alex kill cuba you saw him 50 uh case subs uh neck reveal it’s right here good luck to everyone trying to join you’ll need it all right so we got septic we got steve hack steve hack you murder me yeah that’s right get out of here i’m gonna turn my i’m gonna turn my back to you i’m mad don’t talk to me you murder me

yeah this is that jojo reference by the way i don’t watch jojo i don’t really get it weird you can’t see the code i don’t know what’s going on with that thing yeah i’m gonna see if i can create a separate discord thing uh for my members only that way i can just send a message there i think it’ll be quicker but it’s gonna have to be next time because i don’t even know who my members are in the discord oh look at that i’m not sure if septic has killed me before but alex and steve hack they’re quite handy when it comes to comes to killing me we got daniel all right daniel’s in all right are you um are you i think that’s all of them okay are you guys ready for the code okay i’m gonna hold on subs are you ready i i captain the code is n-y-f-w-e-q n-y-f-w-e-q fuego how do you spell fire in spanish is there a name before the you anyway okay so we got loki we got sawyer jab we got a few people fugu fuego i’m gonna go with fuego okay let’s just start they are fast wait septic you can you made it oh yeah he’s saying bye because he’s gonna play the game now oh man i’m a crewmate i don’t wanna be a crewmate okay i’m gonna seem like the sauce this sauce like the faster you guys can watch me do trash oh that’s not a visible task definitely says here we go with weapons with sawyer and stefak stay away he’s not gonna do anything there’s a lot of people here if he’s smart he won’t do anything but i do see him hanging around no it’s ragnarok steve kitachi ragnarok they’re just i feel like cfac is just ready to kill me i don’t know why he just after me i’m doing o2 and i’m gonna get murked eight three zero i think it’s ragnarok he really wants to kill me okay who called it it’s purple wait purple who’s purple you mean pink there’s no purple who’s blue alex what is ragnarok saying i don’t understand that cap will you just do among us this uh this entire stream uh yeah i will is the game most people want to want me to play with him rocket league is not that famous anymore sadly it’s an awesome game alright let’s see i’m gonna be an admin that’s because you censored the chat yeah i don’t want people swearing in the chat man that’s unnecessary corey should be the final boss in godfor oh my god who’s that who the hell is that green who the hell is green green green green green daniel you will pay for that

oh he’s gonna be like oh ragnarok and i found him poor q boy oh my god then i i tried to protect cap but he left me oh he said i was trying to protect you okay you failed oh he’s gonna give himself away are you coping am i getting the ps5 day one i’m gonna try but it seems very hard at the moment you should do a minecraft stream i don’t like minecraft i i never got the what was fun about it oh they got him oh they asked him what task was he doing and he doesn’t know ah yeah susan yeah he’s he’s us he’s the imposter not this house okay all right get daniel how many uh tasks only two left i hate the stupid task one two three four five six seven eight nine ten yeah i can’t do it i’m a ghost now so eta 35 seconds alex why are you here kind of sucks with you now what called it ragnarok uh play ninja gaiden i know i’m gonna suck at that game i’m actually playing hades right now it’s such a fun game um bro now loyal i think corey should uh be the final boss of the series and he’s impossible to beat that yeah it would be funny but it wouldn’t really make sense story-wise i feel like that’s something kojima would do they’re on to daniel get him ghosts can do task i don’t play mangas yeah ghost can do some tasks pink is not the imposter i think i saw the bar go up when he did card swipe okay the f you talking about both daniel okay so ragnarok my protector is after daniel which is a good move cory should take notes from this game that’s funny oh my god only one voted for daniel who’s the other imposter though okay now i can look for him yeah i’m doing good 77 what’s up man welcome to the stream all right so where’s uh daniel i’m gonna hunt you now because i’m your ghost you killed me and i can’t go to the field elysian fields now because of you oh he’s after ragnarok the one who’s accusing him okay alex stay here alex he’s gonna kill him he’s gonna kill him oh he didn’t kill him oh he’s playing it safe okay yeah okay he got him now oh that’s so dumb wait that means alex is the other imposter he’s trapped they’re gonna blame him oh my god this is too funny okay yeah alex is busted and i’m not even sure if it’s him oh my god it’s daniel 100 wait steve heck why daniel yeah steve hack only saw alex they’re gonna vote for him i still have one more task do i really no way

it’s cyan wait steve i’m pretty sure stefan saw alex leaf uh daniel i saw him kill wait no blue this is getting good let’s see what happens let’s see what happened okay they got him out yeah they did yeah that’s good who’s the other imposter though is there’s still one more hey anthony sanchez what’s up man all right there’s one more i can’t believe alex actually convinced stefak that it was daniel and i did have one more task okay i forgot and done okay hey boom sawyer let’s let’s look for bodies i guess wait what if stefak is the other imposter oh black just died here let me see if he replies brutal i think he’s replying guys okay good yeah welcome back anthony um you have to do the med bay sample thing i did it’s done sawyer which one sawyer caller ah cyan okay zion they’re going to get him out stronghold will be in cuba’s last theory they want about kurdistan and friends here oh yeah thanks man yeah i really think it would be a cool intro for the game am i going to play god of war not tonight no he’s out baby is he is it okay he’s uh it’s actually him yeah wait he wasn’t wait black what are you talking about you lied wait who is it then oh my god how many are there hitachi i think it’s defect i sincerely believe it’s defect he only has to kill one i think they’re just lingering by the butt oh god oh god you tried to kill me it’s alex it’s alex luffo god damn alex he’s always killing everybody it has to be alex you nut he watched you die but didn’t say anything i i didn’t see it i really didn’t all right they got him out all right we won i took a bit longer okay quick game all right members remember the same thing now graphics full screen off and now i gotta hide the chat the screen sorry uh so go to my community post my last one and look at the comment section for the code uh online create game oh

all right all right uh the comment is uh posted so you guys can go and check it out peter weir when are you streaming god for uh maybe tomorrow yeah probably tomorrow i want to get back at it did you hear that cuba calvin even thinks tyr is dead i don’t think he’s dead i really don’t ace defect welcome back dude alex lupino what’s up man can you roast my friend he’s the shortest fault my friends now i’m not going to roast anybody for being short man i’m pretty short myself okay is that all of them septic’s here is he here no wait i don’t think he’s here alex daniel stefan septic needs to join still is he joining uh septic are you uh joining by the way papa sip he changed his name okay that’s that’s funny okay uh i think that’s all of the members who want to join okay so i’m gonna make the the code live are you guys are the subs ready i’m gonna gonna say it out loud okay and go the code is q and i y xq have fun with that yeah q n i y x q five more spots three and it’s about to be full and that’s it ragnarok made it in all right guys nick made it in as well hey nick there’s one just named kratos that’s very original all right bye again all right yeah take it easy then hey bro you’re gonna play a cyberpunk on your channel i don’t think i will that doesn’t seem like my type of game it’s too much of an rpg i i don’t like those it just means i’m going to be in the menu for hours just looking at stats and that does not sound fun to me like i don’t care much for that but hey if you want to play that’s all good i just belittle anyone who plays cyberpunk but the game is going to do well because it’s it’s one of the most anticipated games of all time easily ragnarok is just lingering he’s going to kill me 69 wow kratos killed me by the gods of olympus yep that was bound to happen kratos i make videos about you man like why did you kill me is it just me steven’s out yo boo oh cuba keeps dying ragnarok is dead was it ragnarok no it was kratos wait i guess dragon rock was near near my body when it happened white i saw you why why kratos before cap died i was in navigations okay ragnarok is on to him you should have named yourself zeus okay and i gotta change the name of the stream as well because it only says playing with oh they got him out good have you played overwatch i have it’s a pretty good game but it’s a multiplayer game and i don’t really play too much multiplayer games i get bored really really quick this one is kind of fun but overwatch is good wait he’s not out how come oh i guess more people skipped okay stop i’m gonna hunt you okay what happened 69 died why are the imposters attacking each other i don’t know who i only know one imposter which is kratos it was a tie okay i saw white vote him i know they can’t see it but you know oh hey what’s up man do you want to play as well let me know if you want to play because i can wait for you to to get the code as well it’s ragnarok and kratos

how do you know it’s ragnarok though who’s uh asking can you change this game no no i’m playing this game i like this game am i gonna change it maybe next game okay he didn’t report your body right away well it could be because he didn’t find the the alert button i know that happens to me a lot all right kratos is out now damn right serves you well killing me it did nothing to you are they leaking the next god of war game i don’t think so i mean that leaks happen regardless of whether they want them to happen or not papaseptic i’ll be with you but let me do my task first did you know they’re making a a second among us no i heard they cancelled it and they’re going to put all of the new stuff into this game an update didn’t think i’d be back here i guess the underworld can you join uh yeah if you’re a sub you have a chance of joining it’s really hard because people join really fast no i don’t think god of war ragnarok is gonna be on ps4 your name is dear and the picture is goku i’m so triggered all right let’s see what happened papasap no is he an imposter i’m not even sure he was not the imposter okay how many more tasks three more oh use uh if you click here i can change language filter you won’t get the no i don’t i don’t want it on scissors uncensored no i don’t think it’s a good idea cvx is watching over me see effect go do your tasks what happened do you think we will see god for remaster and ps5 it would be cool but there’s no confirmation of it so far no guys okay i gotta i keep forgetting about the demigod thing don’t join the demigods just if you want to join my channel just do the one level first because i haven’t i haven’t really planned what i’m gonna do for the for the second tier members what games am i most hyped for the ps5 oh okay i want to play demon souls and that sack boy game looks really good looks like a fun platformer demon soul spider-man but that’s going to be a ps4 game as well so dark cosmos what’s up man was he he was not let my people go okay one more task cradles ragnarok it’s ragnarok oh he’s smart he’s gonna blame the other one it’s freaking ragnarok no wait no ragnarok died who is it i didn’t even see it he was a good guy he legit told you guys to give him less money because he doesn’t want to let you down good guy cap think yeah i just i haven’t because uh for my second tier members i uh the perk was going to be playing with me online

but i wanted to play with more members so i put that perk to the the other members as well uh but i don’t know what to do with the second tier members is it daniel victory daniel it’s daniel yeah he’s not here all right so quit the game let’s do this again again oh shoot okay so the code is i’m not gonna say it all right guys uh members go to the community tab and look for the latest comment in my last post and oh god okay and i just commented so go forth in the name of the comment i’ll shall await you i’m never the damn imposter papaseptic we got cfak i think tier wanted to join so i’m gonna wait for wait for tear and posturing is the best yeah it’s the most fun you can have in the game i have the speed of olympus motors papa to your papa seb it’s tear okay he made it in oh that’s cool we got more members now that’s awesome man okay so i think that’s all of them members-wise all right so only five subs can join are you guys ready for this are the subs ready okay here we go the code is c b c w q q c v c w q q the gates of hades are open to dio sure kratos is back sawyer nick nick made it okay and ragnarok i’m playing with the these are the usuals now okay let’s go starting the game am i the imposter please please please yes it’s me and nick hell yeah nick hell yeah let’s do this okay quietly let me just fake this task as always let’s see who am i going to kill go to reactor is this even a task oh god it it’s it’s not a task is it daniel’s on to me do you dead body okay nick oh my god nick killed somebody already come on nick give a dude thrash part two yeah sip follow me do your doom oh crap daniel’s there i’m gonna have to sell i’m gonna have to report daniel if i if i kill uh one of them follow cuba’s trash god damn it not everybody no oh my god this is gonna be over suit if they kick nick out then yeah they’re gonna because now i have to go to trash and now i have to kill someone nick ruined it man let’s see nick got the first kill god damn it nick do o2 yeah i will yeah that’s sabotage that’s a good idea honey yeah thank you thank you he was too nice to be an impostor okay no stay there stay there stay there so there

you’re waiting for me come on guys i’m never gonna be able to escape okay so he got him good now i just gotta fake a task okay i can’t go to med they’re all just following me this is freaking amazing they’re just voting for me that’s how you spell it i don’t even know just go with a bang and kill someone yeah i’m gonna i’m gonna kill who am i gonna kill yeah i’m gonna kill daniel he’s the one who started this whole thing oh thank you calvin man welcome to spartan i guess you want to play the game okay i’m gonna kill daniel that’s he’s gonna be my victim dude thank you so much for becoming a member man that’s awesome oh god shortest game ever okay i can maybe i can maybe uh separate them if i this is not fair man like as a youtuber like all of their eyes are on me and they kind of know if it’s me or not because oh someone faked it someone faked it oh who did it who did it oh wow someone saved me man someone faked the test okay why am i looking at camps they’re all here they’re all after me god damn it can i kill daniel now yeah suck it daniel i was gonna go with a bang oh man so cap then wait am i actually convincing them time to completely ruin it yeah he was still didn’t do the damn trash oh my god they’re voting for cradles what how is this even possible how i was clearly joking wait yeah i’m up i almost convinced him to vote for kratos wow you guys suck i hate you guys let me win for once that was fun though okay uh all right so members and including the new one go to my community um come on get off my community post the latest one and look for the comments section the latest comment is gonna be the code for the game okay give me a second i don’t know what his name is on the on the game though so wait create game and i just made the comments the comments so look for the comment and then i’ll wait for you guys for a little bit i’m sorry none of my watch okay that’s

that’s uh i want imposter uh we still got about an hour left no like 30 minutes maybe i had to go there where uh oh you have to go yeah okay alex thank you these man thanks for stopping by i’m not joining right now i’m eating by the way oh okay cool man all right so yeah the the comment is still there in the post guys for those members who want to join i think septic is the only one here and maybe daniel and stefan was did stefak made it last time i don’t remember we got papa sepp among us is always a fun watch especially if you’re playing with people that you kind you know boss tear mated uh like my members i kind of know their personalities a little bit so it’s kind of fun they’re kind of like friends you know uh wait for me servers are [ __ ] okay no you’re actually here you made it no i’m not leaving now i had to go you had to go 15 minutes ago you can’t find the code daniel okay exit the game and come in again like that that happens yeah yes defect oh wait remember use the north american server otherwise you won’t be able to get in no my girlfriend’s not playing today uh she’s you know making space for other members and what’s up duff pukas man that focus i always get your name wrong how’s the youtube channel have you uploaded recently what are you cooking god of war wise my room looks dim yeah i need better lighting iman art do you want to join is corey playing too that would be awesome man that would honestly be awesome all right members you guys gotta hurry because i don’t know how long we have wait daniel you didn’t get the code gonna start a new one tomorrow cool cool man oh you gotta download the game okay i see wait what why didn’t you guys see the code septic saw it and tears saw it as well oh crap what did i do i just gave it away didn’t i oh never mind i’m trying to join the discord and won’t let me it’s not logging me into my account it’s making me make a new one that’s weird i like but calvin no no you you don’t have to go to discord you just have to go to my community tab and then you’ll see the the last post okay steve acts in you’ll see the last post and look for the latest comment look at my pay to pay to win ufo dude how much money have you spent on pets oh you’re doing something else for the discord okay i don’t know i okay um i think that’s all of them i don’t think calvin is trying to join right now so i’m gonna make the the code live in three two one go the code is g v a s q q g v a s q q oh no daniel was trying to join wasn’t it daniel couldn’t see the code god damn it oh no he made it daniel made it thank god okay all right and we’re starting guys i forgot this game is it on ps4 no it’s a pc game only oh god my screen do you have to be a just do you [ __ ] getting cocky steve of course i’m gonna die first uh do you have to be a member to join if you’re a member you will get a preference over the other subs um because i’ll give them the code first and they can join you know no hassles except daniel i don’t know why he couldn’t join um but if not if 10 members don’t join then i’ll make it public to everybody but then it’s just a free-for-all see if you can type the code first wow steve hack got me god damn stefan cuba no it’s always me uh rsg hitman uh

have you changed the the server try the north american server do you mind not killing keeper first he needs content it’s so good daniel he can’t hear me but it’s okay it’s always funny i just still think i saw him last in the cafeteria yeah advice go get him do you want to join and follow you around for the first few minutes so you won’t die no because you might be the imposter no no i mean you can join honey if you want you’re a member so your pain sawyer okay no one’s getting out hey ahmed what’s up man i made sure to pronounce the the h there all right i’m the only ghost now but yeah on mobile like i don’t like to play any games in a while to be honest like it has it has to be like really tiny games i haven’t played a phone game in a long long time it’s way better on pc if i was the imposter i would give it would give me an alibi anyway if the other imposter kills you because i would be with the whole time yeah you can join if you want to share conor he’s going to join in and protect me oh somebody killed orange when will i continue out last two i don’t know dude because i want to do the god of war series again and i might stream some hades afterwards maybe not i’ll do outlast before hades i like making gaming gaming challenge videos uh you’re you suggesting god for challenges except for god of war boy only and god forefathers only those are the only ones i can think of man when you can try a runes attack only maybe like you won’t be able to use the axe at all like just magic abilities but maybe because in that way you have to wait for a cooldown so it’s more of a surviving challenge yeah they got my murderer all right let me do tasks now damn it you got it working okay cool but uh calvin the codes are are gonna be given in the community tab of my channel uh i’ll work it for next week to have it set on the on the discord i have to make a separate channel for my members i guess yeah i was just making sure calvin i can’t do any of that yo keyboard you’re gonna play uh the psp you gotta get award games too yeah uh as soon as i get a chance i will go to sparta like that’s i love that game it changed to uh uh to twitch uh the focus have you uh streamed there yet sup brody what’s up andrew costa sporta is underrated at very underrated i don’t think i think it’s the worst selling god of war game of all times youtube’s glitch for me i’m sorry man any hints in the next theory video i’m actually not working on anything right now i’m taking a bit of a break next time you’re protecting me

is it actually yeah i guess it is they wouldn’t lie there goes all right that was quick god of war betrayal sweats i mean games that are canon canary are you going to join let me make this thing invisible okay create new game and the code is i’m not gonna say oh it’s taking longer oh you disconnected from the server what okay create game once again okay i mean okay um jesus okay all right members the the code is uh live in the in the community post i’m just gonna wait here i did say uh swipe the card we got daniel you think thor might kill kratos i think it’s going to kill him at the beginning space mom hey kenoriki welcome she’s got a kid two kids actually do you think among us will die quickly like fall guys no i think it’s got more it’s got more likes to run papa septic i can download it on mac i don’t know uh imanor i’m really not sure so we got tier we got daniel and i think calvin wants to join as well you have two kids i know how am i gonna feed him man i don’t know if calvin wants to join who’s there steve hack okay daniel’s here tier septic space mom stefak i don’t know if calvin wants to join wait cuba has two kids no i don’t know kind of ricky has two kids and since kind of he’s my girlfriend it’s inferred that they’re my kids as well uh i’m not joining this round okay cool so i guess that’s all of the members all right subscribers are you ready okay sorry about that the code is uqt uqt jtq wait someone made it what do we got okay let me erase my chair a little bit okay kratos made it in uh and we got 10 people let’s do this aye aye captain i can’t hear you it’s been a super busy week uh talk about it has me wondering if i should just keep streaming out here i don’t know man i don’t want to tell you a lot of people prefer to go with twitch right now i don’t see the benefits of doing that but i don’t know i’m happy streaming right here okay someone oh i got stuck okay dead body yeah blade slayer man if you’re in the game don’t don’t cheat man should i hear you spell it i need to go back to school i don’t know how to spell common words i was with cuba and cyan for like the whole time killed with streams here so that’s understandable yeah that’s what i like i like having all of my content in one place it but i do get your point i think you said it in your community post uh the focus that it’s um it’s a cluster f because yeah i got among us i got god of war i got a bunch of things and when people click on all

of my videos it’s not neat and tidy that’s the one thing i don’t like i wish i could hide all of my live streams and put them separately but oh well pewdiepie wants to play no i don’t want to play with pewdiepie i’m going to skip did his vessels forge the place of chaos according to the god of a novel he did whoa they voted someone out was that me yeah the focus i guess that’s true i never thought about that that’s honestly a good idea because i know my crash bandicoot playthroughs are not going to get that many views afterwards the god of war once will but maybe i could do that i feel like septic wants to kill me oh not here oh someone got it okay no one’s killing me because kind of rookies after me now bossed here dear wants to get me i’m obsessive tear it honestly could be kind of rookie because uh she hasn’t killed me yet but i don’t know why was he ugly looking because uh sue’s beat him yeah i see a blitz blades later take it easy wonder woman is going to get delayed i don’t have a clue man i’m not really looking forward to wonder woman i’m not looking forward to any movies to be honest with you you looking kind of sus i know i’m not an imposter 10 out of 10 defense i’m gonna vote for i don’t know what’s gonna vote for him but oh can i really voted for him dude why is david jaffee not working on games anymore i think he i don’t want to say but i think he got fired from sign up from sony maybe not no because his last game was drawn to death i guess he’s got laid off or something i don’t know wait okay no weapons i gotta go to weapons to to check okay all right he’s doing them he’s doing them i’m kinda suss up to you five six why is do you following me around do you get out of here dammit come on oh i’m done okay thank you kenoriki

i just gotta look for dead bodies now oh stay together let’s see who did it yo you thought it was an imposter so sorry sending a message oh god day one working i’m sorry man that sounds tough i’m new hope you uh you have a good game yeah thanks uh let me to mean thank you stupid oh god i look so soft because i was just standing around let’s see oh they killed gunnery i’m freaking sausage man lying bro just bought orange yeah i think it’s i think it’s it’s zion bro let’s see let’s see okay it’s goddamn orange he’s gonna kill me now it’s orange get him come on it’s orange it’s orange no oh smart cookie okay wow okay he just that’s cool thank you thank you for that anyway i think i’m gonna call it quits now because i have a bit of a headache like in this last game i got a little bit quiet and it’s because i have a headache so if you guys don’t mind i’m gonna end it a little bit sooner today how soon it’s only like 15 minutes sooner uh you know what we can play another game let’s do it one more game all right let me just okay let me change the screen once again i can tough it for one more game let’s go all right members go to my community tab and the code is and there’s the code you’re dehydrated i’m drinking water actually ah yeah septic yeah

god damn st fact man among this is a really fun game uh cuba it is yeah i’m sorry i think stefan was my first member i remember way back conor he was uh was the actual first and uh and then stefan joined so cfac is og when it comes to members man cfx here boss tier who else i’m waiting for septic that was the first bro yeah i remember i was just thinking about that now gandalf who’s gandalf calvin is that you who’s gandalf obsessive orange dies uh is septic joining i joined yeah so it’s him i guess i’m just waiting for septic now papa sip cuba wait yeah i’m waiting i’m waiting cory liked my reply on twitter i’m so happy bro that’s awesome man yeah except septa curry we’re gonna get kicked out except i pray to be an imposter yeah this is gonna be the last game if we can get septic in where is he can you hire me to guard area 51 i want to see if there’s aliens though papa sep made it okay subs are you ready are you ready okay the code is uh c-o-n-i-w-q c-o-n-i-w cube all right last game you guys have fun and yeah conor he this time don’t uh i don’t think she can hear me don’t protect me let’s just have an actual game this time it’s me and gandalf let’s do this it’s gonna be a really short game and as always i’m just gonna go and fake this task this is always my go-to like i don’t know why oh my god they’re all after me this is not fair no please that’s not fair that’s not fair gandalf what are we gonna do man let’s turn everything off this is always my tactic oh conor he’s going to assess me because she knows that’s what i do are they after me no one has completed their task oh no no they’re off the usual watching me i was going to kill him but i couldn’t click on it oh it was yellow wait was it yellow yeah yellow yeah go no no

oh man i should have said i i saw him leave comes last damn and i i suck at this game daniel’s on to me i’m gonna have to kill daniel right now oh my god and i killed steve i’m so sorry steve hackman you had to die you had to be sacrificed to the gods double kill is that even possible yeah calvin you oh no wait you’re in the you’re an imposter so i guess you can be in the chat where’s daniel okay they’re not after me so where’s daniel yeah they’re waiting just for me to kick me out you know the rules and so do i i will sacrifice my life for cuba one out of ten and foster cuba’s gone i am so gone gandalf it’s up to you man yeah i really suck at this game yeah i was born in cuba anthony i live in canada now though it has been an honor all right let’s go sabotage the hell out of it have fun with o2 ah god daniel’s stuck good okay where’s the where’s gandalf there he is oh crap no get away oh no i thought i would lock the doors but i okay i just called him there but they dumb laughs yeah this is the last game steve back is he is stife here yeah sorry for killing you steve man i i had to sacrifice you ah this game was so fun to watch though and it was yeah not just watch man it’s a really fun game i gotta protect gandalf i want to see if i can lock somebody with the body can i fix your hairline please what’s wrong with my hairline

where’s gandalf all right good job good job good job see if i can lock someone and follow me to cafeteria okay come on you’re locked in i mean is there anyone else here i guess not i was hoping to lock someone in with him but excuse him ah they’re all here now nope go go do it now do it now do it oh no daniel’s gonna see him though oh he’s going to kill my girl oh he didn’t okay it’s kind of funny this is the only scenario in which i would want him to kill my girlfriend yeah go go yeah good go go you got it you got it teamwork makes the dream work we doing good man blue is in there bro gandalf is a beast imposter man yeah we’re actually we’re actually a pretty good team well i mean i died but i locked the doors man it was mort candle for boy who’s boy white yeah white i’m not gonna like handle was my last sauce but it makes sense because he hasn’t said anything until now no it was so good all right oh well it has been fun all right it has been fun you guys but i have got to go let me just quit the game and then i’ll say my goodbye no exit exit yeah anyways you guys have been awesome thank you so much to all of my members for their monthly support that means a lot to me and it helps the channel a great deal thank you do you love my subs played with me as well it was super fun uh and yeah i’ll see you guys tomorrow at 5 00 p.m eastern time with our uh god of war one play through it’ll be part three and we’re gonna get pretty far i think we can beat the game i can beat the game in two more uh two more sittings anyways you guys are awesome and i’ll check you guys out later until then remember go forth in the name of olympus i mean ragnarok sorry