well guys as you can see here my playstation has gotten the dreaded yellow light of death but don’t worry because I have a few or I have a very simple process here for you guys to get it fixed the only hard part is you have to take apart your PlayStation and then put it back together again that’s the only really hard part you know I’m not going to go too in depth in the whole disassembly process I will show you kind of step by step on how to take it apart but I’m not going to really explain it in depth you will need a Philips you’ll need two Phillips screwdrivers you’ll need a small one and then a slightly larger one so the first part is very simple you take out the hard drive take off the there are some screws in the round the perimeter of the PlayStation you take those off then you remove the cover next I believe we take off the blu-ray drive which is just a matter of disconnecting a ribbon here and this uh right here next take off the power and eject panel and really all it says is as a matter of unscrewing screws there’s really no like right or wrong way to do this and once you got rid of that go ahead and take out the power supply which again is just a matter of taking off some screws I guess you can before you can take the power supply all the way off if your Playstation has the memory card reader you’ll have to take that out first before you can take out the power supply once that’s out of the way go ahead take out the power supply and go ahead disconnect this thing I believe this is either the Wi-Fi or the blue tooth input it might be both I really have no idea what that is same with this this thing here that I’m about ready to take off I honestly have no idea what it is or what it does but it does have to come off now you see I am using the big screwdriver you can use that or the smaller one it really doesn’t matter is the bigger one because it’s just it’s easier to hold on to okay once you’ve taken off all the screws on this thing you should be able to very easily lift it up and out of the bottom half of the plastic container after you’ve done that go ahead and flip it over and remove the fan which is simply a series of three screws also on here the bottom of here I don’t show it but there are two small screws on the on the hard drive the part that’s on the hard drive those will also need to be taken off and this a black plastic thing just pops off now this part is kind of tricky I will come back to it there are these little sort of inputs or grooves you have to fit perfectly back together and that can be a little tricky and them let’s right there alright next the the cooling part should come off and then I’ll show you here as you can see the thermal place that’s on there it’s pretty it’s pretty worn and yeah that’s not good oh don’t forget to remove the battery ultimately you’re going to have to take everything off so I’m which includes this part next you have to clean off the all the thermal paste you 70% rubbing alcohol you can get that and I got that at my local dollar store and you might be wondering why I’m using coffee filters because again I got these at my dollar store and they were just cheaper than paper towels so that’s what I have you don’t need to use coffee filters you can use paper towels if you like or anything

really it doesn’t really matter don’t you still wool though that’s not a good idea okay you’ll see a clean one that’s a dirty one you will need to get every little bit of the old thermal paste off though so you will need to clean it very carefully and then if anything any thermal paste gets on the motherboard you also need to clean that off when it’s clean you should there’s some writing on there I believe it says PSX on it you should be able to just barely see it and also if you touch it and it feels sticky there’s a social thrill paste on there it should feel very smooth to the touch now you have to do the same thing with the with the heatsink you’ll need to get all the thermal paste off of it once you got that you’ll need a pan of some sort this one you can get at I got it at a Safeway or I didn’t get it at Safeway but you can get them at Safeway I believe you can get like five of them for $2 you only need one and then you also need some aluminum foil which you can get at the dollar store as well so basically what you do is you cover your entire motherboard with the aluminum foil and the reason for this is to protect all of the plastic and plastic components and also some other that look at components that you don’t necessarily want to get hot and when you’re done only the two these two processors should be showing when you’re done other than that all all of your whole motherboard should be covered next place another pan I like this pan because it lifts it up a little bit now here’s here’s the here’s the fun part you have to cook your motherboard so first you cook it in the oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes but do not preheat it put it in cold like right now the oven is cold so you started out at cold let it heat up to 200 degrees for 10 minutes okay once 10 minutes has expired and go ahead and crank up your ovens heat to 450 degrees for five more minutes once five minutes has gone by go ahead and just turn off the oven but do not open the door and do not take out the motherboard for one full hour let it cool down for one full hour okay once an hour has gone by you may now take it out it depending on your oven it could still be a little hot so be careful when you’re taking this part out you can either let it cool down the rest of the way or you can just start rebuilding it right away okay what I got is a tube of Arctic silver 5 I got a Radio Shack for ten dollars and 49 cents and they do recommend getting the more expensive one because there is one that you can get for five dollars that one doesn’t work as well so I would recommend getting the more expensive one you’ll also need a piece of cardboard or something stiff I just got this piece of cardboard off the top of a Velveeta box it doesn’t matter but you need something to spread it out on you may be wondering I used about half of the tube for both of these sides so one two we should be able to do to Playstations from one tube and what you do is you take your repeats a little piece of cardboard or whatever and just spread it out nice and evenly doesn’t need to be perfect or look very nice just as long as it’s very nice even spread out I did that a little more because I felt that needed but yeah you

don’t need a whole ton of it just just a nice even amount all right now this is for me this is actually the hardest part is putting it back together you can see here I get very confused and I turn it over and over a few times but it will only go together one way so you really if it goes together you you can feel sure that you got it right but if it’s not fitting together easily you’re probably doing it wrong but it should be easy to put together oh and don’t forget to put the battery back in I did forget this my first time and I had to take the whole thing apart all over again and then put it all back together again and that’s sucked so yes do not forget the battery and this one is a little tricky what I do is I just line via heatsinks up with the with the CPUs there and then there’s a flat groove on one of the on one of the fan like the van things actually what I should have done before they put it in that black plastic a cover piece is put the other piece on there I should have put that piece on before I put that black plastic piece on because it is a little easier to do it that way but you do have to be very careful to line the tabs up or else it will not fit together all right once you get those back together just pop back into the bottom half of the PlayStation it’s important to put this piece back in first or else you won’t be able to put the power supply in it will block the power supply terminals so it is important to put that first piece in before the power supply and also don’t forget to plug in plug the the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth adapter and then the wire just it easily just pops in just push it down a little bit and it it will pop in just like that then take the memory card reader if your PlayStation has it and screw it back in once you get the power supply memory card reader or Wi-Fi adapter and wherever the other card is you pretty much are done all you have to do is reconnect up the blu-ray drive and then put back on the cover now I’m not going to go into putting back on the cover because I was running short on battery because I filmed this all in one go and it took like an hour and a half so I won’t yeah it will kind of cut here after put it on to show you the result you and as you can see it worked I can get my copy of of water my my war modern battles game back so there you go I hope it was helpful for you guys if you have any questions let me know I tried to explain it the best I could