all right today we will be showing you how to test your map sensor in your car absolute pressure and what you need is you’re going to need your full the meter and you’re going to need a present and back and I’ll show you this climatic so we’re going on this car number six right here says a map sensor which is located right here let’s connects for this engine all right race me you take off your manifold cover and back here you’ll find your map sensor the signal Y here is 3 this is that min alone yeah this one is right here’s where you can connect the pump back to when you get your key pen right here back in pop your handbag stick it on there and turn your car yeah you just turn it to the on position you don’t send your engine or no get your nice little multimeric from Walmart for pull dollars go let me put it to twenty which one time that’s it right there positive to the T pin and the negative to any graduate you should be getting you should be getting reading of about there we go a reading of somewhere around five and visit after you get about that reading let me just are talking all right you get your little hand pump and you go up on by five so right around there and your voltmeter should be all right shouldn’t be zero but it should be going down oh wait it’s jumping all over the place

should be somewhere around like four point something for American piece of crap it is fun he’s grating on time man we’re definitely gonna win there we go starting to get a little bit better alright so 3.60 I guess and uh why is it so you pump this down another or up another five your little hand back just right there and you should go back it should be low right now it says two point seven seven which that’s fine so go back again and pump to see if it’s working and you go all the way up to fifteen there you go and your hand pump should be going yeah 1.83 round there all right and then just one last time to think twenty so you go all the way up to twenty and should be down in the close to like point twenty five and then if you wanted to go to twenty five like J there we go that’s 25 and it should be less than one hysterical terrible and so yeah there you go mari pocket Laura goes in we’re young