do you you have viper i do have viper yes you want me to play piper wait can we call like a truce i’ll pick someone else and you can pick someone up what is up guys it’s guy kuno here look guys i have seen ray play a bazillion times i’m pretty sure i can just channel some of ray’s energy and i’ll be a great viper player don’t quote me on now that we have a real gun we will easily easily get a pick mid unless no one’s there are you oh wait i have a plan are you guys going b i’m going to shoot my thing there oh okay oh we got it nice all right i’m gonna put up my wall and then we go a i mean we go b but they think we go a okay oh luck i’m gonna hide here you know they got the sight right i smoke away okay put the cloud i don’t know where oh whoa pushing in all right all right but one i’m gonna wait for the defuse right here oh on the right last player standing uh i’m gonna wait for the defuse she’s gonna stick it no she didn’t did she oh wait what uh what do you see her no i just i just wasn’t sure if she was there i just kind of shot good job i didn’t i didn’t even actually know she was there all right let’s go balls coming out charge oh i got um oh my god is she in the little cubby uh yeah she’s heavily wounded um okay did not not expect that um oh my gosh she’s so good okay all right you got it danny oh right in the back attackers hey yeah at least he didn’t get nice god leslie had 24k leslie was crazy let’s see everyone rush b rush b they don’t expect it uh in the cubby in the cubby on b on the right all right i’m shocked darting shock dart there’s one accident one back side oh goodness i will oh goodness oh goodness uh there’s a nominee cover me cover me cover me oh my god oh goodness hell site send help oh god i can’t believe she bought the sheriff she’s crazy all right i call this the bouncing bonanza i’m gonna smoke but that got something right that was good guys how how did that bounce back where i was standing for my fire um how do you do these ah tycoon only has five shirts no guys i only have five different kinds of shirts but i have multiple of the same shirt so okay um oh wait i can i call this the long range lob oh but they know where we are now no no it’s going to come from like almost a direct down angle they can’t tell um no on the bright side they they don’t know where we are at least i’m just saying they don’t know where we are so um i they don’t know where we are which is what matters look who needs shock darts all right who needs shock darts when you have a gun i’m just saying oh wait i’m not shooting back at him all eyes shoot in the dark no you had your pistol oh i think you’re going to get there uh yeah probably okay so um if you guys have money for like actual guns um wait wait wait wait but i have my oh hey peter let me let me buy you a gun no i don’t know peter peter let me buy you

a gun after the grief i caused you here no no peter request request a gun peter i want to buy you a gun after the last round peter i have enough for a phantom i can buy you a phantom i’ll buy you a phantom to make up for it well why don’t i just buy purchase oh hell hail travelers i sent you a friend request on discord the day we started playing hold on hold on i can explain i can explain i have 378 friend requests on discord no i’m not trying to break no it lags my computer when i open it every time it legit lags my computer when i open it every time i i’m pretty sure they’re spam bots so i was about this entire time no you understand they’re spam bots they’re spam bots they’re trying to sell me merchandise i’m pretty sure i just i just say i’m just explaining i just thought i have um 3 000 friend requests wow okay oh my god that was insane i’m crazy i i can’t believe i can’t believe i just did that sci-fi is just mint all right guys i i can’t believe i just pulled that off that was insane that was insane got spikes down here all right amazing hey guys it was just that was insane i i heard them coming i did the molly to stop them from running out then i did the ultimate oh the ace right where is she i mean chicken fetty oh what was that recoil wait guys my thing was right on him i waited in between my shots and the recoil i can’t believe it i can’t believe it guys i genuinely ca i i just can’t believe it um ah unless you don’t i’m pretty sure he went to the right molly i think they’re pushing through girls i can’t i think they’re open yet how do you make it out one walk through and grasp how do you make it out of there huh oh wait someone else killed him uh he’s like right by you oh goodness oh send help oh spike planted okay well i i didn’t know what to do guys i didn’t know what to do today yeah i know oh my god oh no all right aria you got this don’t forget your ultimate your ultimate aria i’ve seen this before yep you just gotta rush on kill him you can fly over it it’ll catch him off guard oh they’re reviving oh no no it’s all right good try good try okay um that was the thing oh that was hard that was hard that was a struggle because we were on different characters that was the hardest game of my life i [ __ ] hate this character holy [ __ ] oh that was kind of cool guys killed me like that that 4k right that that 4k times chris i’m sorry you’re still awake this is not like still awake i’m done with viper yeah i’m i’m never either way guys thanks so much for coming to the stream really appreciate you guys and i always think i’m really lucky that so many people show up to support me so thanks a bunch guys um hope you guys enjoyed it and i hope i see you all next time