has anyone heard my mind well I heard she had a meeting so I don’t know when bond in the group yeah yeah oh she is I know this is chaos this is gonna be absolutely okay wait where am I complete sadness they give it the five months and the fills so if it’s all this first this this is Bissell in three months yes Bissell wasn’t that like a dance from like a middle school yes this is all dance I think you guys a member like an expansion that made it eight or something probably like it was for a long time Audio ties anyone goes quiet man should we do yeah one at a time alright alright alright test test test test test test test test test is that good for everybody yeah test test Peter all right sounds pretty good to me yeah you sound like you’re across the room I’m kidding I’m kidding sorry don’t this is my normal volume why did I agree to a game that features cannibalism I hope I get desensitized screaming warning will hold your hand what a title yeah teamwork oh wait oh yeah with all of this are gonna be freaky and things like that all right coca man confirmed a child all right we have Alexia we have saline turn up my volume my mine can I give you a loud you’re too quiet louder than you really would I keep turning myself up hold on oh thank you for adding did that turn me up testing testing is this turn me up sorry I don’t know that so are you oh cool I can’t believe I know how to work my own mixer I invited Joe Diaz well that you get at Jody I’m here okay a lot my background noise oh yeah there I would as soon as you get it I wouldn’t mess with the settings because there’s like motion blur and stuff here we go okay I’m good I’m so ready okay you know it doesn’t start out scary right away you know we have like a date doesn’t okay well it starts out scary but it doesn’t start out scary scary I think we should build

the base near this okay cuz we’re probably doing the surd armor all right that sounds good I can’t wait for your first cave don’t look at you so many way are we all [Applause] Peter your character looks kind of cool build the base your Jodi Jodi your [ __ ] up your in-game screaming why is it I’m just using my my radio you know I turned my [ __ ] to tell me I have the same characteristic uno okay let’s build the house let’s build the house Oh God okay I’m pretty sure nothing okay make like a gigantic out I don’t really matters because you don’t really you don’t really go back to it

yeah we try playing we built like this huge base and this huge house and then we realize that you don’t ever go back to it off in the ocean we can we can wash off our bloody bird wait ray we can go around the tree and kind of hit the same spot over and over no Alexia for you wait I also offered her a shark head you know so high I very inventory and then you could eat your food items in there it looks like that grandma thing from Sponge Bob I like chocolate [Applause] okay you press B to open your house okay oh you’re the only productive person I think we can check that cave maybe wait right we have like eight people we can just beat them down with power because we have more people we thought that last time and then we died so where’s the turtle show we can start collecting rainwater oh this is chaos [ __ ] up in the water he just jump in water do I know myself I’m here oh there you are they’re offering of a candy bar and then where you see the candy bar

I’m just carrying around it took a couple shots you know last time that there are a bunch of dudes there right here by the house yeah look at my axe try covered him neither I was just trying to crafting sheet you just put something on it and then it’s like mine you can make like better how you make it AXA to remember yeah you need to attach t my help find this oh my god that’s my a turtle shell in like oh I don’t know Oh Peter over here there’s a blood pond that spawns a ton of fish and I got one right here hold them like a maniac or money it is on the boat oh there’s a me and Peter have a bunch of food over here yeah we’re like whoo no are hunting the food okay Peter why are you hunting the

food all right oh no no Peter we have so much food here we got like restaurant all this freakin food I thought you I wanted to put you first no okay I appreciate it just like dudes like psycho no TV or something that would be our combined name but how can they tell it’s you you know what they’ll know in spirit if you actually care okay all right we we need to build this [ __ ] all right if anyone needs food why are there so many beat the [ __ ] out of our fire pit done the same thing so many times like I let me click to put something in okay so you see and then go to the see the food page and the 17 every once in a while it’s not like God yeah you can’t sleep every night I need another stick for the song wait

there’s another one there’s another so the more we build and stuff them more stuff we unlock spear now ten more logs and then ricans there’s a blue ones are good I think you like hold the lighter it’s not super bright but it’s better than any leg otherwise if the weights play rains for me poison you though but I don’t think the poison matters but then it won’t actually matter it won’t actually also I think everyone should go to the boat because it loot is individual not per group so like we sleep like you can’t be true why can’t we sleep that should it should work right there wouldn’t let you place it there we don’t get our logs inside me right we don’t get our logs back sleeping trip it’s like I in the morning okay yeah drink it I can’t drink the water I’m dying of thirst

I’m gonna die just make sure that when you put it down this is when you pick it up as his dried food and not raw should we go on that boat trip all right that’s everything right oh oh by the way the food so distressed oh my god it actually renders this Oh sharks okay mr. Arthur you capitalize all your name a houseboat yeah thank you 26 months welcome back thank you like candy bars an energy drink fire always for burning maybe way to go explore a little bit oh my I think can’t we like great little flags so know where we’re at well beacons oh you can see the home yeah I think you can always see the home yeah so we can always meet up there yes so the boat has like a lock pad on it oh sorry now we’re gonna no we’re gonna need I think a key like a card no my child my child is yeah he looks a little scary it’s rebind you’re not you’re not in games like who know you don’t I know but he’s an explorer oh my god I have a picture in my hand ye say Kuno we’re walkin let me just going for a stroll you want to come with me carry food with us we carry that drive every time I pick

it up but my dude eats it every time I just dated because your help Dragan all right I know exactly where we’re going Joey I want to make armor there’s another – wait there’s a bunch of Jodi Jodi we should in the tree somewhere don’t think you should treat a tree like a maniac he’s up here I see him Peter you got your bow and arrow I’m staring at him right now I see him I see him uh-huh he’s right in front of me but the body we hope you can put a rope a stick and a rock together and I’ll give you an upgraded axe oh it’s better you can also craft it though right I think you can craft it with I think so because it’s the one you can actually add teeth to right but what about a club if you scrap it it blocks better that’s the difference oh my I don’t know how to use block I just like the way you said that oh my god Oh God I’m a big fan of your skull on a stick oh all right I’m gonna go this way I’m gonna go look for Odie look at my armor I got ya what’s that noise I’m building a garden in fall damage go look at this giant tree when I go check out the page I’m pretty sure it’s over here if I remember and you’ll be following huh just fine tiny stone I don’t remember this lake this is a different term blue ones are good I tell the village Jody there’s a village here going try why don’t we go get a squad with us you know just in case hello squad would you like to come explore our names I see your name in the distance I am on my way lizard let me chase it down Cody the caves over there dude dudes by the cave I know you can do something all right guys we found a cave over here if we god I’ve weak oh how do you do the thing where it like

Oh stick marker I did it amazing like my work why is why is it quite hello my discord broke and I can’t hear you guys it’s it’s I don’t like I was so worried like where the lizard its Katerina my god is that here I got it I got the lizard oh you actually can break it this is all garbage I got some cat I don’t know about you wait who needed a rope wait make sure you break these um break the totems yeah you get I changed yeah that was really yeah he just really he just charged at me we check out that cave maybe I feel like there’s so many people we could definitely quit my god I don’t know just why did he just come at me like that wizards unguent oh nice feathers and fly in the air so you have to catch them in the air actually catch them in the air for some reason oh go in a cave or home I’m going to Dave okay yeah with so many of us there’s no user lighters okay we need to remember is that entrances to caves and get really laggy it might shut the game down so we think oh one at a time Oh like when we get to like the cracks in the wall [Laughter] two of us multi-legged things and they have a lot of help oh I just like a little I like anything I don’t really

care we can take iron axe maybe we should say we are we actually doing this I don’t be alarmed we have little baby things and multi-legged things down [Applause] you see another circle if it’s low you need medicine we just climb back okay this is a crack Oh fun single-file line all right everything about this way the crack is just a loading screen you’re fine where did you hear that Oh Oh another crack guys another cut another all right I’m in first okay

nobody no no we’re good we’re good okay can we make I’m here and safe we should make the tiny lot okay everyone see nice okay it’s not your weapon and put a cloth on it you can use it as a lighter but you can light it right before combat and it burns them cool how did that chair move wait did you see that chair fingers hanging oh my god their fingers hanging over the wall that’s pretty cool interesting you know your design I kind of like what they’ve done with the place cassette player mori yeah yeah we could play some yeah there’s a set amount of items that you can have items all sorts of items yes if the pre-much pick up everything and you’ll hold the max for that type of item all right I’m back in the crack but Elise it on the mine I put it on the map what else do I you click the cogwheel kind of great hover over the COG wheel exactly okay I think this is the other way that yeah the other Lane let’s go there hard I’m going through first great what do you think of my new clothes what does it look like you have like a jacket over it first we can test I found it in the cave over there by the dead bodies oh I found a heart does anyone need a heart sweet probably not so you’re full and picked up the rest someone to eat your food crazy [Applause] I don’t there we go here’s a fire we can burn their bodies I need a pair I can we drink the water in here only regions are held to thank you just like in Minecraft sounds like you know limbs sticking out of our way okay I need armor though so yeah I need one more harm your closet bones right click button claw go over the cogwheel

and the bone armor is three o’clock into the armor oh ok I think I put on the next area that we’re supposed to go to whenever we’re all ready what you press R to shuffle through your inventory and then C to drop it huh so you can drop like money leaves alright drink this water soda are you bending down the fire oh um I could start clearing its water here it didn’t let me so loud my shirt off are we going up we’re going up I’m pretty sure we can also go through that water underneath wait there’s two paths let’s I guess I’ll take the right one first okay I just saw like does anyone need food I have chocolate bars put I can’t put my tray he looks sad oh by the way how do I get rid of again because there’s another path in the back saline oh I don’t know it’s a school why does this grown-up blood but it is like a pinata Oh

yeah the waterfall requires scuba gear down oh right yeah you can break doors oh I didn’t know that without was gonna die I’m gonna be honest all there’s a lot of blood and guts here oh wait we’re splitting up we’re splitting up I’m super lost we I don’t think we want to go here yet okay this is where we came from right yes yes yeah we go this way right on the left yeah we haven’t gone this way okay getting thirsty is we’re running thanks oh yeah yeah much thirsty too okay there’s one here are you sure we’re lost we’re lost all right going down the row I’m sure there’s more water down in the

go here this seems a little um well we’re already almost there okay can we drink this water I got the modern for everyone thank you double check so when I’m glued everything you guys also see the same exact loot or am i picking up all right grab everything okay I only got three bottles in there Oh over here I think it makes us blend in or maybe more intense BAM clicking wait that was such a good fine yeah okay I spam me everywhere whether that was more medicine I know Lena hi Evan come in so I like packwood makes you guys I love three because there’s not better but if you go in the water washes off oh you see it by the backpack I grabbed all the dynamite that I can we’ve never been here or like in this area I have so much Selina Janet stay down there’s multiple paths over here thanks for that by the way don’t you scared I’m too scared um just get there’s multiple paths from what’s gonna go right here you know wait why did my guys did you get a new out yes yeah yeah if you like hover over it shows the stats quick okay where do we go do I go this way snacky bar that I don’t have not a job okay wait there’s like there’s three different passes here we’ll be okay and I don’t know which way to go either you have so much blood on you my friends is a hard job that Cunha sometimes you get blood on your hands you grabbed everything down there right um everything I could carry okay I got the

new ax that’s really good yeah you can get the new Act it’s much stronger now how do we know if it’s nighttime it says do you see that how that Bello moon is full uh-huh it’s allowing you to sleep now no but one time me and Ray slept in the daytime and oh right through the night well we’re gonna keep anyway so I think it makes us hungry or more hungrier yeah okay so there’s a path to the land straight in right and I don’t know which one to choose oh yeah we I don’t know but we can go left straight or right I’m in the crack I am coming crack you’re coming I’m also going through the crack I don’t think so we have no wide open now do we go to the right oh yes you like so we go back home soon I think yes all I know is for us to explore okay yeah this is yes

oh this is actually that was crazy oh when you oh really quiet check out the village I can’t even pick them either tennis players aren’t here so oh okay whereas on here on my side of the village should be yes beautiful have you guys attached a feather to your accident oh I should probably that’s your knee looks ridiculous like one feather sticking out you don’t need to drop anything cold Peter where’s the beer don’t put teat on the modern a I

see them there over the singing thing they’re actually all rusting for Jody for some reason speed how do I take the teeth these are dude no they get worse and worse yes we go home really those guys have a lot of health and do a lot of damage yeah no we shouldn’t camp here because they like they spawn here more I think we just keep exploring yeah yeah let’s not a nice place to make a new why am I always hungry loop Goblin that looks for food because I know my friends are gonna be like is that what we sound like now always sound like Peter that sound like that not you guys you look like you go there’s uh there’s another villain looks like it’s pretty egg I found the pond no idea what’s this big I didn’t either I don’t even know wait there’s nothing on my map yeah I think we have to discover certain locations I think like the boat would have been one of them yeah it should fill itself out wouldn’t you like yeah isn’t this where the katana I know there’s a cave warmer wait who are we missing Jodie who’s pioneering Oh like 5% of the way yes yes I shall help you I definitely I know there’s a cave already host name and that’s what the katana but I don’t know where the cave is facing here for a bit here looks nice wait so why don’t we so peace a long little hunt like this last time um I did say we don’t need to make a big house just like I’m trying to kill his word and then merge with the ground because the ground I like the little cricket sounds boat a houseboat boathouse [Laughter] sorry are you and me just hunting it so fast I’m exhausted now me too okay yeah we should probably care for the night yeah maybe amazingly sleep anyway yeah before the cave I don’t know we could try it see if we go Mike doesn’t play oh wait I have energy oh wait you found a plate well no like up in the sky oh we can all sleep here apparently we’re supposed to find the other half of the plane too that’s all sleep here maybe okay okay buddy

coming over huh I’m coming sorry I fell away one being at me sleepover but it’s so peaceful I’ve been out of eight seven who is it [Laughter] greats apart like vulnerability oh I’m on the hunt for this game we need to find a way we don’t have food for cave yeah I’m really low I don’t have any food I’m on the hunt for food okay there we go we need a stable I should okay I’m running out of cars so I feel like we should my drying rack bars yeah yeah the drying rack is better Karenia Beach there’s a guy running on the hill behind us oh my god I’m gonna turn the music off I made a mistake um I need that rabbit I might die but they do be charged almost there Jody you don’t look like the strong ones we probably can take oh my god Oh God Jody we got this get the water I think before our next movie definitely think we’d be stock up on a ton of dried fish because you can actually care that you don’t need to its but the the thing is on the food page fourth tab and then bottom right drying rack is anyone making one right now I can make one just put it near the water what I don’t have any one food please I have zero stick sinks I didn’t have any sticks I can’t cook what I have no wait it’s one slow watch a strong one

I don’t think the meat is dry yet okay let’s see I’m gonna make a fire pit right here I like the fire I have the dead person [Applause] bodies actually to get more bones it’ll just instantly like yeah otherwise you just grab it but you could just cook is anyone making a campfire wow that’s a humongous fish where is equip the fish put the fish on the fire you one lizard fills your entire fire put security wizard another fish I grab a fish and then I put fish on fire do we need another drying rack profit on Akane is on top we shall all carry some very good I agree we have to wait for it to dry though right yeah we do that’s good it’ll be worth ride me huh be okay there we go I’m cooking all right anyone got the futz writing it okay I’m gonna go home first sticks and leaves before we go into the cave okay get some more sticks too we would totally survive in the wild look at us oh you built a rabbit cage on a rabbit trap that wasn’t me Oh what the [ __ ] is that [ __ ] what [ __ ] looking at oh that was me yeah I think I built something yeah well I have an axe muhfucka I found it when they’re dry it’s

oh no I and then like put a bow on control over this is not collecting any water all right I think I go yeah fills up over time okay is this gonna be edible now okay if you get if you get one lizard skin you can make stealth armor see with 50 I have one lizard skin and I can’t kill a lizard I guess I’m not quick enough oh you can you can make a sled or you can like hold on to it to have a sled or you have it something like cool you guys it’s so cool when you add different armors a bit like there’s a bar next here in a wall you’re a med bar you’re telling changes color that’s so cool oh it’s a waterfall well we can’t show where it’s hot armor yep thank you anyway my turtle shell down to catch the rain that’s not raining any bum you would have to make a stick thing tab and then water collector hmm you looked right at it oh yeah the lizard’s right at it wait I have extra people need yeah I think everyone should have stealth armor 100 no wait no this is water I think we’ve got plenty of food though us gonna miss are these fish not anymore yeah there’s no cave oh well he has so much food this is satisfying can we make water recipe ok any of these dry that can be picked up I think these this right over here we go dude slean’s got so much braver look at that left he said what yeah his Rock flew at me I don’t remember where the thing wipe off the blood I do be minding my own business I don’t have any sticks that’s a very aggressive rated load no I found the cave but I think I’m gonna lose the cave if anyone ever needed sixth okay I found

I found the next cave all right where are you Jody horizon where the [ __ ] are you Oh up her okay oh I actually do see you let me let me see how many sticks let me quit oh you only need two all right I’m coming I’m just gonna I just put a flag on it I think this is where we get these Tana hi new thing boy what if this is where we came from no I don’t think so yeah we came from where I am like this direction yeah remember Jody there was that one outdoor entrance that we want we were going to leave possible multiple entrances yeah he is at this point they’re taunting me these lizard hunting man put it on your crafting table and combine it with leaves to make stealth armor oh where do we I think all we need is to figure out a way to bring water with us thank you water click or water collector water everything by the ear skin yeah we and what oh you do just put on the crappy tablespoon of this leaves please but I do have a club dude your skin in a row you can click water and bring it into the caves yeah yeah yeah should I get another turtle oh poor guy bye [ __ ] come on take a wall I was just trying things out I’ll wait for you all right Abbi I have time I got time know how that works ok drive me no guy what’s it like out here surrounded by cannibals oh no I should manly scrounging survivors did you’d be kind of rough oh yeah well that’s the bed okay dang it thank you you for logs I’m making a garden I don’t know I hate these loser blades I can’t do it oh my god Alexia you scared the [ __ ] out of me coming to help you by the way I feel like we’re near a land points because the map is still blank I don’t have any sticks that’s okay oh I’m here I’m here all right who’s gonna kill me please no stab me I can eat one the food I put on fire for you is there any more space yes remember the home we built I swear to God I have seen one deer there’s meat over here Bonita Tommy oh the fire just kidding the fire went bye-bye you didn’t cook Oh is because of the oh I see someone I’m like killer though I scared of you you scared of me is a huge waterfall over here but no

beer I’m putting the leaves on it whoo you come here often where’s the tooth I saw tooth come out am I supposed to like quick fish I think it should fall on the floor somewhere I guess I’ll click what do we use [ __ ] round I can’t find yeah I can’t find here I mean we’d get a [ __ ] tonight energy drink some maybe ballads be enough Oh true yeah that’ll hold us over yeah just casually comes caring I like that there’s food put me and I just put a body on the food we don’t have anywhere to sleep oh I’m cold and wet let’s go back to the camp water oh okay is so dark so far okay so now we make another shelter so we can sleep gather sticks gather leave yeah they’re long and cold here I made a standing fire okay I’m going to warm up our sticks yes okay no you can save and sleep highway it stop freezing step I dried meat my baby crash by the fire okay i am i pressing Z I’m cold and wet be sure to drink the water so that it keeps filling up wait well water surviving like a camping trip yeah a little more morbid but still wholesome nonetheless I knew probably novels I’m dying I need warm alright are we sleeping look like savages I don’t want to break up the campfire maniacs running in the background yes pressing Z and pressing have a new Venus make sure you guys are like said and drank who is it who’s fine one more I don’t know if we could sleep I don’t know

hello how are you doing nanananana okay I’m ready and when you ready toxic wolf they give it the twitch promise of welcomes me Lord God will take the stick like Timmy they’re gonna three bucks look like Silver’s absolutely not I see you need oh sorry I know it’s not your outfit oh wait there’s one more person already can’t carry anymore please just give you an easy trying beside something oh no some of these are ready I cook add some salt I’m cooking three fish right now that’s nice and peaceful okay nice are you ready to explore I think Oh fill up on water what does this mean what does this signify that maybe we should gather more sticks but everything else I think we’re good you guys everyone got some dried food oh my god CIA FBI Barry okay the problem is I do not have any sticks so we can’t make any shelters together I had all the energy drinks wait isn’t that marker the old cave sticks oh I’m gonna get shirt lady I’m getting some sticks I have one tooth

on my axe and then whenever you find a tooth or a feather just combine it to your axe upgrade it looks hella janky why is there a single feather sticking out of my one to know what I did not know that’s it damage my damage meter go down oh my gosh breaking trees and running how do you see these it looks like a like a wad of mud and your inventory getting bigger to the game I think I got all the sticks and I think I think it’s the survivalists driven them alright are we ready I’m collecting more bones come to the yellow flag when you are ready you’d be looking nice I like your bone armor your guy kind of looks like the professor off the money heist is there Otto I wish I knew all about that reference oh no I don’t know I got so excited I’m too scared yo yo yo watch me 360 noscope body bag Oh bless you it’s [ __ ] doctor going in the camp casey well just wait at the bottom I guess at the bottom now let’s leave feeder how do you with a stick and a clock but is there one that last night here some hissing okay we’re good we’re good okay are you sure we haven’t been here come on where are you going never been you can’t wait for Peters we got a week I’m so glad the lighter doesn’t go out that makes me so happy okay there meet there be some moaning and some growling I wonder how they made the babies like the more New Jersey dry babies yeah honestly they’re kind of [ __ ] oh my gosh is this the toy that he was holding in the drawings oh my god telling you man our kitchen destroy this [ __ ] transformer oh-oh-oh

we have some food over we couldn’t run over to the marker that you set in from this cave I’ll head up with you guys right upgrading your weapons that’s a good idea oh you’re back yeah your stuff is looking you just have to come back okay I’m gonna order I’m hungry IRL okay

well we’re gonna go back there but we need trays we could share food and water okay so I can’t just solo mission get my [Applause] I don’t need you hunting for me cuz we’re out of dried meat in your inventory condo plane let me on ik we got I don’t know what I’m scavenging yo Peter what’s up dude what Sam any measure can I borrow it next maybe that one’s a with your pickup and usually yeah maybe yeah the only way a person can have it six months yeah we gotta go back okay how do i oh I’m gonna make a fire lane how’d you get back up what I disease I climbed food does anyone need food by me for the old house collect everything no problem I want to kill this lizard though what do I hear near me all right shall we go back yeah okay get my stuff back I’m just gonna order pizza and then Dan you can have some too well where are you going crazy so dude I love local places like local New York South East it’s like so good I’m rabbit hunting things wait are you killing rabbits with an accent kidding really no oh I don’t have my equipment I don’t have my equipment are we going back into the cave get all the armor and stuff those okay yeah let me test something Genet take this for me is this still raw take this oh my god no it’s not wrong okay see you’re [ __ ] crazy oh my god Wow you’re you were gonna

you’re right tier 3 subs if you’re right you guys able to different reasons it was flying see this guy’s body yeah me and dad have been huntin Oh time yeah I got a bow though and Jenna was just clubbing fish to death No all right Wow yeah so we can’t kill each other okay I have saline is geared out in our oh yeah you guys just grab your stuff I think the area we cleared out should still be clear if you want to grab your shed oh really all right let’s just go back for it okay let’s go into the game but um maybe someone with equipment perhaps come with I want to meet I want to dry the meat so I painted myself red I would like you to watch that flip and tell me just like a short trip right I mean I think I have three teeth for you oh I should probably be putting I don’t have any sense but I want to others snoring the caves yeah yeah oh yeah yeah yeah probably in the daytime look Oh does it matter and all that I guess we’re going in a cave it’ll just be a short trip right grab our stuff no I want teeth for when I get my stuff back I really hope I had a fully cracked out axe with like sticks teeth on it your Indian character is packing some heat man what do you mean – that’ll be back in a little bit more what are you guys aren’t talking about what I think you’re talking about your cave [Laughter] the cave literally only sakuni’s care more than I don’t don’t worry wait wait

Alexia is begging to wait and not others you know what else we should go to the cave you know I’m uncomfortable now all right I will meet you at the cave entrance okay no internet don’t want it oh yeah I never cancel I was afraid the monsters are I thought we cleared him out already clear mount I don’t have any weapons oh well you have your original X that you spawn with yeah I’m completely off Errol it’s a heavy set of balls you must be a must be really warming you wow this is proof right here that women objectify men just as much okay all right I’m not looking around for your guides caverns okay I mean to be fair we were commenting on the woman’s record never mind anyway where do we go people go over here yeah explore the cave we can just smash that rock with you Wow the watch yeah he does have a watch okay do we we can go either this way left or right by the way anybody got snacky Chan it’s like you know your armor died too right yeah my own e-cloth um should we go the sleeper stick and clothes way I see that you two have played JRPGs very impressive I hate missing a pathway yeah me too

watch this we’ll probably have a clue in it’ll be a dead end upper way the rope there we had to come up to go down to that I actually understood that I don’t like this I don’t like that oh this is Oscar phobic I was like if you want are you gonna be the man chat aces dude very nice tell us money this is literally I got a cat put tooth on my cut like a yeah I have a ton of stuff you guys oh yeah I heard it attracts women Wow it snuck in the Dukes body combined into his shoulder over here probably – Swift it seemed like I would want to use this you know is it worth to use the flashlight or the batteries run out I think that’s it for this side yeah I think that’d be creepy yeah I kind of like this what makes it look scary yeah

oh my god I don’t like this Oh [Applause] for the other group that’s enough oh my god we’re almost back across the water again hey Janice what is this earwax what large yes here that little freaky sounding way there’s two pathways one to this one straight and one to the right it’s like this treatment from this one I don’t it sounds fine it’s promising what are these more streams better right oh this looks nice well cos like then we’re fine in a buzz right snatched right now oh my god wait that sounded like you came from behind us that’s impossible right Oh oh yeah it’s just our Idina free

honestly it’s a lot better now I think that’s fine for me saving Queen Frank alright I’ll make one here okay okay you do it okay no I didn’t make it it okay I’ll make one here how long are you guys gonna play this game we could continue another change so maybe we should just get out of the cave and a hard time I also there’s only one person need to say for all of us I say just in case be careful Rachel posting like maybe it’s the internet dude are we we can reset I think this game and just kind of drink and yeah it just needs to be reset you know that’s fine I feel like right now should we just quit right here I’m done yeah are we getting back on there um I think a few people are tired okay you guys let’s play for another like 30 minutes I’d be down yeah I’m down two more this case yeah okay I don’t know how to get out to the main menu alt f4 but be careful cuz I’m all set for my OBS host who was the best internet you have to host it if you already started only not I could host it if it was if we change hosts then I think we change we have to serve in the beginning I think it just glitched out when we went out I don’t think it matters too much it’s just when we went into the crack I’m sure all right invite everyone to reach at you hi everyone key for convenience actually a lot of fun these are playing of the forest forces like one of my favorite games in crazy it is yeah and like this story is so

intriguing yeah I know I actually don’t know what happens so it was even close to beating this game Oh could you invite me again I clicked on new for some reason okay come on six early if you didn’t know I have a I don’t know all right they’re hungry call thank you for the two months welcome back to the jpeg aid I don’t see Iman on what are you doing after the game I’ll probably play maybe a little bit of a luring did you go back to be in charge she didn’t see it we see what if anything c d e f g h i j k l you click new Phoenix wait did you guys press new or continue I think I [ __ ] up now can I get a rien night please okay wait if I’m the host don’t eyes press Start game new I got Iman and then oh no you should make sure you do continue just again I got you Jodi okay I’m come back we are missing wait what did I miss oh my god I press new okay hold on I can see you okay okay we’re good she’s so nope I don’t the thing is you guys are gonna kick me but see I’m not gonna know until you tell me and then I’m gonna get it there’s nothing I can do guys haha I don’t know you know I’m never gonna know until you tell me you know everyone press Continue okay okay just you know like laughing two minutes hope it shouldn’t be better now hello for waffle they go to time’s up welcome for the J pregame if you’d like you can join the discord discord GG such quarter Jade yes good stuff yeah actually it’s looking a little better I do have more friends before much better but it’s like how are we gonna fight everyone probably okay I think he’s dead I think it’s coming glitchy yeah I don’t know if this happens every time I play it it gets like super this as long as them knows big guys one of the strong ones oh my god it’s crazy oh god what is happening I’m hiding on this row I’m just gonna walk everywhere you know everyone I can’t interact with anything yeah oh my god Sulli just jumped into the air so high I know the forest too is

coming out this is having so much use dynamite on the rock wall you guys exit very slow to control-alt-delete I light it Oh as a flare I’m down to try one more time the Sun electric try I just don’t know if our files art will be see yeah they will if you change hose Oh watching a through dynamite okay everyone fully closed the gate I didn’t fully closed it last summer just once it’ll lobby so that might be it might have been released you okay fully clothed AB do you by the way when you’re on the road no that’s okay come out I wanted to say something but I was busy laughing sound so bad so you mentioned the half part the game I don’t know every time I play this game ends up being like this like super this I send the file I I don’t know how do I don do so hungry oh yeah yeah yeah noodles okay I like noodles but noodles are so hard to eat on stream especially because I’m a white mouse pad and I know you know what I mean Oh sushi funny play play all right full time Mikey queuing try not to move maybe I’m gonna load in a little bit you don’t have to say it twice understand one on the same page Wow thank you very much right ordering I haven’t sent any bites yet Oh multiplayer host game continue this one yummy hmm what else do I want John what else do some didn’t I alexia cucumber salad always what else would your mush soup dumpling night mm-hmm green beans I would get cream beans but I shall I don’t want to desert me I’m gonna coop me let me move up thinking like needles fried rice wontons oh I like noodles you know like judo a chicken fried noodles oh she’s pork noodle cold yeah yeah so last time I ordered a green I usually get garlic green or string me you know what I mean from dinner but they come and they get they’re really soggy hey come so it’s like not worse you know I get noodles okay new clothes hell yeah I also use you order like red bean mochi ball dumpling things but well I don’t want to get fat so I’m not gonna order those this time that I usually do order them and then well they’re good but like you know what I mean I invited you Iman and Jodi thank you all right red bean rice can wait it sounds gross red mean rice cake Jodi wait I it’s opening now uh-huh even more fat JK sorry you know what Louie greet that was a really good joke holy [ __ ] that was dude

you are nice clown you here we go let’s see time tutorial vegetable bun I can’t do red bean I love red bean but I love red bean hi there hello I’m not playing this loan Hey no pastor break it was really good no pray I’m it was much needed yeah I never really it was nice I love right so far so good for me the ball go they give the 27 months okay maybe if we just shouldn’t move when we all know Tim you know it’s fine for me because my foot that a half I’m going to go better the breakers lacking direction right now so brainstorm and oh look like you as a Ripper Ripper me go ahead and lag out of okay I remember you could just lag out of the cave we all brought someone or selfie does anyone have food by any chance I’m on the verge of death okay but I’m still starving dumpling how do I go from half to die so [ __ ] for someone here’s another dried piece of meat working on a fire right wait I can cook I also have meat meat on the fire literally dying right now I guess there’s no figure does anyone need anything to drink how long does this take to help filled me out I’m going in for seconds y’all I have a fish okay I’m gonna oh yeah that hit the spot okay Oh Mike Alexa burden Salafis or something always look a little different yeah everyone’s armors different all right oh you’ll have a finger nail sticking out of you Peter do you Alexia’s is by far the creepiest I do

yeah okay if you even go down her up I think we’re good now I’m gonna be honest I’m very lost I’m gonna be honest I have to get off someone soon because I am sleepy you could just make our way out of the cave probably I’m tired too I’m cooking my fish we saw a giant rope right before we came here maybe my fish takes forever to cook oh did I do it yeah yes deep oh I remember we went past through here I see well my sleep schedule is really normalize right now so I’m like fun getting sleepy I get tired on like 10 now hopefully oh [ __ ] I feel like I’m gonna be featured on twitches follow Fridays and oh my god I need ballerina Jordan Fisher around the news yeah pretty much just like going through boundaries and things I got I’m really excited because no we’re quitting cleaning for the night here tops wait what oh oh this is Ruby oh I remember this where we came in I remember we went through some drinks my lighter turned off for a nice second okay I don’t know if we should go this way no this is where we need the tip I’m so long what is it oh I’m like I crashed oh maybe I’ll go in a minute but Peter crash though okay I’m not going in there okay okay just go in one at a time it’ll be fine it looks like it’s just a little hiccup um I just saw three people disappear are you sure no okay why don’t you get her back do this I’m out of time I was six I saved and I’m gonna try I’m gonna try to go in here I’m I’m stuck oh this seems to be blocking us from going through on the rain okay I’m gonna I’m gonna try I think might be long no no no you’re almost here I’m a self I want to be outside out of the outside I don’t like this yeah I was too but everyone else crashed it’s dark out there okay okay well maybe we we rendus lose

again later I can’t get back in I can what I think beforehand so that’s pretty close right I like when does lose