you thanks Josh and many thanks to the technique for letting coonley agar system be on this panel inspected and Anika you know was really difficult to be here right now because the world cup game she’s going someone galleons of tipping me off hormone is one run so yellow cure hopefully they’ll pull through alright how it goes left breathe you know biofuels Afghan as a CEO small startup 14 employees in specialized analogy I’m just like 52 of earlier and I’m not an expert I can’t give you the State of the State address but I can tell me and some of my perspectives and someone is really trying to get by amidst fuels into our economy I’m going into our lifestyle what’s happening and there’s capital now available so military has put tens of millions of dollars it’s developing bio-based or crop based fuels it was also a lot of venture capital and hundreds of millions of dollars going that’s a big name companies and you’ve probably read about the popular press and there’s also more of a will of Allah says Americans to be consumer recognizing is consumers stone one of our speakers mentioned that this morning efforts dystrophin serve so we’re not wasting fuel and energy in general and then there’s another awareness going on which we realize that this whole ethanol and really need to be sourcing on biofuels from non-food crops secondly really super Portland’s water use and if we’re running out of water and I’m so glad that you’re on the panel today you’re really key from this whole renewable energy thing that really work is that we can’t be you know wasting our go to pool drinking water growing with fuel crops we don’t have to another awareness is agriculture especially here in Hawaii you can keep that bag that’s really really important to us with opening up food agri fuel agri-food is really important for us for our state’s to be successful as this testament to both of those and then also amazing management of the technologies that are being spurred by all this millions of dollars of opinion allowing fantastic in division up and down the value chain from violence or crops from crop or some waste product crop turning that into a fuel for demo wood chips or you know jump trees or LOL all these waste products of a gas from sugarcane waste things like that that where we’re actually saving everything is done atheon mentality recycle everything to turn it into something that we need today so that will is really creeping into who we are and that’s critical for the successful energy target in this country i think so that’s one big thing some of the drivers will we prepare our taxi ahoy that pass through that’s really important for some of that money going to the State Department of Energy you know this is the State Department ours are my energy here is really important small companies like us and also to get all these technology things they have the solution they’re going to assess the risk of these technologies for our the state and hopefully put a perspective that will make it successful so everybody solutions that really should be considered when we sidered of course if there was more capital put towards companies small and large or trying to make widen at least a success that would be great and that’s that’s something that’s still alone that’s still a big challenge for us as a for-profit corporations some of the other exciting things happening in the field is the window Joe mentioned widening the test bed for renewable energy for the fuels what’s happening is that people have come the awareness military and the utilities that we have all year round farm in here so we can produce our biofuels all year round or just you we’re trying to we have some of our algae growing in Iowa but they really can’t do anything in the winter with our elderly unless it’s super energy intensive but here there’s no reason we can’t do it so using it to all

your ground agriculture is huge for biofuels here and then also just the fact that we’re so vulnerable we only have like two weeks supplies when I got all the good fuels here and what are we going to do and so our vulnerability can be addressed by this renewable put forth by the state there’s some of the very specific things that I’ll tell about biofuel I think you’ll have to push questions on that sought to stop their turn okay very good how you thanks very much so do what I want to say thanks very much again for filling in you’re a man of many talents but one of the ones that I want to try and hit on that it is interesting to me and i think is is really i’ve been coming here and hawaii is the Micro wind market and I know that there are very few people that have experience in that and you do so I was hoping you might be able to give us a general state of the state as it as it is a micro wind we’re all familiar with the big wind projects that we see in Maui and the Big Island but what we’re seeing now is an emergence of that on a smaller scale with business or residential and that’s just starting to happen here in Hawaii and we’ve got one of the experts here to talk about satellite thank you well yes I love to talk about wings of love you to think I have too much of it times but it’s just one of our greatest natural resources here in Hawaii but before I get into that I actually you know sitting here and not really knowing who you folks are something okay room i speakee join a urologist and high technology and i’m trying to quell how to best make this presentation and then I realized no more importantly you’re all the product homeowners quite frankly so get started this I really want to kinda take back some basics because I want to give you some lessons learned that will build up to why we want to use Wayne and how we can use it but but there’s a couple basics that you can cover first I people overlook first off I usually might have a presentation asked the basic question what is our cheapest cleanest greenest energy source we do all the different energies out there anybody want to venture a guess I’ll jump to the conclusion is the energy we don’t use but frankly it is the cheapest it is so overlooked as ridiculous now what’s interesting about this is everybody can do it seven days a week 24 hours a day or night with the wind blowing or the sunshine with the waters flowing it’s everywhere just in our ability to recognize this ways to do something about it it’s quite frankly one of the more interesting things that the polite clean energy initiative has to come to recognize a lot of people here that the white energy goal of seven percent you later it really is forty percent renewable energy sources and third percent energy conservation okay now energy conservation actually has a couple different terms that I want to make sure you’re clear on what is energy efficiency you want to imitate conservation actually two different things and in our company we have between basic strategies energy efficiency and conservation Daniel renewable energy and the strategy is really important to help solve the state’s problem but going back to the issue of energy efficiency energy conservation energy efficiency is really how we do things more efficiently might be like the recent program where you have is cash for clunker for refrigerators with all been hearing about greatly successful take your old refrigerator out bringing a new one you tap in easily compared to most refrigerators are out there we have refrigeration use a tenth of the energy at the standard that’s how good they are so anything you can do to make your equipment need more efficiently less energy is a really good way to go because that’s the technology that’s here anybody can do it there’s no firm eating very little permitting we don’t have these big challenges about that being the grid all that the other one though it really doesn’t get fully understand appreciate these energy conservation that’s really what we mean by smart use you know the Conway part of paid turning off the lights you’re making buying decisions you’re recognizing where this waste is taking place in your home and it’s huge it’s amazing i do energy audits and i can walk into someone’s home and walk through and you find all kinds of ways to save energy love it’s a simple things that maybe to do how they run their home and how they live their lives we literally see homes next door to each other same number peoples st. homes and one of whom is using four times the energy of the other one okay really important understand that so once we’ve done those things then we can start looking at the new energy options okay and Mars has covered some of the solar industry issues you know obviously in my

profession photovoltaics and solar water heating our huge parts of our industry they really play a lot of people here in the state and have tremendous opportunity to grow most people don’t realize it 21 home and for as a solar water hang on so we have a tremendous opportunity I would hope all you have one that’s one of the first things you can do to really reduce the energy requirements which takes a lot of pressure off the grid as we move forward all these different types of new energy sources I’m telling the witness appears one of the things that’s just really can I didn’t go in here in the state is these micro wind systems now it’s interesting because we have these great trade winds here they’re here all the time and you know everyone likes people geez can we tap those things and we can the put things in perspective luck and don’t realize that green energy worldwide is the fastest growing energy source of the world it’s just fantastic it competes with fossil fuel based systems on the name and around the world in terms of costless really exciting but it’s very difficult to get these large wind farms put it there’s questions to whether they will ever be approved you know it’s very difficult so what can we do it in our home level or business levels so first you’re like kind of define what we mean by small wind and and microwave it’s like one RK w or smaller but most people on their homes don’t need that sort of size systems typically we’re looking at 1000 to 15000 block size systems now it’s very difficult though your hawaii to get these permitted our company’s a little Roger the only companies really been able to two systems permitted on on yahoo so it’s not a great track record it’s that’s the same this point now there are few illegal systems up around the sea island and they just put them at least been able to do so in love how you complaints but the permitting process is very challenging before I get back on that dough there’s two types of categories that you should be aware of any looking at what is called vertical axis wind generators the others horizontal axis wind generators don’t have their advantages disadvantages that the horizontal win axis generators have been around the longest and have the most prevalent use that break success record but they’re very dependent on having weekly win so that means you have high towers so ideally take advantage of the other type of wind generating systems that were seeing now our vertical axis where you spin this way and what’s nice about them is they’re less affected by turbulence luke air movement around all that they’re very quiet that’s one of the great things for residential area sauce in the sea and if you kind of work at lower elevations and still get a significant output so anyway going back to the permitting process you should be aware there’s two main issues which one is right now residential units you can only put up to 1km of open with wind generator and so that really limits the value of what we can do your home the other limitation is hype the current rules basically say you can’t have a whim system that sits higher than the distance from that location to your neighbor’s property yeah I giving it if it was to ever fall over it can’t fall on your neighbor’s property so this greatly reduces our ability to put these systems in and the number one thing with wind generators previous problem watch the three biggest problems we run into with wind generators are number three the tower is not high up to the towers not high enough one without highness there’s no substituting the fact that the higher you get up the more power is up there morning to you to produce and so there’s a real incentive if you’re going to go to all this training process and build a tower Malthus systems and interconnected be higher so that’s initially needs to be addressed fortunately just heard yesterday that the City Council is proposing a 15-day w limit for residential systems so hopefully if any help connections are interested in this issue will help you sue our desire to allow larger systems because we really need to do that cuz one k-dub is too severe e small system and we need to move those directions okay do I if somebody wanted to go take a look and see what these look like from the street where is it possible to give them where the locations are the two residential winds that are installed yes well at least one one of the best places go look at is right down back near McCauley in the freeway whatever you want to notice there’s both horizontal

and accents and a vertical winter when getting ready there to encourage you to go hide there what’s the side street wild thing well during McCauley and you’ll just be amazed at how quiet that vertical axis is generator is our other systems up on Tantalus and so its up on a roof of a home it’s just kind of hard to see and they got great winged out there so you know looking at the wave resources by the way one of one of the key things keep in mind here’s even though we have these great toy train man’s our best resource locations any of you live in on any of the ridge lines or develop a lot of our housing anyway so if you’re on the leading edge on the northeast side cutting pretty good wind side if you’re down in the valley just so so just so you have an idea the other place you can go look at some wind generators is out and I’m lagoon drive out they were at the airport one of the buildings out there as a few wind generators on it but unfortunately just don’t have much to see good are few on the other islands I just came from Maui you get off on some the rural areas and they’re a very viable you know source will wink source for anything so they’re really good okay I’m going to cut you off your do I if you don’t mind cuz I want to ask a couple more questions here before we go to questions from the audience I want to throw it back to each of you and how do we can start with you can you talk a little bit about the specific technology that your company is doing and talk about why it’s different than the competitors what your competitive advantages and how you went about approaching that technology and ricci its application in the industry thank you pressing coonley andrew systems were a LG company but we’re not an energy company where’s let’s see bhauji company trying to see the industry with our elite algae strange which are suited either for biofuels but also for animal feed and for nutritional oils and combined with healthy teams something to go into our diets are animal diets and also as a source to replace fossil fuels that are used for raw chemicals so for example the table top resins for your plot near plastic packaging you can use algae to generate bio plastics for example so our company as a seat company it provides the genetic solutions the technology and online vertical markets specifically in the context of fuel help has I have an amusing algae farm Jim commercial okay there’s a couple of them but they’re not reduce our fuel they’re producing high value on council the only way we’re going to get out in Barmes fuels if you have a seed company like ours who could sell see cheap enough survive algae cheap enough reliably stuff that’s not going to mutate or replace your funds when they do to start mutating he needed a company like us to promote this new type of crop for agriculture it’s a basic model ahead that you have seen companies that i’ll sell you the corn see on the soybean see that’s what we’re all about selling the good genetics to allow a new crop to take place in the next four or five years so support it is agricultural Enterprise as what makes us different from natural biomass producers besides the the year-round growing Psychlo than any other aspects of Hawaii that make it a great test bed for your for your product yeah you know what just came out the newspaper about the Cardinals probably post yourselves on Thursday’s paper and business section is called money section now he goes our electric utility requested whatever request for proposals for biomass fuels I have a few of based on biomass this is huge I think we’re the only state with utility is insisting on having this renewable portfolio powering their electrical generation using existing technology epic utility another building new it just want to replace the fossil fuel or important convoy locally grown biofuels this is fabio gonna guarantee the farmers price for ten years and if you have a price for ten years now you can start getting and now you can raise that capital as you know your name is revenue for attending period five year period like the military Aliyev’s isn’t quite enough to raise this kind of project finance to build up those companies so that’s huge second thing that’s really huge you need for Hawaii as well biofuels things it’s going to be we hope they’re going to select various islands we can do tripped oh fun big island of algae on Oahu we can do waste wood chips on the day i will do we can do sugarcane junction on maui I mean these are all different proposals or ten proposals I wanted to go and hopefully they’ll select these for

distributed energy so in this case what would fuels can all be transporting that if you don’t have to and also employment across the islands and then also the other thing is it’s not the emerging attic and if we can do that on all I fabulous so those are two things that are right now that’s great that’s great but mark what kind of new technology are we looking at in solar and is there anything in particular that’s unique to Hawaii in our market well the I touched on this a little bit before that the two things one but two things that are kind of different is dis or that are coming just one on this new photovoltaic materials and I think that stuff is happening like they say he loves that kind of context and kept this thing to us that you get a lot of chronic conservatism out of the financing side in our industry with respect to the generating materials themselves because these tend to be you know end up in 20 or 25 year contracts and so you can have the latest greatest thing that is producing at a higher efficiency for two years but there’s no guarantee that it’s going to keep doing that for for 20 years or 25 years and so as a result you kind of keep going back to the standard of crystalline photo tags and so I don’t think those things to really supplant the right now for quite a while but there is clearly a nation going on in that area the idea would be to do it a lot cheaper or to get to higher efficiencies that we get to the commercial on politics the other thing it did pledge on is the storage side you know this isn’t necessarily driven by our industry alone the car industry an electric vehicle industry is spending tons my batteries were independent from that I think both the solution will be for storage but their soul so so much money invested in this that’s going to end up benefiting us excellent excellent do I i I’d like to talk about or like you to talk about if there’s any new technology and win but I also want to open it up for you to talk about other issues that because your knowledge is so broad are there any other technologies that you see on the horizon that we’re looking at today or in the next two or three years particular Hawaii that that a unique in those areas well yes I mean actually before bring that up I just wanted to kind of give marks comments about the personal panels you know business is an interesting issue joining us all time from our customers say what’s the new technology coming in i did my first pv system in 1980 and it’s still working normal crystal panel so there’s likely said they’re going with a proven technology we’re all excited about new technologies but the reliability i don’t think there’s a product out there that last as long as well so let’s consider the high-tech device it has that so just wanted to have that in in terms of new technologies I’m not sure to use this as a lead into one of the other stuff which is water and actually this is really probably more exciting areas and technology innovation that that really does reply directly to energy rush a pattern is called water it’s the water energy Nexus how the two things work together like you don’t realize that at least ten percent are in pain and the state probably goes to some kind of water-related you okay and water is a very heavy product we have to pump it around and filter it and push it up the hills and heat it cool it do all these things with it so anything that would improve on water technology is going to help us on the energy side just another little league for youth new era about any kilowatt hour is produced on a lot with is produced by renewable energy takes about the half a gallon per kilowatt hour silver to what are you saying about half a gallon on the other hand is true and I energy going into this one so he can save water you save energy if that it and probably the most exciting technology that’s out in the way of water conservation the shower the 1.5 gallon shower you can literally double your solar output from your solar water heater you can dramatically reduce your water use and it’s saving water and energy all the way down very very exciting technology give it a try that most people are very personally attached to their shower I have we say you take your shower heads with definitely go on vacation it’s true why I offer several titles amazing but i have yet had that Custer not who must

have tried to these high efficient 1.5 gallons relative give the try they refuse option 81 zobelle kinds a legitimate right kind of neat technology the other technology that your laps with water is the front loading washing machine literally probably wash machines use half the amount of water at the mountain and early afternoon of detergents for your future clothes letter and the other cool thing it does it spins faster so when you go to drop your clothes it takes less time so you’re saving energy they’re great technology and more and more options out there all the time on that one could go on and on about water my favorite subjects how I got into the enemy another question okay great thanks very much we are running at a time and I want to make sure that we have time for questions okay good we have some questions from the audience for our panelists number one go ahead why mark and I take them how do you may want to get cracked up its 12 but uh I don’t I haven’t seen any study that tried to answer that question you know in an absolute sense like you’re talking about but I think the answer is it can be under percent if we want to spend enough money there’s no technological limitation you doing that would probably force us to let’s say important tools to fuel the existing generators baseload generators from utility which you know is your typical nature cutting down trees for somewhere so it’s not necessarily the case that we want to do that right away but that’s one of the things needs to be balanced alternatively if you just say let’s do this thing all through internet renewables ever since spend a lot of money on storage and we’ll figure that thing out as we go along so I think the issue isn’t could we do it but it’s like there’s all of these existing state oh there’s a bunch of constraints some of which you know are kind of finding in some of which are people think and the thing that’s missing if we really want to be this idea that there’s a sense of urgency like that mean happen so if for some reason we could figure out that we had to who would do rupted I don’t think but we’re definitely not very policy dating site and so as a result it’s going to kind of trickle along they wind up in forty percent or something ten years hi dee dee dee I’m something to add oh yeah I guess the divisions was at seventy percent by 20 years 20 so that’s the goal now fuels you can make some decisions of the economic plan may fall asleep I’ll feel something especially for powering the utilities so then you can’t people talk about like I biodiesel car but i’m going to go electric because i know your efficiency solar vision seems much better than photosynthetic efficiency if I prop up transportation healdsburg my vehicle so we got to push electric vehicles as a major part of that solution what mention us biofuels guy should be competing at petrina we should be focused on things that batteries can’t do Motors can’t do like jet fuel or review that’s where the biofuels really need to go when we actually have a real need that can’t be some way other technologies right now or 10 years from them so this kind of getting that synergy amongst the players how do you do that policies I’ll Drive that and then are willing to get there I think we could do it down the name is goal was fifty percent renewables in 10 years from now and they’re going to do it because you know they didn’t perform so there’s no reason we can go to make Rogers mission of energy supported seventy percent by 2030 we can do it we smart talk to a general power and get the capital just one more quick kappa yeah providing the energy for state wise we need to challenge you but each one of you your own home stand become a zero energy home just by pursuing you know we do this on a regular basis every week I mean essence you know homes are crazy all there in turning out the tie the grid and sort of sharing that energy so they’re not completely independent but it does demonstrate that if you can do it in your home we can do it at a larger scale and your neighbors are doing it on regular basis they’re keeping pretty

people its employment around there and it’s not that difficult under ball with national organizations and everybody is excited about the zero energy home is your energy building but on the mainland such a tremendous effort to try to get there but since we don’t really have to eat our home you don’t have to necessarily cool our homes with air conditioned by the way making your home 0 anything home pretty snowing re-entry is very doable and with the taxi the settings that are available or if you’re paying income taxes it really makes great sense so if we do to our home that really then means it’s much easier for us to it the buildings and statewide and ever so start with your home first thanks joy next question in the back yellow anybody have experience with batteries or some of the different technologies of the new lead acid and with the mine stuff and the Tesla accounts thanks esli you know I worked with the some of the new technologies and pain and battery storage but there are a lot of different competing technologies out there and there are being deployed when the more exciting Roger what they call flow batteries you know the problem of love our Greek type lead acid batteries they deteriorate and assault painting all that so there’s a lot of things going on in that area so I’d like him same thing that would be with a much he’s too good right now but i would like to reaffirm that basically a home energy storage and energy storage systems you know the lead acid battery is still key it’s a great technology I mean a lot of my customers that’s what they live line and they work really well they’re inexpensive and they have the highest recycling rate of any technology in the 96 95 Sam recycle rate so they’re very good they do last a long time so but you’re did is mark point out if we can develop other energy storage devices by the best one is pumped hydro storage body cheapest proven technology and used many places of the world and we can we could do it here we just have to find the right place the reservoirs feel great one more foot we have a clamor I think or cut off gravity one time okay we don’t you want to run into the next session I just want to say thank you very very much to our panelists for taking the time speakers today you