because the scrawls welcome back everybody to islands just sit back relax and enjoy if you do enjoy smash the like button leave some nice feedback in the comments section today everybody it is time to start the ship and I’m saying start because this is gonna be there’s gonna be a building grind but we’re gonna see how much we can progress in this episode at least why we lagging about I just don’t know so we’re gonna make the big ship at a dead grind a few logs not that plenty however let me see here where are abouts are they and then well definitely not here there we go we have 176 to be precise let’s just grab how much was neat I think was 84 the ship right let just grab as much as we can let me go see your ship ship ship ship ship ship ship the lordship so basically we got everything we need for besides the planes but playing should not be a big issue because we will have them from Z logs hopefully let me just get a few of them okay dad it’s not to plagues God dang it it there let’s get 10 extra and well I guess we can craft it now so I’m gonna poop it down a Kerala’s please use the staircase and okay I’m gonna be using the staircase there we go there we go we should be dressing for the occasion as well like a pirate or something we might do that but no time to waste let me just see here I’m gonna just dive in by the way to Sky sharks are gone today I don’t know what happened but they’re gone it’s amazing I guess I’m not sure how deep is gonna go and I don’t want to place it too far away because it’s gonna be just me going back and forth swimming and they’re just gonna suck light a bit but they just place it out here crafting the excitement is killing me how big is this guy ghosts attract okay ship come pray a come come comparisons compare it it doesn’t matter you know what I mean right yeah it’s kind of like it’s not double size but it’s definitely it’s big okay about here no regrets it is built everybody you can still cancel operation or eat and man we could have placed it further back hey can I can I do canceled use the ladder yes please can I punch it oh no it’s definitely not a punch Finny oh no okay so once you build it you can’t cancel this operation I guess anchor in yes I guess stashing their invisible bottoms on now and now ladies and gentlemen what did we do like the easiest way would be just to slap down some sails the helm and we’re done we can be sailing right but I kinda want to make it nice so what I’m gonna do first of all let me just see here let’s check what are they called the panels are thing I believe right let me see your panels why you know craft wooden beams alright beams let’s get a few of those I can’t just want to see how far we can extend from that from the ship itself panel you know what a dad is quite the distance backwards okay get some Lawson let’s see if we can even extend it even further out okay the keisha is out of vehicle bounds which means this is this is like four tiles or I mean eight eight has in total which is not bad why did I do that I want to kind of like swim no I know no professional about it so we can extend that backwards going by aids and how do we do this can I just take this out like this how far should we extend that maybe just one more tile hello and bring that down like this okay this is gonna be this is gonna be this is this is gonna be salty just by the way and then having those guys like dad let’s see here we have three four and then do let’s see here let’s rotate that and don’t do ad-free on this side like we might expand on that later on but I do have a rough idea what I want to have here in the back like I want to have a window of some type and I’m gonna see if we can make it so the window would be coming get that goes out quite nicely to be honest I kind of like that shape so let’s say we would have a window like this we’re gonna have those wooden blocks and having a window here which is like pouring with maybe into in Heights just we can sit here and look out that’s gonna be a thing I just don’t know we will definitely see all right but this is what I mean it’s gonna be such a pain in the butts just can I can I make this happen but I’m gonna do my best right so just just just just just stick with stick with me here I’m trying to build and talk at the same time and

that’s not a treat or a trade which I’m really famous for well maybe I am because I’ve been doing it for a few years but it is not easy all right I kind of like that and then we can build that up like for example like let’s say we would have the wooden winter here right so we would add this on this side that on this side and this on that side and then do we have those beams I do have a few beams can I just place that in the middle is that gonna be symmetrical yesterdays how does that look from the back well it’s kind of hard to tell I something it’s something and then just to take out a little organic shape but maybe I don’t get a shape we could do what you think about that that might actually work quite decent and bring it out even more maybe how is that looking from the back I mean there’s gonna be like at like the mission impossible because because I can’t really see it I don’t know how we’re gonna see it but we will one day one day one day one day get that in position one here get that and hours and hours and hours to end poopin one here and one here transformation to the ship pretty much so like it’s just a matter of getting a shape like beginning if we just managed to get a shape correctly we should be just great and we could there was an eight tireless ride which means we have plenty more to extend that goes like dad and there may be here we can take it upwards somehow huh because we’re gonna have like two decks this is kind of like one deck and then we’re gonna have one more deck below or I being above I cannot wish I’m not really sure why they didn’t do that like why is this whole not like Hollow why can’t you just cuz I mean that would be such a great storage space because I mean look at the size of this guy but now everything needs to be on top of it which is a little bit of a shame like everything Isis like those kind of sucks but but it would be kind of the thing if we could make that that hull follow a thing the easier way over here would be to place solid blocks and then from those solid blocks can i connect stuff to it because now it’s it’s getting to the point where it’s gonna be a lot of like work just getting stuff in but do we do this for the beauty of the game I think we pretty much do let’s see here from the back oh now we can see because the Sun is just hitting it however maybe just having two on this so dad goes up by free that goes up a two and the next layer maybe even like one maybe is what we’ll see all right let me just get this game position as well like I know Jay is that but okay Jays does that perfect on it get that Jade up G it up there we go okay jump into the water how does that look I I like it I think I like it I like the shape and – and get them over mouse this one this way like this and then let’s see this is gonna be the final one because I think we are almost at the end of our limit I think this might be like the end of this block is maybe seven or even eight and then we can do do you have any panels omega2 everything about this is getting this symmetrical and I’m just looking at it and so far so good I think we’re gonna add more yeah this is this is not gonna work out on camera I just feel it it’s just too much of a concentration moments but that’s gonna go out too far away now isn’t it like it looks pretty decent here on on there on the ledge but that’s gonna go out and look really misplaced an awkward maybe just what ad one on that can maybe less you let it go rotate that guy and okay kick it gdug gdug and pop it in place there we go and then just one time like here looks nice and one on this one it’s it’s something I guess also let me just see here how do we do how do we want to do this like don’t get in here you know we should do really just make a platform just down below it’s like I can do this but I think that we don’t want I’m just here did it come in like bendy shapes as well there’s this one over here what does that do that looks a little bit like this right so let’s just how many can I craft with this one okay let’s just make

ten of those and let’s make a little bit more of those small gasp and let’s see here see if I would take this over here cannot have this around the window somehow in a world where one man is trying to build a ship so I just did a thing I took the window up by one tile you know why now we can have a flowerpot so if we make an I’m just kidding well actually we could now we can’t have a flower pose with beautiful flowers back there but one thing which was killing on this side is that we couldn’t really see out because you can’t crouch in the window it was down here and we can only see out now it is perfect I hide however one thing is that a thing that we need to bring it out even more like that mainly because like if I out place beams going alongside dad ledge the hull is gonna be outside and it’s gonna look a little bit terrible so we need to get the let me see here can I just G it up and here’s it zip zip zip and like this that’s gonna be perfect okay this looks a little bit nuts all right um you know I’m working on this slowly and painfully but it is definitely a lot of sheets and I think I like it like just imagine like those old old like pirate ships they had like tons of shaves in the back so this is definitely okay we need a one more time just here can I just flip that and rotate no let me see your zip zip and bam okay is that symmetrical like if you build something similar make sure you just place block on one side that block on the other side just to make it look symmetrical because it’s destroying something this game is no pretty I think I like it okay I’m dying well go figure I’m swimming here is Milo’s skirts let’s just go here and check it out and the cool thing is like we if we bump into the boat we can actually push it because that’s how it operates I guess it’s not bad it’s not bad looking sea urchin man I really like it so far it’s gonna be a pain to figure out how to have them inside like as you can see like on the wall here it’s a little bit messed up because of the shape would be using outside but I think we can cover up nicely and make it the ship we want to have then we need a staircase going up and then we need another staircase going up where the helm is gonna be just figure out like we need this you’re not gonna be bigger right if you ain’t gonna have that extent at least hereabouts maybe the low light cabin he’s kinda hard to see but we’re gonna have one more little thing up here and I guess this one up here just because if we used that’s one two three panels right we can just take up the walls here we don’t have like different shapes on this we can just take it up and make it happen so just to bring you guys in a little bit I’m trying to figure out upstairs like first I was afraid I was petrified no first I kind of felt like let’s have a balcony here on the back like with a railing but then I cannot fall it might be a little bit unnecessary because just above us there’s gonna be a real linking all the way around its gonna be like railing on railing and I’ve rather have a window up here but I’m not sure how big to have it like if we should do the same size as down here below like just just one in height this is a pain I can also kind of implemented some logs here on the sides you can’t really see it from this angle and have a bed down here now I’d also I’m gonna mented some logs here just to give it some variation I hopefully can paint it cuz let’s call it let’s call this ship the black I did fell down again let’s call the black Earl not the Black Pearl just a black girl and then we could just I can’t want to paint black I see a red door and and painted black epic song by the way I can’t sing it but it’s an epic song anyhow if ya bits and pieces figuring out a thing gonna have a double window here however let me see can I just do this I think they change something in his rotation position like it wasn’t not that this is bad before I don’t know what has happened with it but it is it’s kind of like in there I don’t know what they did but they definitely change something the rotation mechanism yeah I hope we can paint it because this is kind of look so terrible well maybe not terrible but not as Purdy can we just continue that by the way maybe we can let me just hear if I would just jump here what is needed that is gonna be one of those logs and one of those or even maybe maybe make it a little bit like different just to kind of break it off a little bit like this and don’t like now cuz I don’t want to

die not at least the sky sharks are gone they’re like we see you but those guys are gone in the skies so that makes me kinda happy that we cannot get rid of them because like stuff like this might kills me a little bit unless I’m like just see flying sharks they should not be up there I should be up here but I can’t what is going on yeah there we go perfect what was I doing I was pressing one of those here let’s see if we can still manage that before the Sun disappears there we go and I’m gonna bring it up again and just make it look nice like it’s it’s so much fun building this game like I love building with Legos and this is as close as I can get I guess in in a game that is but Walter like should actually like Lego game is well but but you know what I mean right this is just like adding all those bits and pieces it takes time why can I jump up on that side ready to make a little ladder going up I guess it’s it’s something everybody alright it’s it’s kind of like it’s a building process which is teachers it’s so much fun but it just takes time yeah that shape is kind of nice he’s gonna look a little bit strange but nice all right I’m gonna bring you back as soon as more progress is down on at the bottom not bad I guess you know what one thing I didn’t think about was the disks cuz they could be diggin they can be added to the ship mainly because of the texture they give that is not that bad actually like now I’m hiding it away with the beam again but it’s not oh can I add those here but we keep a sheep is the shape there’s a lot of shapes all right so I need a progress report and a thing I’m starting to love it like it’s gonna be tweaked right but having that little shape going all the way down here to dick that’s gonna give this a nice flow and I’m just gonna turn it around here around the whole bowl hands down I’m starting to really love it however my face is hurting so much I can’t take it anymore it’s been a it’s been a lot of a lot of blocks placed all over the place the back here is gonna be tweet a little bit I still don’t like those little pieces just here and sharks what you guys think this infestation we do kill them off but let’s just try one thing all right let me just show you here on board is this ship oh so first I was afraid no first I was thinking like going really it’s around like the ratings ratings but maybe we just go with the disks as I get a little full railing we do have a law staircase this is not complete that’s gonna be a loss turkeys going up to that to the top elevation as well so small room little captain’s quarters I guess and here we can maybe a vast storage of some type I don’t know it’s gonna be very decent size down here so we will see everybody we will see but one thing which I wanted you is this the mast cuz I can’t really progress until we get the mast up and Ronnie and we need the rope can we craft we should build a craft rope can we craft rope 25 rope let’s just get as much rope as we can 25 rope is completed now masked I really seek us there’s two possibilities we can build the small one or the big one that is massive like I already have one if I would do this how big is that so what I was thinking I was thinking having one guy over here like that on this elevation and then having the bigger masts one big mass in the middle and one small in the front but I just don’t know that might look really silly like it’s not expensive if we just change our minds right but can I break this yeah okay let’s just break this for a moment let’s just get those massive logs up Mirani massive log and we needed three more one two and three and the mast large messed with sail guys I think I put a love this much more it’s a little bit hard to see what the difference is oh it’s colors but how do we know how do we know which one is which and how the crap am I supposed to see this Oh obstacles careless I guess we do have the white ones I wanna had the black ones the black flags are the black sails because I want to paint the building later stage but I’m not sure is there a black one that’s the white beige oh you know what before we do that helm crafting trellis helm helm helm can I do the helm I can for a temp solution okay this is really cheap to make so let’s just put it honestly I

can have it down here but maybe up here the thing is gonna kill me a little bit is that it’s not really centered like it’s just free tiles I think yeah it is just free tiles so just put it down here for the moment and now the mast with sail mast mast mast a large mast okay there we go and tttttt nope nope nope nope that is definitely not the one I wanted please can I remove this still oh yes I can so how the crap do we know which one is which large master with sale uh-huh uh-huh like a country check it out before I place it right it looks a little bit black there’s no pirate logo nada can I climb this guy I don’t think I can all right so we do have one which is which is quite quite a dark side and the question is if we should have two big masts it’s gonna look terrible having two big masts mainly hi shark mainly because I want to have their middle mast as the highest point and if I place the big one over here it’s not really gonna work out what sort of for us so we need to get a mast it’s kinda dark I guess I mean this is gonna work so having a small must here I know people want to have like billions of masts all over the place but I’m like I don’t think it’s gonna look good the only thing I can think about is having hmm okay let me you know what let me see here if I would demolish this guy place the big mess down there instead okay that is gone large master with sail okay that works that works so dad’s gonna be one of those guys right can I still go by here I can’t man I can’t go maybe I guess I can’t go by here now without a problem right yes because I’m not gonna bang my head on any face we can get by this just just fine should let me put it to one tile in Birds and is that the dark one that is the question indeed it is so I guess what we’re gonna do with the middle mask we’re just gonna rise it up a little bit on on some type of structure and then have a small one in the front cuz I really want to have the middle mast as the highest point we could even have one more mast in the back I think we can always redo the move dance can I like take the case like we don’t really like him whatsoever but her fingers might work and how big how big is the base on this guy let me just see here the base on this guy is about a free on five right three and a five is amazing alright so this is a moment of truth I think we’ve got everything for sales like I’m sure we might tweak some because I’m not sure I like this little extract like obviously we’re gonna we’re gonna purify it later on but I’m not sure I like the idea of having it like this lemme just see here gonna have this masked let me just flip it and let’s see no don’t tell me I can’t place it higher you gotta be kidding me no that means like two on the same elevation that’s gonna okay maybe locations our vehicle bounds so basically we can’t we need to put it down here all right dad sad because I mean that would look so amazing having that on a different elevation oh crap ball is sinking man is such a sad day alright so same elevation it is I guess there’s nothing I can do about it like I can’t I come tweak it but let me just see how it would look with the little small mast this guy over here however he can be placed on different elevations and whatnot right this guy is no problemo pretty sure if this is like nice looking cuz I mean this is a little bit too high I guess I guess the windows the wind blows through the windows and well he’s gonna be connect all stuff later on I guess but man such a sad day it’s a right looking but if that middle mast was higher up a little bit that would make a big difference but it is what it is everybody my face come take it anymore today I think I’m just gonna call it quits for today and then we’re gonna continue this in the next one mind out however be tomorrow because tomorrow I promised my son to take him out to the movies and I won’t be home because after dad we have a playdate basically and I promise to you your son is a promise so over so you have the sharks they’re killing me

not sure what to do with them and the cannons obviously as well alongside here just maybe like two three four maybe on each side tops because don’t really need more than that I guess I’m all by myself everybody thank you so so much for watching I think this is gonna be removed and tweaked by the way they eat let’s do it at it this is in position right yes pretty much it is and that is in position that might also be tweaked thank you so so much for watching once again hopefully you guys got some inspiration hopefully you guys enjoyed and hopefully this looks decent like it’s not done so it’s really hard to kind of like yeah this is how it’s gonna be but I do like the shape back is gonna be tweeting a little bit we’re gonna add some more detail in this region I think and then the railing with the cannons and everything’s gonna be just amazing just imagine the black when it’s painted later on it’s gonna be top-notch thank you so much I’m Kerala’s over and out bye bye