hello hello leo hello good to meet here on could weekend’s yes yes stuff will be what 8 o’clock 8 o’clock in China is that what time is it there is 8 p.m. or where yeah if a 8 o’clock that’s good that’s great and great well Leo it’s good to see you and hopefully others may join us but we’ll see everyone’s schedule is open we are trying we’re just testing out the Saturday class at the moment to see how we do and yeah do you think a lot of students tend to study at weekends is that your observation you know do people you know and weekends is that the time have some entertainment maybe I just got a wonder though like I think sometimes some I remember I used to teach children on Saturday afternoon when I was in Taiwan and yeah there was very very busy you know that tends to be the the day when well those are more for children I think that’s but maybe people have more activities but it’s it’s good though you know it’s good good chance to catch up so we’re just trying it out at the moment live to see how we do it’s a good one today I think it will be interesting to explore a little bit about the traditions of thought maybe it might be more interesting to share a little bit about my country a little bit about the the very interesting today have you ever seen the movie Shrek I’m just gonna throw this out at you this the movie Shrek just bring this up you’ll recognize the character Shrek it’s a it’s a great ball Gert what’s happening here just check my screen is in this search page it’s a movie of Shrek yes our cattle moving yeah yeah I I didn’t what it I yeah I know what this guy well I mean this is an example of what we call Shrek in the nights I see the the in shining shining armor knight in shining armor it’s a phrase that’s often has been used it’s this is a fairy tale story and knight in shining armor they they they depict knight in shining armor Shrek anyway so basically what it is Shrek wants to protect his swamp that’s all he cares about but in order to do so he rescues Fiona who wants to be a princess so she’s looking for a handsome man but shrek is just an ugly old girl but he’s not interested in her you know guys most all the men all that Knights are all eager to become you know to save her to be a hero he’s not interested in that all he cares about is saving his swamp which is a an area of land just wet land where he lives but then she she she sort of once wants him to be the knight in shining armor anyway the idea is that some some night you know a hero kind of thing you get this sort of this is a very common thing in children’s fairy tale stories and st George is that sort of figure that that character and we’re going to just explore a little bit about him and the reason being is it ties in with the the England flag now as you can see there is a number of flags here now I’m a little

bit confused about the first one I I’m not quite understanding this myself be honest with you so but there’s different flags of the UK hello Chloe could see you welcome welcome leo so here as well we’re looking into st. George st. George’s Day is the kind of like our national day in the UK okay now so in the UK its England’s national day we have northern islands which is a kind of political thing but basically they they like to celebrate it I can’t afford it be a cross but anyway that’s that’s their national flag which I didn’t know I thought it was a square anyway Scotland is the the cross blue now they also the st. Andrews is their st. st their that’s their patron saint represents Scotland they celebrated on 30th of November we’ve got first of March st. David’s Day for Wales and then northern Northern Ireland 17th of March and then 23rd of April is st. st George’s Day I’ll have a look at the others maybe in the future why so important well it this is the origin of the English flag okay so it gets an idea of why we have the red flag red red red cross it’s also pretty enough it’s it’s part of a lot of people’s traditions over here it’s not celebrated that well okay to be honest with you this is the embarrassing thing is that it’s not well known in our country about a quarter of the population don’t know when it is so it’s kind of embarrassing really but why why so why is it like that well he’s I was just asking me Oh Chloe I was just asking me about Shrek have you ever heard of the character Shrek the movie Shrek have you ever seen the movie Shrek let me just show you a picture of it Shrek some reason I’m I Google or my Bing has gone right okay green green stretch the knights knights in shining armor have you heard of Knight knight in shining armor clear clear have you heard that term before so the knight in shining armor okay right so anyway shrek is is your is it comedy is it funny now this is the this is what you called that the knight the stereotype night okay so handsome man with with proper shining sort of that but they overdid it a bit so we go it’s a little bit into himself but anyway Shrek was this is a very common phrase and old called chivalry but knight in shining armor so would you like to guess what it means Chloe knight in shining armor okay it’s not what it is is that he is a hero he is the hero that’s that will save the day so he’s a hero and essentially saving and then helps freeze the the princess basically some many fairy tales fairy tales fairy tales children’s stories have you ever read a story about a knight who on a knight a sword and a shield on a horse and he saves the day is a you get a lot of the lot of movies are made like that Snow White no white maybe so yes there’s lots of knight in shining armor made from this

story and so the origin of this knight in shining armor some it’s chivalry just tell you what that is Perkins we’re gonna look at the video in a moment chivalry right chivalry I think is it’s a medieval Knightly system moral social code honor bravery bravery is that the way we do it in American spelling honor bravery yep bravery so brave brave person okay so anyway he basically the sport is he slays he kills the dragon slays okay kills kills the dragon right we go to I’m just gonna just show you why it’s quite where is it celebrated st. George I’m just show you something that may surprise you it surprises me actually he is celebrated not just in England but in Ethiopia Georgia Greece lithium lithium Lithuania Palestine Portugal Russia also patron saint so he celebrated in many many countries but question is why why would he be celebrated to represent that country so facts about st. George so would you like to read this little paragraph here sent st. George is a patron saint of England his emblem and a Red Cross on a white background is the flag of England and part of the British flag st. st George’s emblem was adopted by richard the lionheart and rose to england in the in the 12th century the king’s soldiers wore it on their tunic tunics to avoid confusion in bed hole right okay emblem emblem is how to be recognized there’s emblem so emblem if there’s something how we say symbolic objects a bunch of a nation sometimes like a mascot emblem and they will give you a to represent you are you are finish it hmm well yes on the certificates that could be a stamp on it I can probably we just sit and find something here yeah is a sort of a recognition Association yeah or some souvenir like Olympia games they may sound some souvenirs and on each of them it will have the emblem yeah I think so I think so that’s just look at some materials down I was gonna try to find some later I am how to say the children soldier in in the school mascot the mascots maybe musk the soldier or little

little soldier just not a mascot would you say or no little your oh okay yes you leader mascots like olympic games you have to then leave from the front but I’m just boy Scott Scotty please no eat in the front o SC o you t Oh No Oh scouts oh yes don’t go right you’re the skunk Scouts or Girl Scouts Girl Scouts Boy scoffs that’s right yes and when we when we get a new badge badge badge of honor maybe something that with an M and it have an emblem on it I was just trying to find some sort of like if I was to briefly show you something like an old certificate that I got from Cambridge previously but yeah they’ll have this sort of well some sort of badge but everyone has different needs anything really but but that’s but I would say that if it was something like my degree or my Master’s I would I would have had something like that this is my TSMC award but I’m thinking whether there might be something here I’m trying to think what it is never mind I can’t find it right now but it’s it’s it’s in there the yeah that represents a stamp a badge an emblem give an example of the emblem of England’s should be the rose and with the thought here we go emblem my Google has disappeared right yes emblems symbols of England’s right we have the Lions which is part of the lion hearts that’s actually the soldiers that came back from from Turkey and then these the different symbols the red rose that’s our national flower the oak tree is our national tree and the the cross of the the Red Cross which is she’s actually right so anyway the thing is the purest thing about st. George was that he was born in Turkey so it was him born in Eastern Europe but he was a Roman soldier at Christian parents but he protested against the persecution of Christians the persecution that’s his faith it was persecution was people being persecuted the persecution torture or hostility ill treatments so the ill-treats bill treatments of people so you know because call a pagan pagan was the the emperor the emperor was following a different path of faith

so we’re going to look into a little bit of a history of just a short brief overview sorry about this I’ve gone into detail st. George’s des années England’s national de st. George is popularly identified with England and English ideals of honour bravery and gallantry and his emblem a red cross on a white background is the flag of England and parts of the British flag st. George’s emblem was adopted by richard the lionheart and brought to england in the 12th century but actually he wasn’t English at all and very little is known about the man who became some George st George is believed to have been born in Cappadocia now eastern Turkey in the year 80 to 70 he was a Christian and at the age of 17 he joined the Roman army and soon became famous for his bravery when the Emperor Diocletian started persecuting Christians soon George pleaded with the Emperor to spare their lives however the Emperor Diocletian wouldn’t listen and soon George was executed near litter in Palestine on the 23rd of April 303 in 1222 the Council of Oxford declared April the 23rd to be sin George’s day and he replaced San Edmund the martyr as England’s patron saint in the 14th century in 1415 April the 23rd was made a national feast day Saint George is not only the patron saint of England but also of Aragon and Catalonia in Spain Ethiopia Georgia Greece Lithuania Palestine Portugal and Russia as well as some cities one of the best-known stories about st. George is his fight with a dragon but it’s unlikely that he ever fought a dragon or even visited England despite this st George is known throughout the world as a dragon slaying patron saint the legend was first told in the 12th century long after his death there are many versions of the legend of st George slaying the dragon but most agree on the following facts a town was terrorized by a dragon a young princess was offered to the dragon and George slayed the dragon and rescued the princess how will you be celebrating this in George’s day it’s a very good question how do we celebrate st. George’s Day yes yes I think so we do get we do get certain days where we may have festivals and there might be some events going on but do you know the problem is is that we don’t really have it as a holiday it’s kind of like you know say I’ve known about Christmas for you but I remember when I was in Taiwan and Christmas was a normal working day so and yet everything around us looked like Christmas so it’s kind of a little bit like on this day April 23 we have a lot of flags people will put their flags and maybe if they have any st. George’s flags they’ll probably put them up window or put them on the car but many people confused with is it’s people are more have you ever heard of William Shakespeare have you ever heard of William Wayne Coyne poet William yes very famous shape to be or not to be yeah sure shakez patient English ancient English yes ancient English William Shakespeare writes William Shakespeare you might have seen this Chloe as well I don’t know if you’ve ever done anything like this at school I was no good at William Shakespeare it was ooh academic for me I’m kind of he’s a poet and I don’t quite understand William Shakespeare to be honest with you it seems a bit too heavy for me to understand but people love it he was a playwright means he wrote plays and

there are various films and movies Henry Hamlet yes hum Hamlet’s actually let’s just have a look at this William Shakespeare movies have a list of movies rights there’s various William Shakespeare lists Shakespeare would you believe it he died on April 23 as well he was born on that day and he died on that day so he is very famous for English literature so it might tie in a little bit with st George as well but it’s not for sure there’s Hamlet’s summer different different ones anyway very very many different types of Shakespeare books Romeo and Juliet I think that’s the famous one yeah Romeo and Juliet yeah so this one Heathcliff who throughout thou Romeo and Juliet and there’s this I think that even depicted in movies as well so this is something that you may have heard of have you heard of this Chloe yeah I think they do this in advanced English over here in a level English I think they do that’s they look into some of his poetry but I don’t personally see it very practical because it what’s the point learning old English whenever you use it but anyway so us it’s a little bit about about it so this this is going to just shows a little bit about the the the why we’ve been why we have adopted its okay nice to see what this has to tell us hi everyone I’m st. your Tuesday is on the 23rd of April and this is a special day in England because st. George is a patron state of the country in this lesson you’re going to learn about the meaning of st. George’s Day st. George is represented on the flag of the United Kingdom what part of the flag comes from st. George we’ll show you the answer at the end of this video although st. George is the patron saint of England he is not English he was born in Turkey in the third century and was a Roman soldier he was a Christian serving under a pagan Emperor and was persecuted for his beliefs by being tortured and eventually beheaded Saint George is most famous for the legend of him slaying a dragon the legend states that he traveled to Libya to save a princess from being sacrificed to a dragon that was terrorizing a village this myth was attributed to st. George in a twelfth century so long after his death st George’s Day is not a big occasion in England it is not a public holiday and any events that are held are usually small community events such as fairs or parties you might see the cross of st George displayed more frequently but there are no big firework displays despite this the legends of st. George and the infamous dragon is well known throughout England I think that’s right she’s just going to go and explain a little bit about that the cross itself but I wanted to just very briefly come on to the reason why the royal family took on board the because before that the patron saint of England was st. Edmund he was the previous one and actually he this is another story about about who he was you know he was actually he was an Englishman so there’s a lot of debate going on in this country right now about whether he should be reinstated so we have some questions now if we do our flag may turn to a dragon which will be a little strange I think but yes the English flag might actually turn into a dragon but you notice that is in Wales don’t if you know that in Wales the Welsh flag which is the Wales to show what Wales is the country next to England

this is Wales and you noticed the flag is a is it is a dragon okay so same it’s the same it’s not the same what why did bear yeah why just change the background it’s the same dragon attacked Wales and yeah both these two areas yeah what it is is that st. George slayed the dragon and so he’s st. George good question they know that it was the emblem the emblem of the emblem of that this was this was with King Richard but then it goes into history with them taking that there basically he was the patron saints of both Wales and England’s the whales have remained with Prince Edmund but he then it became Prince no saint st. where we are now us that this one is Saints David’s st. Davids now it’s another story from the time for that but you’ll notice how the dragon has gone over to Wales so now they took they still want to keep him as the patron saint but now they’ve decided to find someone more related to the Welsh Association instead of English and so it’s all part of you’ve got understand that out we have a lot of history in our country and we are not quite a United Kingdom England Wales Scotland and Ireland are quite different in many ways of our identity so there’s quite a lot of differences even though we’re a very small island so you know you’re going to find this a little bit with with this so we’re just going to come on – you know what would make a good emblem for your country but let’s just look at this one this is about why we adopted him George hero of England this Saint is renowned across the world as the Christian warrior who slew the fearsome dragon and saved the princess he is the quintessential heroic Knight of whom all others are based by the 14th century this mighty Saint had been declared the patron and protector of the British royal family usually depicted as a warrior on horseback thrusting his spear into the belly of the beast the legends associated with this figure are truly breathtaking but who exactly was st. George and what was his story this is ancient origins and today we’ll be recounting the myth of st. George and the dragon subscribe for more fascinating historical videos like this one st George is the patron saint of England and gives the English flag the st George’s Cross it’s named for centuries he was a folk figure recognized across the world as a great warrior and martyr his image can be seen on coats of arms and icons throughout history very little is known about the life of st. George but it’s believed he born in the late third century AD in Cappadocia modern-day Turkey and served as a Tribune in the Roman army the legenda aria recounts Georgia’s alleged clash with the dragon in the story George was passing through the city of Celine and the Roman province of Syria when he saw a great commotion the local king’s daughter was being brought out by the townspeople when he asked what was going on the locals told him the story of their land the people spoke of a ferocious dragon which lived nearby Anna ponder would terrorize the surrounding countryside originally the townspeople had given offerings of two sheep a day to the beasts to keep its terrible hunger at bay but eventually this wasn’t enough and they had to resort to sacrificing human beings into the creatures more to keep its a she ated candidates for sacrifice were chosen by loss as the locals decided that random chance was the best way to decide who should live and who should die and on that day the sacrifice that fate had chosen was the city’s princess without hesitation in true heroic fashion George took up his weapon and set off on his noble steed to slay the Beast rather than let the princess be eaten upon arriving at the pond the dragon charged him on sight and George on horseback blessed himself with the sign of the Cross using his sword before spearing the creature through its abdomen it fell to the ground mortally wounded and bleeding victorious George asked the maiden for her girdle and wrapped it

around the injured beasts neck like a collar pacified and weak it no longer had the strength to fight and both George and the princess were able to lead it back to the city of Celine and paraded before the townspeople like a conquered enemy in war it said that when they returned to the city the townspeople were so astonished by George’s military prowess that they converted to Christianity on the spot and the Saint killed the dragon in front of them putting it out of its misery and bringing an end to its reign of terror this myth of supreme valour and heroism was recognized by European Knights for centuries particularly during the First Crusade when the Crusaders claimed that Saint George appeared to aid them at the siege of Antioch in 1098 ad today many Syrian Christians celebrate st. George’s Day by dressing small children up as dragons and chasing them through the streets playfully whether true or not the legend of st. George and the dragon has influenced much of ancient and modern culture and will always have a place in the mythos of our heroes for more information on st George’s early life and eventual martyrdom follow the link below to the article so basically to do it on and so on so I’m just going to go back to this question about symbols and what would what would make we looked at the flower for example let’s go to plants say an emblem and we’re going back to the word emblem again if I if I find what would make a good emblem say what would be it was Easter a national flower say in in Taiwan there okay Chloe it’s sort of like a you’re a particular flower or would you recommend another type of the symbols that you have a government for the symbols here these are yeah these are the different ones so we look at say for example we’ve even got a tree as well so what type of symbol would say like we have the red rose the national flower of England’s it’s supposed to be recognizing a lot to do with the the way the colors were used for the knights for protection so st. George was like that what what is the recognized national flower that you have Chloe would you recommend another type of emblem or symbol to represent your country our national flower is plum blossom blossom yes yes do you know the reason why it is the national whites is in significance I think because plum blossom is blossoming in winter and that is means we can we can face many challenge I think that is my you know it’s very well done because you know what it isn’t easy is it you know – we take these are things we take for granted and you know I’m not 100% sure about the Rose itself but I know it’s supposed to represent because actually I come from Yorkshire this area here my county is the white rose and we’ve had what we call the War of the Roses against Lancashire which is our neighboring County or province and they celebrate the red robes so actually I am actually supposed to be a white rose of of Yorkshire this is of York and that itself has its local traditions as well as much as we have the national we’re very complicated a lot of history in our country I’m sure it’s like that there as well it’s like all goes back so the plum and do you think that’s still worth or do you think there’s another type of what about a tree is there anything that’s symbolic for Taiwan if it’s a tree I was is the oak we have an oak tree it’s a an old English ocean

cutter spill oh this is the this is the symbol for the tree this is the national but oak this is Oh a cake oak is our national tree a larger more than countries it’s for his hardwood it’s particularly was very useful for making boats and ships so the oak was very good it didn’t rot against the water that well you know it took eventually we would do but it was very good sturdy it was very strong so it’s recognized as the national tree Leo do you have a national tree in China trade yeah would you consider a trade in China maybe not yeah maybe maybe we all the way we don’t have the official flowers or trace maybe the tip pipe I&E maybe we will hire me as as our national flower yeah a PV PV is a PEO and why and why P and a peony flower Ron it’s a penis he’s not puny flower rights okay this okay so maybe yeah that’s there’s a lot of national flowers around the world right peony okay this it’s like it’s almost like em you know we we have a thing called a pink rose a wild rose in England and it has a similarity to some extent that’s very popular in people’s gardens and people will grow red roses in their gardens in England one of the popular flowers that people grow as part of the national sort of the rose as you know but I think it’s everywhere isn’t that yeah and yet for trees any ideas for so we’ve got we’ve got the plum blossom that’s right a plum blossom flower okay blossom flower that’s right the plum plus is that maybe maybe it’s one of the first I think the cherry blossom comes out really early in the year we’ve had it now I’m sure you heard no one on China the cherry blossom that themself well March March April March it’s quite an early it’s an early show that comes out very beautiful may be the blossom yes the blossom we have apple blossom all sorts we have plum blossom that comes out early in the year spring so maybe maybe it is indication of you know the the that’s the indication of how much fruit we’re going to have during the year and you often look at that now we get what we call frost in the UK the weather itself can get very cold at night frost or it can become frosty it’s the frosty weather means it can be below zero or zero and that could kill some of the flowers you know that the trees are coming out we could have what we call a late late frost and then some of the poor bloom plum or apple blossom you know can sometimes it does that over here so but it could be an indication of the the harvest the fruit harvest the harvest that’s an indication of the harvest the fruits harvest more fruits harvests later in the year Thank You blossom so you know so there we go plum okay let’s have a look at so trees any ideas what could be at a very representative symbol if it’s a tree so we’ve got the oak tree and I could just briefly show you as the national symbol is the oak tree so we’re looking at we’re looking at a tree what type of

tree any guess if you could just give me a reason why it could be considered like maybe bamboo maybe it’s live in Xu Zhu and lots of the the national tree you and your impending doom that’s right the Panda that’s true is that the ponderous is the symbols yeah yeah yeah that’s right you know the symbol small sauce emblems a giant ponder isn’t it the giant ponder how they’re doing general yeah are they’re making a comeback you feel real that the ponder is it you think it’s getting better in China are they starting to if they don’t they don’t have many Cubs cups is the baby panda cubs are very rare species yeah they’re very docile I feel they don’t seem to know how to the most I’m going to say they’re incredible you know I think we’d all love to have a panda as a pet I mean I’ve just I just don’t know hold on yeah yeah incredible beautiful amazing yeah they did of the world it sort of animal would you say okay so I mean you think yes indigenous didn’t realize that it’s the indigenous indigenous is the indigenous the indigenous it means that belongs to local region 18 yeah local like people sometimes called indigenous people indigenous tribes no Taiwan has lots of them and I’m believe in China as well lots of indigenous people funny enough yesterday we’re in we’re looking at ethnicity and in Africa there is an indigenous people in northern Africa that are very European and get this they have some people there a blond hair very strange Africa when you think of African people we think of black black hair you know this amazing some of them are the certain group of people there and although I blue eyes leo yeah I sweat even first skin I mean honestly I think that would look Walla English to me you know they’re northern European look but it made me think that I see a lot of people here the huh may have a white face but her both hair like like like yourself Chloe you know it would it would look like they have you know your hair Chloe but I should they have a Western face you know it seems where did this come from it’s like I I’m often we think of Italy maybe the Italian connection there but then they have black hair but then early usually Kurt Kearney

yeah and Africa yeah you think there were I think there is slightly fuzziness in their hair I think there is slight leanness there but I think generally it’s see some of them when they look incredibly European all you know to something you’re not familiar with yeah that’s right so symbols symbols so the black for most man why would you think would it be an it would it be why do you think we do this is it is it to bring attention to like the pander though is that does it show is it good that the pander is symbolic of China as a representation of China you think it’s a good thing I think so maybe because if people look or listen this is something related to panda they will recognize oh is China yeah it’s a symbolic yeah maybe we can relate a relation and maybe we can we can use this as a Olympic symbol maybe made it into maybe yeah many you many uses yeah I think I think it’s a and we can we can we can change animals with different countries maybe other countries don’t have this animal and we give this animal as a gift maybe that isn’t also a very beauty relationship friendly relationship with other countries yes I’m gonna just endorsed are forced I think yes I kind of wonder whether the lion that we have here kind of is part of a little bit of our colonial history I kind of wonder that the Lion Heart is some symbol of the soldiers that came back from Turkey in battle that shows because we’ve been in so many battles in our history that the lion looks strong and therefore overpowering so it can be a bit of an intimidation a bit dated to some extent but were strangely associated with and yet we don’t have lions in this country so we’ve cut we kind of I mean I kind of asked myself has England kind of we’ve see at least yours is indigenous to your countries it’s just that here or you know lions from everywhere else so I kind of feel conflicted sometimes about that I mean what kind of animal would you recommend should I mean it would be suitable for England’s do you have any suggestions I’m just wondering what is it that we are you know we’ve we’ve kind of killed off all our animals and things you know a little tougher I tell a lot let’s see if I can find what’s indigenous to the UK indigenous I need your help in this indigenous indigenous indigenous animals hummingbird Mockingbird mockingbird okay we got bad you it’s okay you know I do see some badges sometimes they they do they did unfortunately they do get knocked over on the road I’ve do see they’re quite big you know like a size of the dog but there are badges yes head job yes Fox oh yes the fox squirrel oh yeah I’m not sure this is indigenous to us to know that peak peak peak no Pig I didn’t know we had yeah that the Red Door the road the Red Deer I think that’s more to do with Scotland I think that tends to live in Scotland oh the red squirrel that used to be an ended that was an indigenous squirrel all over UK but it’s now the grey squirrel has come in from outside and has now pushed the red squirrel away I think the red squirrel still lives in Scotland but the grey squirrel has overtaken it’s not

indigenous have you ever had that some outside animals have come in and have just slaughtered the you know that the indigenous animals does happen so the red squirrel we don’t see the red squirrel these days unfortunately but in Scotland I think so that may still be one foot Stockland yeah they have Eagles again in Scotland I think the squirrel the Badger oh the beaver owls owls are usually considered as smart probably what apply to us then but we have this is the wild cut this is a wild cut that exists in Scotland so still exists I had a pet we had a pet called Herbie when I lived in the countryside and I don’t know where he came from just a little kitten and we had a warehouse I was 15 16 at the time I was building some things for my woodwork he came in it got bigger and bigger and picnic started catching rabbits bigger and bigger eventually we had we ate a rabbit for our dinner we actually had roast yes she brought it back once that’s a very big cat we were not sure whether he’s a hybrid from a from a from a wild cat yes ok all right that’s enough of that so maybe the Badger maybe of the Fox the Fox maybe I’ll do that one the Fox could be our symbol it’s a symbol of Lester Lester is a city in England and they use the Fox as their symbol right ok so at least we’ve got the tree we know that so yet Chloe a tree in Taiwan what would you say would be your national tree if you wanted to choose one I think bamboo it can represent the human is onions honest because it it is straight and that it means our heart is straight and no there are nothing can bother other us that is from the the incense ancestor they may say yes types of bamboo Wow would you grow bamboo over here very very thin very thin but book just for gardens yeah you have so many different types of bamboo I you know I heard about was it squirt how do they grow this the square bamboo very very impressive look this is this one here a square is it this is it true have you seen this leo in yes is that really true arms are this way it’s a little bit strange it can make a little incredible square just beautiful that one the middle one was perfect huh ah are these real or maybe not maybe their paws how do they do this you my ideas how they make a square bamboo different types of bamboo yeah if they put it in a frame a bamboo yeah do you know have you ever had bamboo shoots like bamboo baby bamboo shoots baby bamboo shoots baby bamboo shoots mmm lovely you get these two sometimes I remember I went hunting for these bamboo

shoots yes when I was in shinzou I used to go looking out for unfortunately if you picked if you go too late in the year I think there’s only a particular time of the year to get bamboo shoots if you’re too late then you’ll get bamboo wood and then you try to boil it and it’s still wooden it’s like a bit tough today yes I didn’t remember once I went there I know one pick them up I got them I’m I should chop them and they just would never never again I know why do you get this is this quite often I fascinate no how did anybody know that they will be eatable like how did they know that the bamboo shoot’ could be eaten you know you can eat it it’s a tree and it’s like it’s growing something do you know do you know the history I mean might be somebody who created bamboo shoots the origins who a chef must have found it some doctor maybe Asian doctors want to try a member of yet different species to find medicine maybe oh and he or she tasted it what is it little bit delicious and it is and it’s also benefit for our health maybe the history so they provide the yeah yeah may provide this information to the next generation and and then way we have this history science then what would you what would you do if you discovered so like a another special dish that nobody knows of what would you do there would you open up a restaurant so you know it’s delicious you can make different dishes would you keep it a secret sir right okay this is my golden chance where everywhere but nobody knows I can collect them and what would you do it’s a good question there’s no I mean you know you’ve found something up you watch you know you know it’ll be good and so like say Chloe if you–if you are the inventor of the baby bamboo you discovered it you’ve you’re trying it out just like Leo said you’re discovering things you’ve come across baby bamboo okay would you then open a restaurant would you think right nobody knows this I’ve got a new invention what would you do nobody knows apply to patent patent patents it may be yes yeah great would you create some new dishes like symbolic dishes that’s right do you have a particular dish Chloe you know a baby bamboo dish you know there’s one that stands out as a right and the mix the meat and and cut them you need the meat to the the short and thing mm-hmm strips may be strips of meat maybe into little strips like all chopped and thin slices like chips ready I suppose yeah like thin thin strips strips strips of meat strips of the strips oh please oh yeah that’s delicious some bamboo yeah what would you do with baby bamboo favorite dishes I prefer light food so I will just make it into the code code code dish and taste is original taste yeah I like a solid I think in Thailand they do that with a papaya don’t they the papaya yes the green ring one not not the orange

ones is it a different plant or I think I think yeah there’s a nice green at the beginning and hard but then it might be the same might be it just pick it early oh she’s another idea isn’t it pick it before it’s ripe and you’ve got something new I say what I have learned this week share with you this one is plum plantain I mean this this blew my mind I had no idea about this I was talking to student from her room anyway so here we are planting this what does that look like what does that remind you of banana banana yeah I swear that looks like a banana but it’s like a potato plantain so incredible I and what they do is it’s not soft it’s quite hard inside cut off nods and so they make them into the make them into chips plantain so interesting plantain that’s another similarity but so maybe there’s something similar as well so very true okay so don’t we just have a look at so look that’s the trees bamboo yeah would it be anything in China would you say bamboo would be the main the the the symbolic tree this one no really maybe the Kinkel kinko kinko tree another tinkle tinkle a key i ng KO just for some reason now I have to reset my browser is coming to tea oh yeah this one yeah you know during the summer the tea leaves are a green and during the autumn the so it will become the yellow yeah yeah it’s really a beautiful one amazing yeah amazing so I saw a number of this trees in my school and yeah and this tree not only can it taste beautiful but but also it can provide some medicine medicine use yeah for the for the fruits of this of these distrait yeah like orange as well as right it’s not possible is it does it go into a red color is at different types different types yeah yeah and there’s a very traditional activities in Beijing and people go hiking during the November to December to to the mountain jiangshan Mountain in Beijing and there a number of yeah trees find with red and yellow it’s quite beautiful just somewhere but not not too many no no I I thought it yeah the number of my school maybe it is a little bit impossible to grow it in tropical areas because it didn’t yeah it does it doesn’t have winter yeah d so when the temperature is low down so the leaves will turn red or yellow also is it an evergreen evergreen means only those leaves will come off from in turn right and then we grow again yeah you

wind heard yeah a real shade off and yeah and during a summer is yeah great is that blends it might be the looking at the ground it’s all red I wonder if that maybe it’s the I think that’s the filtered one I think that’s not correct no a key feature would artificial parts amazing that that’s but that’s also treated the bar ok twice wow that is that is amazing yeah I think maybe in Japan that’s very fascinating the ginkgo tree yeah that’s some symbols of where we come from so these are just general symbols of course of of the UK which is predominantly dominated by by London and as you know with the with the Union Union Jack if the Union is the union of of difference countries we’ve got the Scottish I’m not sure how the the Welsh pipe fits into this so I’m a little bit baffled myself we’ve got the Irish Northern Irish and the Scottish but I’m not sure about the Welsh you don’t know how that works but yeah you can see how quite a lot of it tends to tie together with a lot of symbols as well and it also reminds me some figures in UK like 0 0 7 its oh yes yeah and and then Sherlock Holmes yeah it’s also another figure famous figure yeah we’ll wait yeah when we think of thing help them we will it will remind me remain as always okay yeah it’s it’s not that you know it’s very good to have an identity I think it’s we have quite a lot of long history as you know the policemen the Queen’s Guard the Beefeater which all ties in a lot to do with our a lot of traditions we have which feed into a lot of our souvenirs but it feeds into sometimes fashion but it’s also the colours but I think a lot of it feeds into sometimes other aspects whether it’s certain elements of traditional food that we may have through the year but yeah you’re right if if you’re traveling in London or even in York which is the second largest nor the second most visited city or in in the UK to London tourist you’ll find lots and lots of tourist shops that will be selling these things as well later three yes yes the teeth now all sorts of things though but we have loads of tea towels here I should be with some of them are very funny but we do like to make our little little thin towels that you know you can use in the kitchen but then it’s sometimes because in the kitchen it can get a bit previous the work in the kitchen and so when you’re using a towel it’s got some funny pictures so it makes you feel from there so it’s a functional type of but people have put them on the wall shortbread biscuits yeah we we often have that it’s more to do with Scottish Twinings you may see Twinings tea Earl Grey have you tried that before Chloe Earl Grey tea yes oh great yeah Twinings yeah let me try that no no no it’s yeah you might you might see it around black tea think of it as black tea and you usually have to go with milk of course you know yours is more to do with mint green tea would be more suitable may be more comfortable in hot countries yeah ok then well we’ve we’ve had a look at that I know it’s just a very brief overview of the history of of st. George haven’t really explained it very well but it’s it’s it’s a bit it’s a bit sort of

complicated because st. George has nothing really to do would be with England you know that’s the problem that we’re having is that he’s not really a true identity but his symbol he the city’s Ron Kirk aid from Turkey but I think it’s what he did he’s to do with the Christian side of things because the emperor in in Rome the Roman Emperor persecuted treated Christians badly and so he tried to stop that from that perspective but it could also be his chivalry his honor of saving the princess from the dragon which we’re not even sure it’s true but stories like bats and his honor as a soldier as a knight seem to connect as a symbol of protection to the royal family here in the UK and then in the 12th century and they decided to adopt his symbol which is the Red Cross which was the shield that he had on his armor which I think you can see depicted in yeah so depicted as as a as a hero so I think I guess it’s possibly how the royal family wanted to take this on but it was brought in as a representation of honor respectability you know by our soldiers so it’s kind of like leading the soldiers on our army because they used to do this in the hundred year war against France I think it was they there was a lot of Honor in regards to battles in the in the military and so they they they needed some sort of leadership some sort of representation of that so the story about him being some sort of heroic and he died or he saved the princess of the royal family represented more to the royal family here as well we thought okay so they wanted to have someone depicting that sort of example roleplay so lead by example so they used st. George as an example that they want their soldiers to behave like in case the world family get into trouble you know difficulty they’ll be protected by honor and so it brought in that element of Honor to to bring in that for the royal family so it’s all ties together but it’s not well celebrated because people would say well st. George isn’t really English so why should be celebrated so there’s a lot of confusion about that in our country but then again we are very diverse with many different aspects of how we look at things but yeah April 23rd is the National which I’ve missed this year as well so I’m hoping next year I could remember so I’m gonna make a note I think what I’m gonna do and then gonna look into one what do we how do we celebrate yeah I’m gonna find out maybe even till you see our suggestions near what things should we do in England yeah maybe Turkish food Turkish Delight maybe he’s from Turkey so I’ll have to find something Turkish to represent st George Chloe any suggestions no some Turkish clothing or Turkish hats maybe our and then suggestion how I should celebrate because we don’t know how to celebrate you know we don’t it’s a weird thing he’s not even English we don’t know who he is he’s never beaten it before so maybe go out and look for a dragon soon find a driving somewhere dragon yeah maybe he carried us so find some dragon dragon close try try some dragon glucose interesting aunty yeah working on sweet and they just from night clothes yes also walking on the street well y’all just say we have some guinea pig so I’m gonna just dress them up as little little dragons and see if they look like Shrek dragons I’m afraid so okay one of them’s gonna be the night sitting on top of the guinea pigs yeah I should to be honest with you I have to try to study more about this myself because it’s part of my identity and I sort of this is why in England we don’t we not sure we don’t have a strong identity in some ways we know ourselves

but we don’t have really a strong awareness of st. George so this is why our countries are little bits we do get a bit we have a certain identity but we’re not sure what st. George kind of represents to us that much personally but I know he’s symbolically represents from a distance so whereas if you see st. Andrews of Scotland he was Scottish st. Davids is Scottish and of course the one you’re all familiar with is st Patrick’s Day which is the Irish celebrates 17th of March which is to do with a saint that went again ecstatic it was the wrong Romans but at the time he went back to Ireland to turn convert them into Christians and then change people’s beliefs so it’s more to do a religious space from paganism which was to do with symbols of gods through puppets so that’s that’s the difference over here that’s a it’s all it’s all perspective but they do seem to know how to celebrate it the Irish they’re very good at dressing up in green oh yeah they had the reason to dress up in green as a protest against England’s because England’s were suppressing the Irish which is all part of the history so we were having kind of we had Ward’s with everybody you know I just seem to be you know England or war with them anyway whatever you know in the past we always seem to have that Irish so it was a rebellious color well Green was a rebellious color so against the English and they’re poor they became more connected with America and they celebrated st. Patrick’s Day together so it’s in Georgia it’s a bit of history regarding chivalry honor and it’s to do with how Knights the army needs to be led as a symbol entree of how they’re well done and we looked at yeah if you’ve got any suggestions on how I need to celebrate st. George’s Day please let me know maybe it’s the st. George cake maybe bake a cake or something or something in our suggestions for st George but you know you think that there should be a st. George symbol somewhere here but as you see it we have other other symbols but we don’t seem to well we have the plunder I don’t know I bear you’ve got a bear here I have no idea why maybe there’s another symbol of the bear could Lee bear that’s sometimes always very useful just so you’re always already there Chloe with the famosa bear so just make it into a cuddly toy and that could be a really big big souvenir of Taiwan likewise like say in China there could be other ways like the Panda of course is very big as well so for some reason the Beefeater dolls are bear God knows why but so there we go that’s some of the symbols that we have that represents our identity so I shall into there so I’ve over time a bit tonight so hopefully there might be some interest there for you to know about st. George’s Day and thanks for sharing your thoughts with symbols think about maybe the origins of your flag maybe as well it could be quite recognizing part of your identity what is the symbols represent your country so think about Alex say the animals the flowers and even maybe trees as well but usually animals flowers there might be a national dish maybe something that maybe is beef noodles could be the big one in Taiwan I guess or maybe in who knows you know or in you know maybe it’s bamboo soup you’re having a bamboo salad maybe you never know you might find it there so always something to look out for part of your identity it’s important to be able to know that okay have a wonderful weekend okay I’ll be back on Tuesday and the forward to seeing then if you if you can join me okay then so hope nice weekends Chloe thanks for joining you to all of us