if it if if AGA V A’s getaway demand

face it, chair of democratic party had KF Dan of feel about that statement LTD fifth and Ulf and no one expected trucked away the 105 he meant it that way fifth FAA to the way ’cause IOC had said that it’s not a good working T. Shad if he shall not be named die EL 9K7 for princes and that to mean they then this doubt They said documents filters and Owen 60 layer at idle medically out a copy of it Preferences document that year, BBN recommend a half is this option of a

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if you think a deal B FAA ONNSJ Baer gushing over a MSI is a great if you need a artist of the site of the pact

and I did see this parts outlying fifth cadiz’s apartheid DNC had tallied IDC S sap Y BFMLI watched a clip of K IEY each OK five Y and that’s fine. If I didn’t get no one added this morning, a two L is like OK 71 he was going third phase of K SC and the watch all the clips of K 252.7000000 S. Casey wouldn’t comment days OS sized is nothing new under the rail tests and fifth , watch this later 551 a 550,000 daily rates a majority are meant to watch this game meant to say if La Vi 87 a sonic about this a most the majority of people watch that you are actually meant major say im my mind is NO L is a great if you it’s going so well it was good values five FM 80 FM a stab in the back fifth NL a look at the gala BO 30 AM the first ashes like ISO as a break this up. AGA nine 5th MMM are the last member Wayne, an Atty. seven against added washes a KK sell the move

will be was like a ember way that a ad exactly the way and the IMF video about that, she was forced to to say that a tendency is of AIDCS, S David CS winery watching us I needed the Ica saw professionally a blige to say that the elementary between the Lions 10 ms execs any DC a big fax at ABC are like eight the SCA FDA cannot put away and 255, five NBC said Kersey Asian family at EL said even at the Asian Davis gray people L fifth 10 U.N Any one Wells are high balls are popping La of alligator location C C’s OO fifth year BF 3 greats fifth to sixth days as the field: every NLC is there more than this AAA in the audience the race is real gad Al sonic I did it three L IS hart T9 AA thing about identity politics is that the one does it stop break the AAYI was a S L’s of silicon valley when are they as these ties into burning take as a burning people are really intend any politics because they’ll have comes from the like the mad 10 FBI are plying two and a garment programmer something government assistance and then the Allied OK uses prog and it’s like it’s a lot of work it’s a lot of work figuring out who the hell URL like it’s like AA NMS sheds everywhere and Sam Cisco’s way too much band has decided then people form camps around their identities in a less the isn’t this an attack each other politically intense knots in IE electrons people attacking gay people and five people and MMI 91 PL Merrick NCL earth’s is the animal African American NIMBI MMM MMM MMM Ai everybody’s Robby Leyden so they is like with the gang the Liang talks about people dead man in a generic wavelength humanity 97 11 gal you’re right though EL on their way is certain realities of B and certain things that he wanted us that is has gone way too far enough Bali I remember that OM birdies in june and therefore he’s not wipe tears fifth ms event had ridiculous things that can Baghdad at eight and is a long argument about him for all get something that is done the CL is one of the devastation via SMS of a problem and I feel like I did the politics

is about the universe over and as a universal universal basic income right EDI that one is that you don’t want equal gets to dec who gets the money they’ll had a little think that a lot of people and 1/2 day have overinflated, confidence in their ability to make that distinction of relieve L he really does give it does to the Monday everyone, and I play the AAA at ms the planned Boucher Headings, dale A, 80 to make a video at least one cell that’s that’s been made about this dread if SC a M8 F trump thing the play 11:00 PM where dislike A Phillip FOB Goldberg – all over him as he can make ALD Adweek sent an eight out least a few inspirational and a dead issue prod watched as two of his of a leak at CNN, a tag nine was Bloomberg gentrifying elections in the desert patients its housing Mason, added then to play this act is that was greats is in the poll one that question as if I am polls are below shipment of that though that O no think about it doesn’t matter a if IDs to pull out that 10% polled say calls the matter unless it tells us what we want your sale at seven AM from Mexico and add a member of SCM in the the diverting people left EA halt the fifth th ms embarrassingly bad now, and that it’s as though the shell a week there of campaigns , led a gang is at least 80 candid OEM number that were ZO 1000 that , and identified that if by a AA years and here’s a poll and number eight cells around 6 minutes of a good sarong moves 6 to 7 minutes of seven I watch the whole thing two F gang AVI Arad and is this thing is Yang and fifth for it seems like in any way airline really nice to 10 in out considering it’s a DC if OK sell move OK, let me let me get started 10 issued this is NESCOMBELL B all good things this is a good game this is from later today it’s allowed 2011 dark that it’s a great and , did

alarm one this is ranging from the VF project this is Yang week video of time and sell one movie in making Il Co. showing some o as NOI there’s a lot of people working real hard 8:00 AM EL to check some DL 7 VILLIO 3888 TO D know about that has six L people are working real hard canvassing there right now sell been try to make some content is CIT people’s spirits of people Rafael that we can win this Sund bulb listen to the polls show data was in the polls in only eight days after this summer’s of grape fifth L of the ideas of this a double digits in the poll now it’s hard because the polls are skewed very heavily ports earned NO 1 if Yang does exceptionally well, he could actually break serving on my thing is that happen yet Mexico 10% mean only behind that’s within range nine BN F combine this with the skewed call AIDS and I NS a FIA is advantage of is that once people get to know only and movie is Andy LI endorsements from people from 99 nine Donald ORL 10 minutes a little bit from the political views hearing about the Cold War design all over him on this warm and is Ina mount L but evil are had really really stoked about this because there’s been rumors going around that D chappelle was going out, suppor sell ISO evasion on an MN a lot of S celebrities not even just 10, celebrities are, jumping on board wage, then they hang gang and 9: the people on the lefty La celebrities scale people on the right of a little bit skeptical of like the media in general if no on then get the support they need sell this key parrot heads up 89 things are going as planned I would say for the most part sell the way plot to Ai had this week rather, gang was on the UDF 10 M for the most part that you the ladies of WI 10 to be pret , so this picked this interview was no exception and Tom blood that it was really a really positive I was really surprised actua the ITNMR Owen four policies really not my for my as Trent so I eat right up to date him talk about here on some too much bad un Netscape take a look and ace of base replica that he does explain himself more of them afterwards one is you is that this is a mistake and he made it a bird’s clear that most Americans do not support a war with the rom and mos , do not support of the four ever wore sherry TPC rings that up ‘said IMF position, like makes a seven Allies that people with t either IE even Bernie Sanders to send step in a brace and askance at least five

paper says that M P’s antiwar end of his seven vote in represented more complicated tale to either weighed body C praise as factory with an event with an answer e-mail the K cellnet servant call to the polls are in PM fifth , that’s so funny enough money for disappointing in IE you really like 6:00 AM really humble way writers like it did say OM the enough humility of the 59 AGA MMI Realty played in the lead was also on the itinerary UILC Laude see where is it is right around here seven sell wine is kidding around sorry they watched the whole thing on your own if you want that this is such a real seven Manhattan the dishes thought about that, her experiences with that of raising out to say gelatin and to the division comes about a lot of first lady fifth if if he ever ever if fifth of the Meadowdale at M.A. in reawakening raped me know my IPO bars eyeballs are popping out in OTS inner self that’s rumored and she really really thanked lane on the good thousands very very almond gentlemen about how they are praise of NT annual as a president of MAIES might remember that it was a CKCGMS in this very candidly vein of Kabul excels i , saying that you know that probably came as an executive order from her boss great when will be said ING exactly the way it had that they don’t necessarily agree with died after watching her days in VI do think that will be is like 100% behind game but, as

that she has to both LL entered a keeper job ICS as saving about Ellison a lot of great that I think that she actually is secret sometimes yes to make difficult decisions about what to say in a city that winery between the lines in such bad Il of these are all good things you own a PC like every day I wake up and there’s always something you and then there’s always t when EL you are five is fish is said this to you wrap this up, you’ll keep in mind that they did the pages telling question we’re not su on SCO they are more debates coming out after that solely on a 48 Bart 11 make this one no freak out your morning, and then also of all people are looking like I was in the real tough, what will I owned looking at the momentum on the ground I do think there New Hampshire at the RI person very hard I think, EAGA is now in New Hampshire as of today so are the C7 ever stay right about the name the school days and MMI IMI is looking pre , the fundraisers remain with these seem to be pretty confident of how well they can do here PMI South Carolina FID 2 a lot of the endorsements from you know people I know people are actually had a play this part that im about the fact that in all his plan is something that are working to 13 endorsed annual with the help of HL and out of a word an and the Betsy MM, 58, this is the big eight and is one of the channel really Bia before it is actually a file, you don’t have time or are you know you really like is a chance that the primary TD the sided on super Tuesday night because this is so many votes here and I is looking the MIT of this race is super unpredictable about the March 3 to get it is, and 82, Cal four cell I had this had the ms India one to play this game of the appeal of academic and this is odd is not the pic but I do think this ad is the really really did want into this country the fish up side of the way seven is a sad day, it did start a compendium eight picture in very handy nine MSPSS like this, Gemma sitting they are all playing in the end of the Midwestern and

early states where ID have been victims of this crisis you know you don’t know a way that I live in L.a. so nine when you when y things as Ian of these sorts of issues, as much and I like to be honest and we have different sorts of problems in, that the big cities but im mob like races is work actually walked trump rent on in 2016 in all a lot of people do’ backed the four anyone else’s, Ivan and that’s why it is only one LMIP his democratic party hardly ever touch is it you know Yang is really the only one that really goes out of his way to bring out because it’s hard for the democrats to talk about this up because they are very busy devising the red states in a whirl of these issues but a DJ NI a little bit more per game are and moderate leading stage a specially Iowa that message to wall data browser very we sell, sell us about it, DL anything to now they think is a lot of things happening there’s a lot of momentum behind the campaign but it’s a place a lot and CNN City of taking care of a rate will be in heaven looking at me and fifth at 155 NOLSUB to that in a day in the that caters more antivirus seven days into positive 90 DOD make me to go negative again channel group provides Sanders packed support peaks of sports that one is a tender single organization the AEOF the November he takes PAC money rate where EST PAC money channel that our relation , one there I wonder if the AIDS Healthcare foundation for his sixth is the associate it with a seven N the everywhere gave an issue, money get too much time on their hands and they are toxic has fought and they buy revolution IOSCICI all this stuff is catching up to him and all if LINF APIs they are on this 70 and I’m not gonna be happy about it a lot O sixth and MF Robledo added that other probably it say that see everything everything everything goes back to the H.F. own PC is weird thing about the 4C4 and actors two, where, and now we’re in right yet. LCI Masi its circumstantial that they bear out hanging out together in owns a slight as one Bernie has PAC money ILS Off, Brandon and Seattle avenues Sean

, deshawn FAS spent way too much time on him a more time the nation, said that this is the new Sean branded morons comment if Izzy have a picture of a school friend of his profile SNA like it when people do that actually be too low, and this spring in a one ever from one ever this is the gateway LS target native of a MV, they put out the video first to do that as one guess one of our revolution are revolution to a school for a PAC money moved PC at a dairy L fifth I did my parts and where’s the lied, it depends on TV five packed right but has packed for the VIL exact talk about this undecided and very philosophical in on that side A COL one is a pa his people get 1E2 N organization and the bad that they support the D1 people did always am really sell wrongly know is it reall telltale a Braden this is really relieved and that, ISI voters, one birdies as stated in for a plant mail the attorneys birdies of Medicare from plan B of the look in the deaths of at the polls A.L. nine and pulls about specific subje the data one a man fifth a DDS to one L a DL a D a Y Bernet to come in and take away their pride and optioned PLNMEX VOACS 4 months if not years yet they just the body like knoll mentor for all an endeavor, is feel like she later but that game despite that may be that maybe the voters are writes the AMA masses and then out of the crazy people on the left wing design and beginning and ending a day when one is even better feeling than bread is the comeback kid may, Milken did my point, stop, the mail and add a city that goal may be 1 May have come into the strain NNM and often that are being weak what else I allow for game had

a L gangly inspiration of idiom and dial free angst are they else the day it’s about it was the hash sensor be there, it’s it’s where anyway , A the four for gets me install the game help me install the game than the five day I’ll make my native, an I make my native birds 60428 , I guess the AFEMASA the ballot seamount end to speed positive all the time right they can’t this be made even longtime too late to administer on this weird condom think the senate since O L is nothing wrong with a nine to the wrong with my good design one of them are, prop 60 prop 61 and props and C prop 61 O6 T the results I think this I think both of them fail to offer a share as they are terrible had to pass a law students say 61 dead 68 body results and all the docs L fifth of ax MOSCASJN shape of Bernie all over the place someone to pay DDS but that might actually become true and K Denny to pick up that terrible also the L had an EV roaring bull riding the removal of S is there and this is the AIDS Healthcare foundation said claim to fame mail movie and move the fact that I can’t believe I put a seven by tickets sold and 987 and speed us any two of the other thing is there any ad and E people to write to their representatives for these call them and do so that the shoal people that it’s been 50 years backed and a KYV 11 of IP CAMI need to do this , CVS be 15 made is that all is the more homes that the ID put these up in the AMA navigation it’s that important days they wears the Mars that where’s the Simonsen C a ND where they as where’s the signing of a button ready at 8591 ever if

that happened and tang them, said it might feel weird about the burning payment, I’ll use their they walk sport this did why is limited 188182 that is it because they talk about Harvey Weinstein and he’s a band were probably please let me request a review for the nine RAS is more a venture that Montana’s, the real ZUN sherry AVAP Iowa four a and then you are on war with the raw and Donald trump fifth , on trial for prayer is now if there are 10. 10:00 AM F Kennedy the 10 things, waste time and eight people who are as we say that test of the week RTA right minds is a copywriter nine to one side video had nothing copyright far as I can tell , EDI us he ever sell they say 10, 12 PO curler be without the Unabomber and VA left a move that I spell it is a perfect three NS a perfect time for him to be present gap timing is everything and the one LC talk about the 4 PO8 crisis told that, do I spent find out they 10101010 L and how to spell it N tandem the TS completion is not that bad that competition the main piazza record is pretty clean and these are the opposite of chop serious aid of showbiz his record is full of so much ship in al and the fact E1 B says a lot of us is a lot about the democratic party and how much they are heating sulfur of SCI EZ if the fact that he’s like an outsider is not a bad thing in an SMS had the eight thing that are a lot of people underestimating of the fact that gang is an outsider in the polls you against any probably not the worst in a 9 to 1 aspect of IP HLA , if that’s not quite as I spoke Dade shed 10 ship dollars writes a LOOR

I ML after a marathon of collects 4430 and one has ever had one else would it’s almost as if gang predicted all this would happen in a clean sheet only did well say talk about a year in us to tell if added OMEND a wearer in a burial Yang week and the NEA is a unique an NCS I’m looking to find out Harkins, I don’t think us the U.S. report fifth im IBM, discovers that, and life would not have space TYT secular talked the A coz IE amenities in the zoning policy which actually is the biggest thing four B as I look at all the other candidates in a big no data what to do you know what the solution to the housing crisis is build more now gang is only one who says BBL out to a amity have to do something about those navy’s MIT at a red tail MMM MMM and give money no shipment education in RSA education is a better category N10 of my generation of two ms question the odds that every shot to the average whatever boulder seven 87 let’s put this a pilot is put Des Moines mail seems like that happening place P is such a phony the PDC a better line that’s the thing mail is pretty good at it that thing he needs to work on that side is a web of lies in the hold up to scrutiny now stand, that’s really what his problem was that it’s not really that he’s lying it’s more like all I was not aware that that was going out ’cause, in a steel comfortable s what would that be the 181 nine YY happen I thought everybody liked me IO your red TOB my brother tells me the same thing you should I pick fights that the Bernie people because that all increase an pox it had not over. Fifth five they can always find the people of the labels available way of two active 30 drops out in a good , a dank it’s been awhile

with the they say about the left of money, eyes at Everett L fifth day that a trick question they say that the left everybody likes money seven , everybody likes money meant to the left is alone in more convoluted and the way to talk about it they liked him again of conservatives in on the right in there like the idea of people of people other writer utility Adelaide money giving money manager laid off its own crass seven pools in every spend their money and other stuff for costs had fifth the Ira you’re the one that gave the money directly I remember that they can I do appreciate that if you lock EU had become a mouthpiece for trumpets, have to be more than that that in on an idea in the DEVIPTIVF 10 $1000 in exchange for making a protracted be a considerate of a fifth I bet I can do it too I bet I could make out of the fair EL about trout saying nice things about him without feeling too dirty played only because Wally AGA had to call my money of a fifth I did it again FDA $250 over a break , I feel like I’ve done my part in a NDA MGM over grand this 0.7 are you’d be better flocking win the signs of saying in a way that AIA had I spent 118 S peck to get a return any become better be covered for a president in LPGA someone has been leveling seven annexes to pay pound fell to claim it the data that money back from AOL relief buddies at the flame X the OKL is the thought that counts they still appreciated of a COL, look into that if I have played at like 15 different accounts of each of your ever get back to us Artemis that, had LL think he was real meant for fifth of the videos that role seven in that the city would be contacting an EU Office he losses had their mail deal P LE really meant that the V disk at pressing them all many losses fences of the nation, but that’s a sign that he’s too young man B tactic that T cell LL LL hikes and he expects to win, say the KY. L.a. and start again start nine and five Bernie Diehl for two days and the added that means if the HMO Group of apps pole vault really has not like Bernie YL hunter hunted him and sevenths Elders had group called power revolution six excelled as are many many CI P’s Financial companies LA they really did it does is rigged a day there for the money they’ll then L our revolution out over Charles are the capitalist system please, a charismatic

knife LOO 1 goes on in their mind and how they now have that the im of this stuff every day you know how do you you know how they keep those ideas in your brain without exploding sell move Ariel collar revolution or is it our revolution aerial ballot as they make the debates it as an endpoint Y at harkin’s am a little skeptical of L ADD really focus over bad if this is a bad DL that like an agent Derek there are many more debates after this January 1 so we’re really happy just jumped the shark an awfully good at 11 mod good enough, let him on the debate stage then they have made noise about it in on this be like a lot about the Editor Brian part Idi got rid of the only minority candidate in the race third fishy process while labs and that that make you angered him and home then nine NLSIEA needs to work on the African American and minority in the latino quotes to a confided that should N palm may like a away and I remember this happening to V fit enough ability happens all the time sell their ways to use to turn this into a good thing into an opportunity and I do think, gang is probably working on that right now it be nice if U.S. chess their mail and on top of that we have a war are potential war on our hands, then the impeachment while racial biases, especially among the left and then that argument doesn’t work with republicans a lot of times but with democrats talk about racism of the 11 john P9 PM think we can take advantage of that but it’s the it’s outdated about this stage shows of a wage if they dislike stand outside of the day holiday , had hang out and outside a house is the one that ba, here doing today and talk with average American cancer the questions directly all that’s a great PR thing meant the day’s other for ways to do have their own BB and like Corey Booker and 92 bad cache frozen in the race still can see what it all up and on that stuff that if , I would have my only by the ethics a lot of coordination, maybe the better thing to do this is for him to stand outside a halt in the level of La VA ’cause I’m I’m a minority and you know how the democrats feel about that now limits on here in the D OMB outside here then that pretend that it’s outside of the top with average Americans like they are EL politician should I like fancy chairs on IE Daly La outcome of a nicer way of saying that detail that’s the message I’d S make Garth our deal EN 5 Bernie Trager radial comment see when the media turns against CD release papacy this picture if

kept a real Alar of Mrs. Ryan family and the arts project sell here’s your daily EI Bernie a fully only LM SS one odd is that the right now we are Teemu this is headed in the U.S. and in the media for one LAS is, we’re paying where, giving Bernie himself. He’s very ca of super pact that these are in support of a certain candidate Bernie ZLE not allowed to endorse them bodies of the other hand is nothing he can do about that either writers of designing their says body leaders and nurses union, b it’s a way of four, seven B states to happen Sell right now there’s CI Center pack of power revolution for ages 108 is it at all was interesting C Mike Powell, the Avis B7 packs name themselves read 1:00 AM IMI capitalism is back t the way Elders C pact that he’s getting 11 scrutiny four, accepting money from people would be OL a RL M other reason why people don’t like super backs and use different types of packs up in his corporate PACs you know there’s a so , some organization with a huge amounts of money could the final lot of money in two spat and are you know really home lot of people CF debt influence as a negative thing in the political process seven either way out everybody has a pack of KY even ID and as a super pact that city 94 fund, Joe Biden definitely has a lot for the to let everybody has won enough is really a problematic: E Moore Bernie because C has to be very ideological and he rails again people using this system supported made a Z makes it look a little wishy washy M11 hypocritical in a inside 11 D game because I were these people are they affiliated with the E’s Healthcare foundation , these people the people that , and released this really really bad bad increases flier that they and even the NAACP came out against the Endicott erases is banned ISP 58, fired as is relevant right now because we are bringing back a SP 50 art, California and that IBM, today’s Cali of this is the biggest bill that will help alleviate the housing prices in, California right now so please do supported out the pudding of links, retain that is similar to C, that yang’s out that we do bu and that we have a link that you can click on, get this into description as soon as it comes out that, anyway we need of support in fact the CIS this lame right now you get a runaway excel , a cell that event added that the AIDS informant as its housing stock, but I a revolution radar revolution N has ties with the AIDS Healthcare foundation that put out this and five

SP 50 races flyer annually are all hang out together a curious power revolution write something center Bernie Sanders and his or bath no drug prices four, is this is a bill that he bought a 2016 NBC and speaking out against big Pharma in Hollywood sell its basically survived rom price reform bill battered mean is that it are the drive, and an I D’s falk’s have really really bad reputation , 3/9 and everywhere L had that’s the company said She CORUJB because saw move had Michael Weinstein here, has a reputation, are a lot of people are suspecting that T basically a views the Healthcare System uniting a lot is a lot of money involved with Health Care Associates o rights and that’s how people direction that in the nonprofit world stage is set, corona a bad tidings of five saw this guy FL this guide is the middle of the war suspecting that the IDs in a few dirty things and that the area and solely a areas is hanging out together the CLBJV you know the guy a very I very faint that represents everything that he rails again N their fund eight is the fed a year this year is Dori Sanders decide endorsing endorse a enough only daisies endorse things B7 FAO T’s B is endorsing bob these initiatives that these companies put out usually in their own favor is another one L. .Bernie Birney and our revolution again you know these folks and that this is a little stranger one where all basically day of the U1298, had a condom usage and 4/5 all things they’ll and the IMI MB long discussion were less appropriate amount that the IE their way out bernie’s endorsed it in ice is names is ri MMI dad rejected both of them have rejected one proposition 669 of a solid as a, 1 minute intrusive writing two, , LDAP a soft audit was overreaching because the people whose job it is to have these things, , say that there are guy on safeguards in place and then the only another one that they spent 4.6 million dollars on this test for a two day shutdown whether the public is a reason why now this is as 11 more , you could argue you four and against denial would create a reasonable way and refined easy issues but the reason why the shutdow the AIDS Healthcare foundation mail at 1110 propositions the one which is has a bodices have to do more with dried jumped the co and cell death, every time Bernie puts his name on the eight measure like this even if not you superbly state like California I often visit

, is a bizarre part of the pool his own campaign because it’s like to know if anything the knife anywhere in the world I did is anywhere that you would think that that, that the people on the far left would be successful and you think if the California red and Bernie Sanders should be very popular in Cali of visibility when even the democratic primary L people part as are left as all of you make it big enough to be our lease his su at 80 have even more problematic women you affiliated with groups that do stuff like this is item is not say that is completely these people N.D., They have not been very transparent about it so what are they hiding, a bad suspect that the AIDS Healthcare foundation says they’ve been liked working together for years and years of the problem give and a disciple rounded and be careful waves when you run into some one who is asking for signature make sure we asked them where they’re coming from first , asking for my signature as it were recovered from D and not tell me LAA th FMLY because of AIDS Healthcare foundation has a such a bad reputation that they are leaving their name of bomb of a lot of animation scan on purpose to the L in L.a. Life said cell banks sell had is no one is that unless a year while the lesson here is that Bernie takes PAC money by doesn’t take them that he has facts supporting them read NILE UAA the problem is not so much that he’s taking and then all of his supporters go around telling people that had burned he had learned that has no PAC money supporting ms is no and sell one happens when stuff like this comes out and the voters eliminated, who was one of the Atty. and IBM have really trusted and in R.I move ML said that’s my video for today that sounds good, racking up here but that his be careful what you hear that enough parties not t after burning, endorse Heller claimed something happened and before that their VMS stuff like this on his record, T I do think he was a lot more pure back 10 ms were a lot of people relieved latched onto his seven campaign that he’ll get that same feeling anymore in 2020 ms is because of things like this is the worst but they’ll all the cities are a couple gets out there is a lot and CNS to take care as rent out a rule next door EILLCF in the dungeon and sanctioned the bacon you can appear any more debates O really attended not know that that’s the attitude of Bentonville they really have a lot that they really have some control issues that they really want to control everything others of us in the NBA and LBF 29 two hoping to go too

I would outlast the IMS for a five silos are really tore T, 185785 in the state had closer political burial elegy this is an eight and is a really dorky housing nerd standout, does actually parade is not that many talk about nine ATTN us to do the if if they’re our CIA La if a guy like a lawyer if it’s not a debate that C5, Salem discussion with a private conversation between thr BMG N1000 ever private citizen, and a core booker prices send mail is hanging out having the 9¢ and OMB of these cameras ready that come from a fifth by a wire of the pricey remained at one of the rooms I want to ruin job to go home at that I couldn’t take any video footage that they’re like C Kirk straight there like they’re idea to put your bad IP PCs the 4.88 take your phone and be put in a pouch in the lock it up and one Knowles videos please them and while has released Rick that it was a very informative somewhat funny but mostly serious event fifth that there’s a guy who that is a guy who are using DNA move, they sell followed these people if I had this dad is like a dad us homeless people all the time and deny the bronze the goal of the nonprofit spin on the playing of homeless people in L.a. area designed as a state of emergency and the dollar down trump to declare a state of emergency cases five top of their men and women even seven and am IYO mike ONL is actually on board the fourth, and a 18000 La, planted up to his eye, many had CNN hired process only as 51 ever to say hi of activity N coliseum poker to show that that is fifth AAA agent asap dad is something that the data do something in IMS don’t back down and doing OK now Davis said this week I turn LSD use of a diet would sell to Bloomberg age of five copies of AAA I think I know one of the disaster and housing the HL is a mark Twain prize 10

’cause he’s endorsing and mark Twain prize plus Dave chappelle the coolest NT and is president and the 50 if the RBIS for A sped , Mia generated by himself a 82 , dad broke comments as a base for tomorrow a fifth to get a lot of positive stuff coming out and a little automated seven Steven Wymer that that negative is coming from rain is co that suicide the SS about normal and is a mean anything that the wild bill reed 11 and it announces that the role of EL a bad is that if the CAA is what this is a bad manners scale an old person figured out how to use Microsoft word Danny wrote a long pass letter about how the AGA mesa lost its fifth annual offense message Canterbury loss of 2000 CML 2000 CC was brutal for a long and 30 folks to non ms sat know they really did try to crush it did they really did NR his thing that folk up a lot of people 9999 S is superbly pressed in a GC she was occasion has worked on the 2000 student they if that I was I was a NIEAPL back then and even understand which is going through seven that’s why we’re broke up , they are there other things to that im have been fairly DSL if cell anyway, to talk about the F A skip and the stadium burn eight, CNN said Bernie VERK and five a richer realize what if a

if SA man of La 8:01 PM people like that but the FMLNPOON FL much to be a cousin wanna hear that room surrounded a disco live and in feelings to a TLCO like the trade puts the five burning 2020 in a SI actually positive I E Sanders objects and marijuana lied that the money from them uses K support the men see them are you actually a 1 to 1 people that no one AIDS Healthcare I feel I can promoting them on some level by the ad are the entire thing that the more they can now than the more you dislike them if they are extremely bad though the MN the facts are against you, and a little a little paranoid and this Yang Yang the game of a thing and now can play then that many of the 92 VS: 10 blind, CNET , an 87 and out of a if Daly O FBI came up I came away the greats it is that it is a waste of time again that has been clear that night and a GI particular too much is a waste time five N grade is liked the WB Selma E to burn EL and the IMF galley run into people like Sade as good as, like they are victimhood complex in the bad lookout

that O58, Sanders is pulling right now and so we should NSY we were punching out e-mail we’re pointing out that two because of these respect Bernie, or E is doing very well in the closely divided have backhanded comp the VMS an idea a YUY pledging down ms you know why they were the wearer four OAGA falling on me at 4% annual as a pooling of twentysomething pe why acting like Joe Biden even job ID one and 1. that if fifth comment a wall to some random thought that E Carolina TS 7 year and R.E.M., and one and copied as an input than a year at a share was happening to nine that the alike to get out of the house bank and a a 70 and entertainment as Solaris seven and U.S. should the Los Angeles has a one M off my back away dead a real estate happened is they can give me on my back, especially since next couple weeks the next couple weeks, a surprise hit a ship 11 trolls come out against by channel because that’s the guy caught when the SP fifties: backend of those people are doubts and I know I’m the only eight NLEI 6 I’m the only I and as far as I know I’m the only person making videos about that only are never in a seven , BK eight testing that they’ll hand is Chris Il is studying at in the middle as everything looks like this in everything in its, cool in a sky full for little while but then after are thousands of miles, the same thing does a lot so the idea tyrants say they miss I don’t have a day of choice in a comment nine love of these pictures in these are all the people doing as cool stuff and as a reading L IF at this a play the video game CMLS coliseum to say about the whole way round thing one even you should

the nameless and they LL retreat this ticket the recipient from L of a share its are a head of the strike, a 730 SF1 eighth OK OK all use it values in nine days for UKLOOK fifth OK all usages for you thank you very much texture of the fifth had a 180 credit for eight of a guy put the work easier credit am alive 786 for an IVISL serve a share and winning up his right here EAIECTC management C bad management bad leaders take all the credit for things that when things go to shed nine is located A O it’s a tough and no one at the Y do this but, in the same pictures fraud and footer dns up you are an irony And that’s six, it is is is that it’s a copyright thing and I can do

a bad that C daddy years the delegate responsibility and aahs click PM -1130 am a 30 then move on one of a S82 to Edison Yu a cell had found a L five L credit those two 12 era 58 are uppity like that, they’ll K-help and MLB from all of you a MIT things go to ship the them L.a. and I was a DS her IEML lamy are fifth and that he’s wanted me to ship this kid that’s a good time to give the embed leaders try to take credit for everything mean that he had when things go bad for the good leaders gave every one an ad every one credit and they are distributing the responsibility 80,000 it’s everyone’s fall , VA really giving people free shipped I’m sorry if I should earn that money Y Y1 a YS why he’s so eager to the two sir, to serve the economic system and as a division about two OK SC where is the Eis money for SP 50 SB50 six BF a M. Goodale of PNB Financial ER had EM a ILO and not the Lafayette the AIDS not WGBBI is not, BG that, there’s a lot of one EC Iran and then which you can get through a value added tax in a and one which full pay four are the majority eight back combined with Irene D’s, expenses senate are meant services seven should the work and one on TV and Janet Whitman with this out had CFPVNR 74 SB50 if Arnold L treated like an adult acceptable edition of IBM medically you’ll earn respect a new taxes places price sending those in the weak dollar spent bossie the valley added taxes is the is being used by virtually every other industrialized nation in the world except for us now it’s five and I do think it’s fair bit of a most places is use as a waiter, if tax luxury goods in a badge is a lot better than the wealth tax mail sixth ms of the concerns of time off is NPCMFI valley added taxes ceo of the Serb evils that well packs of a fax me no does , that we should be punishing people success rate that if I’m OK with five in every other industrialized nation in the whirl cents Na PPS compared to a U.S. are now that we are adding that faces behind and about 10

and if you believe that we’re number one in everything we are so bad housing and car halt higher housing policies socks and they’re behind in the technology a time as I have a city of technology are now then you have to be 11 IE to believe that we’re number one in everything we are actually falling behind mail cell that is that’s basically I’m with the decide about it the area house in the U.S. and 2000 cheaper 2000 better than 185 from a country as any compare the housing in age of the one you might be living in im country and western eyes country that was facing the same problems that we are here in the Uni I live in Denmark right now the P N brand is for prayer vigil mad sure if they do I live in Los Angeles and a I live right next to skate a role is a box that TV 1000N2, no maybe it’s there’s about 70,000 homeless people wandering the streets right now in Los Angeles is wandering around the harass me every day ID have that problem in Denmark six because she had genetic the city of KLA to that discussion fifth of a , how many millions the RPMS put it in a percentage of KB have 810 percent increase if they had a loss sent to the CIA said the shooting new mail and not the guy had 12% increase in homelessness issue that is not go L is flocking knots and ICAAC and has other ms CSU a homeless escape homeless can skip bigger and bigger every year and NDA thank you are working housing politics right now and then go to City Hall of 9000O97 is talking knots and made a bid of best because the Peres said they’re homeless CD now that is like not true at all is that not true L 70 to 80% of the homeless this population here it is, they are needed and 88 and jay leno’s that’s a myth that some if anybody into that of Zaire dismissive four they are people out there playing out false information today to one a deal with the real problem here in the mouth of a judge L HSAIAA been looking acts, some of the Il 38 high of three Ai said is that it always cool pictures area via scenes like these are fairly well in a La La Sakai FA three us some other things are saying L bed bath FOMAL right now the U.N. 90 states is not doing so greats mail and no believe the hype LBI C.s poll puts a lot of money into propaganda of telling of the world that while USA is number one , a lot of problems here that, Tolt deporting off N BMI even the medium and sell maybe grass is greener on that aside fifth SSI hear a lot of good things about 10 mark L ideologically some other like nine that we have here an icy everyday man I see it every faulting they had is that people begging for me for money added 11 Japan ago to Japan and the homeless guy there has a bridge in I is umbrage to hang out and nine

A PM at one homeless, if in the whole trip to Japan this past couple weeks until all the edges of COD god that it at CNN OM actually Kia pair played a 4449 EI. If you fifth week we need to build one the need to build more housing and all governmental regulations is part of the problem I agree L it doesn’t matter how that officers there is no loan would then sell misinformed oh my god and Ila fear that a length of a Los Angeles to a bed us look at Los Angeles this to get satellite UK the LNG as a leader Maffei views this maker now had not sure actually AL think there’s that are regular the only place that real body ASCS the problems that could block all these homes A’s are zoned for single family that 6070% of L.a. is zoned for single family homes in only two of these homes on 810 house one family where all the apartments where all the duplexes where all that the whatever’s as crazy as crazy O uniform and is a red is so we’re not making good use of our LAN write down every five A. Dolan tell people had we needed a more partisan like no guess I thought maybe not in my backyard special people here are the worst, and these people here Westside people and what has caused that he had no use of 118 era no what the solution is any more apartments we need more condos and Eda we need mo the race people here at the Westside airline of all do that the Zak, we had a one to them via pork ale and all the apartments and ship are on the side in downtown which is where I live actually but all the jobs are here to the slyly has terrible traffic people are living around here and in the commute to the jobs are here in everyday and are not the hit seven it’s a mess but I you guys do things in Denmark may be a similar problems announced this really decide which you might complain about densit you applied NL parking lots everywhere had five MB added more comfortable with density in a TSONS a weird because we actually had 38 of the solution ready to build more housing has a lot of people say that’s not possible Utah settlers have been hassling too many people online all we can accommodate those this time in the Assam of this too far for a lot of people do you have to like commute by 5 hours a day on the body wants to tha a look at the Kent CML P’s side of the C all I could get jobs see others like tech companies, all over the place your ballot in read their all single family homes were the apartments mail are added a life here and there are read that we’ll have enough this is his promise fully saw we can solve is right now but La and it does a politician’s said they also asked if all that they all said the deal a tiny back to this channel A back to this channel one this channel is this is ISB 50 will solve all of this e-mail

has been 50 years, some of this one is gonna do is that it’s going too allowed construction, party complex near transit centers like real land, and buses and, L ’cause ’cause it dividend of housing any worry my eyes of La B error, public transit Selby will have to drive at 10:00 at the fi the quicker we are forcing people to do right now 20 started your sound is shipped fifth Los out that the L’oreal and this is not the 80th help role Bernie channel in fact if the MM video about to put out this is the time being I feel weird begun to which has five councilman that which people are burning folks and I don’t think they may know what they’re Ernie has PAC money LI did anybody has PAC money is the only ones that are not being honest about it in a IF F8000 OT Woodburn even more learn about him and aside from one meant family has a like a strong supporting 13 ship OK had EA am not in the wrong about that guy does have a disagreement on, I think three ship would actually be good for a lot of people in a Americans work too hard and am convinced that if they dare the shady situation it’s their fault lies not sure and then that system is against you seven the right bus a letter of this five you get when no one ECSF people forgetting meant as dead people for get that to T participating capitalism 8718 even one apple 8000 that in a week at the body starts a monopoly would zero lead one of you can even get started and that there is no game sell the ms monopoly when the past goalie and only get to like about seven days to keep things interesting mail five EOB 91 of the one a start a business union money sell it is one of two ways of getting money right either have money by B born into it that he can to get a job right as another way that most jobs at the bottom they’ll pay enough to even a correct these days seven hurry to take out a massive loan bail and the MTV base of like you never started a business before side, so you need initial capital in our descent business sale the 89 states is very very expensive to start in the business say he probably need a visa hundred care about human and they prob U.S. side of brick and mortar story DL ad about 750 grant hill said 150 randy MF, money sitting around at had blood if you do good too good for you you know you’re rich for fifth most people can afford that actually jump at depending on the nine and caught good things about Asian that in Japan you can start a business for around 50 grand island city in a business license, plays his rents are so cheap there and even busi SIFOKC of these small businesses everywhere in spades 5255 male designs ID their services in the right way and main

IMI just talking out of harassment seven 5th in the mind of a money now even conservatives agree with me in the face of that starting right face five L Marceca bird wrapped out of Harvard EL those connections I work in the AAA work in the startup world that they suck the annual of the first eight people do you when they started you start a company they raise money now worry that that money La fee without us a YEMO house soul and Intel get talking E C’s they’ll sell 1S81 and L fifth NILM 1 AM 1000 you need additional capital to start a new business at issue is how it works and sell it depends one that I had business anyone start a geek act is Starwood nothing you know you need money to make money that this is how the world works in Sellwood to get the ball UPI announced at a lot of the gaze of people if FL 11 stability they can live off of MMI the ad is a great theory of a SMS fare as fair seven L SCIAI, one to scout the idea they need to work hard raid DB to work hard and if started in the biz is not easy but the DFSE Whittier half 89 and you’re like endanger all line using your whole livelihood , because of higher rents and none can make your payments SS doesn’t help down so we believe that everybody eight everybody eight that having a bottom line is a Sabah safety net for every one is actually good for capitalism go it can’t work for everyone you know not everyone is that of easing seven , Eric S5 LOE we half and 3/5 we disagree on some things but L.a.. Half of lawyers say cell yeah I do think regulations are being overdone the session United States I am a lot of UPS and coming to my channel were sick of the regulations you guys have read second they seem like a Americas is like paradise where they can do whatever they want is not sure either Neenah WI LL of regulations a an icy allotted and housing in so many rules forbidding housing that seven predicted the right, every film IT and then attract check out this Lawrence 10 days, B and gang bill to nine,, then mayor may not happen she’s alone predictable did not. That if

MK gold build some apartment blocks the Asian mastery 9 June sixth th had the KI may have learned the one I learn how to have build more housing all you have to do you is that the Federal government controls only calls say I am an OS the Japanese but the Japanese on a system is superior to, an EL Two American wants because if face the actual even more liberal which a democrat shed like but that wouldn’t do is they left the Federal government the controls of a command said inundated 10:50 more detached right in the fetus of a KLO A’s is a weird the weird it is talking about that but any way that IE the point is 5:00 PM United States alleys of all like what how it is worrying if one bomb killing his control Saudis IMI value of EB a a weird way N fifth death of MAIL Kelly is controlled on the local level in the United States has been a disaster is like one of the super consoles , add the one that apartment, casting a shadow O over nine A single family home 1959 men no PDC of homeless people running aroun and if you a fault and these are democrats now both democrats than republicans art UD seven 51 of the Federal government be like a cat that channel to the apartment over there and we need to make enough housing four to t under out apartments of K. Mckay consider that fifth air of IE people in L.a. apartheid about that because I we have earthquakes they now can’t take anything called not take anything at this point where it’s a later may and then I have to go but saying talking to people on the on the right eight so bad in ali’s we’ve made 11 of progress

that, and the Bernie people to a Dallas and not they need to decide they care for all wise and Yang gangs plan exactly like Bernice Platt Y is a Y being such end on Bernie Inouye YU , ML 1 even say that rate second , cucumbers eight dish world too many shadows L584 people that Mia Vida say that but the DOD if you’re feeling it mail gallaudet-politics that out, indoor farming vertical farming in other that they are solutions to a lot of these things are rated as five call it a one F 10 good luck Gangly baghdad’s play then let’s play DVD of the names , say they reduce 76 to give up and a device that’s a good idea to their sole many good ideas that were not doing the Dataquest report ID 88 ideas about what to do with the house agrees for the ending all the time and allow you read its do it every body is correct age and that LN fifth of Il and slide of AMA that is true that you play video games on location in im Asian seven , a day what is this game configuration was the neighborhoods and no one and you know every time we say that spelled but only NFL X91 of the lockdown that they and buil and need to know they have earthquake comes days prominent display crumble anyway in some cases CDs are two LAS aside people in now inside one of the change anything because changes that N, Selma believe out , we leave a Poly’s O deal at the tape buildings that are in desperate need of upgrades and we’re overpaying for it to know where overpaying in some of these houses casa De $1,000,000 this is the worth that much on t cell we can win 25 for the first half way you play this KB for fifth Bosch exited out like this is the first of 99 model is the first 59, I am opening this out comment and move besides complicated man of OSF can handle this a game that gave way to pretend Michaela stop this is what it is a master bed, pa fighting game Il RT BV about the judge and seven doesn’t the best video 15 FAM 11 two problems of the audio levels spent have a gal you miss that you’re too busy denial of mail warranty canvassing right now genteel why you watch TV instead of canvassing renowned 11 disappointed in you and that side

fifth LN of I feel bad about that these are the one that I should be there should be with their way you guys OK they would I can this all morning and afternoon but you’re not doing a right now judge LYYY us saying in an eight by you out and buy a taking a break from don’t you want AGA to win, why you are deceptively easy S Smith fifth at OMB that IE and take a break and the divert out the F exactly our kids don’t bother with the far left ear, and BFI which I really believe is in the try to cater to the far left function of a spur to like that people don’t want people to one Greece and now I need is being real people don’t one burning specially the people on in the more the moderates’ rights and is MGM was a way and we have to win over the moderates that these hall B the way we get repeal of R. Coker a wrong David polish or even LEMDC Bern E’s campaign is a lost cause enlightened age and with those folks inches, which are time but it’s it’s the infecting if they’ll I do think that it’s I’ve been playing out the burning as they do think im: ADM against a burning side to his five LN and Friday in a comfortable with that because they’re sold eight in themselves the understand negativity sell limited, PF Pa Blake T DEF SOAA are here early ISI missed it decks of Soledad the add a carousel men said a few people way an IMF to the ship works as Michael Weiss scientist is unforgivable the odds that decide it’s a really laid and then they rarely talk about this before a I’d sell is a 78 as a wall BUD time and we’ll see what cell where pretend that this is CUU 2 ADL , start a game and see what happens I have no idea what I’m getting into top A error one that is is that so they started five is rival DDS projects on the ND playing this game Connie N10 the game if I had no idea what it is the one it’s about someone has suggested to me they sent me the lengths of my fear is, they played out O I can’t see anything this game is very Alfonse not sponsored OK woo has too fast and can read on a vacant lot of super lot of dead is really locked help dad OK if it does really lob fifth highlights skip this and they then my had and deserve options

LMINFK cheese’s fifth of the ms in parts of King David they did not give those really loud that that you’re a MN the game and some 10 so they added 35 L that they were on the street that this KB 35 S but it is an early Alfonso you know that idea, some slack about that 91 PS26 to one pitch tents and in one of a possible 1:00 AM I have two to this day of Adelaide there’s a I weigh no more 7 May have two genocidal could have had checked with LSI is the fighting end of the center one meant to differ one combat excited is is that 1000 volume volume is OK as they Don USD move it dead , and this is eyes a little I the intensive, head of a great day the computer seven day 1 to 9 his weapons day IDs some kind if the day of the silenced a pistol, La turn, the real bad at GM looking like any Asian cancer and they’re no date to sell me a good back and play had a good play the final game two later on if Eddie the one about two of Galilee have one weapon OK seven shift is wrong that it would lessen 1000 leading fifth MO 5 UBI checks to the glowing day of office is trying a im tales a ILNEI skating in the way and a 10 KSL a DVIK are as objects say this is the world FM is that the store PF is still be in world have a real AFL happy the Ins is one lady Aggies try to project at that prevent the where is everyone every one is like a scared their endurance five error there in hiding from DI am assuming concealed carry for all citizens the I no comment if im ODF Dole should O.J. a president that’s bad hours said that it is hard to know why cant seem across your L th I lost of a Su better this time they are is there a team option added one added to a day seven OA Paris other weapons when a wise and working 84 see an assault rifle that says sniper rifle KO K’s other is that there’s across ear thank god they and other than the one doing and what is this a shop and of course in a fifth one to the music event

at 71 is that it’s a shield they like that and doll meal a day late AM and five and filling, the compacts for the IMS afraid of MMM days are free and then modify her of a farewell side had a nine U two’s game seven I use the biggest and I no one I like shotguns jack has taken a very low skill was I always t age Friday had payment Riady 11 are tactical assigned I is 88 copyright strike event, it’s five L five bank take FBI to $80.00 jobs that the Isa ISP wish I could, if had a day it’s a little far too many uses sniper rifle a eight eight LA L I is hard and it’s all cracked 18 year and even these evil OCFAF IM sorry folks at 9:00 AM representing AGA very well here and a bit hard the eighties chain controls a shift is round controllers, crouch parole wheel button and robots are waiting to use a controller to pay a one , I get out here, I quit with a quick content they won’t let me stop it one asap playing on health of USS how they do that , they do that one would put us at the OK G’s for 38 good LOV swim meets the needs, 787 a game and tries this out , VSCOM arial did a good , why is it will be so slow to a sedative NT and that brings out of her name a I like roommates because of a cake no name and and nine FYZ not because they’re running before , I’s until we get not the case is fourth in YZ seventh to be four he was running in the eyes of running a a chef today in IE’s running ship to Ronald KN main I need to quit section 82 11 , I skipped skip design happens and you’ll pay attention today,

but if Alex play multiple the tracks together a SSC missile patrol fifth ms force quit it , guys playing multiple display multiple the FAA they I’m sorry ever 1:00 AM looking down 92, change my input two of something that got you play am deeply fallout so I have au no one and play a little bit first precisi the longtime Dole a seven and two are E pine did two things that I am comfortable with and sue the school chum a one , it won’t let me do that and they the , says pick whatever the LC as 1.62 as the one I played and fire one fire 253 walla that’s too much seven X a assuming that’s the area of 38 crowd should move from nine is it OK if I just to the same thing or IMF and Ronnie Ames , probably in and out this part later reload Merle four enroll after a YM Kennedy that it’s too complicated to a lot actually , do this , he then added, as you move LB and the high you click the gay and that is a very important th FA stop the game from running in does not tell you I am game of the faced and trying that I is this side of a way to win no it said or the resolution allow L , it actually prepare this 1:00 AM permanent start over this video anyway, 999 computer is not really a gaming computer seven NE I thought when no one FB of a baby and it is a better off fifth is headed up sitting right here has tried this but with embarrassing myself and ended about that , may deny sitting in full screen, and in full screen then in the

air races my a KB as product is, get for now the real and if a Gary L then an attack came here as well fifth , is nine is a happening to nine DB and close of stuff of my other one second a little arial take two are a L a ride this is right for the Indians projects im 11, configuration issue seven have few minutes ago who worked at the ad cop and is the first time I play was a second timeout, the dead leaves the one BMW game about AG gang which is signed ball was dating UPI is a different from that, the fighting game that came out over the outbreak sell his company when you have a and UV azide KAI said of all the controls year will CIO Sonoma for the most garden, going into will see what happens and is the best I could do I could do even when no more jazz cell that they can keep my face camp here whe the Everett and everything said it had turning up a bit OMV 6 fifth day robots are guarding the mailbox is no death base OS enough of a well , the audio balance the needs of the work that it is enough up cell that skill the room, didn’t tend to nine and where’s the money resident and it’s a little out seven and turning down a bit now in a less that would play the game that the game of them was way to Lawson and 10,000 orbits LN had put that, taken the description below save you do not download and this came on the road if you want seven ko K it’s not it’s a little easier army you play a sound that I change my controls and, KLM use of this and I do this and this but may work in the day the music is a distracting to be honest spent they never had a Osijek and take these guys offer far away a diskette is actually fairly hard day out under City Hall hardest games in the fifth , a DOS calling gang venue, , as all the references here or is about eight wears a light eight 81 of any real

eight states felt state still the buff fifth OMM had the mouse is really hard to control by the way his time DS game of a of a wealth is a quirky and 70 try and you what they try an assault rifle and car was blocking the added one even the fireside as amount had AI J8 that won’t read MF sixth th F I mad at us the Vanilli say that an omelet is a how much like to be said I need a runaway eight Dana runaways day CL F a U R’s E, 70 play this game four and Selma that put the shield had his heart in its only had to add S 1:00 AM one of them they excite the shield is awaiting L two little hard to C A and no one seems like the Nevada gaming and that’s not untrue that the B dead and now also made 11:00 P I didn’t I can do this again in this didn’t deny a surly 38 and can’t have to be careful about the ad says that are your life recovers his caddie careful L a K a real and shares some of his much better at this can find a faster way to do this but two MIL too many first in these are a Aydin of people says five male nude men E first two games won’t get running a can rattle of this, a kid as the downside to tackle Ryan it to shield at least as it seems like jack crouch either Selma that the consent of the T walleye weight and then. L second gal I love my EDI MPL a YUDI checked K9000 bucks a month and others only event where is ideal of a mosque L I like any ms they they could a IL LOF is a lot easier with the shields, unlike session up after him my first check enough 11 more confidence in the game a fifth of his other than my confidence in the guys that has pretty fast depend as a denny’s hart mckinney’s gold in a that’s out that subleases working video game or a minute 81 with a different color of a cutout cannot cut that out in the T are IF said they’d had the move their

press E to deliver $1000 a class secured the bank FDA is growing BIES deliver the check to the mailbox a rare is the mail about cooling mail O a way I see a state of ad a day and others had theirs M life mural to talk to any Mandela said that one of his songs for fifth wasn’t a song that they have high you ride I’m scared me nice she had I should have the red ink save some time that the that my shield is a leading the CB alive are now in L there’s another bout is in one mail about aerial IA stop it there you are a cell the real question is you know the real old EL I’m sure this is what everyone stay here and now 10 BI about Smoltz analysis should I start and the same these spots should be like am heard of AGA I know you’re busy China should be in such an overriding issue as envelops a moth and those who have one word is that I made a copy and then that pull out some of their ow nine OMSI the two said his music is really getting V denounces really again would do it and nmb’s of different weapons and what is this what does a sniper rifle which didn’t work out so well because my mouse is that they shot 10 shot, KAMFSO S2. Am deliver $4000 L R1000 dollars@four months at 1002 Montserrat to where I live, and one day German department a La costs about $2500 and skating worse guys are at five and jealous and MGM up playing this game ends and wedded to the other one select from afar NNM KLM try a try a site even from all see him as I know you’re not the only one then I lost a lot of friends and dating game, sources tell the 1990 and your friends is certainly one is billed as the god L not cool day there is a case like from afar and 80 dale tried that they look at my 89989 AM 5199 mosser are a slightly modified jumps around, to get them they like rockfish and help out that anything is a deal A SBUB Eddie heard at MGM he’s a rival president and democratic party laid out NIOUI L.a. live one added concerns as a IE box you know FBI and the problem of humor Jeff B cells 10 if the Los, tell me that I don’t take it personally because I know you destroy the edge of the elissa may I bought person BIL really care about Japanese also agent basil’s is like he only reason why doing this is going to try the CD rom yourself and your EI bought family now

sell them to think that when $1000 some of you could im the great fame and you’ll have to do this work here L Selway from the marriages said L and as a little awkward that were shooting each other and answered, but are headed as I am not doing so well fifth in the days along with the shooting that sniper rifle thing that DNA the NL I think a dad wealth baghdad’s MPS maybe there is depth of th well yes 1000 dead dad so mad I was so close of a cell a wave of movie SO N ML back to original plan called a CD and escape two times I no way focus those are issues of strata EN the box to no one had it so happened that AOELIA you are shooting at us to a five N given a summer for winery have their had made ESI have 1000 buyers and modify the job a better job in the Sunday of the NSSI feel when all that rules come into my, channel talking about entire housing stock in L.a. 98 become am a yell at you and they live out and hired the MMI making this a bell groups like AIDS help you are a nation they hired desperate actors to yell at you and political events and they like they don’t do that NNM you talk to them and prided a five alum dale Davis shipped out sixth of a sudden job of an e-mail yelling at you seven I need to focus a cell to as your question ba the way they hang beats wins the nomination is that he does very well in the early states any of the polls don’t really mean much these days they made a little bit has is hard and is not easy yet have some skill me also move, seven 1st person shooting skills really do this, I am every day of practice seven a bed like the thing is the cell Yang is not that much to behind me now we are in a 5 to 6 person race right now with anybody can take a 8:50 PM Friday by d our combat, C9 L twenties thirties it could be an upset of sit in on this happen before the past Terry E john Kerry was only a 4% in the end of a 9 December sell is either DC at eight at O50, that table on focus time Selway five AGA can pull off an upset in the for a couple of early states that he could take the whole thing for real FAA are the most often is like I like gang that any U.N A navy has an answer to that any 11 LBJ SS and when locked in a hilly Hathaway and all the early stages as in real E Wellington maybe one or two of them and not and then of super Tuesday deeper level of Ten Colwell IGN David Nye the Hampshire of, well he did NNIS it is all over

but to the left down to the right Sunday saying that the KM back to the gang in the box now the box you and your bought family EL ½ to do is she a job like this CD you enjoy shooting at strangers on the street treats of this sat out of 87 S, fun at first but N united is every day and then of an like 111 wears a reward system reward would you rather start your own box small business are something out selling block parts are there some 89 no doubt sorry a siren five, a file not being culturally insensitive at nine as saying there’s a better way you now there’s a better way of had is in a maybe eight concession yet people we could B doing something more productive like working and the factory or are nine, Garrity cooler job see dead box can do the LME could be working for the medical industry Barry LK 1000 acts Ila valued as a job and then you know you have to ship my face I understand says that a personal added area out I OEM crapshoot PI I’s Akashi eight FC if everything is a crapshoot everything is not a B very very are unpredictable seven AM and CF bought over there he could above the iaea watch it L LAE, Don two, medical school NDIEDII healthcare researcher and all it’s a real think they they are using a iron out two out and try to provide their diagnostics L so would you rather work and at john ensign shooting at VL seriously come on and is try to get some may L try to get some may always handed my EDI check them on AXL of a IL and star for being real bad at this came about as the best I can do right now they have the money I are AG and we have the money down to whether the school and go to medical school , La vie was about I would want to issue a subdivision the job many sites hang around and walk around the streets A 70 C is Asian and walking around and shoot his face and am I a K 9955 LL a TI about school 15 , any more to life in this e-mail is a V a 5080 were sixth yeah right he did as a boy with a minus a party have ended at YO high for different things in the campaign that a lot of things have changed but, the campaigns seem pretty confident that they can take them at Yale AMA looking J any further than that, nine, and, it’s really really hard 22 two game with the same , said e-mail aid at 1:00 AM the day more and too much too dies expect that’s not a good you said is I fish and use of energy rocky road a yard seven dodge the bullet seven assists as fair as a detail made it a day

the added a good medical report one and one other OPI could work for the garment Rene, IMI like garden read today July help him, efficiency programs you know sell docs are real great for that you know what it pays better and in ID get your EIAI Health Insurance cell that LLFN La said the finest job where am used me I end up shooting Janet LIGNNN are needed the dead shot back in the 910 it said at a nice story , AMS 3000 L th I really love the disabled AM EST NNM of the motion leave acetate and then winning and securing the bank here , you can get in public housing in watts messed up in California building, the public housing is illegal one acted dad is one KL Dave Sanders on the 9U8 out talks of negative things about him that I need a support public housing and that is on on many public housing because public housing, there’s no market, 1000 male ability that there is going to touch a development project gave the day of the tenants are only paying 15100 bucks a month in rent if enough is no way they get profitable it’s impossible @E, 1000 even if you’re capitalist you should agree with that but we can even do that to us where rents are so high that this is messed up and is a Tennessee three of public support IAF ML 2 ML of the specific strategy for Nevada pollard was that they feel pretty confident that they can take Nevada and so maybe eight paradoxically in a that’s why he’s not there is much as the AEA, the California E AG and does not come come to California except when he needs money for a wake up to seven cell take that for wood UL A they dismiss this again to be careful, one of DOS of these rioting and the e-mail said today there it is scale of two more is that it is appealing, a I’m skeptical that like this one and I’d hang around some are they five trips a day that 2800 New Hampshire doubt if they have added in the one that I said he had that the MN interview two, five town hall went, seven people on the far left and 980 not like his answer of housing and I went I weighed fifth of KM of MMM got to us begin a few things about housing two, Oakland skates to sell did so that is MGM the game how close the lake, that description LF insert watching and ISS even excellent a day care best thing about this game is proud of the music fifth , a move that adding a movie a cell with skating lay eight Jan C what’s going on with the game

, one to go out tonight if they could give not bill might happen to say it with you guys the great Thai curry OMS Osgood key to it I am nine the hungry two im you a really well , actually covered in action that is this interview red I remember I LB Goldberg was like all my daddy are so great that hits popping out of my eyeballs for a perceptive, SX deal early said that aerial burial of the R OF MGA game that’s played aviation make it more , IBM good and you did had thumbnail they divide as a DSS at 10th and mazes, the generic the fifth the first resolution. L edges malls and for five IMS amazed that it exists EL weary a Z are wary is of very AZ game ever as garden five is like a movement came to Harold A does is to guide their dissident

as permit was peripheral thumbnail houses said post if it had a puzzle 827 a HO K’s ON the 21 salted Indiana had ID is what happens if a juror of six FTB 10 AM Monday they have to make a thumbnail, 98 a better winning a that the discrete shops Indiana OK had Mr. Peak IFO S a lot of it all play that were in a real that’s really really the aisle about crop the 1I1 COL five P feels about that LP has allotted tart ships now that he doesn’t doesn’t the people know about with a LDDSTIN and they are in the Midwest uses seven of 8000 easy for me there now , my e-mail a fifth had the two the right one is going on here and NFL shouldn’t they , and say that are , to look like it was not it is something until a OM today’s date is nonsense and thought it was known that it was attacked, and click us not the DN removed it, it S eighth th

depth by MF to hire people like that because liked ran amok of conversation on time mail cell strewn with N make sure a dive edges. MIITI use it as a way to talk about more stuff than as a way to go try to the point even more now had his cell only issue is more video game one 66 is a first five games into which might actually be relevant key words the 285 New Hampshire polls tomorrow, then New Hampshire BOF if 25 and 982 checked my investment two committee that while three DK it’s help anybody by my six lax at lake buzz going on with this a summit would buy a lot of you, had a look at 11018 I do that fifth is this is odd as a ZMENDFKMEDF IR N, eight, 98 , can I get to the original post here you market in saint , i.e. one not Colin L eight SB at 11 cents a guy De La added by all the stuff Italian fees of 3¢ food at LVA should the pie a Y10 L

LPA is the goal down anymore soul upside sign a way of whole idea was that they put in 1000 bucks if 22 out an NFL bit super lot TNN, make $100,000 that doesn’t work like that’s a very easy, that buy shares fell highlight 5 to 7 me go back to my bash four a Paris today by ES fell yes 57 competition year to run undercutting me I’d had 15 cracked Lotus shares moved anything about this can’t be the key word came first MTA six and that, it said but there’s no ABN NA and if you do not make the official list apparently just like them to hang me a backup defeated me of keeping him out that with this appeal to that of Iowa and try this place just for fun posters are really May 11 hour free F De La Renta a day would solve Sellwood shell of these people are willing to pay more to O the likelihood LB day and then coming to this is is the law are now because see a cell one at the competes might have two of the deal upon the idea of buying 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM for one said fifth and U.S Cellular ways not like PM and get the L9999 at 1¢ fair enough

to one a 10 to tell the ace at 810. I’ll they’ll keep them their e-mail L sell price 2¢ the way put maximum five price 2¢ a night went by this worked as a as celibate for both by needed at the same prize does that mean that I did have four houses that were , of ad spending all day doing this, the issues by this out the 456-9999 1000 is a user funneled a sixth S5 days of 4% a rise by at all this gag touching that had the had a selfless L-D12 cell that made eight nine MM ms PLO LIGA is not gonna win anymore , and then they might get desperate and then be like ms IOC these folks here if sell the shindig videos telling people that the NEA’s not, when only DM the fifth FMLSC weapons had moved good P interested, one to pick up 27 and TV competed E

as it did too much into too much time copyright claim Y and a second base and music if a look some one that actually weekly in this fifth are now retreated that that shared the 70 vale bank one then let’s get this out that happens if I set to premiere and then I’m also lashing that same time as a nine FIMIMB 2 different streams going out of the two companies intend they Don L. Cole EL that Nicole E if India said F Fay if if if

the policy and the man wants to probably move my ms fifth in the background over there and that is actually relatively clean over here that had a chosen 2.9 S where one can see it that is sending attacks are friendly and Kurt L2 of the campaigner down she needs to take an easing of the rape FFAO she feels better if nights L what’s happening if one days off and YZV also listen to the same music over and over one a is anything you have

is that is that you would enrich the list I’m a robot and proud of is that sell me that the LL they say that Yang Yang Innes, have happened to night’s room and the ms stop shooting ended 78 to 4 and moved to something going on over to regain the mob in full production activity stops im prod and the bad rates Bia EI prediction N scouts from Ottawa was that great way to lose a shipload of money terrarium risky action they had it is on live on KO, the better to do right now as it has secreted nonprofit PF if for six is that a sheriff fifth ms shirt as it even at AM 1 TA Wright had

a T10 AM needs of all is OK 10:00 AM Baghdad Kennedy was like NDA was a giver of three ship them like a YOBF fifth at the admin Ali you move the game tied each other we disagreed right, like, do you as the far left people move leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, Y and believe that an IDs from my walk on the Moon and the FAA the same age as confusing how that that one B Derr disagreeable basher fifth A.L. anything and billing across Cano my dad that I Marty their LAISCSKS out the anbari 2016 may be that 2028 to 2020 Bernie no way they are way that eight S. Knotts, even can MX of the leading candidate is against Bernie Sanders sell into a double streaming URL double streaming doubleday paid nine is enough from Denmark is the friend and one ML babies that mark LMOMO of side 85, Denmark System it just isn’t out L ASA really ready lobbying bill gets the coffee and I feel I have overdoing it L I days talking about days from Denmark that they got its start thanks for the correction bodies been lying, got six A.L. it said then that Bernie peeler sold misinformed and no 19 Denmark Ian fifth the day while this is my excel one thing I can do anything about it now that maybe later

two people Friday to 3:00 AM I’s Knotts by the flock could win a house a no to an bizarre pride is a problem with your full platform misses a out of touch of Solana touch and entering this, little is is the and let’s hear out a day that this is a problem with their whole campaign she tells costs by 2000 housing people one thing and then use a YY 92 a, D for the nine climate people and then she doesn’t think about how the two things are more could be moved to a policy on the issue as a team of really care if it is te is more are regulations and out there that I’m Mary V2 dead housing construction of not yet fully funded at FoodDay depth bob isvs name of some said Monday that some funding that I tell someone was responsible for that, did you like is there so many things wrong with this in all and is washes, when they now it’s really like S80 about this action, talk about warning about is that a lot of things going on when 185,

and they did you talk about don’t if at all hazardous place to start moving to seven, water retention are SL is a lot of things wrong with this whole thing which is 71 they are in a severe housing crisis right and 75 N ML into said EMI Kavanagh say this mail from that and the routers are renting Ira L KI Vito about an updated ms of Littleton as they all are one this is ride for the Indians projects LI haven’t talked about Elizabeth ward for a while, 10 had a demented a few things and FS, La MY SM nice things about is that more and one she’s very smart she’s a very skilled politician NIG relieve better housing plan is not that L.a. riots third for housing seven, si Y80 fall video and this is the reason why don , actually like warren because for housing plan is feral E taro mandated actually does identify the problems of the solutions co but, there are some issues with the way she handles politics which I have problems within this is why I don’t support her mail is OS by I is one GG business and other Meyer ministry issued no new houses are betting seven last year carbonate role and selects you an eighth

OK sell had enough so that if you’re in for a specially Harmon person that the LSOMA Solomon, Nuys but this is a very here it is really a mole mannequin everything wrong with Elizabeth Ward’s campaign LY is that we are as sever , homelessness has gone up 12% and I this is your loan into the Los Angeles area is nots in eyes out of control that bothers as speaker of the panel there who, Brian Z not had a nonprofit organizations designed to help the homeless people and E one’s really the Federal government to decl in Adobe no housing construction under my administration unless they are are part of the troll bade comes across is being pretty NI 2 for her to suggest that were have put out another layer of requirements choose to build more housing is a little bit, but attacks like the thing is housing construction and complex that California is our E3 wealthy costs like about between 507 $150,000 to make one unit and the main reason why a itself as it is because, under regulations to now is the insane casa production of the joys of rents bodies problem worse and IIII different way it’s kind of, faces a satellite TV eighth in a similar thing to one Davies, you write, where they like about everybody should have B sand CC n ballots sounds really not spent each year are people say these things all time in the media all the time in like the City Counci I do think he allowed that people buy defy progressive weeks which include said Bernie as well , NL CY E within these mail solely as a plaid about housing 90 elected a lot of people IOC of the videos of an AK reseller Ed gray has a lot of ties and in in a lead relaying, the storing toxic wastes RT thing that goes great were were wearing a word you think that effort if the gov’t is not allowed to , wordy thing ballet does all that most of all income communities in on there are, gathers evidence that’s a Sanders has support of thing in Vermont error and a V state in one then storing that stuff in their state some of the day with a shaken off places l about this your problem 9,000,000,091 30 am said about that in those states, you’ll see it being covered in the media too much b ISO had moved acts out Sundays 10 with the warren bob is a problem four because she E is when you put the two and two together right she tells the housing people like us that they’re and you need to build more hous

from the four write this is gonna make it a lot they could take a potentially make it very difficult to build more housing area time that we need more housing sell her two plans here to contradict each other and we’ll no worse you really cents to writ , similar way fare on Health Care plan of this is also named other example of a people not really trusting of comes out of her mouth because while I do believe she has good intentions , if she is try and play both sides and then does it is a really consisted of a lot of her ID SMI, O do you really know she’s go actually get things done as this C always claim some good been read seven SS 185 CS a LK Baker fashionable girl thing in history had Ian fashioned is EL invited money tends to be interested in fashion usually not always , it depends to cultural painted can’t sell theirs that if wonder they had a C1 the ineligible of L N is get this thing out. They’ll fit , and in making a shipload of video itself fifth is a good tactic eight 99 spending good use of like five N , said sell you may never sure quite sure us sat back, this respect,

they laid out about loser and had this is a random person and they , they the rights of the net for easy person while canvassing and am happy and scale in one outside of Possis the 98 a pulpit of our data as typical NT six B1011 that’s bad that I always say most people are reasonable that is not a bad is the most atypical YA at ms assignation thing is a level not seen a youth the ID is a possibility that is I have to say that a lot like that L nine

10:00 AM at Jc M housing all five of Selma class cases of us scare me that private schools, and they EFBI C.s M much meant so that people can change that a few of people are just, like this than angry of timer you please stay that way and the off a lot add nine as a love story site at everywhere amounts can depress a dad ad scar streams work pretty well count in this dry around talk about random things really an oral yell at me a price if I drive a car keys any of sheets cars seven if fifth, Donna Campbell even driving a car L

L. Mendes I feel about the move and 5000 people on that people can agree on one thing I have real tests at the navy’s because aside they have nothing to lose to know they’re not aware his hands were like we’re not we’re not asking you sell your house and Anthony another garments of love, not all your hous you to be more OK with laying backs to apartments I don’t think that is, a big ask LLP bad bad debts unreasonable to ask him about all men they really just don’t give a ship, ms is a dad are hurting th in the process it’s the two more men this class is seven did exactly they’ll realize LP and selfishness ominous a seven L his Allies it was the lies that I remember which is she seems like ISC LISLIPN A lookup S cookies cookies that either bubbles as they deploy the cages if the MN NT six bad on every level it’s like everything is bad that there’s nothing like that there’s nothing good that comes out engaged everything worse on a bipartisan way but he acts that it’s still there

sell cookies for Yang , Y a share this value stocks but the 1000 get back in the Aggies had movies had an olive, from places like over exaggerates if values out his offer Serb hampered after savoy he worked in Idi in the office of wall is equality AA and cookies for sale and add the Lake OK five a U.S Unless while UNLV Il act said Collins, and render the previous seven and its promise a hernia right was that have sank whether more than one was a bit like VAN cookie they’re something the AA poll T A N A women for Yang while only am I guess it is a woman for Yang initiative KAT F , what is this man safe C all my ship FM aged 10 , it is a Japanese version of the Montana hit one should doubt that the slob AAA cookie is the 1 pound a good La Issa of Idi the audit your two sons might as well but fixing. You can’t put it in selected said a file- F O’s AR ship now

talk her EI the top 30 am a bill Maher house AA of the problem is not that we we need more homeless shelters any more housing, dad tired of Encarta VOL I might add every one of the bad everyone an officer and other breeds great she’s awesome that the I’m tired of all the politicians in L.a. they all need to go all the like nine pretty much all the bad as I told stuff second day round comment if the issue and that this park and that the two can’t have a separate gang daily 10 only F who died I should do this and no thank you have to do tech spanking and Beijing doesn’t lack for the AIFA Herron care , especially if AAA mine is long cheeses N bread and will surname S open the number them without me out here at her eighth leave a 30,000,000,009 have friends have some friends who are on O she’s the one that 189 K a knotted got it HO F the friends who are delegate’s, for other reasons in a California delegates that AZT lockout 85 Il is not that much work 8:00 PM to go to these thing is is farma time thing in a

paper edition paid attention to respond to me having to pry distraught drama drowned out that Chile is the least that is the least enthusiastic as he notched his if you don’t school bail if to say that abiding person who is never run a change in my mail and fifth, had ended sell the guys want 3 yard signs someone is that offering free art science rate here actually fought fifth of a , a whale’s LI let people know about her name anyway 7 minutes of video but I allow people are different ISP is I am more subscribers and errors five superior F if the bed the thing is anything them read S SEC’s FCC is a nearby fees I’d not the not too active adventures has better things to book acts out and then the dorms and are they there , she did tell people that come to our place on the one below AMEN a talking about us now is said the SEC fire staff everyone wants here , made two bar OK did tomorrow but it to my role we can at the hangar read a marketing it’s a mistake SC some people of the 1000 oaks and one thing in a special E again, say that the L.a. Works the worse i financially read bob but I do think Il people tend to be 11 are paid 81 hears something different in a

GTE CD for fifth th fourth X9 fifth our rights and there’s no there’s no nine O. Yang even 2:00 AM disappointed have a body to get food to order in a normal in one ad here , ms 1000 kids if you can’t predict that deadbeat dad British accent L’s again do it either SA is as funny to the SCM in 1984 an and heard of AGA The DN atop the ideas in the head and fifth ms someone else is fun E a DAC and Englishmen, talk that way he is never coming back one acted but active fifth FD Steve of the AS updated and probably inside of a PF PTS traumatized of an LAPD and the wrong person and then four C estimate things going on in their day whatever the fifth Il of people a Midwestern people are more like that the LME 11 a different world than mail that they liked the fact that five in by one cheese curds the NDS disorder Ian,

but its supporters are out there mandate is not where we are if he had the 11 push e-mail the AA are a Brother Ed he’s tried astride his job in the JV to push a seven S that a balance e-mail top , it’s hard had prodded over some food and cash for T L’s are onion rings and potatoes , onion ring thought they’d fail it sounds a lot more healthy baby of you that has been ordered her and me get some TL 2 big me feel better about it fifth the aerial way where waited my neighbor elected a nonstick , OL I rate by a word he should get point OO had moved the visit one near me that is a problem sell OK what is the one they hit 1084 wall EMBSB 58 that’s the SB 50

five clear way six HR make those self five exchange HL 1008 A lot that is spent four arrested movement Federal rules if Donald trump had e-mail have to put this in every one and then nine California the fell well other girls a California V LA grill is that bars that L carr’s SL Byrne E. Sanders, nine nuclear ways of BF UNO 10 area O Ito aided Allied 1037 seven you could count if you could you could mount it may DO has $4.00 U.S. 6:50 AM that stretch it out good shape, that one aside too much into trump people take a zest, dvi intro that warren standards MHS day probably not BF meant to make a modest say this one

Z and their own C of BV your British accent otherwise you make MGM theme soul sophisticated have a one L where you did about changes ride EL that CSI I feel about that people give the criticism for myself to e-mail the site of a of the Y180 feedback that sprayed that the delay and ODF Brian NL wild value you can make your own videos two 5th enough me stop you from doing that it’s called

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