okay okay according to everything we are alive and we are good so hello and welcome everybody I hope everyone is doing well now hmm okay I’m gonna have to switch to the game obviously of course hmm so here’s game oh shoot I forgot to set this up in events I apologize very much Oh No okay well if we go with this and then we go capture specific window go dude uh-huh we go with that oh yes I need as this on yeah let’s go over so wait what no no no I don’t know why you’re doing that just a bit stupid thing okay well there we go that that should be working haha hello and welcome mm-hmm so this is a bit different today because I am oh no I am streaming on both YouTube and twitch today and so I have both chats up which might be difficult for me to do I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to do this all the time but we’ll see how well it goes now the only problem here is a display for some reason it wants to keep it on windowed but I don’t want that but then when I switch okay there we go nevermind all works all works perfectly fine we are good haha so let’s get started go to new game there we go and we’re going to put it on normal all right let me just fix the camera there all right all seems to be good I think we shall see we shall see how well this works so of course we have the opening scene opening cutscene sensation mining engineer demolitions Class C reports a Parker sector okay report to Parker secretary oh yeah the blast how’s mom she misses you okay well that was a very fun conversation sorry I missed dad’s funeral thing Seraphin hard no one expected you to come halfway across the system oh is that the ADF down the road and everything else forget the propaganda free Mars is over funny action did enough people died the last time her under martial law here prison camps torture death squads very Oh things working hello Sabine how are you doing selling out of the screen and hello iconic ash I’m gonna have to quickly change something because I know this is this either to get your gear over there and hello are you to be a couple of weeks before you wait here how’s my exercise don’t we get some posture you do anything hello casual how are you doing welcome welcome everybody I hope everyone is doing well alrighty now there’s a quick sec before I continue with that I need to put hmm I need to make that a bit smaller need to make that a bit smaller sorry I just have to I have to decrease the size of the chat so that I can actually see everything that I need to be able to see all right put that up there like that and all should be good I think I hope I

guess I can make OBS smaller there we go okay so hopefully hopefully all is well now and now if I click on this no we are not in full screen again okay so let me put this back into full screen this is connect can i okay nope I can’t do nothing with that hmm it’s the site I was telling you thanks game hello job post once now which game what’s the game game game name is in the title of the video is Red Faction derelict though it’s a good place to find Salvage you raise an awesome son you’re mine and I know I know you’re talking to my mom about me but still he’s like gold scrap is like sledgehammer in charges good look up in the sky whoo oh no [ __ ] up in the sky Oh No EDF gunship didn’t think they’d be out here today okay fine okay can I please make this full screen now that would be absolutely lovely you stupid game why you know what ha ha ha I beat you game ha ha I’ve got alt-enter if anyone is curious all you have to do is press alt enter president yeah press alt enter and it will make a game full screen or non full screen there for you so one one huge part of Red Faction guerrilla is we are supposed to gather a bunch of a bunch of scrap in public I miss you Sam hey how’s it going how are you doing if there’s a stream yesterday sorry I wasn’t on went to the flea market yesterday and brought some stuff no worries there was no stream yesterday it’s only Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays so you didn’t miss anything we proud of how your boy turned out I appreciate that you saved the country okay so we should be able to play this yes this is stunning graphics everything I I did say that the title of the stream is destroying literally everything is that right so we might as well destroy because really everything f11 works too sometimes that is true as well that really works for browsers like I use Google Chrome use that for Google Chrome it makes that full screen full stream full screen no problem okay here’s your remote charges and take down that big structure from there right now I can set two charges before you detonate them I probably should’ve still use the detonator yes okay swapping if you run out of charges yeah yeah yeah I will don’t you worry sir okay brother brother sir be quiet I’m busy I’m busy blowing things out hell is going on who’s the girl you know what’s going on no I don’t I literally just got here I really well he was just a nice that’s awesome I’m not a terrorist and you think I am no the EDF are wiping out towns okay well you got me to enough trouble earthside i just want to do – work here that’s not where I want that to go you’ll see I’m right about this so I’m not gonna fly down yet fall down crumble you also went to Walmart to get some orange juice with some pulp in it nice and love explosives explosives are fine they are the best they are the absolute best look at this watch this beauty oh my god that’s exactly what I was going for it it’s exactly what I wanted to happen and it actually worked oh my god oh if anyone’s curious I did actually play this game a while ago have coastal hottie oh by the way no we’re not we’re not another time we’re not out yet sorry bunch of things but how’s the audio is the game audio too loud is my place – now it’s and my voice – quiet let me know how the audio is I want to make sure you guys can hear my lovely voice the game is probably more lovely than my voice yes break the bottle please okay there we go and so anyway as I was saying if anyone’s curious hello Omar how are you doing that’s the game you’re playing do you mean what’s the game I’m playing I am playing the Red Faction

gorillas same name is it if you’ve never heard of it then that’s a good thing because now it is brand new for you know Dan I am not almost done I already told you yes I should have destroyed that one thing immediately oh and I also forgot I actually to actually go collect all this crap I played the game previously on my channel there videos of it but the leg was terrible as I was playing on my old computer so it would freeze when there ended up being a large amount of destruction or even a small amount of destruction okay so it just froze it was horrible so I’m happy I can play it now and we can have beautiful 60fps and 1080p expose are the most trustworthy weapons in the world one thing with CF c4 can easily ensure the enemy’s life will definitely win nice alright it definitely end okay sorry yes I was like wait what I have a little confused with it yes I can clearly hear you verse voice perfect things thanks to Mead guys is there sound you’re not hearing anything make sure that make sure the sound is on make sure your sound is all know my your voice all right both perfect and yes I am on PC of clips if I hit I I I was originally gonna play this on Xbox 360 but I’m like you know what I have a computer that can do 60fps if I were to do this sorry mom I know that kind of bothers you if I were to spin the camera around like that on the 360 there would be motion blur and it would be quite severe actually so no on your phone make sure make sure you there’s also kind of another reason why I’m waiting and I’m just destroying everything here and you will see why it is it is I am waiting as long as I can so that so that bad things don’t have to happen I do as well but the games sometimes our bit leg so right now at the moment I’ve been playing pokemon platinum and training for the elite for oh nice nice that’s awesome I never put my throne which is basically just the same same was it region generation all that alright and enjoy enjoy shopping for apples yes go son I have that written down as a note on the discord there by the way I I do have a discord server everyone wants to go join that there is a link in the description below it is one of those links but go look in the description there’s a link to the discord in there and you guys can chat with me more often there because I’m not really on Twitter very much or anything else the fact is practically gonna become an adult well good that is good and yes happy early birthday I’ll still wait they’ll say there you go how many spankings don’t hear too good we always got birthday pinches or whatever I didn’t pick those very much either so what happens let’s just see if I can turn that down a little bit should be should be an option in the audio oh yes okay music I’m gonna turn music down we’re gonna put music at about 60 you know what 50 sound effects we’ll put that down to 80 or 70 we’ll do 70 ambience we’ll keep on their push-to-talk I don’t who needs push-to-talk I’m not playing multiplayer right now hey funny fluffy how’s it going welcome to the stream

sound yes enabled please accept now that saved it all right no it did not oh my god voice sound effects down to 70 music down to 60 and accept thank you much much better okay should be much better the distraction stuff in this game can get very loud understandably so all right look at this this one little thing is holding up that entire bridge there my face should I say Alex fate his face no Alex Alex bust everything up and float on air that’s funny alright well we’ve destroyed basically everything oh wait we have we have one more charge have the advance birthday go suck yes let’s just get over to here cuz we have one more charge to get rid of yeah you should treat us now treat treat you guys with what there’s his birthday you guys should be treating him is a dependent unfortunately over the internet there’s not really too many people can do all right well I think that’s basically everything destroy it now oh wait there’s there’s still good night and there’s some scrap over here waiting to be deflected perfect okay things are falling apart all around me that’s lovely hey little kitty how’s it going thanks for joining yeah this stop get out of my way there you go goodbye just bust you down Alec I’m not supposed to get stuck in fingers that’s not good for your house oh yes the sign I destroyed that earlier and somehow that piece felt straight down and is still Saturday yes perfect I love this like spike everyone hit the like and sub button if you enjoy the stream please thanks ok ah oh there’s nothing over there okay well fine fine then we can just leave I guess because that’s a dead end why is such a dead end wait stairs I don’t like the stairs goodbye now they’re fixed now these stairs are much better these are absolutely actually no you know what these stairs are not wheelchair so it’ll okay come on yeah get get out you need to make wheelchair accessible places okay the only unfortunate thing is there’s not gonna be any railings but at the very least it can be wheelchair accessible there you go there’s just a little bit of a railing but now it’s wheelchair accessible perfect this game is Red Faction game yes it is alright let’s go back to Dan see what happens hello this is not gonna be good things just in case anyone has not seen this we need to hide from what oh you know things and snappy and also junk so that’s all sad I don’t really understand what actually happened to Alec there did that he did he get shot a bit and of that knock him out or did he just like stumble back and hit his head maybe but what did the stairs do to me the stairs were not wheelchair accessible they were blocking all the all the disabled people in wheelchairs from getting through and I would make a great deal of defense for suppose they tell her so we could breathe the air they build bases checkpoints watchtowers the liberators soon became an occupying force why did they just grab her Dan said they’d take everything

for me they always drop the weapon now you guys afraid of a hammer drop it smartass what right if you got to trash your brother is Daniel nation yeah he was he’s dead this trailer and its contents have been confiscated by the Earth Defense Force we’re placing you under arrest don’t play dumb with me minor you’re Red Faction look I just shipped here I guess you work fast we found these detonators among your possessions the mining engineer I have a permit for them it just got revoked killed him what well obviously that’s not gonna happen [Applause] no you’re the one stops okay come on way in boys I don’t know I’m pretty sure my Japanese a bit lighter photography or bit less some bit less yes I don’t know why it doesn’t show anything I mean they’re showing guns and shooting but doesn’t show that maybe because in in this cutscene it would be too realistic and gory I’ll hunt you from here to the IceCaps probably he said I was red faction like it or not Mason you are yeah I guess don’t really have too much choice hmm someone else Nate if you can remodel their house Nate respond yes they asked you respond with everything I know this is a lot to take in and I have all the necessary equipment okay in fact that that house that house right there they don’t really have any other we’re gonna go fix that this field manual help you survive out here oh thanks oh wait come back now cut that out oh okay I’m sorry sorry okay she’s unkillable just so you know um Mars gravity three times less than Earth uh is it I don’t even know I’d have to look that up but yeah it is definitely lighter and don’t forget hotter that is true as well okay shut up no wait wrong button shut up I don’t want to listen to the news the news is depressing the news is fake its fake news just there’s still peace thank you you got a problem with that huh that’s what I thought you just walked away alright okay so this house we’re gonna fix it we’re gonna remodel it starting with this that one there was actually a bit of an accident I apologize but it’s so gonna cut into your budget so I’m thinking these guys have the budget as otherwise someone’s gonna have to pay for all this here there’s no point in fighting no that there isn’t is there get rid of that box thank you all right this house is almost finished being remodeled come on doesn’t it look much better now now it’s a hobbit house see it’s perfect I love it I love what I’ve done them with the place it’s absolutely wonderful and III would definitely pay to live here absolutely I paid ten thousand I’m kidding Mars one storm would rend flesh completely off your body and less than 15 seconds oh my god that would be terrifying no thanks I don’t wish to have that bad things happen when rebel glitches inside of you Mason okay you know what let’s let’s stand away first you’re so bambam I will just stand over here take it out of your system all righty no problem there we go I think that

houses done being remodeled but there are still things that need to be done did okay so the first of which over here perfect if you’re wondering why I’m blowing these up over here did you yeah you you see that meter pop up over there we have to lower the EDF control you do that by destroying certain things that the ATF controls and if we are in our safe house the EDF cannot actually come after us which is perfect there we go perfect now we get to watch that fall because that’s awesome is it gonna break the house yes oh yes hello Thurmond ater how’s it going because you did not bring a Prince of Persia I I don’t have any more Prince of Persia games to play anymore so I am playing this I really enjoy this game this game is a lot of fun alright those lights are bright let’s put those down perfect also beer bottles no thank you none of those and these computers over here I don’t want to be using that anymore oh okay there you go perfect I guess we do have our first mission right here so we might as well might as well go do our first mission here Mason this is our base of operations we had to clear out before the IDI have discovered it now we just need to cover our tracks I know you’re familiar with demolitions so maybe you can help us out we need that building destroyed blow up anything that the EDF could trace back to us think you can handle it yeah yeah I think so I think I can although unfortunately there’s no trees line I’m on my way get out of the way lady you shouldn’t be standing in front of moving vehicles and tried to force us off the land when we resisted the EDF rolled in it was a massacre well that doesn’t sound I’m sorry I found refugees from other colonies and our numbers grew your brother join us soon after okay there was always dad’s problem coming run from a fight true just tall buildings exactly maybe all right so all those black crystals there we have to mind those out at some point too there’s like literally hundreds of these things around that there there’s an achievement can you look at a chicken song here it’s just six is that in there oh my gosh yes achievement oh my gosh page down yes I square there there is an achievement here for mining out all those things mine all or locations there’s 300 order locations oh my goodness gracious so there’s 300 of these little black crystals lying around this entire world and we have to mine them all out they give us extra scrap and stuff – which reminds me I’m actually before I go and do anything else I’m going to go see if I can purchase any upgrades immediately I don’t know if I can do that while I’m on a mission that works I got some plates of trees I guess I can nope can’t do that on missions all right fine it’s goes this weed did my truck disappear no okay my truck is right there perfect hmm my truck isn’t doing too bad either I mean it’s a little bit banged up all right it’s a little bit banged up in there but not too bad all right so we need to go this direction that’s right I’m sorry further for the jumpiness of the camera it’s very hard to keep a mouse they still or to move a mouse very gently I guess all right so after their race in an EDF unit is heading your way I’d hurry up and finish the job oh no oh no oh good this was gonna be easy yes you said this is gonna be easy I made a meme out of this all right I’m at the base use whatever you can to bring her down all right sure you can shoot them or set charges to blow them up yeah okay not so much fun yes shows 1% explosives with the coolest

mallet he looks at you with bulging eyes and says he’s going to fix things run yes that’s what that would be a terrifying thing oops that is not what I intended ah shoot darn it where is the EDF gonna come from get back to the safe house I’ll just jump over the edge perfect Mars heaven have no storm I think they do have storms they have wind same as Earth oh those guys are going over there oh oh no you don’t see me they actually didn’t see me there really isn’t a such thing as sneaking in in this game oh god oh god oh no oh no ok well that guy came directly for me well I should have gone the other way sho just fought through those guys and gone the other direction there okay that’s right okay get in a vehicle to move like I did a stand sunlen some bars are concerned storms yes who will go to bars in real life um well people have gone on as far as I’m very sure for sure people have been on there but definitely Rovers little robot things as I don’t like people who know their suburbs okay oh yeah I’m fine by the way I am so sorry you’ve done your brother proud he had the same definition of easy as you I’m so sorry lady I did not intend to run you down like that oh my goodness gracious okay I know you’re angry but we don’t have the luxury of playing it safe understood that breaking the news thing I told you before I don’t want to listen to the news it’s depressing don’t you fix the machine don’t fix the news thing they have Dragon Age I work and Parker is nearly done kudos okay I’m gonna see what stuff I can purchase we have a remote charge count remote charge ammo I like the count because that’s actually oh wait what what Rose won’t stand a chance there’s also an arc welder we have salvage collector yes this thing will be very very important no charge count okay so we can’t get anything else that’s perfect then twenty twenty thirty year okay dragon is turning red faction into GTA oh god I guess that’s basically what happens isn’t it now so question what was your team of pokemon diamond pearl um what what do you mean what what was my team I I forget I forget a lot of about on pokemon diamond pearl go sock I’m so just explaining to me what you mean and I might remember it oh we go over to here perfect grab our junk go back into this all right so I don’t know where this where this other mission is but we will see we will find out shoot who’s shooting Oh No are they’re shooting up miners or is that something else No they’re shooting up what okay you guys you guys beat me to it okay I am okay with this mmm no 13 years later scientists may go to Mars maybe all ripe land for my team I have an employee on Togekiss Rosa rate Garchomp houndoom important see okay that’s what you mean I do not remember what pokemon I had i know i had Linoone oh wait no okay nevermind to know you’re

here one of the enemies okay let’s go mine out these rocks one second I’ll get there look if there’s quick as I can I just need more ammo perfect okay come on quick I don’t know how to how about go to my map M G okay apparently G is what works for that okay let’s just go I currently have oh wait I already read that thank you sorry where is this where am I going where you want to go Oh in here okay I’m at the vehicle over here yes I’m coming to help you don’t worry why do you think I’m here okay well here they come Oh No come on oh shoot that’s not good one of ours died I know what are they front of me that’s not very smart if you know is it there another one come on there’s another one coming oh he’s right there hello how’s it going goodbye there’s a dumbbell worry about that guy no more what sir lovely okay do we have any more other things over here you gotta go okay see you wise Richard thanks for joining for a bit and we’ll see you again soon all righty let’s go over here cuz it’s more EDF over this way no there’s too many EDF where are they we’re getting rid of them at this okay well that that did not work goodbye where’s the others the more this no no no no no no they’re coming from this direction okay goodbye huh goodbye where are they just read one more around here somewhere I’ll pick up all the scrap because graph is important you could get porygon see a scale how’s it going how you doing where is this last EDF man where are you oh my goodness you can get personal horizontally but I mean the Navy bit but I need another DSN or to trade it to become currency okay yeah I forgot that there’s a lot of stuff to do with trading in that game wasn’t there what the heck where’s the last EDF oh there you are finally hello you’re not are you yeah good work thanks yeah you you guys – you all did extremely well yes definitely what do we do with the bodies nothing you do nothing with the bodies you sit there we blow these things out because those get more scrap perfect perfect what is that I don’t like that okay anyway well get it we don’t want war we want to be left alone yeah I know that’s what you want that’s what we all want but that is not going to be a waste the EDF confiscated everything on a trading post oh is that so well your cash registers not gone goodbye also this computer doesn’t like it very much vending machines it’s just fun like you can literally destroy everything in this game mmm I’ve porygon – it’s a little 50 nice

do a good little tired though slept on the for hours last night oh that’s not so good I slept probably about five hours I think so I agree my about this it’s kind of fun to do this you can just shoot these things down it’s awesome I love it just destroy literally everything this is so much fun this is what I love no well let’s get our took us is over there I guess explosions as we go by perfect little truck get on my way little truck seriously don’t I’m sorry that was not intentional the spewpa’s is very very difficult to drive very very sincerely well over here excuse me bones No who died no one okay good obsessed up this way okay perfect right there actually I should have gone a little bit further this way but new meta perfect got it but one thing I really like about this game is there is no stamina you do not have limited stamina which is nice you can run forever well oh no I’m shoot I did not intend to get rid of that come on get out get out I know this is this is not good they eat the effort attacking everywhere everyone gone get out of here how many shots does it take the sights are off what’s one more shot that’s it how many more where are they where are they shoot let’s go with this if I blow them up I’m sorry I’m missing a lot of what’s in chat one second the waiting for Friday so I later I can get my little brother Dias and get porygon Z nice won’t live argon Z is very interesting Pokemon that is very true I said it really late playing Terraria and at the morning some construction workers decide to start an apocalypse at least that’s what I sounded like oh well that’s always fun I remember that I have experienced the exact same thing before which is not so much fun I don’t like it where are they hello goodbye and say try and get that on why don’t you good bye hahaha goodbye perfect there we go mmm salic construction workers have their there I know you play Terraria scale you played as well Omar I remember that you said that before you defeated moon lower two times nice job I don’t know what moon Lord is but or additive oh well that guy just flopped around a little bit okay Oh No run away run away that’s gonna blow up I’m just gonna go around to replenish my ammo cuz there are lots of dead bodies and lots of weapons around here alright pull up on em over there perfect lovely where is this any more ammo lying around at all new Numa mo laying around the tool there’s this but that is not put on yet all right well what the next target is no one is taking our planet again oops

okay well lady get get out of the way can other way there’s a bomb there’s a bomb it needs to go blow up soon I haven’t even defeated the first boss yet no how come get away from the bomb Oh calm down people so you know terraria is really hard yeah I’ve heard that I’ve heard this really hard I don’t like oh excuse me every time hello oh wait cute here’s an interesting little quest thing we can do with this with this game I like this the Pokedex entire porygon see the entry on porygon z is a bit funny but very interesting that stasis program is modified to enable work in alien dimensions however it didn’t work as planned hmmm I wonder why not yep I’ve died so many times I’ve lost count uh-huh fun fun time yeah for trying to find out what was in that base you love it there’s an interrogation unit on the second level of the sand sifters plan okay I’ll get your people out alive don’t worry you should play a normal expert the bosses are so hard I’m playing this one I’m normal as well I don’t like expert of things experts is very difficult all right but we have to go save a couple of hostages so let’s go save them come on and also just got the materials houses of council smoke okay that works too come on let’s let’s get up to go wait what oh we’re already here shoot I’m sorry oh my god darn it oh no oh shoot okay I’ll come back in a minute I’m gonna go run and hide right now I don’t want to be attacked that’s gonna ruin everything I get attacked he’s over there he’s just waiting for me I haven’t done nothing they’re not gonna have they’re not gonna go away all right oh my now the way this here please get out of the way just a little bit there we go just like that all right they get get up over here thank you all right take my sights oh those guys are shooting people down there okay I don’t know why but whatever I don’t care um-hmm despite it not working as planned one of the Pokemon it’s one of the Pokemon in any game so far with a high special attack set nice the first world I created is normal finished it than I created an expert world I finished after a million years is so hard dude you can make a yo-yo and defeat Skeletron so easy in normal mode you can make a yo-yo in Terraria oh did I do that Oh Oh things are happening where are you oh there you are hello goodbye give me your weapon thank you our ammo is it safe say perfect hello can I turn to well there good job alright get up the stairs and free this hostage is there only the one Posse yes there’s only the one hostage alright come on quick quickly I think it’s a lady anyway no it’s guy oh never mind sorry sorry sir come on sir madam what’s good – lets get the sir madam out of here Oh No okay well that wasn’t too bad get inside the vehicle yes thank you

these idiots are not that smartest mom drive drive drive camera back ok welcome back I know your last night only to note it oh no oh no no I am NOT doing too great I’m missing everywhere I need to go come on you people better get out of the way or you’re gonna get run down sorry it is really not my folks I do know is this more powerful than a sword what kind of logic is that how is it your you have more power for the start there’s no Sam’s that’s ridiculous there’s an eye of Cthulhu yo yo yo yo it does hundred damage the logic of that game I questioned it too much Lee I questioned it greatly there is get all those things there perfect give me my ammo and junk Thank You um what else what I was gonna go do where is I don’t know how to get to map where is map there has to be a way to look at the flippin map or not I don’t care ideas hold on each girl actions I don’t care about that I want controls those are the other controls um terraria yes uh you ever had a talk with anyone about monsters and the sick kids it’s very interesting concept no I have not that sounds interesting though I don’t even know what that is there’s a game called terraria um that’s what we’re talking about yes alright well what is here now a button could jump there we go map is there a weapon for Orser button for map world map tab my goodness there we go thank you this is what I wanted I am going to go over to here uh place beacon there we go I’m gonna go over there then I’m gonna go over do this one and then we’ll come back over there but first I need to go and buy more upgrades cuz I think I have more savage let’s go get more upgrades ok no charge counter or additive yes please you need anything else let me know yeah don’t don’t don’t worry I really okay building cows won’t help you against a goblin army well why not why would building a castle not help you you should have gone all the way I blame you for this I am NOT a very good driver especially backing up my side hello maverick Alonso how you doing welcome to the street um and Adrienne are you doing as well welcome the real dragon ate no of course this is still the real technic don’t don’t you worry yeah I have not figured out cloning technology yet maybe maybe at some point in the next a couple years or so give or take a couple hundred I don’t know I might figure that out and then that would become nice but as of right now no I thought you have played GTA 5 I never said I would G played GTA 5 I said I would play a game with lots of destruction this is a game that has also destruction I also mentioned it would have it would be on Mars GTA 5 is not on Mars I don’t know about 2 meter area yeah careers best part is that it doesn’t really explain anything to the player that experimenting and discovery somehow it appeals to me if that does a good thing I like discovery as well I like the idea of exploration and discovery monsters and cryptids are very interesting there are famous monsters that people talk about to this day like the Jersey Devil Bigfoot and the Getty oh yes of course i-i’ve I know about those things about the Yeti Bigfoot and and that kind of thing but I don’t know what what else and I don’t know what what Christie’s are that’s is the part that confuses me

throw it throw it throw it and we well I mean that did something at least that great right there right right there oh no oh no okay well I mean boom thank you yes don’t don’t spoil things and don’t cry Arcana cache my gta5 disk doesn’t work it’s broken so I won’t be able to play GTA 5 how is this thing still standing how is it still standing come on get down knock down get down thank you that one little hit means time best oh wait what okay Pro if I would have been eight seconds sooner darn it yeah whatever I guess we did that now so we get a bit more salvaged from that now we have one other thing which is this one wait excuse me I didn’t I did not press that oh wait I can just okay I don’t know that um but look tell me what pickaxe you have anywhere can help you this may be Mount Olympus well possibly if Mars has a Mount Olympus on it then I guess it could be excuse me I don’t know what’s happening I’m scaring you that’s what I’m sorry Galloway weights on the week my goodness these people are hilarious type horns target located Oh God no I don’t want to do that yet why not gta5 my disk is broken it has a circular disc scratch on it I literally cannot play it and I don’t have it on the computer and I can’t afford it to get it on the computer so not gonna happen not anytime soon at least yes there we go um oh no and I missed the boom there we go at the boom the boom excuse me boom thank you boom and one more boom yes perfect what there we go haha did I get no prose in 16 seconds muck that is not fair five guerrilla action completely yeah what is this proximity mines boo nice excuse me biggest mountain in the whole solar system okay well there we go it’s not attract the attention of that EDF over there let’s also go to the map and start on the next mission because we totally can okay sorry this is looking at at the time our social system true those shoes our shoes you guys should not just come running around the corner like that serious okay you know what blow this up I played there factory before but this looks different from the first two plus one oh yeah the original Red Faction I don’t even know what the original Red Faction is like because I actually have never played it but I do own it so I will be playing those at some point I was thinking maybe after after this one and maybe after Hanukah I know that’s playing them out of order like these two this one much much newer and much more action I guess and yeah so so I’ll probably play a Finnish gorilla then I’ll play Armageddon and then I’ll move on to the original to probably Oh sir

why would you run into the car my folks well sighs he ran into me it’s not my fault at all okay finally we’re green again there we go give me those thank you perfectly lovely huh it’s a tanker but um not necessarily no it’s not quite a tank it is a vehicle that has a turret on top yes this one is a ATV vehicle I guess ATV all-terrain vehicle sort of maybe don’t seem very good I’m gonna have to move my chair up just a little bit and we can start on this mission yes what does this mission now we received word that a high-ranking EDF officer is looking to defect hmm Sam went out to meet with him I know she can handle herself but she shouldn’t have gone alone no she probably should what happened at the old base I’m not taking chances get to Sam as soon as you can okay come on Sam Sam you know this your commander thinks you’re walking into a trap what happened to your brother oh really get out of there okay well don’t you worry I got to Sam I got just Annie oh no what just happened up there this is one hell of an operation you guys are running the ADF will send reinforcements crack jokes well do both yeah we should be able to do both captain come on come on Sam so follow Sam to the ambush point okay my bad where where where is that it is up here okay the truck should come in right under that bridge perfect come on let’s quickly put the thing right yes I know I need you I’m setting traps what do you think I’m trying to do just right okay well now let’s go get a couple more of those things mmm this vehicle handling so bad actually so too bad I’m sorry I missed a lot of what just happened in the chat there there’s many monitors encrypted scripted as an animal whose existence slash survival and present-day disturbed slash unsubstantiated any animal that’s in the interest of a zoologist okay that’s cool I have tin armors tin bucket a tin bucket as a helmet and Hermes boots and some other stuff that I just don’t remember right now to Newsweek usually it’s one of the one of the lowest to start with but that is okay Hermes you can defeat easy mode bosses oh and I have that [ __ ] in the can that’s what I call it allows me to double jump fart in a can that’s hilarious is is this what terraria is terraria is farts and cans interesting game okay we have 28 seconds let’s get there it’s good they’re fine place it gently I don’t want this I don’t want this over here I’ll have this over here either shoot we have 12 seconds okay let’s wait here we’re gonna tie this explosion just right huh perfect kill the ATF okay don’t worry they’re coming in they’re coming in save three fun oh darn it I pressed the wrong button No

shoot those complete utter waste [Applause] oh I don’t know why that guy just like flew that way but okay yeah well thanks for the help I basically just killed them all and you did nothing Azusa Suns her at least okay hmm everything I can say that at times when it comes to some answers and cryptids they may or may not exist that is true and some of them we may never know whether they do or do not exist but the real MVP is while the flesh you can find them you should discover them not spoiling okay that’s all that well there always pops out of that smoke cloud when I do a double jump looks like big fart to me perfect that is perfect that that makes for some hilarious gameplay and hilarious things in it so it works perfectly fine and I like it grab those please yeah I just need to salvage that’s it that was a huge explosion to my god I live in New Jersey and the concept of the Jersey Devil is still talked about today with people claiming sightings of it down south of New Jersey I don’t even know what the Jersey Devil is is that would that be kind of like the kind of like Tasmanian Devil similar to that or is that completely different this is what that makes me think of so perfect hello everything up did as much Salvage as we can lower the EDF control is okay the ATF did not like that one blowing up to it once is dangerous apparently scary okay what else is in here though there should be something else in here north part of New Jersey okay terraria rates and Nate why did you miss out miss that explosion could have been it would have been a good night yes I know don’t worry it is okay it was it was complete mistake I was pressing the wrong button I forget it’s middle-click not E or something like that stop screaming there’s literally no reason to be screaming those windows can handle a lot of shots okay hello these up give me that give me some weapons ammo all right hey so I can’t really say the Jersey Devil exists but I mean I don’t know who knows it’s possible but it may not you do not know I didn’t play at or area game this this is sound I first heard time now well now in order for us to UM all we need to do another one of these okay sure how am i doing another one of those did I lose the other one what the New Jersey Devil doesn’t exist because it’s you haha die I doubt it the Jersey Devil is depicted have a head and body of a horse but to have a wings of a devil interesting sounds very interesting for sure this is the first I’ve ever heard of it so I have no clue about anything in regards to it so it’s a picture to stand on its two hind hooves and all that okay sounds like an interesting creature a very interesting creature yeah that house is half half a house I guess we can also destroy copy copy getting rid of propaganda is nice too is lower CDF control and it doesn’t really destroy too much amazing mobile game or PC I’m for sure terraria is easy well this is where I park is where I’m gonna park anyway

run-run cars gonna blow up but now I got more salvaged yay I like Salvage it’s great you see them shout out no no no because I am going to just define these things give me that thank you give me there we go yeah don’t worry I’ll I’ll go help interrogate the locals I mean I’ll go save the people that are being interrogated the cloud on in a bottle is pretty cool it’s not it’s on both okay so I was wrong then it’s not just mobile mobile air it’s not just PC just on this house your door was a bit smaller I made a bigger you’re welcome okay okay I need thank you okay there we go I need a vehicle any vehicle please any vehicle there’s a video on about three teens claiming to find the devil in New Jersey only for it to be a cat which is funny and um ya know those kinds of videos usually are pretty pretty damning honest oh shoot my neighbor has some kind of a part of going I can hear the music penis in my headphones really what the heck this is rude and ridiculous can’t people keep their music calm not like disturb everyone else with it and that person needs to learn how to drive and not be in other people’s way don’t have party with them now see clearly I am the best driver in this game I’m not the one that needs to learn how to drive they all do you you need to learn how to drive I’m not doing anything excuse me maybe the rules of the road I have the right-of-way okay that’s how this works I like how we literally just came from this place and now there’s a Haiti up here again oh no did I do that I can’t believe that vehicle over there blew up well that is sad okay well anyway hmm what sorry I don’t know what you said I I cannot hear you we’re saying weird things game like 2d yes it is there oh is that so oh wait actually I don’t think I saw anything okay give me a second I’ll have you out of here yeah there’s the first person good get down get down get down get off the ladder Pipo Oh No are you serious we lost the hostage because she climbed down before I did it stupid how dare she Hey doesn’t look good but give it a chance feel partner with them have a good party good that I need to check your video am i okay let’s go let’s you are you behind me good you better be behind me otherwise we’re gonna get stuck here I need to save you now come on uh-huh-huh shooting him in the toe kill them who’s it perfect I love it hey have you ever heard of the long old cryptids the call blent lemmy’s Lemmy is I do not know that I do not know anything about that I just found about them found out about them today and the concept with them is very interesting but also very scary huh okay what’s it about then go go forward you stupid truck I don’t know why my camera just went that way then let’s get back on the road okay perfect there we go this way going through that

and that’s fine by me excuse me learn to drive all right 45 kilometres an hour and well I don’t have a speedometer so according to me I am going exactly the speed limit every single time you meet some mistake again what what are you saying sir I don’t know and I’d rather listen to loud music and party on my own yes I did didn’t I you’re welcome you’re welcome for saving live I like to say it yeah I do that thank you goodbye now do this yes here we go sweet guy 23:41 hello how are you doing welcome to the stream thanks for joining us like super hammer that decimates everything well right now I don’t want to use cheats because I want to play through the game like normal hmm and I’m also actually on PC so I don’t think the cheats are the same on the PC as they are on the Xbox unfortunately because it would be nice actually I’m going to get this cops will make the EDFA twice yes I hope so turn you into a woman holy crap I can get 1/3 even better those is a human like any other yet what’s vastly different about them is that they have no head but their entire face is on the tosser oh that sounds delightful it sounds delightful and creepy but okay I will I will accept it yes alrighty then let’s leave and let’s go find someplace else we need to go over here where is let’s let’s go blow this up over here yes destruction your home videos views my home videos reviews exactly the same might wait what what do you I don’t understand what you mean sorry it’s hard to explain but if you look at a few to understand what I mean nice that’s good sorry what am I even saying ok hard to explain but if you’re looking up you’d understand what I mean ok yes I will look it up I think I have a pretty good idea but it’s very strange it’s very strange one for short let me do that there we go iconic you told me what to do the Bangladesh I don’t talk Bangladesh so I won’t watch the screen sorry I usually feel really uncomfortable crazy especially that is true I feel the same way I don’t like being I know I don’t really care for me to go to parties whether I know a bunch of people are not I don’t care to go crazy I don’t like large group sample I know people or not it’s better if I know them but even if I know them it’s like I find it hard to to socialize with like 30 people at once if that makes sense oh that thing up there all right cool well let’s go bust that up then on who is being shot at or what but I do not really care as I’m just gonna pop into here oh wait this guy isn’t supposed to be here goodbye okay maybe when you’re on parties you can find girls gallery whose design girls Omar not too everything is all about girls I’m talking about search videos about livestream okay that that should be good enough I think I am also going to blow up this here and apparently one of those yes all righty but let me get back into my vehicle and then we will watch the destruction our whole videos views exactly the same are they that actually good and how do you sir know that it however no it was me I know okay well this is quickly going going south I need to get out of here oh no no no okay good

is able to get to the vehicle we’re safe come on let’s go let’s go let’s go we’re at orange level are you serious don’t flip on me now I need to get the heck out of here or I will literally die I do not want this right now thank you please go up here there we go we’re safe boom you’re pretty Harambee kid what of course I am Omar as a straight guy but very often these people are drunken I like to meet migrants on their sober I agree I agree with that to fix the camera care the camera seems to be for some reason I had an angle maybe it doesn’t look like it but it is at a bit of an angle there well I don’t drink and I never met drunk girls good keep it that way move excuse me sir all the way Oh I’m surprised that was all the damage that that did to the house as president to much more interesting all righty and I am running don’t you worry Oh get out I don’t care if I don’t have clearance I was honestly not expecting such a large explosion all right then oh we’re to my cargo I need my car thank you I’m also going to take this actually there we go perfect oh no now they’re bringing in tanks okay well I am just going to go leave and go this direction over here started running those dead bodies over but okay I am just going to go up this direction thank you very much excuse me there we go yeah will you stop standing in the middle of the flippin way sir every single time I come this way you’re right in the middle the way when you see a vehicle coming towards you you should flippin move okay it is just that how much Salvage do I have how can I look at it and I’ll say I’ve never drank drank alcohol either I’ve tasted I’ve tasted it and I don’t like it I really do not so I prefer other drinks like tea again you’re in the way that’s your own fault you see me coming you should have moved stupid man I’d understand him okay camera stop flitting around thank you we need to go find something else that we can destroy that is of EDF property like these over here those things perfect there we go now except seven only seven are you serious what no no no well obviously you’re not gonna get up there so to heck with you then sir come on let’s go somewhere else and find somewhere else to be nvm means never mind and yes I prefer Pepsi or soda as well being sober is there trust me I know I used to hang junk every weekend with me along and that’s the kind of thing I don’t like so believe you me I will not be getting drunk anytime soon I feel like it’s a waste of time to be honest how many et effort over here now hopefully not many but my goal here now before before we end the stream where I’m not gonna end it right away here was about another half hour to go and my but

my goal is to liberate Parker completely are you serious you should not be how what’s the EDF control that now hot drinks and cold drinks I prefer I hate alcoholic drink good I never taste a wine in my life and I don’t have a will of drinking good also good let’s go over this way and see what is that over there okay excuse me I need your vehicle see you at the safe house yes don’t worry now get out of the way see you at the safe house yes don’t worry you run him over immediately No okay we’re totally safe now they’re kind of expecting to die I’m glad I did not come on come on bust through this there we go all right if I saved yet I haven’t saved yet let’s save game make sure I don’t die that one because we have not actually made it to dust yet this this one here is going to be deleted yes except perfect okay Icona cash if you’re asking other people how old they are you have to be prepared to tell how old you are let’s go this way oh wait entering free fire zone okay nope no no what what is that nope I I don’t want I don’t want to be in here this is not a safe place to be this is not a safe place to be at all thank you I’m gonna stay in Parker I’m gonna go back up here and back around over here hey actually this is mining deposits over there way older than you probably older than me too maybe I don’t know I’ve know who I’m just yes nothing else there I guess so let’s go up this way we need to find like two more things let’s just say that I’m an old fart compared to most of you I don’t believe that I do not believe that at all um how am I gonna get back Oh up here is this is this gonna work this might work possibly if I just spam the jump button thousand times ten I’m a young person I guess so I guess that’s how that works okay come on we need a couple more things we have mañana not that not that for we have only four for ATF control left to do the high jump a little bit of one yeah any malfunctioning equipment nope there’s no malfunctioning equipment here don’t worries my promises I think maybe okay these are fresh signs oh my god that just sounds so terrible and creepy what that bastard down the ATMs on the ropes here Thanks liberate progress but we’ll need your help hope you’re a good driver Oh No okay perfect thank you for getting out of the vehicle because now I take out don’t let him get away well you should have come over you stupid vehicle sir I’m so sorry for destroying everyone’s houses I sincerely apologize start up I guess I could just come here and destroy those things but it was tired of looking around for things Hey look I found that I found the thing I need to go to to get out of my way why are you guys why are you guys in my way perfect all right oh it’s not great why

are you blowing everything up because I have to I have to the little meter on the side rate rates above me right there that little meter I have to bring that down to zero by destroying certain things like these blue items here those you see how it says control 10 over here says control 80 that means it will bring that bar down by 10 or by 80 so you have to destroy those things in order to lower the EDF control so you take sector this is gonna be tricky Mason we need to create a diversion there’s an EDF sensor field east of Parker take out these towers so the enemy can’t track our movement every soldier in the sector will be on your ass keep them busy until we get our people through okay that sounds difficult it’s called Bamba your language is called toxic when I fart be basically blind everyone oh my goodness gracious that’s terrifying boys all ready to roll begin your attack all right Mason stay inside the truck if you want to survive we reinforced it with arms okay are you serious thank you lately missed that one stupid tower supposed to run the guy down the tower perfect us that up there we go alright oh no oh wait no I can’t wait wait let’s not let’s not make stupid mistakes oh come on you I hate to do this election like one run am i doing great am I really my vehicles help is already electrical 6th column has already lost one system get out of my way don’t reinforcements are on the way wet down here convoys are moving as fast as they can post ads ruling in the dust to the sensors so they can track us don’t worry going trying anyway trying also hard why would you use a grenade against the vehicle destroy the truck well I’ll try not to play it all of a sudden we’re talking about farts yes yes we are Oh No Oh No okay up here camera that’s right and we have to fly over this perfect the breakthrough into this come on I’ll get that last one in come on oh this is the last one nice perfect there we go sorry your engine’s complete skill can you check my video stream like a boss fight I just noticed I’m one of those voice actors in the game is nolan north that is true I think I think actually I’m read that somewhere I forget who nolan north is now though darn it well hey we completed that yes parker liberated half five cuz now that’s done don’t got to worry about parker no more man what are we unlock the rocketing launcher oh also level one armor that’s gonna be very potent we’ve managed to push the EDF out of Parker but sweet isn’t finished right now the EDF still controls most of the populated areas we’ll need your help to drive them out of course mother wants us to focus on dust next if the EDF loses the sector they lose their main source of income on Mars good luck ok let’s get rid of their main source of income on Mars and look we can go straight into best right here falling apart yeah these guys are not even concerned the tiniest bit that a thing just blow up well that’s good

I didn’t do nothing okay no it’s Joey Baker sorry okay voice actor of Joel from last of us and so many more awfully that’s cool oh that got the EDF attention darn it there’s one more in there I know that information from getting to that no thanks I hate the courier missions they seriously really suck I like how I literally to just enter into this area and I’m getting attacked immediately first thing how awesome Hey blow it up blow it up blow you up okay well I mean that that wasn’t much of an explosion but I soap ran you over at least goodbye all right well we’re next did I knock down another EDF guy oh I’m so sorry oh my god that guy’s just like standing there totally fine smack huh oh good I love that well I’d love that I can just smack some of these guys I think it was voice acting Joker too in Batman Arkham oranges oh really that’s cool it’s always interesting when you can recognize a voice actor from or that recognize the voice of someone from multiple different places No I like how he’s not even mad at me huh oh that’s hilarious cuz it was my vehicle that did that that’s absolutely hilarious I love it oh my god let’s save the game again quickly here yep we shall save perfect right there and let’s start this mission the miners of dust are staging a rally at this site I can’t expect a peaceful demonstration don’t worry the EDF has other plans yeah thanks Albert Gunnarsson is in command here is unit killed 300 settlers in crisi so expect deadly force stop Gunnison and get those workers out alive if we fight for them they’ll fight for us how could these peoples be so gullible hmm as to actually think oh no as to actually think that they’re gonna have a peaceful demonstration there the rallies about to start the coordinates are on your map all right I get there quick don’t worry you’re seeing what I’m doing what oh come on ships citizens company is rolling in we’re running out of time well I’m trying to get there EDF soldiers have opened fire they’re shooting the miners yes they are aren’t they is there no this is not the smart idea PA system to lure miners to the site you need to know those speakers myself no okay destroy the speakers now are you serious it’s terrible how dare they do such things excuse me you I need I need your vehicle need it now are we get rid of it learn it come on get over there there we go Toby on the salmon fishing place it once

that was not very smart of you know was it good drive underneath well sure drive right under this big giant truck it gets you dead those guys are not smart stand there oh my god nope get in what’s your status we’re hearing reports of casualties yeah well three speakers down stupid don’t know personally would take way too long to do that if you came to say if you have to listen see them not talk about parts anymore yes it definitely is a good game okay there you go blow that blow it up blow it up how far did it go their egos are down shut the bastard up don’t let it escape okay well let’s go get Gundersen then it’s a terrorist what are you talking about No go get Gundersen that guy’s gonna pay Oh No I apologize drift I didn’t do the drifting right my bad Oh No you know well that works well for you guys intense killed captain gunner Cintron no supposed to block him up there shoot shoot shoot shoot I am stuck come on get up get up get up get up keep going keep going keep going kakashi-sensei I don’t know what that means oh are you are you serious you just got out of vehicle stupid move very stupid move Gunnarsson is dead well done these workers have learned an important lesson today and that the EDF is not gonna do nothing foragers off-planet don’t worry we definitely will look at rid of these guys off our planet goodbye I don’t like any of them very much at all thank you okay well we did one thing there we have not lowered the ATF control at all pretty much so let’s go see what we can do in here we have this thing here we have ATF landing pad I don’t want to do that though guerrilla action oh we could go to do some of these Thrilla actions yes let’s do that one don’t excuse me I want this yes there we go Omar what are you saying and on my way my Buster screw it that hurt oh shoot apparently it is a hard it is that hard oh my goodness how does this thing not just not considered destroyed yet go ahead how much more oh my goodness I should not have too late they come here and they completely destroy this thing should not have to level it okay and it’s still not counted this actually destroyed it still only counts as being destroyed they’re finally heating properly

destroyed all right I got rid of one point I don’t care I don’t like the courier ones iconic you also please English this is we can’t understand we don’t know what you’re saying it would be better if everyone can understand what everyone is saying oh wait what this is this a courier are you serious am I supposed to kill him this must be the courier follow him to his destination I’m not supposed to Kenny what the heck did I do wrong let’s just follow him I guess get off don’t I hate it when your vehicle gets stuck in another vehicle this is ridiculous I really hate this Korea mission this does you have to follow these guys and you get too close to them bad things happening you fail the mission and otherwise we’re talking about a religion well you can talk in English too so that everyone can hear because otherwise it sounds like it’s feels like you’re talking in secret right but when it’s a public thing talking in secret isn’t nice keep going where is he come on not get away from me am I going to Soaring propaganda gets the EDF on your pipe don’t like it it’s annoying ah oh no no no no no no get back in the vehicle oh shoot now I have five seconds to get back to him darn it darn it I failed this one see this one I hate these freakin courier missions this is freaking ridiculous if you get out of your vehicle accidentally you lose completely huh plus they just freaking go around in circles all over the darn place it’s just so annoying my gosh you can translate at no I can’t I’m busy playing game I’m busy with the stream I can’t be translating it it’s easier if you speak in English so that everyone can understand all right so let’s go mind these things before I go do that house-arrest thing yeah and one more one more to mine out goodbye thank you it’s belong to me and now we can go up and destroy this thing right here because this belongs to EDF they’re gonna crumble under its own weight it takes me tumbling it and there it’s always bashing it again there we go will you jump thank you I’ve been pressing the jump on multiple trails there I don’t know why it wasn’t working look give me that there you go now we can come down here and we can start this job okay I’ll go get him out don’t worry if there’s one thing in games that I hate it must be time limits yeah yeah especially for something like that like 10 seconds come on you can’t get up enough speed of the vehicle in ten seconds Oh what the heck what am I doing wrong don’t run around the date so rude I did nothing wrong with that

and haha just caused an accident so ridiculous hey well let’s go save these hostages holy crap that has never happened before oh my goodness ooh mm ha I love these people they freak out at everything hilarious come on okay I’m going straight for that there and that did not even hear what I wanted to do okay well then that’s just fine I guess I need to get around behind these guys okay YouTube goodbye out tight clusters goodbye I need these people I’m tired out of here hey calm down it’s alright please switch to three made your mom made macaroni delicious okay there you go goodbye now this is my vehicle both of your hostages get in here quick now get in were you waiting for yes they already have okay this is supposed to do literally everything goodbye okay Oh well why they just walked off the road that’s ridiculous welcome throat okay I’ll just go around all the grass on the dirt this game so make somebody feel their affections yes it looks like this from Mars yep it is still on Mars surface on Mars Icona cash yes I need you to be speaking English in the chat please like I’ve already explained if people if you’re in a public place in your talking different language it’s kind of rude I know you can speak English because you have before so please speak English so that we can understand all right I would appreciate that very much and don’t be rude you’re welcome you’re welcome again grab those oh yes these people are shooting at the targets over here again okay now watch he brakes because he wasn’t done shooting at his target so he’s broken now that’s hilarious I love it when that happens we can get remote charge count rocket launcher that’s right and level one armor we need we need that we need the level armor that is very important and the rocket launcher is gonna cost way too much ah I need 450 for that let’s go break these down bust it all up is that okay that one’s apparently done I guess it’s not doing anything else so there’s more over here there and now there’s some of that up there to some of these mining deposits we’re not going to really be able to get to actually not very easily anyway well there we go oh hello Ricardo Braga official welcome to the stream thanks for joining you’re

on twitch I’m sorry if I missed your message I don’t know how long you have been there I hope it hasn’t been too long I apologize but looks like someone else also kind of well I found out about this beautiful game absolutely I love Red Faction gorillas it is one of my favorites and you try that milk pepsi drink yesterday’s scam oh nice how was it I sincerely apologize though Ricardo if I if I miss your message has a twitch thing here but it doesn’t for some reason doesn’t notify me as easily as I feel that should all right one sec actually I’m going to just oh yes do that there we go oh yeah alt enter perfect make a full screen again thanks perfect lovely and no one dares to say no to drag Nate’s my wife I know you well just we would prefer if people speak in English because then everyone like most everyone else here can understand or at least I can kind of thing and then we can know what you’re saying so I can talk to you it just works much better that way it was delicious I’m surprised because I first thought it would not be for my taste well I’m glad you liked it it’s quite delicious if you ask me a song I like it it’s one of my favorite things except I usually use coke we usually use Coke since no Pepsi but it’s basically the same thing so yeah okay and grab that thank you well obviously that thing isn’t gonna give me anything else yeah but it has been also two hours now and I think I might stop it here because it has been 2 hours and I don’t want to do too much with this game on the first on the first go ELISA is also very hot in here ah it’s getting very very hot no it was nice and cool earlier now it’s hot the okay yes I’m gonna end it here because it’ll be much much better this way so I can go do some other things as well Baba this is great getting to hang out with you guys again so thank you for joining let me just switch this back to oops my bad that was mistake bring the FaceCam up there we go mmm okay there we go okay trying to think if there’s anything else I need to say specifically I really like it with cream whipping cream not milk although milk is good – yes true you’re so bored now wish I do now I don’t know I kind of can’t you should go play a game or something um mm yes I am going so thank you everyone for is thank you everyone for joining on Monday on Wednesday I will be streaming Mass Effect and Friday some more Skyrim of course and then on next Monday I’ll do some more of this some more Red Faction guerrillas so thank you everyone for joining was great getting to chat with all you and I hope to see you again for you soon so have a great rest of your day and we’ll see you again and God bless I just have to keep saying bye until because it’s like I’m streaming on both YouTube and twitch so it’s I have to wait until it stops on YouTube I guess so bye bye by goodbye I’ll just keep saying bye there’s not much else I can do so bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye