pushing up pushing up to the dirt just like a sea but you’re never quite a flower you feel more just like a weed hello hello um nice to see you guys here uh this is gayle and lee for another edition of quarantine concerts uh with this time my friend and photographer james dean but not the one you’re thinking of his i’m still here is great planes james um james do you want to introduce yourselves to people yeah my name is james dean but unlike the james dean that is so famous i’m still here uh and i’m a photographer based out of lincoln nebraska and prior to 2020 happening uh was basically a music focused concert photographer i do a lot of other things than that but that’s primarily where i cut my teeth and uh i’ve got some pictures and stuff to show in a bit yeah which is how i met you yes the first time lincoln calling uh when we chatted for a minute and i had to run maximum aims which i have some pictures from maximum aims and then we uh back in lincoln again when you played at the zoo bar so like yeah that was such a random show but i liked it yeah um that venue was like a little different than my usual vibe uh but it was like because it’s ancient and not up to code nope uh but it was they did a good job they got a ramp for me if i did yeah and that was that was a fun show that was really cool actually so thanks for reminding me of that show i hadn’t thought of that one in a while so the honest abes uh the burgers we had before were good too oh my god yes i must say lincoln does not disappoint if you i mean you don’t really think of it in minnesota you think of it’s just like another midwest town but it’s actually really cool i don’t know you still are you planning to stay there i mean you’re liking it so far i mean if i had if i had unlimited funds and the ability to go anywhere i wanted i would probably be in the pacific northwest tomorrow but uh yeah lincoln is a great place to live affordability wise and there’s it’s a college town full art so i’m not other than obviously a pandemic i’m not bored usually yeah no i know so speaking of pandemics what have you been doing to keep busy and like are you still you have a day job too right i do and that’s that’s where actually where this headset came from because i was like i could just use this and then i don’t worry about microphones but i i work a customer service job which i’m very blessed to have because despite everything else happening i still have income you know photo income was extra money for me and helped me but at least i have you know a job there’s plenty of folks that don’t have any yeah no i know so i have the day job but then i also have been trying to write music you’re not gonna do a song i am not going to do a song because i don’t have anything that i’ve practiced well enough but uh i don’t want to make people like regret doing the show being like that was the worst decision i ever made being on galen’s show so but you’re writing that’s really cool are you writing like lyrics or is it all instrumental uh no lyrics yeah definitely doing the singer songwriter type thing because it’s the only instruments that i have are all acoustic instruments like i’ve got a a tenor guitar here if i can figure out directions um got a you know the standard white guy playing a ukulele situation you’re like i’m doing my parts uh yes wait so the ukulele have you actually written for that specifically or do you kind of like the songs this one so i cheat a little bit with this ukulele it is uh it’s tuned uh you know normally ukulele has a high string and then a low string and then two higher strings and this one is actually tuned where the the top string this one is actually the lowest one so it’s basically like the same thing as my tenor guitar but capoed up and so i just switch back and forth between the two no that’s cool that’s really fun i have had i had a little ukulele but i never ever used it and i decided i’d rather focus on i have a lap harp and that’s the one thing i actually do want to learn how to play some days soon i’m hoping this winter because after this week like yesterday was my last outside

engagement and from now until april i’m only doing these shows and then i’m taking the weeks to write new music but mostly write a book and i’m excited to like have a little free time i’m going to be off social media too so um i really want to focus on other things right now including working on that harp because it’s man it’s like you just have it sitting there and it’s like looking at you you know what i mean you’re like yeah learn how to play you um so well so i’m getting some questions from the audience um first of all hello everybody tina and roman and jenny and chris um i guess the first question for you james is do you use digital or um analog what do you do for your photography and maybe maybe this would be a good time to show a few of your photos and talk about them what do you think sure yeah when did you start i guess so you started out like were you like really young yeah so i’m i’m going to be 34 in january and i’ve had a camera in my hands of some kind or another since i was about 13 years old obviously you know growing up in the age that i have it was digital at the beginning you know those were the cameras that were available like circuit city if you can remember places like that at the time and so i’ve done i started with digital and then when i moved to lincoln i wanted to get more advanced cameras but i was a college student and incredibly broke and so i actually picked up film cameras and shot film for a while and now i do digital and film so i actually have examples of both did you develop your own film i have color is a pain but black and white is very easy to do at home because you can do everything at room temperature you don’t have to heat anything up oh i hadn’t okay can you explain it for the noobs among us including myself like why why do you have to speed up the colors stuff just the way that the chemical process works there’s like a an optimal temperature for color chemicals like the the uh developer and the bleach and stuff all have to be warm in order for them to work correctly no like fill your bathtub up with hot water and put the chemicals in there and measure their temperatures it’s just a pain in the butt and so it’s easier it’s easier when you’re doing black and white because you just base your developing times on whatever temperature the chemicals already are so it’s 68 degrees in your house you look at the chart and you just go you don’t have to worry about heating anything up weird interesting uh you learn something every day that’s why i have people on who do different art than me um so um should i share the screen yeah i’ve got my a digital picture up here trying to zoom in well actually i think they can see it’s pretty big i think so what is this picture i’m it’s really tiny on my screen let me see if i can ah i can see better yes okay teeny tiny so this is a digital picture this is my friend uh jake who goes by the musician named mississippi jake based out of des moines iowa i met him in ames at one of the many max ames festivals which i tend to cover every year and this was i was playing around a couple years ago with long exposures and getting the milky way and stuff and so i had a flash set up off to the side of him and in the middle of a 15 second long exposure i would pop the flash and the trick with these if you look at his guitar case and stuff down down here if you move a little bit you end up with like a shadow because the exposure time is so long okay but this is a bridge about 10 or 15 miles south of my mom’s place uh the lights behind her would be sterling nebraska wow i love how you got so many stars in there so that’s just because of the long exposure yeah long exposure and i have the iso the sensitivity of my camera sensor cranked all the way up because i’m basically using the same settings that i would use if i was just going to take a picture of the milky way by itself like if that’s and then i added a flash to light uh jacob so that you could see him in the bridge that is so close so did he end up using that for anything yeah we did a whole session so he actually had a show in omaha drove here and picked me up and we went out and fought through all the mosquitoes and stuff to take these pictures so he had to hold very still while he was getting bitten alive yes essentially yeah that’s terrible but that is so cool do you have another one you want to show us i guess and then i’ll see if there are any questions sure uh music photography so this is uh weezer oh wow at uh maha which is an omaha music festival um and this was a couple years ago i think

uh father john misty and weezer father john misty made me laugh because halfway through his set he looked down at the front row of people that were waiting for weezer and said hey guys i know i’ve only got a few more songs left because they’re like come on yeah yeah weezer fans and father john misty fans i don’t think have a huge venn diagram but i could be wrong we toured together then that’s really interesting well this music festival though so there’s a lot of randomness it was a festival i was gonna say sometimes you wonder why certain things happen but yeah at a festival that’s just the way they go down well that’s cool i like it it’s a fun show yeah uh let’s see if there’s any other questions and then i’ll go back to looking at pictures with you oh there’s a let’s see i really yeah they said that was a nice composition um and the guitar and the shadow have a nice contrast to all the rest of the symmetry i agree that’s very cool cool do you have any more i’m i’m assuming you have more picked out or whatever i do but it’s being difficult always okay we’ll find it yep so are you doing like nature photography right now if you’re not doing band photography or what’s what kind of stuff have you been working on i have been doing whatever i can so here we go this is what i was gonna do i have been uh shooting like uh small weddings and stuff when there’s just like a few people there i have been um oh yeah doing nature photography i have done uh some family portraits and stuff so because outside you know outdoor photography you’re pretty comfortable with far away yeah and i mean we were these were friends friends that work from home and have all their groceries delivered and i’m kind of the same way and so we didn’t hug and and and all that stuff but we also weren’t like a mile away from each other because we were pretty trusting it was outside yeah no that’s cool i suppose you think about photography is one of the art forms but i suppose could kind of not continue as normal but like there’s some semblance of it existing yeah and the artistic side of me has been kind of you know squashed and depressed uh this year i’m as i’m sure it has been with everybody else and so the the going out and photographing the milky way trips and stuff have not happened this year just because well besides the creativity thing just a lack of extra money to do it oh yeah i know it’s such a weird year for all arts i mean i think eventually people will create stuff based on this time you know what i mean oh yeah but right now i think we’re all in the middle of it i suppose some people who are extremely prolific are feeling super creative but um i have struggled with that it’s starting to get better now but the first six months were pretty bad just not feeling like making anything and people need to be reminded not not everybody obviously folks watching this stream are interested enough in art and artists to tune in and spend time taking in information like this but there’s a lot of overarching themes in the united states of like oh well you should have done another job you shouldn’t have done you know the thing that you you did because it the pandemic you know happened and now you can’t build stages or you can’t play the shows and everything yeah art is valuable you know what did you turn to during march when there was a lockdown you went to netflix uh that’s all art you know somebody had to make that that’s a good point actually um yeah you’re totally right because i think people see it as like well especially with performance i do i do worry about performance spaces i hope that our government starts helping to save some of the smaller venues because artists can be creative and work from home but you can’t necessarily do that if you’re um like running a stage managing although i’ve seen some very clever ones start managing like zoom events and stuff like helping families host gatherings and i’m like well that’s a pretty cool it’s not exactly a crossover but like you know a way to keep it it’s creative it is creative um so people are saying what is your favorite thing to photograph is um so that’s the question for you definitely um i would have to say that it would definitely be like live uh concert photography it’s a lot of fun about that like just and you have a few more you want to show us i can add you back in if you the picture that i had pulled up was not of a concert but uh i mean we can go we can talk about concerts while we

look absolutely um i’m making you big so i can see it cool oh that looks not good no uh that was in 2017 when we had that uh crazy historic mind-blowing uh flood on the missouri river this is uh this is brownville nebraska which this house i don’t know why this house still exists because the river is normally way over here by these trees but you can see that this house is like within sight of it and so anytime there’s even the slightest amount of flooding this house is in danger and yet somebody still lives in it but now but it didn’t get ruined in that flood uh it’s still there the last time i was there wow like supposedly live there at least yeah because i’ve i’ve seen it i’ve lived back in nebraska for 12 years and i’ve seen water come up to this house three or four times in that 12 years you’d think at some point you would just be like forget it let’s get out of here yeah that’s what i think but who knows i guess um so were you on a boat taking the picture i was not so there was a trail bridge and so i’m standing on top of a trail bridge uh the the water here if i were to get down would be like waist height waist deep for me the the motor boat here so around the corner off here about three or four miles down this way is a nuclear power plant and this is the the main road to get into it runs right along the front of this house and where the sign says that the road is closed and around the corner and so uh during the height of the flooding the power plant was fine it was on dry ground but they couldn’t drive there and so they literally had people in with briefcases and stuff getting into boats and boating to work every morning no way so that’s what this was yeah oh my gosh so that’s like employees of the nuclear power plant yes coming to and from it’s like you should write essays with every photo because there’s a lot of background on that one i mean it’s a cool photo anyways but um what time of year is that because all the leaves march so early march so what had happened is we had uh a bunch of snow that winter and a lot of uh you know snow pack in nebraska and then we had a uh really warm rain system come through and so what we had is like warm rain falling on several inches of packed snow and so the rivers and stuff just went up to incredibly high record levels within like two days and so this is the result oh my gosh wow interesting so yeah so what’s your what’s your next photo that you have and that’s digital i assume right that is a digital one i could pull up a film one yeah sure since we’re talking do i have i’m going to take you out of the take this thing out of the picture temporarily um let’s see if there’s any oh somebody was saying in the uk the the government was telling people uh artists maybe they should retrain oh no that’s so terrible i think we would miss so much i mean i’m not even like i mean i’m proud i think i’m a pretty practical person but i can like the the consequences of that are just obviously terrible basically so um oh that’s kind of cool porch family photo is somebody suggesting you could take i have done that i actually have oh well then good job jenny he has already done that that’s awesome because yeah i mean have you done like a pandemic theme photo like shoot yet no thought about it and then got really busy and so uh that fell through but i have done um you know what i called portraits p-o-r-c-h a little bit of goofy word play where i photograph people on their porch but then that just evolved back into you know one-on-one um outdoor safe photo situations again yeah okay if this will ever stop crashing on me a lot of people are taking live outdoor gigs and i haven’t done one yet just because i know a big part of shows for me is talking to people and yeah i would be really tempted to chat with people and i don’t know it just feels like at this point in time um i’m enjoying the online shows a lot especially now that there’s guests and the same people come every week and it’s been pretty fun that way where i’m not missing it as much as i would be if i wasn’t doing this you know so i’m gonna wait till it feels safer to do outside uh that absolutely makes sense okay they’re right not a fan of the uk government right now

uh yeah understandable it’s been a bad couple years there too um but yeah a disregard for human nature to express art is if you’re suggesting people retrain i totally agree they tell them to retrain but then they’ll be like well where is the tv shows where’s the art i know exactly what is this one so this is uh i don’t have a whole lot of film stuff that i’ve done this year but this is a film called lamography uh well lomo chrome purple so it’s a goofy film where literally the color green is expressed as purple oh cool and so this is a false color image of my mother’s garden uh like in june so the irises flocks this is uh yeah so this is some of the stuff that i do usually when i’m shooting film i don’t do mission critical stuff in film just because of the like ephemeral nature of it and and hard it is to adjust you know if you screw up the image is not recoverable yeah and so i’ll do artistic stuff with it and i’ll i’ll do stuff like this where i find a film that seems to be interesting and go out and shoot it wait so you’re saying that if you mess up developing on film the negative is actually runes yeah you can ruin the negative oh i guess i didn’t know that okay i don’t know much about photography obviously but i knew nothing of this but even more benign than that is just if you mess up how the photo is taken um you know with a digital photo there’s enough information and light and color that you can make an image brighter or darker and it will look okay and look fine printed but there’s less less information available in a negative sometimes and so you can get an image where if it’s too dark you know you can’t do anything about it oh okay i get it so you can’t alter it even in a photo answering program yeah and you can it’s just the latitude of the ability to do that it’s just not as broad yeah and it becomes like not really a film photo then at that point if you’re altering it anyways well uh i mean not technically because yeah you should i’ll send you like a link to some videos about ansel adams sometimes he was doing the kind of things that i would do with a image editing program but with with an enlarger and literally he would take like a you know a stick with a circle on it and he would project the image onto a piece of paper to get it printed and he would hold the stick and kind of move it around to control light and darkness on that image so he would his prints were all hand altered like that so he’s doing the same thing that i would be doing just in in an older fashioned way okay well so then i guess so it’s more just like if you want to have more control because somebody’s paying you to take their wedding photos you would definitely not want to do that on film i mean if somebody wants to pay me more because it’s going to take a lot more time to do sure but but in general folks don’t want to wait forever for their photos because i’ve gotta get them developed and then scan them and then edit them where digital i go home and dump them and i’m editing immediately wait so then okay how long does it take to develop a single photo like that like a purple like you did this color photo um so i took the i so i’m not comfortable developing color film at home so i took this to a lab which took about a week and a half to send me the the image back and then i scanned it which took you know another 10 minutes or so and then there is some alteration in here because the you know your your film when you’re scanning film uh the computer’s looking for orange as the the background of the film because normally film stock has an orange color to it and this film is green to give it this purple so i had to do some editing to make it look like this because otherwise it kind of looks all the same color purple all over the place and you’re missing these irises and stuff here yeah and so then so let’s say you’re doing a black and white photo does a single photo to develop take like 20 minutes or like an hour if i’m developing film at home uh depending on what the film is a picture of depending on the developing time i could get a roll of film developed in and developed and dry and hanging in less than an hour okay i just had no reference point so i was just kind of wondering if it’s like an all-day thing or if it’s like it would be all day if you include then after i’ve got the negatives i’m cutting them and then scanning each image which takes several minutes per image to get imported into the computer so that i can then edit so it’s like a pretty long it definitely adds more time definitely for sure cool do you have any more that you want to share with us i love this purple and i want a print of that one that was so cool

people really enjoy in that one too well if they like the purple one i’ll show you guys one more and then if you have any concert ones that you want to share feel free to chris i’m so sorry to hear that he said his nest next door neighbor passed from colby yesterday crap oh man this is such a weird time not a fan not a fan me either i’ve had friends that recovered and a couple friends of friends that have passed away and some friends that have lingering effects so really it’s real i mean it shouldn’t have to happen to you or someone you love for you to realize that it’s important no i know no kidding oh this is another purple one yeah so this is this this is the sunken gardens you know here in town taken earlier this year and i kind of love this like turquoise sky and the pine trees so there is some green that’s what’s interesting to how is there me and purple in a film like that i don’t know no it’s just really fun seeing what colors turn out to be what because like the cannas here you can barely see uh these were red in real life and are red some of this stuff is white shows up as pink i love like the the verdant purple grass yeah no i know it’s just so cool oh and you’re right the sky is a really pretty but i mean what’s cool about this is it looks like a painting that somebody i mean it just looks like a painting but it’s a photo that’s so cool and there’s people looking at the garden over there is that what that is yeah yeah around this stuff over here there’s a fish pond i’m looking over a fish pond and there’s two koi ponds at this sunken gardens cool is that like a asian style or what is the sunken garden sunken gardens changes drastically every year so they it’s just uh it used to be like a dump literally in the in the 1900s it was a landfill and they cleaned it all out and they uh just replant it every year and they have a different theme i cannot remember what the theme was this year but it’s stunningly gorgeous every single time that they do it yeah oh that’s so cool um so people have said that one’s fabulous a bunch of people love the color purple so they’re into this for sure are there any more photos you want to show us we have about maybe five or ten more minutes and then sure i play a few tunes i keep going over um i’m like it’s an hour and then it’s always like an hour and 15 minutes but that’s okay i will show you one more concert photo yeah that’s fine we have more time i mean we’re not in a hurry don’t worry we will meet we’re we got plenty of time so still showing i like the coffee bag see i keep thinking about i gotta spruce up my background um i did i put a pumpkin on the shelf today in the back so you can see oh i see it my background is just not playing i didn’t plan for this so i was like oh i don’t have a backdrop or anything oh it looks nice it looks nice yeah we uh we want to carve the pumpkin eventually oh do i have to add the photo in or did you do that let me see i hit share screen okay i think i have to actually share it on oh i think you know this guy oh my goodness is that colin malloy it is colin wait so when did you see this so this was i’ve the decembrus is one of my favorite bands ever so like uh when you played on the record it freaked me out i was so happy but uh this was in 2016 at 80 35 which is a music festival that happens in des moines and uh an organization here called here in nebraska sent me to to take photos out there because they wanted to do some you know scouting of what that festival was doing to cover the festival itself but also to uh distribute some literature of lincoln calling because they had taken over the music festival here in lincoln so i this is probably like the fourth or fifth time i’ve seen the decemberists but the first time i got to photograph them and i believe it get permission right because they the festival hired you so you don’t have to like talk to the band and get permission correct yeah so since i had a photo pass as media i got to photograph in the photo pit and then and then after the first three songs you know go somewhere else and photograph over the audience but i believe at some point during the concert chris happened to be he always stands sort of stage left if colin it seems to be where that he sets up and uh i’m like a photographer that’s like taking pictures and then also scream singing and i believe there was a moment of eye contact where he like looked down at the photographer and then looked back up his guitar and i was like yes that is me the person who screams and also cries while photographing bands i know

you’re like i swear that’s not my usual or maybe it is maybe you always cry while you film i mean if i l if they were one of my favorites i love them this much it was this band was one of those um i’ve gotten to photograph the new pornographers they’re way up there for me uh lizzo last year was fantastic i bet that was amazing yeah i’ve never gotten to see her live yet but dang that’s so cool yeah i like this photo um the decembers are awesome i mean i just grew up listening to them like obsessively i had like mixed tapes they were cds but um they made like 50 of every mixtape they were just like it was like half the summer’s music and then a few other people um and that’s kind of all i listen to for many years so i have i have a bucket list um of a lot of bands that i’d like to photograph but i think probably my favorite band favorite rock band of all time because i try to separate it by genre because there’s not you know like what is your favorite band it’s like well let’s have an hour hour-long conversation but uh my favorite rock band of all time is probably queens of the stone age i have not really listened to them uh i have if i can turn my arm the right way here yes it’s hard to see i do if i can get it there it is this pitchfork right here okay so this is off of their album songs for the deaf they are a band that i would really like to photograph but uh they’ve they’ve played in places uh where i didn’t know how to get media uh coverage for them one of these days yeah i know how hard is that as a photographer that’s a question i’ve never even thought about like yeah it’s easier when you have an organization backing you so like in the case of here in nebraska here in nebraska was doing that or in the case of certain music festivals that just get hired by the festival and when you get hired by the festival you get to go anywhere you want obviously writers of the musicians matter so like if they say i don’t want you photographing me after three songs we’ll respect that um but otherwise you get to go wherever you need to go to to get the images that you want to get on stage or no hours in the pit uh in the photo pit or sometimes behind stage or off to the sides if they allow it you know if they they say i don’t want people in my business then you know do that it is weird once in a while you are playing a show and you realize there’s a guy with a camera like two feet away from you and it it like if you’re not expecting it it does sort of throw you off you have to kind of know that that’s what they mean when they say can i be on stage and you’re like oh i meant like oh on stage so i try to avoid that and not surprise the musicians yeah i mean it’s not like the hugest deal but i did that has happened once or twice where i’ve been like whoa it’s a human right next to me holy cow um but then you just have to try not to think about it and keep playing so no that’s so cool and then somebody chris he’s in liverpool asked have you done any uk bands um on tour like pre-coded surprisingly not um i wish that well hold on you asked me that question then i’ve got to uh research here hold on uh somebody’s saying i love the purple shots i gotta buy them can somebody buy them from you um yes instagrams and yeah so he’s reworking his website so instagram and facebook right yeah so i’m basically just meant like talking to people and manually placing orders which i’m fine with uh no the closest i think i’ve gotten to is uh a scottish band so i photograph bell in sebastian technically uk oh you have that’s yeah they came to maha the same year that uh the new pornographers did i believe that’s so cool i think we have time for one more photo do you have any one more that you want to end on sure with a something like a you want to tell us how you did it and all that stuff let’s see here pretty fun oh man i i was wondering i was like i want to have different kind of artists on these shows because i don’t think it always has to be music every time because i think you can learn um but this was even cooler i was like i don’t know what we’ll talk about just like but you have all these cool back stories for every photo which i guess is to be expected you know i’ve just never actually talked to a photographer about how they do their stuff and i enjoy talking to musicians especially this year because there’s been so little of it yeah let’s see this one i’m gonna make it big oh wow so explain so this is one of the things i was doing earlier this year because we’re supposed to get our first snow here so obviously i’m not doing anything we have to be outside right now but in june we had quite a few really photogenic thunderstorms come through the area and so this was taken at like i don’t know two o’clock in the morning uh i would get my radar app out and literally uh chase these storms

across the state photographing them whoa so okay you’re saying this is at 2 am but it looks so bright long exposure this is lightning i think the exposure time on this was like five or six seconds long so the whole idea is to try to collect as many lightning bolts as you can to get the clouds to light up the way that they’re going to and then you can see the little house down here with their porch light and stuff turned on and the lightning is bright enough to cause the foreground to brighten up some you can see in a larger image you can see there’s the road coming up here that goes past this person’s house how big is this photo i know that’s a silly i mean it can be any size but like what would be the biggest you could blow something like this oh gosh without it looking like greeny or something this one i could probably do because there’s a lot of detail probably two feet on the on the long end would be something i’d be comfortable with yeah okay this is a digital image so there’s a lot of a lot of info here the some of the purple ones that i’ve taken are 35 millimeter i would probably not print those any any larger than like 11 by 14 before i start to get uncomfortable with how they look yeah i know that makes total sense um just because i’m a sucker do you have like one more you want to show us just because this is really fun absolutely um yay i love that one the clouds i would never have thought that was um like at night i mean it looks like an afternoon storm yeah the afternoon stuff i like some people managed to capture lightning but there’s so much foreground light from the sun that it makes it really difficult for you to balance how long you need the exposure time to be so this is yeah oh i was gonna say do you have any of the milky way ones i do not okay someday you guys have to check out his facebooks here let me share this one cool so this is this is our capital i i just shared this because i want to show people that nebraska has stuff and it’s not just a cornfield right i’m sure that you get that sort of stereotype when you go to like the west coast from minnesota they’re like oh duluth pastures right yeah and you’re like no actually not at all um oh cool building what is this so this is the capital um we have one of the weirder capitals so this is this doesn’t really look like what i would think a capital building looks like this is the third one uh so the the first one was built uh not too far away from this one it had foundation issues so they tore it down they built the second one in this location it also had issues and so i believe in the 20s and 30s it’s a relatively new the teens and 20s it’s a relatively new capital they tore the old one down and this is the third one uh very art deco this is the the mall so basically what would be 15th street if it existed they you know tore it out and put in all this grass and stuff leading up to it and this is like in the winter time when we get uh fog that comes in so i froze to death taking this picture but i i love it when we get fog that rolls in like this yeah it’s really pretty ah cool yeah it kind of reminds me of like the empire state building vibe or something absolutely yeah that’s really cool it’s really dark on the inside and subdued lighting there’s lots of gold and really interesting scroll work and it’s a it’s a very interesting you know it’s not classical architecture like pretty much every other capital i’ve been to uh i’ve been to st paul st paul’s is very much like what you would expect a capital to look like this one is way different no that’s really neat so if people were gonna go visit lincoln give them two things they gotta see well the capital for sure you can actually go all the way up here elevator that will take you up there there’s observation levels that actually it’s right here pardon me that actually face out um so the capital uh sunken gardens and when we’re not in a like when the pandemic abates downtown is full of live music uh and you’ll you’ll fly into omaha if you’re coming out here and so omaha’s worth a visit to omaha is actually the largest city in the state lincoln would be the second largest yeah and i like omaha but i feel it doesn’t i don’t maybe it’s just because i’ve been to lincoln more but like i feel like there’s a character of the downtown area more in lincoln but maybe i’m making that up what do you think omaha has more than one downtown area because it’s it’s absorbed so many smaller towns that there’s whole neighborhoods that have their own strip you know of what used to be a downtown for the town that was there before and so some of the events and stuff that you want to go to are spread out so you’ve got to drive 10 miles to get to them but also omaha being larger the downtown area is more of a

like a white collar like nine to five vibe right the college the university of nebraska actually butts up against downtown in lincoln and so there’s that that vibe there’s a mix of like people going to shows that are musicians and people that love musicians and then you get like the 22 year old college kid who like sighs at the door because there’s a cover but um somebody said they love this one it’s a bit eerie like electricity battling the fog in the darkness it is kind of like gotham city or something for sure and that’s why i go down there when this happens well james this was delightful i am so excited that you were willing to come on and share your work i have um if people want to support your work it is uh a good idea is to go to facebook or instagram for great planes james and that’ll be was already in the description um i didn’t have time to take out the smug mug link but you’re saying that that’s not really active so don’t use that one nope okay so i’m gonna take that out as soon as i can but we will we will um hopefully get to see more from you do you post photos on both of those pages pretty regularly uh when i’m taking them yes i need i need to get back out and start photographing stuff again and i might actually just start going through and re-editing old stuff because there’s some photos that i just hadn’t posted before yeah that’s the thing is um i’m what i want to do this winter besides writing my book is go through some of the old song ideas that i’ve written down and like never really had time to focus on because it’s you know if you don’t actually get all the way through working on them they turn into something new absolutely visit them so yeah i’ve done the same thing yes well i’m so glad to see you again i hope the next time is in person safely yes safely yeah not like not about to go and do anything ridiculous now we’ve been so locked down that it would be ridic like we we went to my sister’s last night and sat in her backyard you know 10 feet away and had a fire with them and that was fine but that’s about as risque as i get right now where you know what i mean absolutely just to hang it out but it is nice to see people from a distance outside i am enjoying that it’s about to be winter so i’m gonna have to invest in like a snow suit or something because i am not ready for winter wednesday just a little dome with a heater i know actually that’s not a bad idea i’ve done i had a there was a while where i did a sweeping bag and then i put a garbage bag over it and rode in a sweat it looked ridiculous like but you were cozy i was i was warm but i also looked like i was being taken out to the trash or something it was really ridiculous but that’s okay uh well i’m so glad to see you and i’m gonna get set up to play a couple songs um and yeah lomography i never even heard of that so that’s actually how you that’s what you call it lomography that’s the company that makes the the weird film yeah so that is the weird film have a name is it graphical it’s do they have other colors they did teal at one point in time but i think the only special effects film they have right now that is that wild is purple yeah i do think the purple is a good choice though i mean it really makes everything look so rich and light and you’ve got beautiful you’ve got you’re wearing purple right now i also do like purple yes i am partial to that color well i’m so glad to see you i’m gonna get set up and we will be back and if you feel free to join the chat if you want to james you don’t have to but um on the youtube video people are perfect go check out what they said and i really appreciate seeing you wonderful to chat have a great one yeah you too thank you okay i’m gonna get set up here um for a few songs thank you to james for hanging out with me that was really educational um and super fun he’s a really good photographer as we know he took a very cool picture of paul and i on the road not long ago um so i’m gonna switch out my microphone so they’ll be silenced for a moment and i’ll be right back but as uh always tips um are gonna be split with james and me today so if you want to leave a tip for james and me um that is the link to do it on venmo and then paypal is what a lot of people have so here we go be right back

okay no um anybody hearing me no sound okay so maybe let’s slide this up a little i don’t think so but yeah you can unplug them we don’t need them okay let me know there is sound okay slide this up or let me just pull forward can you hear me oh wait yes i hear you okay must have been weird okay sorry about that um switching out microphones halfway through always leads to a little bit of complications okie doke so james is here in the chat thank you for joining us james i am super excited to be here let me know if everything’s sounding good if there’s any issues i can switch it out um hopefully during the next song so this first song is watch the world unfold um and it is about not being so hard on yourself so here we go thanks for letting me know everybody so who knew that you can make a photo purple on film that is just so freaking cool i really liked that so here we go watch the world unfold pushing up pushing up through the dirt just like a seed but you’re never quite a flower you feel more just like a weed driving through driving through you want to know where you were going but the wind chill’s always dirty and you never get to see what makes you think this will ever get there what makes you think you deserve to know who are you really are you so important take a look around and watch the world and fall watch the world on the phone

so need advice need advice you have no clue what you’re doing moral composite is spinning an identity unhinge there’s so many opinions and they’re all a little different and the outlook’s getting dim what makes you think that you’ll ever get there what makes you think you deserve to know who are you really are you so important take a look around and watch the world and fall watch the world unfold watch the world and fall watch the world unfold me pushing up pushing up through the dirt just like you see but you’re there you go um that is watch the world unfold i hope it is sounding all right is it sounding all right paul oh man i think so i’m upgraded computers so i’m hoping the audio will work better i guess the violins starting to sound kind of weird again but i don’t know what to do um so we’ll just keep going i guess um so the next song i’m going to do is called i wait and then i think i will end on an improvisation for you um about color is what i’m seeing synesthesia um that is an interesting concept and while i play this song i’m gonna ponder how i would do color if you have any other maybe improv ideas to throw in there with color let me know um and we will see what we can do so this is um i wait dedicated to chris because i know he likes this song just so you know i can hear you paw i can hear you for some reason so so can you see me way in the back here

i’ve been waiting i’ve been waiting in line it’s been a long time can’t get no service still i’m hoping i am hoping for a sight that one day things will change and we can finally take our place that history won’t forget us or try to minimize our pain and so why wait and so i wait did you know that when i get angry i breathe fire i can burn this thing down you may not realize all of the small ways i am not welcome but just take a look so everybody knows that you need a place to go and living isn’t easy if you insinuate your home and so i stay and so i say i may seem angry so please forgive me but i am still not free in this society how long must we keep fighting for our right to be living wrongs over two for rising we’re a bit too forgiving so please invite us so don’t pretend to care cool um that is um i wait a song that i wrote about disability rights and what’s kind of fun is on friday the 30th of october the day before halloween and four days before our election a friend from paris who i met jeremy le pere is um we’re going to release a mix like a remix of eye weights it’s a little more like funky paris it’s like if somebody in paris made a remix of it basically what it sounds like and it is really fun and we’re gonna release that on the 30th of october kind of encouraging people to take um the election seriously and get out and vote and not have to wait um for change but make it and i am seeing a lot of comments um in the chat i am going to um do the color improv now to end the show and i’ll do some more music with you next week of course um bartek who is was or he’s still here yeah biotech is my special guest next week he’s a painter and a poet and we’re going to look at his paintings and his methods um and he’s going to share a couple poems with us so next week is going gonna be really fun bartek is a friend of ours from manchester um and we have gotten to know him really well from touring and he’s just a really cool person we got to see his house last time we were there um and i am very grateful for our trips to england and scotland and other ireland and everywhere that we’ve gotten to go and bartek is one of the best parts of going overseas so it’s gonna be fun to talk to him and show you folks what he does um so i’m gonna do this color improv um i’m gonna incorporate the theme of rainbows which is kind of cool that tina said somewhere over the rainbow because i had already decided on that so um we are gonna do rainbows plus colors and kind of how they all interact so we’ll see how this goes and then uh if you enjoy the show remember to leave a tip if you can or join my patreon patreon.com if you loved which i did um james’s art definitely um go check out his facebook and instagram’s great planes james and get a print for yourself

and yeah and this was just a really fun afternoon so this is colors slash rainbows do me this good so

so uh do okay dope so that is um colors and i’m just gonna quick explain what i was seeing in my mind um i went through the colors of the rainbow and i’ve read i’m kind of into all sorts of things so i read some stuff about chakras right and each one has a different like meaning and so the low notes was the base was the red and then um creativity is orange so it’s a little bouncier and then yellow is like your power like your personal motivation and that was even more um like driven or like bouncy of a melody and then um green is love so i tried to slow down and have some longer notes and more soothing and then um the farther up you get towards um enlightenment as the top three so you know blue indigo purple and so i tried to get up and so when i was up doing the shimmery stuff that was up at purple so and then i had course i had to end on somewhere over the rainbow because what kind of color slash rainbow improvisation doesn’t end on somewhere over the rainbow so um that is everything that i was thinking while i was playing that soon which was very fun and so i appreciate the suggestion um and i hope that i see you all next week i guess that kind of brings us to the end of our show already um but i would love to see you back here next week on sunday at 2 p.m central 3 p.m eastern noon pacific 8 p.m in the uk can’t go through every country i think it’s like five in the morning in australia so they’ll probably be watching the replay not the real one um but anyways so thank you very very much for hanging out with me um and spending time and thank you to james for his wonderful arts and for erica for captioning this show um and if you want to support my work um there are two ways to do that would be the tip on the paypal or venmo which i will split with james this week and or support my patreon and oh no brett you’re here he missed it you like totally just missed the show what a bummer um but i you can watch the replay and come back next week i guess you were off by an hour

it started an hour ago so come back next sunday thank you everybody love you uh take care of yourselves be safe um really be safe and try to find some good ways to pass the time so see you next week okay bye everyone um oh yeah this is the part it’s over here click on the white yep and then