How to get 1 Bitcoin for free. Well for the last five or six years that has been a question in the minds of many people You may even have asked yourself that very same question. How to get 1 bitcoin for free, because right now as I make this video, bitcoin is about $9100 per coin, so if you could get 1 bitcoin for free you’d have over $9000 Now would that be of interest to you? If the answer is yes, then listen up So how about if I introduce you to a system today that could generate in the next 73 days 2.74 bitcoin which at today’s price, is round about $25,000 If you would seriously like to generate $25,000 or 2.74 for bitcoin in the next 73 days… stay right here, because I’m gonna introduce you to a system that could, if you work it, allow you to do that and best of all it’s free, which means you can get bitcoin for free So before we get started just a quick little message from me, a small disclaimer: I am NOT a financial advisor I am NOT giving you financial advice in any way. I’m sharing with you some information for educational purposes I’m sharing with you some websites that I personally use and I’ve been using for over a year or so and I have been paid by all of them and as I made this video they are presently operational and presently paying me. Now I can’t guarantee they always will, so when you use them, if you use them, please take full responsibility for whatever you do I am not connected in any way to any of these websites, that I cannot offer you support in any way for any of these websites. If you do any kind of investing please do not use, in my opinion, you should not use any money that you cannot afford to lose, however, I’m going to show you websites where you don’t need to invest any money at all. I’ve never invested any money in any of these websites what-so-ever and they have made me money. So if that’s all cool with you, please remember I’m not a financial adviser please make your own financial decisions and if that’s all good then let’s get started and let’s show you how to make some money So welcome back, it is really good to see you here again today on another video and the question is how to get 1 Bitcoin for free? A very awesome question. Well I’m going to introduce you today to a system that could do that. Now if I introduce you to this system and it generates you 1 bitcoin over the next few days, let’s say next 73 days you could actually earn 2.74 bitcoin, if you could do that would you seriously take a look at this system? Would you do this system if you would… then you’re in the right place because, I’m going to introduce you to a system that could do that. Now first of all there are no income guarantees on any of these videos, but especially this one, no income guarantees what-so-ever because, if you do nothing you will get nothing and there’s a little bit of work involved in this. While it’s free, there is some work involved, so if you’re not prepared to do any work, then this is not the place for you, however, if you know the carrot of one Bitcoin or $9,000 that current value… excites you and you’re prepared to do some work, and it’s fairly simple work, nothing that you can’t do then if that excites you then you need to listen up right now because it’s very exciting. So first of all, right now, what I’d like to do is introduce you to the website, there is a link on the screen right now, and when you click on that link it will take you to a site called Infinity Traffic Boost, you will come to a page that looks just like this, on the top right-hand side there is a video. I really, really suggest you watch the video and I also suggest that you scroll down through the page and just get familiar with what the site is about So just take the time to read through all the information here… I know reading is boring, but take the time to get familiar with what it does. Up here on the left hand side make sure it says, if you’re part

of the Argon team, you are part of my team and we can all work together on this and support each other and I am looking for a group of people, hopefully you… who would like to work with me on this platform and go for the 2.74 bitcoin It’s absolutely possible. I’ve never done it yet… I have in all transparency, I have not tried it, I have presently earned about $40 from this site, but having worked with it for over a year I now have complete faith in it and I would really like to generate that kind of returns and if you want to do that with me, let me know and I’ll put you into a special group. So first go up and register, if you have any problems registering …sometimes in certain countries… it can be challenging to register. if you have any issues getting registered, let me know in the chat box below or on my website at you can leave a message for me there and I promise you I will get back to you and help you out Once you’re registered, login and you will come to a page that looks a little bit like this. Now this is a very complex website and there’s lots and lots of stuff happening and I won’t go over all today, I will just introduce you to the basics, but over here on the left hand side it says “Start Here,” so guess what you do next? Click on “Start Here” and go to “How It Works.” Click on “How It Works” and read all the material in “How It Works.” It’s a simple yet powerful advertising and income system and if you scroll down you will see loads of information and I’m not going to go through all of this information because you need to read it and understand it and if you don’t understand it… read it again, until you understand it, just keep reading it until you understand it. So go through all the information, once you’ve done that you can either click on “Site Tour” or here “Take A Site Tour,” click on “Site Tour” and there will be more information in the form of a video. “Hi this is Clint, and I want to welcome you to the ITB infinity traffic boost site tour there’s a lot to learn and so I just wanna…” Okay so you can either watch the video there, or if you’re not into videos you can scroll down and see the same information further down. Now before you ask me any questions about this website, I do expect you to go through these two pages. So if you haven’t gone through these two pages, go do that before you ask me any questions, because I don’t want to waste my time helping you when the information is there already. As much as I want to help you you really need to check out the information yourself Now before you click on the “Whats’ Next” box, come over to here in the top right hand side and click on the drop down tab and then go to “Edit Profile.” It’s important you do this, there’s a to do lots of setup and a lot to do initially, but once you get the hang of it it’s a really cool website and it’s worth it. If you discover how to get a bitcoin for free, then it’s worth it. So the 1st thing you do, is scroll down the page. Here it says “warning you have opted out of receiving weekly account and other contest details click here to opt back in.” So you can opt in or out of the weekly information if you so choose It’s entirely up to you I don’t opt into it, because I’m on the website regularly anyway and I know what’s going on. Now as you scroll down further, you’ll see your personal ID… oh sorry the 1st thing you see is the ID of your referrer, so that’s their number that’s their name and this is their infinity traffic boost wallet address If you ever need to contact your referrer, which would be me…. just click on this button and it’ll send me a message. Scrolling further down, you’ll have your details, your affiliate, your ID number, your affiliate ID, your affiliate link, that you can share with your friends and on social media and it’ll put in a little picture of you if you have a Gravatar account. If you don’t have a Gravatar account just click on this little link here… it’ll take you to Gravatar and you can go and set one up, very, very simple If you’re trading… doing this Infinity Traffic Boost in your business name, you can put it here. I’m not I’m doing it in

my personal name. You need to put in your real first and last name and here you have your email address, you can select it as private share with upline, share with downline, share with up and downline, you select whichever one you want Right now I’m on private. Your address is further down, you need to enter all this information and then you select any of these that you want. I haven’t selected them right now other than my facebook profile and the contact URL. This is the URL for my website. To save all of this, you will need to request a security pin, so you click on here, follow the instructions, it will email you a security pin, you put the security pin in here and then click on “Save Profile” and it will save it for you. This is a extra added layer of security to make sure that it’s really you there’s updating this information Then you come down here and once you’ve done all of that, it says next “Continue With Step Two.” This is how you would like to get paid… click on that link, it will take you to another page where you can choose how to get paid. Getting paid is obviously very important… If you have a bitcoin wallet address you can save it in here. If you don’t have a bitcoin wallet address, do not panic, you don’t need one right now, we can come back to that at a later date, so you can leave it blank if you don’t have. I will show you how to do all of this later. If you have one you can enter it right now. Then scroll down… you can ignore all of this and then you click here “Get Paid Later” click on that. Ask them to send you the security pin, enter the security pin here and save your settings. Now what will happen is that as your money builds up in the back office of this account, it will keep it there until you request payment and there’s a reason that I want you to set it up that way initially. Of course, you don’t have to, it’s entirely up to you what you do with this site. I would suggest that this is the way to do it because it will come into play later on in the program. Now scrolling down, you’ll see your Commission’s I currently have 00029 bitcoin in the account, but you can see that my past earnings 0038 and if you add the two together I’m on about 0.0041 in total which is roundabout $39 or $40 in total So it hasn’t made me a million dollars (YET!) but it’s generated me $40 which is pretty cool seeing as it’s a free account. Next you can continue with step 3 now a little information about this site, if you choose to just work independently, you can make money Don’t get me wrong, it’s going to be very slow and very small amounts, but if you come here each day and do what I’m going to show you in a moment you can make money However, how would you like to make a lot of money? So there’s there’s a small amount of money or a big amount of money… which one would you rather like to earn? If you said a lot of money, which I hope is what you said, then like all of the other programs I’ve shown you so far… if you refer this to other people and they join you will get commissions and the more people you refer it to the more money you will earn. Now you don’t have to, but your earnings will be low. If you’d like to earn more, you just share your link with other people. You do not have to babysit them in any way, just show them this video if you want and you know let them be part of this team, but what I suggest you do is go through this video first and you get quite healthy commissions, scroll down and you’ll also see the same information in written form So I’m not going to go through all right now, but just know that there’s a lot of opportunity if you share this with other people. Once you’ve done that and you understand it, click on “Step 4” which will take you to the “Referral Tools.” So you have lots of tools here that you could and ways of sharing it… your link will be here, this is mine so don’t copy mine, your link will be at the same position copy at the clipboard and send it out to other people and you’ve got… follow these

six steps here and you’ll be well on your way to creating some money. So let’s get started. Now that we’ve set up the basic back-office areas and I would take the time to go through this step-by-step, watch all the information, watch all of the videos, become familiar with it at the moment you don’t have to buy anything… so don’t worry, where over here where it says buy TPO’S, you can ignore all of that. What I’d like you to do right now is to come up here and click on this little paper aeroplane or click on “Surf Pages” whichever you prefer. It will take you to a page that looks just like this, we’re gonna start surfing, first you have to confirm that you are not a robot, so I hope you’re not a robot. I’ve never actually seen a robot that can type online anyway! So once you’ve done that, confirmed you’re not a robot, click on start surfing, it will take it to another page and you’ll see a countdown here of 15 seconds, there’ll be an advert at the bottom and there’s a banner advert here on the right hand side, you can just ignore both of those… ignore the adverts 100%. So it says click on the “Blue Box” to claim 0.25 add credits and here is the blue box you click on that and it will take you to another it says “you’ve just received 0.25 advertising credits and your referrer also received 0.1 advertising credits.” So whoever referred me he, also benefits from my work too, so there’s two ways of working from this it’s quite cool and you see it says “today’s page is 1, today’s credits 0.25, credits left 1509.” Now the credits refer to me being able to advertise my website for credits. so this is a traffic exchange program. I watch an advert, this one here down here, and if I do that I get credits I can now advertise my website and I can spend 1509 credits advertising my site to the community and you will get signups from this. If you have a website, people will sign up to whatever you’re doing. It’s quite a good little traffic program. So here it says click on the “Yellow Box” to claim 0.25 ad credits. So that’s the yellow box, click on that, it’ll take it to another page and you keep watching adverts. Now every time you watch 10 adverts you will get a credit in your back-office. So let me watch ten adverts I’ll pause the video, I’ll watch ten adverts and I’ll come back and I will show you where you can find that and what it means to you. Okay so I’m back after watching ten adverts, it says “total pages today 10, total credits 2.50, credits left 1512 Now a small little issue… a smaller point about the credits you don’t have to advertise, if you don’t have a website right now. So don’t panic about that. We can help you set up a website at the later date these credits will stay here. We can get you a website later and get you on the way there when when needed. So let me show you, I said if we get to ten credits, so let’s go back to the dashboard by clicking on the Infinity traffic boost logo here. That will take you back to the dashboard and over here on the right hand side, you’ll see it says “Credits / Shares” so remaining advertising credits 1502 – you saw that just now, but I’ve got a “Surfer Reward Pool Share” which I’ve earned today so every time you watch 10 adverts, you get 1 surfer reward. So I’ve just watched 10… I’ve got 1 If I go back here and watch another 10 this will go up to 2. Now the significance of that is, if you click here the “Share Value History, 1 share is worth 31 Satoshi (today). So I’ve just earned 31 Satoshi for watching 10 ads. So over the last few days I’ve been showing you how to get paid for watching ads online, well, here’s another way. Now 31 Satoshi isn’t a fortune, certainly not gonna make you a wealthy person, but if you add these all these sites together, it will start to grow over time. Now as a

free member you can watch 100 ads per day, which will give you 10 shares, which will give you 310 Satoshi. So this is yesterday’s price, the day before it was 35, the day before is 36, you can see it fluctuates up and down, but at the moment it’s round about 31 – 32 Satoshi, per share So as a free member you can earn 300 Satoshi a day and over the period of time it all adds up. So far with this site you can get paid for watching ads in Satoshi, you can also earn credits for watching ads, which you can use to promote your website, but I did mention to you in the intro, that with this website it is possible to earn 2.74 Bitcoin in the next 73 days, completely for free. Now if that interests you and you’re really serious about it, what I would like you to do is to come up here and click on this purple Infinity logo, which will take you to another page, a page that looks just like this: “The Free Way To Bitcoin Cash Flow – How to earn 2.74 Bitcoin in 73 days following this step by step system. So if you are serious and you know… 2.74 bitcoin is a life-changing amount of money. Right now it’s $25,000, if you are serious about this, and as I said earlier there’s no guarantees that this will actually generate that much money for you in that amount of time, but what if you did half of that? Would that be okay? What if you did a quarter of it? Would it be okay? So if you’re serious about making a big change in your life through bitcoin, watch this video, it’s 10 minutes and 41 seconds long. If you don’t understand it watch it again. If you’d rather have a pdf version of it, click here and once you’ve finished that and you understand it there’s two things you can do, go back to the dashboard and then contact me. If you’re serious about doing this contact me right now there’s a link on the screen. I’ll also put this in the information… in the description beneath click on this link, let me know that you are absolutely 100% serious about getting 2.74 in 73 days. Now it’s going to involve some work and you will need to bring some other people into the system, but if you watch this video it will show you how kind of simple that is Okay, so if you were to do that you would know how to get 1 bitcoin for free, you would you would actually know how to get bitcoin without mining, no mining involved. This is just a very nice advertising system, that could potentially generate a lot of bitcoin and a lot of money for you. So as I say if you’re dead serious about this let me know by sending me a message and I will personally get back to you and I will put you into a special team where we can all work together on this and support each other. I really hope you do. I’m excited about this, this is very very exciting opportunity. If you’re if this is not for you, no problem just go back to the dashboard, watch your adverts and then in the next video I will take you on a deeper tour of this website, but I think so far I’ve shown you how you can get bitcoin for free, even how to get 1 Bitcoin for free 1 Bitcoin, but what if you could get 2.74? So I hope this is of interest to you. I find it a very exciting website I’ve been using it for about a year I’ve been paid and I’ve generated and been paid up to $40 approximately so far in Bitcoin and it’s time for me to get serious with this website. This could be a life changing website, it’s been around for a while and I think it’s going to be here for some time So with that, have a look around the site, get familiar with it, take a look at all the videos, take a look at the information, once you’ve done that if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a question, but please don’t shoot me a question until you’ve had a good look around and watched all the videos. With that I wish you a great day and don’t forget…BITCOIN IS FREEDOM