Well, I am here at our facility, and as you can see behind me, we have the universal rock decor, and there’s actually someone on the other side of the room too, from when we unloaded it or untracked in that video And we have so many more updates to show you in today’s video So, let’s get started (upbeat music) – [Emily] What the…is our door gone? Aww, no more junkly-locked door with a two-by-four – Stamp all over me, we doing the trees today – [Emily] I’m so sticky – I found our door – [Emily] Oh, there it is! – [Ed] Goodbye door – [Emily] Goodbye – [Ed] We used you never – [Emily] Yeah, really Today is a huge day, guys The enclosures are getting framed today or at least they’re starting to frame it We have our friends from JSA Reptiles, along with his buddies, here, building these skeletons essentially of the enclosures Let’s take a look – [Emily] (gasps) Look at that! So far we have, Retic enclosure, Burmese python enclosure, maybe big Monitor enclosure And these are like eight by eight by eight, nine, something like that And this, is gonna be a hallway to access that enclosure and Rex’s corner This is all gonna be Rex’s room And down here, this is gonna be the beginning of the tunnel, that goes into Rex’s room, around her pool, and then back out on this side So (sighs) things are happening guys Oh my gosh (bright music) While all these are getting framed, I’ll show you kinda what I’m working on back here Ed says, hi This is the classroom And as you can see, it’s now green and gray! We let the Patreon backers, kinda choose what colors they thought would look nice in here And we also agreed, that the contrast between green which, that’s really bright on camera, it’s actually much more of like, a light spring green, than that I wonder like, nope, it’s still bright on there too I swear, it looks like really bright green on camera, but it’s not like that But then, we have a gray here, and they look really good together So, I’m excited with how this classroom, slash party room is turning out We still don’t have a front door, that is getting replaced in a couple of days with the new ones And yeah, now what I’m working on next is this wall over here I’m just kind of working on clearing up all the brick here ‘Cause I don’t mind the brick look, I just think it would look better if it was painted but, what the heck is all of this stuff? Other than gross, (wall scraping) like, this is as gross as one of Rex’s poops – [Ed] Looks like a Bullsnake painted in here – [Emily] Ew, this is as gross as a heat rock – Oh, there’s like an old school nail here – [Emily] Whoa! Oh, there’s that window that we discovered, and then covered up again – Goodbye window – [Emily] Goodbye window – You served a purpose for awhile, and now you are gone – [Emily] Have to pay respects What is with this random screw in the wall? It doesn’t come out Can I just push it in? There, oh man, there’s another one Like, what were you used for, and why don’t you come out of the wall? I can’t even like unscrew it, ’cause it’s not really attached to anything back there, except for, whatever back piece is there So, how do you take this out? (hammer thumps) No, even the sledgehammer (hammer thumps) doesn’t work – [Ed] Huh, so we’re getting our new holes for the sign – [Emily] This is not film-worthy – [Ed] But it looks like, there’s somebody stepped in that I wonder who that could be? – I feel so bad. (background workers laughing) (Ed laughs) Yep, I’m just gonna walk away – [Ed] So Emily stepped in cement, goodbye – [Emily] Whoa, here’s our new panel Oh my gosh, there are so many switches The old one, is back here Yep, look at that – [Ed] We have this one, we have this one, we have this one – [Emily] Yeah – [Ed] There’s also another, there’s a fuse one back here, somewhere that (indisctint) found – [Emily] So all those are gonna be pretty much torn out, in a couple of days, and replaced with this beautiful thing Oh my gosh, it’s all gonna be on one unit (switches clicking) I just wanna click them all Oh my gosh, all the buttons( murmurs) I think we’re all done for today They got quite a few of the enclosures done I got some painting done So we’re gonna call it good whoa, whoa! What, we have an exit sign! And it’s lit up! – [Ed] It glows in here – [Emily] Whoa, when did they put that in? – [Ed] I don’t even, I’ve been working or walking around back here, quite a bit I didn’t even notice that once – [Emily] I didn’t either It’s so beautiful Here’s what Joe from JSA, and his contractor buddies were able to do today Rex’s is open for now,

but that’s the beginning of the tunnel, that’s gonna go in your enclosure And this is gonna be like, a Monitor closure, this is Ed’s enclosure, and this is going to be a Retic, we believe And we haven’t done the, or they haven’t done the corner Green tree Python enclosure yet And then, we have big one for maybe, Argentine boas, we’re thinking about getting And then, this is actually going to be tweaked a little bit, we had to talk about It’s gonna be tweaked to split in half, so that’s gonna be raised, and we’re gonna have two big Monitors Big, well, medium-sized Monitors, one in each one And that’s gonna be our Anaconda cage So yeah, they’re really moving along This was all just done in one day, and I can’t believe how could they look (sighs) This is so cool Oh, and before we leave for the day, look at the beautiful new fence Oh, it all matches now, this is amazing And best part, we have a gate there, so we can open it up during the winter Actually we should open that up now, so that when the snowplow comes, and clears out the parking lot, they can just push all the snow, through the doors, onto the other side We also know that we’re not pushing it into a neighbor’s yard or something But yeah, that’ll take care of our snow accumulation problem over the winter It is the start of week two, for framing the enclosures And all of the airframers just went out for lunch So, we have a quick moment here to give you an update As you can see, there are more and more enclosures getting framed And we’re just so excited, with how they look This is gonna be a double high – [Ed] Those ones will be like Bullsnake enlosures back there – Yeah, look at this They’re going to love this I’m so excited – [Ed] Yep, the noise that’s going on is, we currently don’t have electricity in the building, ’cause the panel’s being replaced So we have no heat – [Emily] Yeah – [Ed] So, that little guy is our heater right now – It’s a good little heater – [Ed] Yeah, it works – Yeah, and we have temporary lights hooked up to a generator right now, so it’s a little dark in here, but – [Ed] I mean, it gets the job done – It works, it works – [Ed] They don’t seem to be complaining – Yeah, we have the bathrooms that are getting a remodelled, moving forward too We should show ’em that – [Ed] Sure, we can try and show ’em that – So again, there’s no electricity in the building, because the electric panel’s getting replaced right now But here is the current progress in the bathroom Look at the tiles, oh my gosh Since these bathrooms are kind of off shoots from the cave hallway, with the inverts, we decided to make the bathrooms, cave-themed too So we have the tiles on the floor, this gray color, and then the tiles on the wall are darker gray And then, we’re gonna do black partitions in between the stalls So, it’s gonna look so cool in here, I’m so excited This is the men’s bathroom, it’s been grouted The women’s bathroom has just been tiled, not grouted, so, we can’t go in there yet, but you can really see how it’s coming together – [Ed] Yeah, so exciting – [Emily] So exciting, mm-hmm – This is the electrical room that was- – [Ed] That has no ceiling – Yeah, the ceilings out right now There’s gonna be a light in there too, but again, no electricity today But remember that big panel we showed you with all the switches This is where it’s going – [Ed] This is the box That’s how much power we need, apparently, I guess – For a reptile zoo – [Ed] Yeah – I mean, it makes sense with all the heating, lights and elements – [Ed] Yeah That’s going to be full of switches Unfortunately though, a wrong piece or something got ordered or- – [Ed] I think wrong breakers got ordered – Yeah, it seems like every step forward is a half a step back, with this entire project So, this is taking a little bit longer, and therefore we can’t have electricity for a little bit longer than expected, but we’re getting there – [Ed] Yep, it’s slowly moving – Yep, speaking of taking half steps back, this is more like a full step back that we discovered a few days ago The furnaces in the ceiling, in both the retail area and in the zoo- – Oh, wait, there it is – [Emily] There it is – [Ed] Right there – [Emily] Yep, that one Our inspector, before we bought the building said it was fine or they were fine But then we just discovered one of them leaks CO2, I believe – [Ed] Yep, it got a cracked heat condenser, heat coil- – Yeah, something cracked – [Ed] … or whatever it is – And then, the other one just doesn’t work at all It just went to poop, throughout the summer, and it doesn’t work at all for the winter So, that’s been a major setback, and that’s gonna be an expensive fix – [Ed] I guess we’ll have to add onto the business loan with that – Yeah, I think we will, unfortunately – [Ed] But at least we’ll have all new with furnaces, I guess – Then we don’t have to worry about furnaces for awhile – [Ed] Yeah – Trying to look at silver linings – [Ed] Yeah, exactly And there’ll be more efficient – They will be, they’re enough – [Ed] Yeah, so there we go – Oh my gosh, we came in here, today is day two of weekend two, for framing the enclosures They’re working on plywood, and they’re really starting to take shape We won’t be here very long, just long enough to give you a quick update on how it’s going but, you’ve gotta check out these enclosures – [Ed] Yeah, I’ll hand the camera to you – [Emily] Okay, look at this guys They look like enclosures Oh my gosh! That is freaking huge, look at this We’ve got a couple that are double high Oh, this is a ginormous box

I don’t even know what we’re gonna put in here Oh, oh my gosh, so excited They are people sized – [Ed] Yeah, they are people sized (upbeat music) – Oh, hello. (Emily laughs) That is terrible. (Ed laughs) We’ve come a long way in the last week It is so exciting, to finally see some results where we can actually visualize what the zoo is gonna look like And this is all thanks for our friends at JSA Reptiles, helping us with the framework and the plywood Look at all of the enclosures they’ve built This is incredible, it’s awesome! It’s actually starting to take shape, and I mean, these are huge enclosures Like I knew they’d be big, but they’re seeing them in person is really cool, and I cannot wait until we can get some snakes in some of these This will be an enclosure for like, you know, either be, for a Woma Python, or a Black-headed Python or maybe a Legless lizard sitting in the one I’m sitting in right now So there’s… they’re gonna have fun – [Ed] You know what they remind me of? They remind me of those really little like Japanese apartments – Oh yeah, should we take a look around? – [Ed] Sure – All right Here we go – [Ed] Oh yeah, just have to jump – [Emily] I guess – [Ed] Yeah, these are all- – We can put a twin mattress in here, and I could sleep in there – [Ed] Yeah, you could just lay with the snakes – That would be the Emily enclosure – [Ed] Yeah, you can just don’t tap on the glass, ’cause you’ll scare – Fill it with (Emily laughs) fill it with chocolate and coffee, and I’ll be good I guess we’ll just kinda walk through here, and it’s just more (indistinct), these are really big – [Ed] This one, they could have cut it off at about like, I think this point, somewhere in here – We have an extra three feet – [Ed] And there is an extra three feet that is like well, we’ll just add it to it We’ll just make really big enlosures – Yeah, so I don’t know what’s gonna go in here now I think the plan was False Water Cobras and Bullsnakes, or something like that, or False Water Cobras – [Ed] Bullsnakes might fit better in there, so we might have to put maybe a Monitor or something in here – We could look at like a rescue Monitor – [Ed] Yeah – Something that needs a new home – [Ed] Yep – That’d be really cool Then here, this was kinda an impromptu thing We have, little mini cages here- – [Ed] Mm-hmmm – … which are super cute I don’t know what’s gonna go in there This is gonna be our kind of native to Minnesota area snakes So maybe we could do, Hognose, Eastern-Western Hognose or Plains eastern – [Ed] Maybe – And then, that leaves us with this whole wall right here, which we wanna do something that’s educational and engaging With people who are walking through, just to kind of break up the monotony of all the enclosures So what I wanna do, I think Ed wants to do something slightly different, but at least one idea, is a big corkboard with a world map, with pins that says, where are you from? And you can place a pin, on where you’re from ‘Cause people should be, maybe coming from different places So, I think it’d be cool to see where all of our visitors come from Another idea is just educational signs, maybe? – [Ed] Yeah – We have some other ideas too – [Ed] Yeah, there’s some ideas- – We don’t wanna give away everything – [Ed] Exactly – So moving down over here, – [Ed] And we’ve got these guys I wonder what that, there’s a hole here – [Emily] Oh! – [Ed] I wonder where that goes to – [Emily] I don’t know It’s a window for- – [Ed] Oh, you Know what? That was where the thermostat was – Oh, that’s weird – We’ll worry about that later – [Ed] Yup – And then- – [Ed] There’s that window – (Emily chuckles) So you had another enclosure here, this is for something big I don’t know I was gonna go in here – [Ed] Yeah – In either of these, but we’ll figure it out These two though, mate, do we wanna tell them what we want to put in these? – [Ed] No – Not yet? – [Ed] Not yet – Okay – [Ed] These are gonna have some big things Not big as in like big- – But something- – [Ed] … exciting – … we don’t own yet, – but we’re really excited for what’s going here – [Ed] Yeah, both of these – The clue is that again, this whole wall is gonna be Minnesota native species – [Ed] Yep – That’s all you get And then over here, this is gonna be our cave, our invert cave, as you all are familiar with And then moving right along, this is a really cool enclosure that they framed up today I really like how it looks – [Ed] Yeah, we had to work around this – Yeah, we can’t get rid of that, that’s a support beam – [Ed] Unless we want this entire side to come down, we couldn’t get rid of that, so – But we figure, we’ll just take this, and we’ll wrap it with like bark-textured paneling So it’ll become a tree And then, Ed’s great idea for this one, was that, we can have glass on this side, and glass on this side So you can look into the enclosure from either direction – [Ed] So if they’re hiding back here, you can see them back over here, and this thing’s not gonna be in the way – Exactly, this might be for, hmm, maybe monkey-tailed skinks? That or this one – [Ed] I think that one is gonna be monkey-tail – These ones, monkey-tails, like at least two, ’cause they’re so social – [Ed] Yeah – So, we’ll put a couple monkey tails here, and we’ll have to think of something good in a vertically oriented enclosure for that one – [Ed] Anoles – [Emily] Yes, all for- – [Ed] Just green anoles – Two green anoles – [Ed] (laughs) And you have to find them – Oh my gosh, can you imagine? (Emily laughs) But this one, this is Rex’s future enclosure And I am so stoked over this one, because this big gap right here is where her tank is gonna be Which you saw in the previous video And that means since the tank goes up to about here The floor for enclosure is actually going to be this level, so she can just slide into her pool But then remember the tunnel, we had been planning this whole time

It is finally being implemented, this is gonna be, either the entrance or the exit Kids or adults, ’cause let’s face it, I’m gonna be in the tunnel all the time Can crawl all the way back here into the tunnel, and then out here And this will be the exit to the tunnel, but it gets better The back wall of the tank is gonna be open So it’s gonna be a giant window, so you can see kids in the tunnel, through the water, or underwater with Rex And then we still have that, like pop-up look inside of her enclosure right here, so – [Ed] You got winded just doing that presentation there. (laughs) – Oh my gosh, I’m really excited, and I’m out of shape, I guess. (group laughs) Anyway, the last two enclosures are gonna be for big snakes, like a big Retic and a big Burm, we’re hoping And these will- – [Ed] And a Monitor One of these, big Monitor, big Burm, big Retic, something like that – Right, and then to get into these last two enclosures though, since we don’t have a hallway in between them, we’ll have to do a glass door that you can open and then go in – [Ed] Yep – This is getting a little bit long, so I don’t think we’re gonna complete the whole circle, but you kind of get the idea There’s still a whole Anaconda wall over there, and the Green tree Python enclosure But we’re gonna stop it here, because I want to show you what today’s project entails We’re basically cutting very thin sheets of four by eight foot plastic That’s gonna act as our waterproof pan For this, we’re going to attach them to the base of each enclosure And we’re going to build a four-inch wall all the way around, and that’ll make our four inch deep waterproof pan in case a reptile spills a water dish Or if we have a bioactive enclosure, it’s not gonna leak through the wood, and potentially cause mold in the future So we’re basically just protecting the base of the enclosures today It’s gonna be a big project today, by making waterproof pans – [Ed] This cage is, two sheets are glued in, there’s gotta be a center strip, and then, the walls have to be up This one over here, is got the centerpiece in, and it’s all glued down All we have to do is the outside four inches – So that’s today’s project – [Ed] So mainly cutting and placing, and then we’re, I have to work tonight in two hours So we have just a little bit of time, but we’ll probably hopefully get all of those ones cut Maybe those ones and just, I guess, go from there – Call it a good, yeah? (upbeat music) – [Emily] Okay, we’re here for another day I’m about to turn on the heaters, because we don’t have power in the building Those are hooked up to a generator, because they’re actually working on the power in the building, and it’s been like this for two weeks So that’s been fun, but heaters, I wanted to show you guys this, Anaconda enclosure The tank’s going to go there and secret tunnel! ♪ There’s a secret tunnel, ♪ ♪ that is in the Anaconda enclosure ♪ Oh my gosh, where does it go? Let’s see, it goes back here, and oh man, it goes back there, then it exits on the retail side of the building We’re like behind where the checkout counter’s gonna be See if I can zoom out here Oh yeah, it’s really dark in here, sorry Let’s just go back into the tunnel here Gonna turn around, come back out (pants) and yeah, secret tunnel – ♪ Secret tunnel ♪ – [Emily] We’re probably gonna have to cover it up with something This is actually access to the filter that we’re going to have hooked up to the Anaconda tank It’s gonna drain down in that corner, into the filter, and then, I’m just going to have to, or a small enough employee will crawl back here to do filter maintenance But I think we have to use it as a tunnel somehow And only you will know about it, cause we’re gonna cover it up with a panel Please don’t crawl through this when you’re here guys I ask you please Remember the old welcome sign that was on top of the doors, specifically, that one Well, guess what we’re working on today? Well, I say we, but the credit really all goes to Ed He’s been doing all the work, I’m just gonna help him lift it up (drilling sounds) (crane reversing) (upbeat music) Woohoo, this sign is up Well, this will be the last update for this video I am inside of Rex’s future enclosure And as you can see, it’s coming along quite nicely I’m sitting on the tunnel right now So the tunnel is gonna go in here, and then, it’s going to go all the way back here We’re gonna leave the back open So now you can kinda see how that’s working visually now

And the tunnel will continue over there, and exit through this side So, next we have to paint this base black, and then, put Rex’s tank or pool in And then, we’re gonna continue onward from there The next video will be, next update video, will actually be the decorating process of all these amazing enclosures We’re starting that process here very soon So expect another update here coming out relatively quickly And yeah, that’s what’s going on over here at the facility, As always, we’d like to thank our amazing Patreon supporters who allow us to do so much with our facility and like, I don’t know where we’d be without you guys Thank you so much for all of your amazing contributions, as well as everyone who’s here, just watching our videos, and supporting us with your time Thank you everybody, I look forward to showing you another update here at the facility, and we’ll see you then We’ll go through the tunnel on the way out Oh no! When I was painting the grid up there, I dripped right on the panel above Rex’s room No one will notice though, right? If you guys come in and you see it, just don’t say anything, and I’ll pretend it doesn’t exist (upbeat music)