Lifelong he made us laugh with boredom jokes, he got promotion and left this world, to spread cheer in heaven, this film is dedicated to ‘Suthi’ Velu uncle, wishing him another life of comedian to spread laughter…Film unit Since he’s mother less child and I’m very busy with my work, I couldn’t focus on him, but I wish to see him as number one in this world in some aspect, I hope you will make him one Be careful, Sukumar For any man to win in this world, he has three positions only Which one do you like to be? Tell me four names of successful people, Sukumar Megastar Chiranjeevi, Sachin Tendulkar, Bill Clinton and Bill Gates Why didn’t you tell your father’s name or my name? This world wants only winners Not the loser The world remembers only the winners So, to achieve success, either kill or get killed I’m here for Sukumar’s interview They can’t pronounce Indian names, right? Since they’re calling my name Mythili as monthly and weekly, I’ve shortened it to become Myth Who do you like more? Mother or father?- I like Maya

Because I see more than anyone Since I’m his son he gave me all the luxuries But my watchman helped me by knowing my needs If anyone is jumping down from bridge, I don’t care about him Because he would recover from the wounds in 2 to 3 years But if he falls in love, he can recover in life The reason for getting recognised as the best CEO at this young age Career is life and time is cash Shall we go speed? You’re so famous, girls would be dying for you, right? That? Love? On me? It seems she loves me A man can see a woman…anywhere But do you know where a woman sees man? She sees here! Because he keeps purse there Shall I tell you a thing? It’s old saying that there’s a woman behind every successful man I say woman chases only a successful man Had I been a beggar, would you love me? You could’ve told me that personally, why say loudly in public? Stop there People may think I ditched you and look me as villain and look at you sympathetically Love, marriage and scams, I stay away from them You pay the bill because I’m here for your work Are you crying? I told you to pay 5 Euros, you’re crying, I’m earning 2500 Euros every day, you want to get me freely I’ll get you free? Any relatives in India? Did you visit India? I believe human relations are economy related So, I don’t have any economic relations So, I’ll visit India You’ve breakfast What’s her name? I’m the celebrity not you If you take me as role model, keep my photo in your purse But please don’t waste office time Not only that next week there’s a meeting for our company to get a prestigious project If anyone fails to attend that meeting What if you miss? If Sukumar too fails to attend this meeting, as CEO I’m passing orders to fire him also Won’t he get negative results if behaves like this with colleagues? Hello Sanjay Dutt from North India, Ramanujam has very low opinion about you It seems you tale 20 days for 10 day project like Inzamam-Ul-Haq. Very slow! Slow? Ramanujam? He’s Ravi Shastry, a Gavaskar- Really? Give me the project, I’ll do it in 9 days Give it to me What’s this, Ramanujam from South India? Sanjay Dutt says you’re a lazy worker No, I’ll give this project to someone else Moreover very urgent I’ll finish it in a week – Is it? I gave the project to them it’ll be done in 25 days I’ll give the responsibility of uniting them to Subba Rao Our Telugu man! If you pay him little extra, he’ll unite anyone in this world. Okay? He has little master plan, divide and rule I think you’ve understood about me? – Got it Is your interview over? What do you do in your free time? Baby O baby…my world is mine Fun in that world is different I’m a daring young man I never take a back step I’ll rock the world with my steps Come on, dudes I’m an achiever There’s nothing impossible for me I’m pure enthusiasm at jet speed Come on hit hard I’m a role model to myself I’m an epitome of confidence

here’s nothing to stop me other than myself Forget about difficulties and sorrows Don’t care about luck or problems Let anything be around me other than myself, forget it If you think about right or left, victory would say bye to you If you want success to follow you as your shadow Aim and hit hard! Forget about your lows awaken your spirit Break the sentiments hit the peak Lifetime is night, you’re great if you’re in limelight Keep your focus on target to become a star My ideas are to win the world Forget praying God Play circus with this world like a ring master There’s no competition to my idea like me I’m Tata and Birla myself Is it over? Your mother who left her family for me and used to live among flowers, I had to make sleep amidst these stones My love for you has made you lonely Your mother left me two things only, you and her memories If she had anything for herself, it was your grandma and maternal uncle It seems your uncle died recently in an accident Your grandma is alone I don’t have any right to visit her Can you please visit her once? I don’t want any relationship with them Okay, I’ll not bring anything before you which you don’t like Then, you too go away from here I’ll not leave anything which your mother loved Most importantly you But that old woman I’ve more important things than her – What’s that? After couple of years, I want to start a company of my own If you need any help, ask me Look Srinivas, I don’t want your help I can stand on my own leg What about your grandma? – Let her die! Where the hell is he? Fine, buddy? Fine, buddy Shall we? – To meet bank manager, right?- Yes Sit down Money…money…how much? Not enough? What is that French beard saying? How are you doing business in Europe without knowing English? All the land you see here May God bless you You’re very fair, bro! May God bless you Flashback? – That’s it If all this is there, our people buy to live amidst chaos If I say nothing is there, people buy here to live peacefully Don’t reveal the secret, this is my Victoria secret.- Victoria? What did he say? Did he get shocked seeing our plans and projects? They say our deposit of 1.2 lakh Euros is not enough They want half million Euros deposit, then they’ll grant 40 crore Euros loan Let’s deposit it We’re getting big loan Already I’ve taken loans from such crooks, I mean friends For loans? – You shut up. What to do now? I need to deposit 3 crores or my company must give surety Only then our loan would get sanctioned Let’s get it

My boss will not allow me to go He’ll not give surety for me – Let’s get him do it Today we must finish that bank work My old customer What is she saying? Does she want you to give company to mother? Don’t accept I know this, you won’t get it Plan is mine and execution is mine, you keep shut Tell me, Srinivas – If you meet your grandma once I’ve my own problems What happened? Doctor came to see him Please meet your grandma once Poor old lady! Why did you call me at this hour? Your friend Balu is dead It seems he committed suicide for failing in life His family members told me It seems your friend Balu is dead Forget about that Forget about bank surety, there’s a chance of getting money surely.- How? Keep in touch with the manager Book a ticket to India immediately Confirm the place, village, state I need to visit You know about the meeting, right? – I know My brother-in-law Pydiraju inquired about your grandma It seems you’re an heir to about Rs.150 crore worth property Go…go immediately to India Pydiraju will join you, he’s big shot there He’ll help you in selling your property He sold off all my property, I trusted him as brother-in-law, right? Go, your dreams will come real Look, how well my daughter dances! We must find a groom for her, right? Where he could he be? – He’ll come flying for her It’s you in my heart it’s you in my word It’s you in my eyes it’s you in my dreams Thoughts will sing happily on hearing your name My body and soul dances Romance plays like classical flute It’ll flow like rushing and gushing river The village is rocked hearing tales about us It’s tune of enchant at twilight It’s thirst of summer where sorrow of yearning spreads webs Love rules the world As world sings about you come and join me As anklets chime as music spreads As the morning dawns here comes Lord Krishna Krishna steals to eat butter and hides

You run into the sea of milk without getting caught The little boy who destroys any devil in hiding He’s lover boy who takes away clothes of girls to steal their hearts The boy who dances on the hoods of ferocious snakes He who makes lives sweeter than sweet When he comes…heart dances Oh mother! Mother? I’m crying O mother! Why don’t you hear me, mother? Mother! – Mother! Did he sing song? Got scared? He wasn’t with his mother in her last days So, if anyone says mother, he sings songs in her memory He walks from darkness and stones Cool as peacock feather Never gives up playing flute He tests you if you ask him to meet at odd hours He’s treasure of love if you shower love on him Enchanting like message of Gita It’s magic…it’s fantasy Those goggles don’t suit you It suits me, remove it Are you calling me gay? Dust? I’ll remove it Stop it – I brought the car for you, sir I’ve a habit, I don’t let others travel in my car These are fields, all are out fieldings – Fieldings? They put up pension and give it on loose – Is it Telugu? Fielding, pension, loose, they appear like English words To keep animals at bay, they’ve fenced it and give it on loose You mean fencing? – Correst You mean lease for loose You too have picked up English very well, sir Stop it! I’m losing what I gained Go man!- Looks like a bad fellow! Let’s go Isn’t the climax very good? – Climax? I mean weather – You and your English! Sir, your girl is coming! – Move Bloody rogue! May you get run over by some lorry! Oh God! Wild boar! – I’m Dust! In that land of peace…into that city Shameless man! Drinking in public, take it The entire place was shivering with fear and cries of distress You useless! You’re very fast on it He told me to clean fast, I did it – Fast…? Told me to clean it fast, I did it – You cleaned it very well Vardhanamma’s grandson has arrived! I told you to say prompting, why are you saying prompting, you fool? Learn it by heart! Don’t come till you’ve learnt it Are you all ready? Where is Venkat Rao? Why did you come late on the day of play, you idiot? Instead of sending that butler Telugu man, why didn’t you come to receive me? That old haggard said right for left Are you ready with make up or do it here now? Make up? Are you mad? – Stop…stop He can’t hear properly for 3 years now Why don’t you use hearing aid, father? Who do you think he is? He’s Sukumar Our Vardhanamma’s grandson Sukumar? He has grown in to young man Hi, I’m ANR, my father is SVR, my grandpa ‘Poems’ Gopala Rao

Why didn’t you name him after some artiste? Wit that Mr.Bean face! His father may be Chiranjeevi, but my father wasn’t He means his father wasn’t an artiste Stop your drama Why did you bring me here instead of taking me home? Are you taking me or shall I go with Dust? He did grow up! – I too said the same I meant differently Aunty! Your grandson Sukumar is here, at least come out now! Aunty, your foreign daughter’s son Move aside Is it you? Is he? – Yes, your grandson Did you take so much time to see me, dear? Why did you and your mother left me alone?- Cool! You won’t leave me again, right? My dear…wait here…wait I’ll come back Your paternal aunt, your maternal aunt They said she’s mad – Who said that? Please come this side How big you’ve grown, Krishna! Please take her away – Tell him You’d touched many people on the way, I’ve cleansed you with turmeric water Why is she cleansing herself now? – She has touched you, right? This is what people call as madness Indeed mad! Pour little! No signals – Why not? Only if there are towers, right? No? – No! Granny! What’s that turmeric bad smell? What’s that granny like Dhoni? You don’t call turmeric as bad smell but fragrance That’s the Telugu I know That’s not Telugu but disease Am I western grandma? Call me fondly as grandmother What’s this smell? You’d have touched so many people in flight That’s why I added turmeric – She’d have poured it into your bag Something like that – Oh no! No, she didn’t – Look there! Yours! Those are my white shoes! Grandma, why did you dip them into turmeric water? O man! One who destroys the world Is it you? I thought it was Hema It seems your grandson has come, Vardhanamma Sit…sit…turmeric water, right? No need Afternoon a man pushed me into slush, just now I had a bath Shall I meet him? – Go! The same anklets! I think that pinching aunt is back My back is hurt! For safety. I’ll close it Have you come? Come, pinch me! What did you with him? Stop it, grandma! – Okay I didn’t ask you to stop the fan Power cut, it’ll be restored only after 4 hours No power for 4 hours Hell of a village! Oh no! Is it anklets aunt? No! It could be that girl Last night a girl came to my room – Who is she?

Beautiful girl? – Yes, that was her I know Telugu, speak in Telugu May be milk girl was here to milk the buffaloes.- Milk girl? Who are they? Mandodhari sister Hail natural medicine! Mix it, Kesava! Take half Ostrich egg in a small vessel, in that – My foot! It’s too much What’s that donkey’s egg? – Ostrich egg If you talk again, I’ll make you lick slushy leaf concoction No, sister Mandodhari – Mix it, Kesava Add little dust to it – What’s that irritant? Why doesn’t she spend time watching TV soaps but killing us with experiments? Why does she follow the TV? Why does she makes us have Ostrich eggs? Won’t we eat if she makes an omelette of it? If you apply that thick soupy concoction – To the vessel? Knew one truth! You talk too much I got to know it now What’s this trouble? An exercise to clean stomach, father You silly girl! You poured something into my ear and I’m deaf now Don’t scold sister, father Why don’t you apply this on your head? No aunt My head is under mortgage Got it Can you hear me?- Tell me Download Babu’s film Download younger Babu’s film also Make 100 prints But no need of that Start with one who started the six pack figure If he has female fans all over AP, but has male fans here hold on the line, what do you want, sir? Who is this, sir? – My brother Download Your brother? – Very famous How can he get signal here, sir? Next village tower signal ends exactly here Is it, sir? – Yes, sir What’s the news? How far the project work has come? I’m trying to solve it I want to know a thing, will you tell me? I want you to do something for me, will you do it? What’s that? I did B.Sc Agri I don’t like to be a farmer I know to cook, I want to stat a hotel in foreign and serve people Will you take me to foreign? – I’ll think about it Revenue officer who can tell me the details of my grandpa’s property I’ll take you to the officer Will you take me to foreign? – I’ll think about it To tell in your language, everyone whose income has dwindled gathers here Not for money but to make money, they play People have turned weekend games into daily game without work Playing cards! To tell you plainly, playing cards club Recently Chinese people asked our PM to suggest a way to reduce population He said teach them to play cricket, it’ll come down Had our PM told about cards, they wouldn’t have time to make love also, China would’ve come down on it’s own That’s why I say only those who can play cards must get ticket in politics He’s senior officer – Senior? Greetings, brother How are you, ANR? Are you here to play? No brother, that is Who is he dressed up like clown? Who is he? He’s Vardhanamma’s grandson, brother He has little work with you, brother Take him away with you – He won’t stay long, just little work I told you take him away What are you looking at? Put the card What are you looking at? Many here have a grouse against your family. Let’s go Lost everything I’ll pay later, another game, please This is your last game – I know You don’t put card and I’ll play, I’ve lost my 3 acres like this Is MLA coming here? To next village, why are you telling me that? Is father coughing? Bloody news! Why all the news about home? If you’ve money give me, I’ll play another game You play Look ANR, I don’t know to play Can you play for me? I too don’t know to play I’ll ask if officer would like to play Looks like he likes to gamble Send him ANR, I’ll play for him

Come, sit next to me, your money is safe with me Give – Come Brother! – Other people’s money If you look at it, you’ll lose your eyes Get your money Play! Never lost when I play with other’s money, this is the first time You lost money and I got the kick No problem, you can repay the gratitude This is Gokulam, the house where your grandma stays 50 acres of land surrounding it is yours 50 acres of fertile land outside the village His father SVR has taken on lease to raise crops Somewhere here Piduguraju has occupied your 5 acre land What’s it? Did father say anything? Did he talk and cough? Why don’t you pour something into his mouth? Did you pour water? Oh no! You should’ve poured little brandy You don’t drink, how can you? What did he say anyway? Did he say not to tell about 100 acres of land donated to village people? 100 acres? – Did I say it? Did you hear it? I should beat you That’s our property, Suku – Can I sell it? You can sell it happily But Vardhanamma owns the property, everything depends on her yes or no Now you can go for the hunt I’ll go to play card game This is not a village but shithole I know – I can’t stay here anymore It seems you got an offer to run heritage hotel in Gokulam, tell Pydiraju to find them and call me – Okay This village will always be like this, that’s why I say, let’s go away from here Let’s go away! Stop! Hey old man…you old man! Do you know who he is? I’ll rip you into two! He says he’ll break you into two He looks like a bad boy Sit here, I need to talk to you If you give me once! I want money, Vardhanamma Take it, shall I ask Kanna Rao? No need, not small amount but very big! The money you get by selling this palace, lands, farms Take everything – Really? Can I sell everything? Everything belongs to you, Krishna Who else is there for me? Thanks, grandma Buyers are coming tomorrow morning Shall I call them? – As you wish Where will this mad woman be then? Tell her clearly what for you’re here! We’ve already discussed it Not that, where’s your mother? Where is she? I’m asking you She’s there She’s happy She sent me here What if she wants to come with you to be with your parents? What do you say, Vardhanamma? – I’ll go with him I’m eager to be with my daughter I’ll go. No way! Let’s find some old age home or shift to a smaller house Are you giving alms to her with her property? Grandma, this palace is mine, right? Can I sell it or not? Sell it, it’s all yours You heard her, right? You can go now. Get out Forgot a dialogue from a film I’ll not leave you, Bommali I’ll not leave you! I’ll not leave you, boy Grandma, I can call the buyers, right? I wish to present this to the world as our group hotel That too villages and heritage hotels! Foreigners would go mad over it What a property, sir! Had I owned this, I would’ve bought and sold many times! Is it okay to you? – But, here Who is it? Should we remove the Holy Basil from here, sir?- As you wish I’ll not agree I’ll not agree to remove this How can they buy? Only if we sell, right? Don’t you remember what you said last night, grandma? I told you but I can’t leave all this I can’t – Grandma! Are you not the owner? – I’m but actually Please stop! Sir, I’m living here for 50 years in this house watching my Krishna here Where will I go if you ask me to leave? I beg you, please go away – Grandma Please go away! Go away! That’s all, grandma? – That’s it Didn’t she tell you to leave? Clear out Did you come? Come, I’ll show you another place Excellent property

You expected a thing but something else happened Don’t interfere in unnecessarily How many times I’ve waned you? For whatever purpose you’re here, I’ll ensure you return empty handed You should’ve been named Rao Gopal Rao not SVR Hey my navel! – Navel? He’s talking nonsense, grandma Pidivatham Garuthmanthudu, senior advocate Come, you wanted a lawyer, right? He’s the senior most lawyer I know in this area You mean? – Old! I showed you, right? Foreign…hotel…promise I think he told you everything That poor hold lady…I mean old lady! Not hold or sold, sunny! Old! Old woman! People here are trying to sell the property by calling her mad I heard you’re local Ram Jethmalani and Chanakya of litigations! So I’m before you Do something an see that I get the property For your practice, I’ll build high court, if you love anyone, Trust me, if you do this for me Look apple polisher! You! Recently a man came and said he’s that old woman’s relative, he did a snake dance before me Who is he, sir? – Pidugu Raju! He’s a crooked financier He attacks like locust before farmer goes to field Is my photo good? – Super, sir How dare you take on me! Raise down their huts to ground! This is injustice, Pidugu Raju – Account is account You bring their dog also – Why dog, sir? Legal interest Why that thing? – Compound interest This mike set belongs to Veerraju That belongs to Guravaiah That belongs to post master Subba Rao Today there’s a hearing of that nasty fellow’s case Since you claim to be the true heir Come to the court, tell there as I taught you Court Building Seethanagaram Mandal Are you Pidugu Raju? Is there anything you want to tell? What’s there, sir? My uncle, I mean mad woman Vardhanamma’s husband, before he died, he told me that Gokulam, land, farms everything belongs to you after Vardhanamma, even if anyone keeps finger in mouth, you don’t know to lick also, Bite! – I meant that, sir You don’t know to bite also, how will you survive in this world, keeping him head on my lap, with his tongue out, watching the ceiling, he breathed his last! I was visiting often to look after my property, that mad lady Vardhanamma using the service of a goon known as SVR, she’s threatening me, sir Calm down! But still my client Pidugu Raju occupied 5 acres of land, You committed yourself, tell me further he took possession of 5 acres of land, he was raising crops there, they’ve taken him to court with charge of occupying the land illegally, your honour So, you say he’s the real heir to the property Yes, sir No, I’m the heir – Who is he? It’s me! You say you’re the true heir, how? Documents to prove he’s the true heir, your honour Sir, paying fee is useless, let’s go home.- Keep quiet How are you related to Achutharamaiah? I too have evidence, sir Our village MPTC Greetings…greetings – Do you know him, MPTC? He? Why don’t I know that crook? – Crook? He’s a scoundrel He ran away as little boy stealing his mother’s gold chain I’m not hungry He’s Achutharamaiah’s nephew’s cousin’s son You’re telling lies Isn’t it correct to bring Vardhanamma here to decide the true heir? Whoever Vardhanamma decides as heir in court, he gets the property Grandma! -…he entered like a thief Come, Krishna I want to talk to you, grandma – Okay Wait, I’ve little work Turmeric water, right? Okay, you can Please talk to me first, grandma Only if you give me once! Just a minute, look into my eyes Hungry? – Property!

Do you want the property go to me or to Pidugu Raju and SVR? Why do you say like that, Krishna? You just say I’m your grandson and your heir Whether you give me the property or not, I’ve to go I’ve to go, grandma I’ll go back regret all my life, grandma You’re overacting! Some Pidugu Raju is enjoying the property which should be mine Don’t say like that Property isn’t rupees and dollars, grandma They’re my mother’s childhood memories Will you deny that to me and my mother? Will you? You’re finished! I’ll tell my father, would you like to act in plays? I don’t want idols and holy basil plant, will they come with me after I die? Someday I’ve to leave them all behind I’ll leave it now for you Take it.- Really? Tell me, what do you want? Tomorrow, we’re going to court – Let’s go Hey Rajanala! Want to tell her anything? What am I to tell to make that mad woman understand you? I came here seeing smoke, I feared you may have lit fire to the house I think you have! – Smoke? Is the palace burning down? Have you left me? – What happened? I must be crying not you Which ever university I may study, I can never understand your English! Tell me what happened in Telugu! Did you touch it? No, madam You touched it – Laptop? I cleansed it with holy water because he touched it Keep it inside You were taught a good lesson! Are you showing your power on innocents? Hey Keechaka! I’ll take your life for desiring Sairandhri I’ll tear your body into pieces Why don’t you hit back? I know Enough…enough Not you! What’s the next dialogue? I told you to deliver the dialogues eyes closed, you’ll not be scared Enough of your big dialogues Spandana Artiste Association I’ve been watching, you were passing comments! Delivering dialogues or cracking timing jokes on me Didn’t make fun of you? You’re just a cook! Just a cook! Vijayawada! Playing fun with King Keechaka? I’ll put you to permanent sleep in this chamber Come…come Come I say! Come I say! Where are the Pandavas? Ran away! – Ran away? Yes, ran away! You You made my life into a hell! Mad Vardhanamma is responsible for this Let her sign the document, I’ll take this village to task Fire…fire – Ill burn it down Get the papers ready Tell me, when should I bring grandma to court? Tomorrow at 11 am – Who is Rutherford? Rutherford is British Governor General who took away India’s riches to London I think they’re spying on us They’re spraying something I get the smell You crooks! What’s the meeting on bund? Girls too on road? Can’t avoid, this is village – Mother! They’re all my friends, actors in my grandpa’s plays You must come to watch our play tomorrow Chiranjeevi is acting in 150th film How would the film be? – Great! He’s – the same man I’m his class mate, right? How would he be after growing up, uncle? She’s older than I thought Bloody rogue! – Okay, go This is routine for me, don’t take it serious Veerababu, come here Who this new boy is? She’s just like me! Don’t know how many difficulties my brother would be facing in future? There should be a girl with him, right? That’s the girl who came to your house Who? That milk girl? No, Syankari This would cool down,. got another one? Did you find a customer for the shop opening? He’s drinking too much, I think he’ll become your customer Me? It seems it’s me! Speak now!

You carry on, sir I like Suryam’s attitude and approach, that’s why I came here I like his foresight too because he’s starting a new business in hometown I too wish to start my own business in foreign Applause please! Please tell about him – Please tell about me I’ll tell about him His business must develop with your help Like you stand in queue at rations shop for groceries, I wish you all stand in queue before his shop, if at least one from each family comes here, his business will develop steadily! I’m telling about him, right? – This is original Please tell, sir Watching your excitement, he’s offering a bumper offer Band is free for every customer What’s that? – Music! Seeing his enthusiasm, I…ANR! – Take it I’m giving 2000 Euros oops, rupees as advance! If a foreigner is paying Rs.2000, won’t you give anything as locals? If outsiders book in advance, why would we keep quiet? Rs.300 advance on behalf of Subbanna Thank you, sir What’s the business? – Look there! Surekaram’s Freezer Box service Is it good, sir? This opening should be sensational Why are they getting ready to beat? Come, this service for you only Why did you stop it? What did Sukumar say? Didn’t he tell us to develop this business? Didn’t he tell us to come in crowds to his shop like we go to ration shop? If one from each family gives him business, he’ll hit high! Please stop – You don’t know anything, keep quiet I feel like uncle would become your first customer Another man has come forward I told you to bring customers but you’ve made me a customer myself Did you get the first customer? We got it, they’re waiting for you Is it? Close it Must finish court work today, I must lay hands on the property Please grandma, we’re getting late to the court Why aren’t you ready yet? Servants didn’t come today Who would do this work? Will you do it? – Me? Hail King Sukumar! It’s our palace, grandma! Not big deal, you sit there, grandma I’ll do it If you do like this, can we go to court today? Work is over, shall we go to the court? I must take bath I must do it – Jokes…with me I found out! Why did you slap me? Aren’t you shameless to ask a girl to come by whistling? Is there so much meaning in whistle? Vardhanamma, I touched your grandson I’m coming from a house mourning death Oh Pooja Bedi Vardhanamma! No Pooja Bedi, it’s time for us to be in court Let’s take bath after coming back Can’t avoid, Krishna She’s coming from a funeral You did this! Stop! – Stop children! Got you! It’s auspicious if I pour turmeric water! You’re the moon shining in sky You’ve come down to earth for me

You’ve turned me into a river in spate You’ve agitated my little heart I’ve become breathless with your arrival I’m feeling tingling sensation somewhere in my lap Sukumar, because of you You’re responsible for this magic Something happened to me today which never happened earlier If any other girl watches even casually, can I keep quiet? I’ll hide you and say you’re not here, go away I’ll not let have yourself to you I’ll fight with wind every day for touching you You too can’t love yourself as much as I do If you promise to come my way, I’ll fill the highway of life with flowers If you look at me, I’ll show myself as queen I can’t live for a moment without seeing you I like myself for loving you to death Can you see this? One rupee coin! I’ll play with this Watch it! I’ll keep this coin on my forehead Keep this cone here Try it Will you stop me from going to court? Come, I’ll take you to task Difficult, sir Hey, hold on the line please! The coin will not fall into cone No chance I think it’ll fall I came for you, why are you guys playing? You too can play, right? Anyone without big tummy can play Come, I’ll keep it – I’ll keep it myself She’s very fast girl! Isn’t this game to see me, right? Let him see! He’s paying me Rs.500, right? Bend back, go front, coin must fall into cone You win Rs.500! Just put that coin once into cone and take Rs.500 also

Your grandson touched me! I didn’t take bath too – Escaped! She got wetted! Kookatla Kotamma Tiffin Centre Prop: Kookatla Kotamma MPTC Kamsa will come for Krishna Are you done, boys? Come! No sense? – Bondas are there! Suri’s bill? 3 plates idlies, 2 dosas, Rs.35 Polli Thikka Rao’s bill? Onion dosa, special dosa, 6 plates idlies, bonda…Rs.85! Did you write down the account? Didn’t I tell you this is dirty village? That boy seems to be brilliant in maths, should he be in school or in hotel? If there was school here, he’d be in school, no school here, that’s why he’s in hotel No school? – No! Yuck! Greetings, sir It’s bro not bra Greetings Pidugu brother Can’t be normal with me, one tea please Chilaka, Pidugu Raju is here, greet him Has anyone from my side taken loan from him to greet him? Chilaka’s sister has taken loan from us without her husband’s knowledge, right? Shouldn’t we take interest for it? Is it Pidugu Raju? Greetings sir I didn’t see you, sir You must see him, he’s like a bull standing in the middle of the road Whether you need or not, you must greet him That’s too much – Have your tea Why did you put two fingers into my tea? I’ve scabies between the two fingers, brother Doctor told me to keep in hot place, so I put into it Should’ve kept it somewhere where it is too hot! I had kept my finger there only, tea is hot so I kept in tea He retorted very well, right sir? – I too felt the same Do one thing, you have the tea Shall we play a game, ANR? I’ll pay Rs.500 to the winner – Rs.500? What game? There’s no man here to challenge you There is, he’s the challenger – Yes Why did you take it? – I’ll be the winner, right? What’s the game? – Game’s name is It’s a spatula Hold this with mouth Beat like this! Is it? – You too must beat him It won’t hurt much – It depends on your stamina ANR, you may not be here when your turn comes Brother, please beat me lightly Do you feel giddy? Your turn now! Beat me now! Frying pan! Is this pan stick? Hit hard! Got hurt, brother? Did you hit me? I don’t feel like I got hit? I felt like a fly rested on my head But it was like Rajamouli’s fly! It’s my turn now, right? Your turn? Man must pay for his sins and good deeds here only Please tell them to shut the radio Shut down the radio, uncle is in sorrow Wait…hit carefully Nobody can play like you! Did I hit strongly, brother? No, you don’t have that much experience That’s your greatness, Pidugu Raju We can’t play this game unless we’re equals Mother! I made a vow to break a coconut in Mother’s temple Finish the game and go, brother I’ll not play – Play, brother You’ve Rs.500, right? – Take back your money Must go to Mother’s temple – Please finish the game and go Mother…mother Why don’t you listen to my calls of distress, O mother? How will my sorrows ease – Whose mother are you singing about? My mother – I said about Goddess Poleramma You come Don’t struggle so much Please do something, Kanakam – No need to advice me If anyone sees me, even virgins will deliver safely. Push it! You push it! Do something and get the child out and tell it to push Will it be king or queen? No problem if it’s any card, but danger if it’s a joker But you did make her scream, brother-in-law Can you see the castor oil drop? I can see hell! Who is he? – I don’t know He appears like a dangerous man Whom do you want? Vardhanamma’s grandson She’s overseeing delivery inside – That mad woman?

Mad woman? Your mother is the midwife for any difficult delivery Mid – Tell him Are you one the having labour pain? My sister Look there, that’s not castor oil drop, it’s your child’s life, keep aside the depression of cutting the connection with your child, for your none month dream, with eagerness to show this world to it, giving the child the last breath that will last all through his life, hold your breath, give life to your child, dear In the middle I said middle, why are you scratching hand? Why this? – For relief from scratching No hospitals here? – No doctors. You carry on Any child born here sees Vardhanamma first not anyone else And midwife Kanthamma By the way, you are…? – I told you about him, father He’s Vardhanamma’s grandson Are you Krishnaveni’s son? You got your mother’s beauty! You too have it the same way in future No, my sister is little old type I am Why did you trouble your mother so much, dear? What’s this delivery in between? Don’t you remember we’ve to go to the court? Why not? This is also important, right? Give it to me – What are you doing? Come with me No problem, come with me Where are you taking me? I told you, didn’t I? Stop…why is he behaving like a fool? Come, I’ll not listen to you till we reach court Sit, playing drama – No! Get down! Do you’ve sense? Don’t you know she suffocates in closed things? Do you want to kill her? We’ve to go to court, we’re getting late She’ll not go in car – How? 6 kms…3 hours! Don’t play with my life To hell with this! Please give me company for some time My legs are paining O omnipresent! I’m down and tired Seeking refuge in you Shall we go in, sir? What’s this, Annamayya? – Annamayya? Will you come now? Court is closed – Closed? Will you come on time at least tomorrow? You mean not possible now, sir I’m free but court isn’t Not even this boy All of them attended the meeting You’re been fired – Fired? Sir, I’m fired – Fired? Good! You would’ve gone late to office For safe side, shall I fix this peanut selling push cart? It’ll help you to earn Shall we go, sunny? – Yes, let’s go home. Walk! It’s paining! – Stop that cry! You’re playing a new drama every day, don’t you want to give the property to me? You’re leaving out diamond in pursuit of stones! There won’t be anyone left to think about you Come As if he’s diamond merchant, talks about diamonds Pot of liqour! Entire world has been swept by darkness You broke the pumpkin, right? Your practice for today is over, go home Grandpa will take care of him – He’ll wash him clean What about soap? – I’ll buy it for him Oh no! I thought you were doing drama rehearsal If I deliver dialogues in this get, anyone would think like you only That’s why I practice Harishchandra and Devadas dramas evening Would you like to share dialogue? – I don’t want You don’t want your dialogue, then No problem? Do you know what to say? O pot of liqour! O pot of liqour! Do you think you’d lose? As you think your grandma, lawyer, court, SVR or Pidugu Raju are not the villains There’s a villain above all of them

Your grandpa gave 100 acres of land to people, it’s under his control now Doesn’t anyone have the courage to ask him? Would you like to deliver dialogue? Will you take on him? My brother is missing since yesterday after an altercation with you, sir He’s young and hot blooded, he doesn’t know to keep calm while taking on big shot like you, sir My family fears you’d have done something with him Sir, please show mercy Fight for land is very simple issue Would I kill and hang him upside down for that? He too on me, he would’ve got scared and ran away to city Go! – Bye, sir What’s this? – Greeting! If I believe anyone in this village That’s why I’m here to meet you Good, but I heard you’re here to take your property Don’t worry, I’ll get you better rate than others.- Cheating! I’ve already arranged it, uncle Gokulam, land surrounding it 50 acres outside the village Everything belongs to your grandpa, encash it 5 acres occupied by Pidugu Raju? – That too? 100 acres you’re using for personal need instead of public, that too Just now you told you believe only me here Will you take what I’ve occupied too? What’s your character? While walking on road if you see Rs.5 on ground, without bending down, we’ll call and tell, is it yours? As if we’re not interested in other’s money Two steps further is we see Rs.100, we’ll put leg on it and watch around, it see a bundle of Rs.1000 notes? Won’t we bend down to pick it up? If man’s character changes with the value of money you see 100 acres of land! ow could you think I’ll leave it? If we sell one acre a year, we can live happily for 100 years Arrange to give it to me This is warning – His warning I told people that you’re Achutharamaiah’s grandson I can say you’re not to the same people I’ll see that you don’t get even an inch of land Infact I’ll see that you’re not alive at all I’m from city and look like a lover boy! I tried because character is new Original inside remains intact! If you bring it out, you’ll be finished Are you mad? This dialogue is already in film ‘Brindavanam’.- Is it? I thought it came in a flow He beat you, Suku They think it’s comedy scene – Right? Right! CEO means? – You’ve projects Then? – You’ve targets Then? – You’ve to reach it.- Right? There are 12 targets soaked in castor oil 5 minutes – Don’t let it come to me All targets are attacking united! I thought brain is enough to win him, we need brawn power too

Get Pedababu Don’t look at watch, Vardhanamma won’t come out if it rains.- Fear! Call your lawyer and inform him Today also she won’t come Coming In the matter of God, she’s not afraid of death also Grandma, coming! Wait for me Don’t worry, be brave What’s the matter, Pydi? Why? It seems court work would be over today It’s raining – No use of this If we use old stamp papers to create forged documents of property in your favour Your job will be over What do you say? Forgery? I need people to do forgery Who will do it? Forgery? Let’s do it Are there people to do it? Get the papers, I’ll get the pen 2% of Rs.56 crores is brother-in-law if he takes his share I liked you for bashing Pidugu Raju Why are you here? Forgery? No way! If you want money? I said no way! He said no – That’s all! I’ll make him do it, come You? Really? – Come with me Serving father? – Bloody bore! Don’t have courage to strangle his neck That’s why I’m massaging his legs Are you still here? I’m here to talk about that, lend me your ear How do you know this? My father before he died, if you want any work to be done my revenue officer, don’t pay, tell him this secret, will you do or not? If anyone knows, I’ll lose my honour Will you do it or not? What’s this cornering me? – Will you do it or not? Didn’t tell anyone else? – No.- Okay, I’ll do I fell for desire once and now caught in this muddle What’s it? Bite ears? – Do it. Bite! You want to know what he told me? Would I tell you? Blackmail? Isn’t it not my loin thread? Come on, forge your grandpa’s signature Father, you put witness signature Why are you hesitating? Put your thumb impression Is sir there, percussion? – Calling me percussion? Call sir – Sir?- Who sir? Why are you doing too much? – I’ll play with you Stay out of this Why did you come late? Please come Let’s check the papers The documents you wanted to see It’s signed! Verify it Giraffe – Xerox copies? No need I need to calculate, get me a calculator I’ll ask him once, father That is calculator Why don’t you think once again, Suku? I know, stay away Need to upload snaps for the project, sir Let’s take snaps Keep it Where’s the money and documents? My commission, sir – You’d have taken it How would I know, sir? – You would’ve taken it Here’s your calculator Grandma! What’s the old woman doing inside with money? If I see you here again, I’ll dip you in slush not in turmeric water Everything is cleansed! – What’s this? Many people touched money, so I’m cleansing it You – Leave her She’s mad – Yes, she’s mad, She doesn’t know yet what money is! You keep quiet Don’t interfere in my personal matter You shut up All she knew was kitchen and prayer room Even after everyone left her, she has only that Could she do so much without him? Why do you say like that, sir? How could I without you You keep quiet – Stop your drama Drama? – Yes.- Wait!

If one gets head ache at night! Think if one gets! What should they do? Apply oil on betel leaf and keep it on forehead To keep hair from graying? – you’ve herbs for it If one catches cold? Add little pepper powder in milk Okay, Rs.50 for one coolie per day, how much you’ve to pay for 2 coolies? How much? 50…give all the hundred notes to them, they’ll take what they’ve to and return the balance to us Villagers here are very good people That’s she! as villagers say she’s indeed mad She’s not worried about money and property, though you don’t have any affection for her, she loves you so much She’s ready to give the property to you fearing you may leave her Will ge go? No, he’ll not go He’ll stay here only Okay, I don’t love anyone But you love me, right? She loves me, right? Why is she hesitating to give the property to me? Should I alone show my love and affection? Won’t you show it on me? No, please don’t cry, Krishna Please don’t hurt him Please don’t cry My home is in this condition for your mother’s tears Let’s take Krishna with us and stay wherever you want me to Come whatsoever it may, tomorrow we’re going to court Come, let’s go You’ve really gone mad You won’t listen to me Calm down, Sukumar She said she’ll do it, right? If I knew my tears could do it easily, I would’ve cried long back Unnecessarily I delayed it You mean little earlier – I can also act! You’re a good drama player! Who is she to enter my property? Yes, my lord! I’ll inquire Who is it? Who are you? I’m here for my father Devalaraju Raghava Raju Devalaraju Raghava Raju’s daughter? – Who is she? That’s what I’m also confused This is my maternal uncle Who this little girl is? How are you related to my uncle? Devalaraju Raghava Raju’s daughter! I mean Vardhanamma’s son’s daughter According to law son’s daughter is the legal heir Then, real heir to this property has come! One more tension for him but relaxation for us Come here Give me that photo What did you tell her then? Your father died 6 months ago I’ve closed the door why is she crying? I told her father died – Why are you crying? Acting cry to give her company You’re a great artiste You’ve grown but no brain I’m crying for losing the property to her Does it look like acting? Am I an artiste? You claimed earlier Since they belonged to different castes, my mother told me when I was little girl, they kept their marriage a secret He used to come weekly once and stay for a day or two He didn’t come for few months, even on my mother’s death Finding the address from his bank account I’m here to know about him But now Did you keep her there or sent her away? Sent away my mother from here denying me her love Do you know who denied you your father’s love? That old woman who is mixing vessels of turmeric water I’ll not let you meet that old woman Go away from here Why are you making your grandma a villain? That old woman who is eagerly waiting to be loved, that young lady who is here for love, if I allow them to meet, my property would If she’s there, how did you introduce her to Vardhanamma? Sukumar is going to get trapped She’s our Deva – Do you know her? Isn’t she our Devayani? She’s Devayani! That’s Suramma aunt’s daughter She’s new face First time I’m seeing her Why did she come here? Baby is carrying, sir – Carrying means pregnant

That’s okay, why is she crying? Grandma, she’s my friend But love failure case She’s in sorrows She’ll stay here for few days and go away I’ll send her away I don’t want this dirty thing I don’t want Did you keep Devaki in your house? What then? She must be under my control till my job is done, right? Do you know? How about taking DNA test to verify Devaki’s claim? What if DNA tests prove she’s your maternal uncle’s daughter? What would happen then, Veerappan? What sort of lawyer are you? If she has proof, you must give idea to steal it Why don’t you? You don’t know yet whether she’s here for property or not Find from her why she’s here, give that and send her away Till this girl leaves the village, postpone taking grandma to court for sign So many proofs? What’s happening there? I’m little shy type, beau! – Do you call this shyness? It’s dangerous Mother-in-law without daughter-in-law is very good woman! Why did you come to my room? Neck…you tell me, why are you here? For my father, for little happiness which I missed in childhood I want to be recognised among my father’s relatives I want the love and affection which went missing from my childhood days Find from her why she’s here, give that and send her away That’s why I’m here Beau…beau – Allow me to tell, Devaki When you tell about yourself, I feel like you’re telling about me Fun, love and affection which they denied me, I’ll give everything to you I came to your room last night to tell you this Trust me. Shut it Trust only me, Devaki Trust only me This is the right medicine for you My body is aching Body pain What happened, Pidugu Raju? Last night I went is 4 wheeled car to bash up 6 men Come on, any car has 4 wheels I mean 4 rings, Audi car Why do you go in other’s car when you’ve one? I meant 4 rings Audi like soda Hey foreign boy! It seems you brought a girl to Gokulam Is she western girl or street girl? He’ll blabber like that only I’m unable to sleep alone If you need help tell me, let’s share expenses I want to beat you, but fear Blue Cross would file case for beating a dog. Come He’s going overboard – Let’s get him down Would he be asleep? After 6 pm, Pidugu Raju can’t see I’m hungry, sir Why are they repeating the same dialogue? They’ve taken drugs, they’ll keep on saying same thing or do the same thing I’m hungry, sir After 6 pm, Pidugu Raju can’t see Why are you repeating the same dialogue? It’s time for drama to start, material is with me.- Is it? After 6 pm, Pidugu Raju can’t see If I jump, would I keep on jumping? I’m hungry It’s time for drama to start, material is with me After 6 pm, Pidugu Raju can’t see – Shall I jump? Why are you repeating the same dialogue? If I jump, would I keep on jumping? If I jump, would I keep on jumping? Shall we put make up to him till they come back? I’ve the material – Keep it here Something is missing – Eggs. Very good If I jump, would I keep on jumping? Shall I jump? Stop this drama You can’t anyway, right? How can foreigners sing poems? – You’re right What I can’t and he too can’t, tell the dialogue from Mayasabha scene Is he a big artiste? Wow! What a wonderful creation! It’s more beautiful than nature and charming me What beautiful statues! Wonderful! Who could be the wonderful creator? What’s this? Echo!

Who is here? I’m hallucinating This is fascinating creation of great Mayu Garden inside the hall? How beautiful it is! Beautiful, fragrant and exotic flowers! Lilting and mind blowing music! Art to enchant anyone! This mesmerising creation is overwhelming me! I too watch films! We too get DVD’s of NTR’s films You’re wrong, this is Mysamma dialogue not Mysamma but Mayasabha Then, it is super! Applause! If I jump, would I keep on jumping? If I jump, would I keep on jumping? What happened, Devaki? Grandma, I’ll do it I said I’ll do it – I’ll pound you That’s all! That was yesterday, just now Oh no! Get out! Go away! I don’t want you here I said get out She doesn’t know I’m her granddaughter, that’s why she behaved like that She’s my grandma, right? No…no No…no Kissed her! Looks like satiation is going out of control Did she kiss? I don’t know what would happen to me? Look after me too, boys! Tell me the entire incident They did black magic – Black magic? They did black magic on me That’s what we’re also saying Tell from the beginning Tell me, brother I got up early morning and came out I saw a big motif with bones and skulls – Skulls? Skulls…along with bones, there were skulls too Vermillion – Chilly powder, right? No, it’s vermillion – Carry on Lemons – Eggs? How do you know that? In black magic they use eggs also Yes. They did black magic on me Useless buggers! Repeating the same dialogue again and again Should I sleep in temple tonight? Why, grandma? If you sleep there, you’d get married immediately astrologer told me You want to marry at this age, grandma? – Hey you, shut up I wish to get you married to a good girl before you go back to US Grandma, I’m thinking about my career only You won’t understand even if I explain I haven’t thought about marriage yet If you want fix his marriage Oh no! I’ll marry a foreign girl only! Foreign girl? Do you need it? Stop! Look at him! Every kite flying in sky thinks it can go beyond the sky, but it doesn’t know the string is held by someone on earth There’s a string with you to tie him down here What’s it? – Love! Why are you painting the house, uncle? Doors of this house is shut for 6 months since my son died That’s why I’m painting it to cleanse it I thought someone’s marriage – House warming ceremony Enough of ogling at him, take these cards, go with him and invite village people Me? I’ll not go I don’t like invitations and formalities Didn’t I tell you those idiots won’t listen to you? Your grandpa took away my dot along with him, I mustn’t invite people Aren’t you my dear son? Please! English! – Yes…yes I’ll also join you You’re not a member of this family, you don’t belong to this village also Relatives would say so No need Shall we? – Come Sit – Where?- Here! I’ll not – No problem, sit It’s very sunny, cover with my half sari end

You’re too tender – What about you? I’m rough and tough You’re such a good girl, I mean you take so much care about me Why did you fight with me? – That I didn’t know about that Accidents are common in India Friends? How are the fields in my village? Who is he? – Vardhanamma’s grandson It seems he’s Vardhanamma’s grandson! That mad lady’s mad grandson! Who is mad? Why did you kick him? – How dare he calls you mad! Stop…stop…stop Do you know him? – I know I’ve brought something for him Look baby! Go away, boy! Your father is my son! Invitation! Is this house okay? Free meals in my house All of you come and have a go at food Why no one is responding? Nobody will come if you invite like that Would anyone come there to eat that blood food? They won’t come if you invite them like that Greetings, Sister – Who are you? Very close to you Your mother’s friend I know to invite like this only Sukumar, this world is like mirror You laugh and it too laughs You cry, it’ll cry with you If you pick a stone in anger, it’ll also pick a stone But if there’s love in your voice, they’ll also respond with love Do you despise love so much? Is it because every family here lost a member because of your mother’s love? Your grandpa was village headman It wasn’t given by any law, it was bestowed by people for his generosity If anyone thinks he can live for 100 years, go and work anywhere One who thinks he’ll die tomorrow, spend your time praying God Mahatma Gandhi said villages are the backbone of India But you want to go away to city in search of livelihood It’s not villages that must change but we, the people Let’s change first and then change the face of villages As evidence of change I’m donating 100 acres of my land to this village His family consisted of Vardhanamma, whose world was husband and devotion on God Your maternal uncle, your mother Krishnaveni Sir, my son Though I’m poor by birth, he pursued education with your help Goddess of knowledge doesn’t know the value of money One who trusts knowledge, money will not leave him Your difficulties are over now Kannaiah! Look, how educated our Rangasamy’s son has returned! Your father belonged to different caste, your mother loved him Love is something which snaps old relationships for new ones Please bless me, father What’s this, dear? Today is not your birthday too Just like that, I felt like taking your blessings I’m going, father – Say I’ll come back, dear Mother, bless me – I’m amidst prayers Sprinkle turmeric water, mother – Why? Nothing You look very beautiful today I’ll beat you Shall I drop you, dear? – No problem, brother Your mother thought her parents wouldn’t understand her love I had to help as her friend Few elders in the village took advantage of your mother’s love and elopement Who dared to touch the girl from our caste? I really don’t know anything, sir People of my caste are looking down upon me for cheating your family Only love and friendship has the power to destroy caste and religious differences I know my daughter loves your son I thought she would tell me The first inter-caste marriage in this village must be my daughter’s marriage with your son Come, let’s find them They turned this village into a cauldron by making caste bigger issue than love What’s this? As you said, I killed and burnt them I killed the people of low caste who dared to touch our caste girl Tell me, what else you want me to do? Did I tell you? I shouldn’t tell that openly, right? Entire village is killing each other, Achutharamaiah! No, Achutha! I was trying to help you, ruined the honour of our caste

Are you friendly with the father of a boy who eloped with your daughter? Rangasamy, village is burning down This is not the change I wanted More than daughter’s elopement, village situation hurt his health It made many truths to go hiding There was only one weapon that could bring him back to normal it was you! Uncle? – Yes Grandpa! Look who is here! Look, your aunt! – Aunt! Why are you feeling shy? – Don’t get wet your head This is for grandpa, this is for uncle This is for you, mother told I’ve grandpa, grandma and uncle too Where are they? Sir! Your grandson Is it him, grandpa? Go, greet him Kannaiah grandpa, my mother told me to give you, please accept it He’ll stay here these 10 days Let’s celebrate all the festivals till he’s here Okay, sir – Grandma! Happy end! Your arrival brought light and happiness into the lives of those old souls Take it – What’s this? Suku, give bubble gum to me also Uncle, she says bublingam for bubble gum Teach me also, please Offer special prayers on my grandson’s name His name, sir? Rajula Sukumar, father’s name is Srinivas, mother is Krishnaveni Is he Krishnaveni’s son? This is not right, Narreddy It’s not right to call a gentleman to council who had adopted this village He did wrong and still doing, so I’ve called this meeting to tell he’s no more head man of this village What did he do to bring him here like an accused? What did he? Come here, boy Whose guest are you here? Don’t get afraid, son Who is your grandpa? No! Shall I tell you the truth? Your grandpa is Achutharamaiah! That’s him! His daughter Krishnaveni, I mean this boy’s mother This boy is Krishnaveni and Srinivas’s son who were responsible for the communal clashes Fearing people would spit on them if they come to know the truth He has invited him to his house by lying as ‘Poem’ Gopalam’s grandson I didn’t want people to face flak because of this boy, and to avoid the boy facing any trouble from village people, I did like this, Narreddy Are you a gentleman? You lied to the little boy also You tell me, can we hand over this village’s future to such a man? Should we give him the power? Then, apply vermillion water on my hand, it means hand over the village to me You can never tear any page from the book of life You can burn a page Today is page of insults in your life I wrote foreword to this page 10 years ago I’m giving the end to it now Do it Bring it No…no…no Once a bird told honeybee, what you save for days, men take it away in minutes, don’t you feel bad about it? It seem the honeybee said with a smile,

they’re stealing what I’ve saved as honey but not my will power to save again He too is like that He’s stealing the power bestowed on me by the people, but certainly not my good ideas to better their lives, right? Bring it Come, son! You hurt him more than your mother and he could never recover from it You thought you were insulted, but their lives went into the oblivion This is also a gift I got for your mother’s marriage For good or bad many had lost their lives for your mother and father Would you lose anything if you invite them with love and care? I didn’t know all this He wasn’t born when your family lost a member He’s not responsible for that also What could’ve been settled between two families, we and those village elders tried to settle it on streets Is it good to show 20 year old anger on him? If you wish good of him as Achutharamaiah, whom you consider as great man, please accept his invitation Invite them! Please come to my house! Come! These are your grandpa’s clothes Wear it and walk out like a gentleman!- These? I’ll sprinkle turmeric water on food items Don’t you’ve any formals? Long back! Over? Long back means now, aunt! – Is it? Sir, phone call for you – For me? Some Nagarjuna – Why is he calling me? How would I know? Talk to him yourself Please hold this – Why should I? Hold it – Hold it What’s this nonsense? No signal here, come out I feel something fishy here It’s house warming ceremony, let’s go that side Mother, it has loosened Hold this Always troubles me…come Auspicious time is elapsing, look after that side Come fast, mother – Come, let’s go Bujjamma, go! Uncle! Uncle, go another phone call Who? – Some Chiranjeevi Don’t Nagarjuna and Chiranjeevi have any work, calling me at odd hours No signal here also, please come out You’ve well grown hair Ribbon came off again, mother Come, I’ll tie it again Bujjamma, I’ll take this, keep this plate near that plate.- Okay I think I’ve seen this Oh my lappamtappam! Why do you want laptop while offering prayers? Recently it fell into turmeric water Please bless the couple Fast beat, please! Look at them! I said different, this is not prayer but marriage Why are you laughing? My bad time Festival is over, now musical program Brother, one minute Why? – What are you doing? For sound proof, they’ll put cotton stubs in ears, right? Why did you gag her mouth? Elderly woman, she can’t bear it, you carry on You’re singing well but boys want mass song! Stop this classical, give me that Peep…peep…peep

Don’t peep, O moon My beauty is all yours, O moon If your beauty is all mine, O moon Why do you hide it from me, O moon? Take me to the temple festival, O moon But rubber bangles for me, O moon Around your beautiful waist, O moon I’ll make a golden waist belt for you, O moon Tie anklets on your feet, O moon Rock with your dance, O moon Get me new Kanchi silk sari Promise if I don’t come to meet you in garden I’ll meet you at twilight Get me colourful ribbons from village market Buy a nose pin to suit my nose I’ll get ready and kiss you What else you want,. O moon? I’ll get you at any cost, O moon Get flowers for my tresses, O moon Hey flowery sari, I’ll get stars for you, O moon Make a beauty spot on my cheek Apply lip stick on my honey sweet lips I’ll show you bliss in my arms You pinch me like a tough guy, O handsome Once you’re done, you’ll never be seen again You leave me without trace without even informing me Tie the knot with me, O moon Make me your life partner, O moon Why tie knot with you, O moon? I’ll give you my heart, O moon Girls have become shameless off late Isn’t it, Syankari? What’s this nonsense, Syankari? Who are you? What is your caste? Who are you? How dare you want him? This house and this village is peaceful after many years With this marriage, how many more would die and many women may become widows! Grandma! I’m your son Raghava’s daughter My mother is Deepa Christian I wanted to tell you – Sorry my grandma slapped you Come, let’s go out and discuss Come.- Stop! Nobody here knows who am I other than myself At least allow me to tell grandma – No, Devaki Is she telling truth? Don’t you’ve any evidence to prove that you’re his daughter? Show me Show your mother That they were married, to prove you’re their daughter, photocopies, birth certificates, photographs of your parents, and then…ration card, anything is okay Come, let’s show them All the documents are missing Is Devaki your original name? Are you here with a plan to cheat me and my grandma for property? I told you everything, right? You didn’t tell me anything She didn’t tell me anything You were here all these days, why didn’t you tell me? You wait Prove who your father is, go! Go! What happened? Grandma! – Aunty! Why did you do like this? – I trusted Sukumar You made a mistake Is it my mistake to come here for my father’s love? It wasn’t your mistake to come here, you trusted a wrong man Every photo, idol of Lord Anjaneya went missing in village

All are here only – This is nothing, look there! Slippers and broom stick are also here only For everyone time is 2.30 am, for you it’s 5.30 am in 5 minutes Your tooth paste is fevicol For him! Remember next item – It must rain inside his home Everything is okay With the power of amulet, ghosts are on run! What’s this? You’d have seen slippers wearing out, did you see it shrink? What’s it then? It is that only What’s this here? It’s a skull! I can hear the audio but no video! It is that thing only Black magic! What’s this? It’s morning but still dark! It’s 2.30 am! – 2.30 am! Who are you? – I’m Kathina Which Kathina? – Pala Kathina Oh God! Is it you? Burnt down your house for not paying principle or interest Is your moustache crossed? – Crossed moustache? How my moustache was? It turned down in fear Go away from here If I refuse? What you saw till now was just trailer! What will you show now? – I’ll show you cinema! Why have you all come together? What’s the matter? After your grandpa, your uncle used to offer clothes to God We feel you must take that responsibility Festival is being celebrated after many years, if you come, it’ll be very nice Let’s follow the tradition Since all elders have come accepting my invitation, I’ll come, You must inquire a complaint and pass judgement Just for fun – I’ll do it If grandpa did it, I’ll also do it What will you do? – What’s that he said? Sir, now – I know what to do? I said it’s hot why not come under umbrella? Why don’t you come yourself? Greetings sir – Tell me My father left an acre of land after his death I’ll take care of the farm, I told my brother to find himself a job What’s your problem? No sir, I don’t know anything else other than agriculture I too have two kids Think over it, sir.- Wonder! The power which grandpa himself didn’t have, his grandson is enjoying That too grandson from daughter, customary inquiry and mock judgement Leadership is what one takes, not depends on whether son or daughter Shut up! The judgement he passes today is tradition for many years The village is mine and power is mine How dare you give the power to a young boy! What will he pluck? – What will you do? Except occupying the land donated by my grandpa No current in village, dry bore wells, ceiling less schools, children on roads, do you call it roads? Just mud and stones don’t make a road Do you’ve one cell tower in this place? He said those towers are health hazards to people But network people say Narreddy asked commission to allow towers here Very smart boy! He knows everything Will that tower means prosperity? In foreign villages are taking care of cities, but here villages are begging with cities For current and water That’s the matter, he wants to make village into foreign in a day He’s just a boy – Come, let’s play cards Nobody knows which stick from the match box will burn down the forest Any stick may do it Likewise someday this village will change But such a day will not come till men like you’re here, that’s for sure What’s that change? What change will you bring? How can you know the pain and difficulty of change? Adopt this village, turn this village into US Adopt it – Give, I’ll take it You’re just a guest here, why take all this trouble? Why don’t you sit in AC rooms of city and play cards? He’s asking you, right? Give him Since he’s asking, it’s our duty to give him He wants it, right? Give him If he gives to anyone who asks, village will go to dogs

Give…give – No…no Give him…give him Bring it Change the village and prove your worth! You achieve it, I’ll return the 100 acres If you fail, forget your property in this village and go back to US Take a year…do it Do you need this? You wanted to become hero, right? You’re finished You gave him the responsibility, we’re free to play Adoption means this? – What else did you think then? Is it any herbal medicine? I thought he would give cheque book or funds to develop village How can I develop the village with this? You asked him powerfully like a film hero Adopting means you’ve to develop the village with your money With my money? Till someone else accepts village from you, you can’t leave this village You’re the big shot of this village now I’ll go away after my property matter is settled Did you see a one legged man in bus stand? Yes, near the bus stop He adopted this village like you but tried to escape, people caught him and Did they remove his leg? -They cut it! No problem, I’ll develop village in one year, no in 10 days If not for the village, I must do hard work to get the 100 acres from Narreddy Do it Sir, judgement! For the present he needs appeasement What’s this new tradition? Umbrella! – Pass your judgement now Why are they getting ready? They won’t bash me if plan fails, right? – They’ll bury you You want to put up poles and make pergola! Make a second floor by making mud beds Oh! 3 acres of crops in one acre of land Who gave you this idea? We make apartments like this to live When Chinese can raise crops in old ships, why not we? Ground floor nursery belongs to younger brother First floor vegetables belong to elder brother Second floor – Profits! Where can you get a man to make pergolas? Thadikala Anji? Get Anji! Where did Anji vanish? Modern agriculture -3 acre crops in one acre of land It’s better if that foreign boys shows us also a way 3 acre crops? I’ve 4 acres -4 multiplied by 3 I finished morning itself Then, I too drop out Sir! Who are they? Who are these people? Who are they? They’re here to tell about their problems to your grandson Is it? Then, let’s mix a bag of turmeric water and give a bath to everyone Every donkey has a day, I didn’t believe it Now I believe it Who that donkey is? I’ll tell, come – Why so many people? Sir, no water in pump Open the tap – It’s bore Then, turn it with music No education, no intelligence, doesn’t know any work other than running little errands for few paise Please get him a job, sir Dogs are chasing while going on jog early morning Be happy at least they’re chasing you Children are refusing to go to school Her cow put dung in my court yard who owns it? Me or she? That is What will he tell? – Come I What’s al these problems? Why they have so much expectation on me? How can they think I can solve these problems? Is it joke to adopt a village? Who is it? – I’m Nagaralu Why are you sleeping here? Ghosts have taken over my home That’s why I’m sleeping here You’ve gone mad I’ll pay you Rs.500, please sleep with me Why did you ask like that? Is it not good? – Horrible! I’ll pay Rs.500, shall I sleep with you? It’ll look nasty, no one here likes us You’ve money, right? Sleep with money Lousy man! Which serial is that? If it is ‘Bhaktha Anjaneya’, please increase the volume That’s my sister Anjali’s Tell your sister to increase the volume – You want me to come?- No I’ll sleep What’s this? I was sleeping there, how did I come here? Pidugu Raju! Vacate my home! Not just your home, I’ll leave this village forever Wherever I go, it follows me Will you sleep till 8 am? Get up!

I’m dying with this man Get up! Why early morning? Let’s practice evening Not dialogue, get up What? Who scolds a man in this world? – Man who lends money Among women! Are you peeping through bathroom keyholes? You’re not like that – Next? Next…who? Wife! – That’s it! I had a dream of marrying Syankari It means in your heart – I mean in sub-conscious mind Whatever it may be, you love Syankari, right? I don’t know how to tell her, grandpa Shall I call for dating? She may mistake it for mating and refuse to come Look here! Though very old idea, it’s good one, may I? Take it out – You too take it out What? – Harmonium How do I look? Village love story, you must be like this only That’s her room, right? Start the music Shall we start? Would she come if you sing like that? – She’ll die. Habitual mistake Golden tune of olden age If she can’t understand She’ll offer 50 paise as alms A piece of moon lives in the window before my home Do you think she knows Hindi? I don’t know about her, but he knows those 2 lines only Syankari will not get up till 10 am Looks like he’s singing which everyone can hear except that girl Sing a new song, boys! – New tune! New How nice it would be if we fly away! Who? – Here! I can’t fly, can we walk together? Walk with you? You’d become his customer in 2 days Is it for me? That girl – Come What’s this cultural program? Boys, they were enthusiastic I want to talk to you I want to talk to you – Come Come to the pond today evening – Evening? Yes, at 7 pm Did you hear? At last I could sing song in tune I trust people little slowly I don’t trust people True! I’m little emotional – I’m too professional If I trust anyone, I’ll not leave them for life Since I don’t trust anyone, there’s no chance of forgetting I’ll get angry if anyone else wishes for the same thing I like I’ll snatch the thing I like before anyone wishes for it When I saw you for the first time – On seeing me Isn’t the water nice? – Don’t change the topic Tell me the matter Tell me, what’s it? Tell me I – Be careful! I love you! – Me too! But in English! That’s her family’s group photo If anyone takes a good decision, all others follow him Then, make a list of her relatives who don’t like me You got my plan, right? – Didn’t get it My English? – You! I understood one thing, nobody likes you Particularly that man! Her uncle – I’ll start with him Today we’ve to visit hospital – Okay, finish your bath quickly Hello, uncle! You’re very stylish I want to make a girl fall for me, please tell me that technique To trap! – Watch out You need the girl or be in good mood Okay, I’ll try for you Close your eyes and think your girl What are you doing here? – That’s my question It’s an insult to call you brother, go away Where’s grandma, aunt? What’s this? – A diving herbal medicine Please give me little – This is for humans not for you

What happened to everyone here? All are looking at me like a criminal, why are you watching the tree? Why are you crying? Your mother planted this tree After your mother left with your father We see your mother in this tree My daughter is no more, ever since I knew she’s dead What’s there for me to live? Surprized to know how I came to know about your mother’s death? My daughter made just one mistake in her life of going away with your father But she’s fire in all other aspects Fire! Had she raised you, you wouldn’t have grown like this You’d have grown like a man If you also talk to me like this, I’ll leave this place in 2 days Go away…go I’ve seen many who claim as dead their living parents But you’ve kept alive your mother though dead for years for the property Do you know what is more dangerous than a woman’s tears? Her silence! Experience it You said you’re going out but going with just a letter This? My village is near your village Please give this cover to my mother Celebrate! That’s the matter I need his help to secure loan there, so…come I’ll stay here, you finish your work and come You say that house? Go further up and get down the bund Deposit the money in bank, Srinivas Raju Okay, mother Don’t forget in your work – Okay I said I’ll deposit I’ll deposit You are….? – Srinivas Raju! But what about her son in Europe? – Did that rogue sent you? Wait, I’ll tell you Aunty, look here! Your son has come My son Srinivas Raju Have you come, my son? Why didn’t you come al these days to see me? He left her alone and went abroad She thinks every man as her son and asks, have you come, my son? He’s fine there with wife and kids She’s left to cry here Who is there for me? – Did he send a letter? I’ll get you buttermilk – What did he write? Mother! How much he loves her! Don’t feel sad for getting another letter Celebrate because your son is in Europe I, your daughter-in-law, children are fine here Are you getting good crops? Are they paying lease amount correctly? If they don’t pay, take them to court If you get money, deposit it in bank Your grandson wants to know when are you making golden girdles for his hands I forgot to tell, give my address to AC in village council He’ll inform if there’s any important news This is his life You know what that important news is? Her death, and when it happens! Why do you come back to motherland for the deaths of your parents? Son, have it I think birds are attacking fields It’ll eat the pods I’ll chase them away Anyway you don’t see them alive, at least you come for their deaths She worked hard to get him educated She’s just a security guard to the fields he bought here from earning there He won’t come, she’s waiting eagerly for his arrival Unable to tolerate, I come often to inquire about her She tells me to deposit son’s money in bank That’s what he wants, right? Tell him I’ve deposited it Parents’ eyes are to look after children Not to wait for you! You too are a migrating bird! No use in telling you Go, leave your loved ones to rule foreign lands Looks like she too has become mad like your grandma No, we’re making them go mad When my parents were not in home, I too behaved like mad playing video games Mandodhari aunt who was ditched by her husband, Navagrahalu, who lost his mother,

my father, who lost my mother, my grandma, who was left alone without care and affection they’re becoming mad Don’t change your ideas, we must take your property and go abroad No, we must take grandma with us That’s much better idea Did you hear that, Ranga Rao? – Mother! It seems my grandson will take me abroad with him Grandma is America! New drama, tell your grandpa Keep quiet, father Grandma, are you coming with me or not? I can’t leave you mad I can’t leave you behind like an orphan, grandma Happy – You’re coming with me, right? Okay, let me see You promised to do good to this village, right? You finish that task I don’t care if you’re serious or comedy Why should I help you? If I help you, Narreddy will take me to task Chilaka while going away – Why biting ears like my brother? It seem Kookatla Kotamma and sons are also your branch You stop! What do you want? – Worked! Come Go – Come Isn’t it okay to have good crop for village’s development? For good crops, give them water – Let’s get water To get so much water, we’ll sink Let’s sink bore wells How can you run bore wells without current? Then, let’s get current How can you? They’re struggling up there, how can we get in bottom? How can people survive here then? They’ll live on wind That’s not Why did he go away like getting a joker? What did the British say? They said give roads and current, any village can develop You can’t understand Can I use Facebook for this too? What are you doing, Sukumar? I’m using social network for local network You’re using your CEO brain also He invited us on his birthday Please sit there Coming This celebration isn’t to celebrate my birthday To make everyone meet If a man is going, they take it as earning money No! Wishing! One, wish to be with people he likes, Raghava who was with me last year, where is he now? he’s no more, I wanted if we all meet Dialogue is fantastic, from which drama, uncle? Okay, to make you understand, shall I tell you in his language? Sukumar, for the property you’ve if you add Rs.3 crores and then deduct it, what will you get? – Not much of difference Add your mother, father and grandma with you Remove them from you It’s life for you if they’re with you If we remove them from you, it’s void! That’s here! Got it? Why are they fighting like that? They’re struggling What’s the difference? If you fight for your property, that’s fight If a group works hard for public cause, that’s struggle One who takes the coconut to other end and breaks before Goddess Nalla Pochamma, Narreddy has announced the winner will get the 100 acres Everyone knows that Earlier people used to think they were useless men But now they want to help the village I’m not going back from the word of giving 100 acres to neo leaders I’ll give 200 acres with 100 additional acres To the winner How wrong it is for a strong man to do injustice, if another strong decides not to oppose it is also wrong Whether you play alone and win or

He won! 100 acres are yours and Narreddy’s 100 acres are also yours Take it – No! I didn’t fight, I struggled, For my people From today those 100 acres belong to the village That’s a knock-out punch to Narreddy! Arrange a festival to Goddess! Rocking…village, hills, people, ponds Come on, the man to fulfill your wishes is here Krishna of our village has come straight from Repalle He’s the king who rules from our hearts People’s word is order to me I’ll finish fight where it starts If you all are with me, I’ll remove bad and do good always And take birth here again and again Sukumar is hero of our village Sukumar is most handsome man in our village He bows to humble and good, he takes on arrogance head on He raises like Tsunami to wash away bad He’ll wipe out the evil He’s one and only and has become a man of masses He never goes away from public and he’s the voice of people He’s a terror to the bad If I ever take a step, it’s always towards you

If you ask, I’ll give my life also If you all are with me, I’ll live a clean life with you as my siblings and relatives He’s a macho man and a warrior of warriors He lives in our hearts and our homes, he’s our king When he orders, won’t bad get destroyed? He’s our dream and makes our dreams come true There’s none like him Love must rule the roost and smile must fill hearts If I’ve your support, I’ll live with you all my life Devaki madam, senior madam is calling you In the past the mistake we did regarding our daughter’s son Sukumar, I think my husband didn’t want to do it regarding our son’s daughter Last night while cleaning my husband’s room, I found these papers I think his grandpa knew about his son’s daughter So, he accepted Devaki as granddaughter and made her heir to this property I wanted to tell the truth to entire village, so I called you all I accept Devaki as my granddaughter before you, and welcome her wholeheartedly into my family Take it, dear Can I touch you, grandma? Are you pointing the mistake I did ignorantly? Come, dear Grandma, let’s go Wait, I need to talk to you You told me to prove my father was Devala Raghava Raju You remember that? Here’s the proof Everyone knows how many dramas you played for this But it reached the real heir Now business Go away! What’s this, madam? My husband wrote the property on her name Achutharamaiah doesn’t know much about Raghava How could he know about his daughter Devaki? Please tell me, what happened? Greetings, madam Your husband Achutharamaiah left a will leaving entire property to Devaki What? Did he know Devaki was our granddaughter? Is she really our granddaughter? She’s indeed your granddaughter, grandma I came here to dump you somewhere and take the property Though she has no value here, Devaki came with hope of living with you I used to hate when you touched me, Devaki used to feel elated if you ever touched her, I made a mistake by telling her to prove who her father is! To correct that mistake, I created fake will of grandpa, never expected grandpa’s forged signature would help me like this I would’ve told the truth myself If you say Devaki is your granddaughter, people would brush it aside saying you’re mad and speaking mad but if I say grandpa wrote it, people will believe it That’s what Devaki wanted, right? If you give entire property to her, what about you then? Aren’t you there for me, grandma? I’ll take you with me My dear son! Sir, for your help – No, Sukumar

Surprized to hear me call your real name Till now you never appeared your real self But today Uncle, keep this in her bag What happened? Why? Ask him, why are we beating them? He stopped everyone who said not to give my daughter in marriage to him Did you ask my daughter’s hand for such a crook? He’s not like that Tell me, what happened? Tell me. What happened? What did he do? What did he do? Tell her You know only to save lives But your grandson knows to kill also For your bad advice, she suspected her husband and aborted her pregnancy Why don’t you tell her? Why don’t you tell thought getting beaten up? Tell her What happened? – Tell the truth No, uncle – What else can he tell? I’m ready to snap relationship with you, but I can’t tolerate him as my son-in-law, a man who broke my family Did you commit the mistake? – He did, madam They’re the elders of this village Grandfather and grandson, his true heir! What’s there now? They’ll decide between themselves Back then she misunderstood me Don’t show your face to me – He’ll never reform Grandma, please listen to me He ruined my family Did you ask my daughter in marriage to such a man? I’m ready to snap relationship with you, but I can’t tolerate him as my son-in-law, a man who broke my family They’re the elders of this village Grandfather and grandson, his true heir! I want to talk to you alone You wanted to talk to me I can’t bear this silence, tell me what’s that? You couldn’t bear silence for few seconds, how can you bear the truth I’m going to tell? Look, there won’t be two things like hot and cold What is not hot is cold? Likewise life and death are not two things Not living is death Life without my people is death to me So, let’s separate as good friends Let’s go I made a mistake, grandma, I’ll never do again Come, let’s go Grandma! Grandma! Grandma! Uncle…uncle Love keeps vigil of hearts Even eyes can’t see so much love Love settles comfortably between two hearts Love makes you cry alone with loneliness Some sadness or sorrow It has a streak to break hearts It short shrifts a long time wish into vanish in moments Won’t it let you drown in tears? Did you see what’s written here? For what reason God takes away a valuable person from your life, he’ll bring back another important person of same value for the same reason Didn’t get it? We’re mortals who perish in time

The small distance we travel together, we consider it as life I don’t understand Dust’s English and your Telugu This is not Telugu to understand easily It is life! I’ll take leave Your berth is confirmed I know, sir I said that for fun because all are in sad mood Your berth is confirmed But please don’t go, sir Don’t say like that, Dummu Grandma who loved me is no more The girl I loved gave me up for her family Love has again proved it is the greatest Till now I thought I played a drama in the name of love Now I’ve realised that love has played a drama with my life I’ve realised man’s value increases with what he gives rather than what he gets! To unite broken friendships, to forget the past wounds, forgetting the word I and start thinking as we, I’m seeing so many turning up here for me That’s why, I immersed my selfishness in river Godavari along with of grandma’s mortal remains Unable to live among you like living dead I’m going away, grandpa Why are you crying, grandpa? Please give me a smile Please say a poem for me I can’t I’m asking you for the last time Just one! They say Lord Shiva has no mother! Had he mother would she allow him to grow long hair! Had he mother would she let him wear tiger skin! Had he mother would she let him smear ash on body! Had he mother would she let him live in cremation ground! They say Lord Shiva has no mother! If Lord Shiva is so great without mother! How great would he be if he had mother! If Sukumar is great to so many without mother! How great would be be if he had mother! Come on, go son! Bye – Okay, sir Why don’t you come with me? – I’ll not come I used to think what this village can give me? But after meeting you, I’m thinking of what can I give to this village? Greetings, brother – Greetings Where ever I go, people are greeting with respect Because of you What else can anyone wish more than this? I don’t want to come with you and leave my father and grandpa as mad In your language in depression At least now cry, son! Cry son! Aunt, you told me this world is like mirror If they know I’m crying, they can’t bear it They’ll not allow me to go But you can cry before mother What did you bring from my native place? Except good name I couldn’t bring anything Are you missing anything? What’s there to miss? – That’s all? Yes, that’s it Father! I forgot this, father I don’t know what I missed in my life, when I think of what you missed for my mother’s love, I feel pity on you, father Love gifts sweet memories to dreams Love gives you life and stays with you forever Love shares a heart to two people Love bonds two hearts and builds fence around them Won’t it make you forget any sorrow if love is in your heart? Won’t I wish love to be my companion in any life hereafter?

Before your brother-in-law sells away your mother, please meet her Tsunami hit the world in 2004 But it hit our village last year That Tsunami’s name is Sukumar Before he came our village had two bad habits One is caste feeling and second is our village guy! Sukumar came and finished that caste feeling He pushed out that our village guy! He brought everyone from this village living in different countries into one network, With that schools, water, rails, roads, industries came up in my village Wi-Fi is AP…you know what is Wi-Fi? Our village is the lone Wi-Fi village Do you believe it? By the way where is Sukumar? hat is…he went away! – Went away? But how? But he did come back for people waiting for him/ How did he come means You went berserk with support of a foreign man He came and went away If I take away your produce and land, nobody is thee to stop me Some hero will come to take on this injustice Close your eyes Did he come? – No Didn’t I tell you? Is this a film? Close your eyes now, this time he’ll come.- Eyes? Did he come? – Not yet Didn’t I tell you there’s no hero in our village? Why don’t you go? Would they hear me deliver dialogues? – They’ll beat you Shall we go? – Back? – Let’s go Here comes the fighter cock! Our hero has arrived! I know he’ll come, he called me on phone Why did you ask me to go? To know hero’s true value, someone must sacrifice No, Sukumar No fights, please Don’t let him step into this village Didn’t I tell you, father? This is our village! If you’ve guts, dare cross this line! You don’t have to mark boundaries, I’ve marked it for you now Dare cross it! – Go boys! You too go, boys! Don’t you dare cross it! Come on! Beat him! Beat him! Your daughter has eloped with the new school teacher Why are you taking my blessings? I felt like taking your blessing, father You used love as ruse to ruin many a families, right? Now the same love has hit you back Let’s fight later, first look after that matter Brother! Come, son – Come Please listen to me I want to tell you something He won’t stop the marriage, right? I didn’t love Syankari Because I don’t know what love is!

Infact I hated her and jealous of her Because she has more love with her what I lacked in my life! That’s why I tried to split you to make her mine We’re a generation of people who search Facebook for friends leaving relatives What do we know about love? If technology grow, I thought we can live with heads held high But we’re still living with heads hung We can become CEO’s of any company, but can never become HR, I mean with good human relations! We expect what valuables would you leave behind for us You think about what valuables to leave behind So, if you don’t want to see another Sukumar in future, please fix my marriage with your daughter, sir This is not selfishness, at least my children would grow with values Please forgive me Forgive me We’ll forgive you We’ll leave the decision to one whose life is involved It’s Syankari’s issue Meet her Go! Your sari is very nice Isn’t this your marriage? Did you come so far to ask this? Sister, he’ll never change You please leave us alone I mean – Don’t talk. Don’t you dare talk You said love, dating and kissed me too If I say let’s be friends, will you just walk away? No – I told you not to talk I had to go through hell to say, I don’t want to marry and fix my younger sister’s marriage Did you see? You can never me gentle You’re stone hearted Don’t go away, Syankari If you go not only the room goes vacant, me too! I expected you to say this Look, you stood like a rock Go away You told me not to talk Can I talk now? Don’t go, Syankari If you go not on this room goes vacant but me too I’ve come from very far for you Will you marry me? Want to know what happened to Sukumar’s story? Prince married princess But never lived happily To do that we can’t get coolies – You’ve readymade reasons Look there, how dirty that is! Will you leave it like that? Are you all not here? Sukumar appears like God to my father Because angel appears like devil to him now You were much better Though crazy, you talked to me with respect She’s very arrogant! – Enjoy it! She was going away, you brought her back, right? Enjoy it! Push – You push! Push little If not ask my husband to push He did everything and where’s that crook? Wash your legs and enter – I know At least wash your hands, sir – Go! Bujjamma, it seems you delivered a baby girl Here’s your daughter What will her name be? Vardhanamma! Pooja Bedi! Born again? You say he did so much for the village, did he help your friends?- That is Chilaka who always went to open fields for toilet He’s still doing the same thing But differently Go man! Mandodhari sister has taken him to task I built these toilets, I’m building a own house now Come…come Re.1 for gents and free for ladies Sukumar converted cards club into public toilet So revenue officer brought his second wife to his home But diapers to children? Milk powder tins too? To feed them milk powder tins are useless, they need milk barrels Already sold 2 acres to feed them Keep quiet Shut up! With the experience gained from his experiences, Devil Raju I mean Pidugu Raju, started a big amulet showroom in next village, This is that thing only! That thing only! Didn’t get it? Very dangerous ghost, Kashmora! Wear this big amulet around neck Put this small amulet in mouth and swallow it Swallow? – Didn’t I swallow it? Didn’t get rid of my fear? This is that thing only! Not yet gone, you go The other guys who had fast fingers, he turned them into software engineers You’re cleaning very fast Not cleaning but typing I want Java – It’s there Not this, millet gruel for energy

Won’t you ever change? Dummu learnt English very well and working as Tele-caller I’m bored speaking in English English uncle, let’s speak in Telugu for some time Let’s meet again evening in Facebook What is face book? – That is hash book! Download is really downloading doing outsourcing of projects Server is down little Not you, sir Dogs are chasing me, sir May be for my dress Mandodhari sister’s health program comes on TV every morning Hail Natural medicine! Mix it, Kesava It’ll give new energy Sukumar’s father and his father are relaxing in life Why son? You’re an old man – Keep your legs here, father No problem, father The man who cried on hearing mother runs an old age home Got it? If you bring all villagers living abroad into a network, your village will also develop Like my village Put the garland Flowers withered, I’ll get another one Get it by next show, good luck!