Every time I step outside I’m conscious of what I present, Because With a body like this, it’s hard not to constantly consider what it is I represent, It’s hard not to analyse the stares as I walk down the street, Or to be to too overly concerned with how I plant my feet, It’s hard not to feel the burden of misconception As I push past gazing eyes filled with false perception, And it’s hard not to be caught up in how I move, And how my happiness is something I always have to prove, It’s hard not to laugh as you tell me I inspire you, Because at the end of the day, I’m not exactly sure have no idea what I’ve inspired you to do, Because as you look at me I can tell all you want to see is struggle, And that’s what causes me the most trouble, You are too wrapped up in the romance of overcoming adversity, To make accessibility a common courtesy, And you see a problem that’s too great, While dismissing the small things as if they don’t hold enough weight, As if they are only done for political correctness, And not to make us seem a little less helpless, Your only answer is to pray, And that God will help take it all away But what about if this is just me, And there’s no one else I’d rather be, Maybe this body of mine, Maybe it does just fine, And the thing that has to change it you, Because these things we are fighting for don’t just affect a few, I don’t understand how a little more consideration is such a hard sell, When you never know one day these things might affect you aswell