hello guys welcome to the lethal stuff and today I’m going to be showing you how to fix the red ring of death on the Xbox 360 so all you’re going to need for this is to cutting earbuds so I’m just I’m gonna cross off as you can see I have the three red rings of death so they’ll talk we will do first is just remove the hard drive and with the cutting earbuds you want to just take the cotton off one side and you ended up to both of them so there’s two fans here and we going to block them so with the first one just put it up here and a second one put it here so let’s turn the console back on and there shouldn’t be any noise so uh you just got leave until the three red rings turn to two red rings and I’ll be right back when that’s happened so as you can see I’ve got two red rings now and you just want to read the power supply and all the other remaining plugs and then remove the cotton earbuds and then just wait for it to cool down so what you want to do now is put the hard drive back would I just turn it on and now we have the green lights and that’s your Xbox fix thanks for watching please comment like and subscribe