Welcome my friends my family my fellow gamers It’s your boy Puertorock77 your only friend in these YouTube streets back at you with a quick video if you’re new to the channel Hit the subscribe button and check out more of my content And of course, I truly appreciate if you hit the like button, right? So let’s get a couple of things with more a little bit of news but of course With some opinions added to it because it can’t just be just stream moves because you could just read it and move on, right? First up is what you see right here PlayStation Plus lineup for September I rarely make videos about on the free games or you know The added bonus games that you get as a PSN Plus subscriber But I thought this one was pretty cool this one right now before this month. You got two big games one You got Arkham’s Arkham Knight Awesome game play the day one Here’s my physical copy love the Arkham franchise. And if you never got to play it, this is not bad also. Oh They also have the I think they recently released the remastered editions for PlayStation 4 which includes Arkham City or chrome asylum? Arkham origins Grey fantastic games just just in general they’re great games, but if you’re a comic book, Aficionado user love comic books. I will highly recommend that you play this fantastic games. You will love it But this is a definitely plus the combination of getting the remasters plus this being free Outstanding and also along with that is as you see is dark on Darksiders three part of a trilogy They may be a fourth installment, but this is about the four horsemen So I’m not gonna get too detailed to the story, but there’s also the remastered Editions of Darksiders 1 & 2 first one being war ii was being deaf This is the third one where you play as fury now, and then there’s one more which I think is pestilence now given the Release of these games it would seem like each Character each horsemen will have their own game And then the question is with the fifth installment be a combination of all four combined. We don’t know I’m hoping that they able to Continue the franchise. It’s great story. It’s hack and slash. So if you like games like Devil May Cry Bayonetta Dante’s Inferno Old-school God of War. This will be right up your alley and it’s free if you’re a PlayStation Plus Great fantastic additions to the lineup very surprising but to quality trip lady hits right another news I wanna report is as you see right here Spider-man game of the year edition now, if you’re one of the people that have not got the opportunity to play spider-man This is your opportunity to find me get it. This is the gaming year edition which includes all the DLCs all the Suits and all that stuff for 40 bucks in one quick collection Fantastic deal if you haven’t got into it buy it right again Despite it being a great comic book game. This is just a great game in general Now if you wanted those who are reluctant because he didn’t like pass spider-mans previously. Trust me This is the spider-man you’ve been waiting for. I highly recommend you played this game Alright, if you have a PlayStation 4 you owe it to yourself to play this game It is a fantastic game swinging around New York City is absolutely fun It has that great comic book feeling they did justice designing this Spider-man giving them life. It’s fantastic. My personal game of the year. 2018. Despite got a war being that year And of course got a Wars got a war, right? But for some reason I really loved this game and I think you’ll love it, too That’s just my opinion, but a forty bucks all the DLC I’ll even throw this in Alright, I would imagine you party further price drops around Black Friday You come in November you might be able to get this edition for $25 on a Black Friday deal or Cyber Monday deal So if you really don’t want to bite the bullet you have $40 then wait a little bit longer But treat yourself to this game you’re doing it yourself a disservice if you’re on a piece a ssin four and you have not played This game and finally and see right here control now I’ll be honest. I’m not interested in this game. Alright, because I’m not a big fan of the developers Who may need which is remedy right the last two projects? They made just didn’t really do it for me their last game quantum break and and I didn’t really like Alan Wake the best games are my opinion that they made outside of control because again, I haven’t played this was Max Payne 1 and 2 and I love those games That’s why I jumped on board Alan Wake, and it ended up being the game on you know, whatever But I gave him a second chance. We’re gonna break and they really didn’t do it for me Right, but why am I bringing this up? If I’m not talking about control? It’s the steady rumor of Potentially Sony by now remedy as them being part of their first party studios recently I reported the announcement that Sony acquired insomniac now, there’s rumors of Remini being part of Sony’s worldwide studios. We don’t know not a tell cell science if you look at Twitter You see every Sony first party studio. Congratulating Remedy on their release of control now a plus you see little tints

There’s pictures photos of close relationship with gorillas may be good weather help them develop control There’s a lot of speculation on this the real thing is how do I feel with Sony? acquiring Remy I’ll be honest. I could think of other Studios that they call choir and I’m not talking like the super big ones I’m talking Maybe like from software. I would have been more impressed. I would have been more impressed if they would have got in platinum games to be honest a lot of people that feel that this might be true they say it was a good fit because they do make single-player games and with Sony’s resources, and with the rest of the studio’s resources and just just how they all Support each other, but at the same time compete against one another and trying to create the best single player Experiences other people feel that remedy would fit well with Sony worldwide studios. I understand the logic but me personally I can only go by what you did not what you can potentially do, you know and To me. I’m not really big on the last two projects. So if Sony were to officially announce that they acquired remedy I Wouldn’t have the same big reaction as when they announced insomniac I just you know, could they potentially make a better game, you know could control potentially be a good game Yeah, I’m just not interested in playing it right now I’m just looking at it to me looks more like an advanced version of quantum break I’ll just let it right over give it time. Maybe with a price drop. Who knows. Maybe you’ll be a PSN plus free game Would you see how it turns out? They could get better under worldwide studios? And the collabing will for the studios, whatever. I really don’t know I’m just not impressed, but I know a lot of you are right. But anyway, that’s my quick little thing, right? Hit the comments section. All right. Hit me up on Twitter Puerto Rock 77 underscore Alright, so that way you don’t hit up the other Puerto Rock summary sevens and let me know what you think Let me know what you think in the comments section, right? So this is your boy Porter rock 77 and Don’t forget to hit the like button and don’t forget to subscribe And I will talk to you guys soon. Alright, you guys take care. Enjoy your weekend that’s coming up It’s gonna be a four-day weekend for me. Woohoo Yeah, Labor Day right you guys take care pics?