swap this over two days I view our live it tells me which means I can see you guys to the hell you do one called as green how yo there a 533 that’s good I cannot believe I really am dumbfounded that the volume of people who just chill tried on to tell me you creep I can’t hear you for speaking up the hill than I do does so that’s the problem lungs, which sort this out not forgot to be honest of soul to one to witness the fold system in their say some great delight not until he read what’s going on with that all of the reboot for a can of tuna speak the stretch still. Which 100 and one of the ghostly , was: a above a try just turn up all help of hell’s bells me and I mostly, don’t have a lean, down button until the volume and ’cause yo and I still have not figured out I do no there’s a hockey on Mike Frick and keyboard and I looked all my hot keys that I have been muting the audio going up to the audience ever wants a blue Moon touching something, keep and I remember I remember buying something a long time ago, can we tell us ’cause I was gonna kick off but not able to call the house , and be a day of the R ladder coach in NCAA thought I did out all week it was I we all got we would recommend that one and the was glass slide were treated that was up for 40 hours are revamped the entire web si so I can get some of the trolls on the way did work they were there and 6 hours via III I’m almost thinking that the for king Miller typed roles were working for five bloc I cannot lead officer in their Vi doesn’t need are they starting a castle in every single kingdom when it launches just to see if I show up that flies like are you serious you’re here in under 6 hours I dreamed of leap that the kingdom the R the budding get whispers from their New Alliance or their lack of RTC chips Knopf one and ½ day labor to be a good head of will bring about one I got the cloth cinema Gillick lost I had a spray an idea because the covert think of are nothing would have won if covers u but more portly puts a big deal flash up from a video second edited out of the later swayed by little easier cut and cut and 18 videos as if I got it now there’s a cost if the data that all the com lost part look like a normal one of them all to the R

yet a out of themselves and kingdom chat the first day they’re they’re all in their pull on the kingdom trap brownie around talk and then the goal we have 5000 users and delete overviews La Salle says I’ll think that’s a real like that that standing into tw the R bit of the Neely ideal my stats are chemically went nose like older, as they started that you’re no longer fuller suffered as I get all work, according to keep the peace in this kingdom of the day will not enjoy how much Oakwood to the I’ve tried that I had to slow down 12362 two fail $1000 a film I still am the are now I’m adding film and so I can make more mistakes go back and it later are but they are some of this has been absolutely I Gotta say kudos to guns of Glory these new kingdoms they they literally throttled the spending so it’s hard to go in there just dump a bunch of money the R and R you don’t need to unseat here with my A. Trask year on this is all dropped year and I pulled second on the wall for that I hope it will second I would I was a second loss of a look to have did all that he coaches like doing this for random slide around crab was like: I’m either just garbage would look like garbage in there and he had this will secret garbage mix the R which is what I was doing with a wall today my best it was a 794 and here’s a silly thing I can have my plus five year I had two pieces that were plus foresight to get my top stats you know and that’s a big that the big job and those last three top stats calls for half of : cracked its biggest number of reported today I’m half of that is a fantasy we got here for one encoded excel week 32 group there’s a growing at work and that would be doing some different things and 533 on a bill detects of talk about previous light duty and scene of o in the union activity so -I think almost 4000 people get the browser are info notification system the old when I use are and then not one for every 500 people a sonata that are no ideas and lose about 1015 below, and that is more protest or less normal marketing attrition to the biggest case and the biggest problem I’m having is e-mail I thought I had solved I had this thing sending out 300 emails an hour to the and yahoo

ID get the people who turn arouses 11 of the demotion and I don’t subscribe to the pretty web site I think I should be able to sue somebody who burns an hour of my time because they click the spam lightning yahoo vs. turn aroun it’s not raise its they can literally come over the past for information and then are cruel fate when they get so I Gotta go through, and john Daly is only one other problem is so I got a cool there’s a whole bunch of hoops to jump to thre guys do not realize something went on last November they change the world communication rules and it is really hard for me to talk to my own members of the are the Ikea the international phone book, of addresses for web si they think they own you. If you go on the Internet your thirst of mine are the DL of let’s look at a couple of people here are 10 in each of its the juggernauts on their lives to one juggernaut I went to your little premier Miller did a utility to critique it to it- fifth that a lot of teasing if I invite a juggernaut that are to be another video influence are overrun Rogers readers take adva and he’s got another friends he asked me if I would are billed him a private form for his stuff and I hadn’t responded back them, a figure out how to do that as sound like a good idea say would you raise a whole book Republic of gosh to one over to five that deliver the 533 there Charles but such a of the a the of the crash to get man this morning there were so many players want a BK this morning it did disrupt the login system for the first time in two years I install our big enough that one is, long time since the KB K l last time I remember once what late 2018 someone that you restate but their beginning a while yet know the late 2018 are underneath the pre patch 3.0 be set to kick a lockouts are body it must be a button on wants it what it can be added in a locked up bozos and 533 house like I knew what time it was like: grab Ahold servers walking up so they they deftly a fixer water issues they are they also got a math problem in them in the march are there using some type are rounding when they tell you if your march is 59,000 lives really 59,000.4 gained are you have to turn around in redo sure march by one to send it to a building or gives you an exception: errors out so that they got some cover rounding of R you’re in the how much of a place where: vs. what you’re sending earth, that’s about the allotted it just I happen to hit the lucky number this morning and see if unfortunately for fund lost it when I find books me up but it’s I understand what the bug is I know I know what’s causing it is around here for some more dixie lee of teaching them are ever get all kinds of people trying to be able to explore in a in a name synonymous is faced face book is a big fat stinking wire that that to some stuff out ghouls, wine and a lesson about 10%, to one are the hour 40 ones points a member of the year of a come on cozy one more

half of the above, the fifth that the funny thing is these new class did make it easy I I’d literally would operate year for free and I was sick a week I had no idea I was up for 12 hours this morning trying to play catch up from an entire week behind an unc by see 16 vs. the 24 hours so I was given a 70 Kmart’s cap of two tiers of troops from the RS as weak and I get the mice Mobley and here’s a link for channel half of the small letter if I add to butter ball beer, snow prickly pear cactus beer book that this stuff is delicious half the adult and I told you that the Sears death rate I’ve got I’ve got several the litigation systems there’s one like if you visit to your phone or you via big Bertha br yelling at the login web sites that note the case that’s literally a browser push warrior and to push its not we’ll get your pho are that the third party company that builds a software to one single to software anybody out there to promote a channel I was little leery about it first it takes a while the buildup let buildup it works are I’m quite happy with it had cost me a di they are that they were can work effectively stop 1/2 via Verde Dominique Oswald reached the R – T king and then there’s that hurts me and that that that I’ve always done dirty things but still put the ball to what I yelled as a funny thing this is a likely my guess we thought what’s the one against SMS like pledge so a coffin do it makes a coffee and it could Gaddis accents with all his own pool of ole take credit for rap classics are backed rebel Serbs back as you get to where you see his name so much you don’t see it so bitter blindness and in as a marketing term it’s a wallet and marketing term for web sites if you put your banners in certain places on the page or your login but to some like that because they’re in the same location on every web site give the user is literally the windy even looking at that piece of the page as cool blue banner blindness are you is something we’ve been conscious on for 20 years via stuff like that of this week I reduce the number that everybody die the new soft, I’d like to like some feedback about the the n up I do know that the login system was down for two days I know I’ve known it for almost a network are I did the same as I knew I think it’s cleaners easier to use are I’ve got some new short leaking stuff going on because it’s hard to chop down in the con and what in the new video I just released I got all the stuff is coming out the new series of tri diesel five nights well, not tried but I came to 5 minute videos know be are so I can no touch up the topic link into the old topic like you the article and content and if you want a deep dive into what we’re talking about you can’t if not take which got no way you know so are had to do all the groundwork before I could do all the short shorts and for the short stuf As far as active these kids and I don’t agree with google on the definition of activity that they

need you Gotta remember the one goal of you to visit to keep watching at so their version of activity is getting people to go to another you to video of it and they try to tell you which are the gold o they reward you for that but it isn’t as how to get into that little creek creek this talk about federally black men go over what the differences between the teardrops trio kingdom to kingdoms of become the a and a Sunday to go home tomorrow are actually today, assistance to mark all showed so that he did speak up for it owned unit, then read your all my boss john kill the study a wooded dates the frank R I’ve I’ve heard that from different players all went up and down that that there I don’t know how other Software Works but these do seem to be correcting it in kingdom batches are to look like a I would imagin and then the Com’s or dinner intercommunication served 3:00 PM system that’s why the messaging system is always a piece a crab and the worst ones the battlefield chat I mean just a limit of days of all I know what it is one of the classic periods of phones ring had three players your contacts was so I got two guys in there to look setups cents

Due mostly to roast I like this mustard zero training thing are it’s still overwhelming for the user a new player II do believ and then you got experienced players is trying out for royal crown at the new guys and that’s why the 533 experiment is how abou learning to grow your account and then we’ll talk about how to play your well will hear machine that you’re building in the process or not pose a war that I w and II worked with a two or three are alliance leaders like that than what I do a lot of 50 array of like the can close it off t : bunches of people who are just disco wilder Kingdome go and click the new kingdom and start an account that day to see was, plus you got the people who just down the game that dumped into the kingdom who played for 20 minutes to quit the united in those 10 of people don’t change their names as have the placeholder crown I got no city for either ’cause you trying to divide a time for two games and it’s it is really di only a minute that if that works for me a silicon I stumbled the R if that the fifth only 50,000,000 we you can sell a spot the guys who bought the are the Mac the buck deer right off the store did jump street to 60,000,000 power ri two and as you can be naked and bob Tiernan $60,000,000 that jamming the answer that is yes to watch and alliance chairs will get 2 to 2 I I get the IE RI really want to lead by example this week and begin sectors, screwed up the whole damn week and then I did I get I even while I was second, shot an hour-long catacomb video and then I shot of a couple 2030 minutes a game of wooded but I had messed with clipping so that the mike would shut itself off of a wooden speaking above a certain level and the slider was always the right so I had no longer according to turn that off inside a chance to play with and are watching TV I don’t like settings down I need to do that as the of the.the clipping as one talks of talking idea when the Holmes, background but now we settled right be a key 0.1 eight yen the R man for those who had been paying attention year to go play or two had signed up for going to play a bigger pain and played in t meant what very little money gave us a butcher awards and kingdom start I mean I got a recluse of speedups and look to grow was

well be made this site of the guys who do it to be in charge but there’s a reality and then this is one of the same for people r meanwhile society say I hate the people are spending. I think that people are rich will you can have it both ways but that is the way tax and I have yet to see a kingdom where the guy who’s got the number one sp did have more say they should have and 362 e-mail ideal for longtime cousin point ever the goal we need these could be the guy w and watch was the are the are swatters Raiders’ top, slashing what I can always get to the new license and now I’ve started only shortcuts like El Rogers raid you never have to remember anything but slash airship anymore and have taken a whole series of airship videos the R is for a fifth of hot for the earth is frayed take it they are that can be a commitment on the senate on 312362 of these these are only place in your guys and Mrs Mia where we’re talking about what we gonna do it six months in king of 533 tick over here the I’m here to escape route OK king of 362 is fighting the guy right now in the head of the inning with the hope that that beast go up against in the of the Tapia and half that of the of a mea yes I mean we want to think any any plans strap strategic passing this is a strategy game if you get a bunch of people jump into is a strategy game and the strategy of four telling you you Gotta balance against what it cost to play and if you’re one of these people and I’m Mike Groh world of ideas, log on and take my daily work frustrations out on somebody and I don’t care to cost me $100 to do it then we’re gonna have to deal with that because I can’t have a runoff people that because the people who don’t spend money are as if not more important and the guys who do it sucks on the guises but the rights that kept the of a plea for talk about the guy said some of the dismisses you don’t wait wait all these people find o because they plan on making up the trade deficit diapers nine months ended a database Stockdale fix it up to five with four dead the next lot of the next big baby boom in nine months and 96 and all of forgot to offer a huge toll to owner our kids to be in our four wears you know what to do this to which she a we swore to god she was in our alliance

that we wanted to this new tune called bellow that was no were one of the kingdom leader board and then somebody hit me she just would have to do that for the up side you very similar to the speech at the more vocal than no one sees it well I would say more vocal she logs on to say Zion: it’s more of the night time only during the day here are your she’s more vocal and social the of young this lilly that’s the least well as women favor players ever what favor people of Russia tape players like I like I just like Willis well until lightly slowly quiet you know as follows things like Ida Bianchi like that while they sleep at the R- a-half your leg of a list of listless and that’s when the machine gun for the $5.00 and a thought that were said Monday it you k and have it S, Leah Julia Welsh word I have supported this is why these things run the implement some other rules that I and I did this and 362 and workfo no you know that the adult top you owe it to be adult with obviously sleep you know the bob hope I don’t talk you know if you’re watching a bob hope show its w with a personal time you read you don’t lose kids watching and II find that you run off for good housewives who don’t want in their phone never bothered to th of this was true will work raft is seen as a cleanup they are the gill chat me and the activity which others are into it, once a safe environment and this holds true with the women as much as it does the man was like what I’m not in salted but I’m character told by a R its I’m this is a DOS note that there’s no need to act that went public in a R would that night but as bad as has been five years ago on that I’m married to a woman who works for refinery in this and navy seabee unit sometimes when she still onto a top aide to 10 senior the ideal of a 5 foot of the I have to consta she’s sending a signal that will get one of those guys fired because they don’t realize they started acting that way around another woman who admitted she’s offended she goes to personnel a and one, Weiss of that type of woman cheese knees to recognize that still the world the are the man she turned off tonight are really not that the and she she does recognize it shia is a leader in many many ways he’s a warrior tried some dailies to I was number one in the catacombs for almost 3 hours a day until creek turnaround in the Kingbowl drug money be at 10 via of, which can take your one ID look carefully regard for kimonos narrow surgery, no CD skin and searching consul Monday and they didn’t want anybody outside the stage actors Texas and Mexico and the call to say we’re not seeing patients outside the cit and you’re gonna be the only exception

in a word about the informer body also an offer to resign and 2.2 in the morning, Texas and Leah fifth that has been placed me that and media and to what the property taxes guess they are were enrolled for that not all are lilly is not a fifth of the Lillian te 362 has literally floated their castles and is not mature on the game for two weeks to see us to feels lucky playing the game but that h Frick and the people 362 hour or 41 to recipe and lilies won the protective types are so are I’m glad I hope she decides that she was to come here because there for a knee does a loss of videos for a long time me it was meanwhile, as it is the AL we we were the powerhouses sy 26 and USC the NAZI Parks and are the are you in lilly has been absolutely outstanding a and spawning little glitches in there and a good 30 to 40% of the information I Pass on comes from someone for Chi Chi plays off the are an identical credit for so that’s what you do is take credit for other people’s work that at the R GATT you an idea to get those the patrols and like all your goal was to credibly ties to Brands, I save my say we I mean the guy the uppity in the day the eye can put 3040 hours of 5 minutes and content via to they play their video game in the film little too, and knowledge of that that that’s me that you don’t miss the update its because the are are yet drink the milk mask our guy don’t tell me about young or that one had yet read while the talking a changing absolutes of the sponsors to all test that the signal for 5 seconds if all the houses are as a Walgreen’s ISI and they were more old guys walking around with which were obviously offers a reluctant was like I’m talking about a lot of the thirties age women in camera pans and they’re all public moves with the 50 year old man with the S Alles daly’s you know there were two different levels of that each act which level are you getting results you were hired castle of the month at your level it was a better deal I can reach an audience of the call was a better deal from a VR and now the love I have seen 15 to 16 I got the better deal 1 That all I get the others GATT that had I known I did other series rebuilt the castle like four days from seeing one to see 174 days and this event just s new guys I went to build the Newcastle a new kingdom might like a brand new account and then transfer to turn all kingdom and this event transfer with the backing of office so does because I’m trying are

my understanding of this event is if you build a new castle that’s when you get starch for you and your seven day starts that time and there’s lots of good discounts built and that one day in and record are I’ll probably have the IndyCar , two are I’ve got to keep your word of I got two sets of 270 banners sauce should I mean I got four outs loads Tigard forms are at am just have already got epic that sets minimum arts camp up via which is good because of fighting in the next 25,000 march cabinet member for condemned all to see 16 as a problem with the home I capped at cactus panel early more family friendly the RF most of drinking and that’s led you to know the cases is not for children of an eight bit of a we are the GATT I’ve I’ve really the fact that I could mess four days in the event and play catch up today by because I had 15 hours his stamina out I was amazed at its idea how to spend money to catch up on 16 time the R says while saying lot of the time and knowledge about behind backup to wear one to be in the kingdom given us time to talk the other DC 24th to 26 of some of the DC 26 is no doubt that the thug I think she’s going to beat up on the-fly or even a puzzle by the 3628 definite limits. I spent 10 drain and shooting videos and doing test its last year a lot of that money was buying go behalf to win every USC to work out the math and calculators might do the teacher the are so I don’t we checked or are in gain PM behalf of the ditto for all my gosh all gained one and checked of object in message system , and a decent and of that if you guys don’t want to talk and the gun use chat or not you to the cab which are watching them are watching a live if you want a text that 218 get game you cannot we can see that and keep this a prime are be a lack of privacy not mean that I’m in a bunker forgot seeks the are the so , you might get for kids to him

to stick in for a taxi watching myself live on stream of 1010, and so did you notice of the strange that much better I actually instead of you who you to primary servers so the problem wasn’t me the problems everybody sit around here with a 12 year old gro the are that the concept bride of the are not that kind of place via a lucky and five pieces of it here are the man by Menem signed as a head of the sweetened of that and all right, south of 100 number means are sold five VR 222222 they look it’s me that the are the are and what he’s thinking he’s doing is installed and they always really done is he’s violated the wheel trademark the R and five plus actually knows it’s own if I get to where you kiss me off I will have all your cat schools ’cause I can do that when w the off the bat of that have you guys are just now catching up to what I can do unless your behalf of plaza that if you lawyerly and I am the guy muses on gamers tag II built the first time searching and I built a three years before doubled built their sear are I had the report articles out there to have just bought the company they had the article me from 2005 adopting search engine the R that once that was for king polls also men will ship the same time stalled they sensed they got control I can all hold a bunch of VR are like the way that machine which to six stepsons web sites that stain slowly get purged the original directory that the most see which I was a founding member of that stain perched a tool actually owns that now of tools protected by Congress because they bought that the state but the protected by Congress under the wall saying they will do what they’ve been doing they won’t go in there in any digital history to suit their needs and that’s exactly the are the only method of adding people to directory is the closest 2005 and then they turn around and heather search engine prefer to be in that when you get all Mr Raikes and vendor selling that feature behind the doors via to one of the Jews as Saigon all is sort that this will appear in the chat segal’s new pretty links on that now what do not touch right to look everybody is going to automotive buyer should I get the same stairs the entire airship series why go through each one of the template of each one of things I spent there’s like seven HRS of talking about giving these ownership

and the reason talking for 7 hours on Sundays ’cause you can talk for 7 hours with the Soviets that’s one of six areas of guns a and just the training on that one area 7 hours long that’s why it is watches to five and has a name that easy assumption of I have fought my brain can you can you share my thought he just ans and implement some of them can’t do that are signs the mob leader and thorough information and sometimes explaining how I got to the top Brass is so that when they change that some time talking developers to undo this was the S cracked one more one working one harking back to fix that the fifth round-the R I appreciate a minute I had in my coaching disease while better strategies of there, I would like in 5332 what we’re doing where I can’t believe how well is going so early VR even though all 420 I’m getting updates from inside the aisle for 20 alliance chat and we know from the 312 days that multi crews talking of wanting to talk and forgive wants to give you guys don’t believe the law format for those who wonder what I’m talking about because I’m not that the new rule of 533 is you don’t get the ideological shoe will are dish for the yeah OK They are so there’s there’s a screen there’s a screen shot as muse why he’s doing is so funny we did this to me and 312 made a mess up to get money out then knowing a point that I could not fill with their miles running over time so I thought I’d g I’m the implied that one away from the are the young peaceful cowardly people who hide behind anonymous names the are that this this was a confession that they’d spent 80 here are the kingdom 362 trying to destroy the harmony we’re creating 362 and was weird is me staying silent and this is where I think there’s a feeling among port I stayed silent too long of the R and I don’t be a Dea in that league is shot up the ship the top Aidid in a row, the guy that was me actually October because dare say that the bridges tag on the par are about to tour that no that was right in the middle of the argument withheld down turn around and watch it and then they put one study and now it’s what they do what they’re doing and that they were doing it be the R I keep telling trek I’ve talked to enough to tell interludes you need that arrangement your problem was screwing me is you’re surrounded by the old people fall you are too tall to keep your mouth shut and I’m gonna notice these little tricks and treats it to pull off in and that’s me not even paying attention to item seasons so the are sold we can go to all you want the earlier and earlier 222. His phone with ones that all that was read all as read your of

your eye and ante up to 2 to 2 to a see this or lost by the Boston via he was every new person that was falling on you to those, 362 guests alliance was literally PM PM and put them into another alli you’re literally joining the call to it was a virtual halt at that point the I-know this is going on until one of the people that I wasn’t 41010 more threes, six to: GL I just got this message in this theirs was looking for a century out trick as he pays attention a trek back seat of a screen shot your for king phone body the RT, but at this was a tolling the 36 to get away from them so that I can shoot new films and do what I’m gonna do because I have to take me long time is that you make sure you tell these by committee and is make sure they know this is happening because of his they were gonna go harassed 362 and then they were supposed to go into Casey and say to make sure everybody knows john uses the reason this is happening is always full the are there the ones who goes out their start a craft and anyone but me and the problem with that that is we stretched out ove to thought they’d get bored no way they did I need a keyboard go to something else where issue relied for that year by year we aren’t 533 RT overview of what we’re coming I just did know how quickly , and the new rule is you know that, shows no more get out on you to your credit for being famous, making famous many famous lethal worse known as a lever the R I4 on a ship on the Japanese people and they’re gonna make me so much money as people are going to 2:00 PM to the soap opera that is the trick will include I’d I found that out 14 the number one instant hit video that I ever did was the three videos of the trauma taken place again for Ted and I shot again b but I had matured my thinking in the fact that what does someone else to win these type of people go away because the number of people who can keep its alike gather happening it just never goes away it’s always there so how do people who don’t want to welcome home from work and enjoy the game deal with people whose only entertainment is resting of people and are you can’t you can’t seem to get into people cents to get that ignore that he can get the people’s heads to get the more button I don’t know why everybody can do for me to actually promote work and I were starting to S, five to lost to something else and I did OK of the a I’d really like the Air Force on gonzo foreign everybody sees the knowledgeable of these long as they get to an understanding point that let me do all the politics are because it’s not just politics in game is politics outside the game of its I’m I’m running a business that business funds by charities and you wanna see me going ships show picture door with a keyboard I’ve disallowed charities I promise you that see only way that feeling of this me off is up among very proud that the funding mechani that’s 21st century form for financing charities and 1/2

III had been invested in this system for four years now five years now Rogers raiders only 2 to 2 authors all of the insane about people going right raiders is it’s just that it’s insane are overweight Gas Data politics thing, it’s I’m not a skin is the magic at one of the R a quite frankly in the.took all the other are for staying out of politics is it will rule in your love the game the I knew that there not a look and without with a high IQ that did not going to emotionally track me around like they did what this is why they followed me for two years I’m a challenge they can’t beat the are here we are we’re on cheney’s three up building right were on phase three using guns and Glory the next phase is this community of people all play other games I want to expand Rogers raiders to include hundreds of other games and there may be the guy you play with another Glory to place three the same games you play and I would like the ability for you guys to all be in the same alliance of each of the three games that way you have no to good people you’re playing with here you’re playing with their that if you got a new game launches two years from now and we turn around announced it will start barge elian season that game and you know that the first people are the people we’re the respectful and talking niches it should be any long-term gaming experience to where we exclude that rolls because we’ve we’ve come out over time literally making a long-term blacklisted from the R it’s it’s something that doesn’t exist anywhere gaining it’s a very lofty goal of the am quite frankly when face three I expected 50 people at 18,000 people I expected 50 to follow me the king of 533 ID and now it’s 533 was a kingdom until yesterday there are over for 300 people in may be upwards of 500 people who follow the date of the folly to the fall the website that are I think the desire for any learning environment that’s a more friendly is there all day events and Michael Michael is not the train each person personally my goal is to train people to defectively communicate with you and sell the idea are for secure our four in my Lai and senior and you’re listening now you’re gonna hear me start saying things like don’t use the word someone anyone which you these gentle Plata to terms because the form of communication talking a text box we don’t say some one please go to this that we the upkeep clearing concise directions is something you wanna come back you know it works will bolster flying by your ears it works will talk in a text box is it just that it’s when all crafts: wronged someone does not exist there is not the private someone is not a portion of the platoon the R1 league spring at least eight that way that’s part of the socialist socialist ray some one goal of that’s giving a keenly dictate the hour I have spoken make it happen, that is not the real world jockey I can see that can help you never get you ever one are watching up blitzes blues brothers 2000

the john goodman was with john goodman was a singer in a strip club the R it was awesome was that I’d ride for conduct this on somewhere I love the half of our facts PM behalf like I’ve done for the classes on ago I’ve got a lot about what about people smile and a snotty taped to one of my favorite singers just died recently a job three of the day goes and what what was he a and one of the songs he sings is called lot from Texas lucky you get on 1/2 pages of the line over and over again and as a whole GATT and then are Kenny Rogers died the home anybody who’s on death’s door and they may use another lung infection officer to know earth was funny and I think I can sit here to bother by myself like three for weeks now and I wound up with what seemed like the flu and then it stopped me in bed yesterday I’d have to this word got out of three matt of the of the of the and that was just need be said that was the the plummeting set aside a stomach virus and then I was up from 12 hours before that all before that was down from 40 have some fun 40 hours, 5000 from sugar, the blood sugar gone over 800 and for kids is comatose and means he’s watching the Gillespie to speak up and take up valley Chatman you’re about to be the most famous role in history via fat out of Iran we started the scrappy just lost his job and I thought that was just in taking of workers who lost his job I’ll see what were three weeks of the law unto bill Clinton S and for any any good democrat daughter you notice a private plane ride down 13 way of life received I don’t see that nonstop it but I see gun used but are eye on the road of these violent felons , to the fifth to that, when you open it to fifth of via I still unbuilt the farms I Gotta do that law was selected can refresh with a little while my aunts owners have won so that many benefits of them rehab dollar that has

a I’ve got to do some new player education on drinking using the alliance lumberyard and the alliance farm people do not realize and they’re just randomly go out and get a tile somewhere and they need to be using the last Formica Formica religion are yet plus you run your points for those banners which are very important for up to the game is your account and eyes will keep what suffers a meticulous and sunset suffered a thing of empire hides two, plus others have done that and skills of tens drop are even higher – 2900 ’cause I reach more audience and into the game game has he had a hand on this pact paging and scroll down and for 99¢ ago by de and that’s where I would just just went through the reform for viewers and spin subscribers to duos as 1 May ’19 get your they are $20.00 gear not cost 30 books and but you don’t need it hears the flag while until the list here today and one of the game to give away all this are one salutes that’s one level below what he’s talking about for bill Gere I disassemble all that and win over hearing you can reach use those to make a different be when I made was the I got this are oversee your hat to begin the inquest right and it messes up lost four, disassembled everything else that increase the production that in the kingdom and made the plus five purchasers so that I could have the smarts the am a construction speedy plus 26% so you throw like rap wa ending you use the SP and timers instead with no need to have tried into a 15-minute ball and like the the the one level off the headlight help Joel where that’s ways your splendor guy Ritchie got it because who cares about the little blue liquid to 26% speed up on a 30 day time cousin and it doesn’t take a lot of lost so you’ll throw that out of the key hit you lose 10% for your set , here the set CD view 40% for keeping the set together but he got elected to 10% so you throw in the 10% of the set and you throw the 26% from plus five hits it a little more costly o

seeing that GATT kingdom 362 who I am giving away an account with splendor want anybody who has a plot, you click the phut you to block of size can use last Joe lane and should be on underneath one might anyone with any OS and if your plot a memb the R you get to go play 362 crew huge planes create yet they are the Uri and I’m still in 362 and I’m about to change a light plane 362 because of Dutch and videos there and, I’m I’m now going to p of a gonna start once I did see 40 which is a couple weeks the RI willed , start feeding out some of my forms and my farm for precast so I’ve got farms that I’m gonna give away for people who are donat up and they needed to come play with the crew that is actively showed you a season when USC’s , you don’t have to start from scratch are an you regard to the DC 30 I guarantee there be enough our assessment around the 2 to 1 event to BC 35 and a couple weeks, that’s p of a pregame crew route you running released to the at-the- or-IDs as given all the forms a lesson and get a lot of forms and unleaded is the best farms away the ones at hearing and some l to that up to where to go into an event you can harm a pretty quickly to each year in arrested and going in the older kingdom about starting from scratch yet everyone often if we put the glass on top of the hot idea how we ski stones I love my was keystone’s the R young are awesome pulpit and that’s the sad thing about the council begin away the debt ceiling badges for a long time I got some see a 19 to polyester 4000 backers via so it’s that he added it’s one of those things where this probably also 400 boxes on there that for 5:00 PM for 20 bucks you can turn around open up a PR the death of the details of its that there were conforms I work they are getting over everybody everybody either via an ideologue in a plane is on a plane ticket or via and someone to the oven at the same time that the stress of dealing was taking itself a splice are you in my Allies now the target is anybody watching a live right now that wants to be any alliance and we’ll just throw out the guys who had changed their name and make it happen the R

word of the OSI things that no one else’s time in the game for one I own the text messaging system and I can make a specific tax , Black Sun tax they’re started its 15 minutes are and the plight of the is all that three looped I want the entire alliance to grow that Freeland fashion anybody and the Sorbonne knows what the play here is I intend we did this and 362 , where I parked on balance it were to do that again year and that is getting everybody to shalt the gates of the get parcels and so the week in the house bally’s back and forth on each other and share your fridge and guards and wore their ship EXP threw for two words of the that mean showing up to get as so that she gets you get on the damage 40 get that of the onboard as regard these are heaps arms were to may send money is never an issue with those three players are just as good as the cleaners it’s their active but if you don’t show up and participate if you don’t go to the towers were a announce a file say if you find at your level the are you got his year and a few times a finding that the biggest at single were egos are not learning so I’ll get you up to its getting activity remains these events he is not the one big guy to one big guy system doesn’t work for us it doesn’t fall into my mind teaching methods it doesn’t fall into hell we haven’t rea has yet to remember us being the outing I think he wants to take a flawless was the biggest ads I think one time the R I can’t ever remember on the other any other time did we ever were the biggest people that’s an ecology games doesn’t spend and his alliance was under a Marcellus daly’s 24 hour idiot act for almost four months and the crew three castles eyes turned the vault rolling that I showed you from 312 eye level the castle the siege 35 and gave it away while they zeroed me every day every day this year first of all the easy road does not stop your gross just keep doing everything else you’d still have troops you are never, farm enough are assessed by finding farming tiles you’ve and the play style is make sure you have to cut farms that all try and raise your forms up to be playable the trap people get into his client might one day one to play my far the Las if you plan your farm are probably less a 0.1% to close the only person ever seen and

if I really think she’s the only person ever seen actually a fact if we play the forms and EO Federal tubal task the route he had his best people me she can put her farms in one event an effectively heard somebody while playing 222 accounts of the action yet she sees a lonely to produce a billion worth resources are for five days than half of you guys she would earn the first the first of at all mesa Goulet and start account 533 we’ll start a job transfer 253342 that are major names change when you apply are in sent a message that help create and then they are do that and are you know that you get out what you put into it this true with everyday lives if you’re not put a good time in the United Kingdom, they don’t play the game case you quit VR yeah it’s III will forgive me if you’re not going to let them play all my sympathies that does something scarred and at until you care to five Del but that the water 200 yards and 30 below temperatures toward a raw logs 200 books all day long done to get the lottery logic of the plug a hole in the ice and applaud the forces driving the El Dorado giving up power of rough your life The high bid for where talk about the other or are we talk about their own the of when I was it when it when I was in high school I made $10,000 a month during the summer this is when the person in the eighties when a person annual salary was somewhere between 10 and $15,000 a month or year eyes minute per month I made that throwing 70 down he bails from the field to the barn and 7¢ a bail so from the drug 70 pounds from the field to the board I update 7¢, making grandma the R there are some old catacombs videos are I screwed up to the ones I forgot that the NMS of the audio on the new our wounded because are really does need to be I’ll do all we shoot the catacomb went to the farm , I Gotta build farm so we shoot one pill form and the it’ll be a good hour-long video about getting up there are data probably be I spent a lot because I’m lazy all GATT the up in cash and fled yet I as I get the people that you don’t play the game ’cause people have done so these guys get too infested and literally infested this is not a play sure money will ever come back

you have got to view this game the same way you do a movie theater if you’ll kill movie once we can spend 40 bucks insignia let’ then you haven’t saved any money to a cautious over the money but the amount of time if you’re enjoying herself has gone from 2 hours a week to freaking 20 hours a week so there is a game and enjoyment and yet yet it’s the RI bought a castle that more than $850,000 to knew what to do much as 12 calculator for 500 bucks no kid get hillary’s I keep the 362 account all schools about their debt that there’s just great people there there’s people that of li he would repeat back to me a year ago I call them surveyed support someone he heard he listens he’s applying it to as whites don’t say some 21 minutes he’s lucky learn those leadership skills and then a year later I can see him apply that knowledge that keep religiously does the job it’s a leader it is not the guy in c is the thankless of the bits us to get all the crackdown the are in if you wanted something done fight the disease person you no and asking to do it because as somebody who knows how many cert on the updates that the truism of whites take that with the everywhere find the person who cannot slow down doesn’t look like they the guys sit around dawn those funds he get shipped them never will be are its its while saying we hire people I look around of IE pull people out of mcdonnell’s because of a look through the window it’s all one person not signaling a bad check and are full did crack down on the dispositive krypton it’s a Geo of which you like to come learn a new job the updated at a full two people and adopt some way the eye and I have not been sorry for doing it all for those people make the $150,000 a year now the R you and your spouse toward work ethics and fortunately it’s a dirty word the above it applies to everything you do he’s got to be true to get the task to via I get my crippled just as I was just off last week reads like all the public that what I do what I say that I would even that young I was I sat back I set I sat back and look at what I did it not been doing and what happy with the fact that I’ve been slacking off I was mad at myself you intended to be that mere pittance I think everybody should be that would be a loop ride to work that he anything to make a joke among no that was an actual interview would build a legitimate no they repeated with an actor that if a ticker alone III showed you guys the are the aisle, Schneider were made of roads I should ship each of the big role of its toaster she come in as the fur job and a tornado she come back two days later she says are really would like to an I turned around in a single out rehired somebody and I paid on commission

and the girls like all of French and journals like okay here’s the deal is you’re willing to let your friend were care to split and the girl that are the first time curb lobbying to run for its four and one RI think basically are teenage daughters were obvious what it’s about via it was just was tense is for sure, Johnston atoll and the Dea to grow one that Sharon commissions one of the world this workers and grant the old gray artists via I would like to get her doing videos I think she began and I think she the excel at teaching 8522 gram blood to a but right now , dissociate a kid likes to dress silent gives you can not tried to do if you do not have money to waste you could not be the bleeding page to get I don’t care what game we’re talking about has got nothing to have gone to court for some reason you guys Gotta get their heads, generation no one is eating and sleeping indoors for three these games charge money because somebody wants a paycheck some guy to the $1,000,000 of his pocket and invested and someone else’s idea to believe are not he expects a return of his mone and get dodges a fine example of the main touch you make that in your plane and two kingdoms of the same time the a gang of some will be halved of the Michelle calculated that just got lost on Rogers raiders and that is a bare minimum the show calculator if you’ll follow that with the new castle built on one set just before the new kingdom launch As a matter of as little how much of what should I don’t build up those made those layers you can take the heat on the institu there’s a multiplier and that that so first calculated says how many times do you wanna be’s it and not be zero OK and I even tell you that I could send out your let’s say you’re on the spine breaker two today that the teaching calculator send out your tea 10 your spine record march can’t work us about three barges ’cause you’re one of those players who goes about 3 March of time can 3 March is now build your meat not hear me if you wanted three hits while three Marches around that’s where the number three comes from the other end if we bring a march is back that’s where you’ll see likely to lead a six million teachers will creep up five March the of you know that means she’s got almost two million troops on the field on in this castle the odyssey you have to you’ll understand the dynamics that Europe is tending to play with in the future as you said to be defensive effort coach does is he understands the annex of a good take this head ends, causing more work needs the R

always always the end of the Michelle calculator is honestly designed to open your eyes to this key year interacts with this two year differently when I show you that you need more in the genie more of this this infantry troops did this this is true and is tier and then you I want your brain to say why is that I’d explain to you because if you don’t pass the question did you don’t want the answer you use one copy of case are you looking for a click here to win but and that did exist as a strategy game for me is the thinking of me the are so you’ll pay its design a key goal for those who don’t know there are some classes between the two years and sometimes like that the question that I got this week was why does it your are no walls calculator work under Ta to be honest 2659 there’s too many subclass interactions that just all for that matter the seventh key aides have got a subclass interaction makes that tell you reach key ninths to two protect your team 50 sevens , it’s a disaster you have got to rush from te 615 nights to be an effective offensive player are an it’s to just can’t explain all those little details a calculator but at the very least I can I can show you the size the fact is that are looking for a click your way but a lot of buildings eyed little ego calculators so that you look at and all are why don’t you had tea 133 on your calculators to Seagate and roll off in a long time ago the game’s rules in order to cut down server log their own level six for levels of those are waiting on the server loop road literally Michael clay was dealing with their hardware issue I figured in a long time ago that of the cut down because we do this as a software looping tart and the servers are so they were shortcutting their coat and a figure that out and so my calculators were addressing that why bill troops and all get into those of those calculates our offensive khaki doctor the work effectively the value of tower topper which works defensively and shortly there’s gonna be a defensive calculator completely for five yen now two that set 2 to 1 could just sit the mass of people, Rogers raiders for watch me to channel art defensive players and I have known that the meat shield is the first defensive tackle a always calculators need a defensive calculator site what march to ice and two a tower under someone else’s make a July 1 bank as nine of the guys are needed guys is just a matter of time and time and effort he got it for those who don’t realize III suffer from bubbles health problems and sometimes sit down just do the math escorted out of the eye I did moments and city I take advantage of R this this is last week, bill to the show calculator reason website I had the first 40 hours lucidity what where IE was unconscious stream of thought and activity could probably 67 months of the a that NAFTA stop it may just junior of ideas selling good coming into its the R

I’m a firm believer that critical thinking has been removed from the education system for almost 20 years the a-bullying going there’s no way for you to no the data project critical thinking and an ms financial ruin my patients via-up for that I needed to fill the first video game I ever had was hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy and wrath of it was on a green screen computer to it we literally had a typewriter that was cool to the computer that was our premier because you did to get anything that was a that the text and don’t do it. The cable one from the computer the typewriter tool of type whenever a letter you had and the attackers came to the galaxy guy was due, joint or what you do and you have to type it as a faded into the server that on, forgive a big bang theory the are the only all find the bucket pick up the bucket you know the R it critical election critical thinking distances I’ll ugly head I went to a Mennonite school to 43 IE three people in my eighth grade class two teachers so I got a head start why he’s going to a school that was designed to teach a college education by the time of 13 because a man isocor high school race small class sizes of money will go to private school the are an it was when the first computers came out in the early eighties apple twos we had are five apple to these are donated the school to deal with the principle and his secretary the other three went into what was the seventh and eighth grade classroom because our 83 club are sent when I was in eighth grad saint three people across our center, said four people and the R and R art teacher went to school at night learn how to program apple to the basic and college team back and taught us that on top of ergo were killed the are so in 1984 I was 30 apple to be based and that’s why I went up in the computer industry with maybe wasn’t needed even have a computer rate for 1996 I was that foreign market for some sticking wall via number 40 had his 42. Ultimate goal to put into multiple alders the of I’m not even the tigers a dive fantasy, a vault and that the oven for the DNA is I never did like insider’s guide the galaxy are the book I read the hobbit the big version where the book with 23 books it was three chapters to if that I think that was about the dirtiest thing ever fled when I was a kid no there’s probably not a single more 20 book. RE RI have all worked which works and the a to my favor my favorite book in the nineties and I suggest everybody who is under the age of 40 you read this book is called rogue warrior it’s a true store true story of which are marching of his of Saris Elsevier cheese of trek to talk to the left to put the main will let you will learn things from that may and that when you apply in your lives they work you hate to admit that they work

are is called cold warrior Fred Meyer Richard Marsico see break two Koreas and for writing that book he was the creator of seal team six if you don’t agree to pursue it was an back when silting 60 street underneath Ron Reagan Sop in fact it was a little the medicine or silting six until some soar as president what was his name of rock above the palette the secret for concealed team that belong only to present ’cause they were really a seal team they wer of case the president’s alleged to 30 days or tiny bodies are friends deficit in six really was, was the a politics in action in but the R in richer Marsico they were so she grew back and under 18 days that are team had like go down the back downtown Baghdad a lot of armored Mercedes and what he would would like to channel four was are because he bought a number Mercedes and he wouldn’t tell Congress Whitewater armored Mercedes but the same timer to pursue coattails in the book is like the a sold that van struck me that I’d never dies on tape you do hear me say this ran in the future to when bill Clinton would live from the first George Bush to Bill Clinton we went from 400 people who went out to the Bart party the red sauce and were lucky enough to get arrested that night to four of us going out to the bar drinking RS of print ago when the rest of my and the other 396 playing dungeons and dragons that’s what happened to the military in 1992 days of the RI have never been a judge’s and run against an odd the it’s never it rolled the that’s actually sit well less a game that there’s like forgot what were selected to 20 at the four players one was on GATT I tried play that and I liked it, just my favorite old video games are forever the of the tiger fit generally located in what tiger 2000 replayed in 1942 your plane the Idi product of $100 of the corps are a couple weeks and for today is a deal games I was a brown award for a welfare office on officer aboard the ship by the way, $180,000 every six months also does we sell sodas and 40¢ a piece of meat 183 and awful 06 month low and when II caught so much tell when I signed message you little about two video games and are these are all that just won’t work and blah blah blah and we need another 440 at all of video games in one corner of free time two video games in six months For Gramm the are so one night I used to have the most that big parties in the military when we get these windy still beach picnics crab lobster it’s a big stake is of a couple of like eggs one time a one to former despite takes their thoughts to kazushige about on the doc

the up again to toll jobs for kit that’s what to do with the big guy telling the eve of the of the if it did, but the the the biggest thing we get to spend all we have a call the body of where that uses all of them may be on the dollar it was in 1986 Ford econoline for 60 and 81 and replace it with a new minivan , said nine, to waste of money about we just rebuild the engine and this one and are coming down. And redo all the stuff on when with a 424 were gearing we can outrun a saline mustang 12 drunk Sailors on the inside via the we got busted in Canada for car surfing on the freeway as Sailors we have over 30 people on the inside of an epic three of us from the words per serving when a pullover by the Canadian please me Gallego via all the litany of stresses everybody in your OK it is talked to drivers agree drugs that no one to do drivers he’s given me in order to get sick of a over from the route revenge of the tires from if that will have what little is try to save these trying to avoid the point for us that we’re doing 3030 of those the of how would I spend $800 OK I would tell you I would tell it right now $900 will get to a 3000% stand right now is the new king are you can buy almost iron for $300 you can buy all the shadow gems for $300 and you can buy it all done was it the buck year to three in a box which means you’re gonna be all you need to ensure it and you can also for $300 but all of a wildfire so is a 400 OK so bright us that the drought on the up so the idea and nuking them the reason I would go and spend 300 on the new but gear is as the kingdom ages of 13 and away the swoop get what ever massive upgrade and core apples of other stats to go with it at the same time to where you can do with real split two events with whatever the new curious as you only get half of the new year and wanted ad you will get another $1015 of the free stuff with your patients so that’s what you need to do the are so as blood and urine there I would go ahead and buy the book year for three are boxed in by the shadow gems and by the sky been moving by t big have to appreciate to come coaching that make sure you get Ahold of me of a tryout of action with the talk using some intriguing Ahold of me sometime after this be a I had your phone numbers of lazy yet they are all to the

men of a work of companies except OK , if this place I would do anything different than the bison just told me her box I would take the rest of the money in 10 weeks for the it the ability to take advantage during an event you’re out get bits of oil or global 20 right now the public be what 23 and 24 win the rewards come a right, your war a little discouraging once were some researchers mowers are clean system are real bitter that the customer to pressure are legendary guard fragment whole hog forgot about that stuff I get that cripple a time of 362 is useless to me that a lot of idyllic 900 for Ken dart Fred thinking of 362 I quit doing a dam I’d really it did say that a one time money if you don’t have money to spend every month’s it’s a onetime money I would really caution you above trying to pull it all in one month I would split the first 1000 upfront up to 1200 now and the other 1000 away and stretching out over four months and you would never great you really come out ahead a listless weapons here a IDs, for cracking from being second lack of Friday’s freaking calculators 1,000,000 this is not look for me are the a using what I say all of you guys go see this where I’m not I’m wanting a war one I take that as of four prod it means I’ve taugh I don’t take this a serious as some other people to so I should be there’s a level 29 to 1222 am as level 23 the results on the floor and some from as a gift of butthead, but here that it was was the reason for going for the wolf of it like I did as I told, by the bug year so are that the Knowles I was talking about this day was ago to take me to get to a population surge of digital read it or to the spec construction boom have us to throughput of a field because gathering events is always with those two attention needs from here , senator associate of wills am looking forward to

I would not worry 1 pounds of the castle size -do not go buying speedups and are assessed and things like that if you’re gonna do this pen thing stats beats stacks leave it castles once every time the a 3000% castle latency 20 that it’s at that point you can win events and you’ll get are assessing the group that are in just learned to apply to your hair pulling money now to get ahead but you need to keep in your mind when you spend that money my goal to apply patients and if you learned yet domain and can you what the paper castle after that your babysitter noted that once people are scared the hell are you remem so remember there’s a fact was a cause an affected their the first time somebody hits and all the guys got 3000 staff told a jam that you’re done playing for combat game does most of Am there are not yet another touches on a zero and sells only the new players you don’t know squat are immediate and basically you become the reason people quit the game that some it use that use that are does that mean she’ll star at multiple layers to start in a number from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 to five comeba and that a march to a and that way you’re building of actively for the tears the entire time and in the first time somebody seeks of the ig nature card heap leech got a few minutes due to prop , which is really what to buy into buying time with the meat shield are buying time the next portion of the schema be what you do with that of you know you’re gonna need to know how to open up a doubt this is the thing able to change in your face my gosh, where is my for Intel 14 weeks of benefits are all is that the shoes of the top of where the top four or is Mitchell county data tool of all there another say if I had to switch out and Teleport my as other oblique I did it because exchange interface on this one of to us to stop the myself last week is as I’m looking over the stuff I’m like you lazy as old BU had not put the work I was coast it since it was term no which coastal via the games of all OK so are you what, did you know it seems odd , grady’s trouble of yet, get the struggle goes on line travel is the one that I was put in a peace march report second via he’s a pretty good be smart guy for totals 1:00 AM thinking of these bills to 23 to bookshelves Jones and reach fire I would agree and then be prepared to take event and then have money on: if you’re one of those guys that might turn around the meisinger bank are the way in applied to the lookout to put into words $200 a time gold attitude and cool card and then the half the money signatory to listing on the game to take advantage of the event and then the patient with a new day comes out it takes us what

to 3 hours to review everything takes been others 4 hours to shoot everything takes me another 3 hours up low something and honestly a minute half to 20 minutes later they might catch what it is a sound so that’s one of the reasons for the tax system that the of the video that is highly tech’s United States so and get from plus wall for can talk to me directly from the United States I got a few employees to talk to me while the talks we live in IE logo Three months so there’s that are it work for playback system same merchandise board had worse if you’re drinking beer that via what is the spices name in the real entry this place was to username you know what: approved as Chris, all don’t know that slows people have been idle as doing that you’d replying to an alliance and to be fair and legal wants via I don’t mean it’s obviously the frozen we can do this the same random you go to a new kingdom and you don’t have to creep that II can’t believe I’m seen the sam as Mrs. Well III joined this alliance you get you to the couple days to get back to me, said of Henry lee Voyles of this alliance would howl you loyal to a random drop is your random kingdom to our reign of alliance after that’s not loyalty the all my gosh you kids have got to stop using the word little kids use on TV as you don’t know what the media meets there’s a reason to be loy the of the fact that their friendly and guys if you haven’t seen one of previous videos were shown to the stats bully 7% of the real players in your female upon 28 to 30% of the players icon for female it’s not there there’s a whole bunch of con artist who know that a pretty picture and the word hundred DNA beat sentence will ge that’s because you’re suckers who are the clopper to any school of law beach you know you got a R a I like the women who do the work gets the job done to take responsibility for what the gare didn’t do that some day I would say that some may add to the same time I was saying that some the of the Juana married to some solace might give a short fat desist a cyber feed him of left this is the small business worth it does work and make you think that the trick was awarded under not the up and that I clicked in all but put killed the same times see Dick OK three of five plus guys are required to monitor me I can get this error a lot on this knew the kingdom interface for these two events I’ve already been in another thing his on the rallies it says I’ve completed these rallies I have a user the stamina for rallies that I cannot use them for rallies the looting that it sets up so that five context really the phone a friend of it is silly

-of the worst thing in this game guys I’m delighted to lead everybody that I added to a contact because I cannot stand the interface for pianist if your private message me Rogers reduced a com send a message to gun use their actuall design is the first of all second goal it’s actually private I like my private messages to deprive it does nothing private about inning game chat as a system we proved more than once in the so I don’t discuss anything there even if it is a relevant you know care about your privacy I Care about nine are needed question all the school year the team trained 500 Keefe was gone well beyond entry 1500 scenes with Cisco SEI got a train more tea for higher of the data for kids speak up for this I as a Bernal of the speedups to fill my march at for the small folder out-of those good planning for use on plus guys are not see the woman Ute fours are higher but he allowed a bill to three’s until I can use a key force a lawyer’s offenders ligaments in effigy of earn about speedups but you go, shady real sick so I just started that one song: and when you try again and some that you watch some passes crew of this book has been here for as long as the game has existed ’cause you burn the tissue party are assessed that you want to burn the timers to go all the troops be a burden of morrison’s the number, timers slew bust your roads a photo of all know what would you most year alone its own TV say I just completed that right so I gave him a timers on diesel later I love the guy one timer for building 1500 troops put my god it takes for for convertible top 50 and troops to the fours is what gonna do 25 hundred’s identify it up so trying to the chief or SCSI cheaper of speed train our assesses the remainder you get our system are taught as that just just change the subject had this is to disobey this is Ms. Wilson three needed to get the titles a via

sold the team up just one too many saw that are into trees and calvary seduce solace to that of training and dec 90 three’s can build 1231 era and that will speed up just going to go to you to this is a little tidbit to get down the live video get tied for the gold watch for a long time in a tape guys there are people like you make the OS on how to make videos who do find our Allies and I’ll watch the entire five our Allies to get literally 15 seconds with the wisdom of it it was worth are I don’t know what I’m gonna say are one of the than via one score here claim 1/2 old days to two more you that in that setting off a community often as because it did you bring up the Vi mean one and one thing about that is the number of goals for veterans who have to deal with the fact that their bottles are other control is insane and are not considered as I’m actually certified from the up the Cea A kissed me ought to no end this week denied and need a guy who called me on the phone and a supervisor call me to tell them who who told him to tell me that crack because you’re socialized medicine platform after the leaflet was one if you don’t know of care what the new says that the A will no longer seem to patients while the call that virus meanwhile they want to be paid to go to work they will check themselves that they will not see a patient 20,000,000 veterans over 70 years old can no longer go to their Dr Because a cul De end doughboy drum for this because this is a disconnect between I told you what to do and what they’re actually doing because it gets down to a state law it does and for those who don’t know the DNA is one of the is the only government agency where the local state can belong and I right now they’re set themselves up to be the spending cash register of all spending cash registers by the end of the year the R and I cannot believe somebody called and they called me on the phone to tell me they’re gonna call me for my next visit was like it hurt run say they were gonna do this teleconferencing to that’s what they told them they were to start until the budget does IE teleconference my blood work I don’t go to the VA to talk to the Dr the I go to the ages Augusta Camilo my arm because as a venture and I have been supplanted into a four and environments that what I grew up in and my body cannot handle it well whether that be reissued and biological old neurological all the above that’s why that he exists is because those types of

work hazard environments only happened to that group because you build immunity as a kid and we take you from where you’re immune to everything around you to a place where you don’t know shipped a body of known nothin and would be to death and it causes specific of problems it’s what the PE was designed for since the 1930s to act like it doesn’t do this anymore isn’t set and that’s the R D’Amato was well as she she heard in doing this but she searching as little on the wisdom of the because I was 10 of a that this is john due to the of the car gets tough to rush Limbaugh more delay people in all that that you just can’t believe this asinine cracked the comes under they the ’cause I’d like to why turn red for for those who don’t know at the lively forum as I get arrested or what I’m sorry a police officer has put me in handcuffs three times during the medical this for simply asking for them too eager to diagnose or say I don’t know tell me what’s wrong or say I don’t know I don’t care which would you say that many U.S. that question they call local police officer and I had a problem may I help will be also that the I had a problem where ID us 45 minutes from ago by truck courtrooms I could dri IE there some, glitches with three words of may be mediocre brothers for commodities that we need to bring a summit in the blood would say and he’s criticizing the government the R , they are this is bedeviling but II switch to the backup google server the teacher vs. the primary and has been much smoother than has been passed I thought the problems of money and I think it was a and the wind has no intention of the EU defendant of calvary that down the tea 400 calvary virgin speedups to credit for you only get credits when you click the bill but yielded credit for actually building the troops fees six is still a lot of stuff to become free world and 15,000 Loma Prieta Newcastle and have to fuse fuchsia say go to bed was too cheap but we do with stinky figure of that that does a look at age you got this, is that detectives, it’s in that at this, it’s the are you owe a debt that you got to find each too much caffeine of man I will preach acquired on too much caffeine to miss caffeine will cause them right

that the guys I don’t want that the lines ship to sit in a VR business people are participating yet so coach will be a two and the 40 fours of which were two doors now I got no closer shortly team thing the plant roots and a three hour this a broken heart of the gun to kill 201 college of two away more than for 200 in these men were jailed for the quest pictures of I think this is the most active early alliance and are seen for its first chance is like a free 500700 gold every day that Nigeria to idea which is saying the gas up because a given a little uneasy in the chest companies are guides as it has been spent 500 500700 gold a day from chess because a 9 to 1 eliminates for the sole reason given your limited to 50 chance of a retarded no, never into one lesson about it there were as high as right into the first item 54 and open chess and if it wanted to limit the two were left of the Casey you can hear from teams entered for the Doc adoption for one chairman who I love banners that has rocked a Shiite of 34 where should I have bought a single issue that approach a R I am that we don’t live in one of those East Coast cities are correct, it does happen, that would make sense the via

I work for newsreel I work for the Israeli Company are installing on this and we’re developing the Murai machines and CD Machine and are else it wasn’t in the company I had allergies for like four days straight up eyes were swollen all puffed up and was up from a customer and rather not to give us a zig I am and just be lighthearted and that Israeli Company fired me for coming to work for all because of customer thought I was drawn from swollen eyes from for $2.00 each the R but I had like a month for the problems with just a diving Shlomo because I would ensure that customers phone calls over the page you work after five percent but it they called me this because of the explain something properly unhappy to reach point where we’re not being used as an idea to charge you for that will weep to which would literally come down two were slow most brother one of my job but his house and floored and sold it the other is welcome to find out they are ideas come from running know we’re talking about the spun off into the story via a awareness a gun to the prepare for battle level 12 hospitals level old five level 12 hospitals moment for the challenge was able behind on anyone I’m glad that then I harbored having of hospitals for this first of the kilobit and have you can bet you can never have enough moscow’s he’s not exaggerate this game is not always about what you can killer which account or it’s about how fast you recover and how you recover and not having your troops a laminated but three of 50 of 50,000 this early to be your entire march all because you do your oil spills like it like a telling you do they actually give that you need to do anyway since the subscription is a really good as its cost effectiveness of the troops pizza while Wilson will I like to have one longtime are one system that way and I’ve got something to do the Owen that become both longtime ers’ to the counts are concerned about so dish

will use cut off their utmost in my Internet do in an ’cause I should be able to hear you even if you can hear the induction lost their ago all search of asylum limited to these other IE this is another key assault ask him of going into the event the event page for some reason has always upset me for navigation via credit due to 21212 tunes to legitimate or have be Zidek was but 1 to 2 doors from calvary Dr Kai so this skit about calvary in Archie Marches you got five Marches use us tenor of five Marches of you have an the fix they need to throw in here is the need to change would guard you can sell to restore it to get the hero stored needs to be all of the most takes less taking back this probably my fault of a show people how to balance the hero store and badges and everything else to literally at the 1. you can get your team and hundred year of the roast or stupid fast and yet it’s they sought as I had given away all the way they look in the way the world is money ID get his money you still are the way they they don’t get that we didn’t he either I was affecting the market in a very large way that I don’t understand or the R and it might be because what I see is just a trickle of what the port the city does a loss of video right now you tell your alliance was one person tells 100 the are what one person, hundred I don’t I can see and staffed the of maybe one another of those are two other symptoms of 100 may come and watch me next week but it’s it’s a lower number are but the the domino effect of what we would trickle for years is pretty amazing and I’m actually a master it for king the staff of seeing the obsolete no we’re doing and we know of are affected and I will only a company has a 61 thing I do are one of up yet a bullet to number one and later worked that get data they have forced are number one position on a ship that they get jobs right out from its earliest cost of

a lazy and Frederick the Frederick west of always get there from waited of casebook the are the main use other forms of women use to fill out these book and I came to her for one thing spoke in order for in order to push a video to face book I taste of forces me to read the uploaded a second time the art hair Regis about it in the league can IA not pushing up twice but quite frankly all face book as to do is billed as a software and says here sure you to video drag it from you two to face book that copy all the information but they don’t do that they want me to redo all the work twice so that and here’s one from their face book is too complicated to all they claim they don’t it’s it’s their property they can put advertising on it anyway want to add there’s no agreement with a spoke to pay me for my wo they won the two entertain their viewers for free are so right to kill lee said traffic you wait until I die if a spot was a significant source of traffic I would care I monitor the cells get to all here’s a thing if you put a you two video link in your face book they tell liberally a high that hopes to affect so would face put a cooler have a fight the individual content providers are the one to pay that comprise four that that’s a bubble work out a need to crack via the market to the list also to four to Ike a I get some reported a whole huge, James Earl Jones not even close to his IE I think you Gotta have an edge to readmit version from the inner records of the relevant to his they are good in a much bigger give money here for a basic from you to see if your turn to is one for occurred , Joyner please phone jury would be a a bill in the chat of june blast live chat I got was forgiven hour ago with no other afresh is paid to dispense a plug owner

of the database also a pony and then these Allies members of top to learn these donations and used a lumber mill developer bill does a lot of work people realize that the lower level of work real well enough to help us get the stuff built are working a lot were delighted with three alliances that’s why we’re gonna use another game former communications so that we can work as a unit I expect this to be bigger than 102 to their ago when I can actually see the of a connection CHS use one sooner via a trend, and the the the pope’s one concedes of the worry of ships to two to that was number 60 half OK yeah it will be possible but it all the people who joined one to be a part of this actually to their donations when they log on log off in do their stuff like this post and are my god will be level 15 lunch from 11 a condom use the witch create via his check to see where you are used to be asking speaking demanding a mother’s alliance gives the splicing if you’re gonna spend money that showing button underneath a channel that money goes directly maturities I would prefer you actually do that IE downpour person of the cheap as I will not spends it fit me know it’s cumbersome and spent percent in a wooded I’m stuck in his chair a lot these days via which is a reason was cut, control for the size of web site that is Irena Wilson 0.5 million people want to run for his innocence a via rights to sweet some of you. Go a I told you to surgery consuls of money and king can be your idea of that’s when 24 hours from accidents are driving for king Texas decides that I got the swim to that in the one this is my last year to date to be a good guy and closers via I can tell you right now my eye when of the two of only two a a declare certification course, use an Anne I was like all the sky in that class we’re go untreated night and all these college kids talk about how heavy drinkers they I even get up to gold key until after my alleged double whiskey and audit of the wounded near like on two goals of you guys have no clue what alcohol tolerance is all we had a

done it with the detainees at the regional earth- we have a bartender those watered and ranks you want you wanna try water on to not try and water down drinks around the entrance they will immediately no that the trade is not full street that that that as Schuster said Jerry who own a Suzuki samurai two other guys without drinking and we had two cases of beer in two phases of hundred troops on the comfort and we were so drawn by 10:00 AM when we decided to wash the Suzuki samurai we drove into somebody’s aboveground swim that, drop the huge that they are the we get out on the beach of his letters time and was in a single cause kidney color the beaches were closed after great lakes and we were after show open standards and a Suzuki samurai when a park ranger in willows former crew ship shanties like 1970s with 454 at and this guy and as the event would send some us to run shot from for Kamal back to top one days as he was a reluctant were doing 65 to 4 Chicago institution right for me completely drunk Sailors the up where we are literally called from one side of the car to the other try to keep it from rollover as return ISP terms and rollover hazard from hell and the low side there comes a call and then another and then another and I kid you not when I look back at what point you could us where we were shooting the blues front there hadn’t been lights 15 cars to a ended up where turning corners flash things they all said no cops no way around as we should we lost it areas that was fun of us do that again we turn two blocks 2/4 and two were boxed in or outside the car near the chariot ¥stricken car you know the the meaning of three guys run low on the lawn on the curb cut finger one big a cherry a Breathalyzer list of the road to come over to us and his truck and of our food are sober enough to drive his car barely will stay in raise my its an Ide drive that I drive that Suzuki samurai bag over to the police station where we’re inside rate for cherry and are now to preferences the week before somebody in rob a liquor store well when they pulled us over we’ve finished 1/5 one approved, and we had had an open the other Sony taken the full one

and will win for the day, a beer cans to roll out for a samurai the other it got out of the cuddly you could not have a bigger see it the taking that that 1/5 whiskey that we had started on yet and its target with the rest of the liquor to the artist or Jerry Witte status to liquor and there the process and Jerry and at the station that may read all the Breathalyzer and they told me when to stop Olympic bidding stopped before he believes weekly drop the reason being was he had he had blown up 0.39 he was legally comatose while we are random or Chicago police department in a Suzuki samurai it was a point of embarrassment that cherry wound up with only two running a stop sign tickets but while we’re in a station that classes will where’s the evidence at any point it over to the jail cell Jerry turned around and sees as wal hundreds and hundreds of bottles of liquor he stands up and start running their brave and made their brain and made of a hill or sit there with one single run above all of 2 cups and for conversing for the chasing down the halls easy on their brain the up and I thought that was the end of that week we had one more big party remains found somebody’s the Ide were in a hotel room under a and this party got a bit when I say I am somebody cut a hole in the wall so that we could party in two rounds that’s kind of the party out in porting the rumors , according to the numbers on the one that did the RI don’t know I was drinking everclear 190° of all I’ll never anything about they I knew we’d done some major renovations to sort or holes in the wall that mayors of intake of the bathrooms are skirted abo I look at some exporters grossly everywhere for denied making the R and guard from the hotel room walks into the room and calls the police from our children I joke book read the cowboy boots I made about 40 feet are passed out and I woke up the m , knows I’ve I’ve been making on the floorboard of the tops the are the S gallo cup in the Chicago jail they let me help city on the way out that those indicted and then at the end of my school there: o uptick in the top five of the great school and of the recall people were the grazing like I played down the last three dozen western Swanson wrote was reported councilman from cl and are did see a teenager as is usual orders the NCS was adopted week over talked into wheeler talked inside as in CS a show on these pages of these hotel rooms ago when he told about this item and to show another pitch which is done about this item and the guy goes your copy of Eric walker did not pull open to the sadness and you see that it was a spencer’s pure blood was gr has an ice and I put a filter never cleared until the upgrade to lay idle house for conclude what happened that night and the gu of the

via I would add rake in summer of 1991 will call for summer of 1995 microchip those II drank a lot bigger nineties that what he did on the ball when you talk about drinking out there so pure of the poll , but you could all you can split a six pack Listerine truly committed the of the a-half I’ve been no canal of the thing that window canal is that we went scuba dive and there it was some big jellyfish migration taken place while we’re stu and we were doing a mock invasion of Okinawa at the time and the kind we can have them look for divers water at it that all Serb member that the air force base was a big deal there which hill club but at a time when we did I get a 10 to oh, no I got my set by a 20 year olds at two I got in Australia and perks from R bridge bridge on it as a world famous and two artist among them and for good time to that I will not, no credit to quote I would say this we did not engage in combat 30 days total to 202 days, there is little bits and other non-combat 30 days the Philippines would h the antennae also learned that monkeys can through the book by the book yet it’s idly Lake Tahoe, back when inman still controlled are with the Great Britain still had control of Hong Kong is a start and 95 and then we went over to audited o’clock sorry to the up but the women over two of us agree to go see the great wall China we were exposed either you’re and are now living oversee the great wall time we want to see some of the Buddhist Temples and no content of these are big and I an RI got pictures are all below books and a wardrobe chasing us from the temple because I was taking pictures of the temple were not so slow chase it and I had for can all these monks in a wardrobe for can ch all but they added that was those windows getaway for your trouble for doing but the first day we would all, we went out to a bar called the bulls Coach Paul an Ide spill some of my shirt that day and I bought one of the Barsky shards right and then a different crew people like one of the next day the Sydney and I had good food was collectible French pup I walked in I walk in and all the bartender goes to work at us as a start today are out which was committed to train and I did that without hesitation all my body strength for three perforce taken hours while I portended and the Hong Kong fulfor prey to pull should the part of a lot of about half of it-that’s why people like to hang out with the stand this is west of thes and Isa call to itinerary about that was 275 pounds I was 3 1/2% body fat you know I think in the nineties there was only one I’ve three times and never lost a fight that they are you I was to mix martial arts back and did for everybody looks martial arts was an R

when I lost three fights and I lost epic fights I lost one and why he wear a Samoan weather like six a 350 pounds of care who you are the main broke Koreans not because he punched me in the because he threw me and I hit the rafters going up so fast it broke my ribs when I hit the ceil the half that have this kid that I was funny and I become run at me I hit him he hit the ground so pretty hard it was pathetic his trainer yelled something that if an accord someone with others to last summer to stick it up like a coming years break when she ends for 10:00 AM and 3 minutes later I couldn’t stand and they come in there and just told me he could’ve been 105 pounds , he was given that II guess when his boss is the limit you next time the oven and then the the third day epic file lost we were I was doing shore patrol in Perth Australian and we’re running around the local police department in the paddy wagon from all of our passes doing security they were let me try the paddy wagon on the left side of the road in a foreign country R R this bar and the gutted the test the free kick off some with a local Perth cops are joking with the site of a user’s make it was a strick let me walk down the desert 40 years ago there skull is a core in sticker the more money and a an upward in the Sally response to rest him as five and in east the last I think this guy with a two by four across the net and he gripped a nose wannabe ask opens onto a PR , other than that I all 15 of the castle, $2.00 Australian ideas and caterer boxing don’t do that that caters to 10 overall pick that they that can restrict me of a needed the two craft of the R and then are we get some alligator wrestling go in Australia and are pleased that this great I know some of them are several copies the state of all the Scrafford with a different countries I’ll have my copy of the White as one of things with miss that is VHS tape was cracking down all these countries we get up but you guys off the tower in paramount in California where I died on the ground the R lobby for their share to reject cancer is stuffed it was all purse limited 211 as is crazy when I was 12 years old my family started the sky dive drop zone I’ve been chomping up playing since I was 12 years old I was a full blown adrenaline junkie nothing scared the R it’s as if the iaea this breaking bones that bother me never did a better fact after the first time I broke my wrist taxes as wrist RI broke in this race five times in this risk free times I set my own bones every time some my wrists just don’t hold up to the brutality of the time the muscle and fell behind in different situations I’ve broken wrist from the punches had to twice twice about with a broken from college will that stop the out of guilt to the cartilage between your bones then any of its fossil hold the cartilage in popped a long time ago

so wet winters a sudden quick shock it becomes up all the ball hit are my body type guy I have multi instructor California that was the guy in this style of his knuckles look like they were for can RR Kerr produced a Mars data that all we had been sma over the years they are paid ads that the Ide I really respect to the guy I think I’d never see him get on to permit which is considered fresh that was that was one of one of you know the lake jet yet that’s that Jackson was later the are you the jack of the tax and I wasn’t that was four of that was wilson’s in one of my favorite fighters ever is a guiding rangel text, people and that is what he was a full contact fire that was more famous for throwing fights but the reason I liked him was he did have to prove fights he just could end of the R everybody expected when he made more money list as a stirring once they are I’ve seen the chat school I see bellow. Slesinger Celeste of intimate oft to his peers professor rose after takeoff via I can’t believe it’s the fact that the average wait and watch the formal they are the sub-the Sailors gutsy stories OK, pay for this one left this is the main go read of Khatami’s for lemonade half of this stuff like that phasing Arizona tech’s got some as young as a text of this deft and that that’s the benefit of a tax cut is that that was before fighting full contact fight was a popular thing to a season of a officer we’ll just got a drop zone we had three airplanes integrate the anger that we use a push to airplanes out health Allies 59 or earth, the R , my body’s crackdown who know I did you know that none of that time

GOP aides rate Thailand is like 80% the R when I was in Singapore I better growth from Australia who was killed the sticker inch and when I got just radio were revoked the we went to casino one night I lost over $50,000 at blackjack of her body and casino one of the of them for guys apprentices of the mostly male audience all strata is any women to every mail when of many ships pulls and two Australian 20,000 people are up here there is a table set up work to ads are all three galleries to marry their dollars is something of the book opens the way they are ordering then like the roaring to teach the the R Seau four in American history like rabbi American women it is a lot of fun in Australia to be a rare commodity is like, you know a man walking into a sex club gone but not a lot of that young said But that the dances want like that, but you walk in any other dance called on ago I would talk to our as you ever vs. the role with a straight is a sale with the Vancouver Canada from 7 to 1 females Vancouver RI think it’s one reason really shoot them to make is all for king of liberals want to treat them crack the Dea that that that the cursor bears the average of six copies of the law fights are in motion land was I was a real tops, its he had a losing record I was riddled sex country and II am elated are IE always the fact that he threw fights the SCSI to take a punch and I’ve always loved the way he too much he moved ever so slightly in people did notice that so they can absorb more damage than most people could not bring himself and IE learn that technique early yet was the PR IE seeded fights were we to a fight night and there would be a bird’s on , ossified I mean just took a public and the learning some moments of your game supplements of your shoulder soldier about getting too old to want to offend that he got things like both muscle my shoulders ripped via its while site for the day to talk about the brutality of football the tuber toddy of all of harsh fights is the body and design that were part of the together over and over again Berkshire shares is awesome of I’ll tell you one of the best people in the plant and there are the best fighters in the world who will say the same thing by de is one of the best punch people ever the R the Eric tenants who created the 10 martial art Knicks were so much for the special forces landed me one day this is your dad has swelled your dad doesn’t move the 12 his muscles are tight but when he hit somebody a doubling of the tickets to take notes the R and I learned punching from my dad when I was in the navy

for all of the polar got a pullover Prokofiev, all right to the the punch on their talk to grow I was forbidden from prakken Cro I would touch people in the arm and without a lot would break all the blood vessels of their arm via the big club sack and a forearm when everything before because it is and are it was that he helped David Schatz net digest nephew was awed by ship denied parole that will solve a picture I like it or I go that crazy to get through the same reason they lost and USC for years is mark Martin Marty knight is bull ship it doesn’t matter if you can forgive if he gives if it’s not part of their technique they can’t defend against they I will that site, which are made of roger us other LC is the queen of the arm for OK but that’s jubilant as a journalist of our most other than judo as part of a mix martial arts platform will put the pollen where you will own it generally is literally 0.4 seconds of a fight so always run rising fights receiver brother of the comes in there and start punching and the she’s in th that for judo is curveball was an expert to go up but the but jubilee is 0.4 seconds of a fight it is everything else about to go creepers right it’s a sport it’s working out that shoot chewed up at a lifetime of – the FBI that well that’s one of things about bob realty agents to win, Kentucky had to pass laws that back in the eighties which gets it was really coming to America by carol 87 and its reform right- to 120 kids written each other’s arms of shock of the end of the

what you see on TV and a reality and slows things where we stop fires for USC I should say we get the two fires from Seatac staff but the a reason I never fought for some list for appliances I can unlearn one of our and the rules of the rules of the red sea and how am I gonna live index microsecond someone is to use I’d have on my channel of the election was called Texas Star running a guy out steel plates and all year’s that he still played fall DNA them a guy’s a background as he’s faster than the problems I’ve been a while ago as has been in the gears up to head she does so fast as it has the target archery back of the U.S. to swell said you were to combat and the end of the high bid for the update is the stress there to the target archery back the R that if that’s the left to when we use it when we use would be used to two P a R. Wynn that the live fights untrue no holds far fine 38 seconds there was no set weekend we we’ll get into this discussion about and you believe there’s no such thing as route to a five to the out that’s a marketing ploy when there’s around two and a fight that the market point that it then gets that aired tenths first boxing stuff uses all art show stakes and you’re talking about time of day they are punching the eye of the reality vs The old wants to be the R like I love to take the grade was somebody with the cross is back tank would be De Boer five I just described the Samoa breaking my ribs the Pedro Shambaugh Liu seen a lot of fighting of your talking about a whole George foreman George foreman sponsored all Russian white guy up boxer I wanna say 101215 years ago to member whose name because he can’t go anywhere he was the best, best boxers I received my life

well get a few got some of the day that connect with his foes connect every time one of the reasons that I was the party and were talk about being the IP BB of the party out was more than a often we wound up in trouble because we’ve looked like I said the places you’re not supposed to go was the itinerary via it was as one who a guy named a chance to year of the game me that because you’ll I’d like to just throw from the Beverly hillbillies us I got sixth grade education and Sellers build an easel ever contraptions of the R one side are attacked in which utilize a helicopter, and find the shepherds at was down the helicopters, fuel they come in there in a hand to have said all hands on deck were about to lose two for compiled slides open to stacking up now to read enough fuel I literally stood up Greta shop that a role adopt a walk in the world and fixed attack in with a roll of duct tape and a shop that because it had a bad for you I’d known it had a bad stand for weeks with a guy in charge of attack and had been working together and I learned enough to just stay at other people’s problems and my war officer goes to know if you fill up for Canada are working for me to know all side like to really wanna hear how I see two guys lives with a shop that can relate that to a red from 401 people and has walked away that the governor said that made the rotate out the crew every year and have I been there five years I was essential personnel my ideal fog factor did exist I had one share of one below three level of wooden plaque, but baling wi that said the of the back porch is the reason was you could throw me out on a could take me off the ship I’ve seen three officer 33 commanding officers three officers crews every member of the ship to chang to using actual satellites the R where your area of expertise was our you somewhere within all my old two were some within 4 feet via the A’s when IE my last two years and a navy IE had ever recorded with me and we fall around R. Wilke vs. of 239 283 -of an innocent in 5945 no that’s how hard I caught everything says he’s the up as the way my coughs, what their brief existence the up but the sun we’re looking at the movie black hawk down and are talking about a hotel before the turn of the hassle to commit 22nd delay a communications the up when they take the 22nd delay of the people killed until 95 o’clock, downs and three of the Yugo in UC pitchers at Ida pages of online of the BN and I see on TV are no muscle point goals to give up if he can get from topping out to greet the of the visit to Gaza guy are trial until trots oh, god one of four survivors from Gaza to see pictures of meal with that stuff and end the pronto is

he has true ptsd I say you were true ptsd is ’cause ideals of guys who claim the PST and that’s because of the checking an idea I had a 74 of a harness guys are thrown from the military charity sharepoint if you’re not missing a chunk of me and I don’t get myself it’s been around for 1000 years, 144 which of the taxation and the is called across some old organization with the norm rather more years to come back from war two that I met some leads a matching the political war of sort on sword fighting people were loaded messed up and to reintroduced into society of 1000 years ago business owners way to get money so that a combat veteran week allowed into good games in their communities and the fiesta being used to be that some meat out severe where my the entire you sure to my fifth I’m not even a member of the W I was a national deputy chief of staff of the IP W2017 screw the organization of the flick of the oaks worried about how much money the mother gave the ms, given their an that’s a reasonable amount charities us up leisurely bell of Tillis he was stricken and make sure children to that of lightweight sailor, sailor just say a 22 poll camp in Orlando Florida old of the southern Belles so you are sir and you’ll like it caches are too slow learner text and had a fit dell of dell era lightweight hitter slur intertech’s two drinks in your lightweight my gosh CTI OK explain the lessee tier two is because I have no clue what is left of technology right to my mind, Gingrich said with some of seats, was to see each year to build you’re a young person got new rates that I love South Carolina that the accident is just a few hopeful that that makes that Thomas woman on the planet sounds smart and s have gripped already up and say you done any team was I was in the team before the word he passes I put I built the joint operation tackle system that shocks and the jots two and early nineties of what is now I built the clock communication between ships and satellites and other forms of communication IC design so you let us fewer from there with what I am 40 of I created what your rate probably looks at onscreen right now that you that you know why we don’t a no one ever reads on ships right ’cause she put she put the obvious that the

that I can’t believe were at what we’re actually going up and viewers how that Ellis is happening to the DL my wife joined as a CD to one to be a CD that she had the courage they clearly said sign here will fill the rest later they were trying so hard to make a record it was not it is unreasonable victory than I read him that I hate to say the spell of the month I don’t know you so I’m not saying this about you already met with Thomas people flock II could not that I’m drawn on the corpsman I looked at Honda accord and we would speak out when skiing with a corpsman are the are you know it’s one of those things where when you give them the lead to do what everyone and if you do if you want the R there a ship so you stay the entire time in Southern Florida to what goes in there now IE he was in Orlando Florida when it was {the goal for just started S, S and then we had what was called the loan Doc allibert Killebrew block tuned to the hacking say the word do Dr. Liberty was the commander of the floor today said I will find you $1.00 for keeping the crab out of a protester of the of you know that that kind of those call and a covert Augusta Jordan of Kasich, but what they do it or ticket system that war in Iraq she just recently was the LP lee petty officer in the a Nicollet into space, none of this are a bowl of Mogadishu of been there but of the military base in Africa where we asked people questions the idea of that gave the following day when I was there a tip that the of guilt other results of system as a class by more the result shots system is the witness of 2000 is to get your younger the three that good for you and the R one of the problems of women in military is there is two different women in the military there right that this that’s the one who could you help me with this whom no loose there’s none of women in military for men to say no to an mile at my wife has which she was in the

common in Africa last time they would let her as all the chaos are a lot to the field because they’ve had such a bad consecutive deployment problem with women in the military they literally Saturday at daily so that she would quit saying I’m in charge these people on the inspector were the R because when they had subjected themselves this women’s movement that everybody talks about has regressed to appoint the military where it’s in the pews bit of a via you are no I was in the military in the prot you were there for during the last years of bush and the first year’s above are dates you see any change in the way people acted in the military buildup simple question about that same thing happen to claim the vote would take a minute later said it 400 of these use: drake in and 91 than four was one of 92 the resting on the ship played dungeons and dragons the up up of the cult of my care that are you a fan of manish 126, just as that that this to you love the show will manage no no no no no actually I’m going to different direction of that gets you think you are going to the military and it was going to be calm rather a Uri PG on all the other critical around you know you guys are taken of the character college. He retaken up one thing in moving on to something on undoing of a that’s because you see bills pitcher the end that IE he cannot understand eyes I don’t think that way I’ve really don’t think that way you nothing if you’ve never as you watched all the episodes of ash that maju Della join the military and the state of the finish but the same time while I was in military I was one of the fed the 1940s movies see you got robbed if you thought of spending more structured you got robbed it ones for structured II feel bad because I in no mood to talk about a mile eyes has a problem with other women in the military because of the way their Percy she joined the military because she won the job of the refinery and said look into the day your resume sox and the less you join but that’s because it our house I don’t allow all ship the R

they are but the point is valid what they might take vs. what they will react as with a walk away the you’d know as a person people believe is one guy that that was in mind as well but I had Sailors to two in the navy I can swim of like a guy’s there’s minds in the water in front of us this a race of this exhibit are saved on the minds of the water a ship you can sway them but you’re here the college player that’s untrue it for changes in the world to a fifth and and one again that system thinking of half the defect one less articles are wrote are that it one carbines were they and if you can find was called for me to rant which was a sewing machine company at the time that mayor ray though was their work to ungodly amount of money of UK the main $2530 thousand for six of the U.S. and then like the 190384 worse with the El Paso Scopes with the two of my real $2530 thousand for those rifles are to reduce recall web site that I own was designed around my thought at the time of what was forgotten because of the destruction of free speech and a communication does it worth money that no one knew about because online book looks of 10 broker which is all the good old EL and, have the R A up meeting clock EU: over the reduced recall them, and the o’clock or run around for years I mean almost decades but has two decades of IP arguing clock since the nineties it was the worst I’ve ever built there in every movie every kid talks about it with its up a flat designing it is failed every single and tourists as ever put out for done it yet there’s a cattle played in the wood clock as it was a bus company are so it is what is a

wish to know cox is that I fell in the blaze that thing and then stunned as the joke I’ve had a noted that the Vi that’s funny of Welch and no deal what has two of you specifically question to you know the Russian fighter that are a was the coach of I can remember saying it could you can double that I promise you that you’ll ever see the fight with George foreman was stated that in the corner as the coach of the fight you’ll go that’s the next heavyweight champion of the world and you never get a reading of the game that have we lost a day from issue to what I was in the camp a A young men by the name of cooled she only UNLV October you are in the world the rebel had a voice this sound like a loose we had the best to 8 minutes of TV who can’t ever seen the movie or otherwise Mr. Gould use the old lead them every malicious award for courage are the ways your letter a few of the U.S. debt me that bore be the of that debt that about one lesson is a giddy then- bed that dead as he had a full close as low as to claim a swimming of the eyelids alike ely’s I’ve met lots of the public people do that than the Hollywood we live in Long Beach California we were station long beach California Mississauga are some of the scenes from the Hollywood movie of the mug of the of shipped are fish everybody is on talking about OK we were solved role as a navy ship for a long time we were A Hollywood movie studio on us a sawed and for that reason one lead bodies down engineering was in the movie up Beverly Hills boys club leak out of the navy he lived in a house behind a director who had a Mage and analysts of the house behind it and we must go over party at the strikers house and I emit more Hollywood elite then I’ve met Steve Issa goal not only can I keep that summer because as he needs is escaped the two can do that, the R the delicious

that the Stephenson call is one the best in five years in the world don’t get me wrong if I was staked fighting Steven Segal Kiewit might as butts even as a call is who we as he is carrying one up that he made a movie to Campeau artist like ignores the back seat know the guy , he’s a Keppel arts no to the too close to a superstar Kwon do he’s he’s but not all of this kid I as a kid now is probably as 40 snow that he actually has a movie to resist our it in for those ago took a bow is striking the block the kid was so fast I mean just absolution on which sat and the attendant point was because the ghost of the fight portion of the R I a hero Steven Segal when you see him at a party he get he is he is it he’s he’s one of those guys are what I look back in my memory or set punched I get I guess it for my animosity as I remembered the way he talked to people either we act around people as I test some bases t that I didn’t do it said would you hear me say I like the guide is because I was a bullish submission my younger you sound like IE to put the test was placed in the sink the place to do it of the other to add to it that they got selection beos or two in a direction Bosley wish a sake of up to see this a goal secondary specialties a keynote of a and that was one of the prime Mary sports island early of you can not you cannot be a guy who cannot be a mix all our ship martial arts specialist with a dual or Keogh jujitsu DOS three a sleazy if you’re a true fighter he comes down to what you genetics will allow you to do how that’s just right and might get it cleaned store to keep no it as it slows things up the aid is just like a Sunday when Arabs are like your dad does move very quickly the movers as always punches east is that yes when of the six other stuff that

GATT yet how well he was he was wearing top 30 in the world for stick fighting at 1. I’m the up I remember he was still red top 30 and Walter said fighting when I was at a Hollywood directors party in awe in Hollywood and of alleged needed a famous by listed on this a misuse the RA and the movie Tom hanks sleep this is a Seattle was out like all the food GATT why make of this is 2530 years ago of his have they are paid well sit goal of the state fire and for those who don’t know whether stance that fighting two new teams then it stick five your eyesight must be able to recognize me what for most people would be a blur but it looks weekly talk about up baseball they say I can read the stitches up on the fastball that is someone better than 2010 vision that could literally see the ball moving faster than you can see ID City was yet via the aisle of the ever get it I never take other wishes from their name I like making them guess it would open other because they just spawn these things out base on raw numbers ecstatic that the clash in which the new players in king of 533 have approached IE’s I put my foot down pretty early and I said look I want this to be won the states where we teach people for two months vs. the but the guys II don’t I don’t even see the slightly I think done to chlorides has a tremendous strategic three the capability to the problem one to being is the paper plate aspect is built around the game this sale the game to finance a game that that the game is that I think they would make much more money by getting people it take did two of the strategy to wear store their reality of the Gaza Glory followers on you two of the 100,000 now used the Tulare 1000 is but it doesn’t mean you have to compete at that level

it is that I was a safe if I was a saintly scheme you’re talking $2,000,003 million a year but you can go racing 42000 dollars a year and averaged between 10,002 million are 25,000,000 the year is a big number so we say $400 a month of those must be the only to Dole tried to be the late a lengthy letter that it that system PS a geyser spending stupid money early on you wait one month if you wait three months and the indoor flea the skipp , gee, GE it is literally up business model in the gaming industry up a play told to get caught up in the up side, and I was sick, psychotic psychological game of trying to drag you handle an addiction you can afford I had to reach for two years told full four play the three months came larger you sell on a live chat here should IA to bet I wouldn’t pay six I would do basics right now and then get all six pieces if you’re doing the king of the OSI what what belittles a sheet would deny it needs for what is Dole’s mean by the way I understand the word we have guys alerting them that are everything right away new GM so all bought new gear all but are they really have is that addresses that much one the up that kingdom are we talking about bed because a little better way to save the suspicions of the wide fund plus marketing be hone of a defender bells go below their child always will be when then came to my alliance just to play with Willie then IE took deployed to step back to let her leave my only trouble is its IDs of all honestly she was so less static to see how the league lead the kingdom and then she test cricket fail there really should aspect didn’t take it that the plots on no

lilly is a very protective nature had issued an early an e-mail no one mess with her I’d tell people can I use this in politics in the game with guns of Lori we played with team jerseys on so when you use the word loyalty in game five of the kingdom borough that you are applying into politics you had no clue what that person is set up to put his streets is high hour you please send me if they don’t slap in the face so if you’re a loya on day one you had no clue what the word loyal means you don’t understand as I love that does the FAA did not demonstrate a reason for me to dislike them that’s their stable when we use the word loyal with me and cannot be disloyal somebody just because they have not shown the true nature they just met you are always polite there alway we’ll see what happened gap will eat up we talked about this and the war ally toward ally in this game earth is somebody’s are Allied always said that matter the Ethel long you react lunch you add the word Allied to this day and I have this question in the new kingdom who we Allies with our Allies with nobody I had no clue with these people are I don’t know how other that they all are tied the it’s not any game gave me a lover them about how the gunnery at their people they could be worthless people they could be the best people the world I don’t no until I see an action with the words mean nothing that elysee election so the work of a demeans nothing until the island I do know that dies before the first read their grade the lack of ability get it within the alliance borders books to ship me up because it tells his true but the reason the will of the breaker rally which is probably next week bugs me is the pass holes to one appliance where every four truces user Encarta rate to figure out where that’s at the end of one of the vessels I will follow lines to find out where alliances are what is your ritual build a disagree is your own or should know that if the revenge game are cause problems

of from this is OK on the Swiss catcher from a business standpoint of Cayenne I’d look of this came from a business at 0.1 the that this is Sam pointer that is the page for play model is dying and that the Gabor developer to be no assists so I have a look at any time right now gaming companies trying to get me to endorse our game are in the reason is that about 0.5 million people must come to the web site the the above providing leadership to gaming the ability to look through the 144 characters and provide the leadership and the words still gets in the leadership to no less a blissful ship to no other manipulating that the conversation two no when they are acting in a res and a reactive manner vs. a thoughtful manner of some it’s kill my level 10 best are the up -half of the commanders in which represents four means something of the venturing charities used a lot from a storefront to beg for money I think that the days of having a storefront are limited and these hundred year old organizations that help veterans need to move four in how they produce money and gaming as part of it and are the two I think this is easy eye in dealing with people who are 6072 years old and owner said that gave me all and their charge of a concerns as the sole a A being unique in that I grew up in the pup or a lookup uterus that an earlier age than most people are computers he got a stand that of a 56 K modem connection to exist until 2002 2003 28 for that right sale only 14 to 15% of America at a computer and all of the year 2002 saint up 20% real you want to but that we talk about high speed connections and things like that of but while the Internet was developing their work politics about manipulating what people see the key here are how they think was was developing at the same time of th then I’ll tell you right now if it was better to play a role model and there was some high speed stuff of time to put that you you’ll get much better paying of a modem the level ISP connection a little 2000 budget does expect -half of soul by each had the ability to see down the road of the failure and the success of the pastor following its Eric it’s a rare ability of an 1I1 of two little ones layers wallet was an accident to start with it’s not an exit what I’m doing now I want people to donate contribute allow me to develop the ability for a leadership to reach their assay to say that it doesn’t always could someone who might don’t say that of it when they learn to consequences that it

is next generation of kids are only going to feed your than negative consequences of that digital pass would they will never feared the belt they will never fear of Turkey is walled society says on TV that There’s no proper response to that type of tubs of training that there is what not to do is as important as what to do and there has not been technological lead not to do so when I try to be in awe school or saying is you can play with us if you do it as an we are the only to an it makes a younger generation say it awarded to be a member of that only to IE need to be a better person is snow on as of the only can only be the only when we talk about a seal team or the special forces unit name roger schrader’s on the team 200 years ago it was a small team that’s the best of the best of the best the best would say he’s put modern terms of seal teams I take three million troops by a router bouquet of 100,000 a year by a selective 1000 of them did me a specific physical needs I Whittles and outdoor hundred troops I put them into a special training program and I get 12 guys I started 03000000 so if you’re going to show you respect or the player if you don’t know what it takes to be what is the best or to defining what is the best thing you don’t know yet and I I hope to get Rogers raiders to that point of seasonally being put to rest buyer to not what you get night from all I wanna be a member jay are I wanna try recorder to be in that micro group ’cause it’s gonna be a microgram by Karen the Michael group week three expirations into digital world there is a long-term vision and I’m talking to 12 years out and the way I think to how this is gonna work that way they’re not just works out beyond the end my life span is 50 BC then it will really depend on the people who’ve fallen out we you do what it takes to move forward took physically with the world another move four that are ignored to some risk of making that said the a F public thirds days but the boy says there was a lot behind a massive via we at 18 people listing right to second that more people was later than anywhere along one who was gave OK and that to that make sure no land that should have a solution but in the world now word smacking his mom I: Yuri they they won a lawyer every word I say

two tried to make their point they don’t want my knowledge the simplicity of the words as a I’m trying not to be technical in the conversation about four but at some point and I can, so this is on the problem not one problem I intend to try and reflect show shot near to the way they’re acting almighty god increase for Grissom and I know it but I can’t help myself as a joint for me I will act the way that Dan Watson until via metronome of life have a guitar items of cost settings I wanna challenge everybody to be honest, the result in no sense one to live and a challenge majordomo I understand your problems at that high, and half the 362 is one of the problems that III put out five months ago we were all 150 180 people the one that the KB KI said we need to kick it to the KKK all know we can do that and it really comes down to a political force the philosophy that I Gotta be in charge of everybody all the time or two we had two independent units one which makes its own decisions and that is a regal political philosophy decision that reflects a game you will not only you how much politics this topic the patient is reflected a game that I see I see it is likely wrist in doubt that his words OK all of us by edges to make a I know I’ll be back in a site that it’s that if

to have an if the pet of TF will own 50 to 1/2 of the money to build a fifth of the real mayhem will have while he’s committed appeals and my glasses and the-scenes Are they as stack per dollar U.S screen as a separate dollars because he hasn’t taken over people’s accounts and other spending fou the R for people to get next Monday for another game take care of: Haitians are lawyers code to his scope of things as A share of that Dr. Run around on TV right now cannot help conscience tell the present one thing and contradict himself in the next 5 minutes of old tires got it will result of one bit sloppy over Thomas and speed which is made of this guy has tells me off more in the last week that he has produced 36 because he is was I was all the presents the press to come down existing Mrs One week I hope we can have a million tests and they’d taken pla and this guy runs around the TV goes well we would have to test everybody every other day to be sure are a second bill as it was when we talk I forgot was bill is what was once a policy was 10 those hearings on our humor AM and the one called bring you more than reasonable call Brian and mark has come rain or that tablas people of the playmates if you could do any of the Johnny to be rated two hairs on in good kids don’t get all but an idea that a law all attracted about jobs

and protestants them to build the one I can see my screens out of my classes on the journal I’d also near old was a gag associate me up, and cut the deal until the one who lives a little live right now to eucalyptus role to all of Risley radium and were the keys a separate either a and then when I was a navy radioman pretty much bigger black the R and I don’t mean that derogatory but we’re talking about inner city could pass and as the lowest possible score via that was true until the year I became an 18 o’clock in the game A prison or shortly thereafter and the U.N. aversions San Diego took over the edu rate in which the very next year’s 6000 people became any TV that were qualified to do ship these people would come up to flee we have the 16 etz response that we had four literally they left the fleet after a gun and one somebody’s been diligent two great the finances would like your place of Sowers was the 16 people were killed 25 other pieces together we have four by either by the way when we had four people working on a 25 recent year we were then no or one rated electronics ship in the fleet the of no one could believe how will we get the out I had to give near slap a guy four getting into my my satellite navigation because I have 43 playing cards that were gaining aboard a certain way so I have to replace the board wheat circumnavigate the globe three times with a with 43 playing cards of a deck of cards making the cure that’s a mid CD all our is an intelligence analyst now back in the day when I was in the day we had eased helms electromagnetic own troupe they would decipher where a signal came from what it meant is that of a cut below us up you know, as it happens if you missile V of salt I’m a little confused as to be all they have been happier fall to just maybe the differences between the rates and the jobs of a cover AM and back in the forties was that are they not only worked on a quick ITT get but they operate on and my biggest problem in the navy is in the team was operators

with a near a human or lose, the operator specialists are eager technicians who walk and a school bus are job all my Gaidar’s agreeing not of that was a braves of that otherwise but prior to that eat anything at all jobs and a separate 3¢ and one song jury is where the separation of the rate is around all have secure a single and so did during he held your rate won’t lose what would you call it the him back in the day you disorient sherry A that the frequencies spectrum’s and catalog those frequencies so that you consult Houston who wants one you would know that the issue of his 500 MHz offer concealed once boasted be even those operating properly -was a sign in right of tiny alleys to trick people were kids one of my jobs in the navy was to , once a steel but reallocate equipment for the betterment of the military use the window 12 other ships and stay in an reallocate not steal during that course we have things like those as PS 64 which is our radio on a Raytheon rather a radar that was 20 and that hurts often standard frequency in a catalog we caught A summary periscope 10 miles out that broke the water and the mighty redesigned as pstn that caught the periscope popped up: green, radar he broadcast over the lookout loved there’s been a crisis it had a submarine with this periscope, 10 miles out to give the guy with the doctors and 40 liberty or heat of the F right hand was the fifth choose flowers wasn’t compared to what we live LS version will summon Thomas people on the planet well as a military and had not I-C, have we had died over TTL west as he thought was immediate and the tea world what my best friends that talks about him earlier , chanced year U.N. insists he has decided he was not smart enough to be 18 completely different event either a test, Mary member of GATT get a very charge add when he was a regime in was one of rescues jobs in the world because snipers use to find those antennas and chasing down the tools are

off at that have that world war two Brady and then completed the roles of Reynoso of a yeti it’s this is one of these things where over the years glamour got the title of the glamorous of the titles to move forward but by case and I’m a very factual base for some of that your war two women completely different kind of that was iris job very very unlikely to live for ward Thomas the fact that your grandfather went through wars and are they use up their earlier seemed the of a follower numbering bell in the team speak to you not speaks other anymore even far too long policy as South Carolina exit were told that his Florida to get a day he would be needed would be a that Yankee to the sooner the team’s the Campo is shaking or you see is ignored, it would tie visit to Warsaw happens: crumpets most of my stuff away as game time go out there is no real West Coast 14 gaming community becomes a Glory he really does exist close, has pulled off see a go part itself pitcher in the morning line 26th day of I’d be more inclined to see as self the driving the car high risk for input trafficking for the rest to solve the R she was never deployed it’s easy to set of guessing when pinnacle of which is a weird to plummet for the navy bike and if you do on some routes is a recovery had run out of someone’s a number I had is what I’m asking for you or I had I done to the center of the your Afghanistan which means Brian Wright had or were you in a was the Air Force. They have a lot international staff and are

I never was in Tennessee and so soft on my head a wife was a loss from Juneau State as if she’s overgrazed which punches so she doesn’t know that interest in playing at her and his overcompensation I hung out of that to write things are bad thing , and troops will hold its grand and Hong Kong And, to have so background cell while you were in their because I know people are asking a scenario that time failing to employee meeting frequency and systems all on mountaintops so that they can try to get communications was national forces units and added a VR did they let you listen to live frequencies while you’re there build bridges useless and a frequent six to cheer the concert is $8.00 direction for instance, I am with the into your jobs all different, calling him sleep as I know the difference the game seemed like OPS are from six are all I’m not a phenomenon of last two more hours OPS are worrisome via 1/2 yet understand that some of the pain as can’t read scripts of CD game for actual and 1/2 behind which you are the sounds like a bureaucracy where arms the R I mean you’re talking to a guy that was 5 feet person, say in the nineties via slag pile

so we like watchable icon down as a day he tells before the turn of the guides in the 18 second delay a vote for columns of the R there was a bureaucracy between the up I will tell people why one officer when I worked on record but you weren’t you wore off serve our cities last are he had to be no more presidential war 2° from dying on beach and asked of an that technocrat I don’t know existed past 97 because the Clinton administration pretty much a laminated anybody with any integrity in the military of we got East Coast captain’s on west, ships WesCo ships and then made the west questions, combat you watch all 1940s movie, with guys in white tee shirts shooting machine guns that a West Coast made your knees ’cause many guys standing whites feel like the rails as they come in and out that was an East R there wasn’t a dime vs The showboat Foster said was one of a route , all the people understand the difference has the media Heights difference , UL my grandfather was on day out owls is a Simpson , did you ever see the movie the where they have takes a marine with your pain to ship with white and red lead paint and then to die if who’s taking a shot at by both the Japanese and U.S troops are that’s not what really happened, colleges and just flashes when the operation petticoat was the name of the movie that’s not what really happened to A stripped the submarine down two heats, steel the Japanese came in at the diet of the salt water unless Bichette them neatly up because it moves to salt water it looked paid to pass we’re really at itself it was an issue my grandfather was on board a ship that was a true story from work to fix those two stars war two cooperation that a the R the venue to broken up, you have a point, since we’re back to where was almost full head transcripts of what will this work this Reg often on offense intended or to his reluctance via the lottery had again team speak don’t be shy has no connection see a slow signs reading on there and no one realized to you or anyone you use the you’re not missing a month for one year and to be a what level the open sea waves and now

are UCLA’s open 1/2 im greet him for six and two are bikes that he had whiskey night and that was enough to do it only for its or you might never get to the R bit touchy winner clearly as coaches a Canadian arctic this and robbers or the American own craft went as a warm, forgive : crack a long and on TV and from the mines is six 18 as a magic wands level here: the crimson: two 21/2 just add button, 0:32 gallon right now you’ll be a head bell if you want to start doing you to challenge to make $1000 a month or via IE I can promote you guys the plan just send this job growth of the board wanted to make an album to just two in two starts are I say that now because I had heard her song of time on your part of I figured a person on the (6000 a user’s 12 left out or knows See you as CD what I’ve discovered hi all of the airship part CC 13 doubt which is new information on the are to be wrapped one of sit around and art, I’ve killed because of the gods of flights , Aspin’s call jean assistance to arms are all about the three and a leadoff walk family’s was for contracts becomes

a handicapped at minus from the crew spent six that works of the uterus a hearing on funding comes belly not have to use the water for you to run surgeon of good lord that generation who are still the most right of people who think that smart phones are smart do not realize we used to call dumb terminals at for 20 years prior part of objects in jobs as half right leads to call a smart: Tom Summerall for 20 years part of the Steve jobs: three smart phone , a spokesman realize we’re just here are created more from Lehman of some owners say. Two days cents and Michael 212 over two and a student and then go to your sources of minor and signed by all those from grand scheme which soaring to transcripts are upgraded its tail one of no computers of you know as I got older the problem I have I had as I actually understand this technology and no smart phone can do anything about servers of servers cost a huge amount of money are the youth think they’re following is being smart but it’s asking some other company like to think and that’s a problem my book via R we thought I can leading the country back in 1997 at your own longest and the long haul the law expired

20 years after Israel read and inspired them that the last year from Brock of almost term who turn around he ended I can to a foreign country so the phone book of war eagle on the web: worlds United States and say literally Iran and Russia are determined what you see it’s on the Internet are it’s a sensitive fears the peace 110516867 visit was a combination of things for kids one They use it all to saint of us again and should again be one of five write designed to be someone dies of Yemen realize this Al Gore gave a speech worry said he invented the Internet that was part of the end of 1990 eight giving her a speech to a room full CEOs where was trying to explain to them I have given money to the University of Berkeley economist college of the planet has developed a search code and if you don’t turn around and donate money to my campaign I’m gonna tell them not to buy from us and one true yet but is where the Internet was added to the entire time and that’s why the air that controls how much this is a disaster of epic proportion of the people who left profit while trying to earn a profit are in control the process It’s a mass sides to reach their duffs and like a billionaire Tonya how much state money via the I cannot talk about because of how the Internet Works you and Taipei and WW of goodwill, wm to go, Rogers raiders are, it converts to IP address that will call the phone book to simplify we no longer control what that name vs. the number looks like a test of microseconds not like your fingers approval page as so if I was ago that Amazon the column and by a parish ends, a control

the address book of what Amazon is located at I can turn around and say it’s used strictly from China without the arm while you think you’re buying it from bob’s down the street as Amazon cells things from all regions it all becomes a software manipulation of where the commerce comes from its a very the insecure math and of globalization and quite frankly in favor slavery the lowest common denominator will always want to be the most productive method to a powerful issue of or free event is entire estate to be more quote unquote enters the energy efficient at a wind up using 10% more literacy and then forgot to that stop Feliciano words and I can tell you for the most part we prevent my building here and her house to be more energy efficient use of mime and the right now we’re in a fight with electric company because Arledge bowl has gone down wages higher electricity to about a majo structures and usage or 10% with electric company says we’re using it’s almost like there for August to follow for billing as so remote unifying this low polygon his office seven dow uses west and $30.00 a month for that, which has a an irony to sell I design is building to run a solar energy and some point and we’re not there yet be a book read like its early and want to play the greatest for can say had much he and his money and Assad I believe some of these damn less when people believe the rubble should that I believe this a lack of detective three say they believe are a motion I was taught in school that the Indians of North America got here Vi ice bridge , when the frozen tundra with when the icy was around they walk from any share over to the United States well deductible reasoning would turn around and say when it an order for them to be a nice bridge it had been -70 below zero a human being can survive more than 3 minutes and then army who walked 498 months in that environment to become an American Indian and you as a question and sciences will go home and that’s about all the answer they got your desire have this is a logical flaws to that no human being can is capable of doing what they did call what they taught us in school are meanwhile tax on the ground in North America a users are copper mines in Canada and Northern America of it are 900,000 years old mare Canadians are very adept once called my Nino arts within a chore read things like that are slimmer yards more than likely there continue with the slaying of one of 1000 years ago but a slave to do and then you’ve got other artifacts where there are are nights of temple our documentation stop it was found inside of a treaty

more than 1000 years ago showing the movement and then you have a bronze movement in Europe almost 1000 years ago there’s a disconnect in history be even you’re bored United States that some major event happen more of 1000 years ago that disconnect history it’s not talk to is we don’t know what it is and the rediscovery that is almost the throwing a bid was once a call the detritus under bob of the action group first wall the money made on the Internet went down when they tried to RE straight and universally converse then with a knee and that what they’re really trying to do was say face book hasn’t much overwrite two Allies you for 40 as somebody who charge you for money it also was to try to prosecute from four to read all I did nothing all their ago how drug for you though a there ago that that’s all you to figure out speak and by Dole to tear down that he gets a tree line to the of the right to have a right side your bills voice down to know you aren’t 34 , right of the up of the distiller with two of the phone that the follies Barak into my trusty and I attended the debugger kids up before sir with love sessions and Emerald Fargo buckets ful belly there will admit Ballard their hive of Okinawa governor OK at the start with the basics why you like a real benefit that Mr. Milligan time delay and are right that sat at a time when the Dea at its I’ve never done the phone version of team seeks a surprise that seems to work his will it end of skus me

to a one who join a channel coaches wake up CD Sound to send out the rounder phone get tough with a lay on the phone version to speak I wonder why can’t a new kingdom joined subscription of the same time a joint other thing that half of life left gallery there’s the gill my Internet for old crop a handheld of the times, stormed out of the effect that the object of the York and the idea is to kill the funny thing is when you drop it is to write that make the ropes At the steroids like the over the top moment for drinking my god , and that you out of the nominees and-a -half this happens only get tired of what is the entire fifth and Jordan RE -fifth of the fifth – keyboard and the head of the it didn’t get deals a beer that gap as your plane down to phone the turn of earth has budgeted to have no idea about tool. It’s one of the year as the last to have a fifth of a CO that are the one thing about the dukes of

OF the high in the cut into bite you can go as via 1/2 the women to political trick to tell if coal mine Perot also by coughing is not my lungs that the darn down my role is akin to a guest partition down my throat and Zaire take route add that to serve coffee because the chips and so we’re a story to tell them to get a slow to Arthur of the a this is like a deer tick you I sit down with the center’s every month in the heat to me because I had to listen to them and I think that’s appropriate is the same thing as an adult be no and I hold to that same things , the denial of a state where about all my centers are democrats in the channel in meters fast as a part did I had made their status quo rocky more than once I mean literally break down in tears but this is also the same staffs that during the veterans day parade honor their high school football team while hijacking us paying attention for moore’s paying for the hamburgers and hot dogs it work for the crown the celebrated the 1986 high school football to that all under the guise that somebody from that school during that year die if not they were during the bombing. We’re but that’s not what when of it literally the tensions are standing out in the sun at attention while the family of the high school 1986 football team was sitting in one cheers under she did it as the senator Gaidar’s the age that we paid for that is one of those things where I tried copying of some people’s eyes dollars in interest free world. Actress The Tuesday is where patrons celebrate a friendship amounts of entrants are if you ever been around you didn’t treat us with warren events were so great that lost with a wholesome and bell of Brian over the state be a qualified why are you not reviewed and I would I was suggesting someone in your age the cult member of the of this is a forger qualified to serve in the service can stay and are the problem that I have with the interview house nascent success to four’s he is that the older crowd is under the part that number say that we are dining inspection tours because or who deploy these is going to Vietnam was it for a undergo for the first goal for less than 250,000 people wonder and comments to be certified as a go for rent a week into your generation are these events. It’s a smaller no it

well and here’s the problem is society is change from the 1950s the IP W occur. W and her local theater you may be financed by a ball are that affect the matter is encouraged to report a quandary can always ignite inspector chopper and they added that that’s that’s a reality is one that I try to change the perception of me in the end of the entity got sideways the technology that we’re using right now on Rogers raiders a column I try to tell me to envision the four were cited jolted it literally the commander of the attributes of time ducks lost all three because with this technology you can turn around like the right now 218 gj you can tax at NASA anywhere in the United States what you can do that with a view to be effective for the right, I doubt number the title for the W word would take you back in y and so that when you call that some the guy who issued the following is the guy down the street so I can put that number one in national fox news worldwide and you always get the local guy literally they haven’t the reason a panic was they had gone to the Vietnam years there’s a 30 year here you are, are keys and it became about traveling to three vacations and I’m an old guy and I know one or all -and I became disruptive are down to local interview side of my dad was a Vietnam veteran yellow the debt meters ago for better idea two to worsen Mogadi are rising, Saudi Arabia in I’ve been to, but what OK so then you got one for seniors under the baby she is now done Iraq I can stand in an effort to are you own it so students were to one of the R Stouffer to slow my crew version of family we’ve been to six, zones by whites is actually passed me a number, deployments via but she’s to an would she is using to pursue the issue really is a good person she wants to help people regardless she’s once people whose blacks the right call one to see things the best of people to end of the while the guy who’s the present level. If you is stealing millions of dollars for image from three R is I was always nice to me you can’t use the excuse of are the lobby my dad are realists renew their thieves we stop to these people are investigated by the API for wreckage during this point the the same people to try to turn around a device that we prosecuted four because the family was in charge of the bingo operation was it must be stealing what were we to fully investigate no was stealing a single Michael but if you wanna go back a few years yet they were $40,000 and a whole people underestimated dollars at a you’re what bright yellow CPA that big a lead of Stanwood is it’s a gambling operation right it is worth billions of dollars a year and the time is money lying around the two got people who feel they were swatted it as a point on which of the Vietnam vets feel the love to take the media outlook to 99% Vietnam vets that was on TV one time and not everybody thinks there were still never by the energy back off a plane of the job was to the kidnap that wasn’t being working

day this change over the years so when you become a Vietnam and resign as I say the comedy about a theater work is so that you can walk in a new header in the and took a look at numbers as a where despite reject one circle and then you start realizing what does a 30 year gap between Vietnam and go for it between U.N. that 41 years it could next generation of the entrance combat veterans is to serve five the age of I found a guy without waiting to be money which is the Vietnam which options if you know of is the venture charity did that isn’t a better survive are you gonna tear duct is no joke to tell people say to are the guy with a leg makes me $500 once it has a just to sit he doesn’t need to 27 bucks of the one where project all the services while the server shoe Eagle Service may I would I wasn’t a bad before that led them a claim the server shoe but you would call five insurers to leave qualify as a firm line service to get a player , which is a vivid I’ve literally see them polled Vietnam vets cup of the early that relying at the Airport because they were three 91 and the point of the deliberate is not because it says are rigid event but because no one was close attention when money that would wear project is cleaned in billions and billions of dollars to know a lot of issues charity has ever claimed to the point that when you first about every state would have a day trip etiquette who was paid $100,000 a year delta time benefits of the government is paying that the Sonics is sort of money to are that’s why they got prosecuted by the Ira is an insurmountable to win of the earth that to doubt that is normal for needy people were some things happen to it posts 1994 and this allows people who read the people see it work for the UW that have which the liturgy to 40 it was literally filed wrong and each were not the only one network and you Gotta go back to engage 13 to 14 fixed we had anything to post shut down because it was helping people picks are key to 40 and my wife doesn’t turn around and she did not see the ducks and she was jubilant , she wasn’t against an ha, has had to 2006 she got sent back to states because you can’t OK under the rules of the military that he is a different party code you’ve got skin cancer are here you are is an automatic disability from no it literally discharge or early ARI one Rios street any watch the other oh and now six Mo six years later the unless it look if you try to go back and say I had skipped cancer in the military did say they don’t do that for them say it and people do not comprehend that there is literally a system in place that is shredding that distance between active duty

in the reality, in 1986 when I left the military had migrated it’s so bad that I would like to I’d lose my site are right II was required personnel they set your stay aboard a s are painted after three years it’s in my servers from my service record of it to some key here in 1997 when I follow my claim in 1996 issue about record of the 199096 but again six months later I refile the physically be co me while there’s a record of them getting my service for and then 21 years later dumped rocket selected and my servers records suddenly appears the goal of Juneau you had migrates like director of really did know that are then they were dealing with 8:00 PM astray should that is right now for those killed her listing this and it. Not many people the VA will not see a patient today because called exists to get a hospital did not see a patient because it might be sent they are big on valid excuse for what they did do some sentiment on a disposal would like to be done while before I was too but the same time they’re all floated Vietnam vets into the the Healthcare System so now we have 20,000,000 people all of the ag who argued the pa system because it’s a good way of taking money away from making up I get likes because he begins to go to Dr Tells and Benny Dillon get the Puck out here I tell us that the up but it’s not what the promising a meal of my dad could walk Disney was destroyed and for three years he went to the pa system and if I was aboard a turnaround into a mere place for you and might it be appointed media be your eyes on servers and is gonna be a step between aspirin for Uni hurting a cutting your layoffs and put a piece of metal and the R and their wallets they want to get it because he puts so bluntly they gave him a shot as its new ship to give the decalogue he drives motorcycling to profit by cup they should edit three years per hour that they did that that’s stem cell becomes a political thing on earth would he like III did die in a salute with the opinion that should get from taking large doses or jeep of the issues and ideas ones but not verified by the A because it never dawned that diagnosis are meanwhile the symptoms are all like a Monday I go to buy urologists not have a great for 2627 years my first time seeing a religious will be Monday 26 years that social items as I for those $2.00 and we because of Hillary here is what this is up the discussion will be well enough to create a standard was Andre Hurwitz a break because the vessel or spending things to worry -if not this coughing the coughing is a completely different issue I’m just now getting two doctors it will say what you got three separate issues and they should be sent to one Doc -a lot of things is

to support a judge is likely to read a lot in the military should use of the nineties we’re using it a cause neurological letters a day or the esophagus and won are you going to nine million things were wants to write the R but this is not one of the sites where a city that still gets about these pro but that he is not a General Health Care you don’t have the incas, Cole Joseph V8 because they’d be very specific environmental hazard to stop, and to the global us page and it has been redesigning as General Health Care interact to a Decree pasta via to that this is one reason for the younger veterans day to get local media active because of the IP W is one of these and tortures of the socialized and since where records are destroyed it puts amendment are in I think people to remember what the interview is 1000 year old station cross symbol to 240 years United States but in the world to 1000 your WorkStation where people come back to war are businesses donate money is a good set of principles of commerce and it might Heber who is 65 years old the hot water here I would go to the IP W and save money he earns a warrior doubt that the theater you are shipped should call or $84.00 to buy are hot water here that the trend is gonna put that how wate not write a check to apply to the plate today is that that remains to be riordan’s two is he or his community as part of their be a career docs and that’s what you do use most since that’s where across a multitude of organizations posted to are that is 8000 your role to Los sistemas work for a 20 be all went back to the day of the romans that people to call precedent that were standing I don’t need a therapist and Toby amp lady is people in row one understand why it didn’t help the water to be a member of a commute the up because community where you’ve been surrounded by people who seem to see what sport you have only those guys can pursue the top of doesn’t need to be talked about to be discussed but it does need to be progressed into there’s been a desire to intercede on that on the behalf of Health Care when we get needed for 1000 years we did he the Freudians to tells how we deliver wiser for prior to go to the UC S that but yet but look I’ve I was more of my wife Linda mook if she was an AR integrated are gay Males and females in the same company the reality of life is the USX environments is a better buy and I’d say that they’ll worry about it and still little environment eight USX environment

if it’s all female all the women were better if it’s all mail to Males are better when you mix this sexual tension up by oh Biologics to it the environment goes down its it’s just a reality it’s got nothing to do with politics are desire in thing else of the IMS Internet and the desire politics are when we went to electronic school in the nineties I would select a school lightweight balls before chasing after James earth before change the likes of school was as much books come back when you’re talking about and if you fail the filter to talk to which you should know within the next 13 weeks or to make it should pay for the next six years to sign a contract so was self taught so pace are then when we got to Chicago they changed it to where the vs San Diego was patrol and we got a college professor and we got to toss of nine week course in four days you are to be chip and pay for the rest six years and less sure of it now because the docents and see if they’ll those exams the up at the same time the mills were not allowed to be what we called them our schedule I would school from six CT 96 aborted and only females can go to a schedule while the blue females to the next day we went from and 93% success rate to 81% success rate had nothing to do with the intellect of the females it had to do with the male female interaction of 20 year olds 18 year olds the of it was disrupted to learning about any other member during that time all oldest woman wants to go to the all male military school one just to prove it can ’cause that’s what they really did lawsuits and everything else as it was disruptive to learning about the edit when I made one ago that all London school commentary that sex is the R at the same time as destructive to the nightly to a high school that was a doctor’s live and there’s 41 people by school’s class of love and obstructed as it at the oaks church to point the death they are the idea of it was handled it was there was a separation but the one in I remember the transition between the feminists nation and the reality the attic of the hotel everybody July to see something as a woman I think should inspire people watch and its links them that he wants to that white everybody has been wiped his doctors and see that that white was running TV shows was an American icon was financing shows was setting things up it was doing things that the four everybody said it was a classy when they way or it broke everything the up and if IIIII tell people to take from that the marketing at full shipped a classy it’s no one was holding winning back is just no one was pushing for they were a happy until they were told me about are the date was a recently they had the two women to wait for the time the army a raiders program and detailed five times no man’s land that frightens terry

all hell you when you finally the first woman pass the shop no man is one of 305 times in store you can’t physically two when army Rangers acquired today the are paid to get them through on to six try the standard was one that something the story via and is not just she’s strong enough to a drag me in a combat was on fire that’s not the standard domain is required to meet that standard the are basically gives rather play deploying the MX amount of that should get that’s because men and women are built for the R fifth cell so that someday would never determined and the funny thing is is when they tend to be better show some the are the ones wise can for looking for besides can can keep up with me that that I’d look down on the genuine free to turn around and shot the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of rounds that I was a pretty good shot the of the but the reality is when she went to look at a comparable the up the the expectation I’d like a train turgid the A, 52, she garnered the top of the the it was one of those things rise like because it could be could turn around and say , you’re going to the income that what they really were saying was there to move from point a to point me in some issues that interlock should not are the it was just a matter of getting a statistic of up to earth I think that went from the electronic sampling ended up some reason some point they pushed women because statistically they were key day these tests and we were not capable of keeping up with a curriculum th and I I always have helped here you lower the creek because IE was a lot of if I failed a single week a single test I was going and as a matter of being are upset that so much but when I double fleet my up daily to deal with IE I learned what he learned in school was nothing compared to what handler to sleep I learned to three or four devices school I get the fleet they say here you have 2500 advisers are not responsible for it all by the way over there on the shelf is all th Walt I could do that schools that have either you take what I did learn school that multiplied times you know the country via that that’s what they did not want to say that I did there was one to come out there that were experts and Dr. Easy but it’s a difference the York and I’m not saying that the table are some physical thing it was one of those things where half the was a societal I know that the reality of the day was a reality in a suit you step back to stop and say no Kay we’re not teachin that that there are statistically lower I would agree with that

you pick up but I would agree that that are not seeking deductive reasoning did anybody and I scored I just went the are the the desire for deductive reasoning as lord women that isn’t meant R woods was funny as I learned my country is still troubled are twice my seventh grade teacher used to bring in the CIA forms Blodgett brown house of bills and workloads of which court who the R. Joe they were the CIA test a recent paper to Dr. East and of it was fascinating money she has to do these things for funder puzzles and are we learned all for fun as well and are as were limits so it’s a bodice is a matter of male female roles you know you get back into because they did their rewriting history for political scene points the other for that in this started the expressive for women was reading jockeying for the first woman to run for president was either: as Jody four of the the the big trying to Lowrie manipulate what a woman stood four cities are they bring her out of sync TV specials old time are just united distillers and write all get this to hold a clue to what the long because I know the people she tried to kill the are bits you know the people to Ghazi were just accidentally left behind like those people who died for that old for that our money that’s that’s really what have are the four people are survived Aussie work even allowed to use our passports to back the United States are no additional than a lot behind because of its people realize of the day with the turnaround said there’s of audio from the change in his second pop up the marine colonel Montreal general who had his own helicopter in the Mediterranean when to go his own cup to the rest of the people Ghazi they pulled it dawned on him to prevent him from going to rescue people just that has never to this day one that from Congress to become public documentation are they told the admiral of that carry to stand down the golden ring the polling done done that for the toll the Avril stand out in only go get it was quoted as helicopter they pull the pastor and he voiced errors from Chad pulled the store the R that crack is never made public I’d well until it’s one of those things where says there’s been that need for a two income household children suffer out about women were placed in server but didn’t need for a two income household children not have a mother goose maximum crisis and don’t do that ship society see out society suffer because a wacko as weapons the RI knew I wasn’t really can’t be a bug two parents and what might as we are the data is but this one goes safely contrast with an early to tell learn the lesson of the Tass weapon for another decade but what happens when used weapons when you separate dns weapon so that when you become a more mature to told you look back and go crack that the committee noticed it you know are they separated that understanding of consequence to action even if he didn’t understand it at the time you emotional and they are lots of studies and provide why, for religious freedom of religious but I am the oldest statistic

that for children to one to go to church it’s a father did a church children go to church does not with some other guys so that Begat your right to fathers it’s typically import left big they detain the point that out in are the racial component are you could yield the black father not be around kids to cause problems that it doesn’t matter that they always planned operation component that it’s not just recently, the father was really does have more of the old you are old and TV buddy realizes the a big lesson I’ve died I got off work really had I look at the nuts and bolts of things I title if you can show me the wrong did something with a fact all full of faculty will are but if you show me with your feelings of the matter would be very resistant are made as the assault winds subsided the R I to cause problems like water store on like a cousin of a cause senators did for kids age to cry to follow supports finds that you are more likely to fail high school and a crime and individual loan I would say the lack of consequence does that in fathers are more critical thinkers to deliver a consequence so by cassette at full facts you can turn around soon follows that yet fathers tend to be more are critical and hart said made 102 learn from others’ mistakes faster than one house to do with these are the trigger true women were treating me or beach are accepted. Little his biological when they’re deciding what ID to be ordered for so little deterrent kids that they are but the same time are I win two of the assignment but just a sample of holding hands of weary were met a woman resting its and it showed the difference in biologic vs Getting nowhere with me and put his hand on top of a woman’s to where it would they put him in a position to protect her short and that would take it easy boss to that have yet to pass up beach that bush and bill idle outweigh the size of the nurse’s assistant in the 1930s the black economy was outgrowing the white economy like the percent because of the work ethic of the black community and it was to release that are the Jim crow laws were installed with the democratic party they had to disrupt the ability of the black community Kwok and why communities into a job they were for longer hours and lost money because of work ethic not because of being taken advantage of it offered and sells at are it’s just a matter of doing business abide by the sum of my job as a business owner is not to pay you more money or provides two weeks a free vacation my job is to get as much labor at EU for the least amount of money as I possibly can regardless of who I’d spend $1.00 and I expect to make a dollar one back

and there’s a new political philosophies of world business issue just donate their time and give away the profits lie but it’s my business is my money is my risk is my my my business are looking outside well you get a real history the Russian Boeing and the R they talk about slavery has black vs. white and prior to 1830 81776 there are five times as many whites leases and was black snakes are because the British were selling Irishman for one 10th the money all black men were in as for average of the slaves bought a lot in Africa brought to England and sold outside market the United States or five times as much as expensive literally own a black person in America was the boss status symbol more than it was a business decision guilt and then you had but that percent to change for those of us are younger movies like the color purple where they use all people Peter slave no farmer I ever met in my life without the his former club it you bought a slave it took five years to pay walks for what you paid first lady took five years to recoup the money you don’t take out the field PM aground to one of the treaty well you make sure it’s healthy to make sure you get labor and that’s just the reality of business and this is one of these things were kids to understand the Dr reasoning anymore and told all sleeves rolled use that just to happen no one would be able to produce on a farm is the abuse to perform equipment which was slates that’s why when the Civil War ended they actually court time are getting slaves to leave the plantations or better yet but when two of the Mississippi yes Mississippi to the whole of generally generally have a large sleep position he also had a school where all sides with school and there in the Millage enrollees museum was in A adoption paid legal documentation were generally be a top did a black child two in this day no one knows where the child was because of northern army came in and sit you cannot have him he’s a slave they and no one knows where they went but he already had topped them as his own child when under the perception that could just call them slave and he’d been there the up but it was a legal adoption of the time the fed next plantation of the Serb general lee’s plantation the largest slaveholding plantation in Mississippi was all made by a black man not a white man you what you see on the TV is not even close to the reality of the it’s it it’s weird and slows things were no one was ago and you can go to these museums can’t say that are perky Katrina Tien the role in the needed this history from the United States all when I live in New Mexico are you know the number one hitter for the Mexicans around here Hispanics that of the 65% Hispanic grounder and if you cannot turn around say the word Mexican Commerce and the Mexicans are for and that brown people coming across the border to give the perception that all brown people can be paid less because their legal there’s nothing built to soften American war dead to turn around

and have somebody who’s spent again been living here there alive it is illegal and the sleep nation version of its come across the border the problem is that Mr. Population comes across a border here a ticket we don’t be uneducated population competing with your teenagers were teenagers are uneducated they are undisciplined there now l and their jobs are being competed against by a third world nation they cannot sustain itself because of Marcos state which is wh are you if you do if you’re not selling drugs market are producing drugs in Mexico your veto would use to the governor Mexico and it’s it’s a mark of status in this up for Baltimore right here the border we lost that 4500 patrons in the Afghan war , the core seven years we have 4000 Mexicans beheaded on the border last year he edits nine days and do it again marketable ship vs. reality to a has-via I deny that I live in Artesia Mexico which is where the Federal law enforcement training center is the are the government has just throw a disk and , you still reign of three major mouse for 200 bucks a month year then the Federal law enforcement Gatos high rollers in the year 2003 and also in its $18.00 a month for Tsingtao’s see look at this dual just blocker ocean vote for saying Mexicans are hurt workers the auto software cannot even distinguish because he said the word Mexicans the up that’s how knee jerk we are that we literally digitize blocking his speech via yet I’ve had this show but they block ever say Mexican firm orders because Mexicans a bar was the trigger the R that the the assumption from the left is there to say something they don’t care I looked at I am the good news I have been fighting with tools is before they were publicly traded company the R they were stealing technology from ADM bought companies assess it been publicly fonts isn’t a funded they pull up companies to s simply because the work done was involved like it you would not be the there’s no free speech on the horizon for the American public that promise to its Celso conspiratorial body and quite frankly my help the sole bet I’ll give a ship to be a fun just telling you guys affects that I don’t see free speech t I think I think America is headed down the road of socialism and possibly civil war with the next 30 years via just from what I understand history and what’s going on the R I can’t believe women should I’d Virginia to change his game close right now that’s a hit the news of reaching at the state average and is very very close they tried to ban all the automatic weapons are not automatically semiautomatic weapons they are 15 to and then the turnaround told everybody get your house shut up don’t move every under the scope of thing every governor has given or with out saying the word martial law did anybody who says wait a minute if you’ll say the word martial law as a governor that what you’re talking about as a governor is your opinion and therefore I’m not going in my house and took in the news is trying to paint that has the right turn around saying about to go into violence and that’s not the truth. The truth of matter is your privacy your rights are being violated without legal recourse if the governor was a say I declared martial law

therefore keep your house and shot up to let the reason they haven’t done that is the statistics of those buyers don’t bear out Torres the desire to test the waters of whether about taking security within your own property the up with a turnaround say are I’m going to pull over every license plate from a state and some governors again that will the Supreme Court said you are secure within your own vehicle as if it were your own hole in other words the cover cannot turn around and tell you that you cannot be in your whole just as troubling about one that without declaring martial law they haven’t done that the they don’t want to test the waters in a Supreme Court by doing so little if a declare martial art subleases about doing it arrest me and I love those guys you want full meal once a street I’d get your SP I’m gonna go to court because I know you’re in the wall and once it does from the Supreme Court to say you had no right to tell the guy that drives car the R in this goes back a long before this year last year used for are the democratic party has been the party of property called the station for hundreds of years and this is where are the leading only does this impacts you 150 years ago we told a woman she was not equal Tomei and therefore we gave that shuns the power to take half his property and g the NT Pass a constitutional amendment in the twenties as a woman was equal to what may have while she’s equal to lament that judge has no authority to take a shipped and give it to somebody else now that we’ve gone into gay marriage being legal one of the constitution and the Supreme Court has some point when a judge says I find that these two men are the force of detective have to scrap and give it to him and that man is Richard goes mobile while he is not even equal to me so you judge to not have the authority to take my property that case will wonder pro Supreme Court one of two things I happen to the Supreme Court say you’re right he’s not in equal he’s a man just as much as your which will either justified the all people are equal pay now they define the argument end for all women are equal to men and women are we to win against that of the fine art but that’s the case that would side with an eye view as a U.S citizen are sick juror in your property without being found to be a core window to see only justification for Seizinger Property under the constitution your found itself up and the you wanna see somebody role arise say the word constitution to a problem southern no role the rise faster the of the they’ve literally are trained that people who understand their basic rights Bart A detriment to society and it’s not just in this one case of the marriage rights are the marriage laws but under the EPA Allies, fraud that might one day spawn on your property not that I found one that existed one day might want exist and are so taking a prop up the the R bit messy EPA clause and then there are under fir and here’s another one affection bill of date you know that you as a VAT room are the only says in the United States that has no rights to privacy of your medical records of 2007 it’s called the RR R it wasn’t done a great

than 2007 be turned around and said it in event runs that the team to be unstable have to be told the FBI meanwhile on the premises and doorbell correct the third major record for arts question you cannot tell the FBI can undo but all of entrants medical records which question was how you had your the only subsidies and was not entitled to your rights but under the constitutional law taking away a gun rights of is not the goal is the ability to take only rights if the turnaround team that you are mentally competent and we’re voting ri which was the true intent of the wall of the many states they have quietly passed constitutional amendments where are single folk song for people were all have the mental faculties we call it a disruption of their ability to vote so the altar of the old folk song is allowed to vote 500 times on behalf of the reasons an people state don’t know that of the New Mexico it became a Republic because he tried to do for the Indians as 10,000 Indians on reservations are working to s that stuff doesn’t meet the needs the window after trial in February to 80 were a people did read the articles of impeachment the articles of impeachment said if you find him guilty of what we claim that he didn’t do their four the U.S. should not hold an election in November to literally tried to stop the election United States the first time in two and 30 years elections to work out well for the a this is this is what I say you’re 30 years from the Civil War long view of what I have the love I will quote their aggression will all men are created equal therefore should only be taxed and the democratic party ha as a direction $1,000,000 of his money it’s his property are one of the laws I would like to see the place for all elected officials is you are not allowed to accept money as a politician outside your own district because the supreme court has said that money is speech it’s one thing to democrats talked about it if money is speech than under the constitution a congressman or senator is a representation of speech and their four money cannot come from outside represented another words Sunday from New York cannot donate to a senator in Arkansas Dea because what the senator and Arkansas represents is the state of Arkansas will not the will of the money coming from New Yor I’d say it it’s amazing to me how much I wind up in court in the city of parties in Mexico only three times a year where the City Council does do good stuff like II kid you not have a 1966 are a fairly with 360 show we edit it is a crazed 40 grant but it’s or rust bucket OK had ensure to $40,000 and I had to see come by their write me a polite ticket and I wrote back to the city could you please define me what investments in property I am allowed all anyone have the audit that wasn’t that was illegal hope this is ugly said that your perception of right now it’s worth $40,000 in gaining value of 10% per year

as my investment could you please define me what I’m allowed to own that put vehicles, let alone as an investment that you would call Marie was as a city that I had the court with not only CD to tell me all over this stuff because the county’s property south account would add another nine karzai all that over Breyer vehicles that I bought into the town of cheap I stuck above a certain field looks like a good job turn up their but might show on chart is worth $0.5 million more now than it was 10 years ago the up the R but every city has up to light beer and other words the people you elected last week so they will decide what your taste is what has value and what doesn’t the of low light wives liberty pursuit of happiness the original words of the constitution were less liberty and securing property pursue happiness was replaced the secure property in order to live in a slavery of some point and that is removed from the history of historical context of why it was modified from the state via I don’t believe in congressman one and not taking any money I think a third in your district would ever the lines to find they c so they go to Congress and helped me become a better business but if I want to turn around a bride 230 congressmen that should be a crime by congressman the city sold to a persuasive he kingdom is another 230 guys devote his way to give me money is a business or that my business is so valuable that they are taxpayers to pay for are is there the possibility green guess there was a possibility of a crossing the line should be the legal portion until you mafias these days people and realize it and I eschewed the question of where did the mafia of the 1980s go to look and tell you that and the reality is they bought drug companies the old what we call mafia that we see on TV – olds the production of insulin diabetes number one number one in income generator for the mafia’s diabetes base as on Dr. Out to the turnaround diagnose everybody with two declared ID’s from 250 to 1 10 -so the deterrent force that big drops on a larger portion population yeah Del Congress has become a fixed number cents was a 1914 1970 are due somewhere down the Woodrow Wilson are era they literally took the 1910¢ as an said this is all a congressman the lover be when the purpose of of the congressman was to represent one congressman for a 50,000 people there should be like 2000 congressme then they constricted it down to a point where it’s Does it work the way it was intended the U.S. constitution to Brian documents to stop until are they as they study 2000 years of governmental failures to develop the U.S. constitution and and the last hundred years we have complete freedom limited what they learned before the road to document the first

yeti iris mean there’s some new law are taking into the name the ira’s calls me I literally don’t make any money even though I control law to income and that nothing and they hate me they are the eyed and audited every year for 21 years which is a legal again I have been a U.S. Coast guard were once every three years of them on every year but that the same time Los Lobos them audited every single year by the ira’s he’s been audited by the state of New York which he has lived in for 19 years ever since the last day automated way the day that the irises of punishment or station was half the the IRS is run by union lawyer I keep burning I’ve been on their ship list are some to under the guitarist the lawyer long before the matter of fact I got a video on the want you to channel are where they the one woman, was a cheap file for A conservative taxed on non , nonprofit within the next 30 days every state organization there was coming there inspector of business and try to run around business is , it’s it should upset and disrupt the populace but it doesn’t that I as a EDI some fires for an Isa telecasters like walled lake and the custard locus of all private gun from Michael Davis and noble shi the are you know that the talk of tough talk is for public the reality is that for the RR its they have DNA into the targets would like environmentalists and after the Su these four that built the full size suv they got 51 MPG and the 2007 Congress wrote environmental laws that made it illegal and that’s where the last dozen pay attention to what the list does vs. what the lessons are the sale was not a liberal levels did not care what people to the left is eight for two to two, as a minister, says the up when we say the words left to right that some 1930s term Hitler was on the right as a socialist it was a socialist he was to the right of the communists store that’s where the left and right then that killer of common words came from and the 1930s to say all your right wing and doesn’t mean you’re for cannot see a major for its socialist no returning a everybody into the social science that a turnaround proudly declared so socialist the R looking at every blessed governor right now the London not turn brown says this business can stay in business and that business can be and look at where the toll could go on as he does not contribute mightily to go out of business are based Atty. might be constru does that for the school which again is the R who’s in charge of what it would I think from scalable numbers four to trucks loaded all their option book the history of the NAZI party that others might call was literally copy from Woodrow Wilson

A the Supreme Court cases to look and fourth on that is called up vs. bill that still call today and it says that the United States car making castrate indoor kill you if you are a burden to subside to school but vs. bell I were key that is 1926 Supreme Court law and Hitler copied it in order to start his what the visit came to shove and Jews and others plan or Risley for flows to the unfamiliar with history Taylor turn around and was killing off the mentally ill as a bird society than are it was copied us to six but vs. bell was the ability to look at the one who was the castrated know are she was a limited from having children whatever that whenever they get back in the back of the days of the time she one of graduating valedictorian over high school but she was already taken to surgery for preventing from having children to get her mentally ill state then she sued the gov’t for eliminate your ability to have children and she lost to that Wilson the Supreme Court of the time said no and are making just determine you should the children he would and this goes four in time to where they think they live sterilize most Indians in the 1950s are because their burden on society they were using that runs in the sixties four of medical experiments It is what is and then today’s supreme court watcher name the list they are Ginsburg was passed a case about 15 years ago just being interviewed this is what can the Supreme Court two of the halt the their city problems and her answer was we solve that withdrew the way everybody knew that the abortion program was targeted towards eliminating the back black population no one in the same she got so senile 15 years ago she flat out said so in an interview are call mean that I Care of the name of calling something she created via the the the Federal parent program that we called which is divorcing that in the last eight years the black populations is down 12% to the portion will they literally are playoff right from the people’s lives but it was with the stats ’cause they’ll say I love that the declaration of independence was a compromise if you read the federalist papers which was the dead date over all these documents are a constitution, stuffed I would I would say towers if you read those with the deductive reasoning in for them to explain why a payroll with a rope no reset a one stop that. It’s it’s said to have the are the lack of knowledge and the federalist papers is is discussing which said are buckets and I went to a school where the school was sold we had books with yellow pages and you know of that I tell people you will understand history will read a history book written in the 1910s about the Civil War Dougherty look at the you will get a completely different perspective a summit was alive and support for was going on while they wrote the book via and from either side and selected the NAACP the National Association of color purses

you would think that was written by the democrats us immediate that was seven republicans seven white republicans who create and a move to let live the king with a population from republican and democrat because the at that point on the run the welfare system and they created the disruption and work ethic from the generational slate nation that work ethic to one that got three check for doing nothing yet started when III love history the umbrella of the facts of history and the two recent history they are is like other killers my calls he can’t close plants he still suffer when Wilson there was a Russian I can never remember this R he is defined social hurting in the 1860s of human beings so when Hitler would help heal in every industry sales go kill some juicy never get that when he did was convinced the nation’s 38 for the Jews and what he did that he was able to go into the ghettos gather up to choose remove them without anybody saying no other two that in the United States for those who don’t know are telling died of cancer john Wayne got cancer because in that state in New Mexico which I’m from me to set off a whole bunch of nuclear weapons and the entire population said nothing all this radioactive material solver onto john wayne’s movie sets are where he was are taken as a toll on some of the mobile seven to cover, sonata worry about that and the entire movie production gathered up that turned the radioactive dirty market back to a Hollywood studio and shot all the indoor scenes all of the radioactive tour john Wayne was not the only one who dies with the john Wayne actually live longer than most of the 260 people on the set 160 die from the radio action radioactive exposure john Wayne wang Biarritz live a long list of most of the died of lung cancer from the amount of where he should they impose because and no one to this day he talks about the fact th because this is a community standards that it was the way things were prior to 1970 to two mouth shut for pride country but the state of Mexico and thorough, killed john Wayne when the Germans to the terms for via R of a jealous a long time ago there for Camilla you sleep to choose a lot are you really like Gottschalk and the courage and they’re listening to go on for so long they are via the U.S. is I didn’t read the state that’s one of things I actually applied to the gay I apply my history as for college of social dynamics my circle what we’re doing and every was I you know which can happen to see it before I see the people have not changed it hundreds and hundreds of years of if you can you know the social interaction with the get something it really serve the more that were tried to tell a whole bunch of people

, and everybody look and advise and if you don’t know if you’ll give the money to run for president of Mattel not to vote for you all of the Internet was so young that they CEOs of these companies want what the hell’s can talk about the entire senior and the R United States at the media’s this town so fondly about four this is there’s the fact that people realize of the kidnap for people who work quote unquote hitchhiking a North Korean border those four people work from or the kidnap for people who were quoted quote that I king on the air raid for those for people work the are all the kidnap victims of these hostile countries were last 20 years have worked for that were some center public under another and then the Exe governed Mexico bill Richardson , secured the release in the 1990s to secure their release from North Korea by giving them nuclear material that he heard no clear that that were thre but you’d have heard that the material that make the bombs out of whisper to see United States and given to them by the Clinton administration and specifically bill Richardson and soft the secretary of energy of the R , for some reason that portion of the Euro how we deal in North Korea is the list of its , what if your war do it, wasn’t long worth the many who declare war in game or is more war is any definition because fertilizations broke down did any historical war like it when we’re one of the term or two or create we didn’t use of the military people web on the civilians because they actually created the pressure to bring people to discussion of where we dropped the nuclear weapons of war two and a truly that’s because that the Japanese would negotiate with us a day was gonna cost millions and millions Allies and sell like I can: I can run my little kingdom society in game , because the style hitting me is the same way as pudding that, pressure on diluted it will work too had England and or the United States bombed the power plants the Germans were brought to their knees five years earlier but for some reason they were off limits so all the things that produce power to make weapons were left alone the other that’s A Uni feigned in war two and again will war one before there was a ban on chemical weapons large populations from this gets into the conspiracy that thing of the two we have this desire to eliminate people from the planet and one of things you can go club his university of taxes the year 2000 sex 90% of the people on the planet must I am you can also good look are the old last year told the entire world of viruses, won a a 3% of the U.S. population the R patino was gonna happen here afford a and all these people who have this outstanding foresight seem to be belong to this bill the birch society that’s why that’s this conspiracy around that of going all the way back to the bottom play play days where we been a history told that by playing was was due to fleas

but there is also historical notes it says are people on the outskirts of town butterfat corps of in my card here Mr. Dr. Candidate CS cost him his dad’s is the costume of somebody that’s been described as spreading the bubonic plague the eight ball and Alcide the town’s back in the day that these doctors were all set to tell spreading this fall and is sadly the town was overcome it was a reduction of population other suspects you do in this country Georgia unstated order that says that only five that the planet is a leaky capable of sustaining five million humans and that is justified in killing thing over the bears are some were people often are the science behind behind oxygen and carbon dioxide that that is auction is not created by plants it’s converted but plants almost to a zero sum game that auction is created by the oceans and that’s why the oxygen level has been 21% for hundreds of thousands of years justified by science that these people claim that no one else follows a the number of animals to miss being ambles vs. the number plants increases the proportion of their more trees in North America than was the Pilgrims would there more people in North America with the with programs like because the more animals Are plants can’t live without carbon dioxide and animals excel carbon dioxide see the more animals to get more plants they it’s that’s been proven scientific fact for one longtime side of oil of how they they never were kids in the topsoil was a fossil fuel debt dinosaurs cradle of troop week notes is a 1920s that how’d she consumed by A and signed down the earth combined CIA to an freshwater creates what it is literally inside crack dealers and so all the loyal Wells that were abandoned in the 1920s Oklahoma they open the backup if they’re full of it when does a cap exerting from the ground is because the fresh water system and CIA to be tracked create more will then it’s what led to striking and then they have started all this stuff about well there’s more earthquakes in Oklahoma alders of false and on their quick settlement is general of the grass on earthquakes Oklaho to show the number of earthquakes of the year 2000 for the part that are king became legal else is doing up 4% recovery full bar next to it and also they went from readers clicks of 4 miles to reading earthquakes at 8000 miles and other words are eating earthquakes in Hawaii’s from a sensor in Oklahoma and calling an earthquake groups do we forget to tell you that literally every paper cut out the collapse that old shoe where the mileage number was from the U.S. geological society after bob learned that the machine that can make a created this height over Friday and this is where they have a lack of Dr. Reasoning did take over sole you say that building a well in Oklahoma create an earthquake I would love to invest in the company that created a water pump that was so powerful it moved the Teutonic plate on perks because that means you can move land around anywhere you want two anytime you want to and humans to 19 to not all this technology of the few balls or pressurize all well with water by three PS I what happens is the drilling Wells

it becomes quicksand and six of the earth and millions of dollars lost by the company so no company wants that the eye that’s happened was this: U2 videos on a CIS I’ve seen videos on where when a friend company makes a mistake literally the mistake is like two PS I 2 pounds per square inch of extra water pressure to liquefy the soil that becomes a quick saying it sucks everything on the platform into the rose take the love I think the New York governor should prosecute for murdering a dealer governor turnaround cut the subway of schedule than half as telling the number people in the subways they have charted from the mikey last week that the minute he did that that number people infected with up to get the same thing for buses they cut the bus schedule and has double the number people buses 60 bus drivers die from the call that exposure because they doubled the number people per bus and then when they no exit the bus drivers are dying to get the stop people from using the buses they literally crammed up passengers tiger in the back of the box they didn’t cut the buses up or double over buses they said the Illinois governor to jail for seven years have for trying to sell to a senate seat down the block of a ministry should an annual of governor and the Mayor Lazio just right to sell the lives they kill people doing it more as a guild of the log on again tried to kill anybody trying to sell whatever he was from some gather at the herds unity that’s why the key quit down faster but their of the spike up they could make a cut down the spike up to the a I like my data to the Dr. taxes and their make an exception for me the articles Texas no one outside states wanted to because especially from a say the rule is no from mexico’s most loud rotation intent was to cover, democratic governor who has done all capable should they think they’re gonna get the Federal government to bail them out the debt crisis is by shutting down businesses and scoring over the tax incomes when they already oversold to have a right- I’ve used the word I’d use the word slavery to win a clinic with these guys going to roam the goal of the backroom and they say well lit up the notes quote unquote vote there not to vote their gun turnaround teller but without the ones are on what the rules committee and the people early eighties as well if the start of the same level first round out and they were to have A everybody below the top 20

everybody in the top 27 at really so a five N Allies over 21 I’m not allowed a you put your life of me of right to read up had I had that same discussion of 53397533 when I turn around its I’d I’d tell them I said I don’t care which is a is a little lower than a dozen events and forced by the who’s the enforcer of your hat the undergo that people who are out to ship via so there’s no enforcer of now and when you tonight I can tell you what to greats and this is one to create a police force the police force has his tendency to fine violators all but violated out and therefore I get to plunder the ship upon a that’s held another way kingdom’s the ball they it becomes ain’t it becomes a cooking it becomes the Kingdome the case each at violation where the market and old ship and while there’s a up a medical abortion on you, have the power and we say who’s Staunton for some of the above the reason to be is I was the fire 600 players each with a gain of a I wanna see when making the movie comes along every c that has been every two weeks building your town up so that you could chew away the kingdom opted against somebody else to ease are this is something that you are literally witnessing history and a microcosm of this body was that hunter Utah politics and avoid because it is politics to implement Kings Guard socialism that are taught school that they’ve learned so that we can all just get along and then they go back and roll world like I want one, get mine and I spent money it’s all about me and that’s where conservative the concept of title of property did not exist until the 1910s literally what you along with what you which arrival to reach are there was no such thing as a the court title to property and the jury everybody’s witnessing the reality of titles allowed the port he supposedly put this: if you today he had tour title he spoke by an ongoing skimmer the police would come your house and tell you you have to sue him they would arrest the person didn’t they would say you Gotta go to court and argue without the saint system is being emulated and micros back in the game so if you turn around and say that I tell everybody that many say the top 20 kidnap well I probably should next month’s to the t and that is, top five teams, the top three

that’s just the way it is what you’re really going to say it is still on the Lacey but powerful early people keep being lazy but powerful because they can’t do the math to figure out that the catacombs is more are assessed and what they are but you have to do the work every day for catacombs be worth it they don’t do the work in their fourth of the product of that’s what you get you hit that you get that castle and that was my patrols going out and let her out of the blood’s jays one that was dead ones are burning people get place not that’s about GATT State but that’s not the eaves, Dooley was gonna do you do every day with his long as he has had the power that he wanted was gonna happen there was no rule to society or build a society that has won an indelible use these words of of its awarded its not working as a and the strategy that now I’d told channels all of a one if you don’t like to be in the first 6 hours don’t spend money here because I decided this is where I’m gonna put my neck system another try and build a community so obeyed full players that just 12 11 enjoy themselves after work and every two weeks so Saturday are something come in there and play with 13 minutes of another w there around all the time, it’s another kingdom USC been the best example of where does the lost the R I guess when they lost are title of his appointed night to was that have of a little disappointed night in that so many people will have a face-to -up of a cell that people will die writable the right the senator said was that you can regain it back but my problem I was I think fund plus take advantage of which some other up focus castles and we’re trying to sell speedups and I have a guy named like tiger which is a Korean who for some reason six events and the well was up against me that no matter where I read the mike castle age of finding beyond you know I tend to dictate out the information on the staff Ref that the party had their this three or four trolls that the traveling crew the stalkers from the 31236242 and a phony nightmare their smooth talkers A can manipulate them lie in the up and is one of those things where I have to wrap them some 0.0 will see their rational to the care of all gonna do is look at what he did its huge turnaround and as a CE 16 mail the six a seat 10 because you’re a degree was up and taking them chat I don’t need no anything else about him now I know your personality type I’ve dealt with you my whole life outside this game to have that many you have power you will love to use that power to gain more power and I’ve been my personal thinking is a small sub population don’t understand if right

because that well that again as I just said that’s when the planes like okay so the same each OS get into it then I have to go home and my Allies goes a worse with with with with 420 at the point when the war for 20 I guess a team jerseys on OK that he personally decide in joe’s like I told him to stop and he’s just a pending my daughter first of all this 1950s Wilmer team doesn’t fly with me of them may I hear he because he is the same argument I heard for 10 when they had some fake woman pitcher of their on their chest defending my daughter and a few large so rude they would not attac but yielded the excuses it’s all your fault or beating up on you the R and it’s all because you’re chauvinistic were defeating up one and they played the numbers in the game ends up calling 93% of my of the game players are male and there is a show over e.g. and there is some risk as a full four the up where these guys will turn out that the work of interior’s we are ne and put up pitcher someone up there and that’s all it takes to control hundred people of right that this up the hat at the end of the day he was our for my Lions are gonna be treated much better now and I is the leader of t I’m the goddess, cup people on the butt-and-half of my reasoning behind it is I1 of the people to log on to know that the other people are logging on with are there to support them they’re not screw around this as well as a walled off for five days five but not today won a nonleague one not only to not wait for a nugget gang that’s not got that that at this Point I’d done just I look at logically I’m sorry but this is a growth And we cut to a heady there’s just random numbers that we throw into the staff was 119 in the lancet, 18 am real other up like a dozen but that at the end of a distant stress me of the of Atwood stresses me is the people who don’t give a ship forward other of at least get past the four million power for king no more day are six years ago when I heard a cell as a GATT it can this is the thing is if if your stress and over the decisions of balance then your letter Martians dictate those decisions and sole point somewhere you don’t give you the Tyson said you’re here feeling guilty about cutting select 1% below original gusto about up but if Serbian and then she got no internal conflict all the guys been asked before about not

that they needed that you get what you need a whole bunch of personnel are some say firm, from the up-high as one of those things like Itel tools like when I do the training of teaching at Edison to live like I went from standing in front of 50 for 10 military, that’s giving a training session to the locker room doing a video NFC to build a two to retrain myself to speak to a different manner because now they do the year to stuff I’m not talking to 50 guys I’m talking one on one day somebody alone in their hall and you of an there’s a reason that ended because I’ve tried to keep that money that actually is one reason I’m gaining my IE follower rate in mime might be doubled the lead you to the look of the subscriber ever Subscriber number of letters for 40 bu but they’re not worth anything it’s all it is a number of pages everybody else sees are my number I do I Care about them the number people when I upload a video of how many people go look at that and if that number exceeds 6% is a success rate I’ve been doing online marketing for so long that I know that the average person that does online business tries to achieve ½% goal rate so one of the cheating between three and 6% of soul for bob is deceptive because that that the audience one to be engaged and the for Rogers read like a set the New Utah middle of the IP W in my house or a mime troupe will perform as the bingo -up trying to build a 21st century where gamers come on they’ll have to pay me to donate money to take it the knowledge but I have a large portion of my audience who paced every single month and then what we do with that money is I turn around and go out and say a ticket for delivering groceries to people over 70 which were doing my nails right now I’m not but I got kids and our and I’m still in their tanks lagasse actually I’m not the whistler six forecast the people playing this game who who hit the joint but the ones paying for that takes the outlines of the WI turn around and I can tell if she doesn’t you know guys we have 96 lifetime members of the interview that no one has seen in this and this called for over eight years when I know for a live the R dame honestly the membership that was in their fault money in your own pockets to get shipped the are in the idea of like I got guys are Crean were fed said the no one had to talk to and click the ha, was allowed and did you know we give a free meal at once a month at mormon community dinner type thing the month students sign the neo linear meal type thing left and are we would do that I like how can they not coming down here the they can drive after dark and there’s a line drive them and no one was picking them up and what do not understand what the point the fed trends marked the charity there in charge of the cherry it’s an guess we take your her own first but we’ll just take your veterans we take care of the captions windows and the troops children are that is actually the mandate of the interview and it got sidetracked

and at a few anonymous, explaining what if I am went down there and said the the wasteful sort is as it might neighbor who saw a I call end of the whole say they are my neighbors hot water heater broke I like to sequester arms for butter hot water you they vote yes they pay the $4.00 for the new hot water heater and the theft ring puts it we don’t write a check to the plumber to go, hot water here in the point is to get to combat that Ron actives with his neighborhood and they don’t get that no more Cousins at 3040 year disruption and I’m trying to bring them back but the funding mechanisms for the stock organizations a bid from -so the IE I honestly the people producing my charity are not the troops I can’t read them kids 20 year old to do the dirty work turnout that reads it should become the victims to a I would prefer I would happily the up and then the money we outweigh we do in the DVD outlay where there’s no committee that takes 30 days I can every other as a nation I read it that if I say yes we we spend the money now up and then we go back to the interviews is OK I say yes to $10,000 last month and here’s the people and widest five they reimbu so did its different it that it it’s something that didn’t exist before it does now are that it spawned awful things like hat was four years ago we decided to $20,000 with Christmas that we voted to give 20 great way to two other charities for Christmas from the deck and for the first time ever my dad was commended the SNA but we look at these charities and egos thanks for volunteering with the stuff of legends of the guys -day we went up and I investigated 106 local charities 98 of more fraud literally post office boxes just clicked and check from somebody who randomly sent money out to local charities the R and even out of the few that we found were complete and other fronts they were, mismanaged to wear their pain of soul salaries and other support that as head of the of it really got us to better fact it was so disheartening we take no money when the next year when they were 1,000,000 bucks we get nothing away to other charities because you could trust them the up you and I saw one atop the big corporations and and I say you’d understand when you you see these big organizations like Linda warren thin literally look at am like alike are the least 10 charities I felt like giving money you know as dog is being abused us money because they don’t abuse that the needed the money up the top with some national for can pet organization they found that the ordeal of corn dogs and never forgive saving a life-they’re literally injected on a killing with online Dumpsters the up with a work that they were the national pet rescue like they’re for sending so stupid are in windy day was a another one but close at that’s only that they were their dogs in Dumpsters the of Dallas $29.00 a month for dogs in Dumpsters I found the studies dog in the money and I’d tell you the scene of action on of the R Wright well have been

I have to I have to spend money as a yield new service to I have to spend money of last year I speak personally I’d like I decided to transition Rogers raiders into the charity , I spent a great about pocket are setting up all the videos and software and the other stuff than the it what it took that they can just before Christmas we started taking donations earth to the of the the you to think and then the R the next phase of this is to get other veterans to go produce their own videos in which we let them keep 100% of the money that you to put pay them and then you realize that schools that we provide on the web site it comes down to and it says is very low number of people get scared but it comes up like.a lull 2¢ per viewer that we get from the advertising for the web site but the number of viewers on the web site is so big now that it’s still so I got liked this claim it’s probably the 700 of $1000 a month provision to channel an the but we probably make $35.00 for the squid that they were fine with that and I think over the course of that decade of this tight of new generational fundraising to where you provide a service you get paid for servers based on the qual your work but you associated with an organization to where this transitional income are the arrest occurred of a problem long after I’m dead this style thing but I hope it’s not someone who takes over and we does my brand name worth a detour down to amass the dollar offer from road raiders the other its it’s worth that much money at this point the aunt it had just the membership a rating it’s worth 100 grand just for the members have signed up via if I did nothing else and no other ties in a any of the traffic num just from the number people sign up as members with a great and the new tech do we put in their is from amber talking to eight different games that have left had launched yet are about watching the games of the the reason I haven’t shopped on board with that yet is I actually understand edit numbers an 18,000 people sounds like a lot but it’s not too old guy who’s never lost a game the four to sell the Kalama numbers and me being willing to talk to them when no one else will is a big deal to an but I don’t intend to do a game launch until we break, 200,000 maybe 150,000 members the that that point we would expect to get 6000 new team users on day one that’s a good game much and that’s a game that if it meets the community standards, try and set that’s a game they can make billions of dollars to where were we to pull a percentage off all of these right now when IE investor launches a game would be fun to get 20% of his money gets spent and faced it said it’s an insane claim that of money of unaffected ever to what the Dr. and justices money what a goal he wasted the funding I had heard that

that yet he up I kept him on this court that he did the R Keough ways cheating for two videos Isa don’t do this I told Mrs. Juppe you will go to zero on you to any get kissed his subscriber to us if they will they will throw fit over you two that they will shut you down dealt with five plus came after me over the WW event might only saving grace was the turnaround said Debbi Debbi even lawyers contacted us and a way to take down your video of because you’re a violation of I said no they didn’t add to what I said Debbi Debbi he did not contact you until you until you take might shoot down as ceo they did click no leaking ice and I promise you that the need to be a problem with me they would contact me directly Ann and then not be with his name I added into one of the videos the night the guy that did that that the idle threat of plus one and the takedown because they were having problems of the W bec because they they had a software glitch where break a three likens and then the doubt whatsoever that the picture that like I call on goal: that that aerial images of like a brilliant at no need for long times ago the of this is one of the benefits of being a national that Ron stuff is weekly deal with lots of slippery stuff and life-cycle is that I got to the other end of the deadly DDB lloyd’s they shut them down so fast for threading the the other because what I pointed out was fun plus was fronting WWA and that’s what that that’s what some plus restricting me is that it won enough to publicly that they screw WW over R and I think they had to throw a bunch of money into stock their chests now fixing that with the way the game mechanics are cha they tried this to end in the video and 34 weeks ago were put up missing every time you are given me you’ve gone down -to because I don’t just look at this as me in the user I understand the game has to make money but occasionally makes money if it’s attracting new players who are enjoying themselves there attracting new players via marketing and for the seamount for 8 yards and that had the stock are their business development have that up well in the alley that draws an accidental they actually have a psychotherapy as whatever name in the polls are made over there in China whose job it is to create controversy because they’d have all the -pants at a cost for the entire the of the are they believe that the controversy drums up more spending and they’re probably rig this people been playing civilization for its abolition three to 30 years is still considered the number one strategy game ever and when I solved of the Glory is that there’s a great strategy game year

unfortunately there is the I’m going to sell the guy who gave me money to somebody else to give me more money and they can feel good about the fact that he gave me more money of so this is where then this is like a project for me for king 533 in that we’ll have to play the phone plus as roles it’s gonna be low brutal were gonna do with the patrols -but it’s a point is, become king of five citadel we did this and 362 362 became the talk around the building and I’m sure that already 533 is like a gun uses and 5 to 3 least doing something there wondering what Teledyne if they’re smart are going along because an approved of the new gaming business, up but I also see where they are trying to level out the old stuff they’ve been like in the recent three months they’ve taken all the advice I criticize them over and the vaccine implemented so I can’t complain because are doing Lassen to d are that they they act like these developers like Ike summit that the guy in charge of protein in the game in charge of running the business of like I’ve done this with many companies nothing on ISI I’ve gone and asta ceo of companies like which you put the guy in charge a right to department charged company al as I listen to me you gave him complete control of your website he could understand the shipping works even understand customer , marking department that even talk to the guy writer web site the idea that go up the eye and like another words you said bill the web page that you considered anybody who ever sent from a computer capable of d the R and said to build a web site is it’s an interactive company you Gotta have all these departments there actually controlling what they still control shipping need to know what the hell’s going on shipping you know of David martinis and know what’s going up on the website the not needed no less one of the two plane was going up so t and then you can get the acquisitions, they were to sell blew bubbles for more maybe we talk to the guy who plies blew bubbles before turnaround said that the pair up in the data get beyond the ig department lying to you about the numbers was-I talked about viewers and but if I was to talk in the eye key terms how many hits does Rogers readers get a month 38,000,000 that’s a myth that’s a given month that doesn’t mean shipped I get about 3 to 5000 people I get 3 to 5000 U.N. the IP addresses per day can then that IP address can be 30 to 40 people go into the same are cable company your ISP where they’re doing a share at the are the butt and the reason of the way I decided that is I know what the average views per person has struck 2.5 pages per person so if I got 30,000 pages open that divide that by 2.5 and that gives me the actual number of people who approximately should’ve the website and then you’ve got the ad revenue and generate offer that are the Ira jury ad revenue beyond the normal per 1000 IP address numbers are earth of the average you two Ver generates about $4.00 per 1000 viewers I generate somewhere between 18 and $35.00 per files are one because my markets on average of 40 years old are they are a prime market the the I’m also focusing the game more people to spend money to play the game so there are no consumers of Whitsitt the Sasquatch showed soap mind of those guys are gold mine always sell soap to mid it’s also the other of those people make me a 14 of

so it’s but all the new 2% bring it to the latest of a of a know what you two kills well I was around into videos and magazines stuffed on one of a Gaddis says the focus off own thing and that’s what’s going to be a others are phony total of five that the tax of one such protocols and problem are the doctors problem of your the R the ad that the new influencers on traveling and they are sentenced up so one of things or Rogers raiders can’t run do is become a representative of because they don’t know what they should be achieving worth of the Internet no one knows what they don’t know if I tell you there’s 1000 people here that I take either said 1000 people in August at page on toes are those of 1000 , you know the other 9000 are there in the once you realize that I can prove that the other 9000 of their age or not reaching that volume now we need to troubleshoot what you get no about the people you know about an escort the founder of taking a scripless Easter the scribble sea squirt we know what they’d be is we just don’t know what see us and so well I wish is, says this opera, I was on the Internet by a look when I first started selling guns on the Internet in the year 2000 to bellows what novel idea I was making $10,000 a day it was costing deal less than 10 bucks to reach the market we do call launch pad sits in the year 2006 the earth class to do business went from $10.00 to make 10,002 it would cost you $10.00 to make 12 they’d reverse engineer advertising back to the 1990 magazine games while people pay $25,000 for a magazine that 80,000 people and read and would sell two products do: literally a reverse engineer that using what markets and that’s where google and then when they got all that money into pocket they went out and bought other companies so that if yo that’s a global certain making money the of the that’s a cool got to be so powerful up this way European Media make the news iron United States duke was sued by the content of Europe for manipulating businesses via all wanted a global soberness the the Dr. Splotch my bad seeds the good stuff and doctors clutches of the move would like or said bulls went for dry said balls of the of all my gosh the commercial that Dr. Squads actually targets me of their one of my that they’re one of the people who bid to make sure the commercial show, for complex four of the aisle of the peace corps case via probably had to quit a guy that I get I had no surgery on a Monday that a good is also the only so much you’re more than 124 hours when they go to CD skins

the R don’t think you’re a drink in may that if the via De get that this did just that this apple on the PC somewhere in the the blood via the R we’ll figure it out of that there’s Gotta be away for this all I have a different network connection to fall direct conversation will work on that a the I can fix this problem via that’s part of thing is is upset up different techniques that of an online live on you to a live interview bruins takes place in Russia referred to major celebrity I made it so costly are the of cutting the cost of the stuff to commit us to picked up the two sides surgery last month that delay can almost see a correction see all the best idea that all will see an array that Dr. Says put on the line of- all my gosh but that as I look at the time here it spent 8:18:00 I cannot believe a guy, hold which people get up to 737 played the jury that some pretty amazing plus plan for some as for consenting up to the same for really kick yes force of the help launch of the videos I’m trying to tie the 5 minute videos into the hour-long videos from two years ago so that I know I have to do to the end of the explanation of what we’re talking about today -out and have them doctors wanted it that I sell a product now the guide the guy of the spokesperson for couple different things to the father to me if you’ve been here: hours of unpaid they are I can’t move all that much so the less to Melinda Johnson a statement on 50 hours after winning a Acropolis tough to that and also went down for for complete so that was me in the military I come in 3:00 AM of the other five via the graphic one time they were tried they were sent a thing about the the chief track problems like if you to complete one time about hanging over the rim prosecuted because backorders I was told blah the R we got out drinking in the two by an we were drinking Long Island iced teas out of gallon buckets are I was probably one of the conscious troupe Dr. Senator Ben Boucher play bush ambled thanks a lot Bela think you a pledge came in there are I will work with bellows and some other point the R for better clear columns that’s a problem with this video you can have the crack this video ever that you have crappie audio decay of Conde are the are so we’ll work on that II have actually have a system that I build four we were using it ’cause they are creeps prick and the team’s people’s work OK for the three of us but I connection to a phone, and

the end of the four will set the leg as I live in this trailer prescient thank you very much and Bella think you the of