good morning my friends jerry rosie here in the rosa string works workshop with another edition of shop talk i’ll just try to summarize what i think i’m going to cover in this video because sometimes i lead off in different paths and i cover other things but at the moment what i’m planning to do first is go through this stack of papers and pick out four or five of them and answer questions and talk about things that viewers have sent in or you know emails things like that then i’m also going to try to talk about viewer gifts and i have a bunch of those over here just off camera and then i may get into a little rant about the quote unquote good boys club the snobs out there the video on chocolate the final video at the moment i’m recording this has not come out yet it won’t even come out until tomorrow but yet they’re already on the attack and i knew they would be i don’t want to get off on that right now but i may cover that at the very end i don’t want to get myself in a bad mood before i do this [Laughter] okay a question here from uh richard reisner he’s uh one of the uh longtime viewers of the channel and i believe he was a customer at one point and he’s done some work for me and richard also sent me a really nice uh gift it was a double barrel uh 20 i’ll just say it that way so that youtube doesn’t try to uh you know knock this video down because you have to be careful which words you use on a lot of videos anyway his question is when building these mandolins and things and the wood that we have why do we start off with such thick pieces when we carve them down so thin well there’s a number of reasons for that let me just get a piece of that to show you you know it does appear to be pretty thick but really in the scheme of things it’s not that terribly thick there’s a considerable arch in this from the bottom of this to the top of the arch is a little more than a half inch thick granted this is thicker than that but what we do is we join them together like this and then we run this through the planer or thickness sander or whatever and take it down to close to the thickness we need before we start carving so when we actually start carving we’re just about the right thickness yeah there’s a little bit more here but that’s just the nature of how it’s sawn out of the tree you know you can’t hardly do much about that a lot of it depends on the diameter of the tree for one thing you know how big the outer edge is but also in addition to that uh having that little bit extra thickness helps us flatten it out because a lot of times when they dry they warp a little bit or they cup or they bow and so you know really they’re not all that extra thick they’re just about right really they saw them pretty tight they try to get as much out of the tree as they can to make more money obviously so they’re not going to give you anything they don’t think they need to give you if that makes any sense but it’s a good question richard and that that is pretty much how it’s done if you just think about this like a tree this would just be a big a great big circle see and this is just one little split out of that circle just a pie cut basically and then they take that pie cut and they split that and open that up and then you have book matched wood so anyway that’s how it’s done that’s why it’s done the way it is and it really isn’t all that much bigger than it should be um let’s see here’s some viewer stats on the channels just for the last month it’s way back up again a lot of that is due to that 1918 gibson l4 that i repaired and then more of it now is also due to chocolate because it’s getting tons of views um there’s been over 600 000 views in the last 28 days that’s a lot of views and uh there’s been more than 9 million 789 000 minutes of view time so almost 10 million minutes of view time this month which is a lot we added more than 2500 subscribers more than 34 000 likes and uh more than 1100 shares people sharing the videos that’s one way you can really help the channel out is sharing this sending it out to your sending the link to your friends and tell them to watch it you know and sometimes maybe just to get them into it instead of like instead of

telling them to watch the whole hour-long video say hey you know watch the last 10 minutes of the video you won’t believe this or watch the first five minutes and watch the last 10 minutes you know whatever just so that they you know see the video and see what’s going on and it might hook them you just never know but anyway we’re uh the stats on the channel are overall pretty darn good um i have not read these yet so i’m gonna pause and read the next one this next one is a funny one it’s from my friend val who is uh a lady rancher out in uh captain john creek and that’s out west and i forget she’s told me three or four times where she’s from and i forgot i forget if it’s idaho or colorado or wyoming it’s out that way out there in the big big sky country you know if you’re a follower of these shop talks then you remember when i said she had an erosion ditch that was one horse deep and she put her horse in the ditch and it showed how deep the erosion ditch was out here we get an erosion ditch down our driveway that’s six inches deep and we think we’ve got a problem anyway she said she learned something from the channel and it really helped her this morning i think this is hilarious she said she went out to milk this morning and the goat came in and it had a bleeding udder a scratch on the udder so she just went and found her ca glue and glued it up it’s what i’ve done i you know i cut myself or get a especially those weather cracks where in the winter time where your fingers crack right on the corners put ca glue in there close that up it’s the best thing you can do i’m telling you it’s a really good idea to do that don’t spray it with accelerator because it gets really hot and it burns let it dry on its own and even that sometimes can get hot don’t put very much on it by the way just put it just a tiny little drop and keep it closed until it’s until it closes up that crack and the crack won’t hurt anymore i mean it really does a good job but that’s the first time i’ve heard of anybody gluing up a goat’s udder you know if she had asked me do you think that would work i’d say yeah it’d probably work but i can honestly say that’s one of those things that i have never tried val i’m glad you learned something from the channel well this next one kind of surprised me i didn’t even know it was in the pile here but melissa puts these together for me so uh this next one is from the canadian mandolin that i build if you watch that series on that canada mandolin melissa was really taken with that mandolin she felt like that was the most beautiful instrument i’ve ever built and apparently the owner likes it pretty well too here is a note from the owner it says hello jerry i’ve been enjoying watching you build mandolins and doing all sorts of complicated musical instrument repairs over the past few years and i have admired your work tremendously however i almost went into shock last week when a courier showed up at the door with a superbly well-wrapped package from rosa stringworks he didn’t know he was getting this by the way his son-in-law bought him this custom-made mandolin so i built it on the uh sly if you will and and didn’t talk about who was getting the mandolin just that it was going to canada the package contained a beautiful new mandolin that unbeknownst to me had been ordered some months ago by my son-in-law chris i was blown away by it what a wonderful gift i’ve watched the three videos you made of the mandolin build and couldn’t help but be impressed it’s not only a beautiful and unique instrument but the sound is incredible i already own a gibson artist model mandolin and it sounds really nice in fact i thought that the gibson couldn’t be beat as it is a very good instrument well my new rosa mandolin has plenty of volume and sustain like no other mandolin i’ve ever heard its tone is incredible i can truly say that rosa is by far the finer of the two mandolins well thank you very much i appreciate that i appreciate all the time and care hard work you put into this you packaged it extremely well for the shipping and it arrived to me in perfect condition from start to finish you couldn’t have done more to make the whole job perfect thank you very much for this beautiful rosa mandolin i will always treasure it and his name is ron so ron i’m so glad you liked the mandolin

thank you so much for the kind note i thought you all would like to hear that just so that you know that the instruments you know are appreciated you know i i i don’t often always hear from the end customer most of the time i hear something but not always okay this next one is from a viewer fan and uh his name is jeffrey and jeffrey says good morning rosa string workshop yes i admittedly am one of jerry’s kids uh it’s that’s a play on jerry lewis obviously uh jerry a wonderful organization and charity for uh muscular dystrophy but uh jerry lewis they were known as jerry’s kids and so he’s playing on that he says he’s hopelessly addicted to watching mr rosen build and repair instruments he’s hoping that he will learn enough to help him build and repair instruments as well he’s got a couple of questions here the first question is how does jerry and the rosa string works band protect themselves from copyright infringement and you know song thievery lyric thievery that type of thing well the truth is i have copyrighted a few songs and a few of my works over the years but i more or less kind of just gave up on that you know by copyright law the way i understand it i’m no lawyer so you know you check this stuff out on your own don’t take my word as the final word but the way i understand it is that anything you write i mean the moment you write it technically it is copyrighted the problem is you have to prove it so like if somebody stole your work and you wanted to prove it you have to have some sort of way to prove it in court well you know that’s what registering your copyright means in other words it’s already copyrighted but you have to register your copyright so that’s what you’re doing when you copyright something you’re registering your copyright you already have so with that in mind you know i don’t worry about it too much and the reason is first of all i doubt i’ve written any kind of hit song that’s gonna you know take off and be worth a million dollars you never know i mean anything could happen but if it did happen i believe i have enough proof in my arsenal that i could go to court and prove it if i ever felt like i needed to defend it so basically it boils down to proof of your copyright and if you’re able to prove it at least in my opinion now this is just my opinion you understand this is not a legal opinion at least in my opinion i feel like i would be okay because i’ve got all kinds of documentation computer wise you know cds in print stuff i sell on my website my videos now is another good way to prove things i feel like i’m okay so that’s how you know that’s how i protect myself one of the simple ways to you know that people claim will work and again this is just people talking is to send yourself a registered letter and you never open it so that it has the postal date and all that stuff on it you know the registration with the post office that type of thing and you have your work inside that letter so you mail it back to yourself basically you know then you have that on file and supposedly that’s supposed to be good enough to take the court type thing too whether that truly is good enough i don’t know i’ve just heard that so i’m just talking out loud here as you can tell i’m not the authority on that regard but i’m also not too terribly worried about it um okay his next question he’s wanting to build some um guitars and he’s worked in a hardwood lumber store for over a year and i’m saying you lucky dog that’s where you should work if you want to build guitars and he says he’s really come to respect and admire the padauk he’s referring to my video series number 225 and 348 how you know beautiful those instruments are and the way they boom and you know make good sound he’s wanting to build uh different style guitars he’s wanting to build parlor guitars and uh you know in an om model and he’s asking me would the paduk work well for those well in my opinion i’m not saying paduk’s the best wood you can get i’m not saying that exactly what i’m saying is it’s as good as any wood you’ll ever find it’s really good wood for building instruments it really is it’s got the right properties the biggest negative of padauk is it’s a little hard to bend it’s not real easy to bend not crazy hard and the other negative would be well there’s actually two more negatives the

other one would the first one would be filling the pores you know you can fill it with a lot of different things but you got to be careful what you fill it with otherwise you could you know put be like putting a blanket on the guitar so i just bite the bullet and fill it with finish so it’s a lot of work so filling those pores is a pain and then the third thing about padauk is the fact that the color bleeds out of it real easily so those are the negatives of the padauk but the sound wise it’d be really hard to beat uh so i think yes the answer is yes that would work great for those guitars you’re talking about on his last question which i have not read yet let me see if i can read it real quick uh in terms of spruce you know he says in my experience what is the most resonant spruce well the truth is on that i don’t know that i could be honestly telling you the truth on that i don’t really think i have a strong absolute guarantee that this spruce is better than that spruce i’ve heard really good spruce in all the different uh spruces i’ve heard really good tops made from all the different spruces i’ve heard really good tops made from redwood i’ve heard really good tops made from western cedar i think probably the most important factor i mean you know the the purists if you will will tell you the adirondack spruce is the best that’s what i use i think it’s incredibly good it’s hard to beat it’s also a little harder to come by the old standard wood company here in missouri sells adirondack spruce so uh sitka spruce those very good you know i don’t think i could just say you have to use adirondack spruce or you have to use this or use that tell you what western seizures are really good redwood is really good i build instruments from both of those and they sound awesome so it’s kind of like toss up your coin and whatever lands is what you use i mean it really doesn’t make that much difference basically the rest of his comments uh were just complimentary uh toward the channel and he enjoys our music was talking about the patreon account there that he may try to support that down the road he’s been out of work with the covet thing and i say to anybody watching uh in terms of the patreon support certainly if you feel like you’re getting a lot out of these videos and you’re able to support it i certainly appreciate it because there’s a ton of overhead on this it really is i mean there’s a ton of overhead i’ve got a full-time person pretty much just dedicated to videos and i’m paying a salary there so that’ll give you some idea i’m not crying poor mouth you know i’m not begging for money i’m just saying that’s there and if you feel like it’s something you can do to help us out we certainly appreciate it we really do this next question is from scott nielsen and scott’s question is do i use sanding sealer on rosewood before shooting it with lacquer i would say it’s again it’s a flip of a coin whichever way it lands you’ll be fine whether you do it or you don’t do it i don’t think it’s that big an issue in my experience i mean i’m just telling you my experience doesn’t mean it’s right it’s just my experience sanding sealers are just i don’t see any point in them at all i mean you know people claim they do this and they do that and all of their claims that i see are just false i mean that’s just the way it is that’s just my personal belief is they’re false they don’t do anything if anything they’re just watered down lacquer or they’re just lacquer with an additional filler in it and it just doesn’t do anything it still shrinks it still follows you know still follows the pores just like the regular lacquer does i don’t see a bit of difference i really don’t the only maybe advantage to it is that it may sand off a little bit easier so you might get to a level just a hair quicker i don’t see much difference honestly so you can in my opinion you could do either one you could do it or not do it and i don’t think you’re going to see much difference that’s my opinion should i mask off the bridge area or spray over it and scrape away the finish well the way they do it in the factories is they mask it off they’ve got it all figured out to the point where they think they know but as we all know sometimes they’re wrong and typically they only mask off an area that’s just slightly smaller than the bridge and then they just glue it down to that one little bare spot and the rest of the bridge is sitting on

top of the lacquer i definitely wouldn’t do that i would make sure that your bridge is sitting on bare wood however you achieve that is up to you i prefer the reason i don’t mask it off and the reason i do cut it out and scrape it later is because of another statement i made in a previous video and that is the most important thing about your instrument after you you know take all the care to build it and you you take it all the time to carve it perfectly and all of those things are completely done and they’re finished now the very most important thing the most important thing there’s nothing more important is the intonation so that’s why i prefer to float the bridge even take a day or two sometimes let the string sit on there you know i tie it to the tail pin as you know i i just make a temporary floating tail piece to tie the strings to i float the bridge around until i get the intonation absolutely perfect then i mark it and then i cut the finish away that’s why i do it because intonation is the single most important thing there is on your instrument in my opinion and you know if you start watching things about the technical parts aspects of notes and music and things i just watched one this morning that just reinforced what i’ve always believed that much more again that the intonation is the most important thing and that is about the relationships of notes and their and their frequencies and their tones and all that stuff and about the dissonant notes that you get and all these things whenever you start to understand how all that works then you will know that intonation is absolutely the single most important thing there is on an instrument period you can talk about strings you can talk about this or that intonation is where it’s at period so with that in mind you do what you want but i’m always going to float my bridge mark it and then scrape the finish off it’s a lot more work that’s why the factories don’t do it because it’s a lot more work and they just get in my opinion they just get in the ballpark on their intonation their intonation’s pretty good most of the time it’s pretty dang good but it’s not necessarily perfect and there’s the difference the next question here is from woody stewart woody is very complimentary about my videos and he said that he needs to work on a j50 which was exactly like he said the j45 that i did in video number 417 he says it’s not a sunburst but otherwise it’s very very similar he’s talking about the plywood bridge plate and whether or not it’s if he should replace the one in his guitar because it has a plywood bridge plate also well you know i guess it boils down to a lot of factors one of the factors would be is it creating a problem on the instrument in terms of you know is there a big bulge there that kind of thing if that’s the case for sure i’d probably replace it if it’s not creating any mechanical physical problem i’d say then it’s a it’s almost a 50 50 on whether or not you think you have the skill level to do it if you’ve got the skill level to do it and you’ve got the confidence to do it etc and so forth then i’d say it’d be a good thing would i recommend you do it just off hand i’d say probably not but on the other hand if you know how to do it you do a good job at it you’ll like it when you’re done so i hate to be that noncommittal but that’s kind of the truth of the whole matter if it’s definitely causing a mechanical issue and the top is bulging up and all that kind of thing then i’d for sure fix it and i would replace it with a good sound quality bridge plate and as you know padauk is very good because padauk is very stiff it resists bending very well and it transfers sound really well so there you go so woody i hope that answers your question uh thank you so much for watching the videos this next comment is from a fellow in toronto canada i’m going to butcher his name and i’m sorry his name is anatoly hopisi i would assume it’s h-o-p-i-c-i and anyway anatoly uh his question is he’s got a 60-year-old mandolin and

it has the plastic binding on it he said everything’s up in pretty good shape it’s all attached but the binding itself is cracked in a lot of places is there any way to restore that or fix that well i’ll be honest i don’t know that i’ve ever really tried to quote unquote fix that but i would say chances are slim to zero pretty much you might be able to do some sort of a chemical deal which would potentially melt the plastic back together but typically that could cause just as many problems as it would fix it might cause the plastic to dry out crack even worse come off the instrument could also melt a plastic and make a big mess i mean there’s just all kinds of potential problems with trying to fix that i guess my thoughts are if it’s not coming loose i just plain leave it alone if it’s coming loose then about the only real solution is to just replace all of it sorry i don’t really have a better answer for that hope that helps you thank you for watching my videos another viewer asked the question about the renaissance wax and this guy’s name i believe is gerald sullivan he goes by sully but anyway his question is renaissance wax he’s ordered some based on my recommendation and he says i’ve been using the crud they sell the big box stores and he wants to know if he should remove all that and how to remove it of course this is an old one and i’m sure he’s already done whatever he’s done at this point i’m sorry that it’s taken this long sully to get back to you but i don’t really see much point in trying to remove the liquid polishes that have been put on there i you know if anything you might just want to clean it with a damp cloth you might want to uh use a very light maybe a dish detergent in there just a a drop or two and just clean it real good dry it real good and then just put on the the renaissance wax and buff it out and keep that rag turning and buff it off almost as fast as you put it on you don’t want to let it sit on there very long before you take it off you’ll find that the renaissance wax is far superior to the liquid polishes the difference in tone can also be tremendous on an acoustic instrument but you know it really depends on the instrument hope that helps you thank you for watching my videos this next question is from ed devito ed er watches the videos and he says that he has heard me say many times i’m not an expert on finishes which i stand by that statement pretty much because i don’t feel like i am at all i’ve used just about every kind of finish you can think of and it’s kind of like politicians with me i pretty much hate them all that’s you know equal equal hate on both sides of the fence it doesn’t matter whether you’re republican or democrat i pretty much think the very best politician should be in jail i pretty much think the very best finish is touted far and above and beyond what its real capabilities are so that’s my opinion on finishes none of them are all that great some of them just have less issues so i go with the less issues thing shellac he wants so in other words he wanted me to kind of run down a list of these finishes here and tell what i think about them well shellac is a great finish it’s used in the french polish finishes the with the alcohol and the whole bit and it builds up makes a beautiful finish but the problem with shellac is that it’s not very strong it’s very scratchy you can scratch it real easy and the worst thing about the shellac finish is that when you put your arm on it and you sweat it will turn milky white sometimes that will clear right back up and you won’t notice anything and other times the milky color will stay forever i’ve even seen a lot of instruments come in that have shellac finishes and you can actually see their hair imprints in the finish hair from their arm so that’ll give you my opinion on shellac and hopefully you’ll understand shellac is great for little touch-up spots like say you need to fill just a little tiny hole or something it might be good for that it’s not a bad undercoat a first undercoat for your instruments a lot of oil varnishes are put over the top of shellac you can even put shellac on and then spray lacquer over it i believe i don’t think there’s any problem with that i just don’t use shellac all that much i use it in a couple of places like

there’s that amber shellac that kind of fits the yellow gold tones of a lot of instruments so i use it for touch up a lot of times just to kind of match the color so anyway i’m not a huge fan of shellac it’s got its uses i don’t think it’s a good top coat for any instrument i really don’t the french polished instruments sound great they look great until you really use them and then they don’t varnish just plain old varnish and i will call that oil varnish in this case oil varnishes are excellent finishes they’re probably the overall best acoustical finish you can put on your instrument saving shellac she lacks a good acoustical sound also but again the shellac has the problems i’ve already mentioned where the oil varnish doesn’t have those problems it’s a more durable finish it lasts a long time more or less immune to the moisture once it’s cured it’s a good finish so oil varnish is a very good choice probably the cheapest quickest easiest oil varnish there is out there that you could use on your instrument would be the true oil most other oil varnishes have the problem of not curing forever they take forever the true oil varnish has many more dryers in it and it will dry much quicker so that’s if i was just going to recommend just for the casual refinisher the true oil oil varnish would be the way to go i think now it takes a lot to build that up and you can sand through it really fast because it doesn’t build up really fast so you do it does take some work to put on oil varnish but any oil varnish is quite a bit of work lacquer which would be there’s different kinds of all of these things now there’s water-based and a lot of these different things like water-based lacquer now and there’s the nitrocellulose lacquer i still use the old-school nitrocellulose lacquer i would say it’s you know on a fairly equal par with the oil varnish in terms of sound the nitrocellulose lacquer is very durable finish it’s a good finish overall it builds up fairly well but it does take a lot of coats for it to build up too it doesn’t fill pores well at all that’s probably the biggest negative of lacquer lacquer has this weird property why i have no idea and if somebody could explain it to me in some sort of common sense terms layman’s terms not some technical jargon i would love to know why when you have a pin hole and you spray lacquer over it that pinhole will get bigger you spray the next coat on it it gets bigger it gets bigger it emphasizes all the defects i don’t know why lacquer does that but it does and it takes gazillions of coats to get over that and you finally will get over it and you’ll level it and it’ll be fine but it takes a bazillion coats that’s why it’s so hard to put the lacquer over the paduk wood because the grains the grain pour the pour holes are so large that it just it’s a nightmare it’s true it’s a true nightmare it really is i probably should just use oil varnish on padauk and be done with it i really should and i might start doing that because it’s a much better uh pore filler than lacquer is polyurethane uh it’s a plastic type finish you know i actually did one instrument in polyurethane and i’ll be honest the sound was pretty darn good and it was pretty darn easy it’s for some reason it’s frowned upon on instruments not very many instrument companies i don’t think use polyurethane but the truth of the matter is if i’m being honest and not being snobby which is kind of the tendency with all luthiers and instrument builders the polyurethane did pretty darn good on the one instrument i put it on and i mean honestly it sounded fine so that’s the only you know experience i’ve had with polyurethane i guess i would recommend against it just because all instrument companies builders luthiers recommend against it but on the other hand the one experience i’ve i had with it was perfectly fine so i guess that’s all i can really say about polyurethane his last comment just says he hopes the arthritis is in check and god bless well ed back to you not so much i still haven’t met with hand surgeon yet but that’s coming up

so thank you for that question i hope that uh my opinions on those finishes helps you if you hate all finishes uh you know put a comment in the uh and the doobly-doo down there too i uh yeah just like politicians i don’t like finishes this is an an old one from back july 24th from uh matt bartoloni bartoloni i guess b-a-r-t-o-l-o-n-e and he’s from chesterfield michigan i guess mi is that michigan or is it minnesota i can’t remember i think it’s michigan anyway yeah i think minnesota’s mn isn’t it yeah okay his first of all he’s very complimentary about the videos and things and he’s learned a lot of tips and tricks he’s using a lot of the products i recommended which are the semichrome which i got from randy shardinger just so you know renaissance wax canopy glue and canopy glue was recommended by a viewer renaissance wax i think i actually saw that on the fellow over in england i forget his name now anyway that big shop over there used the renaissance wax and recommended it so those are where i got those recommendations you know i after using them i stick to them and they’re great uh the canopy glue is really good for binding uh again that was a viewer’s suggestion it worked great i have since i mean i’m still using canopy glue it works great but i’ve also come upon this super phatic glue and i’m telling you what this stuff here does basically what the canopy glue does and even does it a little bit more on steroids if you will this stuff here is really good stuff i i you know haven’t used it on such a wide variety of things yet but so far everything i’ve used it on has been really good it’s a little thinner it wicks into cracks a little bit better similar not quite as much as ca glue but a little more similar to ca glue so if you wanted to glue something uh a wood you know a wood to wood type glue joint and you can’t really get tight bond in there you might try the super fatty this apparently is more available overseas it i’ve only found one source so far here in the us i just searched on ebay and found that um he said he’s also bought my t-shirts he said they are very fine quality just like i told you they were actually those t-shirts they just feel really good i spent the bucks on the t-shirts and got the very best quality shirt they had and you will notice a difference compared to your average t-shirt i promise you he says now my question this question has come up more than any question of any product i’ve ever shown ever and that is this taper gauge it just keeps coming up and coming up and people just keep asking about it and i’ve shown it on lots of videos and talked about it lots of times but people just keep missing it apparently and it’s the in size and i’ll read the number number 4830-1e i just order them off ebay you can find them in other sources i think zorro was another place i found them i don’t know if that’s gonna it probably won’t focus on that somewhere in there it might focus but anyway it measures it’s just a thin taper gauge it goes from ten thousandths down here to 150 thousands yes you can use feeler gauges for checking your string height but the problem with feeler gauges is you have to get combinations of the right feelers and stick them in there and all that kind of thing this thing here you just poke it in the hole and it tells you what it is you don’t have to guess of you know well i think that’s about ten thousand so you take out a ten thousands and then it turns out it’s bigger than that so then you gotta put a two in with it and see if it’s a twelve this just tells you you just stick it in and it tells you what it is i like it more up at the 12th fret i sent one to my buddy randy and randy used it more toward the first fret i typically at the first fret i just seriously just i still do just use a pick it’s just handy it’s fast because i can slide it in there bingo the pick is the right height and i’m talking a thin pick thin pick is roughly 18 thousandths of an inch it might depend on your particular thin pick but the ones that i’ve tested in the past they’ve all been about 18 thousandths so at the first fret that’s how i do it but at the 12th fret i definitely use this and i use this for other things too i’ve i’m trying to think of what other thing other applications that i have used it

for and maybe trying to fill a crack or something you can slide this into the crack and decide how wide the crack is and then you can cut a piece of wood to that thickness and sand it to that thickness anyway it’s it is a a very handy tool but just like all precision tools it’s expensive don’t go looking for this for ten dollars you ain’t gonna find it not a good version of it anyway it’s uh it’s about a 66 tool so there you go i hope that helps you matt thank you for watching my videos well i’m ashamed of myself but uh it’s been these things have been sitting on the shelf for a while i’m gonna go through viewer gifts now and if you’ve been wondering why i haven’t acknowledged your gift it’s just because we’ve been so gone busy i just set a pile of things over on a shelf here and i am now finally getting to them and when i say finally this is just about one month old this came in august 18th dan lipsy and he’s from pennsylvania and dan sent me a couple of his recordings he said he appreciates my music and i was responsible for him starting the mandolin at the young age of 72 well dan thank you so much for these very wonderful uh cds these are some music that he has put together it looks like and uh played on or whatever he said the one concert we did included a performance of carol barnett’s the world beloved a bluegrass mass so anyway these look like they’re inspirational uh gospel type music and i appreciate it very much dan i will definitely put these in the vehicle and the next time i’m in the vehicle i’ll be listening to them sorry it took me so long to acknowledge them thank you very kindly this next thing is from a viewer his name is john hanson and he’s from michigan as well got a lot of folks up in michigan and he sent me some very nice colorblind glasses and they’re incredibly dark you almost can’t see inside the building here when you put them on i mean especially at first your eyes sort of adjust to them over time but they’re just impossible to use indoors they don’t even begin to work indoors you have to be out in a bright sunlight to use these things i already have a pair that i had purchased off of ebay myself quite a while back and i believe these are very very similar these are slightly different color lens i think the ones that i have are more more plain red looking these appear to be more of a different color than that i i don’t know what color they are exactly but i would say these are more of a purple red or something i really don’t know but they look different and these are even darker i think than the ones i have so you have to wear these color correction glasses outdoors in the bright sunlight they don’t work indoors at all now i know that they have come up with an innovation where they have the ones for indoors as well but let me tell you the dilemma with that and the the dilemma is after getting the glasses that i bought off of ebay and they showed me so many colors i was very excited i put a video out on that if you have seen it i don’t know i was really thinking it was great and it was going to really help me with my color so uh the more i wore them though and the more i talked to people the more i realized that they truly distorted the colors a lot i talked to my eye doctor about that and the eye doctor said yes they actually do distort the colors a ton you see a lot of colors and you can physically pass the color tests because you it will let you see the numbers in those color charts but you’re just not seeing the proper colors and so it’s like like what’s that do for me nothing pretty much so but this was of course before i talked to my eye doctor so i thought well just because this shows me colors at least even though they’re maybe not the right colors perhaps if i spend the big bucks for the enchroma glasses and get my prescription built into them and everything then that would be great so that’s what i did took months and months and months i mean like three months to get these glasses it took forever when i finally got them spent the big bucks by the way there were at nearly 500. it was a lot of money and when i got them it was just like

stepping on a plum nothing there was just nothing it was you know there they didn’t do anything for me whatsoever you know all this rave and you know this hype that you see on the youtube videos granted if you if you are really colorblind like i am and you put on those the inexpensive ones from amazon or ebay and you put those on they really do show you a lot of colors there’s no question about that but they’re just not the right colors so unless they’re the right colors what’s the point you know so anyway i appreciate the sentiment i appreciate you sending them to me but unfortunately they just don’t really work for me thank you so much john for watching my videos thank you for being a loyal friend and i appreciate it very much huge box huge box this just came in yesterday mark classing from quincy illinois well mark you’re scaring me with your box because you sent me a lot of things that i would think almost means like you’re quitting music entirely because you sent me a lot of your finger picks and thumb picks and things like that and those are things that typically people keep you know if you’re playing music at all so either these are you just have a ton of it and these are just extras you never use or you’re quitting music entirely which i hope is not the case but anyway he did send me a ton of uh you know finger picks thumb picks um he sent me these unique ones that i’ve never even heard of or seen butterfly picks i’m probably the last one to know anything i’m always that way so you may all be totally familiar with this but these are um kind of a wire design and now they’re all hooked together when you know like this and my assumption and it’s only an assumption is you put them on something like this and then you it rolls off of the string that’s my guess don’t know anything about them never saw them before until i got these right here so the butterfly picks i haven’t googled them yet or looked them up on youtube or anything like that i know there’s plenty of sources out there to find out about them but i appreciate you sending them to me i’m gonna actually let the band pick through these because these finger picks and thumb picks several of the members of the band use these i don’t particularly use those but you know that’ll give them a chance there to uh to pick up some good treasures there he sent a brand new little arm rest it has suction cups that you would stick on the corner of your guitar like so your arm then lays on this it protects the finish of the guitar it also is a little bit more rounded than the corner of a sharp you know binding type guitar so that’s a really nice thing it’s made out of real high quality wood as you can see i can’t tell if that’s uh you know with the stain on there my guess is that it’s walnut but i’m not positive about that it could be an exotic wood very nice though he sent a bunch of strings again this makes me think are you just quitting music entirely because he sent a lot of strings almost all of these are electric guitar strings i will let caleb look through that pile because he will probably enjoy some of that and we’ll use whatever caleb doesn’t want we’ll just use them here in the shop and work on you know instruments that come in the shop this i thought this was humorous you can see the envelope there and you can probably tell the color of the envelope which i can’t do as you’ve already heard and i just thought it was a light pale blue envelope and caleb goes it’s a pink envelope not that it matters it doesn’t matter what color the envelope is in but he sent me a very nice note here too uh he just wanted to support the channel and he sent me a box of stuff that he’s accumulated over the years maybe i could use some of it so mark i you know we definitely can use it if you saw my videos or my previous comments about wearing the pink shirt to work you will know why that pink envelope is funny and i think i covered that story at least in my genetic defect video if you want to check that out um he sent some brass pins and you can’t really see them through that plastic let’s see if i can open that up here so these are brass string pins if it’ll focus on that i don’t know if it will or not anyway brass string pins and so those are really nice and we’ll have those in file and he sent several straps

actually there’s four straps and they’re all really nice really nice looking straps there’s a leather solid leather one and then you know i guess these other ones would be considered cloth or nylon type straps very nice four of them some tuning keys for a classical guitar we’ll put those in our file cabinet over there and have them for spare parts he sent some saddles and a nut and we can keep those a couple of the stretch type capos and we’ll keep those on file and then finally another saddle so thank you so much mark i appreciate it very much mark from quincy illinois we really appreciate it and we’ll try to put this stuff to good use i know the band is going to want to dig through those finger picks and thumb picks thank you we had a visitor at the shop uh recently brought me a guitar that i worked on while he was here his name is samson goins from ohio and sampson gave me this which is really nice it is um the extra thick ca glue it’s the bob smith industries i’ve used bob smith in the past once or twice but recently rediscovered it if you will and it’s really good ca glue i i recommend bob smith ca glue highly it it works really well so thank you samson samson i think really did enjoy his stay here at our retreat and uh he’s already said he’s going to come back and try to stay longer so thank you i got this from an anonymous cinder it’s a two cherries chisel it’s a curved blade on this chisel it’s for working on guitar braces and things and uh it will come in very handy generally when i get things like this that have no name on them i suspect colin colin has sent me a lot of stuff over the years a lot of stuff and a lot of it has proved incredibly helpful so colin i’m almost sure this has to be you thank you very much i it’s it’s really nice that two cherry chisels i’m sold on them i think they’re really good product and he apparently got this one from stumac so therefore he probably paid a good chunk of change for that stu i don’t mean to pick on stu mac but they don’t give their stuff away uh they’re a good company and i’m definitely a fan of stu mac i buy a lot of stuff from them so don’t hear me say anything negative randy shardinger my buddy randy sent me these you know i sent him the taper gauge and he sent me these i saw him using these in a video where you slide this as you’re pulling frets to try to keep the tear out to a minimal you can slide this along the fret and it’ll go under the crown of the fret on both sides of the tang of the fret and then you can put your tool on top of this and squeeze the fret up and this helps hold the chips down and keeps the fretboard from chipping out so much these are made by stu macas again uh he sent me two of them one of them in the ten thousands gauge and one of them in a 20 thousandths gauge and that would depend on how wide or thick your tang is on your fret so randy my buddy thank you very much i didn’t expect you to send me anything in return but i appreciate it very much thank you now i’m sure you guys will see these being used in a future video the next gift is from marcus jablonski in germany and marcus has been a viewer and fan of the channel for a long time he’s very complimentary he says that he’s a guitar hobbyist for over 40 years he is proud owner of 27 guitars and two mandolins and an electric bass you just don’t have enough guitars marcus you always need one more and probably you need one with rosa in the headstock uh shameless promotion just shameless with so many guitars i do smaller things like adjusting the action and you know he polishes the frets himself and those sort of thing he has seen me where we use the post-it notes and we stick them on both sides of the thread and we polish the fret that way and to be honest that’s really handy it’s not very difficult to do but he is recommending uh these i think it was not exactly ironic but extremely coincidental that i got these on the very same day that i got randy’s gift and uh these also have to do with a very similar thing and that is working on the frets on the fretboard so you put this this has a wider slot in it

and it’s not open on the end so you can’t slide it through the fret like you can with randy’s these are meant to go on both sides of the fret and cover the fretboard and that way you can polish the fret here without having to you know stick on the post-it notes type of thing so we’re going to give these a try marcus i really appreciate it thank you for all the kind words good luck to you my friend uh he says he’s learned a lot from the channel and i i’m glad to hear that and thank you very kindly for the gift we i’m sure you’ll probably be seeing these in a future video too so we’ll uh in fact we’ll try to use them as soon as we can in an upcoming video and randy’s gift as well mike broussard sent us a nice letter he said and he addressed it to all three of us dear jerry melissa and caleb i’ve been subscribed for over a year i’ve not seen all of the earlier videos but i’ve certainly seen a bunch of them i’ve used your techniques to repair ukes you know fix bridges and things like that it says apparently he’s acquiring uh you know plenty of c-clamps he said he uh you know had emailed me earlier and that i uh responded with some advice on a tenor guitar that he was restringing for a friend he’s enclosed he has put some spare parts and he’s put in quite a few spare parts first though he sent me a whole box full of these pintail uh lead refills i mean this is a whole box full um gee whiz that’s a lifetime supply i’m pretty sure i’ll never use all those in the rest of my life that’s a lot of them right there i’m too cheap to buy them in a big box like that i just buy one a little tube at a time i’m pretty sure i’ll never need to buy another tube thank you so much that’s that’s awesome and they fit they fit my favorite pencil which is laying right here so i’ll be you you know filling it up and uh using them he sent a bunch of tuning key parts these will go in my file cabinet there for the tuning keys and he sent a bunch of gear parts for the tuners also and those will also be filed as if you watched my uh i think it was my previous shop talk if you watch that one you’ll see how i organized all of that all of those spare parts and put them in cabinets and that’s where all this stuff will end up i really do appreciate it thank you so much mike and mike uh you know he knows i have a problem pronouncing these names so he phonetically spelled out his last name broussard so thank you mike from shreveport louisiana my friends i got another gift from a customer his name is grant he’s an over-the-road truck driver and what did he send me he sent me that can you did it focus it’s even got my name embossed on it yes it’s a blue chip pick there’s the blue chip side of it if it’ll focus there it goes and these they don’t give these away i’ve always wanted one of these but i guess i was just too cheap to buy one they’re expensive they wear like iron i’ve been playing with a prime tone pick for quite a while now these prime tone picks are pretty good picks i’m pretty happy with them they also have a little bit of an uh roughness to them so they don’t spin around in your hand and they they wear pretty good but you can even see the corners of that one have wore down pretty much and i don’t know i haven’t played that much this year and this is a reasonably new pick so i thought i’d just for grins just play a tune here with the prime tone pick and then play a tune with the blue chip pick i have not even touched this to a string yet it’s brand new i haven’t i’ve never touched it to a string so i don’t know what i’m going to hear if there’s any difference at all actually i doubt we’ll hear much of a tone difference but i’m hoping that the blue chip pick will wear better than the other picks that i’ve always used because i wear them out as you know i play hard and i wear them out really quickly so i’m hoping the blue chip pick everyone says they just wear like iron so that’s what i’m really hoping to get out of the blue chip more than the tone difference but let’s just see if there is a tone difference we’re gonna play something right now okay we’ll start out with the uh prime tone pick this is the one i’ve been playing all along and let’s uh let’s try a little bit of nashville blues and see what this is like do

okay that was the prime tone pick um this pick is different shaped i’m not really used to it yet but i’ll give it my best shot and see what it’s like do do so well i honestly can’t say i heard a huge difference in tone this one’s got a good tone i will say that there’s no question about that so i’m real happy with it the truth is what i really wanted it for anyway is the wearability so i’m hoping this thing will wear like iron like they say it does and of course this being a tri-cornered pick i can you know switch corners too so that would be helpful but grant thank you very much i’m glad you were happy with the setup i did on your mandolin well that concludes all of the viewer gifts so what do i have to talk about now well i’m going to talk about the snobs you know the last part of the video for chocolate has not yet aired today is thursday and it won’t air until tomorrow friday but they’re already starting to gang up on me telling me this is my favorite comment of all and this if this doesn’t prove to you that they’re snobs then i don’t know how to prove it to you and i mean this is a old school old boys club and when i say old boys there are women in it too don’t get me wrong i don’t mean it as a sexist thing i mean it’s the good ol boy type mentality where if you’re not in this club then you don’t count period zero you don’t count it’s like it’s just like your scum and i mean they treat you that way they really seriously do and i’m not making this up uh here’s the comment and you can decide for yourself you should stick to guitars and mandolins you don’t know the first thing about violins and you you know you have violated all the rules of working on violins okay read between the lines what did that just say to you violins are much better than guitars and mandolins and that i’m good enough to work on guitars and mandolins but i’m not good enough to work on their precious violins that’s what it says now if that doesn’t tell you they’re snobs then what is it now tell me which uh you know miraculous tree that that violin came from that the guitars and mandolins don’t come from you know uh did they somehow get theirs descended from directly from heaven when they built their instruments it’s just an old boy’s old school club honestly the truth of the matter is folks and i’m not exaggerating here in fact i’m probably understating it tremendously i charged in the neighborhood of well less than two thousand dollars for that repair for chocolate i don’t even know what the final numbers were melissa handles most of that at this point um i’m gonna say it was in the neighborhood of eighteen hundred dollars melissa can put it on the screen i don’t mind telling you exactly what we charged i’m you know to me i feel like even with the free time i gave them i still feel like i was compensated well enough i gave them probably 10 or 12 hours of free time which i guarantee you would never happen if you took it to one of these good old boy violin shops and i guarantee you and i’m looking at you directly in the face i’m telling you straight up and down they wouldn’t repair that violin for less

than ten thousand dollars and i’ll bet you there are places that would have charged him twenty thousand to fifty thousand dollars to repair that violin i’m not exaggerating it’s it’s a closed loop they know i’ve infiltrated their their livelihood they know that the jig is up that they shouldn’t be able to get away with these crazy prices they charge these uh people it’s just totally ridiculous the the they don’t give stradivari enough credit they think they give him all the credit and they don’t give him even half the credit that he’s due because they think that he would still be doing exactly the same thing exactly the same way he did 300 years ago when the man was a total innovator and changed everything and would still be innovating and changing things today if he were alive but they don’t see it that way they are sheep they are blindly following the leader sheep and that’s it they they’ve been indoctrinated they they go through their quote-unquote uh classical violin training and you know it’s just black and white they’ve got these blinders on and that’s all they can see is straight ahead and follow the the leader that’s it they are sheep they are snobs it is ridiculous that’s my final word on it you can make up your own decision and if you want to spend fifty thousand dollars for what i charge two thousand dollars for go ahead i had no problem with that thank you for watching you