oh that’s look at that that’s terrible there we go much better it’s the big expanse of my orc ranch isn’t it hi everybody happy Tuesday I’m enjoying a lovely diet cola in my Red Solo Cup and today today we have a bill maybe I should begin at the beginning hi welcome to the cave I’m Adam Savage we are in week 9 I believe of the cove at 19 lockdown and this is a live stream from my personal space where I have been spending all of my time we’re putting out five videos a week now untested and there’s some such cool builds coming down the pike I’m actually like behind the computer right here on the little workbench is one two three little tools that I spent a huge amount of time refining I can’t wait till these builds go live what is that and I built something yesterday which it’s like super exciting I know this is a tease I apologize just to say that the building in here has been fertile and in contrast to what I said at the very beginning of the lockdown where I was explaining that I had difficulty finding creative inspiration I definitely feel a surplus of that right now that being said I still can’t read a book I said I’m trying I finished a magazine article the other day and that felt like a triumph but actually sitting down and reading a book or watching a whole movie man I’m just yeah the ability to do that is limited but I have a kid so I am going to be here with you for 90 minutes or so then I’m gonna get back to another one day build and I’m going to start by building a kit another leg get from the same makers of the spinner that I built a few weeks ago I went and I I had two kids from the same company and I built the spinner and I took the other kit and put some more clever which meant that I lost it for about three weeks or so but I just found it and it is a really fun kit this is a this is this is again another custom Lego kit not official not put out by Lego but seriously high fives – Lego for not quashing this stuff if you’ve ever seen any artists who deal with Barbie as subject matter you would know that Mattel does a lot of fighting with people in their cultural processing of Barbie that’s just a reality and Annika a lot of companies do that but Lego seems to really and gender the fan community and what I have here from Ichiban toys is a hundred and sixty four piece kit of the Orca from Jaws yeah captain quints boat from Jaws as a custom legging Lego kit this is this is dark this is this is his charnel boat right this is the boat on which he dies Oh spoiler alert still one of the greatest movies ever made let’s get to building and well let’s get to know lling and then we’ll get to some building again even just look I appreciate individual makers making lovely versions of consumer products and Ichiban toys cardboard box with this wonderful photo that includes a shark fin over here it’s just it feels like you’re getting something substantial and those things matter you know I appreciate what they’ve done so let’s see before we even let us crack the seal on these 164 pieces let’s know them and we will make quints boat for 5000 books you might hide a lot more than 5,000 books books I was thinking about this the other day books that like Scottish way it’s like you stink books not bucks but books 5,000 books okay this one’s I feel like this one’s gonna be easy but I am as you can imagine I’m not a very superstitious

person and yet for me to open up with something and saying this one’s gonna be easy that just seems like bad mojo to me you know like it’s just not gonna turn out well we used to have a thing on Mythbusters where the death knell of any shoot that was going well as this is going great we should be done by lunch ever after any and no one was allowed to say that for all the obvious reasons I mean you know if mostly that you know when you anticipate something happening and then it doesn’t happen you get a little bent out of shape and that’s completely reasonable here’s the thing you know what I used to hate them as an employee be crazy when your supervisor goes hey I think we’re doing great we might be able to cut out early and then you start thinking about what cutting out early is gonna mean to your day you’re gonna go home you didn’t take care of some stuff you got some things you want to do you and call a friend and all that and then it turns out that well you’re not going home early see that’s it’s not superstition to not want to put yourself into an anticipatory mood where the says you know where when what you anticipate doesn’t happen you become all bent about it like that’s that’s real like that’s not a I really used to unhinge me when I had supervisors who did that I didn’t have many luckily and look film work is film work when you’re on set all bets are off right that’s totally true but I think there was one time we were on him on episode 2 in the Droid Factory I was working with Marty Rosenberg and Charlie Bailey on on that set which we were like building shot by shot it was really cool and it was tense we were doing 10-hour days are you doing six days a week a camera we’re doing six days a week we might have been doing six days a week the boys were like a year old yes something like that and that was brutal that was brutal to do like weeks and weeks and weeks of 10-hour days after you do weeks of 10-hour days and then you do eight-hour days just feels like you’re on vacation you’re like why would anyone ever complain about this but we were on this shoot and at one point I think marty was like I think we might be able to cut out early and then we didn’t cut out early marty is a perfectionist it’s totally understandable that’s that is he is a DP and you got to give them their due but boy was I unhappy about that I will tell you a funny story about that shoot because it’s the only time I met Kathleen Kennedy oh right this is how this all ties together the only time I’ve ever officially met Kathleen Kennedy I was working on a model maker on that set Droid Factory up too and Marty says I think maybe it’s not even Marty Marty Marty zeyzea Bob comes in he’s like Marty thinks we might be able to wrap by for today and I was so excited I literally went like this who love the dogs I started doing that dance like a crazy person and everyone was looking at me kind of insane and that’s when I turned around and saw the Kathleen Kennedy and Connery of people had just entered the room and that’s what they saw when they entered the room me doing that thrust to hip dance and singing who let the dogs out I’ve made a great impression they knew I was destined for big things then anyway we did not cut out early this seems to be hearing it’s driving me nuts today this seems to be a very straightforward kit there’s not a ton of different kinds of pieces it’s just some like yeah and I mean I think we’ve been hinting at this that I’ve been sorting my Legos over there yeah we have been hinting we’ve been talking about it the video will go up soon but suffice to say I’ve been in a Lego consciousness for the last few weeks because we pulled down all the different boxes of my historical Legos my childhood Legos my kids childhood Legos many things that date back to the early 70s you didn’t know there were many things there weren’t the many things you knew in the 70s in fact the first set of many things that were even close to what you know as many things were like these featureless like armless little like mannequins with blank faces yeah I was really bleak no all right but

suffice to say do I say that a lot by – I say that a lot I also say it’s a long way of saying I also loved the term non-trivial we all have our conversational tics but the people who really suffer because of them our partners yeah they gotta listen to that same joke you make with a waiter every single time oh my god I’ve really been working on that it’s tough being a person all right he’s just I’m having so I’m doing a much less fast and loose Knoll here simply because we have so many less pieces and also that’s kind of the mood that I’m in gold 1×1 rounds these are in my sorting I ended up sorting a whole metallic colored Lego and there are some that are actually chrome plated I found not a lot a very very small number in fact but chrome plating I didn’t realize was part of some of the parts that Lego shoots oh my god one of their tools I saw some photos of one of their actual tools that they use to shoot these parts they’re masterpieces of engineering such love if you want to look into some really really intense machining look yourself into look yourself into a injection molding man because those those molds that they use for injection molding will make it like the more you know about the more I know about it the more amazing it is to me that model kits happen because that just strikes me as like an insane amount of work and it like seriously what what what tool makers do to make to make the tools that shoot all of our plastic products is nothing short of miraculous well you see I used to work for a toy company xub and we used to shoot our parts out in the East Bay and I got to visit the factory a few times I got to take my class from the academy of art there and we had to watch how how fast they make parts how difficult and expensive it can be to change colors etc it’s really it’s a it’s a really neat the whole universe of engineering and aesthetics and processing it’s very cool my favorite industrial technique though of that of that type is tampo printing which is when you have printing on the side of a pen or something irregular and round they basically use this kind of modified rubber ball that they and you can actually look it up online and watch videos of it and it’s just super hilarious because it’s rubber balls it gets it’s a like a rubber stamp so it hits ink and then hits the PATA kids think it’s the product but is this rubber ball so should be it’s very funny I find it humorous okay we are close to being finished here with the nulling hmm oh man this thing that I built yesterday holds a lot of weight and you can build the whole thing with a jigsaw and a drill I’m starting to really appreciate like how you can use some of the most complex tools or the most simple and with a little bit of knowledge you can get to the same place Wow there’s lots of different 1×1 rounds here uh-huh we are we’re almost there jaws one of my favorite mythbuster episodes and David zasloff once told me after meeting with Spielberg that Spielberg and his family greatly enjoyed the Mythbusters episode in which we busted every single myth from jaws he that’s a credit I was delighted that he enjoyed our takedown of his film because it is one of my all-time favorite movies it’s great it’s just a it’s a stunner of a film and still genuinely scary oh yeah okay I can we have some outliers out here they’re all singles it’s all on a single page here okay wow they’re just jumping right into it okay so we get two of those Wow there’s just um just stampeding right towards that I guess so we do that and

that yeah that’s yeah this has got to be terrible to just listen to dad mad and then that lives there you know I haven’t double-checked this but yeah you know so it’s like you you ask I have Alexa here in the shop she’s turned off right now so he doesn’t she doesn’t know we’re talking about her but when I asked her for let’s see and a half but when I asked Alexa to play many different kinds of music it has never occurred to me to say hey Alexa could you play American top 40 with Casey Kasem is that something that she would do I’m kind of curious about that because now that I’m making stuff with Legos as I’ve said before American top 40 was exactly what I was listening to the entire time I was playing with LEGOs in the 70s and the 80s every Saturday I would listen to the countdown and back then it was songs by like Hall and Oates and Sheena Easton and Devo how is that supposed to attach to that this this huh it doesn’t say but I guess there’s no way to put one yeah that’s so that’s it okay anyway just that I have a real nostalgia for American top 40 radio and it only just occurred to me during this broadcast to ask Alexa I should be willing to play me some for those of you don’t know Casey Kasem was there’s a fixture on the radio when I was a kid I and there’s this great tape of him screaming oh my god the yelling tape he gets really upset because he does a wow this was tough he gets very upset because he does a it’s really hard to tell what happens there but I think it’s one of these yes but still ah I got that wrong there we go that goes like that anyway Casey Kasem is recording the show and he doesn’t like a happy song and then he’s doing a death dedication and he gets really cheesed about it and he’s yelling at his crew and it’s shocking right it’s totally shocking but it’s also hilarious because it’s it’s funny to hear it’s fine mmhmm yeah obviously he’s having one of his worst possible days but it’s still funny here’s someone you like grew up on just like completely going off okay and we do these two borders wait a second wait a second aha aha ah that’s what happens that’s a six and that’s a four because wait oh ah I got the whole thing off by one that’s why back all right those of you have been watching tested in every I don’t go get that later mm-hmm and notice that I’ve been making more mistakes yeah I certainly have not been making more mistakes they’re just getting filmed because I’m the cameraman and you’re watching the same thing here when I have two unbilled my Legos because I go too fast okay now there’s some things there’s some double stacks of the whites which could be like barrels or some fishing equipment and then there’s double stack of the golds there’s a way in which Lego artisans utilize Legos like I’m the same way like an artist implies features and details with excellent pencil lines you know like Mobius like look at Mobius has worked the amount of detail that he these gold pieces are the amount that Mobius Jeonju Road the comic-book artists who started the heavy metal the amount that he is able to do

with the single line I guess I’m reminded of oh it’s that’s like that’s like a coffee table nice that reminds me of what Lego artisans do right they imply details sometimes in their builds so that goes on the second rung of that and then one of them little black one singles goes there yeah I also like the fact that Ichiban toys includes some extra parts and pieces and bits and bobs oh there’s a sticker wait a minute there’s supposed to be an orca sticker luckily I just emptied the trash but I don’t see the Orca sticker okay so we are okay now so now there’s more of this okay right okay so two threes they’re doing some outlining on these directions which is helping greatly in me parsing up I gotta go get that other red six it’s a three and a four wait that’s a three and that’s a four three and four and that a six it goes all the way out okay and then there’s more oh okay oh this is nice they’re doing this kind of stepped both sides like this that guy oh right that lives there that lips up against it okay I think I think that’s step three I think I step 4 so now what now three fours to a three he yeah oh and then that goes there and now we do 4 4 and a 6 & a 4 so 4 goes there 2 sixes go here horse I mean one of the things that’s so great about jaws is the cast everybody in the cast is phenomenal but Robert Shaw as Quint why is he so scary he’s terrifying he’s sort of this complete enigma and he’s delightfully scary somehow really important even though he’s not the villain there’s an aspect to him that feels like he’s part of the villainy right like I don’t know this just did the whole sequence in which he’s talking about going down on the Indianapolis a scene apparently written by Spielberg rewritten by John Milius rewritten by Robert Shaw I mean just a stunning collaboration shark’s eyes have a black eyes like a doll’s eyes I used to work with a wonderful art director model maker named Sarah Anderson at costs of colossal pictures Sarah’s a delightful human being and an excellent designer and maker of things and and Sarah’s brother Scott was one of the shark researchers on the Farallon Islands so we talked about jaws a lot this is that’s that’s that’s the TLDR we talked about jaws a lot because she

referred to Scott as her quote that’s her sharp brother this is like 93 to 92 93 yeah yeah it you model-making is an industry in which you end up having a weird intimacy with your co-workers because you’re doing this like so much of the time you’re just doing this crushingly tedious work next to each other and sort of grinding through it and like just sitting there sharing stories sitting there in the paint booth at ILM with Lauren Hillman Melanie way lists Peggy roster and Lauren vote listening to crazy stories about Laura yeah mm okay two more of those this is the masted structure okay that was step okay that’s seven eight nine and ten so now step eleven is this whole weird business ooh oh that’s cool okay so this is the front piece of the boat where Quint stands when he fires the the harpoon into the shark one of the one of the true delights of Jaws look I know we love the soundtrack but the soundtrack is so much more than Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam like that to me is it’s amazing and like super iconic but if you listen to that score while the movies playing like when they’re chasing the shark it is like the best pirate music ever written dented it edited that that’s like just all of this super it’s awesome fabulous score okay men know I’m getting this totally wrong these are backwards there we go and then this one lives in the center and comes up oh is that a legal connection I wonder interesting okay but ah so is it really huh so it is it is a okay so that to that to that to that these come up and join this to become the railing at the front of the boat very very very clever solution that is delightful so that is steps 11 and 12 13 oh it’s time to add some glass oh there’s the solid one and there’s the one with a hole in it then we’ve got a second what am I forgetting wait oh oh I see I missed something these guys excellent okay ah and I got that wrong I put those on too early there’s also two of these and these two okay so now we get the glass on there two three four yep okay nice everything’s at the right level feels like we’re not screwing it up step 14 ah okay put the cap on the cabin when I grew I grew up going to Cape Cod in the summers we had a house on walk white bay that my great-grandmother bought in 1900 and you could see Martha’s Vineyard from our deck and we used to go all the time

my brother had lived in Vineyard Haven and when you went to Martha’s Vineyard when I was a kid you could still see the remains of the Orca because they had the boat in on which Quint dyes the boat on which Quint dyes was a they built like half of it and then they built some of it at a balsa wood that the shark could chew up that’s what I was told anyway it was sitting there on the beach like on its side on the beach it was always like one of the things you noted and pointed out when you went there okay I don’t know if it’s still there it was really fun when we made our Mythbusters episode because I did get to AH know these go down one I did get a collector who owned some of the original barrels actually sent them to us for the episode that was awesome yeah I was just looking at some old photos because I was calling up some mythbuster builds that I liked and that’s 15 oh no there’s those speaking of the barrels that’s what these yellow things are out on the front these are the flotation barrels that quench shoots the shark with that’s a lovely detail of course you had to add that detail okay oh these are boat lights red rate returned they go there and there and then and then no and then that goes there right and those guys live up there yeah that’s 16 now it wants me to use four of these you know don’t have four hang on am i getting everything right here ah okay so these guys live there this one’s in the center to a disco here the gray one sits there the steering wheel for the boat so it’s there we’re really close here this is about as fast as a build happens in the world man okay then we turn this around apparently one of my parts might have rolled off but we’ll see we’ll see if I can get this going that like there yeah and then this guy how does this work one two three I might have to go get apart let’s see here that was right okay so those are on there well and what and then this guy so it goes one two and I think and then for fact right now one two three four and then on top of the four goes the mast yep and then this comes up like that this comes up like that nope the other way and I’m missing what okay right one did roll hey ah how often do you look down in the very first place you look you find the thing you need it right but where does this thing go where does this thing live doo doo doo doo doo doo dah there that’s where it lives and then this one lives on top and ladies and gentlemen but about you my height a lot more than 5,000 books captain quints Orca the boat from Jaws the deepest cut Lego kit I have in my collection thus far and that’s the fairly high bar Ichiban toys beautiful effort I am like

super super psyched about this so lovely built thank you so much for joining me for this I hope it was a soothing for you as it was for me they have to stick together in all this man hey also wear those masks wear those masks it’s common courtesy its humanity yeah just wear those masks it’s a good thing if we all wore masks we’d have a significant effect on this puppy even before a vaccine that’s how to do it wear the masks all right that’s my uh that’s my PSA yeah I don’t think I have anything more to say it shouldn’t be that controversial it’s not that it’s not a big deal where those masks stop those water droplets from leaving your face and entering the lungs and people around you good god okay