you the right people I i I’ll omens all right let that I I do not repeat the mistakes that the manager the den manager is going with me right eventually I admit a lot of in Australia we come manager and then I mean I home I said that if ever I in and become a manager if I am in to distribute salaries are distributed equally so everybody’s happy right and I’d be a very fair person if I have awards to give everybody their earlier give awards others are not create unnecessary disturbance in a promoter you really are I wouldn’t you know give differential treatment that you micromanage somebody and give if a lot of space to saw the people that I should have equal treatment for every I should treat everybody the subway so that people don’t lose esli over why I am getting this treatment why me because I was a victim of that so I decided to be like a very good manager when I think of a manager and then when I actually become a manager there is a requirement in each company right solid char department so they told me that I don’t agree that you have all the start of obvious in your team it is a bell curve fit into this cover you have to segment your workforce they use it through a lot of terminology at me they sent me to a lot of training courses like situational leadership on that and so I started at all some of them here really and you who the real is right so I have with me yeah haha from so she’s with emc for last nine years she’s wrangler functions with indian see any fantasy for microchips then I think part in the management several functions she won’t be traumatic yes then for almost nine years she’s here so she knows then we have a sort of shop from Kappa he’s also from the Chinese is a couple of days he started in technology so he was the quest of selected as one of people hundred promising interpretations of coming a top of the shoe so every night it is not oh no Johnny Mac solution edits itself so long so at your own managers also so I have it here I don’t think these interactions I’ll just move on and then he has a teacher is a AP publication design either TMC hardline kind when i do officer there thank you my king so anyone i just opened with my questions movement and i’ll study can i really wanted to be a fair manager when I was not a manager what do you think according to you is a fair man why we talk about tennis as you rightly said that you know you want to be if you want to reward everyone equally you would want to see everybody’s happy faces and you know everyone should feel

that this is really the organization is treating me fairly but also I think the definition of fair manager would be someone who gives voice to their people and who genuinely is concerned about the growth and development of their own people and when we got a rewarding when you’re compensating everybody failing it is about you know also the performance because the management has to take a lot of things into consideration when he or she is doing it rewarding someone it I think of all this would be crying most so the manager Haslam has to look at performance and then you know reward their employees accordingly so you know I’m really think that a fair manager is someone who treats their people with a lot of dignity respects their wall and is is allowing the team to grow and prosper indeed in their jobs so that the cotton candy would be a fair manager any questions losing in some of your thing that was my deal pretty vocal about means that some of them might be really shines forgiving people definitely would matter could be more demanding all the lines of me yeah so we have seen you know a lot of situations where a you know you know when you prize the most gets the most attention so that that that is a situation but if we as a manager grows into the role he or she understands how to handle you know such people how to look beyond just the notice and get it to where the manager can actually discuss about you know what is what is a real issue and how to handle that your shift the focus of just you know addressing the noise and looking at what the issue is bothering I think they’re you make a difference as a manager yeah possibly you know the manager is it’s like you’re sitting at the fence where your be pushed by either the HR / say all the your team members so angeles mentioned are you in terms of the manager he has to be very tradition in the way he operates so the first and foremost of which which I believe you know my cell is our level of conference which you put in calculating your tea so when you take a specific visited it should be in line with an equally concept of different strokes for different folks so for example I might have an evil whose scheme to go on side I might have another team member will not really clean Devon second wants to get your neck to your leadership so as a manager the first and foremost thing is will consider the team and second game with which ever flowers everything is have a fair understanding of all these skills and competencies of your team are one of the strengths of any religion where we reduce that so that your when he takes a decision or you already when you decide to treat someone he decides that on the basis of facts and data so when there is a logical it is able to take it then I believe this less of controversy around so socially this is a good theory but again on this day I don’t believe and it is he’s taking a better as they go you guys for each be done and there are times when you think oh I respect to this person because our study exams are coming up there is a girl studying all the time so the white beans that he is getting all the attention of the parents she’s getting all the gears presents very situational need to do it k what is

needed at that time and it won’t always eventually realize because you an order it was not eating at mean you’re clapping I’m sure it because you’re real manager even if this speech you see what is the fact is all the back you so don’t ever take the series here you always give you the beds how you came to me right so if you came to me for advice give you advice based on whatever I have experienced if you just want to talk to me try to be a friend otherwise we do it I it happens to handle okay so building on that example I knew so many greats who made their child repeat 12 or 10 just because they didn’t get right on it a pass but it wasn’t taking the cut for the engineering college the body that’s what you do it who are you working with they’re not making enough you want to do again it is no chance explain what’s happening baby won’t let them go from home this way you are going out lately you might be cut off and family maybe of opportunity will be cut so here do something else micromanagement you might call it the policy but it is our situation right so what you are doing and in the best interest for both of us I will take some decisions based on my experience so what I have seen in the password works enough of the experiment dude sometimes it goes wrong sometimes it goes right so this won’t be what’s right can we try questions here comes you are ok media performance summary pregnancy of resignation which you think is possible so recklessly and i am not saying it was right yesterday or day before yesterday I was talking to somebody my team and somebody came to my desk and design or said I have an offer letter in your high I’d say go take a hike hey Who am I to find my compost is not decision then if you want to me the related question to this line of thinking certain organizations are not against such a way of functioning right when the person is dealing we will give them a height we try to keep them back why I can be approached it a little more active why can’t management HR no go and see what’s the problem and solve it at your at the right time rather than date for why don’t you get the signals from us we are always why do I didn’t you come and say I quit before you say I broke so I think you see we do it a little differently sigh you know look at these very proactively and when the manager comes and actually discusses we try to take action there so what helps here is really looking at segmenting your talent understanding your talent it’s not easy to just do the same things for the for a larger team so you have to really understand your allen and place them rightly where they are so you have to identify who your parents are which are the people with certain issues that you need to help them through and which are you have solid you know very very good performance that are there but not really your superstars so once you do that kind of the

segmentation it is easier to address these issues and you will I would think that you know you have lesser situations where someone just comes in a kind of threatens you are in at all so to avoid such things the best way is today understand your talent break them up and then you know use the right a Stokes further afford for each of those and I think compensation of course k is a very big role in keeping people engaged and motivated and any other form of reward so you have to really understand other people who are looking at higher compensation that do they really need that right now or is it you know somebody who stayed in the job for a long time needs to look at a different role needs to look at a job rotation so all of that a place of a troll so it’s not always money that is motivating everyone so I think those are areas that a manager needs to do and then come to a conclusion and not be in a transom at any points of an HR we would always in any other managers to go and talk to their talent in this way yeah in fact you’re just adding on co2 or JSA I tap it up you know I could probably about this we have a very you know a proactive HR approach to this specific issue we have created a list to retention model where it say it similarly we have segmented are added in terms of the top of powers the week’s expectation of office and whatever form and we have given them your rating scale in terms of 0 to 50 where you know about nine is something that you know is your attention and this is are you on factual data based on your profiles available you’re very terms of composition wherever they stood up in terms of internally and externally figure so we have been a very very scientific of figure in terms of whatever this relation and this we have be shared with all our stakeholders in terms of business X and so they have visibility in terms of productivity in terms of who the possible attrition is working with the team and then we actually divide specific initiatives and strategies around people so they have put a bucket of reasons of exit and then you have trying to address it in terms of duty so that’s what we hope we have time another example than just a bigger version of a technology we took of the specific initiative which I think was a good success where HR actually became very quiet and probably this is the modern of your picture of you being very proactive and then we started initially perform orders 121 so when an accommodation HR person was responsible to talk with every individual every 1 21 day so the HR was supposed to go in talking and our recording the Dutch boys 40 hrs so that everybody had a response to avoid top document what the issues were we had put it up on our internet website you know what the issues were or national container and we saw a significant change in the attack your people are going you could approach if we have right so continuing this conversation usually you have to do all the good things you required budget for detaining people promoting them now another time sis has been observed in documentation the sciences we observe in organizations that periscope row canyon that there is no budget to read it on to do other good things to the person leaves and then there is not any budget to hire any hassle but i will slightly differ with this training type I think of HR and the management has realized for the fact that the you know we always have this technical term again compa ratio which is basically the ratio is activated for the person who need a salary and what is this audrey of the atomic person so there is no queria ver stress which is now given very often and you know I do not agree with this there is nobody for again there there is always a strategy for attention and it is it is just up to your organization cultural values and it will go the order but I don’t like the fact that there is nobody for attention I just want I just wanted to get it out see is a man is not

school representative of this I think this I think this whole line of questioning is probably needs to change because we are trying to hold managers as L perhaps I’d say that we demand explanation as if the managers have found the kind that is our e being held guilty you didn’t have budget when I was walking up and are you back I think this line of questioning is propping up right first of all tryna decide that individuals are different and they have to eat unit efficiently there are different things that motivate Cooper differently you may be motivated by money in your case I’ll probably give you vote for these are what you would mind but then I will probably not give your clothes or fortune because you are always happy with money a hot work there will be somebody else who say I won’t mind if my salary same but put me on a metal challenging project so I understand that don’t compare yourself as once you on with your winnings they are different human being different cultural backgrounds different family upbringing and we’ll get a friend value system blower their priorities in their life to teaching somebody is just what valid somebody is going to attack take somebody else’s what a baby and doesn’t want to work right so different people are gonna take quite different things depending on circumstances we have to look at them in pending the decision so instead of going to the manager is in the am was I not worth so much across the yard right one more thing which I sincerely think everybody should is negotiation and when I say negotiation I don’t mean getting more honey please don’t misunderstand negotiation teaches you that there are a lot of things that you can give a thing okay now why you want to take something is it isn’t it obvious that you may also want to give something a lot of people simply come up with direct me in saying that give me this otherwise i’m leaving this is bad negotiation this is not a negotiation at all these people don’t know what is a negotiation purposes they don’t know what is a move how to make the most how to change the young guard secular putting on that even so this is a bad negotiations like that i am getting a job somewhere else and this is often later so as he said i would probably do the same thing i may not even have a discussion with him the other point was wouldn’t you see why did you wait for this couldn’t you talk to me again my question to you is wouldn’t you back to your millennia if you are so busy don’t you think your manager also going to be busy do you may complete to talk to your manager at least one once in two months you talk to your colleagues i think of every project ask that how do you think I grew like that learn something and move forward are you evaluate in yourselves often times people are motivated more by somebody else’s purpose so it’s like he got a 25-percent I he don’t we just and you know what that means the person may about fifteen percent rise if come out and tell you thirty-five percent you will go inside the mind thirty percent you’ll be out of the company espanol it’s as simple as that people don’t understand reposition the only car that they have an Afghan know is because our celery and you think this is the maximum that you can come County and you want to play that card first and foremost and then you say what an outlet what if it is harder to Cooney Hetal spoke a local brewery criteria are you getting the point a number of times people come to the table and play their first tundra which is a heavy a start that’s not the great negotiator have you in productive are you been talking to their manager you know your personal Magnus’s after evaluator your team members what can you tell me about your own tea makers are you not evaluate in back okay why are we going in why is everything coming down too subtle is that the only single organization gives you there are organizations usually much more salary them what you probably do not want to do the things they will ask you do aren’t you a happy to feel privileged regular part of a group that is working as a team this isn’t it a privilege we want to get out there working at working as a team they are mostly group of people whose priorities are not written their energies are misaligned what they are will you seen God knows all right so look at the long term don’t just look at the short of it said what I

get to go to people and talk to them when there is no need for it right I think a lot of people don’t make their marriages friends they look at their negligence as people on the other side of the table you should actually think that your manager issue sit next to you and the edge of the other side of my point is your manager should know more about you than you are rich are all right then when you are saying something shouldn’t your manager will be there to say that I think I second that I think he’s like other than what people do is they get into the fight with the management and then the management things around this year they select which are beauties visit this is wrong approach so can I yeah hello yeah so somehow mainly why would people do that that we come with a resignation and if you’re giving me a high-tech spy another leaving maybe a revelation of a last three years every I come to you you do this much work into about you as an actor at the first year who do this much work I prefer to you doesn’t happen in the second year you do this much work i will promote you run after the curlier this is my palate irritate me or not always be a reaction to situation what every member education can’t be dicking around so sadly you are not my name Alysha for it but is there is more opportunity in terms of funds or position we can be wait unti actually give a perfect I think are equal to you if I don’t have open house at one so it is not an indictment it’s about a lot of things coming together right and if you are patient in the long run these all users are up to 20 we have time Isis changed from his former starting my career was the weekend I believe that now you see why I’m just representing sure I know so many writers would be good you know I Vegas to get Cody manages also serve is not that were dancing in my spirit and I’m so many friends who stopped on with a company long enough but I had jumped thinking I’d be getting that slingshot the highest on TNT but then I look back now he is all even up they started the time came the opportunity came they got to grow up to sandy heights it’s all you enough the difference is that dating they are long enough and now their core pillars and I wanna company right to start establishing my boy that’s okay I practically in this particular thing do you think it’s okay or does it work it doesn’t work growth versus the remuneration they both have to go hand in mine you can’t say that growth is separate and urban migration acceptors attended to just to add to that point for example if somebody says that ok I won’t grow I just don’t want money now you can’t say that ok I have to change plans to get that group so changing brands is automatically changing the manual so that if you don’t have you don’t get the pants you don’t grow what kind of growth are you talking in the practical I don’t know you have to send your question or take this situation maybe you’re looking at a fatty or something like 20 laps and

somebody gives you 30 nice are you having to commit suicide now that you are here everything nearby know if you want all the money you ever you waved in your life if you suddenly got 20 today are you think that nice 15 years of your career you should probably on something promise to go ahead afterwards over keys I give you five rupees today will you return you will you stop live in your life yes not company exactly so he goes wrong as a part of your life and it’s working it’s not only money that is unrelated I agree with what is it practical in an organization we think that they will why why do they have to be versus that’s what I thing practically it’s not possible oh do you think that you can see who has what a number of things in its and gorgeous duration that’s the point that I mean our growth 10 paisa give energy yeah if I subtle at Nike you may actually have growth without the increase in 70 that it normally does it work and some honey I mean that typically will never happen every devil career level has a particular sound I mean you really grow physically change I don’t mean good as a cell research and saying that close has a got a lot of things are related to it you get more freedom you can word decision-making power you get more responsibilities you were a team working for you you get arrogant voltage you get you have partially due to make a lot of people and so on and so forth and not every time you remind the situation and he said are going to allow for something to happen you need that every time you think you have you have grown your manner it manager should accept it and increase your salary it doesn’t make sense collection I am in the same person understand there is also something called as a recipe there is also something called as I Tommy they also find your sudden your celly is not driven based purely on what you have read in the boat point is making it they go hand in hand it can’t be you know they do go hand in hand okay the only thing that I’m saying is salary is not the only thing that goes hand in hand goes about any other key person how many here who Schneider has actually sat down with you and ask you what motives when in this curves yes but is it likely to say that ends up because a THC we believe that the managers are really the HR folks because our HR is very very you’re a lean organization we have very very few HR partners working and managers are really the first line of your they are really our HR folks that are doing all of this and what we also say is that each of the employees each individual employee is responsible for this on our own development and growth so we have we have our career management portal etc where employees themselves have to take the initiative of putting in their development plans and walking towards achieving those cans and when we are talking about growth that is where we would think that growth comes from when you are clear as what growth means to you you are able to communicate that with your manager and your manager ensures that you know you are going in the right track and that when you talking about growth again you know if you are doing well you move to the next position your compensation revelation rewards will go hand in hand but you have to be very clear what note means to you so that you’re so as you allow your manager to help you grow so and that’s why i said i’ve made the lighter that you know these conversations are happening which means it is you’re successful so i’m really glad about that how much would you spend for say a second and ambassador thousand for example of how much would you pay for a fraud maybe pros that’s the price to cover the growth of an individual is charming from this point to that point and not necessarily designation or salad

when you grow in terms of value with the skill sets you have and what you’re performing the responsibilities would come the money will come and the resignation will come if you don’t love your skill sets your value is not increasing so you start your morning handsome if you share that level right whatever level that is skill the HR is already doing a guideline in terms of commentating pay that back there is a bad salad i’m giving to all manages a few me this is the work of the candidate this is the manganese and this is the saturday make sure it’s within that and given right so the only way all of us can ensure that we’re getting promotions getting heights is formed right I don’t know what the scale in each of the companies but go for that opening + as the top two rugs like auntie patient and everything will come you be so you know same experience was the only taking that same example if you are going to visit as motion no matter how many kilometres you on this one this career planning aspect just taking it from again you I capita what we believe is and this is what my manager hawkesbury is that you would like to make people work android and this is the culture which has been set into your pants so we don’t have anything like succession planning cardiotonic career ova yep give away these terminologies in it up what we’re gonna answer this make a people employed therefore we cannot occur also on the very quality of production we are not here to be kappa raise HR is not here to you know layer choreographed will it is you who is your area and on other aspect of you developing skills so you either the Rockets gets rid of their skills or you actually have optional so if you want to sleep keep yourself updated keep performing and ancient one case and you know we intentionally inculcate this from day one in the minds of individuals so more nobody should come back to me as it goes on you know you get retarded I you know not for me it’s not not responsible for that you’re the first company I work for they had our practice then viewing their papers it’s not only present at Manchester presence but you have to move accommodating magnetism so and that is taken very seriously your sports are not owned and the manager will not know he was like a dream he has not assigned the rating in advance Lewis team members only then he comes to know that it is to Iceland Impostors so is not going quite a wife who is loaded so what I actually put the fear of one for goodness sake for the sense not only the messages so they actually I mean they act meetings so this one a person that was fond of reading of voices of reason I just so you can you think it’s a good idea for it it’s not quite with you individually to ask me something which is driven by fear it is not really a right way of finding any situation that whatever the first point every night to make second is you know in your feedback about if the process has happened in the right way is being done when majority of the organization in terms of performance effectiveness survey online with survey or something after the you know the process is over just to ensure that your things for at this so talking that that is that is one of the reasons why such kind of practices not really followed by the third aspect which I examined for this in most of you in many of the

operation instead of having just a subordinate manager feedback then the processes are there is 360 feedback so when the feedback not only comes from one subordinate but probably comes from two or three subordinates so it is a multi later feedback so the biased is again it is written I can improve you know even of the biases so wrong you are two or three subordinates fight you know rate you couple of your peers wide range of course you’re my series so that use the holistic view of the manager instead of this only you uni-directional my direction so that is what my cake is in terms of time so i don’t agree that you know you cannot have a fuel instill that you know you are going to be rated by your subordinates so you better put your act together it’s more of building the culture of having discussions throughout the year and not just at the specific time during appraises because I’d when is unnecessary pressure on the system the other thing I would like to also highlight you know taking the discussion a little differently is that I think everyone every individual again join needs to know that their success is very important to the manager for the manager to be successful it is very very important that each of each of them boys in the theme each of the scheme members succeed in there in the job that they’re going I don’t think any manager can be successful if the team is gaining in some aspect so curator it’s almost like I would like to take the example of a tea bag to the managers like that you know was a team he has to your mix and the creativity and yet the strings are there somewhere you know someone else is pulling the string right so so the manager also has to report to someone the manager has you know of course the deliverables are there that they have to meet they also have to look at a lot of mal you know managing change managing conflicts there are at least in BMC we have a lot of changes that happen you know from time to time so the manager has to really look at all of those aspects and ninety positions there are a lot of issues that they have to look at they have to manage conflicts so it’s you know it’s a difficult for the manager to always portray a very faith figure to everyone as at every given time so so that’s that’s something else you know I just wanted to put a different viewpoint about understanding what the managers role is and the water kind is natural unless each of the team members are successful I don’t think the manager will be called successful and even for the manager to go to the next level you know that is very very critical okay I mean I guna specific answer to this but then what does it it’s all about the attention to the orphanage and as an individual is going to grow if you google an event to raise concern a genuine concern I feel that if we should be the culture but if you go with a genuine intent of raising a concern and how you answer to it and not really escalating into making an issue of offering in the evacuation of the 10 the situation I think that your life issue should get a dress or you know actually Institute from the top so you’re actually a top-down approach that openness fairness has to be there within the environment and only then your employees would feel really happy to work in a place you know taking it a little further ahead you know i will in fact i do get the fact that you know if it all fits it’s an organisation my problem is you know no one who would want to change it a proximally you change I mean we find you a hundred times but then possibly tonic nobody wants to change you made a change for

open I think this is all so I’m not walking over to specific on the nitrogen but this is also problem that comes out of your system a lot of people think that because i have served in this memory for five years now i should be energy and the person he only does not have any vegetables and one thing that I really like about 80 in general is there is a parallel track order situation or diluted and usual contributors can one get in here surgeries without becoming values this actually sparks people or this actually stops are on people who are becoming irony of sometimes no opinions are performed so it’s good to have you know donkeys led by wire then they also say I am smarter people the knee they also say higher smarter people than you starting to do is assistant manager if he hires I have all the lights it is anything if you think your question to the next one so this is really awesome opportunity anything on the back of your mind if you want to just ask some it away or some question have a baby or a single clip ends so why is that your missions in Mumbai with a related area is also reason that I if you don’t understood makes perfect because I don’t want anybody else to take care of my aim is that is no things is not even not taken CC by the hre hre like on which campus working on this aspect i was not confuse esa they were monitored HR professionals from cambiar you asking across pudding if you go to bed and the similar topic will be there your address in terms of woman who want to come back and work for another sauce research charge for ass kisser and she way over to the people terms of fluid if somebody has like capabilities and right skills it should be borne and you know speaker go to join back we will approach that so I think this ranking minds of few of the HR folks of you of the offline super then if you look at compilations of employees or adding people while you’re done I don’t see that other time I just want to you know very real situation please do it doesn’t really have this wonderful children and then they don’t have any old people don’t have anybody to take care of them so many times single people or otherwise do they do have to take a break from the season also so that is something which needs to be highlighted it is rated at as a required if that’s what I experienced introduce you one of the most promising interview so I go higher yeah I mean factor you know this just to I to what the users mentioning that all nations who also promote working from home in terms of psych issues again you know I refer back to Kappa Tau already County Fire might have experienced it when i was in oregon is us we have this culture that used to allow people to work in such we have allowed for people to work for it years together so it all depends on the cover personalization I sincerely feel that this is my right way at the right level

of in different forms so that you should build a man spoke with your manager and not treat like the other side but I mean XOR a point ability to it to some extent with enough leaders organization I’d see that there are certain people who build up would wrap over the manager and then there is a kind of favoritism to something in place in the year the other through our system ileana they are maybe they ought to put food in communication whatever they are just silent so they are just silent like silence and the one who is speaking on order taking credit since just because it is affecting the project yeah yeah yeah so I mean to say question whether such a situation this pretty obvious and apparent that you can see that plugins like she said it’s dashing shopping together me just say no if you want outside the office but that’s exactly also so you are so then we go figure it out so so does so this way she shifts from you to the same of this second so does HR play a role in terms of you know give me emotional say nothing and how do you rid of the weight is if I may I ask what was the question what the game was only one side right you said that we were just talking and we haven’t heard the manager story all evaluated that other person in question for every person that somebody has to give a hike to or promotion there are at least two levels up that need to be justified right I just don’t take out a promotion or pocket and say here enjoy I have to justify my manager and at the functional level also we have so many normalization justifications to be done and then HR has their own scale through which tests of it so I really don’t see how are also moving in to outright terrorism and get away with it because there ain’t much checks and balances in place smoking together shopping together for lunch together I go to my team what was the LED and that’s twice a week as a bonus if you blew it with only a specific set of individuals and not with everyone if you go eat with everybody that’s fine different person because he’s only smoker I want to visit the gym that I make sure running up should be varies only one goes there bias of an item of the worst for me to go there of yours inform the other one long run I’m in fact we have axis is who I don’t know what what you dispatch it is an amazing the rulers as I said he said you on the fence do so he has to pick up already has to you know play at all just taking the son who the right cuz I’m get it is the right person for the right job or us so I have another yes to it short the arena not you directly pack my first interview that you need to know it in very head so if you don’t know the strengths and oh you know a as a proven ability then obviously would all the different folks in our team so that Jewish approach has to be their tour manager and when it comes to t it it also boys on the value system of an individual ok so I mean it’s a little sensitive topic but then it wasn’t for a

decision which agree individual changes so if it’s in your value system to have a fair approach then probably you know why not chosen going out on dinner or way over lunch should not really affect the work as we said are you he would shout at his team member erics it wide so it has to be a very practical open and transparent we are thinking I think you know that that class of the problem is communication and transparency ppl communicate so it’s ordered from a communication so we eat the information with us the advice you the information with them and that is where the misunderstood understanding starts I think that’s right and most of the times you are it’s pulmonary you instead of meeting that with you by taking you in the conference room why I’m doing it with that explosion okay this wasn’t em grande of show each other the side the other side and and stop talking about this