here’s I’m gonna show you how I made my audio make line watch band and watch rap from a ladder similar to the type of deal that dink is house now or worn round or not sure it’s very simple I’m not going to do a needle but it takes more skill and more parts which I don’t have those hoops and but basically I cut a piece of weather with this small boy from Victorinox Swiss Army knife and if you have this sharp enough or if you got the brand new it’ll be sharp enough it cuts through other like butter and makes real good nice cuts or overall smooth and if you may be able to magical in one piece just like a fabric cut proper one and where I got the water I got a water like this guy here and this is a old water satchel bag and I took it testing the OPA round bur neck or whatever and where I got the back a flea market and I bought it specially for this because I always wanted to do some other stuff what watches so initially I wanted to make a NATO strap but this weather has to tick for watch traps so it could be really hard to make needle goodnight all of this so they said to make a simple one I really like the weather weather stuff and this is a old born in walk which we really dig so two bucks from the flea market real leather bag really nice but not that nice to be can be used the thinner the water the better but but you can use it with this one you can see how take it as that’s well probably two or three million years but one thing I did here at boobs is that I used my charming – made this dinner so when I go like this it’s go bit nicer yeah as a pattern this is 22 millimeters which will go on line and Mako or Seco watch on but on you can do this I just cut it this strap was but provider so I took the two little sheets from sheesh and this little bugger cuts the best because of that employee profile and it just goes to the weather why bother just show you how it cuts because I got a lot of audience likes blades nice other stops just cuts perfectly through the water and if you are not sure about the measures and everything else I used us cheapo leather band which is also 22 meals and for this down part here I just placed us like dust so this profile ought to be Tina down here so we can go is more easily to the loop so I just do some drawings on the water and again by using a Swiss Army knife I just cut it out and here this part I’m not sure what I’m gonna do with this kinda little just a little bit of imperfect we’re just gonna make it perfect you could place a coin here or whatever and just cut it so no I’ll go first we use

on some superglue to go this in you can use a Loctite I ran out of outside so I have that found some kind of Italian brand superglue it’s really good I use it on leather before I made the cutting I made this dinner so it will probably look like this but just in case the coat doesn’t go into it I’ll put this little screwdriver here so I can create an empty space so when I glue this I’m gonna go here include this I will see how it holds and then maybe I will do some song but not really big fan of the those sewing on the sides so you’ll see so I applied some glue and now I’m holding this with the pliers or if you have some kind of clamp it’s even better but ah just holding this to go to catch in and this is some kind of a badass goal I had different wall tights but this one turns hot on something it’s just super super sticky and I made watch bands before what does apply it on leather and it was basically immortal and super faster so that’s it gonna wait a bit more and I’m gonna put this loop Brahma old watch band so till next time so I quit this next thing I did as a little bit of Correction on this and now I’m going to make a holes and the best way to make a horse is take a pattern and repeat this with some kind of measure or you have an hour old watch band just place it over and through the holes repeat this so just going to punch some holes on the Victorinox climber there’s a reamer which is perfect for this on pioneer or any other analog version there’s a bigger reamer but this smaller one just works good for it so I’m just going to make some holes camera bothers me so later so here it is I don’t need any more so it looks a bit crude but they were born in and one thing of really mention is that how you want to measure how long this will be the best thing you do know not the best thing but what I did is I took the regular NATO strap and just place it on a ladder took this size and this is a little bit shorter than a NATO band or if you don’t have a nail I just use an old one and put it here put another measure down here and take into account that watch will be probably four centimeters or or more or less but that’s it pretty much and also you don’t need this part buckle this is the easiest method it doesn’t take a lot of effort part but it will look nice thank you and so I don’t have you probably can buy these parts but I took it from an old one I like to reuse so that’s it I’m gonna try to put it now here gonna put it down here and if you don’t know how to put this basically what you’re going to do is that you just

need the world pocket knife so you just take this apart and torch most it has a spring bar here you can remove the spring bar with oil with a little knife or two if you want ah so I will go sometimes it won’t go out and this is a pretty good one fat spring bar so it felt too good and now I will insert this into here for which true so it can work now and just reattach this I’m gonna do this off camera because I don’t have space to work for you function here it is I’m not really a fan how this baka works to this one well so I go probably replace it with a square one just doesn’t ring my bells but does only one I have now set maybe this one’s clear one would be nicer so I will see to change but overall here does real water genuine tech really nice patina born on it and maybe you wanna hand this goal with dreads here but I’ve no level just method up so I won’t do it and for a fact I notice go out kicks ass and it’s really strong so now I’m going to put it on now watch to see how it works I forget to make a loop or a large band so gonna take this stick we’re go with 10 together like this show so here it is a couple minutes later is my loop it’s not my first time that I made this also but this is a much different project but I made this before just took a little piece of leather and gold it together basically like this and what I did just one part or another take a measure on this one so that’ll put this down dear and no one will put some olive oil on to the water to just make it look nicer don’t have any other dye fabrics but this one is already treated but it has a nice patina and pattern and this is a down portion and this work as a quality wood maybe doesn’t work the greatest but when you move one go through it and Jess I like this so now I’m going to apply some olive oil to the water I don’t have any fancy water oils but I usually apply some olive oil on my winter stuff and it’s nothing special just regular actually this is a this bug was a homemade olive oil which my father brought from Dubrovnik Croatia when he was the other was winter so he brought some olive oil so I used this with a bottle to have for this kind of purposes so just a drop of oil and the water is

dry and needs on condition so when applying oil usually less is more I’m speaking to you mr. Spearman I’m put our it cannot hurt generally but what is more and this is a very dry weather night was what unattended for some times I’m just gonna let this soak in to soak it in so after that I’m gonna put some watches on and dry down so here this here is a done deal I put my orient Mako on it so I just feel it looks nicer on that there’s a little ding here but I don’t care it just goes around and I just water looks of the water here and borne work overall and just nice feeling sure how so pretty thick and solid and I like it it’s not bad it’s not perfect but suffering to a project nice project you can do it yourself you don’t need you need the minimal things and besides it’s like I said it’s cheap and if you want to buy a watch band like this you are looking at what’s a box I could do it better and I will probably make a couple of more days but so far I’m gonna wear this one because I like it and it watches more security fun than breakers watch stills to remain tang I’m gonna probably buy some Otis loops make even more better quality ones so I just so I’m happy how it turned out and definitely was worth the time money and I could I did this in a less than a half an hour with filming and without filming I would was faster so it’s really cool and these bands go depends on a brand name but they go really really expensive so I got more water so you’ll see what be next I’m etc’ Connor if you stick this far thank you for watching yeah forgot to show you how it looks I dressed