♪ (intro music) ♪ (Perry) I want to tell you about this dream of mine I’ve been dreaming of this small community designed for small people like us (narrator) Perry Berry is desperate to improve the lives of little people in the Philippines His grand idea is to build a village far from the city where little people can live with dignity We as small people, it seems that it’s very hard for us to combine with the big ones ♪ (music) ♪ (narrator) Manila is one of the most densely populated cities in the world, with 22 million people packed into a very small area Life in the Philippines is hard enough But for the little people, it is extremely precarious (Perry) I guess I’ll go to my shop and do something What’s going on in here? Welcome to my shop! My fellow small people who works there, they have their boss But here in my own business, I am the boss You have to do your best The quality of your food, or the quality of anything that you’re going to sell here, and you must be creative so that people will keep coming in and out and buying things like that You have to maintain the quality So it’s really different if you own your own business (in Filipino) “We don’t have it yet.” (Perry) My earning everyday here is good enough to sustain my family and there’s also a little savings in it Then we have capital that generates in the following days, It’s not sufficient, but I mean it’s good enough to sustain for our family’s daily needs My wife is very understanding I have a lot of ups and downs but she’s always there (narrator) Perry’s wife is a regular height She cooks food for him to sell (Romylin) I love cooking, so that’s why maybe Perry was madly in love with me because of my hobby I am good in cooking I think (laughs) Yeah, that’s true Thank you! (Romylin) For me, I fell in love with him because he’s a perfect person He doesn’t lack anything physical He’s normal for me ♪ (music) ♪ “The table is ready!” – (In Filipino) “Kindly get it, dear.” – Let’s eat I want you to meet my family This is my wife This is my eldest son My second son This is my daughter My younger daughter, Josephine This is my dad, and this is my sister in law This is my family (narrator) Perry’s dwarfism is a random genetic abnormality Both of his parent’s were regular height Perry and his wife had four children Two with dwarfism, and two without – “…through Christ, our Lord, Amen.” – Amen! Okay (In Filipino) Wohoo! We’re going to eat now (Perry) I’m so happy with what God has given to me, especially my daughter who is very smart

I have ten brothers and sisters, and I’m the second to the youngest but to them I am the youngest because until now, I’m still small My family was too happy when I was born because in their eyes I was different According to my mom, I was too small I was just about the size of a bottle of a family size soft drink According to my mom, when she was pregnant she always goes to a city where she kept on following a small man like me But she doesn’t even talk to that small man But she just follows him and watched the way that small man walked ♪ (music) ♪ (narrator) Perry has to be innovative to make enough to support his family He sells crafts he makes in his workshop, all made from recycled materials What I’m doing here is making bags and belts and some mudguards to protect cars from mud attached under the chassis of the cars (Perry) It’s a challenge for me how to create things out of nothing because all of these things are from scrap Out of nothing, I create something to make some business out of it So I buy this one to create belts, bags and mudguards According to some doctors, our fingers are big, but the bones inside are too small Likewise our legs I came to think that I’m not an ordinary person, or I’m not an ordinary small man I’m a big man too Because for me size doesn’t matter anyway What matters most is what you have in your mind and what you have in your heart (Jay) He always told me if people laugh at you, just smile back at them Don’t mind what they say about you, as long as they don’t hurt you And just have a positive thinking If they curse you or laugh at you, just smile back At the end of the day, they’re going to think, “I said something to that guy but he just smiled at me.” So, who’s the one who’s going to end up thinking twice? It’s not me. It’s them (narrator) Jay has a job at a call center and counts himself lucky Many other little people he knows can’t find jobs (Perry Jr) Living here in Manila, it’s really hard if you don’t get a job that is above the basic salary Because if you’re just going to earn lower than that, lucky if you could eat twice a day (narrator) In the Philippines, little people have always been treated as the court jesters And with jobs hard to find, many still see working as entertainers as their best chance to make a dollar Tonight, we’re going to the place where I used to work before We call it “Hobbit House.” (Perry) This place is Hobbit House Hello! This is the place where small people work as waiters and waitresses The importance for the small people working here, is that they have work,

they earn for a living, and they are existing withing the society here We meet different kinds of people Different people coming from different countries They’re happy and satisfied too “You have a very big menu!” (narrator) Perry worked here in the 80s as a bar manager The owner Jim, is a regular height (Jim) He became one of the managers early on He’s quite intelligent and did a good job for us (narrator) Jim doesn’t believe any of his employees are being exploited It’s given him a sense of community, it’s given him income, and some of these people have already put their children through college by working here It’s been quite beneficial for all of them I think (In Filipino) It’s his day off, including Nonoy (narrator) But Perry’s looking for new options for his people He wants to rally them against the daily humiliation and discrimination they face I don’t want anybody or my fellowmen to just degrade us or disregard us that being small seems like you don’t have any participation anymore in the socio-economics and society (narrator) Perry’s plan is to build a new village for his community, a place that would be especially tailored to suit the needs of the little people (Perry) That’s is why I’ve been dreaming of this small community designed for small people like us so that if we are together, it would be very easy for us to make some plans for the future of our children because we are small (Josephine) If they’re building a village for our size If we would have a village made for small people, we don’t need to step on a stool to reach this kind of basin The switch is too high so I can’t reach it Cooking is a bit dangerous to me because of the height of the stove so I don’t usually do the cooking The doorknobs are large or we cannot reach I think they’ll put a right size so we can reach it properly Like this switch, originally it was here But I requested our electrician to transfer it here so it will be comfortable for them, for their size That’s why we transferred the switch I also want this doorknob to be lower so they could feel comfortable too (Romylin) What happened to your bed, Josephine! (narrator) Josephine graduates from high school this semester Perry’s worked hard to instill in his children a sense of social justice which has give Josephine the confidence to think big about her future (In Filipino) Why are you here hiding? Let’s go inside! (Josephine) I want to personally envision to be a lawyer I want to have a happy life and decent one Just like a typical teen, I want to have my own house, I want to earn my own money in a decent way (girls chattering) (In Filipino) So that’s why you weren’t there (Josephine) I want to be normal I don’t want other people to think that because of my situation, I can’t do that, I can’t do things that they can

I wanted to act like normal ones do (narrator) Without money and support, many little people don’t have the opportunity to attend university Most of the people like me were smart people like me, they work as an acrobat or comedians in television I don’t want to be like that I want to prove that we don’t need to be laughed at to earn our own money, or have a living of our own (Josephine) When I was a kid, I always say, “Papa I want to be a lawyer someday.” I will fight for people who don’t have money to pay other lawyers, the expensive ones (Perry) A parent’s dream is to see their children ha a formal education To me, that’s one important agenda that I’ve been telling to my fellow small people that we must do our best to send our children to school (narrator) Perry’s been saving to pay for Josephine’s university fees (Perry) The education of our children is wealth which cannot be stolen by anybody else (narrator) She’ll study law at the Makati City University just down the road (In Filipino) Oh! We are walking up here? I knew it! Here is my future university and I want to be the first small person to be a lawyer (narrator) Opening up opportunities for education is all part of Perry’s plan for building his new community But first, they must find some land (Jay) It’s too crowded here in Manila As you can see there are a lot of buildings already The best ideal place would be in the province There’s a lot of space back there, but land area is too expensive (Perry Sr.) We want to build this project outside of Manila because first, the land is cheap Second, it’s very easy to develop Third, the environment is good for us, for our health We are dreaming of building like a big shoe, like mushrooms, then all the appliances inside is made according to our height (narrator) The buildings in the village will work for both regular height family members and little people ♪ (music) ♪ (narrator) Jim’s the first one to cast doubt on Perry’s ideas But of course, a distant village of little people, isn’t going to be in the best interest of Jim’s business (Jim) Mostly, it’s going to be money How are they going to finance it? I think it’s a nice idea It’s a very far place from the city And that will be difficult too, I mean, it’s a couple of hours from here I don’t know what kind of employment they’d have out there (narrator) Mobilizing his community takes patience and perseverance Perry is coordinating to rally his people (Perry Sr.) If you schedule them at 8:00, they will arrive at 10:00 If you schedule them at 10:00, they will come at 1:00 (narrator) Perry’s the president of the Little People Association of the Philippines There are nearly 80 members He knows his dream won’t happen without a serious commitment from them You see, it’s really hard to be a leader You have to wait. While waiting, you will receive some messages Sometimes they cannot come because of personal reasons

Here they are (narrator) Everyone was meant to arrive at 8:00 AM It’s now 11:00 AM (In Filipino) My friend! God Bless We would’ve been here earlier, but we ended up in Phase 1 of the village I’ve been out here for a long time – I thought you got lost – That’s why (narrator) Boy is Perry’s best friend, and a performer I can do dancing We can do dancing, okay? No problem, alright? (narrator) He’s on board with Perry’s plans But the opportunity to ham it up for the cameras, is too good a chance to miss “Come on baby! Yeah, alright!” (Bhoy) I’m not a normal person, because if your a normal person, it’s easy to look for a job For small people, it’s so hard It’s really hard for us to find a job I need a job. I want a job But how? Where? How come? I don’t know how to drive because of my small legs That’s why I’m a poor man I have nothing – Have a seat please – Thank you I want to show you some of our plans (narrator) Perry’s son Jay believes that social media is the key One of the modern generation, he’s convinced he’ll find the money for his dad’s vision And then like tell dad, you’re agreeing, it’s good Can you just pause a little bit, the good sign? Showing the good sign? Thumbs up to dad? (narrator) He uses his photography skills to document the planning of the village (Jay) I call myself actually more of a personal secretary of my dad I usually do the online stuff, communicating, answering emails for him, the inquiries of other people who wants to help us I mostly take pictures, answer emails for them I spend most of the time behind the camera I’m sort of a translator too when we have some foreigners because some of them have a hard time speaking some foreign language I do those things to help the association so we can fulfill our dreams together That’s what I do Back in the days when people like us were for just carnival shows, they thought I was the same person from the carnival They begin to shout at me, “Can you juggle a ball?” (narrator) Jay is frustrated by a number of postings featuring the old exploitation activities (Jay) I think this is a shot from the dwarf wrestling Some people should be mindful of uploading videos Maybe for them, this is funny stuff, or for exhibition game But I personally don’t like those stuff, those pretend wrestling Even though it’s not a real fight, the more you do that stuff the more people are going to look down at you It’s my own opinion (narrator) He’s a sheriff, taking down the degrading material (Jay) We want everyone else to have a wider idea that what we want to do is to have a normal life. That’s it (Perry In Filipino) Come and sit here I have something to discuss to guys with regard to our plan of putting up a village or our own community That’s why it’s the main agenda that we’re supposed to tackle today If you guys approve on our logo, the finished product will be like this Whatever your opinion or ideas, we have to put it together, we have to bind it together, to make this village an enjoyable and happy village

that we’re going to live in (narrator) Perry’s members are a little slow to catch on It will be up to him to make this village happen He’s rallying anyone and everyone he knows (Perry) Remember that the person who plants few seeds will have a small crop But the one who plants many seeds, will have a large crop You should each give them as you have decided, not with a [gripe] or out of a sense of duty For God loves the one who gives gladly, and God is able to give gladly And God is able to give you more than you need So that you will always have all you need for yourselves, and more than enough for every good Because as the scripture says, He gives generously to the needy, and His kindness lasts forever. Amen I want to tell you about this dream of mine I’ve been dreaming about this small community, designed for small people like us I will pursue this project I will never stop [AttitudeLive]