graduates and guests welcome to the University of Washington’s one hundred and forty fifth commencement ceremony honoring the graduating class of 2020 now entering our candidates for the various doctoral and professional degrees carrying the gonfalon for the graduate school our Tim Brown and Ansel Senna tiempo Tim is receiving a Doctor of Philosophy in philosophy Denzil is receiving a Doctor of Philosophy in French studies carrying the gonfalon for the School of Pharmacy is Marisa Robin Craig Marissa is receiving a doctor of pharmacy degree carrying the gonfalon for the School of Dentistry is Tiffany doe Tiffany is graduating today with a Doctor of Dental Surgery [Applause] [Applause] it was the only place we thought you could that we wanted to ask about what exists and how we make he says he chose the University of Washington because of the adventurous folks in the philosophy philosophy department and took a few philosophy classes they were so amazing to kind of talk through what’s out there and what’s going on we also hearing from Danville and he’s from Lake Stevens so he is homegrown from right here in the backyard of the University of Washington he’s getting his master’s degree and said he’s continued and completed a PhD in French studies focused on fashion and gender sexuality so interesting folks moving through here today and when you think of the University of Washington Erin you know you’ve course you have engineering and you have the nursing school which really comes to light because when you think of all the doctors and the nurses and all the the the care providers that have graduated from the University of Washington many of those folks are on the frontlines of fighting this this horrible virus this copán 19 virus and I’m just so proud of them and I’m sure so many Huskies are proud of them as well yeah for sure and they announced Marissa Craig and she’s she’s from here too in the backyard Redmond she’s a doctor of pharmacy so when you talk about being in the medical field the University of Washington is producing so much content and information especially during this time of the corona virus and Kovan 19 kind of taking over our whole world and making it different for graduations like this to be online candidates for the various master’s degrees are now entering carrying the gonfalon for the Graduate School our Brian J Evans antosha Lynn Bryan is receiving a Master of Fine Arts in dance Tosh is receiving a Master of Science in information management well Brian Evans is from Gaylord Minnesota and he said the dance MFA program was exactly what he was looking for the program that supported mid-career artists transformational to the transformation to the professor and that’s one of the reasons he came here and why he picked the u-dub to go to school Natasha Linn she’s the graduate master’s degree in information management and she was born and raised in Toronto Canada she wanted to pursue a masters and information management to learn how technology can create unintended consequences so she chose this school because of those reasons and knew that the University of Washington would be a good fit for her she’s able to take courses and many other schools including in sociology urban planning and law mm-hmm and how about Zola Wallacea from

Seattle Washington she says quote I was born and raised in Johannesburg South Africa I wanted to align my intellectual curiosity with passion u-dub offered an LLM that was that could bring me together with my passion for development and empowers me with professional skills and inspires me to do better and we’re taking a look at those columns right there as we mentioned earlier in purple carpet show that we had leading up to this garden you made kind of a comment about those Collins and how we were running through and how the university president Matthew Lyle Spencer banned kissing on campus back in 1929 yeah because he we’re seeing a couple spooning and kind of congregating together and hanging out so he decided to ban that that’s an interesting time back then and and not so much flying now but yes these students have first come in through these columns when they came in as freshmen they heard from vice provost and Dean Dean Taylor there who talked to him when they first came in we heard some of that earlier today and those columns mean so much to the graduation and the heritage of this rich University who carries such a spirit through this we’re going to continue of course to hear more about what’s going on with this virtual graduation and and some of the leaders that are going through the villain years today yeah how about Lila fall Haber from Seattle Washington College of Arts and Sciences she is a neuroscience major she says quote I grew up in Vietnam but went to high school in a small Washington town the gonfalon for the School of Law is ZOA Valley Shia Zola’s receiving a Master of Laws in sustainable international development all right like we said she was born in South Africa and she wanted a line her intellectual curiosity with passion so you dub offered that for her and the LLM the sustainable inter International Development Program she was passionate about it and she wanted to empower herself and others with the professional skills and and what you Deb had to offer to become a better speaker a better leader a better person Taylor Victoria Halverson College of Arts and Sciences she says though I am originally from West Seattle I spent most of my formative pre-college years in Oak Harbor up on Whidbey Island I feel very much like u-dub picked me once I stepped foot on campus for the first time I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else and Taylor I think a lot of people feel that way and we want to remind you that this is the hundred and forty fifth annual commencement ceremony at the University of Washington it’s a little different this year if you’re just tuning in welcome in from wherever you are whether it’s South Africa Australia around the world we are seeing folks join in online from all over and it’s been a very unique experience guard we’ve talked to so many people in this world today it’s just such a different time and at one time we thought maybe we weren’t gonna have this ceremony happen but we are oh yeah and I think we even heard the president of the university president cow say say when were you asked her hey do you ever think that this may not happen this commencement and she said yes absolutely and then she looks at all the professionals from u-dub television and the production staff here I mean I counted ten tenths when we did our show before the procession but it is just incredible how many people just pick up the ball and start to run with it at the University of Washington especially with all the departments when you think of all the different kinds of graduations and the curriculum here it’s so diverse it really is a special place to go to school well it’s just so neat and folks all around the country talk about the University of Washington just not only for how cool it is right purple and gold from the Athletics programs to the science programs to the medical program in the field and what they’re doing today with this pandemic and what’s going on with the corona virus around the world and Kovan 19 a lot of organizations a lot of health industry professionals leaning towards the University of Washington to really look into what these scientists here are looking at they’re manipulating numbers trying to see where everything fits checking the curves trying to keep us safe in a time in the gonfalon for the Evans School of Public Policy and governments is Jenny Keiko six Jenny’s receiving a Master of Public Administration well guard you know Jenny’s she’s from Chicago and she chose Evans school to study public finance and policy Administration which is cool she had the

opportunity to work with some amazing colleagues through her curriculum advocacy team which is cool Evans people of color that’s called EPOC she’s a student ambassador and her teaching aspires a lot of people out there and she’s with the city of Seattle’s Department of Finance and administrative services this is such a special ceremony guard you know graduating virtually is so much different everyone’s used to packing into Husky Stadium and and now we’re making it happen this way and I think almost selfishly some parents are happy about this because they get to see their kids if they’re you know out of South Africa or a different country right no I know it is super special but there is something and I don’t mean to be negative on this but but there is something special about walking into the stadium because forty to fifty thousand people will show up friends and family members and the graduates thousands of them just filling the the football field and it really is something special but this one as you mentioned there and this one is also super special because I think in 50 years from 50 years from now people are gonna go oh I remember that boy they did a great job with that procession virtually yeah they did ladies and gentlemen candidates for bachelor’s degrees in the College of Arts and Sciences including Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science Bachelor of design Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Music are now entering carrying the first of six gonfalon for the College of Arts and Sciences is Lila fall Hebert who is receiving a Bachelor of Science in neuroscience well Lila grew up in Vietnam but she went to a high school in a small Western Washington town up north right near the Canadian border called Blaine she chose you dub because it was offered the growth and opportunities that she wanted coming out of a small town and she found her passion neuroscience and educational outreach she’s on the annual deans lift great Mathers journals the dream project she was a very how should I say this a woman who knows exactly what she wants to do and it shows cuz she is doing a lot oh yeah she’s the whole health student health navigator super involved in not only her academics but being connected to these students and totally motivated to I mean I’m looking at what she has accomplished here at the u-dub so Lila you’re doing a terrific job at congratulations for today yeah and we do want to mention that you know there are so many graduates and right now we have I think over 6700 participating virtually every year so many approximately 40% of all bachelor’s degrees 60 percent 4 percent are Oh master’s degree we continue to see these numbers among Washington College public institutions that represent so there is so much to think about and as you mentioned earlier guard there are 75% of you top graduates remain in this state after graduation I know that I had a couple husky soccer players with me they were out of California and they took jobs here and they stayed here maybe their parents worked so excited that they can come back home to the Bay Area or Southern California but it’s a great place to live and grow up and have a family and really stay connected to your roots and when you look at all the undergrads and the upper grads they are 70% are from the state right he had Washington so all of them wanted to stay home carrying the second gonfalon for the College of Arts and Sciences is Taylor Halverson was receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Scandinavian area studies and communication yeah Erin this is I read her little bio on what she said and I

loved it at the end when she says once I stepped foot on campus for the first time I could not imagine myself anywhere else and I think a lot of people feel that way the second year on campus you don’t need to be recruited if you can get it it’s a little bit difficult to get in but if you have the grace to get in they don’t even have to sell you on the campus because it’s absolutely stunning here Oh Taylor says she’s done so many things but she’s had the opportunity to do many things during her time at u-dub but she’s most proud of her work of the programming intern with the ASUW queer student commission a performer in the 2018 playwright for check this out I’m sure her family is very proud of her today along with so many other family members and friends and one thing I think that happens across probably the nation the world is people really connect through these graduations and brings you back to times where we may have graduated quite a bit ago but just hearing some of these students and athletes and the president and deans and chancellors talking about what it means and how influential these kids are to the future of what we have here in America in the world and where they’re gonna go become scientists doctors technicians programmers and and I think sometimes when you graduate at least for me I’ve thought well what is this u-dub or what is this San Diego State thing gonna really have an impact on me because sometimes you don’t think it does until you get a little bit older down the line you think oh my gosh I learned so much at that u-dub now it’s all starting to make sense so sometimes for a lot of students and graduates it takes a little bit of time but man the u-dub sets you up for life and you don’t realize the tools until you’re out for a while that you’ve received candidates from the College of Arts and Sciences continue to enter led by gonfalon ear Catalina Rose Hoffman who’s receiving a Bachelor of Arts in American Indian studies well that’s pretty cool she grew up in Olympia Washington and she picked you dub because it was all it always had been her dream school like a lot of people her dad went there before her and she grew up going to all the football games boy it wasn’t oh for sure my dad had season tickets for almost 41 years and he would go with his grandfather it was a traditional day where they dropped me up off from 25th right up the road from you village and I would stay with my grandmother while my dad and my grandfather went to the games and I just thought if I could get to one of those games with him when I get old enough it would be the coolest thing that I’ve never seen and when I finally did go and the noise that came out of that stadium it was immeasurable it was so loud it’s like one of the loudest stadiums in the country yeah back in 1992 hundred and thirty episodes against Nebraska actually Aaron this is how old I am I was at that game I was at that game too and I remember how loud that was when I could actually say I covered that game as a waitress at a bar on the University Avenue and I remember all the new Vaska fans came up because we set up a buffet not one husky fan came in and those Nebraska fans were actually great and they surely gave super tips I think I was there for 15 hours serving those guys and it was a fun thing thinking when Nebraska coming back to play again yeah for sure they did put some money in my pocket and I did want to mention that back in 1981 did you know the wave was invented and conceived at the University of Washington I did not know that’s a cool thing throughout the stadium and everybody uses it around the country around the world the u-dub is so diverse right for sure there on on the world spectrum all right well we want to thank everyone for joining us today we know some of you are just tuning in while others have been with us for a while we had a purple carpet show before that’s kind of the red carpet leading up to the graduation and we’ve just really enjoyed speaking with everyone today and really connecting it with a lot of people wish we had time to kind of pot in more more interviews and an audio from other people but we’re gonna continue to listen hear as everyone gets announced and hear the gonfalon of their programs and degrees carrying the 4th gonfalon for the College of Arts and Sciences is beyond Lew who is graduating with a Bachelor of Science in applied and computational mathematics science data science and statistics and a Bachelor of Arts in land here’s what Lou said he says quote I am from China I decided to study at u-dub primarily because of my great impression of Chief Seattle speech that I learned

in primary school I majored in a CMS and Latin which both reflect my interest in mathematics and antique matters I can already tell that Lou is a lot smarter than I but you know as we look at all these names and where they’re from of course a lot from Washington as we’ve mentioned about 70% but as we saw earlier the show about an hour ago on where all these students come from we just heard from China blue you know from Puerto Rico Africa Africa Australia Western Russia just everyone Japan every work I mean the u-dub is connected globally you could throw a dart at a globe hit it you can know there was a few double graduate there yeah and one thing I really enjoy about the u-dub thinking back to my time I had some really interesting classes class sizes that could be anywhere from 500 to 600 and some could be 20 to 30 and the classes that were 500 to 600 you think how am I gonna get recognized how am I gonna get one-on-one contact with the teachers but somehow you find a way we did it and some of those professors and teachers I still remember to this day I’ve seen him grocery stores and said hey Dan churn akov geology 101 do you remember me Aaron hey how’s it going you see them in the grocery store and that’s the kind of thing that I like and I know that happens a lot of different universities you make these connections but it is really something that you don’t think about while you’re in that time of your college degree you know you think I’m just here I gotta get through this I’m I got to get to bed I got a study in the morning and I have a huge test and then you get through that day and it’s a new day and you and you’re either fired up or you’re a little bit down because you’re not sure how you did on the test but one thing to know is that you get through it you graduate and in the end it’s not going to matter if you got two wrong on that test or four wrong you got your degree right and you’ve been educated and you’ve learned from what you not know carrying v gonfalon for the College of Arts and Sciences is Deshawn Newell was graduating with a Bachelor of Science in neuroscience so here’s what the Sean says a quote I chose u-dub for its prestigious academic standing within the research and medical community you know has also offered me the opportunity to gain a holistic education focusing on the brain I learned a human I learned of human biology through neuroscience and consequent behavior through psychology well Deshawn is also a member of Phi Beta Phi Sigma fraternity member of a student veteran life also the National pan-hellenic Council he’s a husky rub you pub player number 14 on the wing and project rise research is what he’s involved in along with the Husky bowling league wow that’s pretty cool so he he’s a bowler and a brawler with rugby for sure you must be pretty strong though those rugby players yeah big strength he must analyze a lot of folks in the rugby in bowling industry with his psychology behavior you know what he has learned and looking at different folks and kind of analyzing them and seeing how their mechanics work and what goes through the process there of their heads and their minds we want to remind people too that we’ve seen a lot on social media that you dub grad 20 hashtag on Instagram people are voting for the best cap decorations and so forth through through this so don’t forget if you haven’t voted to get online and vote for that at the U EE there’s so many great ones to look for I don’t know how they could just pick one but I guess by voting that will help and tally up the numbers to get to get through and as we talked about before I love the fact that those cap and gowns are made out of recycled water bottles yeah they just take them you toss them in a garbage can they get picked up they get shredded and somebody else is wearing them the next year carrying the final gonfalon for the College of Arts and Sciences is Calvin Paulson who is graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in history Empire and colonialism well Calvin is from Bonney Lake so right here in western Washington and quote I chose history as my field of

studies because this field is uniquely positioned to empower marginalize people and heal the wounds caused by the past violence he’s on the Dean’s List each quarter he’s attended he is a mary gates scholar for 2018 you know when you look at these these students who are graduating and you look at everything they have done all of them are so diverse I mean going back just a couple of minutes one guy’s a rugby player right it’s just it’s just incredible that’s what makes up a meeting like this across the nation the world it brings everyone together and when you really deep dive into the purple and gold of these people you find out so many things that are so interesting and intricate and how they got here you know a scholarship non-scholarship working all the way through high school to pay for their college to get them a leg up and that’s what I think the University of Washington folks have learned once they graduate through and either walk or virtually walk and hear their name called they have so much going for them already and they don’t even know it that’s one thing that I think I wish maybe I could go back I had some great time some fun I studied I got decent grades but I’d love to go back on campus again IDs do you would ladies and gentlemen please welcome bachelors candidates from the College of Education led by gonfaloniere Dalia Peres Dalia is receiving a Doctor of Philosophy in education leadership and Policy Studies she says quote Seattle is my hometown as a longtime educator I know that institutions of education have the power to transform people’s lives and communities you Dubbs college of education helped me launch into a meaningful doctoral journey of equitable leadership research and action entering now are the bachelors candidates from the College of Engineering let bygones Lanier’s Tushar Khurana and Kimberly Ruth Tushar is receiving a Bachelor of Science in engineering tymberlee is graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering in a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics Teixeira says whoa growing up my family moved back and forth between different cities in India and the United States I wanted to study at a public university in a large city the u-dub had a good financial aid and scholarships package plus Seattle had just passed the $15 minimum wage he’s also published a sign or they vault she’s also published a scientific paper with the geophysical Institute in Fairbanks Alaska developed machinery learning hydrology forecasting with a startup and research water policy with King County volunteered at Beacon food forest the University District Food Bank a lot going on and Kimberly she says my hometown is Bellevue I love the field of computing since I enjoy using logical structures to build technologies that help people I chose to attend u-dub dude due to its abundant opportunities for growth and world-class academic strength especially in my field undergraduate research has been a major endeavor of hers as she says I’ve been involved in work that’s led to four academic publications that’s exciting including one project I ran is the lead author I’ve also engaged in mentorship teaching and outreach activities both inside and out Allen school yeah when you listen to Kimberly Ruth and everything she’s done it kind of makes me feel better because I’m a lot older but at least for our children the future seems a little bit brighter than it does today but man it is so nice to see these smart kids these smart graduates knowing that they’re gonna pretty much pick up the ball and run run with it forever and I appreciate that about them for sure well I’m just glad the weather held out a little bit guard it could have been a bit slow Mir some folks are outside where they’re doing part of the ceremony and announced you know while others are just virtually on your computer’s watching from airier so welcome in from all over the country all over the world wherever you are thanks for joining us in being purple and gold today and celebrating your graduates and checking out some of the others who are walking through this kind of virtual ceremony for the first time ever here on the University of Washington campus you’re watching the 145th annual commencement please welcome the candidates from the College of the environment carrying the gonfalon is andrew thomas chin who is

receiving a Bachelor of Science in aquatic and fishery sciences and marine biology andrew says my pursuit of fishery science is everything that a five-year-old in me would have dreamed of I initially attended school out of state but the research and teaching community at the school of aquatic and fishery sciences made a transfer back home to Seattle a very easy decision Hawaii was science communication fellow at Washington Sea Grant and editor-in-chief of the undergraduate environmental research journal field notes I don’t remember having all these credentials why I was going through although I didn’t work for the daily in the newspaper of things like that bachelor candidates from the information school are now entering the information school gonfalon is carried by gonfalon ears autumn Durr and hailey young husband autumn is receiving a Bachelor of Science in informatics data science and human-computer interaction hailey is receiving a Bachelor of Science in informatics autumn says I chose u-dub for its mix of academic rigor and rich college experience from my life to the science and the scenic Pacific Northwest bachelor candidates from the Michael G foster School of Business are now entering led by gonfalon ear Danny P Bui Danny is receiving a Bachelor of Arts in business administration marketing well Danny was born and raised in San Jose California just down the i-5 corridor to the south and he says the idea of comfort attending college in my home state was dull so he wanted to explore the outdoors in the Pacific Northwest not too far away a short plane ride while pursuing his passion for business and technology yeah he’s also the president of Husky veterans and the secretary for Vietnamese Student Association he also as part of Alpha Kappa Phi fraternity and he definitely mentors people all around just to let you know today this is also a unique experience not only because it’s virtually online with this commencement guard but they’re celebrating and were virtually walking students from u-dub tacoma and you don’t Bothell we’re all here today and that’s the first time ever as well along with being online yeah first time ever and it’s really nice because everybody feels so included and it’s when you have Bothell which is an incredible campus and then way south of Bothell you down in Tacoma another incredible campus now if I live down in Tacoma with all the traffic that we’ve had not in the last couple points but I would probably pick Tacoma or if I was close to Bothell I’d probably pick close to Bothell so I wouldn’t have to fight traffic but even fighting traffic to get here and look at these beautiful scenes we have here the of the columns and the beautiful set that was erected for the Goff Lennon ears and the rest of the gang here at the u-dub in incredible it has and you know you want to mention that some of the points and recognitions that u-dub you know the unit of nursing schools ranked number one among schools offering a Doctor of Nursing Practice that was just two months ago Wow incredible this gets better and better here at the University of Washington yeah you dubs foster school ranked number one in the US for MBA jobs and now that was four months ago so they’ve been ranked for many many careers in bachelor candidates from the School of Nursing and a school of medicine are now entering the School of Nursing is led by gonfalon ear kristin traveli who is receiving a Doctor of Nursing Practice carrying the gonfalon for the School of Medicine Farida abdullah who was receiving a master of occupational therapy welcome now the bachelor candidates from the college of built environments they are led by gonfaloniere Andres Flores was receiving a Master of Architecture who a could be the school of metal medicine it could be architecture the Arts and Sciences it could be music they have it all here at the u-dub dentistry oceanography just a huge program with so much to offer not only for their medical professional what they’re doing now obviously with these tough times in the pandemic and kovat 19 but they’ve really made strides across the board in all degrees the final groups of bachelor candidates entering are from the School of Public Health and the School of Social Work carrying the gonfalon for

the School of Public Health is Esther my win was receiving a Bachelor of Arts in food systems nutrition and health the School of Social Work candidates are led by gonfalon ear amber bar cell who is receiving a master of Social Work well well she’s from Forks he feels right at home right now say this rain is starting to come down luckily it’s a virtual ceremony but yeah she just wanted to get out and get new opportunities push herself academically and defined all of her passions and she’s happy to say that she fell in love with the field of nutritional sciences and cannot wait to continue down this road in this path yeah she said she lived in India for a while interning in a nutrition and lactation program for a nonprofit and also volunteered in the Dominican Republic for the past three years so this young lady has been all over the world helping people and educating people just like she who got educated here at the u-dub and she’s just spreading the love now and will amber talking about all over the world born in South Korea and raised in rural Nebraska that’s quite the change she chose to study social work at the U dub because of its policy concentration and and and lenses there yeah just an incredible scene here at the University of Washington a virtual graduation for over 6700 students and it has just been a terrific day that started hours ago and every single one of these young ladies these young men these these people who have graduated here at the U dub it really is incredible to see all the backgrounds all the diversity and everything they have done to get themselves a diploma as they move forward into the future and of their life yeah one of the times that’s just very unique but I think that everybody’s come together as president on Amar’e Cal say has said that they were not sure she just was not sure if this was going to happen due to Kovan 19 and I think many people across the globe thought this isn’t going to happen and it did everything just systematically shut down but we’ve managed to get back up and try to find a new life in the world of technology and information science and u-dub is a major player and what is going on in the world pandemic Y yeah and even if put on a virtual event like this is not an easy task I’ve been involved in a lot of television in my life and the crew that we have here and I was told that it was up to a hundred people over the last 30 days to get this thing going and get it off the ground and not only do we social distance you and I don’t because we’re married but have all the guests we’ve had have been at least six feet apart everybody here wears masks there’s 10 to 12 tents that are set up inside the tents there are plastic shields between each cubicle people are working on computers people are working on editors it’s just been an incredible scene to see how many professionals here at the U dub can adapt to such a horrific thing that we’re in the middle of of this coronaviruses koban 19 but it just is a as a true example of what happens here at the University of Washington and how people have to adapt because one you don’t have a choice you can stick your tail between your legs and just forget about this and go into hibernation but the u-dub is front and center and fighting this behind the scenes and in front of the scenes they’ve always been a leader in the university eyes of several universities major universities hundreds of universities thousands of universities across the world and the country and they continue to do it during times like these not only at the University of Washington but other programs and other organizations around our area Seattle you places like that they’ve all come together and develop new forms of a way of life and to invent and and deal with technology and what they can have moving forward I know we talked about earlier what the University of Washington invented bubble gum yeah recycling things like that vinyl the wave no I know it that’s just shows how diverse it is so many things have come out of here so many incredible businesses recession of the graduates is now concluded under the University of Washington and continues and I think with this pandemic that’s happening I think it’s I think it’s gonna push us to greater limits

now entering Sylvan Grove are the members of the president’s party led by university marshal associate professor joseph Jane’s of the information school we’d like to begin this ceremony by acknowledging the land on which the university rests the land of the Coast Salish peoples which touches the shared waters of all tribes and bands within the Suquamish Tulalip and muckle shoot nations today we celebrate together the commencement exercises of the University of Washington will be opened with the presentation of the colors by the Navy ROTC color guard and the singing of the star-spangled banner by a choir composed of students from the School of Music please rise [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

[Applause] please be seated and welcome to the 145th commencement exercises of the University of Washington my name is Joseph James and I’m an associate professor in the information school on ceremonial occasions such as this however I am honored to serve as the university marshal and welcome you all officially to this ceremony as you can see we’re hearing up somewhat damped Sylvan Grove behind me are the four ionic columns that form the grand entrance to the first territorial University of Washington building which was constructed on a rise in what is now downtown Seattle in 1861 these columns resonate with the dreams and visions of the people who raised them in a village of only 300 people over a century and a half ago they symbolized the never-ending pursuit of knowledge truth and artistic expression always enduring and always new our first graduates celebrated in front of these columns and when the downtown building came down only these cedar columns were saved they were erected on what is now the quad and there they played a prominent role in early graduations ceremonies were held here in the Sylvan Grove when the columns were moved to this location in 1921 but for nearly 100 years no class has graduated in front of these original columns until today this day the class of 2020 makes history all our graduating classes are unique including this one in so many ways we wanted this ceremony to be special for you and that’s why we chose this place what happens here today will likely never be repeated today’s ceremony is also history for another reason graduates from across the United States and from 40 countries and 6 continents are tuning in to participate in today’s ceremony and we see you all we see you in Brazil in Mexico in Panama in Peru we see you in Bangladesh Cambodia China Hong Kong in India Japan Korea Malaysia in Vietnam we see you in Australia in Guam in New Zealand we see you in Oman in South Africa and the United Arab Emirates we see you in Belgium Denmark the Netherlands the United Kingdom and our neighbours in Canada when these columns were salvaged professor of history and you mM miss Edmond Meany and his colleague Herbert Condon gave them names loyalty industry faith and efficiency l ife life so we celebrate life here today the lives of our students their journeys to us and with us and now from us we celebrate the lives and sacrifices and gifts of the families and friends who helped bring you to this time and place and we celebrate the life of this great public university in so many ways a beacon which is also appropriate as our University’s motto is looks sit somewhat imperfect Latin for let there be light for where there is life there is light and where there is life and light there is hope we send our graduates out with hope into a world that desperately needs it and desperately needs you to all the graduates who are joining us from all three campuses and across the United States and around the world it is my great pleasure to welcome all of you to commencement 2020 celebrating worldwide as you can see today we are observing the physical distancing guidelines that have been put into place to combat kovat 19 and as a result our stage party is limited with us today is the leadership of the University and I’d like to introduce them at this time first the chair of the University’s Board of Regents mr. Joel Ben allele the president of the university of washington professor Ana Mari cauce a University Provost mark a Richards the Chancellor of the University of Washington Bothell dr. wolf yay and the Chancellor of the University of Washington Tacoma dr. mark a Pagano we sincerely appreciate everyone’s presence here today thank you be seated commencement is a memorable day not only for our graduates but also for our faculty who truly enjoy celebrating the accomplishments of their students a commencement we traditionally highlight faculty who have been recognized for their outstanding teaching here to do that today is the person who works most closely with the deans and the faculty to shape our

students academic experience our Provost dr. mark Richards thank you dr. Jaynes each year the University presents what are known as the Awards of Excellence to individuals whose mentorship and service have had a profound impact on the lives of students and the broader university community I want to take a moment to honor several of those Award winners now this year five faculty have received the distinguished Teaching Award they are shall song Lee the Harry and Katherine Jane Boland endowed professor of chemistry Ali rouhani Rock Bar associate professor of Epidemiology Karen D Martin assistant professor in public policy and governance Ian Schnee senior lecturer in philosophy and Alisa Taylor senior lecturer in bioengineering the recipient of the Marsha L Lando distinguished graduate mentor award is monka Varghese professor of education finally two graduate students with teaching responsibilities have received the excellence in teaching award for 2020 they are Charles seal and fear graduate staff assistant in sociology and Verne Horner doctoral candidate in social welfare these faculty inspires students to discover their passion for learning create opportunities for them to make a real difference and change the way the students see the world I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our faculty and teaching assistants for putting their students first in this unprecedented year they swiftly adjusted the ways in which they teach to ensure that UW students and the graduates we are honoring today receives the best possible education to the graduates I would say you have learned from the best and now I can’t wait to see how you will change the world since 1932 the university has presented medals to the graduating seniors with the most distinguished academic records at the University on the Seattle campus one medal is awarded to a student who has completed at least 3/4 of his or her degree requirements at the University and one is awarded to a student who entered the university with at least 60 transfer credits from a Washington Community College each year a president’s medal is also awarded to an outstanding graduate at each of the Tacoma and Bothell campuses to present the medals to this year’s winners please welcome the president of the University of Washington honor Mari Cal say thank you dr. Jaynes I’m so happy to see all of you here today I can see you on I’m on the monitors and it’s almost as if we were together again we miss you I’ll have more to say later but now I want to present our president’s medalist this year they are truly remarkable the recipient of president’s medals at the University of Washington our FOMA camana of Seattle Washington and Savannah Claire Casas of Tacoma Washington who entered the UW from Tacoma Community College Paloma who was a member of this year’s husky 100 studied abroad in Samoa and focused their studies on the importance of inclusive families in the academics ascent in the academic success and social support amongst students of color Paloma is graduating summa [ __ ] laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology and in anthropology medical anthropology and global health they plan to pursue a PhD in Indigenous Studies or a related field and become an academic researcher investigating the relationship between language and community resilience in Seattle area amongst urban Native American communities savannah is graduating summa [ __ ] laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology she’s been working with the university’s cognition and cortical dynamics laboratory as part of her honours research project she also studies Japanese and will take a year off to teach English in Japan she plans on entering the Asian and comparative law LLM program at the UW School of Law and ultimately she plans to work to facilitate cross-cultural interactions between the United States and Asia the

president’s medalist for the University of Washington Tacoma is Brooke nicole Carla during her time at UW Tacoma Brooke worked at the Center for applied cognitive research with dr. Steven Ross on researching eyewitness misidentification Brooke is graduating summa [ __ ] laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology she plans to continue her education in the fall and Colorado State University where she will begin work on a PhD and cognitive psychology this year’s medalist for the University of Washington Bothell is Casey Cummins Casey is graduating with a 3.9 6 GPA Faculty honors and a Bachelor of Arts degree in health studies from the School of Nursing and Health Studies during the academic year Casey conducted research using a drug discovery technique that uses mathematical modeling to predict the biological activity or potency of new compounds Casey plans to work as a nurse assistant for two years before continuing his education in medical school please join me in recognizing our extraordinary president’s medalists and I would also like to recognize those students who are graduating today with the university’s highest baccalaureate honors summa [ __ ] laude magna [ __ ] laude and [ __ ] laude the names of the Seattle campus honorees are listed in the commencement program each year the chancellors at our Bothell and Tacoma campuses recognize students who have demonstrated extraordinary achievement the Chancellor’s medal recognizes individuals who have been a consistent source of inspiration for faculty and fellow students alike and who have overcome significant obstacles in order to complete a degree I would like to invite Chancellor yeh and Chancellor Pagano to present the Chancellor’s medalists from their campuses Thank You president Kelsey I am proud to present two medals today our first medal goes to Yasmin Guzman Yasmin is an undergraduate majoring in Health Studies she has been a passion for supporting health and wellness of vulnerable individuals and families propelling her to achieve some remarkable achievements our second medal winner is Media D’Souza Media is an undergraduate student double majoring in media and communications and law economics and public policy media has done remarkable working work translating her obstacles into inspiration for other students not only has she excelled academically she has been extremely involved in advocating for students and others to overcome their own obstacles whether they face similar or different challenges please join me in recognizing our Chancellor’s medalists from the University of Washington Bothell [Applause] the 2020 Chancellor’s medal for the University of Washington Tacoma is awarded to Leticia Romo bueno Leticia is the first person in her family to attend and graduate from college Leticia came to the United States at the age of 13 once here she endured homelessness and abuse by her then-boyfriend Leticia overcame these hardships and found stability inside the classroom while raising two small children Leticia graduates today with a degree in criminal justice I know she and her family including her mother are streaming in right now so please join me in saying hello to them and in recognizing Leticia for this award an important component of the governance of this institution and its leadership is called on regularly to represent student views on a wide range of issues at the University I’m pleased to introduce to you now the president of the graduate and professional Student Senate Julianne Conte and the president of the Associated Students of the University of Washington Keltie Pierce – the graduate

professional students at Bothell Tacoma and Seattle campuses I’ll be honest I don’t know how much pomp and circumstance I can give you considering the state of the world especially since nothing I say will get you a job lessen your anxiety or pay your rent but given my experience with grad students over the years there’s a few things which I’d like to at least remind you because ultimately what you take away from your time here at u-dub won’t have anything to do with what we say today it’s going to come in pieces as you unpack what you’ve accomplished and as you head into something new moving forward you’ll be confronted with choices and maybe even hardships and so in those moments I encourage you to think about the following first when you came here you would already pour hours of work into researching programs applying exercising self confidence and optimism in your ability to succeed you believed that you need this degree for your life and happiness that understanding of what you need to get where you want to go has not left continue to trust those instincts second in order for you to finish this degree especially those of you completing upwards of four eight or even ten years in your program you must have had an incalculable patience and stubbornness hold that in your back pocket cuz I have a feeling you’re gonna need it a lot moving forward so lastly for those of you who are motivated by community injustice this is who you are keep being that person we’ve become instruments who take what we’ve learned here at u-dub and apply it to wherever we see injustice and wherever we can get our hands on so continue to step in and stand up when those choices confront you I don’t have anything to offer other than what you already possess every quality of success that you’ve needed to envision and achieve getting yourself here today now keep doing these things plan boldly be self-reliant but recognize when you need to ask for help continue to care about things bigger than yourself and be there for others and of course exercise optimism and be stubborn especially with your intuition so congratulations grad students today you should celebrate and be incredibly proud of yourself and what you’ve accomplished moving into tomorrow what’s next you’ve got everything you need you tell us my name is Kelsey Pierce and I had the honor of serving as your ASUW alongside a phenomenal team as a second generation husky who grew up cheering for the dog’s tail meeting with my family in my full-on chair uniform and eating dippin dots and Husky Stadium I was looking forward to the day that I would get to graduate there today well I watched this on my parents I can admit this is not how I expected our graduation to go yet here we are as Huskies celebrating our time at u-dub and all that we have accomplished and regardless of where in the world you are celebrating today know that the loved ones surrounding you your peers friends and roommates mentors and faculty who supported your journey and myself we are right here cheering you on just as we have the past few years throughout your academic journey now the past few months we have faced many unprecedented challenges including a global pandemic that has changed the way we live and learn to nationwide protests demanding change and justice for black lives you have shown your resilience your care for one another and your desire for bold action I am so proud of our students for holding each other our administration and our elected officials accountable for speaking out and making a change in this year’s convocation speech two new Huskies I told them that you will learn these next four years don’t always go as planned embrace it embrace the challenges embrace the changes embrace the adventures little did I know I would need to be hearing these words myself as our senior year did not go as planned as graduates this cool applies to us more than ever as we enter the real world unsure of what is to come what challenges we will face we need to continue to fight for change listen and learn from one another and use our education to better the world as I have reflected on my own experiences in

purple and gold I can admit that I will miss this place once I leave I will miss walking through the quad with a couple thousand my closest friends during spring order my daily coffee runs to cafe solstice lobbying with fellow students and filming a golf cart karaoke video on campus but what I will miss the most is the community that I have got to be a part of I want to remind you all that no matter where you are you will always be a member of the class of 2020 a University of Washington graduate and a part of a community of young adults ready to be catalysts for change and as always go Dawgs now I would like to introduce this year’s featured commencement speaker a leader who knows firsthand about the challenges and obstacles our classes had to overcome to reach this milestone president autumn re Cal say has served as the University of Washington president since 2015 but her husky roots go much deeper than that since joining the faculty 34 years ago she has been a pioneer for women in academia throughout her time as a researcher professor mentor and administrator she and her leadership team took the bold first steps to lead higher education institutions across the nation in response to kovat additionally she has launched the population health initiative a multi-decade effort to improve the health and well-being of all people and communities she’s the recipient of the distinguished teaching award and has worked to ensure that all people have opportunities in stem please help me welcome president autumn re cow say Thank You Kelty hello class of 2020 in times this extraordinary it takes an extraordinary class to succeed as you have and it is my great honor to say to all of you congratulations on a truly historic achievement it’s no doubt bittersweet that we’re physically so far apart on this special day I promise you that you will have the opportunity to walk across the stage and the cheers will be deafening but today while we can’t be together in person the connections that unite us close that distance to all of you across the US and more than 40 countries in this moment we are together as Huskies we’re connected by the shared experience of enduring this pandemic together almost overnight all of us became experts at learning teaching entertaining and being there for each other through the magic of the Internet we’re also connected by anxiety uncertainty and yes grief that grief that Kovan 19 has brought to our nation and to our world and if you’re mourning a loved one lost to the virus we mourn with you if you are anxious know that we are in this together we’re connected by the pride in your accomplishments and our belief that not only despite but because of the hardships you’ve overcome your future is bright and by the way as hard as this last quarter has been it’s not the only chapter in your academic career it took you years to get here and long before anyone had ever heard of Koba 19 you showed the world what strength and determination look like I speak for all your faculty instructors coaches and advisers when I say how proud we are to see you cross threshold knowing that you will take a piece of the University of Washington with you wherever you go you are a historic class graduating at one of the most significant inflection points in our nation almost a century ago as the world was still climbing out of the Great Depression President Franklin Delano Roosevelt reflected on the ebb and flow of history as he put it there’s a mysterious cycle in human events to some generations much is given of other generations much is expected this generation has a rendezvous with destiny

I’ve been reflecting on that ebb and flow as well these we these recent weeks have revealed not for the first time but with terrible clarity the pervasive and systemic inequities in our society from who has to go into work during a pandemic – who has adequate health care or sick leave inequality permeates the system for low income or people of color the most brutal expression of that inequality manifests itself in the killing in the murder of black men and women and I join you in mourning their lives and I join you in the conviction to make sure that their lives matter that black lives matter today you collect your father’s degrees and take them into a world that’s facing challenges unlike any that we’ve seen in generations you are one of those generations of whom much is expected I know it’s hard I know it’s not fair but you’ve made it anyways and as a UW graduate in one of the most difficult years in modern history you’ve proven that you have what it takes to deal with any challenge that life can throw at you and the lessons you’ve learned here will serve you well throughout your lives I experienced family tragedy in my early 20s but going through life knowing early on that I could survive and learn and grow from one of the hardest things that life will ever throw to any one of my privileged and I know I’m privileged it only stiffens my resolve to get things done to be part of creating change through actions and strategies that balance the very real urgency of the moment with the knowledge that we’ve had enough shows of burning treetops we’ve got to dig up roots that go down to the very inception of this country a country that I love and that took me and my family in as political refugees when I was just a Tod but it’s a country that’s hurting it’s the country that’s flawed it’s a country that needs to change and that we can help to heal and to make better and those of you that can don’t forget to vote yes you’re graduating and an extremely difficult but also fortuitous time as a clinical community psychologist I studied crisis theory which tells us the opportunity for greatest change arises precisely during periods of turmoil when all equilibrium is thrown off kilter and as hard as that moment is it can also serve a purpose let it give you the focus and courage to demand and create a change in our society let it strengthen your resolve into something so unshakable so undeniable that the world will be forced to reckon with it you have the power to build a future that honors the values of equity that we strive for at our University and that addresses the systemic issues of our society among your future teachers entrepreneur scientists engineers artists policymakers health care providers journalists and leaders and careers that haven’t even been invented yet as you enter into the next phase of your life perhaps more education a job marriage Parenthood or all of those you will make mistakes you will experience setbacks but through it all you will have that little extra steel in your spine because of what you’ve endured this year and I have full confidence that you will use that strength for immense good when you hit a speed bump in the years ahead remember what you did here you equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to succeed you solved problems and recovered from disappointment you worked hard and you learned the value of being

kind to others and to yourself you served your community and helped your families you learned how to ask questions and seek out answers when it was hard when it was frustrating when it was painful you persevered today we celebrate the combination of everything that you and those that supported you invested in yourself because of course you had some help moms and dads grandparents aunts uncles siblings friends spouses or children and all of you who offered support along the way you helped make this day possible and we’re counting on you to give your graduate the hugs and high-fives that we would like to be giving them today you’ve been there for your students in so many ways long before they became Huskies in the last few months you’ve been there for them in ways that you never expected thank you for making it possible for our students to keep up with their coursework thank you for helping many of them make the difficult transition from life on campus to life at home many families have faced financial hardship or had to juggle childcare while working from home others have kept us healthy safe and fed through their role as essential workers almost no one has endured the last few months without challenges but whatever you were dealing with you did what it took to make sure your graduate crossed the finish line thank you graduates we’re grateful for all that you have brought to our University of Washington your resilience in these final moments of your academic career will be an inspiring legacy at your University and your achievements and aspirations fill me with hope in a moment when hope is one of those things that we need the most whatever your journey holds please always lead with your values the world is ripe for reshaping molded into a new and better world defined by compassion service to others and equity for all the University of Washington is proud to claim you as a nyeeeeehhh we celebrate your achievements today and we look forward to the indelible mark that you will make on the world tomorrow and for the rest of your lives congratulations class of 2020 ladies and gentlemen we are now ready to present the degrees to all candidates candidates will be presented by the deans of the Seattle campus and the Chancellor’s of the Bothell and Tacoma campuses and witnessed by the various faculties degrees will be conferred by the chair of the Board of Regents Joel Ben allele candidates for doctoral degrees will be presented by the several Dean’s for the School of Medicine associate dean Sarah Kim it is an honor to recommend the 262 candidates for the degree of Doctor of Medicine Faculty of the School of Medicine do you concur we did congratulations graduates we wish you the best Dean Gary Kyoto School of Dentistry it is my pleasure to present the candidates for Doctor of Dental Surgery Faculty of the School of Dentistry do you concur congratulations graduates we wish you the very best and we are so proud of you Tony Remy Dean Mario L Barnes School of Law on behalf of the Faculty of Law I have the honor of presenting the 158 candidates for the degree of Juris Doctor Faculty of the School of Law do you concur we compare congratulations graduates you have exhibited flexibility grace courage and

determination under the most challenging of circumstances this quarter you are going to make excellent members of the legal profession and we could not be prouder Dean Shawn Sullivan School of Pharmacy president Cal say it is my honor to present the 103 candidates for the degree of doctor of pharmacy Faculty of the School of Pharmacy do you concur congratulations graduates the faculty and I are confident that you will keep your communities healthy Dean joy Williamson a lot of the Graduate School joining us today are candidates who’ve completed all requirements for the degrees of Doctor of Philosophy musical arts education physical therapy audiology and Nursing Practice on behalf of the deans of the schools and colleges and the Graduate faculty I am pleased and honored to recommend these candidates for the highest degrees awarded by the university graduate faculty do you concur yes well all the doctoral degree candidates from all schools and colleges please rise degree candidates from the schools and colleges just presented is to confer upon these candidates their respective doctoral degrees congratulations you have achieved high academic distinction and this University salutes you the names degrees and photos of this year’s outstanding doctoral candidates can be found in the box marked grad moments on your screen you go Joe candidates for master’s degrees will be presented by interim dean Allison Cullen of the Evans School of Public Policy and governance and Dean Williamson lot of the graduate school candidates for master’s degrees in the Evans School of Public Policy and governance will please rise Evans School faculty do you concur yes congratulations graduates we are so proud of you now please remain standing candidates for the various master’s degrees for all schools and colleges from the University of Washington Seattle Bothell and Tacoma please rise I am honored to present all of these candidates to receive their respective master’s degrees it is my distinct honor to present to you Regent Ben allele all of the master’s degree candidates from the schools and colleges of the universities three campuses on behalf of the Board of Regents and the Graduate faculty I am pleased to confer upon each of you your master’s degree congratulations the name the names degrees and photos of this year’s outstanding master’s degree candidates can be found in the box marked grad moments on your screen candidates for bachelor’s degrees in the various colleges and schools of all three campuses will be presented by the several Dean’s and chancellors the candidates who have been accepted by the general Faculty of the University for their respective degrees are listed in the commencement program for the College of Arts and Sciences Dean Robert Stacey candidates from the College of Arts and Sciences will please rise it is my honor

to present these candidates for the degrees of Bachelor of Arts bachelor of fine arts Bachelor of design Bachelor of music and Bachelor of Science and to recommend that they be awarded their respective degrees faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences do you concur congratulations graduates we are proud of Paula Dean Mia Tuan College of Education well candidates from the College of Education please rise the faction of Arts degrees in early childhood and family studies and education communities and organizations and to recommend that they be awarded their degrees faculty of the College of Education do you concur [Applause] Dean Nancy Albritton College of Engineering candidates from the College of Engineering will please rise I am pleased to present these are the degrees of Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Science and Engineering Bachelor of Science and aeronautical and astronautical engineering bioengineering Chemical Engineering civil and environmental engineering Computer Engineering computer science Electrical Engineering human centered design and engineering industrial and systems engineering materials science and engineering and mechanical engineering and to recommend that they be awarded their respective degrees faculty of the College of Engineering do you concur [Applause] dean lisa Gramlich college of the environment the candidates from the College of the environment will please rise of the College of the environment for the degrees of Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Science in forest resources and Bachelor of Science and Aquatic and fishery sciences and to recommend that they be awarded their respective degrees Faculty of the College of the environment do you concur congratulations graduates we wish you all the very best Dean an end a of the information school candidates from the information school please rise for the degree of Bachelor of Science and informatics and to recommend that they be awarded their bachelor’s degrees Faculty of the information school do you concur Dean Frank Hodge Michael G foster School of Business the candidates from the Michael G foster School of Business will please rise foster’s Coolidge’s and recommend that they be awarded their respective bachelor’s degrees faculty of the foster school do you concur Dean azita Amami School of Nursing degree candidates from the number one School of Nursing in the

nation would you please rise science in nursing and recommend that they be awarded a bachelor’s degrees faculty of School of Nursing would you concur [Applause] associate dean Sara Kim School of Medicine will the bachelor candidates from the School of Medicine please rise [Applause] from the School of Medicine in the specialized fields of medical technology and physician’s assistant and to recommend they be awarded their respective bachelor’s degrees Faculty of the School of Medicine do you concur we did congratulations graduates we’re so proud of you [Applause] Dean Rene Chang college of built environments will the candidates from the College of built environments please rise my honours degree in architecture landscape architecture construction management and the community environmental planning and to recommend that they be awarded their respective bachelor’s degrees Faculty of the College of built environments do you concur [Applause] Dean Eddie Hara School of Social Work distinguished candidates from the School of Social Work please rise and behalf of the socialist faculty it is my great privilege to present these candidates for their bachelor’s degrees in Social Welfare and to recommend that they be awarded their respective bachelor’s degrees Faculty of the School of Social Work do you concur Dean Hilary Godwin School of Public Health the candidates from the School of Public Health will please rise for bachelor’s degrees and the School of Public Health and recommend that they be awarded their respective degrees Faculty of the School of Public Health do you concur [Applause] presenting bachelor’s degree candidates from the University of Washington Bothell Chancellor wolf yay we’ll all that bachelor’s degree candidates from the University of Washington Bothell please rise I am honored to present these candidates for their respective bachelor’s degrees and recommend that all who have fulfilled the requirements prescribed by the Faculty of the University of Washington Bothell be awarded their degrees faculty of University of Washington Bothell do you concur congratulations graduates you are now proud graduates of University of Washington Bothell presenting bachelor’s degree candidates from the University of Washington Tacoma Chancellor mark a Pagano well all of the bachelor’s degree candidates from the University of Washington koma no matter where you are in the world please rise these candidates for the respective bachelor’s degrees and recommend that

all who have fulfilled the requirements prescribed by the Faculty of the UW tacoma be awarded their degrees deans representing the Faculty of the University of Washington Tacoma do you concur will all bachelors degree candidates from all three campuses please rise graduates you have already begun to work your magic you’ve made the Sun come out and it is my distinct honor to present you Regent Ben allele all of the bachelors degree candidates from the various schools and colleges of all three University of Washington campuses on behalf of the Board of Regents and the Faculty of the University I am pleased to confer confer upon each of you your respective bachelor degrees congratulations the names degrees and photos of this year’s outstanding bachelor degree candidates can be found in the box marked grad moments on your screen and now graduates turn your tassels from the from the right to the left congratulations [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] congratulations to all of our graduates all of today’s participants will receive a copy of the block w photograph that you just saw on your screen in addition a memento of this day will be mailed to you soon the School of Music choir will now lead us in the singing of rise up with pride for Washington the words to the song are printed on the inside of the back cover of the commencement program please rise [Applause] oh to be on the truth integrity for anguish congratulations once again to all of our graduates we so enjoy being able to come together today to celebrate your accomplishments we send you all of our best wishes for your health and safety and that of your family and friends before we end we want you to know that you can view all the Grad moments slides for your school or college at the conclusion of the ceremony and stay tuned until the end of the recessional for a surprise appearance by everybody’s favorite husky the 145th commencement exercises of the University of Washington are now closed