today’s job is to install the bilge pumps for that cargo hold here on all four corners of the cargo hold here we have built in salt for bumps and we’re gonna put the palm down in that hole it’ll collect the water out of this area we’re aboard and there’ll be water in here frequently because equipment will come in through the cargo hatch on the crane and get washed down in this area we’ve even installed coals and salt water the lines into here to walk down equipment a lot of electronic equipment coming in like our OBS and things like that especially with open exposed motors like my RV has it needs to be flushed off with fresh water and that keeps the salt and crystalizing on the motors and so causing problems later on and so we washed it down goes to one of the corners depending on how the boats rolling and gets pumped out so there’s two inches of foam insulation in here and it’s got to make a little wedge cuts and I can put it back in when I’m done with this gonna cut all the glue because we sealed it really good so that no air can get back into the hull no air back in there no condensation no condensation the water collection no water collection no rust nice thing about these tools you can change the direction of the blades makes it a little easier to get into the tighter spots and I love just taping the allen wrench to the cord that’s always there so it’s the through-hole fitting we’re putting in this is the retaining nut on the inside it’s all PVC plastic so no rust on that our whole knees centered right there now let me see where the hole should be from the outside of the boat and we’re putting it that high up on the whole because waves will come pass there and we don’t want water being taken on by that hose there’s a check valve in the line but no point in using the check valve if you can just keep the water out of it to begin with this is butyl tape it’s soft and gooey and it kind of stays that way so it makes a good seal around fittings it’ll be exposed to water three more dome now a little about bills pumps they’re good about picking up hoarders but they’re not good about picking up crap and one of the interesting books out there is the bounty the sinking of the bounty not about the first one the first one fired by the mutineers but the second one that was built for the movie sank and one of the problems they had while they were sinking was cracked floating around and getting into their bilge pumps they probably didn’t have that much cedar shavings on board but you know a loose rag or a sock or something like that and it didn’t take much to jam up the pump that’s trying to do its job now we’re a steel hull so we’ve got some advantages that work they’re wood plank tall we’re going to test here so I’m going to measure how much water is coming out of my hose every minute by measuring a five-gallon bucket here pumps are also measured in gallons for a minute or gallons per hour so I’ve got five gallons and Wow 30 seconds so five gallons in 30 seconds means in 60 seconds I’m getting 10 gallons I’m getting 10 gallons per minute a flow out of this hose that pump is supposed to be able to do something like 40 something gallons per minute and sure enough it’s easily keeping up now it’s measured in I think it’s 3,200 gallons per hour 60 minutes and an hour said that should be able to do 53 gallons per minute it looks like it’s able to do that now you got to reduce that number how high it has to push the water yeah the reason why every foot of that is about 1/2 PSI so 2 feet you got a PSI so a more pressure that the pump has to lift the number of elbows in the circuit as well as the dimension of the pipe also plays

a part a lot of people think that when you’re lifting water up and it’s kind of weird they think if you have a smaller pipe you got to lift less water but that’s actually a bad thing if you have a bigger pipe you have less friction because the friction is always around the inside of the pipe and so larger pipes less pressure in the water it’s pressure down is not related to how much there is in the fight it’s related only to the hype of that and that’s a really good way to set them I like that one swing three they on the wire they get dams up watching one switches on these are fixed so they’re on this rod and it’s the float floats up it pushes the rod turns to pump on as the water level goes back down the weight of the floats which pulls it down pump turns off and then we installed a check valve to to make sure that when it does turn off the water end the pipe doesn’t come back down and add to the flooding inside the sump again otherwise the pump would cycle more than it actually is now the wiring is really simple – this is the float switch and so it’s easily you replace with another one and this is the poem once the float switch is activated the pump would have power as soon as the float switch gets all the way down it cuts off no more power to the fall that flows is back down trapping the water of those so all this water on its way out doesn’t reverse back again you can see air bubbles traveling up through us like it so with four pumps like that in here we’ll be able to wash down stuff with something more equivalent to a fire hose which is kind of what we have we have a hydraulic pump that can pump seawater through a two-inch line to wash down equipment if need be I really don’t wanna be doing that in the cargo hold but if we have to we’ll get the water out this is the kind of bilge pump you’ll normally see on smaller craft and they’re good pumps but don’t take the eleven hundred gallons per hour is anywhere near the truth that’s only the truth if it’s having to pump the water just straight flat not lifting it at all when it lifts it this many feet it’ll have a loss so be a chart along with it’ll say something like it’ll do zero gallons per minute at 16 feet which means it can lift the water 16 feet but you’re not gonna get any volume through it 16 feet of lift so a free to lift you might get all I don’t know you know 20 30 gallons per hour really low so these things get cut a lot depending again on the how many turns you send them through and that sort of thing so check the chart and then cut it by half all right let them feed up head pressure and 11 feet and about a half psi 4 foot that’d be about five and a quarter psi there’s having to use the force that water up there so about five gallons per minute at 11 feet of rise so certainly do what I need for the showers to sink have we lowered it down it would pump more if we made it go up it would pump much less and the other thing to make sure about your hoses make sure you don’t have an S bend in it or a trap in it that would give you an air trap and she that okay so I have this loop down here it has some water in it and air above it if I put the pump in I can see the level of the water right there the pump is on and running but it can’t do anything because what’s happening is this is having to compress the air in this section of the hose and air compresses but it won’t lift it so the water level is right there and I can hear the pump staggering so no sags in your hose you got to let the hose only run uphill even a check valve will leak a little bit and allow some air into the line so that’s not a good solution either now with the hose completely empty put it back again there it goes it’s already past here and it’s on its way up I got pumps like a Smolin’s designed to just pump the water out of the shower the shower is only two gallons per minute so not much okay all four Carter hold bilge pumps are in and I’m gonna be working on the rainwater collection system next already got that in progress and I thank you to everybody who’s been supporting us we appreciate it you do that through PayPal or patreon and if you are interested in buying something from our overpriced junk store you got it and you’re in Europe or you’re not in the United States you got to do it now because we’re gonna close the store down we’re gonna only sell merchandise

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