“I am the Blue Fairy from across the kingdom of clouds.” “I have got you the fountain of hope.” “Why are you so dejected?” “Why are you so dejected, friend?” “Why are you so dejected?” “You have got lots of toys to play House.” “I have toys and the bride and groom.” “I just don’t have playmates.” “Brothers and sisters.” You have no one? Is there no one at home? No Only my parents are there at home “Mother is washing clothes.” “And father is home.” “Of father is in the shop than mother is in the kitchen.” “There is no one.” “There is no one to play with me.” “The flowers are dancing in the breeze.” “Are there no playmates in the neighborhood?”

“Is there no one run and play about?” The one that you see far away is the only house nearby They don’t have children 2 elders and their aged mother The elders seldom talk And I like the old grandma a lot “Grandma is always sleeping on her bed.” “If she feels like she sometimes tells me a story.” “How will she play with me?” Hmm “There is no one.” “There is no one to play with me.” Don’t be sad Soon you will have a playmate “My friend, don’t be sad.” “Your mate will come in a golden chariot.” “You will be always playing around.” “You will be tired of laughing happily.” “You will be tired.” “You will be tired.” Tora Tora. Get up Why are you late every day? You should have done your morning lessons by now Now it is time to go to school How will you pass your exams like this? Get up Go and freshen up Tora, have you freshened up? Mother, do you know what happened next? The fairy danced and talked to me a lot You would have loved meeting her Okay. I will see her tomorrow Now hurry and eat It is time for your father to come from the fields Tora. Walk fast Father, do you know what the fairy said later? What? I will soon have a playmate Is it? Very nice It will be very nice, right? Yes Hurry. You are late for school Did you do your homework yesterday? The new teacher doesn’t give us any homework Hurry up What are you doing? Sister-in-law

She might go into labor any day now So I am keeping her at the cowshed nowadays Yes Sister-in-law, what have you got for me today? A few rice cakes It’s not for you. It is for grandma Grandma Junaki I had prepared a few rice cakes So I got a few for you One cannot see such things in this house anymore After my daughter-in-law passed away the house became as desolate as a graveyard The younger one is not going to get married I am asking Debo to marry again after receiving a proposal from your family He has agreed at last But he is now not going to see your sister now Please pressurize him I have been telling him already Has Tora left for school? Yes. I will send her here after she is back from school Hey. What is the matter with you? What is your name? Tora Where is your textbook? Hold your ears. Keep on standing She said she had met the fairy in her dreams last night What? Met whom? The fairy Dreaming instead of doing your homework Kneel down. Kneel down Punoh! The are fell on the cycle. Do check it Sit Where are you going? Going to my sister’s house The old lady has sent something for her daughter Listen, is your pump working fine? It is Do give it to me for tomorrow Sister-in-law, how did you know that I have come? Please give me the tea I am very thirsty This is not for you. I had got for him It’s okay if he doesn’t have it. Give Sister-in-law, we used to share our benches at school Since he failed I went ahead and failed too Sister-in-law, do come to my home someday You have become so lonely because your house is outside the village So what if we are lonely? It is closer to the town from here Sister-in-law, get an empty cup He won’t repair my cycle if I don’t give him half Mother, is grandma’s cow is going to have a calf? Yes – When? Soon – How? How does a calf get born? Like always? How do they always get born? See for yourself. It will happen soon Mother, the boys from school said this forest has a thousand tigers They will eat them Drat. Forget tigers, there are no animals here They are teasing and making you scared I don’t get scared I just don’t like tigers I like cows, goats, cats and even dogs But I don’t like tigers Mother, if a tiger really comes here? – Drat There are no tigers here Mother, a play is going to be enacted at the village chief’s home That’s why they are rehearsing Everyone from our school are participating in the play We will go to see the play. Okay? The play will be enacted at night. No need It will be inconvenient to go at night I will go I will go to watch the play

You never let me go I don’t have anyone to play with here All right I will ask your father. Eat now Tora. Did you go to school today? – I did Okay tell me If one elephant costs a thousand rupees how much will 3 cows cost? 3,000 rupees – Very good All right, tell me if a lion from the forest of Kariranga eat one man per day then how many men will the tigers of our forest eat every day? Are there tigers in our neighboring forest? Why are you scaring? Tora, don’t be scared Brother is just teasing you I am going to grandma Grandma Is your cow going to have a calf? Yes. Who told you? – Mother Grandma, how is a calf born? How do I explain that to you? You will understand it as you will grow up Comb my hair No one is telling me how a calf is born Why don’t you tell me? Why don’t you? Do tell Where are you? I am here at the loom Here are your stiff from the market I didn’t get the thread you required Get me a tea while I freshen up Where is Tora? Tora has not yet returned from their home She is asking everyone as to how a calf is born Tora. Come home God, please don’t let the calf be born when I am asleep God, please let me see the calf be born Go to sleep. Go to sleep Close your eyes It’s okay. Everything will be fine Just fix the wedding date I think next April is suitable Wait. Go to the bride’s home before that I will go. I will have to go with you Is she asleep? – Yes Let me know when you are going to see the bride I will pass on the news No need to worry She is a very good girl She will suit you a lot No I am not worrying about that After all she is your sister – Brother What happened? The cow is in labor – All right. Let’s go I will come along too Tora, the calf is about to be born Wake up if you want to see Is Tora awake yet?

No. It is Sunday today Let her sleep a little No, wake her up Tora, wake up Let me sleep. I am very sleepy You don’t get to see anything good since you are always sleeping till late Listen, the calf was born last night and you were sleeping What? Why didn’t you wake me up? Get up now. Freshen up And go and see the calf if you want to It is very cute “My golden colored calf.” “Where were you?” “I was waiting to play with you, my friend.” “My golden colored calf.” “Where were you?” “I was waiting to play with you, my friend.” “My golden colored calf.” “Your ears and soft with round eyes.” “I don’t understand what are you saying with your eyes.” “Your ears and soft with round eyes.” “I don’t understand what are you saying with your eyes.” “Your body is soft to touch.” “It is not enough for me.” “It is not enough for me.” “My golden colored calf.” “A for apple.” “B for boy.” “You don’t need to read and write.” “You don’t need to count numbers.” “I don’t even like sums.” “A for apple.” “B for boy.” “You don’t need to read and write.” “You don’t need to count numbers.” “I don’t even like sums.” “We 2 will play games like catch, etc.” “My golden colored calf.” Mother Mother, why doesn’t Mon eat grass? Who is Mon? I have named the calf Mon – Is it? Yes. Mon only has his mother’s milk When will it eat grass? In a few days Even you used to have milk when you were a baby Mother, is Mon a girl or a boy? Boy So is he my brother?

You are very hungry? Wait for some time Your mother will come soon After that you can have your milk Why are you milking the cow, demon? Don’t do that. This is only for Mon Don’t beat me Lady Tora I won’t milk anymore Forgive me Hold your ears and say that you won’t milk anymore I won’t milk anymore Don’t beat me Lady Tora Tora, how much is 6 multiplied by 3 9 I asked you to multiply We haven’t been taught multiplication sums yet Where were you? I don’t like uncle Debo – Why? He is always milking the cow He doesn’t allow Mon to suckle He milks it so that they can have it at home Then what will Mon have? He doesn’t milk the part Mon needs to drink I still don’t like uncle Debo He is always asking me about studies What are you doing, brother? Naba, I think it has got stuck here Are you going to plant something here? I was thinking of putting in some paddy here Brother I think you have made a mistake Your border was from there Naba, what are you saying? My border is still here Is it? I think you have made a mistake Why would I? You have made a mistake You wouldn’t know. Debo would Why have you come? Naba had created a obstruction What happened? He said the land I was about the plough is theirs How would he know? Debo does Talk to Debo and draw the borders Brother, I told you that I was correct It is 16 acres from our south to north border When I measured this morning it was only 15 acres till that banana tree Now you know what happens when there is no wall Oh, that’s why he is pushing the border All right, let’s go and measure again Purna, look This is where our border should be But when I measure from my end the border lies there

It is not possible We have the documents I have documents too Let us call the land observer He will measure What are you doing here? Come home Why are you crying? Father dragged me with my hand My hand is broken. It is paining a lot It’s okay. It will be okay soon He scolded him yesterday and even today It’s okay. Don’t cry Look. Give this rice to grandma Let me see. It will be good, okay? Listen. Don’t quarrel Just discuss and have it settled It’s his mistake He has taken over our land Why should we settle with him? Bye Tora. What have you got? Come Mother has sent rice for you Why all this after creating such a big scene? Take it back to your father Naba, don’t just blabber Come dear. Come It’s okay The border should be here You might have made a mistake It should be 16 acres from that end of ours to this It is only 15 acres till here I don’t know about that If you have any complaints go to our land officer I am late. Bye Is it okay now? Tora! Come Did the land surveyor say anything else? What will he say? He just took 50 rupees You should have erected a wall when you had bought the land How would I know that people are like that? Where is Tora? Playing in the backyard Tora Why you got other people calf here? He came on his own to meet me Came by himself! Take him outside He is very hungry No need to worry about other people’s calf Go and do your homework I have done my homework Then go and help mother Listen. There is going to be a play tonight Many of her friends have taken part in it You can go for the play. I won’t go I have got some work to do Brother, did you see his antics?

The scoundrel Stop Hey! Hey! What are you doing? Why have you put a fence on our land? This is ours. The land surveyor said so So what if he said so Don’t we know what we own? It is 16 acres from this end to that But it only counted 15 acres I don’t care if it is 15 acres I had erected this fence Let me see how you will do that You can do whatever you want in your land But don’t lay hands on your land I am telling you Just let the fence where it is What will you do otherwise? What do you mean by that? This is our land Do you think I will agree just because you said so How can you know everything? You have just moved here We are here since generations I don’t know that I just erected the fence as per the land surveyor You cannot just do what you feel like here Otherwise you will have to pay Shut up What will be bad? Come, Come home I am telling you. Come What do they think of themselves? I will get the police. Tora! Is the officer in-charge there? – He is Hey! That side What did you say at the police station? I asked them to teach them a lesson I don’t think this is good What is not good? I think they should be taught a good lesson Debo was about to get married to my sister Where is Tora? She is playing in the backyard with the calf Tora, I have told you several times not to play with the calf Can’t you play with all this? Why did I make that doll house for you? If you play with this calf again I will beat you black and blue Mon, the elders are quarreling but we won’t, okay? Will you quarrel with me? I will never quarrel with you I love you a lot. Let me comb your hair Listen

You have spoilt this girl with your love She doesn’t listen to me at all What you? Why are you messing with the small girl? What has she done? She is just playing with the calf Even you have become adamant like her In short no one can go to their home How much is 6 multiplied by 3? I told you several times not to play with the calf Fairy Fairy Fairy What happened, Tora? Why are you crying? Sir beats me at school every day Uncle Debo only asks me questions from my lessons Father is always scolding me at home He doesn’t even allow me to play to the calf He doesn’t even allow me to go to visit grandma Fairy, tell me what should I do? Look, Tora you will have to everything You will have to do what is right You will have to be brave Will you be able to brave? I will do it Good. Then there is nothing to worry about Everything will happen as per your wish Go and sleep now Why are you beating us unnecessarily? What did we do? What is happening? Let us go. Let us go Who is there? Why are you making a noise? The police have come Police? Why has the police come? Tell me, why is the police here? Why did you do all this? Shut up What happened, mother? Scoundrel Purna I will teach you a lesson Do you think you can escape? Come on Mother, when will the police release uncle Noba and uncle Debo How would I know? Mother, I won’t go to school today I have a stomach ache Mother, please tell father

Listen – Yes Her stomach is aching She has a stomach ache whenever she has to go to school Come on How are you? – Fine Debo and Nabo have been arrested by the police Yes – What happened? What can I say? They were chasing me with a hatchet I somehow escaped – Is it? Bye Tora, why are you coming? Come Shut up You, name three birds Tora Speak What? Why can’t you focus in studies? Name three birds Sparrow. Magpie and pigeon Yes. Sit. School is over for the day There is a meeting at school Now go home now Don’t make a noise. Move softly Still why did you involve the police? What will you gain? The matters will only get inflated more And what would you do if they had beaten me? Nothing of that sort had happened – Mother Tora, why did you come so early? Did you run away? No. Why would I run away from school? They gave us off early today Whom did you come with? – Alone Weren’t you scared to come alone? Why would I be scared? Of the tigers on the way There are no tigers Mother has the police let uncle Debo and Nobo go? Tell me. Why don’t you speak? Did the police let uncle Debo and Nobo go? Not till now Then who is looking after grandma, the cow and the calf? Did you go there? The police will let them go soon And everything will be fine then Go now. Freshen up I will serve the food We 3 will eat together today We should have asked after Debo and Nobo once No need No need to go to their home No one can go Why are you standing? Come and eat I am not hungry. Grandma is alone Grandma has not eaten anything either How can we eat? This girl is too much Mother, let us go to grandma No one has eaten anything there since morning Mon has not had milk either He has been tied up since yesterday. Come on Your father will scold Then tell father Wait Listen. It is late now

There is no trace of Debo and Nobo yet Please go to the police station Mother, let us go to grandma Grandma must be very hungry The cow and the calf have been tied up Even they have not eaten anything Please go to the police station and get the two Father, please go All right. I will go I will go and get your dear uncle Shut up now Mother, why is father not home yet? Has he not gone to the police station? Drat! Why won’t he? Mother, why did father fight with uncle Debo? Even the uncles fought with your father But grandma has not fought Even the cow and calf has not quarreled Do something Grandma is hungry The cow and the calf are also hungry Please do something All right. Tell me, what to do? Now I will do as per your bidding Really? Yes. Really Grandma. Where are you? We have got food for you Grandma Grandma isn’t here Grandma Grandma. Grandma Grandma Grandma Tora. Tora where you all? We are here inside. With Grandma Mother, father told me not to come here If father scolds you then tell him that I told you to come here Grandma. Grandma. Grandma. Grandma Grandma Grandma

What happened to you, Grandma? What happened to you, Grandma? I tripped when I had gone to get some water Tora Listen The police will let the 2 go tomorrow They would have released them today But they fought with the police instead So that’s why they will be released tomorrow Listen The officer wants 200 rupees Otherwise they won’t release them Mother, come let us give the cow some hay. Come Tora, I will come with you You stay with Grandma Eat Eat Let me see Got and drink Drink. Drink Drink Tora don’t mind me Though I am an elder and your father I can still make mistakes Come Don’t mind me, dear Did you get my stuff? Yes, I have Not here. Inside They took 100 to arrest them And 200 to release them I am the only one who lost When you were there last night Junaki, Purna and Tora took care of me, cow and the calf That’s why one shouldn’t quarrel with one’s neighbors Junaki Grandma, I have got a tray for you Please forgive us Debo, Nobo don’t mind The border will stay wherever you want it to be Debo. Nobo. Please forget the past The border will be as per your wish Where is Tora? There. She is playing with the calf Look, that small girl has a better heart than us

We elders should have taught her good things But she had taught us instead Purna Let the border be as per your wish But remove the fence At least for Tora Okay. Come “Hey crane.” “Hey crane.” “You have flown in the sky.” “Do you have your partner along?” “See how lovable my friend is.” “My friend.” “My beautiful golden colored calf.” “I have been waiting to play with you since long.” “My beautiful golden colored calf.”