giv eaten there is a IP address click each ng lien media and a click to connecting so type C movie you Sonya – Julia that’s enough I live on the PLC so mean ttyl didn’t chop it nonlinear song yeah – signal on the screen you can see that it means connecting to the car ECU tree – tu – danceable click it tender to the diagnostic system click the diagnostic senator sheet select seriously centered children in Baja select the model service in this I will click the next step change another neo choose which one you want diagnostic click next step continuity nurses intentionally so just attention on the JCC now the information of the diagonals key will show on screen you can see then quickly Tommy tune – director learning Chancellor so I am simple high entia where you ended of this process you must end of the connection first transit EU one agency enter the administration again Jenny let’s set up the connection ng time I click the quick connection turned on me it’s over