hello everyone and welcome back to yet another episode in this let’s play of kensal silicon to turn a tired of hearing again are you cuz you shouldn’t be in last episode we returned basically only man to do was returned to north window castle with Theresa but we saved in greenhill and we got the message that hey South windowless form to Highland Green LMU’s are occupied by highland tinto as close as borders to us which leaves an item of Matilda’s the only viable a lie that we have left um so we’re gonna go there with this great little party of idiots and we are going to get totally pounded by a optional boss in this episode though I think we’re just gonna head to the Matilda an item that’s all we basically have time to do and we’re gonna recruit one or two characters along the way but first we’re going to upgrade our characters because the optional boss I mentioned is actually kind of difficult we’re going to extra healer in arena and let’s see Nina needs a fire room gosh in can’t equip anything flick and mokuba is going to be totally ignored for now it’s the fear fire amina great because she has the highest possible of intimate fire she does a lot of damage with it that’s great rina ok just have exchanged those true but whatever arena is good with water so that’s great and that’s it shouldnt can’t use any extra rooms because he has a personal room waccabuc can use another ruin when she levels up a bit more and well flick and Waka bar just there for show so far you’re going to gets changed as eventually so let’s go here and equip some more or better arm around them let’s see we have found some armor to Shen take a fur cape Nina get rid of but you’ve already actually pretty buffed up she last night ice nice items but take a guard ring another one and the one of these the most help is by far renounce which we know we had were at level two and she has level to waste garment so garments equipment so there you go haven’t half half helmets what’s kind of farm are we gonna buy you though wat you can only use wrought a uniform is like the best one it’s is appointing I thought we could buy magic robes now but that’s perhaps in Matilda I think about its ok this is it while we’re going to go to one of the neighboring towns to sharpens and weapons too that’s also important nope not back into Norfolk no castle we’re going we’re gonna go to fiscus or coronet I can never quite remember the difference I think this is couscous they want to the east from north window so let’s check out our new party here first of all we have a groupie attack now that is quite insane when it comes to damage output as since I red sea air it’s two and a half damage combined for both with adina to one enemy that’s actually really really good luck Allah has your own personal word and come to white tiger it’s very unique in the way that or unique there’s two of 20 game it mate we’re in balance it doesn’t have to so it is a quite a good bet and last but not least spiders lay with shin that sounds really really good because it’s 310 to damage which can all be used once per combats but he doesn’t unlock any more green slots so he can only do three times ordinary damage and that gets bored by other characters later in the game and they didn’t get to show up anything yeah we did acaba ah like and nita if you remember her the joint way back in use I told you that she had a personal wooden of good critical hit but they didn’t have any special animation well lucky bus ruin can also critical hit and that has a special animation it’s like a very cool so hopefully we get to show off that one’s at least let’s see here okay it’s actually grown way more now so we’re gonna upgrade 11 0 but even though it’s oops that was the wrong person I thought it said we had no real but it’s Rena well she needs some more a higher level weapon to the cuz she is a water mage she will mainly be healing when needed and sometimes it’s not needed so it needs a high level weapon to just attack better makes sense I guess at least it

does for me let’s do up little eight not gonna cost or spend any more money on that Nina also play eight or nine maybe I’m enri you as high as you can go and shin pretty high to leave a little a documentation I don’t know it’s pretty expensive Wow reusable my little sex level 8 on everyone that’s going to tag along unisex one can attack so much i’m not really sure why I bothered but who already level nine we’re gonna live with 10 on him don’t say so far ahead so we actually will do some damage wow this blacksmith it sounded really really good it can probably do up to level 12 i think if we have the money but we don’t so of course we’re not gonna do that but still it’s pretty impressive um yeah okay I was about to say I forgot to dude check something again but I didn’t we’re just going to take the boat from here hello old man yes in the boat please and let’s go to lake west and then we’re going to stop by cibola let’s check out there trading section before we finally try to head to the kingdom Gordon I always say Kingdom I mean night them off Matilda yeah hello beautiful headquarters you’re pretty I like you really I knew I’m so letters no random encounters I don’t see in this game I would have died well die this is wrong word but I would be really annoyed I’m just remembering something how I gotten the recipe here from takis house I think it is talking talkies house or one of takis neighbors was his note on the wall maybe not here maybe it was in the house I was in there is a note on the wall it’s a recipe for something i think i got it but i’m not one hundred percent sure okay I’m just gonna assume that I have gotten it okay great good job and we also have this secret right the alert rune or whatever it is yeah good or is that this barrel no it can’t be we can’t reach it okay nevermind I should just trust myself on my judgment from before but it’s been like seriously like four months into a recorded episode since it’s been since I had a downtown during the summer we’re basically had no functioning Nick microphone so yeah at least we are now back in business it’s been a long time since I play this game and it feels so good to be back and missed his universe so let’s go out here and check the trading post hopefully what is oh ok nevermind I was like what am I stuck in but it’s a kobold nevermind hello Worf did a big charge hanging up his paps no and you still don’t have anything of interest dammit co bulbs will we sell a lot of chances so nevermind it’s easier once you get the next character we’re going to recruit if you know what I mean the metro and suicune one and she is super super handy to having your cutting your party but in your castle does she knows how to teleport and I kind of like that I’m singing a song now but I’m totally flat I was so clever I should become a singer songwriter maybe I should write musicals I think oh pretty good in musicals surah Club musical kind of interesting actually uh we’re headed down to Matilda night dumb we’re gonna recruit us tonight oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah they may not be friendly but they know how to fight mathilde mathilde mathilde oh ok nevermind awkward for you luckily I always sing awkward singing as my specialty I’ve done in a few first dates and then surprisingly didn’t break the ice as much as I’d hoped ok so we’re not outside green whoa yeah and we can’t go in here again of course but there’s still one place we haven’t or we have been here before actually I showed you guys to glitch on how to like activate it let’s just first like your diff these guys maybe we can finally see how spider sleigh and the group get that cloaks the group attacks really funny I love it so keep your eyes open by the way I hate

ragged ones that hate them okay groupie attack here we go so using at 507 damage from these two if you just get an imbalance room or balance room which makes the character immune to imbalance that Enoch tech was really good I promise you you will not be disappointed if it right out spiders light on the other hand it looks awesome but it’s pathetic sorry Shane they might say well you know rupiah tagged was by two people and chin was only one person that he was Gordon more than Davis were like he damaged more than one person would do in grippy attack yeah but he can only lose it once and that’s everything he knows how to do after use that spider slayer room he doesn’t know how to do anything else income but he can attack and defend and that’s it and never mind we haven’t been her I totally forgot that there’s two ways instrumental in item we went to the other place instead in like episode 2 sorry about that this is the forest mr fixture told us about the mattila an item is just ahead hey are you still mad I came along without your permission of course will not gonna add well I’m glad it’s just I was worried Joey went back to high island now you’re the only family I got left so much for pilliga I was taking care of pilliga by the way yes I understand you may pass welcome to the forest path one of my least favorite places in the game I don’t really know why I guess it is because it features a lot of like hidden rows like this that doesn’t really lead to so many good things there’s one Oh God sweet baby Jesus my least favorite enemy in the game remember in one or two episodes ago we’re in three the forest behind the green hill and I told you like there’s a chance we can meet some very annoying enemies here of course I was wrong but what we could have faced were these guys and I detest him I keep them with a passion I love them because they were unique enemy that he only faced in this game but I hate them because they are super annoying all three attacks damage multiple people usually I think have one attacks doesn’t and they have a student we’re going six-person attack which damage is quite a lot and they can silence you which is Moses adrenaline of course the that tack they do with all of them at the same time is really cool looking but it’s just not worth it you know to sit here and wait for that we’re just gonna have to fight to normally astute I never know what that actually does I know it’s kind of like aren’t you a sweet ode to pro yeah I am but I have no idea with the stewed means i noticed i fought the street with something positive let’s see how good Nina is the area for fireman church is about a hundred twenty damage maybe or 48 okay d how I imagined events virtually and forgot about that yeah door yells are very magical elves or monsters there is one enemy in this hood that I really want to face which is the zombie slug and the reason being that they can drop a recipe for grilled beef I think oh why do I here here’s a character very interesting indeed that’s all he can do to him right now he won’t join you yet and you don’t really I don’t really thinking at a hint on how to make him journey here so Sam he’s like by the way Oh somebody’s lug nuts lame okay but he’s an animal lover so we’ll use that after a while good job waccamaw or not the job signature whoops sorry shin it’s not really my fault if you suck and every time Nina attack she will do that thing she’ll be like ugh why did I mess up ugh ugh kind of sad ah oh I hate gin I like Shane I do as a character I think he’s great but he sucks he sucks so hard but yeah as I was starting to talk about some time earlier in this forest there is one hidden item that I don’t remember where it is but it’s the only item that is worth getting here and it’s a pretty good armor for the stage as I’ve pretty defense and it’s a staple for this week old games I think at least the first two you want it i really keep you to give

you five experience points for everyone yay why don’t even battle them why don’t just let him go because I’m an animal cruelty person right have a nice day why do you think about what bus attack by the way it’s kind of cool right what are you going to kill sick too oh you survived okay he’ll jump too risky for me and i think is will be it what i might be completely wrong I don’t know what the drop % is so it’s probably like four point five percent or something that’s what it normally is so I don’t really have my hopes up for getting int and we have skipped a bunch of recipes from enemies I just don’t wanna butter mega medicine okay well flick needs a medicine up is but so that’s good but not the arm where I’m looking for it’s up here little Samba slugs once again that’s nice a better chance for getting the recipe can send a critical hit yeah thank you flake Wow click actually listen to me makes me feel kind of bad I’m gonna like suddenly removing from a party in just a few minutes almost well not minutes probably next episode but he’s not gonna join in for the boss fight that’s what make it too easy hello dragon armor a dragon armor was also in silicon one I thing and it is 40 defense and that’s it but it’s actually pretty nice at this point then you can soon start buying it in stores so I think we’re ever gonna get the magic robe to shinsen single phase in the front row and or are we yeah we are he can’t use a shield because he has a two-handed sword not a one-handed like flick Wow a lot of holy boys so yeah well just let’s just move ahead and now we’re starting to get to the end of the forest path to Matilda and of course as I said on the way we’re gonna recruit one more character oh I thought that was actually what was going to happen right now but it was not I’m starting to think that we might have to use some more rooms now is to nuts die because these guys can be kind of i’m gonna try to use a protecting this just in case and then no not defend athena we’re going to essentially a dancing flames is to try to get the amount of weight that’s quickly as possible in the ground I still think that they will manage to get one attack yet hopefully it will be very United act the doornails you know that because that’s pretty funny and it’s nice to see it we managed to kill one of them stuff something happen okay lose fo boosters why do you protect mr Granger magic whatever we had just had to do something you know where is Tina come on appeal slow phone of course a Yellow Door me elf how rude why doing for those of you who played suikoden free i’m pretty sure she is area has to things it’s from the grass sound Lisa thank Tories are going to name this land rover ah yes almost once again I talked about in the last episode of dots now flick has over 100 magics not so he has like Genghis fourth magic level both rina Ryu and Tina are getting close to doing it as well which would be really nice for the upcoming bass pedal well not for arena doesn’t really matter it so much for her because she has a water real but oh hello speaking of the devil or devil speaking of the character I want to join here’s wiki finally the teleporter teleports risk that also were into a cone one and of course every students to single suikoden game ever again and she is amazing will she is crappy in this game in battle let me explain why later but in as a teleporter she is gold worth her weight twice in gold huh voila where am I where’d my meal go um hey where am i what the steady state of josan how strange can I even go back um I’m a little lost hey do you think I could stay at your house for a little while a cute girl like you of course huh Oh everything is totally awesome lucky I love it ok it’s pretty close so we should be a right ready yeah

oh wait oh yeah I forgot what’s your name r you ok my name is wiki I specialize in blinking magic basically i teleport wings nice to meet you then I’ll go and head to your house or should I come with you go on ahead sweetie ok then I’ll go on ahead I’ll see you idiot back um I know people sometimes comment on that I’ll wiki is such a good character falls like seriously Vicky is totally useless in combat she really is oh yeah by the way no real off too Aladar me I am michelotto captain of the Blue Knights i am here to greet you Oh else right it’s the guy limiting news metod news aha Joson hell I apologize for that but at the time I had no idea what the man Lord Rio would become police allowed me to escort you to our castle Oh michelotto I have a love-hate relationship of you and I have a hate-hate relationship with this town this music is like my least favorite music in the world I’m not even joking right now but I’m when I was younger like when I was 14 maybe and my brother and I was going to school um whenever I was being really lazy and I wouldn’t get out of bed he would seriously turn this music on to get me out of bed to turn it off because I really hated it that much I’ve grown a bit more accustomed to it I think it is pretty unique it fits the style of tequila nights of it but I still hate it this is our base rock acts castle where Gerudo is waiting inside please enter ya later oh yeah we didn’t have choices right Lord Gerudo is waiting in the reception area please proceed straight ahead well time to make a new ally right woman the nights here are usually gentlemen put a bit too naive Butler commas is different we remember commas makoto’s close friend you must be love you welcome to rock Xcal captain burrito is waiting inside greetings tonight’s of rock acts castle welcome you so polite as it is pretty huge but it’s absolutely useless there’s like nothing here a warrior’s tactics write the entire bookcase full of that but real if I may be blunt we all want to fight a fight Highland but tonight was Lords orders or absolute that’s what makes us Knights blind POS audience schedule and a randomly placed bed I love it’s typical night stuff so we’re supposed to go in here but we’re gonna explore the castle but first even though I said there’s nothing here to actually find there is nothing seriously nothing he was some interesting descriptions like a thousand-year-old once I like seriously thousand years really well-made dresser them made the dresser again this is actually the room we will be staying in mere nanami so yay about the curtains can look to curtains no house near albums I really Lord Gerudo has its own plants even if we disagree doesn’t this all sound really promising warrior statue too nice warriors technics no a bookshelf it is very realistic I like it is it a fastener Oh Banzai yes it is is it audience cash as you all know it’s difficult to text books text books so as we might see totally useless place I was wondering now it’s like a hidden treasure chest behind here no but there is something here no like do you see I can go in here but it’s that may be because the bookshelves our place like that okay nevermind it wasn’t anything magical after all about this place or is this where me Amanda nominee will stay I don’t make sure you remember it’s one of those two rooms they have quite a lot of thousand year old one size that’s really impressive so that’s basically it I think there’s one more room you haven’t been in and that’s really all there is to this place that’s really pathetic a warrior’s resolve Lord MacLeod elviiz very driven and sometimes acts without thought of the consequences personally I think that’s a virtue personally I think that’s stupid but ok whatever floats your boat my good night have you met Lord Gerudo yet no but were you how did it go if you have some spare time why not explore Rock X for a bit well I guess it just means everyone wants us to talk to Lord Gerudo so let’s check out the audience room hello comments below

Gerudo your real huh you’re just little boy the rumors that your army managed the best highland must be a gross exaggerations at best so we have a choice here be really diplomatic and not say anything or be real and just say what because we did defeat the Highland army so what were you the muse army were such pathetic cowards we send troops to save them but Muse fell before they even arrived well you sent mclaughter who did a good job as far as i remember but you just retreated it after a while so how dare you control yourself Rhiannon ami shut up about control I say that because like muse you’re a leader of a tiny army feudal few tlie battling Highland you’ll probably meet the same fate probably commas see Lord Ryu and his party to a guest room let him rest a while then escort them to the border our business is done yes sir Lord real this way rude how can i contain myself and stuff like that is happening I can’t where were you this will be a room please excuse me and Lori you try not let this upset you if you’ll excuse me what next should we try to talk to him again tomorrow anyway we should try to get some sleep i’m tired of course you are an imam me because you talk too much should we get to sleep now to bed seems quite comfortable you know what we’ve checked this place out so let’s just go to sleep good idea my legs are sore my mouth is sore oh yeah you’re spooning your sister creepy or sweet I can’t really decide were you wake up Ryu like not a long time no see where was last time like when I got too rude maybe the bright children probably don’t remember probably one time after real you become so strong but the fret of battle is still nipping at our heels much blood and many tears have been shed but you can’t turn your back on the fight you mustn’t divert your eyes in you and you rests the hopes and dreams of so many you can’t throw it away the rune on your right hand will guide you to the final value and results of that will create our future our destiny were you okay that was cryptic and cool all I got from metals just keep on fighting and that’s what we will do even though Gerudo is being a total a hole towards us a bum hole kiss my buns and your buns hole good morning were you huh what’s wrong nothing is wrong i’m feeling good look at my muscles girl okay let’s check out garuda one more oops wrong room oh yeah we’re in the second floor down never mind let’s check out gorilla one more time if you have something interesting to say to us or is something else happening sorry but we’re in a rush Kim obviously something is happening what the hell’s own army to swear rude what kind of ladies wears like that what’s with all the commotion the Highland Army has a period of Matilda Muse border so they finally come together as a chance to grow valor what to hell today attend relate us I can’t imagine they’d attack now no it seems to hire an army is pursuing refugees from use the refugees must be trying to complete Matilda what Gerudo we must mobilize and save the refugees immediately I see prepare to mobilize yes sir Wow and just shows a slight free all of my party well what on earth with capital e love you did you hear that we’re mobilizing now what do you do intend to do I’ll go to look real you don’t have any troops to spare so please be careful especially since you have a lady to look out for huh what you mean me no it’s like know about Nina well then let’s get going we haven’t much

time so apparently hyland army is chasing a bunch of refugees from use to matilda board to the Matilda border why are the refugees now good question that looks like it we’re almost him until the border keep going we should be able to save them how I I don’t think you’re supposed to save it so even though for example we have a shame nor party who can technically be in a war unit he has a lump is an attack in critical which is totally okay um I don’t think he joins our party right now it’s kind of interesting yeah only nanami does so we suck cause I’m gonna move out there it’s a to refuse they’re sitting ducks now don’t let a single one step away kill the ones that resist and send a rest back to Mew Mews in Chains but to come so far wait what you have come so far help us they’ll kill us if we go back so here you see the power of Lucca bite once again in up war battle situation he is insanely high 18 and 17 is way higher than you can ever know 50 I think you can match this to finish that with one within the game later in the game but his text that you can have some moleskin 16 I think well they’re so the one I was talked about the team match the centenary kilo of course he sacrifices attacks that so the refugees were actually doing pretty well if you ask me yeah look at institute down on soldier i have personally never been able to say when you have to refugees i note that you can like cheats how there is really lightweight i know you can cheat and give them you know of course invincible stats and stuff like that but i never done that i have seen Luke of lights take damage here what I was really interesting I which were recorded but it’s like 10 years ago but nothing really happened in the gameplay like it just continued as normal yeah he lost against the refugees it was kind of funny karma more brutal we have to save them we will do no such thing hold your possession ricotta what are you saying they’re being slaughtered in front of us include selling our reputations as Knights if you just said idly by it’s happening outside of our territory you have no right to intervene it’s more important that you bolster our defenses let no one pass the border refugee or otherwise you’re ordering us to watson died I can’t and I won’t are you saying you intend to disobey an order have you know folks dear lord LOL mcgrath oh dear Oh refugees works at a keen weapon pillow stupid I should do that yes well that refugee is actually doing pretty well he’s like being smart or she I don’t know they are being pretty smart because they’re running away into the forest where they will not get caught by calorie them they will say one step ahead all the time that’s actually pretty clever if they just continue to play that smart or k they will have an attack at them this round won’t I had a whale so not so smart after all but they will avoid Luca blinds oh they waited okay well not around for Refugees unless they decide to attack like a dirty instead no they don’t I am so proud of them we’re gonna come rescue you guys hang in there as you might be able to determine like you’re not really supposed to be able to stay the refugees here it’s kind of impossible so yeah it’s a shame but what can you do I really wish that refugees would now go straight before Luca blight Toby kind of funny come close to me refugees and I would totally try to save you damn it ok rest in peace we weren’t able to do it the game fair best shots but we didn’t save anything no it’s too late we’ll all be killed please stop it’s Tuesday vegetable tray assist round up the pace let us pull back Alchemist michelotto damn Oh Otto that’s all comments that during during the entire war ease make

lot of the clot oh my lover my muse my soul mate ultimately Hyland did not invade it seems even the great Luca blight has no courage to face tonight’s of Matilda stand down now make little covers yes mcclure doesn’t even answer he’s mad understandably hunger it is also forcing his fat body for their nice can we sit in this frown and be like all cool and stuff look at this not use for your statue okay we could actually look at the statutes that’s cool Oh comical what are you guys doing calm down magluto what do you expect to accomplish by going into enemy territory alone but I have to see with my own eyes I have to see what those Highland pastors are doing in muse don’t try to stop me commerce I see I will not interfere that’s pretty nice them this is a troubling situation going to muse alone a hollow tree you I cannot leave this castle I will stay behind to respond to lord guru dose cap rashouk capricious commands I don’t know what it means you can get to muse through the border crossing sad affair I beg of you please protect mechanic lotto I’m the leader of the damn allied army don’t tell me what to do okay we’re gonna call this an episode pretty soon we’re gonna explore and buy some stuff around Matilda or the rock acts first so hello what what’s in here come in come in this is the best appraisals up an old rock acts and already only 12 but you don’t have anything we need to praise so nevermind hello a little strange woman because the market for antique is social takes are so strong here in a row facts their preachers business this is one of the better ones in the game according to me the violence rude it’s very good for boss fights so I like it it’s basically I wonder if it’s actually described in here because berserk after damage but not like ordinary berserk once you lose fifty percent of your health you will have one turn where you do like three times damage enhance your hand and then you are basura after that the three times the damage attack is like insane imagine if you combine that with shins writers lay even though you can’t that would be like nine times the damaged or something it’s pretty insane Lords come as a mulatto already kind to us pitlochry doodle I despise him who doesn’t after what happened to muse and green hill can we really rely on the Allied army oh-ho-ho what the hell did we have to do with news we weren’t why would we be able to say news it doesn’t make any sense and fell before even even formed yet army Howie bits the small towns of heat southeast affair we also have a trading post well we’re going there in this episode i think shelves live to praise goods and violence that we just stole since we’re nice people we don’t like what a quick to see whatever we want a jar full of water a barrel full of vegetables and a barrel plants hello little boy are you a mr. hare the end is just ahead of this road are you really just visiting if you’re lying I’ll tell you it’s brutal we want to fight Thailand but the captain’s orders are absolute we took a vow Lord Garuda must have a plan it is knight’s duty to obey you’re too busy of big things this thing never opens much really sure why it’s here you’ll never be here ever again because there’s like nothing here it looks so mysterious this town is full of nights it’s the only safe place around any yours filled with water here in this barrels on a food and bingo holding the holly berries Halle Berry a box love filing China hello strange man to proprietor here goes out to buy his stock personally today’s his day off though in other words we can’t trade here because they feature some upper end trading items like antiques my stuff but you normally shouldn’t be able to buy it that’s the only thing I can think of why it’s closed but it’s yeah just away this I enjoy watching this town from here it doesn’t look like it ever changes but bit by bit it does change I love to see it how goes the door of Highland it seems the night um doesn’t want end to join in a cart pile this box ooh something’s happening area of course we got a spy on mclaughter lab it’s the glottal please wait sir Mikoto it’s suicide to go to news alone oh don’t

worry I’ll be careful I have to see what’s going on in muse I will return soon but i’m counting on you I used to really strongly dislike how much irma kleber look but the older I get the more I Lycans a basket of fruit you’re a fruit basket barrel school ooh with no capitalized letters that’s cute let’s check what it’s in here if his ordinary rishton residential home the knighthood was established protect as a distinct if help from used I think now is the time to repay that depth too late buddy you screwed up Lydon shelves and the lady it’s difficult having to live on supplies transported from grassland but I can see the word of an Oak Island ending soon me neither considering Luca blight is in charge he is one crazy person grandpa is upset perkinston item won’t find fight island but I’d rent let’s get entangled in that war grandpa make you look like Grandma is it normal to call each other grandpa and grandma when you were like chimeric elderly couple are we weird it’s weird for me at least we’ve lost contact with both news and green hill I wonder what’s gonna happen next one of barrels flow plan sir we’re derno badly watered plants or something like that they say there’s a secret passion passage linking this time to the castle it’s probably there just in case enemies ever invade well spoiler alert it’s right here for blood we can’t enter there right now a barrel of fruit a barrel full of salt okay that’s new apparently rude masters need a barrel full of salts and I don’t really remember off you can buy here I was about say probably something useless but down is seriously an insanely good weapon you wanna win battles just put down on every single character in your party and you live in everything cuz you will imbalance even bosses I think most puzzles are not immune to being knocked out so it’s just totally imbalanced a magic book a book of runes there’s basically two books there in these two shelves it’s kind of cool a vine baron an interesting novel I want to study ruins at Greenhill that I can’t then I can stick them on people just like sistas stick them on people indeed our daddy was studying ruins at widal academy so really worried when Greenhill fault island so some gene she has just open up the shop then till since we thought just fell good job getting out of there alive proud of you captain comas is the kind of man who would never show it but I bet he’s longing to fight island but seems like a coward to me another barrel full of salt damn a slug problem or something armor shop will be nice to explore my husband and my father are rivals but I can’t see why a general store in the harbors shop have to compete because it’s Matilda haloa thumb to her shop we specialize in medicines more to talking her ship from the same family stop being idiots I like it though whatever your needs you’ve devised to get yourself a good set of armor first Oh a funder good garb ah God the garden we’re actually gonna give that to rena I think it’s a totally okay armor for at this point it’s pretty expensive but it’s still fine scale man we don’t really have enough money right now to buying a new weapons anyway so or you are more anyway so dry off love medicine it’s rough having to move cargo for the armor and the general store bore myself of course but it pays well hey the armory is here but we have to ask mr. is not to enter okay so we can’t enter down there yet we can later in the game though I don’t really remember what’s down there I think there’s just some key actually can tell is there a thunder guard guard down there I think it is I’m quite remember we’ll see it in a few later episodes 0 Lord MacLeod ilysm is the captain of us blue tights but I’ve heard he hasn’t been getting along with Lord Garuda lately let me tell you he has not okay so when two more buildings here check out before we call today call it a day this secret and entrance right here like seriously it doesn’t look like an entrance or house does it but of this everything is pretty cool dad is always worrying about something

it seems like everyone is Thomas grandpa in one building dad here so listen men to my husband lately even when he comes home he doesn’t talk I think it has something to do with Gerudo a cooking stove ki you’d knighthood was born to protect the states but even if news and green hill fallen they won’t let us fight nope that’s garuda for you betray him and join me in my battle ok that’s it nothing else of interest here to look at unfortunately we’re way above the 30-minute mark that I try to keep for every single episode now anyway so let’s just go down to the last place here which is an in and look around and save up no I want to talk to you welcome friend since the muse checkpoint two are closed we haven’t had a lot of traders visiting us I hate not knowing what full tomorrow will bring here’s a small roadside town southeast of eric crossing through there on the way to musisz a cobbler trade route i wonder when this war will finally end then had last even Matilda will something well by the way I think this is like one of two more expensive heads in the entire suikoden game kind of annoying I wonder if the haha the night and plans to fight with Highland I’ve heard rumors but her secretly for me a tweeting oh that would explain quite a lot why Gerudo is so dismissive but then he would probably kill us so the Niten is very strong I’m one of the Red Knights you’re a bit too young for that sweetheart for good idea in the future I heard the Allied army is a war with Highland I want to write a night too dumb isn’t helping cause you have a dick for a leader but okay I have been inviting gamer thank you for joining me for this episodes and my least favorite on the entire game in next episode will be doing a side quest what I was about and face an optional boss which is the most difficult boss we have faced so far so look forward to that let’s see how many minutes I spent here like 40 ok 50 maybe 55 I don’t know ah my fault and I will see next episode oh so until then take care and Tulu