Previously on “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” I want you to experiment, but I’m not gonna let you drown I’m a single mom, and I’m raising three daughters I basically married into Mormon royalty, but it all came crashing down when we got divorced five years ago My grandmother chose me to marry her husband We were kind of an arranged marriage – I’m gonna do a toast – Yeah – Happy birthday week, ladies – Whoo! Aah! My aunt just got both legs amputated, so when you said it smells like hospital in here, that hurt me – What do you want me to do? – Disrespecting family? Are you —-ing kidding me? I’m sorry if I hurt you Mary M. Cosby, I’m watching you In this town, I’m Queen Bee and MVP When you take cheap shots, always expect a hangover This rose isn’t scared to handle a little prick Jealousy is a disease to which I say, “Get well soon.” I love God, but I will read you like a scripture Just like my pioneer ancestors, I’m trying to blaze a new trail ♪♪♪♪♪ John, I need a Diet Coke so badly Henry, for real, like, for real, you have to work on the 10 Commandments – I am – It’s not hard Just give me two Thou shall not smoke Thou shall not do anything bad Okay, but, like, what’s bad? Looking at porn Yep. Definitely stay away ♪♪♪♪♪ This is just like working out, using weights Basically it’s gonna be burning and permanently killing fat cells This is the most exercise I’ve done for five months That’s wonderful, Brooks [ laughter ] ♪♪♪♪♪ – Ladies – Hello Welcome to Murray’s Antiques and Oddities What are you ladies here for today? I am checking the space out to hold an event here An event at an antique store At an antique store What kind of event were you talking about? Well, something a little wet ♪♪♪♪♪ Not so dry So you know during Prohibition, it is a dry country, right? Yeah – Well, let’s go inside – All right Welcome To the secret door that I knew existed ♪♪♪♪♪ I love this place – Your party is how many people? – We’re expecting about 30 – Yeah – So what we’re talking about is taking at least this front section here and this whole area Perfect, ’cause I love a good theme Our happiness is your happiness – We love that – Yes ♪♪♪♪♪ – You got that, Heather? – Yeah, I got it [ laughs ] Trying to balance They’re kinda heavy ♪♪♪♪♪ – Hey, guys – Hey – Hi, Brady! What’s up, baby? – Good to see you – Good – Check this out What’s going on? For all the Beauty Labbers that are pregnant – Wow – Aren’t they so Beauty Lab? They’re pretty–They’re sweet They think we’re gonna give ’em, like, diapers and bottles and, like, onesies and Jams – Nope – We’re giving ’em Range Rovers – [ laughs ] – Start ’em young – Start ’em young, and start ’em with the things that matter I don’t know if it’s something in the water or the Botox at Beauty Lab, but 5 of our 20 employees are all pregnant for the first time, and they are all having baby boys So we wanna celebrate them in a huge way ♪♪♪♪♪ Okay. Oh, my gosh ♪♪♪♪♪ Hurry up. My feet are freezing [ knock on door] – What’s up, Tweety Bird?! – Hi! – Look at you! – I am Tweety Bird [ laughs ] You’re so fabulous – Hi – Hi! – Oh! – You have to see our cute Range Rovers These are so cute, though Walk me through the whole thing We have interactive games We’re having everyone bring a baby picture, and then– – Like me? – Yeah So we’re gonna have them blind on a wall, and you have to, like, say, “That’s Reagan That’s Jen Shah.” The important detail is the theme of the shower The reason it’s white, and you’re wearing all white, right? – Right – It’s really symbolic, and I wanna make sure that these young moms who are so focused on, like, having the perfect delivery, the perfect baby, that it’s not about perfection It’s about love, you know? A Mormon prophet, Harold B. Lee, said, “There’s no work

“that a woman will ever do outside the home “that will be equal to what she does as a mother raising her children inside the home.” So we are successful Mormons based on how we raise our children and how happy we keep our husbands and how perfect our family is or appears Hi, lovey Hello! Hi! And even though in our hearts we know that that’s not important, that’s really the social code that we all adhere to and we know we’re judged on They literally have, like, 16-inch ones or 4-inch, so I did the 8-inch Don’t you think that’s the perfect size? – Yeah – Well, let’s see what they look like when we get the bows on them We were, like, looking at baby pics Let me show you a few pictures and see if it’s, like, completely Georgia This is the one that’s in our house right now – I took this one of her – Oh, my gosh. That’s so cute None of my babies have eyebrows – Totally blow-up – Check this one out – Who is that? – That’s Georgia – Okay, give it to me – She’s turning 6, and she wanted a rock star bunny party Why do you not have this blown up and, like, framed? Because my world shut down when I got divorced When Billy and I separated, I didn’t take pictures – I stopped everything and so – Aw! I don’t think Georgia has seen these pictures Like, what happened? How did things– I got divorced So when you got divorced, why did you feel that way, though? Because you or other people were making you feel like, “Oh, Heather, you’re divorced That’s not good”? Because me. All I was born to do was to have a family When you get divorced, that’s taken away from you I chose him not because he was the love of my life, but because – He was Mormon – He was Mormon My husband left me after 11 years of marriage, and he said he didn’t wanna be married to me anymore, and I really resented him for leaving me because I felt like my entire life I had curtailed my natural instincts in order to achieve this family and this marriage in the temple and these children, and I had given up a lot And now he was saying he was giving up on me Four generations on both sides, mom and dad, zero divorce I’m the first But, see, that’s that label put on you guys Yeah. That doesn’t mean anything to us – It doesn’t mean anything – It means everything – No, it doesn’t – What do you mean, it doesn’t mean anything? – No, it doesn’t My heart is Mormon, so what are you gonna do? Because you’re a good person How am I Mormon and divorced? That doesn’t make you a bad person No, but how does it make me Mormon? So should you stay married, then, and it’s terrible? 100 million percent [ scoffs ] I don’t know I think that, like, when I was 15, I was in love, you know, with someone that didn’t even like me back [ laughs ] But otherwise, I don’t think I’ve ever been deeply in love, no I have three daughters Am I gonna put that same pressure on them? That’s a reason why you need to do the right thing and be an example If you stayed with him and it wasn’t right, they would think, “Oh, this is what we do.” Absolutely. Absolutely And you foster generations and generations of females thinking, “This is just what we do.” Robot. No You’re empowering them, taking those steps that are so hard so that your daughters don’t have to ♪♪♪♪♪ Time for cocktails [ whirring ] Oh! Sh– Are you a moron? [ laughs ] Okay, well, I wasn’t looking Are you kidding? [ laughs ] When Seth is gone, I love having my kids home because at least I feel like I have a part of my family with me Do you have, like, a mop? I’m sure we do I-I don’t where it is Classic Chloe’s 18 years old It’s her first year away at school, and I just feel so fortunate that she wants to come home and wants to spend time with me There is no one I would rather be with than my children [ knock on door] – Ah! [ dog barking ] [ singsongy ] Hello! How are you? – [ gasps ] – Hello – Hi, guys – Hi! I love you so much. Chloe! How are you? What do you want to drink? – I want that right there – A margarita – A margarita – So I made them in the blender, but I didn’t put the lid on – Of course you didn’t – [ laughs ] – You can’t use– Why do you keep pretending like you’re, like, domestic [ barking ] – Teddy! No! [ laughs ] Get off the table Teddy’s like, “I ain’t listening to you.” The Shah ski chalet– it’s really big It’s not fun to be there by yourself I love Teddy The boys are gone doing their own thing There’s no one to talk to It’s comforting to know Meredith and I have similar situations where our husbands aren’t always here all the time And so I actually don’t get as pissed off at Sharrieff because I’m like, “I’m good I’m going over to Meredith’s tonight.”

Are you excited for the ’20s party? – I’m excited for my outfit – What are you wearing? I’m gonna be 1920s Hollywood madam I’m gonna be the basic bitch 1920 flapper Well, I can’t wait to see it So here’s the thing. Sharrieff has, like, some coaches, whatever thing, so Saturday night we’re doing sleepover slumber party– facials, high kicks What are high kicks? Like shoes? No, like, high kicks, I would do one right now, but – Like a literal – Yes, oh [ chanting ] Grinder, grinder, grinder. [ laughs ] What? I’m feeling really uncomfortable [ laughs ] Her vagina is…in my face What are you doing? You know your mom has fantastic high kicks Oh, God I’m beyond shocked that my mom is around someone doing that in front of her children Um, Brooks and I have to go to Best Buy They’re going to Best Buy? If you guys wanna go, you can go Even though you birthed these children out of your vagina, they’re my kids [ laughs ] – Gross [ laughter ] Bye [ laughter ] Coming up “My life is perfect My marriage is perfect “My children are perfect – My happiness is a 9.” – No Sweetheart, stop, you’ve been married 20 years I know good and well your happiness is not a 9 [ laughter ] ♪♪♪♪♪ – So you ready? – You guys ready? – Yeah – Okay I want you to show me your best skills, like pretend you’re gonna get your driver’s license today You guys have fun today I’m not going Oh, my gosh If it stresses me out, I’m literally gonna be praying – Close your eyes – I know, but it’s like– It’s what you do I can’t do that I’m gonna, like, freak out I’m driving. I call the shots Time goes by so fast You really don’t have your kids for that long It’s almost like they’re renters for 18 years, and then they can’t wait to bail on you Keep your eyes closed Plug your ears Everything will be great You know, in business, I feel like I can handle anything, like throw things at me Things change all the time I can fix anything I feel like I’m a great problem solver Okay, so everybody have their seatbelts on? – Okay, literally say a prayer – I already did Okay, good Dear Father in Heaven, please don’t let us hit anybody or anything, and don’t let anyone hit us in the name of Jesus Christ Amen Are your mirrors right? – Mm-hmm – Okay I literally say that in my head every time I get in the car with him [ engine starts ] Jack, I need you to go easy on me, okay? – Okay – I love taking you No, I don’t, really I’m lying Driving is, like, such a big responsibility I have a strong pull-out game, though Yeah. [ sighs ] Remember, confident, not cocky ♪♪♪♪♪ Okay, so you just wanna be super situationally aware Just think about all the little kids, where they are – [ exhales deeply ] – …who runs out – Mm-hmm It’s a very busy road up here See how they just pulled in front of us? – You gotta be careful – Yeah, I know Slow up You wanna encourage your kids to be, like, calm and feel comforted, and, like, build them up when they’re behind the wheel of, like, tons of metal – Are you stressed? – No Jack, you need to be calmer with me and more patient For real – Stay in your lane – I get told that too much Yeah. Now nicely park – Oh, no – You did it Put this down Now go get me a 44-ounce Diet Coke, easy ice with lemon ♪♪♪♪♪ [ laughs ] Oh, my gosh ♪♪♪♪♪ – Hello! – Look at you – You look beautiful – Beauty – So good to see you – Oh, and your coat – You look gorgeous – Soft and cuddly ♪♪♪♪♪ Good evening Good to have you two in tonight Do you know what you’d like to have? – I want the cod – The cod – Yeah – It’s fantastic Would you want to share two things, or do you want your own thing? – I’m starving, so I will be eating their cod I’ll will eat your cod – I will eat those things – I might have the cod, too – It sounds really good – Fantastic – Thank you – Thank you – So tell me, how are you? – Good, but I’m going through this thing with Robert, and I don’t understand it We’ve always been, like, inseparable But he turned 17 and meets this girl, and now it’s like he’s an adult – Doing his own thing I have a beautiful son His name is Robert He’s named after his dad When I had my son, I went into whole nother level of love, and every birthday, we went to Dubai,

we went to Japan Anywhere he wanted to go that he found of interest, I took him, and he’s still the love of my life I’m just not the love of his no more And this is, like, the first serious girlfriend The very first girlfriend ever, like I mean, It’s very normal, you know, for them to kind of disconnect I mean, that’s– it’s a hard situation because the more you push her away, the more he’s gonna run away And I know that, so I can’t do that – A lot – Like, it is I don’t know how you did three kids [ laughter ] Especially, you know, being married as long as we have Yeah, I don’t either I’ve never been able to connect with the women who are like, “My life is perfect My marriage is perfect My children are perfect.” Duh, duh, duh “And my happiness is a 9.” [ giggles ] – No – Sweetheart, stop You’ve been married 20 years I know good and well your happiness is not a 9 [ laughter ] Stop. Let’s stop right now Yeah, after 20 years, you’re a 9 When you throw children into the mix of your marriage and you’re, like, focused on the kids, it’s very easy to not have the proper communication to stay connected and in touch with each other You get in this space where you’re not…you grow apart Robert, Sr.– he’s in love with his son He’ll do anything for him And I’m like the helicopter mom So I think we became partners as opposed to a marriage Friendship Partnership Do you think he’s just gotten complacent, and if he thought you were really going to leave, then maybe he would make more of an effort? My marriage was arranged – We had to make it work – Right – Like, yeah – Right – So leaving is – It’s not an option I always say I have beauty in all my mess The reality is that I am married to my grandmother’s second husband, which was my step-grandfather Before she passed, she made it very clear that she wanted me to be the one to take her place in the church and inherit everything That came with homes, money, our church, and also marrying her husband Don’t think it wasn’t weird, ’cause it was But I did it because I trusted my grandmother, and I’m so glad I did it I believe if something knocks you down, just get back up, and I learned that through my mom I feel like she chopped my heart up I put it back together, made a prettier one, and I learned from– How old were you when you– when you disconnected? – Mm, like 19 – Young. That’s very hard It was hard in the beginning, ’cause that was my best friend That’s who I went to dinner with – That’s who I – Right Yeah, and then she did a switch with money – It was about money – But it’s not money – It’s the love of it – No, it’s material It–It’s the root of evil I’m not gonna lie It was all bizarre I was actually 22 when we got married It split our church My mom had a fit ’cause she wanted the church She wanted my grandmother’s place My mom felt like she was the one that should’ve been marrying Robert Sr. and The wedding night was– everything was weird – No – After your Thank goodness I was on my period And the period lasted for, like, at least two weeks He’d be like, “You’re still–” I’m like, “Yep, I’m still on” till it got awkward He’s like, “You’re still–” I’m like, “Yep, I still am,” so I, like, stretched it out because, like, 28th day, I was like, mm I had to get past that I started to pray myself I started to seek, you know, that higher help myself, and it worked out so good, like it couldn’t have been better I made my mind up to detox all the people that I knew was not a beneficial to my life Like, I cleansed every leech, every drainer, anything that I thought was too much You know what? There are the good people out there, and that’s who you have to seek out Are you good at that? Usually I have a sense, but sometimes I don’t trust my own sense, and that’s when I get in trouble I can’t be distracted by things that don’t matter And I focus on my son, Robert Sr., and then my church I wanna hear more about your church, and I wanna–I would like to come sometime I would love to invite you Whitney and her dad are coming this week – I would love it – Yeah? Would love it – That would be amazing – Thank you for the pressure [ laughs ] No pressure! It’s on Coming up You don’t wanna go to a boarding school, even if it’s co-ed? ♪♪♪♪♪ It’s in L.A ♪♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪♪♪ I’m gonna make some guacamole because we have a gazillion avocados What do you want me to do?

We need to chop tomato and onion Okay. I’m gonna make my almond milk I’ve had my almond marinating in water for, like, five days now When Chloe, Reid, and I found out about my parents’ separation, I took the semester off from school to support my mom in whatever she’s dealing with with my dad and to work on my clothing line But as much as she does have friends coming in and out of the house or, like, visitors staying, no one can keep her as grounded as I can So…what’s going on, Brooksy? [ utensil clatters ] Well, I’m pretty sure you could tell that Chloe and I were very uncomfortable the night Jen was here [ chanting ] Grinder, grinder, grinder. [ laughs ] What? Um…yeah I mean, it was kind of a surprise for me, and I’m sorry if you guys were uncomfortable [ whirring ] [ whirring loudly ] [ whirring stops ] Well, we were Wait, that, like, actually just worked. That’s crazy She can act however she wants to act, just don’t act that way in your house Just very uncalled for, and I know I totally hear you on that I don’t need Chloe having that experience either ♪♪♪♪♪ Chloe and I were in a really uncomfortable position Chloe and I saw parts of that woman that we never see again, so I understand. I understand But she wanted to have a sleepover on Saturday Well, that’s definitely not happening, and– Me and Chloe wanna spend time with you – We wanted to the other night – That’s fair enough I-I hear you While I’ve taught Brooks to voice his opinions and certainly advocate for them, at times, he can be a bit much and a little relentless, but he does have a point here What are you gonna do about it? Um…I’ll text her and let her know that we’re not gonna do a sleepover on Saturday, that I wanna spend time with you guys Yeah, it’s Chloe’s last night It’s, like, what we should do – No, I agree – So no offense, you’re CEO of Meredith Marks You’re never gonna have time for a sleepover in your life [ laughs ] Yeah ♪♪♪♪♪ Where’s the drink? What’s up? Let me get it for you real quick – So did he fix the stove? – I’ll get him back out here What are you getting fixed on the stove? It’s this back one Okay, so did I tell you how you start it? Sometimes I use the middle one to start everybody There ain’t no problem in getting it started Well, how come men don’t like instructions? Like Just not that I just turned the stove completely on You don’t need to hire people to do this All you have to do is ask me – Are you gonna help me? – You got it. Yes, Mary Now why are you…Come on I’m going to my seat No, you got all these burners up for what? Well, because I didn’t know which burner to turn on, so I just left all… [ laughs ] Yeah, I see that Thank you, Miss Mary – You’re welcome – I really appreciate that So we really need to get serious about Robert’s school Yeah. [ sighs ] Robert’s not learning anything at this school – No – He’s just going there ’cause his girlfriend goes there He’s spoiled Not a bad way, but – He’s spoiled – He’s spoiled, though – I was spoiled – You’re still spoiled What do you mean? What do you mean, still spoiled? – You don’t even grow up – Okay, wait a minute [ whispers ] Oh, my God Who’s spoiling me if I’m still spoiled? You’re spoiled rotten [ laughs ] I was nothing like neither of you You didn’t say that, did you? Yeah I was the cream of the crop You’re a brat right now – Oh – You know you’re spoiled [ sighs ] After Robert Sr. and I married, I kinda had to get to know him I really felt like, wow, my grandmother really nailed it Like, if I could pick a guy, this is what I’d pick Then after Robert was born, I drifted into being a mom, and he drifted into being Robert Sr He needs boarding school I found one. He got accepted It’s in L.A., though – I don’t know – Thank you He’s in the 11th grade I want him to finish those last two grades with an honorable school so he can choose a college I understand you. I got you He’s too intelligent, and his brain is distracted with this infatuation love – Yes I’m super connected to my son Like, I don’t need to be in his space He doesn’t need to be in my space to know that I feel close to him But at the same time, I’m super major on education I think boarding school is appropriate for him right now because of the fact that it’s time It’s that age where he could either spiral up or down, and forget the girlfriend Please He’s going to boarding school, if that’s what I say He doesn’t know that yet, though Robert! – Bubbs – Mm-hmm We need to talk to you about school, babe Okay, so getting school out of the way,

you can do whatever you want You’re on your own I want you to, like, be strong You wanna have a brain – Are you learning over there? – No Like when you went to school in New York, you’re not learning there You’re learning bad habits You don’t wanna go to a boarding school, even if it’s co-ed? It’s in L.A ♪♪♪♪♪ Excuse me, brother Just please Be honest What do you feel about it? I feel like it isn’t necessary [ whirring ] So you feel like you can go to a regular school I feel like I’d just be lonely ♪♪♪♪♪ or you guys Ohh! She’s a friend of us No So you are clearly– It’s clear you’re going to a different school, right? Mm-hmm – Okay, love you – Love you, too Okay, bye. [ chuckles ] Coming up This morning when I woke up, I get a text from Meredith, and it said, “I need to cancel the sleepover “because Chloe wants to spend some time with me after the party.” – Hmm ♪♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪♪♪ When’s the last time you went to church? Uh, last time I’ve been to church–that’s a good question It’s probably been a good 10 years for me Yeah, about 10 years Over the past 10 years, my dad has struggled with addiction to prescriptions and painkillers, and it wasn’t until this last year that he recognized and acknowledged that he needed help So my dad decided to do 30 days of rehab and is considering going into sober living Just, like, I’m starting over at 63 years old But I look at it as a blessing – Mm-hmm – I prayed for the rain Now I gotta deal with the mud Ever since my dad left the Mormon church because of his addiction, I’ve been his only support system, and I’m realizing that I can’t do this all alone I can’t be everything for my dad So I think going to church is a great opportunity for him to feel more love, more community, and have more support, because that’s what my dad needs right now to stay sober [ uptempo gospel music playing ] [ cheering ] Before my grandmother left, I felt like I was in training She used to always say, “I’m gonna give you “everything I didn’t have growing up, “everything I didn’t have as a little girl, “everything I didn’t have as a young girl I want you to have it.” And when my grandmother passed, like, people didn’t know what to do She was the head of our church [ amplified voice ] We believe in a true, living God – [ congregation exclaims ] – So I just got up, and I thought there was something pulling me that, “This is what you’re supposed to do, “whether people like it, whether they accept it, whether your mom is okay with it.” I knew I had to do it Yeah, we gon’ say something here – [ congregation exclaiming ] – This is the truth! I believe in it! Tonight joy will be yours! [ exclaims ] Whoo! ♪♪♪♪♪ While I’m not super religious, I am Jewish I am definitely in the minority in Utah There’s not a ton of us here I know God! I’m really impressed with how Mary seems to connect with her congregation It’s incredible to watch I have to thank God for all these visitors Yeah! – …for coming. We love you – Yes! [ cheers and applause ] Beautiful family [ voice breaking ] Whitney, Meredith [ congregation affirming ] God knows all about it – Yes, that’s right – He knows your problem And I said if He leads you to it, He’ll see you through it – [ congregation affirming ] – He’s that kind of God I said, “Help me, Lord.” He said, “I only help whoever can help themself.” – You apply something – [ congregation affirming ] He’ll meet you there – Even now! – [ congregation affirming ] Who’s able for the Kingdom, for the Father? He loved me first! [ congregation affirming ] He loved you first! [ congregation affirming ] This is the first time in the last five years that I’ve seen my dad feel loved and accepted You see Meredith You see Whitney You see her father You see what they need God, bring us together Let us know it’s okay to love It’s okay to give up so You can take over

In Jesus’ name ♪♪♪♪♪ [ cheers and applause ] And I’m visibly seeing him feel that he’s worth his life – Go, Mary, go! – Mary! ♪♪♪♪♪ Oh, thank you You guys, the dress– oh, my gosh See, every–every time I’m talking about the dress and I have makeup on and I can’t cry, but I wanna cry. I – [ laughs ] Just hire, like, a professional crier I asked Keri to cry for me I know, but you need to hire someone, like, where it’s like you have to cry now, you know? This is Shah Squad. This is not amateur hour, people, okay? So we’re gonna test out the look, the hair, the vision of what I’m gonna be tomorrow, and 1920s has never looked so good Jeff, this is how I would like my shots presented to me– garnished with blueberries and lime Cheers Here’s to the 1920s I have an entire staff that works for me every day They’re called the Shah Squad ALL: Jen Shah! My team is more than just my employees It’s lonely when Sharrieff’s away a lot, and that’s why I guess I lean on them I depend on them a lot to fill that role in my life as, like, my family Meredith and I had planned to have a sleepover after the party – Yeah I feel like you mentioned that Yeah, and then this morning when I woke up, I get a text from Meredith, and it said, “Hey, Jen, I need to cancel the sleepover because Chloe wants to spend some time with me after the party.” It just bugged me, ’cause I was over with Meredith the other night – Hmm – I can’t believe Meredith cancels the sleepover ’cause Chloe’s here? Chloe is in her first year of college, Meredith She don’t wanna hang out with you You know, my feelings are hurt now I just want real people that are gonna reciprocate the love, loyalty, and respect that I would give them Yeah, absolutely Coming up Time out, rewind. Is Mary Cosby coming to this party? – Yeah – Why? Do you feel clean slate with Mary? I don’t give a [bleep] Clean slate, dirty slate Bitch, you’re irrelevant I don’t care ♪♪♪♪♪ Everything looks so good I know. We got all the staff pictures put together Did you know which one was me? – No, I can’t figure out which one is you – The cutest one – Well, of course it is – This is me – Oh, my gosh. Look at that Everything looks so good Hello! My first queen is arriving – Look at you – Hi No one’s gonna believe you’re pregnant I’m thrilled to support and celebrate these young women embarking on motherhood and the adventure it is You look so hot Can we talk about the boobs? – Sammy’s boobs! – Sam’s boobs But the darker side of me just wants to scream, “Go back, run.” We’ve gotta see the bellies Push it out Arch your back There you go These girls think that they’re going to pop out these perfect Gerber babies, sleep train them in five minutes, and they’re gonna have the picture-perfect Instagram Live [ laughter ] And based on everything in my life, that is not what’s gonna happen Okay, 1, 2, 3 – A pregnant smize [ laughter ] ♪♪♪♪♪ Oh, my gosh – Heather Gay – You look so good. [ laughs ] ♪♪♪♪♪ Hi Oh! Our queen has arrived [ laughter ] Mwah Oh, my gosh How many swans died for this? ♪♪♪♪♪ Hey, ladies I need the pregnant– all the preggy queens This is, like, perfect Welcome to our baby shower and congratulations to the five queens – Five queens – Five queens. Oh, my gosh We are so grateful for you all to be here, and we just want you guys to know how much love and support you have I’m trying not to cry [ voice breaking ] We are…horrified that you’re pregnant so young, but it’s fine [ laughter ] Because we are here to support and love you Looking at all these young moms starting their lives out, it makes me realize that I really wanna reevaluate what I’m teaching my children I want them to decide what they believe, and I will support them What you do have control over is who you are to them, and it’s not easy You don’t have to be perfect You don’t even have to be good at it. No one is We want you to know that anything is possible All the moms get to sit, and we have some games for the dads – Mark, you got the games? – I got it, yep You’re blowing up the balloons, any size you want Take three ping-pong balls – Are you starving? – Yeah Okay, let’s go grab a bite, and have them do their games – Okay – Let’s go get a bite Come on

Thank you so much All right, cheers, Mama [ indistinct conversations ] Really quick, I like you with a ponytail Thank you so much I’m so excited about the party – Oh, yeah, tomorrow night – I’m excited, ’cause we haven’t all been together in a while, so We haven’t We haven’t all been together since skiing – Cheers to ski day – Yes Clean slates Nice! We have a winner – So speaking of clean slate – Yeah Like, I truly mean it that I’m gonna start with a clean slate – I’ve invited Lisa – Is she coming? – She’s coming – Tomorrow? – Yeah – Absolutely – Are you bringing Sharrieff? – He’s gonna come later, but he can’t be there when the party starts Time out. Rewind. Is Mary Cosby coming to this party? – Yeah – Oh, Lord, have mercy Why? I like Mary Do you feel clean slate with Mary? I don’t give a [bleep] Clean slate, dirty slate, bitch You’re irrelevant. I don’t care How are we back here again? I thought Mary had apologized to Jen, and they had moved on How is this still kicking? Like, it should be dead and buried I would be your friend, ride and die You can call me, but don’t attack my family I mean, she admitted it Everybody knows if you’re friends with Mary, you’re gonna have to put up with, like, “The Twilight Zone” every other day That’s just what happens But when she made the comment about my aunt, that’s really hurt me and cut me to the core, because she knew out of any of the other girls how close I was to my aunt, so that just proves to me Mary doesn’t really care about my feelings You wanna know why I loved the church? – Help me here – I took my father, who’s in drug rehab, struggling with addiction, to her church with Meredith The community of people there were so supportive For the first time, my dad felt loved ’cause the power of the music, and, like, me and Meredith were hugging him So it was a beautiful night for me Meredith, you’re gonna go to Mary’s church? I feel like Meredith likes her and has all this allegiance to her, so I wanna be respective– Meredith wants to play, like, Switzerland Everybody needs a Switzerland friend – Everyone needs a Switzerland– – It’s a favorite nation But then you’re not really a friend I get why Whitney went to Mary’s church Her dad’s going through a lot I understand that But for Meredith to go to Mary’s church– Mary knows what has gone on between Mary and I I mean, this was a personal dig against me Hey, Meredith, you cannot —-ing go be friends with her, and be friends with me I’m not saying choose I’m just saying tell me I understand that Jen and Mary don’t get along However, I don’t understand why Jen is trying to get Meredith to pick a side In my mind, there are no sides to choose I generally think that she’s just doing her, and there’s something cool about that Yeah, but, Meredith, if you really like Mary, if you really like Mary and you really like me, don’t you think there’s, like, a conflict? – Well, for sure, but like– – Bitch, vote ♪♪♪♪♪ Coming up [ cheering ] There’s a theme with Whitney She definitely loves the stripper pole [ cheering ] I’m shy! I’m shy! How is this the 1920s? ♪♪♪♪♪ I don’t know what to do I’m not into the ’20s that much – I can do ’70s – You’re looking for the ’20s – Look, I could–oh, my gosh – But it’s not ’70s, love – Wrong era – Could that be ’20s? Actually, that could be very cute ♪♪♪♪♪ That dress is a little conservative for you, don’t you think? I don’t think women, like, have boob jobs and put their boobs out in the ’20s Got it No, it’s actually really cute – Gold is your thing, so – Yeah What are you smoking out of this tonight? Oh, you know, something a little legal, something maybe not so legal – I like that ♪♪♪♪♪ – Are you guys ready? – Yes – Yes – Okay, I’m coming Ooh! [ cheering ] And you all know if you didn’t clap, you’d be fired anyway, so [ laughter ] ♪♪♪♪♪ – Thank you – You’re welcome Let me get up in here, out of the way – Hello, darling – Hi! We’re looking for those, like, weird antiques We might have a closet for that We love a good closet A hundred years ago, during Prohibition in Utah, there was definitely no alcohol, no dancers, and no strippers Hello But at the Prohibition bar, this is just a regular Saturday night [ indistinct conversations ] Ohh. It’s amazing You look amazing, doll You’ve outdone yourself, darlin’ I love that she’s in full character! What brings you in today? – Gatsby – Of course – Is it not obvi? Okay – Perfect – Yo – Oh, my God

[ indistinct conversations ] I love the 1920s ♪♪♪♪♪ So nice to see you [ cheering ] ♪♪♪♪♪ – How are you? – So good to see you tonight – I love your suit – Oh, thank you This was my take on the theme Meredith knows how to rock the bell bottoms, but I was wondering if she misread the invitation, because it was a 1920s party, not a 1970s party – Good to see you – You as well My brother and sister are here! [ laughter ] ♪♪♪♪♪ [ cheering ] I can’t. Too much vulva There’s a theme with Whitney She definitely loves the stripper pole [ cheering ] How is this the 1920s? I’m shy! I’m shy! I was bringing the decadence, and they were bringing the Depression [ cheering ] Oh! – Hi – Well, hello I heard this was the 1920s party ♪♪♪♪♪ – Mama – Hello, beautiful – Wow – Oh, my God It’s been a rough couple of days Meredith is being really shady I don’t know why So I’ve had a couple drinks before I go into the party Hi, Mama! Meredith, really? See this, girl Are you kidding me? It is so, like, ’20s – Yeah, well, that’s why– – Oh, my gosh My ’20s jewelry and my little bit of fray Oh, you look pretty I really wanna give Meredith the benefit of the doubt, but the first thing I see is her over in the corner with Mary M. Cosby Oh, my…Lord, have mercy Are you…What? It’s like somebody just, like, stuck a knife in my heart ♪♪♪♪♪ Next time on “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” You think she’s a —-ing good friend?! Good luck with that sh–, Meredith Thank you. I’m disengaging I’m not engaging Like, are you serious?! You’re gonna go with Mary, who —-ed her grandfather? – Jen – Don’t yell at me! Shut the [bleep] up! Talk to me about Saturday Girl, last week was just a hard week My dad passed away a year ago This has been the hardest thing that I’ve ever dealt with in my life 100% I feel lonely I put on a good front, but, yeah, I’m lonely There’s something I have to tell you What? Seth and I have been separated – I’m gonna cry – Don’t cry, ’cause then you’re gonna make me cry Oh, my God I like events that are intimate Me, too To be together and the girls to, like, iron stuff out – I love that – Elegant Thank you all for coming I will see what all y’all are thinking but don’t wanna say I’ll say it I will say the things you say, sweetheart I’m just saying