hello and welcome I’m ukgamer808 and my channel is mainly farming simulator 19 and today we are doing any FS 19 mod review for the Fergusson pack so this is the first mod review of 2020 now this did come out a few weeks back and I just didn’t have time to have a proper look at it and I’ve had a good looking of it and it’s an awesome bit of it’s an awesome pack it really is so here we go let’s have a look what we’ve got let’s get into this mod review so first off we have basically they are all the TEA 20 tractors and they’ve just basically got different configurations one of them is a little bit different which we go into in a minute and so start it off here they are the TE 20 now this is only 23 horsepower as it’s from the 1920s one of the first tractors to come out I think really well branded tractors and what a nice bit of kit is the detailing on is absolutely awesome now this was made by the north modding company or NMC and what a fantastic job they’ve done now we’ve only got a few players and buckets and pallet fork and a few other bits and bobs where there are more implements coming later because it would be nice to actually have a cedar and you could actually use this and do your whole farm with it especially we’ve got some sort of harvester or something as well well anyway so starting off with this one now they’re so cheap 2500 pounds to buy 127 pounds on your initial leasing cost then we do have some configurations for the weight on the front you can see one weight there one bag of sand and then on a few of the other ones I’ve got two bags of sand or a grill typical they’ve all got one bag of sand that must be the other tractor was out in the field typical I’ll try and get them all right but but Alvin anyway so that is the front weight for them they’re just a bag of sand or you can just have a grill on the front anyway so they’re -9 on the slot count so they’re not huge amount of slots now they do have this front loader attachment which is the banana loader for obvious reasons in a shape of a banana and I’ve had a little play with it I’ve had a little bit of an issue with the front loader but we’ll go into that when we go through the implements for that now this one I’ve got the weight on the back that doesn’t come in standard you can see there that’s how they are times standard now it does say there’s a swing drawbar and a normal drawbar hammering well the other one was called actually whether that’s the wooden type and then the other one is it’s just a higher it’s up higher basically that’s all it is so that is the standard one there so we can have chains on the tires there’s two different chain configurations if you want to have that so moving on there it is there’s the one with the grill let’s turn that light on there you can have just a grill on the front instead of having a front weight but you probably do need front weights because it is quite lightweight these tractors so that is it in its standard form with no attaches or anything on it and you go inside and I do like all their we’ve got a bit of peda action when we’re good there we go there’s a bit of a delay when we’re going forwards and back it is only limited to three mile an hour in Reverse and then we’ve got a 13-mile in our flat ight now the steering radius on it it’s pretty good it’s a little bit different with the ones with the skids on it’s one with the skids and the steering isn’t that great which you’d expect at the end of the day especially on concrete and what-have-you but all the levers you can see all the foot action works as well when you’re putting the brakes in and changing see the clips on there I think that’s the coach on the right-hand side and then the throttle actually on the the steering wheel there pretty cool but it does sound pretty awesome especially when you’ve turned it off it just gives you those little noises at the end there so lighting we have got lights we’ve just got those lights on the front nestled on the back because we don’t need them on the back oh I didn’t notice that one there is a light on the back and no red lights for brake lights or anything so that’s the standard one and then the next one we move up to is the half-track model as you see it’s got a half track so nice bit of kit so the

only difference is we’ve got these extra wheels on here and obviously this will improve traction now this one is 2,800 pounds and 142 pounds on your initial leasing costs and then you can have there’s quite a few different models where you can have the half-track skis and a half track or just six wheels where there’s the skis in the half track and then the one over here is the six wheeled version what you can have with just six wheels there and was there another one what was that one that no that’s the tandem so yeah lots of different configurations available I do like these Springs on the front now they dinner let’s get rid of that chainsaw they’ve done a really good job the detailing of all this mod it looks fantastic really does really good really good job so anyway that’s the half-track one now changing the extra tires and changing it from skis might be it’s only a couple of hundred quid to change them so is everything’s really cheap I think if you bought this whole package it’s not going to cost you more than probably about 10 20 grand a flat beans attractors are only two and a half grand and everything else it probably won’t even be ten grand there you go right so that is the half-track one with the different models available so what if I got that one ah here we go yep see we’ve got a half track with a skis on that one there and then that’s just the wheels I didn’t see that one over there and then the six wheels half track so yeah quite a few different configurations you can have and then you can change these draw bars on the back you can have them the higher one or the lower one that’s the higher one there and on that way so nice looking bit of kit really a bit of old school in the place so moving on to the next model so this when I’ve seen this I was like wow the the somebody was thinking outside the box when they join these two together they really did I’ve seen stuff like this many many years ago on a farm when I was a young lad and it was like wow look at that two tractors joined up together and it must have been a Ferguson I didn’t realize at the time but yeah it must have been I’ve seen one of these many many years ago so this is the tandem for obviously obvious readings we have an engine on the back an engine on the back on the front articulation in the middle there and yeah cracking bit of kit now this is a little bit more money because it is more or less two tractors 4,800 pounds and 244 pounds on your initial leasing costs we’ve got 47 mile an hour so they’ve managed to gain an extra one ma wooden horse power as the other ones these are 23 horsepower each so that’s 23 that’d be 46 but this one’s 47 so you can have the it doesn’t have to have twin wheels you cannot just single wheels on there and then if you want the double wheels is an extra 200 quid if you want the triples on there it’s an extra 500 quid but cracking bit of kit now driving this one start up so we go all the same lighting and what-have-you and there’s a little bit of a delay when you start off and really good steer and radius on this one really good look at that spin it all the way back rain it is just a bit long that’s the only thing but you know they weren’t thinking about stuff like that when they built it were they they were thinking about how to make a tractor with a lot of power and that’s what they did but all in all yeah noise body kit I’ve got one a night in the field and we go and do a little bit of plowing with that shortly so let’s get the we’ll get the front loader right you see that one there I’ll show you the other implements what come with it yeah let’s ease a little bit of delay ugh my finger on the trigger all the time and it’s just thinking about what it’s doing right well first off on the back I have a weight so the weight is 500 kilo minus three on your slot counts not a huge amount slot and 120 pounds or six pounds to lease now you do need this weight I was having a mess around before i did the video and it’s not too bad with the manure fork now the manure fork is 150 pounds and it’s seven pounds for initial eating cost and it only holds 550 liters I’ve got just about 500 liters of manure here and it picks that up no issues but you can see on the front there is you can see why because I thought that buckets a bit small but the reason it smarts because I don’t think get a handle picking up much more on that which is why you really need the front back weight and then no issues with it not a problem

so we can get that load it into pull let’s not drop it down let’s pick that back up and we can load that into the trailer just sew it off and then it goes so that’s the manure Fork so drop that in there not the way we want not the way I said that’s what we want off right then the next one we’ll look at is we’ve got the shovel now same thing again this is only 500 litres so it’s gonna take a bit of time with loaded but I suppose at the time when you used to do it all by hand they come along with 500 liter bucket you like wow that’s amazing so that’s that I’ve checked this site it it recognizes all the different commodities no issues with it whatsoever same with the weight you do have to watch it you need that weight on the back really the one I had issues with was this one now if we drop the weight off the back and I have got lime no lime is 2,000 liters anyway so it’s a little bit heavier than most and when and it struggle to pick it up and I was like ok it probably just needs a weight on the back of course you get it’s off the deck so we drop it back down and you can just see it it’s creeper that creeps along and what’s that stuck on no but it struggles with it so let’s put the weight on the back and I expected this to sort the problem right but it doesn’t it might be just the fact that it’s 2,000 whereas most of our stuff is only a thousand but it won’t pick up mm you can see there there’s a bit bit off there I think the weight are the weights over on the one side that’s why so yeah bear that in mind if you think I’ll use that picking up a load of stuff no you won’t I’m sure it’d be alright on a thousand well but yeah we’re gonna where you’re struggling with that it’s just not happy picking up that amount of weight just drop that off drop that they’re not that I’ll keep dropping the wrong to anyone there we go so that is the shovel and the pallet fork and them your fault now the Chevrolets only hundred and twenty pounds so it’s very cheap again and seven pounds six pounds for your initial leasing costs and – three on the slot cake so move it over we’ll look on the next bits of kit we got and we have the furrows throat applies and we’ve got these different ones available we’ve got a four sorry that’s a five four oh four three two out of one no the one well my bloody camera button again now the one furrow is a hundred quid that will cost you a hundred pounds to buy and we’ll cut one furrow that’s it five pounds in this release and costs at working the speed of seven mile an hour on this one one on the slot came then we go to the two furrow which is 170 quid eight pounds on your initial leasing cost then we have the three to five for furrow we’re basically these ones are separate you buy them separately and then the three to five ones you can pick them actually in the store and say how many furrows you want for each one it’s an extra fifty pounds extra for the five four is an extra hundred quid and then the for furrow is an extra fifty quid but yeah nice bit of kit just attaches on the back drag it behind jobs good and plays no issues so that’s the furrows right let’s go on and have a look at the three turn tipper now it says the tipper but I couldn’t get it to tip there was no I couldn’t see anything on there any buttons on there let’s just hook that back up alright yes we attached that up and it does actually attach why the back though I didn’t realize that now put the help window on you see I thought oh yeah it’s a tipping but it’s not it’s for the front I’ll tell you what let’s just get rid of this one alright so here we go oh the other thing I forgot to tell you about this the tool box see that open it up little tool box opener upper you

can’t see it in cab view but yeah that box there just opens up little tool box little added extra and I didn’t notice the fun was arraigned earlier that’s cool alright so let’s get this attached and you see it’s got the arms on there but I think those you know it says r1 sorry not I’ve got our our when pushed and then the right analog and you can hear it doing stuff but it’s I’m sure that’s to do with the front loader because I couldn’t see a ram or anything in the air I can’t really get in there to have a look but I couldn’t get it a tip where it says it’s tipper oh just say unload here ah it does tip I got you see you mess rain with these things you think what it says is a tipper so surely it’s got a tip and it does I thought that’s a lot of work if you that doesn’t tip now that this little trailer it’s not much money at all is 650 pounds which is crazy for a little trailer like that 33 payments on your initial leasing cost as well and it’s minus 4 on the slot game holds 3,000 litres so not a huge amount but it’s old-school you’re not gonna leave a lot it’s not going to carry loads is it then we’ve got the other variant there which is a bale trailer now I take it this one can we tip this one as well yes we can no it won’t know it’s it that’s a shame because I always like the bale trailers because if you can put anything on there I always got straps as well and especially for unloading you just tip it off where a lot of them they haven’t got any tip options this is a bit of a shame but nevermind so that is the three turn tipper and bale trailer right next one we need to have a look at now these are to cracking bits of kit I was quite impressive so over here whatever god it’s not a stand on it we have the log grab now that’s pretty nice bit of kit well it’s a log or Apple is called it’s 230 quinta boy so really cheap can’t remember much neat leasing it was I think was in about 15 pounds not a lot anyway and then we have the cord wood saw which is 240 pounds minus 4 on the slot cane for that one and minus one on the slot came from the lat 1 now you have got to be careful picking up two bigger logs so let’s get this attached and I will show you right so there we have it attached and we have obtained and it doesn’t spin oh it does spin round I didn’t realize that spun round I thought that one’s been raining that I stay where it is and then we’ve also got the grab is well which is prop a bit of old-school technology but it works so now I can’t spin that background there we go spin that round let’s go down to our log perhaps I need that opened no that is opened up as far as it word it I did this earlier with no issues amaura and it doesn’t work probably right drop that down try again there we go that’s better pinched in the same thing you can’t pinch it too much it just go a bit crazy but the other issue you’ve got to fight be careful about is the weight of it when see it is picking it up if it was any longer it wouldn’t pick it up the front end comes off the debt so if you want to do a bit of old-school you can do it’s there for you works you just got to be careful because it does fall out a little bit the old idea is you’re not meant to be picking it up off the ground too much it’s just there help yeah moving those logs around right then now this one I was quite impressed with this when I first seen it I thought well I had a bloody how’s that gonna work so we linked up to that one attach it and then lower bench down like that and then start that and all the animations going alright no issues with that the saw blades are doing a little bit slow but never mind and all you got to do so this is ideally for smaller logs where

you I’ve only done this by hand but basically you bring your log up to your saw put it on that bit there get it up off there put it on there I don’t think we can drop it on there oh we can’t drop it on there and then you pushed it forward and it’s not doing it now is it there it is that’s it enough I call this out cuz I thought obviously this isn’t gonna work is it but it does it might not cut that that’s probably a bit – yeah it might be too small that one and they that stuck up there let’s get this other bigger one sorry about my camera it’s a shooting around again yeah go on it so I’m not sure exactly where you gonna put it cuz I did it the first time I did it and it just cut like oh that’s easy and now I’m doing it whoa see the camera shoot up in the air again come on I just want to cut one more no it’s not gonna is it there he goes so it’s just a bit of well you just got to get it in the right place I suppose there it is that’s Kurt so no still saw bench something different that’s the first time I’ve seen anything like that on FS 19 well that’s why we do these mod reviews to have a look at it and see what the crack is but overall pretty pretty awesome eyes right let’s go out to the field do a bit of pie win I’ve got a I’ve got the tandem set up over there at the moment and here we are now when I was driving these around I did have a little problem sometimes every now and again it would sort of glitch on something what wasn’t there I don’t know what that was all about but but this works a treat it really does drop it down and let’s put these speed down and then we do the work work and just get on nice bit of kit they mean personally I don’t think I’d ever use the one all the two or the three furrow because what’s the point the wider the better you see all the animation on the wheels they’re all rolling perfectly looks really good done a good job not sure what the turning radius is gonna be at the end there speed it up there’s seven mile an hour working speed so not too slow but I’ll just have to keep doing that see what the worker does to spin that around he’s gonna go right back on himself then on herself sorry it is a woman nope where are you going now though okay so Walter how are you doing right so yeah obviously the worker isn’t too happy with that and now he’s gonna go back she is gonna go back over the same line whoa you know run me down where the hell are you going so yeah you might it might be just this small field but I don’t know where the hell they go and now that’s it I don’t know didn’t like it field complete task complete I don’t think so but all in all it’s a pretty good little park it will be nice when there’s a few more other things they’re good to go back to the old school and do a farm with just using an old school equipment that I’d be pretty cool thing to do as soon as we got a few more items to do it with because we’ve got plays but that’s about it we just need some Cedars have a cedar and we can do the lot all right you see what happens this time you’re just going to go into turnaround because that’s why they expect him to do because I did wonder how the hell you’re gonna turn that right eye the workers

and the workers struggle it isn’t he he doesn’t know where to go what to do and I’m blocking him so where are you off to that right yeah so you’re gonna have to bear that in mind the workers are not sure about turning this around right now well that is the Ferguson pact by North modding company cracking a little mod I met Tommy look at this weeks ago right well that is a lot for FS 19 mod review the first one of 2029 today is Friday and I think we’re getting mods today I think we might even get a couple one came out yesterday is an update and that was a lot but we might get a few more so don’t forget to go and check out new mods later no mods in testing today mods in testing will be starting again on Monday quite looking forward to getting into that again so if you’ve enjoyed this episode then always appreciate you smash that like button for me and if you are new to the channel I’m not going to take one of my hundreds of other farming simulator videos and we are nearly up to a thousand subscribers so if you have subscribed in the last few murkily the channel is growing at a tremendous rate really happy with it and it’s all down to you guys watching and that is the end of the map of it let’s beat it all down to you guys watching and commenting and liking without you doing that I would be growing simple it up right now well thanks for watching and I will see you next time