hey everybody check Oh crystal fell in today I’m going to show you how to install sensing overcast three point two point seven and if they didn’t make a new release then you know what process still saying okay still saying you can still follow it unless they just really drastically changed something but I value but anyway impressive citizen no matter which one you’re working off so pretty much you’re gonna need a either a VPS server or dedicated server you can go to do they WI waiting at work tell me diet and you can get hosting with us and you can get a server get your VPS server it’s not gonna cost you that much definitely not much point at all and everything get your own license there since another cast and you’re ready and ready to go I’m using a bond to some people use sent hope but I’m using a bond tune and I don’t have a web cameras trying to folks and I don’t have a I didn’t have a seat pal install on there because when you have C panel installed on there then you have to do it another way to work around it to disable cPanel because since ANOVA sit over sorry sent over there’s nothing but a control valve but anyways so once you get your VPS server and don’t put any control housing okay don’t save yourself dumped little control panel only and just make sure you also have access if you’re not hosting to us but you can follow these steps step by step and I’m Erin to you at the end of this webinar you will be yourself alright in this tutorial what I’m going to do and I’m going to show you how they install the MySQL okay so first of all when you’re gonna be in here you’re gonna put this command here where it says sudo apt-get my SQL Server okay again this is on the bar – that’s that’s what I use all right anyway you’re gonna press that is an Asha I’m already signed in so this building all this stuff is installing then it’s gonna ask do you want to continue you’re gonna say yes I want to say yes I want to continue and the outside was wondering what a nice come from okay so it says a new password never remember this password okay because you’re gonna need it so just remember whatever you do to see you see after all that comes up it’s gonna ask you to put in a password so you make sure you remember this password oh yeah so I’m gonna put my password choose okay then it’s going to ask me to repeat my things well yeah yeah yeah oh yeah yeah yeah so it’s doing other stuff is in stock so let it Yatta Yatta Yatta Yatta is unpacking and packing okay so now it’s pretty much done so now we want to verify it this work okay I have all these even description as well so you can do that okay so to make sure it’s ready just copy and paste this right here this pose right here and you just say block and I’ll be but you know way yeah I’ll do anyway anyway that so in this part right here this is the second step that you need to do any second step you need to create a database so let me show you how to create this database please we’re going to be your passwords put it down somewhere remember cuz you don’t need this at the end but I’m making sure you do it at the front so at the end all they have do database name can’t swear you do so much you can fit people which password so your baby install which ideas about so first what you gonna do you gonna enter my SQL there’s you Irish – Pete okay all right guys I’m gonna be lazy it’s all a copy and paste right this ain’t nothing but some language it that pills there get your tattoo so then

it’s gonna say into your password so into your server passwords really already so now you see this come up MySQL come up now we’re able now we’re ready to make the database so install shinobi cache you’re gonna need a database so what we’re going to name this but this particular database so I’m going to create it and I’m gonna imma put in capital letters create see our ta te database and then you put the name of your your database I’m gonna name my database radio station so some radio stations with an S and then you’re gonna put a semicolon like that so you’re gonna press enter alright the love Bam Bam now your database is created so that’s all you need in this particular video so you name your database whatever you want to need because we’re gonna need it later once we get into any database was not hard at all the grantees so now this is the fun stuff now this process this video is not like super long but this process going to take maybe 10 or 15 minutes to get everything installed and only thing you have to do is press our scripts press yes I remember all right so let’s go and let’s get sent over and stop all right and thank you for staying to remember we create our radio but databases which is called radio stations which you don’t need like in part two of this video so if you go over sent over cans back installation blah blah blah you got um it has pretty much it tells you how to do it so when you go in you’re going to do this right here copy and paste is keep me this code copy we’re gonna place this code here okay where it says license key you need to go in and get your license cool okay so on the cause I’ll be right back ready house miles down so once you do that you’re going to this in turn all right so right now is installing in snow caves all right so now you’re gonna type this which step means you’re gonna make it execute so you’re gonna copy that once it does that and you’re gonna be home okay so now you have made it execution now what you’re going to do is you’re gonna type in sudo like this yes yes s you do yep so no you’re gonna place dot slash in style but s speech and dead fish shop pass then you’re gonna do – – shoutcast one is better she’ll cast one dead space duck got ice caps for some people’s ice casts space – – I use that then – – I don’t know what’s that ice is ceasing don’t use that buttons your own is st trans indian now it’s gonna download all this stuff somebody go ahead and download the you know but let it do what it do it’s gonna do all that so go ahead let it inspire do what it does accordingly does install three quotes so look at you you’re so awesome look at it you just programming home what you doing so right here it says please click the button

below to proceed with installation so you’re gonna press ok so I’m gonna put an administrative pass a minister ater password which I already know what mines is so i’ma put knit okay and I’m gonna put my password which is okay okay now remember in the beginning I had you to create a data but a database a MySQL database so now you’re gonna put your database name right here which is this radio stations yes okay so whatever your username is our username and your password that’s it then it says control panel installation installed successfully then it says click here to login to sent over case so this right here is basically to whatever this is it’s the destro so anyway interlace you love you don’t see basilar you log in and you could add me in okay this is the main panel and then when you go am you you put the password that you set for your administrative password and then you press login once you do that you’ll now you’re on the the opposite side of the thing and so on the thing you have to do make sure no more MySQL is going create your database installed the script once you install the scrubber go to the after it’s done go to the IP thing that it tells you login your your email your password the database that we created at the beginning and put that picture your database password continuing we’re ready to go and then you’ll get the panel panel is a journal user your ll admin and then whatever your password and they able to create Riggins okay so that was a technical way of doing it really don’t think I’m gonna take her fianc think I was just not too much cool stuff but alright as long already so