And we finally have a day in november where it’s not raining Enough of jokes, I acquired a lot of stuff for my VW Gold which I wanted to film, but november is just november, it’s a lot colder, almost every day is raining, and that make things harder for me because I don’t have that big workshop to park the car inside and film so I need to do that out on the open, but it’s always raining so It’s how it is. But, today is not raining, I try to film it everyday, anyway it is not worth to wash the car either, it gets dirty because of road and everything, and now its almost evening so I decided to film something. Enjoy! My car is a VW Golf 7 with 1.6 turbo diesel engine and 105KS, apropos 77KW. It comes with pacific blue color, I have put a lot of additions on it, but I left some of them so I can make this video First thing that I can’t wait to change on this car are the headlights. It happened that the car is outside on the rain for whole time, it’s not garaged because my workshop is at the garage, but no worries, the garage for him will come. Anyway, with that headlights I would probably fail technical inspection, but anyway, I don’t like to see water in it as you can see. Because the car is constantly outside, on every Golf car it happens that the headlight can crack in the bottom left corner, my friend had crack at the same place beacuse the car was outside too, that plastic has that flaw, but we will fix that! I forget to mention one important thing. If your car has headlight washers, you cant then put led, xenon and ordinary lights on bulb, but if you don’t have washers, that’s a problem. Then you can only put stock headlights on your vehicle. For example, I can only put stock if I don’t have washers, I can’t put led or xenon So, regarding that, I got that information, you can try to google it, look on some forums, maybe that’s true, maybe it isn’t, so it’s best to chech that out While googling it, I found a really interesting page on, it’s a Croatian shop named Exterior Cars. They are selling car parts for any car, from exhaust systems, bumpers, body kits, headlights and tailights, they have it all. The thing I like the most is that they are not so expensive and they are shipping to whole Europe, it’s not just limited to the Croatia and Balkan countries. I’m only interested in headlight for my Golf so in filters I will choose VW as manufacterer, model Golf 7, and now you can choose what do you want for your car, bumpers, headlight, etc. Of course, we are going for the headlights, browsing 1st, 2nd, 3rd page and I have found on 2nd very nice headlights with traveling blinkers, they look fenomenal with 3D LED technology That’s an R line headlights, and the only thing we need is to put them in the shopping cart And from 5 to 10 days you can expect package to be delivered on your doorstep

And the headlights are here! Regarding the package, it is all very good packed and insured, you get that in one of this boxes with Exterior Cars sticker on it, sure go and check them out, maybe you find something for your car. And the other headlight is insured with crackling foil You also get screws and cover for short light Package is really secured, it won’t be damaged while transporting. I can’t wait to remove that foil! Oh yes, headlights are looking hella sweet! Look at that difference between new R line headlights and my old, disgusting TRENT line headlights, it’s like heaven and earth. Let’s open the second box This box is even better packed, it’s in the box with styrofoam, it also has cover for short light. We will put one to another and remove foil Oh yeah, the car will look magnificent with this headlights! Now we need to remove old headlights First you need to lift the hood, then the work starts here. You need torex extension, then you need to remove screws from front mask, then on the side too Regarding front mask, you just need to lift it up and that’s it. You can remove left sheet, but you can’t the right one beacause glass washer fluid is fixed on it Also, you need to remove bumper from every side, you need to move wheels to the left and screw them off, then you need to pull harder, don’t be afraid of breaking something, you put it like that, you don’t need to remove whole bumper. Then here is small torex that you need to remove, on top are two more and that’s it You can remove headlight now, you just need to remove power jack and it’s done As you can see, headlights are totally different, but from the backside they are practically the same Regarding short lights, I have choosed Bosch H7 477 Gigalight Plus 120, they bright yellow (no, they actually don’t), I would move bulb from old to new headlight, but the bulb is yellow, and all other things are white so it wouldn’t look good We will remove old one and put the other new one on the table so we can build in new bulbs in it We are opening the box now, don’t touch glass with fingers, its really fragile, hold it for the little metal sheet, now we need to remove this strings, just be careful not to cut any wires because then you are all done. Now you need to carefully put bulb inside, it’s marked where how it needs to be placed, like this

And you put this pin on it’s place to tight it up and that’s it Now we need covers and screws Cover has it’s rubber band gasket so you don’t need to be worried about water pouring in. We are taking the screws and screwdriver, don’t use drill because this is plastic and it can break very easily, best to screw it in zig zag form, tight it as much as you think it’s enough and that’s it Now we need to repeat that on the second headlight, we will speed that up because you know how it’s done. It’s really simple and easy to do all that And the headlights are all ready to be placed on the car! We placed them in reverse way of the ones I removed, everything it’s on the same place Now, maybe you will be scared while returing to bumper to original position, but you really need to hit harder to fit in, it’s all plastic, it all has it’s toggles, it won’t crack, no worries. We are then returning the screws and that’s it! Now let’s close the hood and try out how this headlight works compared to the old one You can see this traveling blinker while unlocking, it looks amazing! And that are the lights, they look really stunning on this car, I really didn’t expect that this will look that good, on camera it looks really good too. This are short lights, only problem is that bulbs are glowing yellow, we can’t put LED bulbs because they will fail me on technical inspection, but it is how it is, we must have yellow glow, but luckily we can drive on position because they fit on day lights so I can drive like that without problem We repeat that on the other headlight, we remove bumper, etc, and then after we removed old one, we place the new one on the car We tight up the screws back, same as with the other one Of course, before screwing up bumper, close the hood and check if maybe you placed headlight too high Now I need just to return mask at it’s place, you need to press a lil’ bit, don’t be scared of cracking it. Of course, we need to return 2 screws too and that’s it

You must say, it’s really a big difference then with old, ugly headlights, even if they didn’t been cracked, the car is really much prettier with this set of headlights Exterior Cars, well done on products like this Regarding short lights, they need some set up and it will be the best to go to the car service so they can set them up, you will find that difficult to do yourselves, because they need to be set up at certain angles so they don’t disturb other drivers in traffic, that’s the safest way to do Let’s get on another modification for my car And the next addition is: the headlight eyebrows! How good that will be, it will made it look mad. They will be placed at the top of headlight with double sided tape And I must confess, it looks pretty good with that glossy black colour, but, my name wouldn’t be David if it’s all easy like that so I decided to sheathe both of them with 5D carbon fiber and that will look awesome I need to remind you that you need hair dryer because that’s foil which you need stretch around one object. You need to clean them well because it will be spots if it’s not So, you need to take the object you wish to sheathe with carbon, cut carbon around it, you must left more around it, then it’s best to warm up the foil and start to glue around. Just to wipe it once more in case it has some more dust on it. Now we are starting to glue the foil on the eyebrow That’s a really slow job, you will need around 20 minutes for each eyebrow to glue it the right way, that’s way hair dryer is very useful, foil gets stretchy while it’s warm It’s really a big difference between glossy one and carbon fiber one Now we repeat that on other one, we will speed it up again because you already seen what is going on When I finished, it was already night so this is the picture from the day after, you can see the difference is major. Only flaw here is that they have this one red strip and it isn’t the size that it says it is so buy two sided tape and place it on other side too and it will hold much better than just the red one And it should look like that in the end

Also, you need to lift up the hood. Then you need to clean up the headlights so the eyebrown won’t be placed on the dirty surface, clean it up well and dry off with rag Now let’s place our eyebrown onto the headlights. You really can’t go wrong while placing them. You must unstick strips, and it will be the best to warm up the tape will stick better if it’s warm, don’t warm up the headlight, I don’t think that will be smart. And that’s it, just press all that, not too much, and it’s done Difference between left and right headlight is really big. We repeat all these steps for the other one Regarding the looks, the car looks like it is mad, it looks tuned, for just 10 euros you can get much better look of your car. They don’t need to be carbon fiber, they can be glossy and that will look really good. Very important thing is that they don’t disturb lights, but if you go on technical inspection, you will need to remove them Regarding my third addition to the car is the lower lip. Anyway, it’s consists of 3 pieces Which I need to connect and screw on the bottom side of the bumper, also we got the screws that we need Only thing I don’t like on this lip is 3 piece combo, it looks good, but you will see where it’s all connected, you need to connect them all with 2 screws that are not visible Also, the lip is made of very flexible plastic and you don’t need to be afraid if you press harder while installing it. First, you need to pull handbrake on your car and lift the car up with the car jack so we can install lip on the car Now we can take the lip and install it on the car

It’s best to clean up the bumper before installing the lip, if there’s some mud on the place where lip should be placed, maybe it won’t fit good, so just to make sure everything will fit Then, you can use ductape to use it to hold the lip while screwing up First, we will screw up the sides of the lip, it goes directly on bumper, the holes on the bumper are almost invisible and you won’t have problem if one day you decide to sell the car After the sides are done, we need to screw up the middle one. When you sum up, there is around 12 screws that need to be screwed up in the lip because you can go really fast with this car and there’s a chance that lip will fall down if you don’t tight it up and screw all the screws As you can see, lip is very flexible, don’t be scared, you won’t crack it, just be sure when you install it to be well placed, and that’s it You can now see that the car really has that mad look, you can notice that the car is tuned a little bit, it looks more agressive and nicer And in combination with this new headlights, it looks really awesome! Guys, as you can see, lip is installed, only thing that I don’t like is the 3 piece combo so I decided to remove it, kit it, paste it with polyester, Hone it, and sheathe it all with 5D carbon fiber and I think that will be awesome, and while you didn’t watch, I’ve put winter tyres with this ugly steel rims, but it is how it is, will fix that later. Let’s get on with it! So we are starting all over again, we lift the car, remove the lip Now we need to clean it up again, I drove the car for couple of days with this lip so it got dirty. When you are all done, I advise you to take the sandpaper, granulation 40 or 60 and brush all the places where you will put polyester because you know that glue sticks better on rough places Also, I advise you to use rubber gloves when you work with polyester. First, we will use this net, we will cut like this, in pieces. This leftovers will find it’s purpose in some other projects and we will just use this small rectangles. Now we open the glue which will we connect with solder later on, we will make that in this small glass we got with polyester I don’t measure the amount of glue I use, just approximately. Then we take pliers to cut the top of the solder bottle, we put approximate amount of it, around 3% of glue amount

and you need to mix that very good. I’ve done a lot of stuff with polyester, so you need put on good amount of glue, then step by step glue the net, that net will use like some kind of armature, when the glue dry, all of that will be identical to plastic and you can hone it later, kit and that’s it Now, let’s repeat that on the other side Now, when everything is really hardened next day, we flip it on the other side and repeat that there too On the other side I will put just one net beacuse there is no need for more, it will look like a hill and it will be harder to hone, I even put smaller amount of glue Now we repeat the same steps we did on bottom side. Regarding polyester, like sticking the foil, you need to be careful with air bubbles I recommend you to get some safety goggles and even more important, respirator We also use the eccentric grinder and if polyester hardened enough, it’s ready for honing If there are some holes after hoving the lip, it’s best to use polyester putty, with that you can kit metal, plastic, professional tinsmiths work with that, Also, you have some glue and you need to put some solder and you need to mix that well Then, we applied the putty on places where there are holes on the lip Again we use the eccentric grinder and we are grinding it all down For better look, it’s the best to use water sand, granulation 240, you can use even finer, it will look just like it came out of factory Unfortunately, I have little carbon left to sheathe the lip and it will be hard to put this bumps in carbon too so I will varnish it in matte black and put it like that on the car

So we will know varnish it in matte black because it fits perfectly on my blue car. I varnished it straight away, it’s better to use basic colors first, but I didn’t have one Lip is also pretty rough so it’s not neccesarry to put basic color We are installing the lip the same way we did it first time Now we just need to put the car down. Oh yes, the car now looks much lower than it was even if I didn’t lower him at all. Most importantly, there is no clue that the lip is 3 piece combo As you can see, lip is installed, headlights too alongside eyebrows and that’s all regarding the front end of the car. Now, let’s get at the back side Because front side is done, I decided to honor the back side with side spoilers, they come here at the back, they will stick to the rear windshield, you can even get that in car saloon, ready-made, my car didn’t have them so I decided to install them myself. As I said, nothing goes easy around me, so this spoilers will be sheated in carbon fiber Regarding price of this “wings”, their price is 17 euros, that’s really cheap and you get more aggressive look of your car. We will use 5D carbon foil So, we take template we need and we do the same as we did to eyebrows. Use hair dryer again, clean them up good, warm up the foil and sheathe the spoiler Now a little life hack, it can happen that the foil will start to detach because of sun so just use a little bit of glue on the edges Guys, you must say, they really look awesome, just like on some fast sports car, 5D carbon really gets the feeling that it’s some kind of sports car, Also, you need to clean your rear windshield well, and you install it like this, on the sides. You get this duct tapes that are really bad actually Now, we take the other wing and place it on the windshield. As you can see, that tape is really bad, it can’t stick. I started searching for silicone or some glue for that, but my friend recommended me this Soudaflex 40FC, that’s black glue for sheet metal

I need to open the trunk now, and I recommend you to use duct tape like this to tighten it up and now you use this silicone glue and carefully apply it on the wing Regarding that silicone glue, you need to use nitro thinner to wipe it off, I recommend you to take gloves. I didn’t use them and I still have black stains on my hands Silicone is also pretty strong so you can shake the whole care with that wing and that’s really good thing After 24h, you can remove all the duct tape As you can see, the difference is really big with 5D carbon, it would look ordinary without, but with them, back side is now filled and looks more aerodynamicaly than just for decoration Now that we are done with exterior, we will get some work done on interior. Firstly, let do the trunk, let’s get in and see what modification is ready in it You probably had problems where you drive some dirty stuff in the trunk. I do that a lot and the car is always dirty inside. Also if you spill something in the trunk, the carton board will puff. I’m really tired of vaccuming all the time, it’s really hard do it right, all of this tiny mote, etc But I found solution for that It’s about trunk for trunk, you probably heard about it, you have rubber one and this foamy one, it’s ressistant to scratches, water, dust and it’s one of the most useful things I’ve put in my car Also you have high edges so you can’t spill anything. It looks crumpled beacuse it came in package, but it will form in you trunk Regarding installation, that’s possibly the most simple task today, you just it in the trunk and that’s it. I spilled some water for test here and as you can see, this high edges protect everything which is really great, I even took the most finer dust from the vaccum cleaner, mixed it so it looks like mud and as you can see, it’s easy to vaccum it If you don’t have vaccum cleaner, you can just remove it and spill that water outside

Material is so good that it doesn’t absorb water and that’s really great You can just wipe it rag and it will be clean just like the first day you bought it One more useful thing, I have this bag for around a year now, I think I bought it in Lidl, anyway, it’s very useful for your car, you can put all essentials for your car in here instead of throwing it around the trunk You will agree with me that this is one of the most useful things I’ve put in my car today and I have some more interesting things so let’s see what do we have here Did you ever think that your car is just monotonous, it just misses something, light, ambient, or something like that? Well, I have solution for that, and that is and that is LED lights that go under you feet in your car. And the price for this LED lights is just 6 euros. For the power, you just need fuse that you get in the bundle, you connect red push button with it, you connect it to the adapter, you need to turn on the car to give some power to it, you press “ON” on the controller and it’s working You have plenty of colors to choose, it’s rgb, really a great thing. Regarding the cables, you get 2 shorter ones and 2 longer ones. Shorter ones will go at the back, while longer ones will go at the front. You can really place it whatever you like. The most tedious job here is to pull through all the cables so they are hidden, that really isn’t a problem in this car. As you can see that it doesn’t stick at all so I recommend to take a little bit of glue. You will still remove it easily and it will stick well It holds a lo better now, anyway because of heating or air conditiong, that tape would unstick. Then you just fit surplus of cables inside so they don’t hang around It’s important that you don’t see any cables, they are behind this plastic and there’s the lighting. Let’s try it out now. Orange, blue, all works well Regarding the other side, we will pull through the cables on the back seat. Luckily all those plastic stuff is flexible and we can fit cable in them, and while we are at the back seat, we will also put the LED lighting there too. If you have seat moving system, put the seat high as possible. It’s easy to glue all of that. Also we return cables behind plastics

Make sure that you can move your seat freely while not streching the cables too much. Let’s fix the LED on the other seat. We repeat same steps here And that’s it. You hide the cables and you are done. We just to put one on the drivers side and that’s the most complicated Cable will be seen here because it’s a lil bit short but I found solution for that. The most important thing is to get clean interior in the car, no cables to be seen And that’s how it looks on daylight. Now you can imagine how good it is in the night time Now that we fixed the ambient light, we have one problem and that is that we don’t have any input left for charging the phone, listening to music, etc, for example, cars that don’t have usb like mine and that’s a problem. But we found the solution, and that is: Accninc C1. It looks like a cup, but that is actually a splitter for 2 more fuses, usbs or fm radio. Price of that splitter is around 17 euros. This is a really good thing, you can have more inputs in this cup like device It’s very simple to install, you place it in the cup holder and put it instead of fuse. It has more than just a blue color. I already connected LED lights and started charging my phone And one more important thing is that it doesn’t bother the armrest, I thought it would bother it, but I was wrong There is one more thing that I don’t like in my car and it’s that my multimedia player doesn’t have bluetooth. I need to use cables but I don’t really like them, aux cable is so poorly made that I replace him every 2-3 weeks. I just don’t like cables. But, we can bluetooth connect with this cup and this cup give frequency to the radio

and we can basically listen to music via bluetooth. So, you need to turn on the bluetooth on your phone, and then on your cup. You connect with them and that’s it Then, you need to find frequency of 87.5Mhz on your player. And now you can play music without any problem And we finally got rid of this stupid thing. Let’s get to the last addition Last, and very important thing in your car is your mobile phone holder. Regarding the installation, you take this holder which goes in your installation, take the holder itself, we have some kind of plastic mainstream, we screw it on and that’s it. Here is some kind of movable anke which helps you place your phone. Phone is completely in safe place because it has those “ears” that lock him in the spot. I also that there is a place for charger cable and you can easily charge the phone while it sits in holder And guys, we started in the car, now we will finish in the car. Like, share, and subscribe to my channel, write in the comments which add-on is best on my car and how good have I’ve done it, also write in the comments what do you expect from the part 2. If you liked this video, hit like, share and subscribe, visit Exterior Cars page and that’s it. See ya in the next video. Bye!