hello my loved ones and welcome to heard of a new video is christoph 46 recently just drinking juice and we are working a bit on the side I am currently looking at stones for a set which that is the bike bone i just keep you guys we got it probably already seen now starts evaluate and stop with force one that we don’t even teach have met diana for sure will please and what are you doing mine love one in case you’re wondering by the way here just sit on the couch today because i said it’s a little so just more convenient if you’re wondering where we in the living room snaps up our pensions and enjoys one with us nice half an hour online we want the video a bit make it faster, yes I can do anything fall but we said today not kitchen today couch and you have surely already seen our channel logo I have that, that was a long time ago now at the beginning of ours our youtube career and then into sign i have this logo designed and somehow got into it is then layout and now is allowed the side is missing something so the channel banner is it left or somehow cut off right and we don’t why and now we’ve said that’s supposed to be okay what is that now again who is that yes there is on the phone no yes we have you for something unfortunately no more capacities at the moment you want to be okay very well like somehow in the old a certain thomas frankfurt make a video with us I definitely get one somewhere free rider on our success I want to jump on the train, no matter how always in scandal we are talking here wanted to put our channel is always once again gladly heard and seen yes we wanted to talk to you briefly that video also bears the formidable name advised rock over channel and private and such were up about it under that we have introduced ourselves thought we tell you again like it what’s new is around our channel what are the plans and then we say of course also how everything works in the moment and maybe a two little things of a private nature I’m excited, but I am would say let’s start with that channel or and as is currently our channel runs and there I would with one huge thanks to take off we already have over 100 videos online which is very important to us You also clearly deserve well without you guys finally definitely not made and which is great we have now noticed that this city updates actually on are the most popular and we are pleased immense because these are also the videos that’s why we prefer to thank you you guys at all up to now without you we would have supported at some point no videos made more or em maybe more privately a few photos and a few short videos so that we can see how the city looks but of course not developed further with so much commitment and not with so much joy exactly rita has that sums it up nicely and of course our city is through you also got much better yes that so many tips and we already have so much inspiration from you guys got us so very happy as I said we are doing we also have some reviews do it again and again because it is us very much fun makes these cells of the past history still lose no third follow not even that have chosen a topic, for example this video with the where we put the sentences from our and also from your childhood showed us that it was amazing interested and a lot of fun unfortunately they didn’t do that but received many clicks on youtube that doesn’t matter We’ll definitely do that again Made from personal leather of the same device

the city said correctly that is yes so our core topic is ours affair of the heart and we are pleased immense that you enjoy the videos so much do and that I don’t know within the first few hours then we usually have over 1000 calls have judges begin to calculate interest so we always have a lot of fun there I hope you can not see it always everything happen so smoothly sometimes also various breakdowns but that is too no problem that belongs to us now two instead of updates recorded the last time we were there were there on the one hand an update with me from the port where I kind of factory building plan yes and however is not finished yet so that comes next first and I think you still have one video made about how could it be otherwise finally figure [Laughter] well now we have so many i mean I almost had to make a video about it exactly so first been gone when ritter clears this way I have with you collect their stewardess trolleys together and shows you what it shows got everything sorted so that’s that next weekend the saturday and sunday you can look forward to it looking forward yes and we are always happy for your suggestions open so if you write to us toocontinuously in the comments what we do for videos should what you do in the city but so we are really happy really immense a special life as you say at I am pleased with the state videos personally most of all because we are there just so many great ideas have gotten to ourselves often not come or maybe someday or none I don’t know but those are so cool ideas where I think so sure we could to read that and then kulas just like you say it my love so we can of course not all of your suggestions I still have to implement that in the then he is consciously confused we try we look at that always on and yes, by the way, we come on next weekend to love again write you know maybe we live unfortunately not in the same building in ours lego city not even in the same city ​​the city lives about 150 kilometers away from us and we we just do that again and again we go there by car and then will be built again and then will be again filmed the future projects you might be interested too I’ll be in a whole now video series a little around the harbor take care of where something like that factory hall and also some kind production comes so I’m on consider between a refinery and any one any one i have already a junkyard thought maybe any company the what produces where inside on assembly line what is built, the more cool i’m sure you still have that one or the other video related to minifigures out ballers yes i’m curious how because i am now just come I still haven’t all ready, unfortunately, the one So cameras and take a little bit amusement park is also coming up and that winter village is pending i still am did not come to the winter village it is so sad but now that the temperatures because children are interested in also the whole village again we have now in the hot months yes for example the beach and the sea great designed and built by thousands stones went in there and me guess it won’t get any less interesting and exciting for you if then it’s a little colder outside it will or is actually already but really towards winter and then so that we have longer there too some small plans relating to the rural area in the back of the city has perhaps already seen ours family helped us a little as a little man we are called to build up but there is more to come and then we want something again show they have big plans too so there you can be really excited I’m curious when they will then come that we will continue to build to see it and then we will of course you too update about so many little corners and angle in our city alone in ritas amusement park is so immense and there is so much to discover and so many areas are still almost there not somehow different pull there you can only see on the base plate and there Of course, something also needs to be done So there we have a lot of ideas we don’t run out of time there sometimes, as I said, there are also always great suggestions compartments of course also the expensive suggestions of

you guys for example will keep coming back we don’t finally ask now train station smog build up we have planned there where that starting point is where the record is is relatively under-built that we are there build a nice big train station we also have in front we already have each other viewed so many great stations and you even have some for us cleverly but unfortunately we are not there yet may have come particularly far relatively much effort to plan parts order our time is easy not yet enough and at some point but it’s so far and then you have lust for it and want to tackle it and then we pull this off and then we will that must be a really great train station and we said that was certain better than compulsively now to start only because of the train station our people have to stop, so to speak currently briefly on this platforms board the train and do not have a great central station but that’s sure to come, but by the way that just said that one because of that all good comments and also because trainers are sent to us example the instagram and so on and right away if you hadn’t known the second step by answering such comments that some are very impatient then what I understand myself because I understand I’m more of an impatient person and they say people live like that does not answer a comment here in such games we really try to answer everyone i think so far we really answered every day after an apology we are already somehow got lost there we haven’t seen it because youtube doesn’t indicated or we just did not well done but you have glcalibration always see something but really only answer everything once like everyone individual because we are also happy about each it just takes a little longer sometimes really spend hours every day to answer comments and me hope it’s not just that is a come more patiently over youtube comments rain iris a lot also via instagram there we also get there were a lot of private messages even people write us down facebook and twitter and we get e mails too and the thing is we definitely don’t want to change that or put again that you give us something still sends that we write back because we think that’s really cool already know so many regular viewers almost personalize the name appears again and again our videos or on instagram and we think that’s really beautiful and that we definitely want to keep it because it’s almost a friendship created with many youtube colleagues who also make lego videos for them the mood is always great relaxed and cool and and ours too viewers so that we are happy that you are always like that positive since and so nice comments and also sent good suggestions without the the channel just wouldn’t be the same no, that’s what we always say the trains now my cell phone again but i have it now on flight mode yes it’s because of it we can direct but rita is determined confirm sometimes a video comes on youtube and one two hours later I’ll take a quick look at how the clicks and comments and what looks like and then I read here and recite often your comments and then we look forward to it us and we already have so many great ones get things and so many good ideas I also repeat myself I believe already for the 20th it’s totally cool only is it sometimes takes a until we get to it we read they often a little earlier and then answer only a day or two later but be sure we forget not on you and and they never like that well we can thank you in any case they should again for your loyalty then take what else we wanted to talk about we have a little cheat sheet here point that we already lost that handwriting continues because often in the topic comes to the comments we would like to send something to us is difficult we are right now on think about how we can best solve this we have already thought about whether we too look battery then also bei us should just take I can do that but you can see it enlightened yes we are almost still taking should how we do it best but we are somehow still did not come to the right solution because

yes me and before in germany it would be a bit easier than in Austria so we only become readers so much in addition, the judge has very nice on the We’re happy about that I actually wanted to say we are happy so that there are some of you gives us all seriousness parts of your collection we want to make and who write and say to us there was something rolling in ours city ​​would fit or you have one figure that she wanted to represent you may have to give that up too already seen and we also on youtube sometimes have things now and there we are in form a photo thanks the only gs we really want them not us not all can seat and the stones you should also take from you actually build something yourself so maybe it starts too his own city and build something himself that’s so long when we get louder get things and we can even do not return the favor in the middle it really is so we are so happy the ants and I also say quite honestly before you throw things away send them to us but that really should the last option be okay we will We’ll come up with something anyway have from one or two of you too So you already get letters like a fan mail which we are also very happy Has maybe we will fix ourselves then somehow a mailbox or something a we will see how we do it on then we’ll come short or what is likely to happen shortly just as so so a way enter now a little more gas for 1 2 private things and indeed yes we have you have maybe the news we heard do not know how in the other european countries looks like austria it’s been since Tuesday so since yesterday again in a full lockdown that means we’re both working again now completely from home what actually that’s good because we have more time But of course there is still a lot to do only because it is from home unfortunately does not mean that you had nothing more to do especially not with us and yes it got better on almost than it actually is so what you now and then as positive side effect i have for example recently in my lunch break small 10 euro country itself assembled a little fire truck that would have me when i get back to work probably wouldn’t have made it can colleagues hear that funny understand yes the good is we can now maybe more often too go to lego town during the week and then just work from there which is very good the story is i still have uni by the way and work and do Incidentally, even a little extra additional training knight is now possible soon then called on maternity leave but since there was a lot to do beforehand honestly but she still has a lot a lot to do with the handover to your colleagues and everything so we still organize because we too be asked again and again in relation to livestreams we would love to go back is present once during a live stream It doesn’t matter if Lena is a guest somewhere also our own livestream we even here the land have us Unfortunately there is no time at the moment because we are almost only in the evening we have a lot of work to do with that limited time contingent but it was I promised you we will someday we bring in again and we will be both guest and make our own live streams and yes that will definitely be great in direction rhine maybe also the holidays who knows Something can be determined there then maybe i have to organize still briefly we will keep coming back asked yes the time has come for all who haven’t noticed it yet soon we will no longer be the two of us or three yes because we need reinforcement and we have as mentioned additional work out because it doesn’t work out at all there is the family taking in two also not always there and there always ask a lot of people like it pretty boy with it beside it So now she has the word for me and I’m not saying that you are not the same wont get he want i feel it great thanks for asking I can turn to my side just go well here, of course of course I’m really happy too not who love us very very very much comments we received in last videos also i’m not here always so satisfied that I am now

so will not fight back but it was really great for the sc comments including what not again I feel really good really super good except that I don’t more and more through cash and me maybe not so much about anymore the city can’t just bend because icH tear things down but because it’s easy yes is very exhausting and also there standing is a bit tiring though otherwise I really can’t complain and I feel really bad well he she doesn’t need to worry about to make me and I hope it stays so we’ll stop you there in any case on the one back there and thank you for the many nice wishes from you and comments from you guys this is real very very very nice quite right yes we said good we put a good one hobby that can be done by mainz tv and computers own knight seat more she has everywhere placed in the league instead of your armchair is for example at the extended the logo can do it comfortably on the couch system covered with a blanket and I have meanwhile secure I have four round armchairs namely not put the ball either several days in any case not far but mostly only one for mowed I mean tests because it doesn’t work and then we have the couch where I do yes otherwise in the worst case scenario I still have a café on them couch seating in the lego city paradise I say yes to fit in this way that with this somewhat strange time now actually quite good then dance or we can’t do that much make friends meet cinema everything possible vacation is not now inside and we probably like that also no longer so advisable now every night somehow a lot of green somewhere ghost around so yeah it’s the way they do it the best of it and we enjoy it time at our lego city and time with collect and will certainly still be buy one or the other league south by the way, next weekend is yes this black friday weekend there we will I guess this new one buy lego town square the 180 euro grossly overpriced this actually quite nice but it is we’ve looked at it again now and there are many figures with it and it are also these two gifts with purchase this charles dickens Incidentally, sometimes on the town square instead of the roll that is then there with it also doubles as the points could be that we get weak there and so like me she will also be the year 20 21 no less spectacular what that as far as we go, we already have a few sentences put on our list to know part we still don’t even know what they look like though in the jargon it becomes extension there one knows nothing but one thing my favorite set and favorite series the ninjago city will be expanded to a garden center you haven’t seen much but that is sure to be cool then there is also like that a chinese garden but that cool that would go with it cool too we will definitely buy module a building whatever it will be yes so yes there but what they do in direction christmas and the one or other video for you guys maybe even also a video where we clive something buy a live hall, so to speak, or one construction video maybe in the form of a stream We have planned a lot and also really a great passion that too so it’s always like that when we do it again the next video what with e reader so we are always very happy also in each of them almost say something because it’s so nice with you [Laughter] but yes, it’s really great and us we are looking forward to the near future you can be sure that again Many city updates are coming we’d like the whole actually the channel like that far it is all about the city Yes, plan and we are building a city then there is sure to be another one homevideo we have another look link bought because the package is there maybe we’ll show you if we unpacking it tour is very painting here well set up a set built up yes in any case, thanks again for your loved ones words that was just the way it was in between video because we want to do not say the need but we have just wanted you guys like that again year around video present with it ye so is what what happened so in lately and what’s coming and exactly

because sometimes I do that the same questions come up as it goes on and otherwise we have each other thought why not a short video in addition short relatively but good so long stuck to it as I said keep going look good ours videos that expensive trains run of course also otherwise beautiful from something beautiful livestreams come in whatever form always definitely in the direction of december then it will definitely be better and if you have any suggestions regarding pearls of the past or what we can do with our city or trains or whatever they are getting you can put it on briefly and creates confessed are theirs church see exactly so i will check the stones a bit this fabled itself maybe you can even imagine that I think it will be us later she didn’t do much now while of the video when you chatter so much distracted you wird now one more paint a little and then we’ll see each other I hope I will be back soon pretty safe in the city too or in the comments or on facebook or instagram or anywhere else many possibilities we are definitely looking forward to it yes it is the time makes it good until then yes