(upbeat techno-pop music) – Welcome to Let’s Talk About That, the show about the show I’m Stevie, and I drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry This week’s guests were founding members of the PEN15 club, but weren’t invited to join the upside-down 58008 club until much later Please welcome Rhett and Link (applause) Oh (airplane noises) – Okay, okay, okay (satisfactory grunts) – Oh yeah, okay, okay We’re here, we made it – The first one was a flyby, couldn’t quite get the landing right – What? – You know about a flyby? Gotta get the landing gear- – You were planes? – No, we’re people! We’re people, not planes! How many times do I have to explain this, Stevie? – I’m a plane – Okay Guys, it’s Bleak Creek week! – Yes it is! Woo! Yeah! – It’s Bleak Creek week! – Look at us! Look at the merch! – Finally! – You’re Bleak Creek, I’m Bleak Creek, this is Bleak Creek – People can read our novel! – You can get Bleak Creek anywhere books are sold I highly recommend going to bleakcreek.com, because it’s all there for you – [Rhett] Yeah, we made it easy – Also, today is the final day you can enter into the Bleak Creek BBQ Bonanza giveaway, – [Rhett] Yup – Where we’re gonna choose two people and their guests to come out to LA and have a good old pig pickin’ – [Link] Pig pickin’ with us! – Again, bleakcreek.com is where you enter, where there’s more information Also, something that we haven’t really talked about that much, but there’s an audio version of Bleak Creek, at audible.com/bleakcreek – [Link] That’s right – That will take you straight to it There is an intro that you guys did that only lives in that recording, there is an interview that I did with you – With us! – That only lives in that recording Recording, does that sound…? – It was recorded – It lives within it – Audible.com/bleakcreek There’s all kinds of Bleak Creek things, we’re not even really – You can read the book – [Stevie] talking about – with your eyes closed – [Stevie] our Bleak Creek – Using your ears – Yes, absolutely What else? Oh! This is a special announcement a lot of people are gonna be excited about Remember that Bleak Creek doc that we’re showing currently at the Bleak Creek Conversations? And then everyone was like, “Please please please please please, if we can’t go to the show, can we still see it?” – We’re gonna sell it to you – You’re gonna be able to see it – No! We’re gonna give it to you! That’s right, this Monday through Wednesday on GMM, we are gonna be showing that documentary on Good Mythical Morning That’s what the episodes are gonna be Because we know that only so many of you could make it to the Bleak Creek Conversations – Those are special live events, but the experience of making the docuseries was so special to us that we wanted to be able to share it with anybody who wanted to see it – It’s good, it’s good, highly recommend Seen the whole thing, you know, I was there, it’s good – The Bleak Creek Conversations aren’t just the documentary There are conversations, we talked about the book, we answered questions, and did some other things that we’re not gonna do on GMM, they were just special to those evenings But yeah, we’re excited for everyone to see it, and to make that connection between our lives as kids and growing up in Buies Creek, and how that informed Bleak Creek – And I think that in the Good Mythical Mores, we’ll kinda do our commentary version from the desk So we’ll kinda unpack some of the things that you see each day in the docuseries – Mhm. And hey, if you’re in LA today, tomorrow, if there’s still tickets left, you could see the Bleak Creek Conversations – [Link] Yeah – Bleakcreek.com Everything is there Also, on today’s episode, that was all before the “this week” portion of LTAT – Yeah. It’s called LTAT – We have an LTAT exclusive clip from when we went to North Carolina, and it involves the two of you holding hands – Oh, what? – Also, I have to award the winners of our candy tournament, our mythical crew candy tournament, and I have a little something special in store – Okay – But first, our rejected snack this week– oh, I don’t wanna put this under my desk! Put this somewhere– – Yeah, keep it prominent, prominent, prominent! – Can you balance it on your head? – Guys – [Link] For the rest of the show? – No – [Rhett] Nope! – Do you like eating – [Rhett] Yes – Boogers? – No – ‘Cause that’s what we’re gonna do for our taste test portion of today’s episode! When we were going though and getting all of the candy for the best candy tournament this week, we noticed a theme of not quite, like, Halloween candy, which we did on the first More,

but booger-specific candy – Booger-specific candy? – So I figured- ow, I hit my elbow! We will be eating this So first, “S’not your regular gummy! “Bag of Boogers gummy candy “Snotermelon, sour green boogie, and lemon loogie,” which one would you guys like? – A loogie is not a booger – Well, technically it has some mucus in it – It’s in the same family – Yeah, I mean, – [Stevie] Is that the one you want? A booger that comes out of your mouth, that’s called a loogie, – Oh, I can’t tell what they are! – But it’s not, I don’t think it’s in the – It’s a mystery situation – I think you’ve got snot, and then you’ve got loogies and boogers both underneath it, in terms of the taxonomy – The org chart of a nose – Oh, maybe there’s multiples (plastic wrappers crinkling as they hit hands and the floor) (Stevie laughs) – [Link] Yes! Oh, no, I still didn’t get one – [Rhett] So, hold on, they come in little packages – Okay, so each bag of boogers is pretty small – Oh, ew! – [Link] Its like the size of a – Why are they shaped in a weird– they’re boogie shaped – [Rhett] Yes, because it’s boogers, man – Okay, you get one of each We get a snotermelon, a sour green boogie, and a lemon loogie That is gross. Ew – Listen, this is how you stop your kids from eating boogers Or is this how you start your kids eating boogers? – Right, it’s training – Ugh! – What? I’m following the instructions, guys – [Stevie] You’re nasty – “This unit not labeled for individual sale, “made in China.” – I’m really hungry for some reason, and I wish we were eating something else on the show, but I’ll take what we can get What I can get, what we all can get – They’re not salty enough – I like them – I’m into this What other kinda boogers we got? – We got “Box of Boogers” – [Link] We got a box! – [Rhett] Is this from the same company? – Tangy gummy boogies (noise of concentration) – Flix? Is it from Flix? Because Flix– – Is that what the other one was from? – Yeah – Fine, Flix – Well, we’ll tell soon enough if it’s the exact same thing – [Stevie] Wait – Just one in a box, one in a bag – No, no In fact, we’re gummy people, you know those shark gummies that are a little chalky and a little hard? – They’re a little bit blue on one side and a little bit white on the other side? – I love those – [Rhett] There’s a gradient – This looks like that (plastic bag crinkling) – I love gradiated gummies – [Stevie] There’s some boogers for you – We’ve talked about Gushers, but the ones that your mom used to get, the ones that were strawberry? Oh, these are not as chalky as you thought, are they? – No. It’s disappointing A disappointment – Whoa, they are very spongy – [Stevie] Yeah – You almost can’t bite through them! – They’re gummy-y-y, which is fine – Sometimes you get a booger like that, you know? – [Stevie] Ew – Sometimes you get a booger that bounces back – A bounce-back booger? – Yeah – “Tiny gummy boogies that look and feel real.” No they don’t! – [Link] These feel like resin – Stupid – I’d say some of them feel like this – You know ones you let sit in there for a while? – Ew – You’re like, “I’m gonna get that,” and then you forget? And you’re like, “Oh, I need to get that.” and then you forget again? – Yeah? – And then on the third or fourth day you’re like, “Oh yeah, I gotta get that.” If you eat those, they’re real bouncy – You talking about a booger? – Yeah – That was a long story, I forgot you were talking about a booger. (Stevie laughs) – Okay, these look like Nerds – [Link] It’s a rod! – Zommy– (Stevie laughs) – Oh, this is like a Like a test tube – Zommy zom zoms Zombie boogers These are green apple, you like green apple! – Yes sir! Zombie booger? (Stevie gasps) – They’re overpacked – Oh no, I messed myself with boogers – This is like a booger after you take it out, set it on the windowsill (Stevie laughs) – Why do you say these things like you’ve done all of them? – I’ve done all of them – I’ve seen his collection – Ew! – You don’t do it now as an adult, right? Where do you put them in your car? – In my car? – Yeah – I flick them outside, man – Oh, like a cigarette butt? – Flick me outside (all chuckle) – You put them inside a car? – Sometimes I’ll just, y’know, in my old car, the one that I didn’t have any respect for, I’d reach down just below where you’d grab it and make the seat go forward or back – Ugh – It’s crusty down there – Oh gosh (laughter from crew off-screen) – Ugh! – Or just go all the way to the floorboard, the carpet – Ew! – I mean, everybody has to pick their nose occasionally – Well, why is the underside of your car crusty from how much you pick your nose and put it on there? Poor Lily – So you admit it – This is pretty good – So you admit it (laughs) – You’re making your daughter drive that car – You, too, pick your boogers (with an affected posh accent) – Me? No! Women don’t fart, or pick our noses (laughter) We’re just naturally rosy, we’re naturally purple and then (loud exhale) pink – Oh, look at that, yeah – Well, my hair is here And it’s already pink You understand how the shirt works! – [Rhett] Its a very sensitive Hypercolor shirt – So when we– yeah, I’m really hot here Also someone touched my boob!

– Yup, that was – It’s permanent – That was there already, Stevie, c’mon – So when we were about to head to the airport, when we were down in Buies Creek, we went through the middle of Campbell University and there was a little fountain And the fountain provoked a story that I quite liked And we pulled the van up, screeched it up, and we were like, “We’re gonna get this on camera.” None of that action’s in this clip, but just so you know, that action was behind the scenes in this clip, but the clip has the hand-holding, so you’re gonna like it – Okay, so most romantic spot in Buies Creek, this fountain in the middle of Campbell University’s campus This, believe it or not, is the site of my very first kiss with Amber Oh look, there’s this historical marker that shows that this is my first kiss! Oh, actually, this is I didn’t realize this at the time, but this fountain is in memory of a man Dr. Stuart Fletcher Clayton, a doctor, who died in 1967 – He’s actually a dentist – A man who loved youth and education – And his brother Don – I was like, “Oh, tonight’s the night, man “I gotta make things happen.” So I was wearing my blue Nike sweatshirt, (Link laughs) it was perfect. Everything about it fit me perfectly I grabbed her hand, I walked up this path right here Link, would you be Amber? Would you do the honor of just being Amber? – She can be invisible – Just be Amber, I’m gonna show you what I did Hold my hand We were interlocking, this was the sexy way to hold hands, I was interlocking, walked right here We turned – Listen, I know how this ends I don’t want to be Amber – No, you don’t have to be Amber We sat down right on the memorial plaque I probably sat here in my Nike sweatshirt for – Way too long – A minute, without saying anything And then I turned And listen, this is what you should do I was in eighth grade, and I knew this I turned and said, “Can I kiss you?” – Oh, you asked her? – And she said, “Yes you can.” And then I kissed her, and I counted in my head for seven seconds The best seven seconds of my life And then I pulled out– I mean– (laughter) I mean, I pulled back, pulled away I stopped kissing her That’s what I did And then we got back up and we walked back in, and couldn’t you just see the look on our faces? – Beaming, you were beaming – Beaming. Glowing – There was no conversation beforehand or afterhand, the only thing you said to her was “Can I kiss you?” – “Can I kiss you?” – You kissed, and then no more conversation – Yeah It was a singular focus, man – Can I get up now? – Sure Lemme just– I wanna just sit here for a little bit (water running) (heavy sigh) – When I kissed Amber for the first time, everybody was watching – Yeah It was at the – More of an exhibitionist type thing – It was at the Kiwanis club, the Ruitan building – No fountains involved Just fireworks – Wow – You know, I gotta thank Ben for that last line When we were done filming, he was like, “You know what you should’ve said?” I said, “No fountains involved.” He said, “You should’ve said “Just fireworks.” And so then I said “Well, roll again!” (laughter) and I said “Just fireworks.” Right? Isn’t that what happened? – [Ben] Yup – How did you feel, man? You sat right on the plaque? That seems weird to me, making out on a plaque – Making out on a historical marker is the only way I kiss now We have a historical marker under our bed at home (laughter) ‘Cause I wanna mark that location every chance I get – Is it technically making out if you just hold your face there for seven seconds? – No, there was tongue – Oh! you didn’t put that in there – I put the tongue in the mouth – That’s what pulled out (laughter) – I was like a hummingbird – When you were talking about your Nike sweatshirt and you said how perfectly it fit, you went like this, but for you that kind of is fitting perfectly – It fit perfectly, it’s only four inches too small (laughter) – That’s what she said! (laughter) Okay So you know that every time we do a tournament on GMM, we also have brackets that you guys fill out, but also we have Mythical Crew teams that also fill out team brackets So this time around was no different, and I told everyone–

actually Daven told everyone that on the line was a 100 dollar gift card to Amazon, which I put under here so I could swiftly get it out but now I can’t find it There it is! (laughter) – Smooth – There it is, it’s proof that you have it – Yes, I have it now I’m going to announce the winners First of all, all teams chose Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to win, because – Because of course that was gonna happen – But there were a possible 32 points, and the highest score was 25, and that goes to the culinary team So come on out, guys – Culinary team? The culinary team is a new team! – It is, we had to create new teams As our team expands, the teams multiply And apparently everyone else chose a really cool name except for you guys? – Why is Ben– why are you on the culinary team? – Because we had to put people on teams Ben could go on many a team, but this was the team that Ben’s on Welcome, Ben – Ah, thanks, guys (laughter) – Ben once made his own hot chicken at home, and then texted me a photo of it So that’s why he’s on the culinary team – But also he directs all of it – He directs all of it And you may not know Ryan, a producer And editor, you’ve been editing it too – Yup – So welcome Ben, who’s been here for seven years Also Ryan, who you’ve never seen before But here’s the thing, did I put this back under here? I did I just feel like it would be silly for you guys to have to split this So I have four- just kidding, I don’t, I only have one, so that means you guys have to compete to see who actually gets this card! – [Link] What? – And what better way to compete? Than this way, that’s covered and that’s gonna come out right now This game is really all about me and how I didn’t get what I wanted previously Please remove the sheet – Uh, us? – Yeah – Okay (sheet swishes) Oh no – Oh no! – Can you find the M&M in 9,000 Skittles? – Okay, 9,000 skittles is apparently how many you have to have in order to make it difficult – Now I can find it in approximately 21 seconds – You might remember previously on this show, this was not entertaining But today– – Now it’s gonna be really fun ’cause it’s gonna take longer (laughter) – Okay, so the first person to find the M&M gets the gift card – It’s like when the tribe splits up, you’re turning the team against themselves? – Our reward is just more work – [Link] Three, two, one, go! (Skittles rattling against each other) – I really want a new jump rope! (laughter) – So the Almond Joy really messed everybody up I think everybody was upset about that But that was such a Cinderella, y’know? – Such a Cinderella, such a Cinderella – I went home and told Christy, and she was super proud of me (rattling, quiet speech) She loves Almond Joy – [Rhett] She’s got good taste I’m super proud of you – [Stevie] She was super proud of you – I told her, “I think I like Almond Joys now,” and she was like, “I’m super proud of you.” – It doesn’t take much – What color is it? – Okay, you ready for that hint? It’s green (various exclamations) – Just start eating them all (laughter) – They’re having to eat them to guess – Yeah, but if you eat the M&M, how will I ever believe you? – You wanna go help them, Link? – Nope – You forget how good Skittles are until you eat some Skittles – You guys want some boogers? – Kinda – Okay. These are the best boogers – Hey, you guys know what 100 divided by 4 is? – 25 (mouth click) – Think about it – Did you have to look at your phone for that? (Stevie laughs) – Its funny that Stevie was disappointed, and now, this is – Now I’m also disappointed in a different way I don’t know what I was hoping for, but – You guys want me to help? – Sure – I’d like that – Now, if he finds it, he gets the gift certificate – Who gets it, gets it – It’s all about believing that you can find it – Is this the thing where there isn’t an M&M in there, and the first one to call that out is the one who wins? (Rhett makes a thoughtful noise) – No – Ah – It doesn’t have the retribution feel that I was going for, y’know? (Skittles rattling) Daven, this is too many! This is too many Skittles, Daven We’re gonna have to do this a third time, Daven – Aw, we had a thing going! (rattling) [Link] Yeah, I think there might have to be a system

– What if you put everything that’s not green back into the container? – Yeah, that’s what I’m doing on this side here (murmuring, candy rattling) – Got it – There’s nothing to see, we’ve been shuffling around Skittles for like, (clap) 15 minutes – Did he really? – He just got it! (laughter) – [Link] Got it! C’mon Stevie, just act – Not again, Link! Not again! – Wow, that was pretty convincing You just gave up, though – What a good actor you are – I gave you an opportunity, Stevie This could’ve been over – I mulled it over, and turned it over – They’re never gonna find it, and I got plans this weekend I wanna get started – You know what you could do, is go to bleakcreek.com And then what you would do in that case is you would have this tab open, this would be going on in the background, and then you plus out another tab, you go to bleakcreek.com on that tab, while this is going on in the background – And you order the book – [Stevie] You order the book Listen, you could also– – You come back to this tab, you realize they’re still doing this, you order another book – You order another book– – I found it! For realsies! – Good job! (applause) – Oh. I didn’t realize you bit it Yay! – You’re telling me you freaking– you ate half of it before you realized? – Well, I’ve been biting into all of them (laughter) _ I’ve been biting into all of them, yes – Its a lot easier than reading the S and the M – It was already in the pile of green Skittles, they didn’t do their diligence, so I put them all in my mouth – It was in the pile? (all shouting and explaining at once) – [Link] Nichole!! – I put it in the pile! – Isn’t that how it usually works? – Yup – Congratulations, Josh, you win a 100 dollar gift card to Amazon! – Here you go! This is a fake one, but you can have a real one – What are you gonna buy? – A jump rope. And then a cage for my guinea pigs – Yup Gotta get those guinea pigs – Have they been running around? – No, they’re theoretical right now You can’t buy a guinea pig on Amazon – They’ve been running around in his mind! All right guys, thank you for making my dreams come true and great work at guessing candy and finding other candy That’s all I have today, so all together, the final line: [All] Until next LTAT, keep on BYNB!